[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [In the middle of a suburban street, a large white house screams ‘happy family’. There’s a white picket fence surrounding the yard, bikes on the grass and a large swing for the children to play. It’s quintessential America.] [Suddenly though, this dream home is infiltrated by the blood curdling screams of a woman in distress. We zip through the downstairs window, fly up the stairs and into the bedroom, showing The Scarecrow stood with his pitchfork at the throat of young Henry Kersh – Brent’s nephew.] [Hearing the screams, Joseph – Brent’s brother, runs into frame, stopping at the front door with his wife as The Scarecrow prepares to sacrifice his son.]

“We had a deal,” [Joseph pleads.] “I destroyed everything in that box so you would spare my family. You said you would do that. We had a deal, damnit.”

[The Scarecrow slowly lifts his head, looking towards him.]

“Had,” [he growls.] “But I lied.”

[Joe stutters and stammers to find his next words.] “You killed my brother, isn’t that enough? You’ll never find his family, so you can’t break this curse. You can’t end it, Scarecrow. Killing my son accomplishes nothing.”

[Henry starts whimpering as the fear sets in.]

“First, I’m going to take this pitch fork and drive it through Henry’s throat,” [he claims callously.] “Then I’m going to gut your wife in front of your very eyes,” [he says watching her back away.] “And when that’s done, I’m going to rip you apart, limb from limb, until there’s nothing left but viscera and bones. Let’s see what that accomplishes, shall we?”

[He grins.]

“There’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

[The Scarecrow raises his pitchfork, about to drive it down through poor young Henry Kersh when the window explodes right next to him. Glass shatters everywhere as a man, slender in build, wearing a lone star state mask rolls into the room. The Hayman turns immediately, walking into a thunderous right hand. Another, another, another, the man backs him away from Henry and turns, snatching up his dropped pitchfork.] [He runs it straight into The Scarecrow, stopping at his throat with The Monster backed up against a wall.]

“Who are you?” [he growls.]

“My name is The Lone Star,” [he responds pushing the Pitchfork into Scarecrow.] “But you may know me as Brent Kersh.”

“It can’t be,” [The Scarecrow bellows.] “I destroyed him.”

“You may have destroyed his physical form, but his legacy lives on, Scarecrow. I am his legacy. I will continue the legacy of Brent Kersh and protect his family.”

[The Scarecrow laughs menacingly.]

“You’re but a pesky gnat, and if you get in my way, I will swat you.”

[He pushes aside the Pitchfork and vanishes, disappearing into the darkness. The Lone Star turns to the Kersh family, handing them the Pitchfork.]

“Take this, use it to protect yourselves.”

“Who are you? Brent, is that you?” [Joseph asks.] [The Lone Star heads towards the window, steps one foot out onto the roof and looks back at them.]

“I’m not your brother, sir,” [he responds quaintly.] “But I will honour his legacy from this day forth. I’m not a Kersh, so he gains nothing by my demise. I have nothing to fear. So I will protect you all, and I will seek vengeance for your brother; my hero.”

[He drops through the window and exits, leaving Joe and his wife to rush to Henry, cradling their crying child in their arms as we cut.] [Welcome to VHS.] [The New Era.]


[Alistair Huxley will attempt to tame The Black Dragon in the first VHS since the new finalized rosters!] [The bell sounds as both Alistair Huxley and Kaito circle around. Kaito charges for a lock-up, but Huxley pulls himself between the ropes to put a little distance between them. The referee gets in front of Kaito and begins to push him back, much to his dismay. Alistair Huxley gives Kaito a big smile and wink as he climbs back into the ring. Kaito charges once more, but the referee is still trying to give Huxley some time to get prepared. THUMB TO THE EYE! Kaito backs away but Huxley is on the attack now! SLAP! BACKSTABBER! THE WHIP CRACK CONNECTS! Alistair Huxley leaps on him!] [ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Kaito grabs the bottom rope to break the pin! Huxley drags him away from the ropes, but Kaito kicks him square on the jaw! Huxley comes back and receives a second for his efforts. Kaito nips up to his feet as Huxley charges with a spear but receives a super kick to the skull in return! CHOP! CHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOPCHOP! The Chop Frenzy is in effect as Huxley is being rocked by the onslaught! The crowd tries to count, but the speed varying throughout it is throwing them off. Kaito seems to know the number as he raises his hands. “百” screams Kaito! Some seem to clue in as he raises his hand… “ONE HUNDRED!”] [CHOP! Huxley falls to the mat as Kaito seems to have completely drained himself for the move. He falls atop of him. One…Two…TH-NO! Huxley kicks out! Kaito looks at him in exhaustion before his face lights up. Huxley rolls onto his arm and slowly stands to his feet, holding the testicles of Kaito in his right hand! Alistair Huxley has a deranged look on his face as he squeezes on his junk! Kaito is in obvious pain but his eyes open with anger! He goes for a chop, but Huxley flinches long enough for Kaito to change into a fist and blast him! His hold is released as Kaito takes a step back. KTFO!!! Huxley’s face is obliterated as he slumps to the mat. Kaito rolls him onto his back and pins him down. One…Two…THREE!] [The Black Dragon could not be tamed today as he stands to his feet, holding his wyrmling close in pain. He rolls out of the ring, but he’s cut off by Painkiller looming.]


[The final bell has rung, but Painkiller is preventing Kaito from leaving the ringside area.] [Alistair Huxley is smiling inside of the ring as he’s holding his jaw. He grabs a microphone and pulls it to his mouth.]

“Bring him to me, Painkiller!”

[Painkiller lunges onto him as Fluffy helps him! The two begin pounding on Kaito long enough to roll him back into the ring. Alistair Huxley has gotten his whip back into his hands as he’s instructing his boys to enter the ring with a crack of it. Painkiller and Fluffy slide into the ring. SLAP, BACKSTABBER! THE CRACK OF THE WHIP!] [He stands over the limp body of Kaito and begins ushering his boys to get him up. They wrap up his arms and hold him in place as Huxley grabs a microphone.]

“You seem to have made a mistake by crossing Mr. Huxley’s Freakshow extraordinaire! Tonight, you’re going to watch the show and learn why you’re not good enough!”

[With that, Alistair throws the microphone aside and raises up his whip.]


[That transitions into a vicious guitar solo of ‘Through the Fire and the Flames.’ The Circus looks surprised as the lights flash on the entrance ramp as The Knights exit out. The OSW Tag Team Championships appear but they’re in full sprint as they slide into the ring. The Circus drops their attack but The Knights begin drilling them with vicious shots! Fluffy comes charging towards Neville Sheldon who is pounding on Alistair Huxley! Neville sidesteps and Fluffy squashes Huxley in the corner!] [Painkiller and Bruce Van Chan are trading blows, but Bruce gets the upperhand before Neville comes rushing forward with an NKO! The Circus is down, but they’re retreating! The Knights grab microphones and stand at the edge of the ring.]

“You think you can you just pick on anyone you want without any repercussions?” [says Neville Sheldon before he adjusts his glasses.]

“This is VHS and as long as The Knights stand united, we’ll never quit!”

[Bruce Van Chan slaps his tag team partner on the shoulder as he nods.]

“That’s because Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon are the real freakin’ deal, and there’s not a gosh darn thing you can do about it!”

[They throw down their microphones as The Circus has begun to pull themselves together on the entrance ramp. Fluffy is carrying Alistair off as only his head is seen around the arms of Fluffy.] [A tiny smile upon his face.]


[The Boogeyman is waiting in the ring when suddenly the eerie harmony of children singing wafts through the air. Amidst a screen of fog, Mother appears.]

♫ “Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pale of water….. Jack fell down……….. and broke his crown………. and Mother lived happily ever after!” ♫

[Mother’s in the ring now. She eyes Jeckel with an oddly calming smile. Her children watch eagerly from ringside as she beckons him with her claw-like fingers. Jack glares, stepping forward and decking Mother right across the jaw! She snarls– NO! A German Suplex folds her in half! He covers! One… Two… NO! Mother kicks out; Jack grabs a Hammerlock. They work steadily up, with Mother snapping off an Arm Drag. A Roundhouse kick staggers The Boogeyman… Bicycle Kick! He stumbles through the ropes! The children point and tease; Jeckel rises and– SLINGSHOT ‘RANA TO FLOOR? NO! Jeckel caught her!] [He slings her onto his back, PLANTING her with a Samoan Drop on the concrete! The children are speechless; Jack chuckles. He now tosses Mother back into the ring by her hair. He enters and– WOAH! Mother springs to life into a Crab Walk before kicking a stunned Jeckel! In the corner, she connects with a Handspring Back Elbow! TARANTULA! Mother releases just before “5,” going to attack only to take a wicked Open-Hand Chop to the spine! Mother’s humbled to a knee… THE HATCHET? NO! Mother dodges but misses a Spin Kick! PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Jack stacks her up tight! One… Two……. Wait.] [WHAT? Her brats are distracting the referee! Jeckel’s PISSED. He flings the official back, arguing with him before flipping off Mother’s brood. Her turns back, almost getting caught in Mother’s Embrace…. LARAIT! He quickly picks her up! BIG Side Slam! He then climbs up the turnbuckle……. CAR CRAH? NO! Mother got a foot up! Small Package! One… Two… NO! He kicks out Mother favors her back, rising and looking for a QUEBRADA? NO! Jacked moved…. THE BOOGEYMAN BO— NO, WAIT! Mother with the BLACK MIST in mid-move! Jeckel’s blinded…….. MOTHER’S EMBRACE! She covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Mother kneels tenderly over a pained Jack. She gently brushes back his hair, rising gingerly with an unnerving cackle. She jerks her arm away when the referee tries to touch her, instead embracing her foreboding brood as they scramble to her feet…]


“So I said to him, you can’t go toe to toe with a camel and not expect to get spat at!”

[Laughter.] [In the office above the bar, The Chief is sat across from someone we can’t see, sharing a laugh at some tall tale. There’s two glasses of whisky on the table, missing a fair portion of the liquid.]

“You’re a funny guy, Betamax,” [says The Chief taking a sip of whisky.] “But I don’t need a comedian.”

[That suddenly changed the tone.] [Betamax immediately stops laughing, having been revealed as the man across the chair from The Chief.]

“Look, I know who you are. I know what they call you on the streets,” [Betamax says.] “And I know what kind of business you’re in.”

[The Chief looks at him his stoically.]

“And a man like me, well I shouldn’t know that but I do. Wouldn’t you agree?” [he asks, to a nod.] “Which makes me useful to a man like you. I know why you need to take care of the day to day operations, but if you keep me around in an advisory capacity, you could find me very useful to you.”

[He thinks about it for a moment.] “What’s my name?”

[Betamax leans in, whispering the answer.] [Slowly, he sits back, The Chief folding his arms.]

“I’ll tell you what; you can keep your Commissioner job. I’ll give you the power to make matches and sanction fights inside The Tap Room. I’ll have the final say, but you can keep your power. And in return, I need to know the name of your contact; I need to know who told you my name.”

[Betamax thinks about it for a moment, but he only has one play here.]

“Connor,” [Betamax admits.] “Connor Murphy.”

[The Chief grimaces a little, as the scene comes to a close.]


[After a short commercial break, we head back into the tap room.] [A small darkened room, lit only by a collection of tea-light candles. A round table, at which Jack Jeckel sits with two figures, unseen as their backs are to the camera. On the table, incense burns next to a plate containing bread and some flower petals. In the centre of the table, an object which garners the attention of all involved. All hands are placed in the centre upon an Ouija board. It is Jack’s voice that is heard.]

“Spirits, we call upon you in search of my brother’s soul – Jake Jeckel. If you are out there, send me a sign.”

[The trio wait patiently, all hands poised upon the Ouija board, but nothing. No response. No movement. Not even a whisper. The Boogeyman waits for as long as his patience will allow.]

“Jake… Answer me!” [His voice is edged with anger and a hint of desperation.] “I need to find out the identity of your killer. Just tell me if you know who killed you.”

[More waiting. Patience visibly wearing thin. Still nothing. Jack lets out an audible sigh. The Boogeyman stands from the seance table knocking the table over in the process. One of the other figures also stands, but to make an effort to calm the Boogeyman.]

“Jack, come on. Let’s wait a little longer. We can start again?”

[But Jack pushes past him in a huff, not listening to the advice offered.]

“Fuck it. It’s a waste of time. Plus, I’ve thought of a better way to talk to the dead.”

[He flashes a smile as he strides out of the small room, leaving the seance before it had even begun.]


[The Big Shot and Big Trouble are already in the ring; Ashley and Ricado watch from the floor. Suddenly the lights cut out! Cobalt slowly sweeps across the area; an eerie and familiar theme filling the air…. The Hangman is slowly lowered from Tap Room’s rafters, a thick noose guiding him. He lifts his head and– Wait! BIG BOOT TO JUNIOR!] [The bell rings as Marvolo, jr. is humbled to the floor. The Hangman and The Big Shot quickly trade blows; The Hangman gets a knee to the gut. The Big Shot then reverses an Irish Whip and manages to Powerslam the OSW veteran! He covers! One… NO! The Hangman powers out! Back up, The Big Shot’s hammering him in the corner before The Manslayer turns the tables– Running Clothesline flattens him! FULL-NELSON FACE DROP! He covers! One… Two…. NO! The Big Shot kicks out; Goozle by The Hangman! He dead-lifts the newcomer up to his feet and– NO!] [Marvolo, jr. springboards into a Flying Hurricanerana! The Hangman quickly rises; Junior kicks away at him. He manages a Rope-Run Arm Drag before running right into a Pendulum Backbreaker! The Hangman covers! One… Two… NO! The Big Shot breaks it up! He chucks The Manslayer out of the ring, muscling Big Trouble up– WOOO! BIG CHOP TO THE CHEST! Junior Face Bumps! The fans chuckle as he rises, ducking a Spinning Heel Kick– The Ninth Wonder? NO! The Big Shot counters into a Sleeper Drop! He covers! One… Two… NO! The Hangman pulls him off and out of the ring!] [The two again brawl on the floor beside Ricardo and Ashley, with The Big Shot managing a Russian Leg Sweep into the apron! The struggles continues and– Wait! TOPE CON HILO TO THE OUTSIDE! Junior knocks them all down, shoving The Big Shot back into the ring….. THE CRASHDOWN! He covers! One… Two…. NO! The Big Shot kicks out; Big Trouble calls for the end! He looks again for the Ninth Wonder and– NO! The Big Shot pushes away before taking a CHOKESLAM from The Hangman! Junior shoots for the Junior Lock on The Manslayer…… NO! He counters right into The Noose! JUNIOR TAPS OUT!] [After the match, The Hangman rises with a stoic stare toward Junior. The Big Shot’s still trying to recover as the referee raises the victor’s arm…]


[The Hangman drops to the floor with Marvolo, jr. still on the canvas; The Big Shot and Ashley are already headed to the showers. Outside, the monster inside the burlap sack shoves Ricardo out the way before searching underneath the ring. His buckshot eyes are focused and intense. He keeps reaching for something……… What is it?] [A rope.] [Junior watches carefully as the heavy hemp is lifted high so everyone can see The Hangman’s noose. The Manslayer grips the rope’s pale neck tightly. His busy hands wringing it with anticipation before stepping over to grab a microphone. He then carefully climbs back into the ring.] [Big Trouble braces himself for big trouble. The Hangman eyes him with knowing distain, his voice cutting the arena’s anxious silence.]

“Marvolo, jr.? My rope is hungry. It’s been far too long since she tasted a man’s final breath. Too long since she felt the sharp tug of weight as their feet pulled up to eternity. She misses that snapping bone. It’s such a satisfying sound…”

[Junior listens, practically paralyzed by The Hangman’s words.]

“Right now my rope is empty, but that’s about to change.”

[The Manslayer slowly approaches Marvolo, jr. Big Trouble’s caught in the corner; The Hangman lifts his noose, chuckling.]

“The Real Number One has had just about enough of this!”

“OH? Well, we’re just getting started.” [He produces a small card from under his gauntlets] “After all, it’s just fun and games.”

[The Hangman chortles sadistically as he flicks the paper to Junior’s feet. Big Trouble glances down….]

Hangman-0.png ____ ____ ____ ____

“Marvolo, jr.? Let’s see if the brain inside that little head of yours is as big as you claim. You have four weeks to guess The Hangman. One letter per week; each week you guess poorly, my rope gets her fill.”

“This is week one. [He leans in] Guess.“

[Junior sits on this for a moment, seeing Ricardo in his periphery shaking his head. The Hangman’s blindsided him; he realizes everyone is watching…. Junior then puffs out his chest, confidently stating.]


[Hearing this, The Hangman laughs more, throwing the mic away and leaving the ring with his noose nestled tightly in his busy hands. Junior’s left staring at the ominous card, carefully contemplating his next move….]


[It’s the return of Jensen Cussen to Old School Wrestling in his first match back against the shining light of Old School Wrestling in Lux Bellator.] [The bell sounds as the crowd is unanimous in cheering on the return of Jensen Cussen to action. He takes a moment to give them a smirk before taking a small, sarcastic bow. Lux seems content with letting him take h- JENSEN ATTACKS! A ruthless strike as Jensen leaps into the air and strikes the chin of Bellator with a knee! He begins stomping and kicking at everything within vision as Bellator seemingly can’t recover quick enough. He takes a break as he turns to the center of the ring and extends his arms. His once-warming reception quickly turns cold as they ruthlessly pour it on for the (seemingly) cowardly attack.] [He goes back on the offense as he raises Lux Bellator back to his feet and SLAPS him right across the face! He turns his back to The Light Warrior as he extends his arms once more. He finally turns around and LUX IS ON HIM! He hits a lightning quick Lou Thesz press and begins NAILING his face with some elbow strikes! Jensen is trying to scurry away, but Lux isn’t hearing any of that as he transitions quickly into a triangle hold. He begins pulling on the head and neck region of Cussen who is growing more and more angered!] [Jensen gets to his feet and slowly liiiiiiiiiiifts up the deadweight of Lux Bellator and slams him to the mat. The hold isn’t broken as Lux refuses to, but Cussen manages to angle it into a pinning predicament! One…Two…Th-NO! Lux releases as he kicks out. Jensen staggers away, but the brunt of the previous shots seems to be weighing heavily. Lux Bellator charges at him and leaps from the second rope for a springboard… HAIR-TRIGGER! The jawbreaker is nailed as Lux is stood right up in a daze. Cussen sees his opportunity! RAPID FIRE KICKS! A FLYING KNEE! SPRINGBOARD OFF THE ROPES FOR A… SPINNING WHEEL KICK CATCHES HIM FLUSH! Jensen is disoriented… Lux pulls him in and DISCIPLE MAKER! Lux hooks both of his legs! One…Two…THREE!] [Lux Bellator raises to his feet but the wages of war double him over. He begins to get up again, but… JENSEN BLINDSIDES HIM! Jensen grabs him by the mask and throws him over the top rope and to the floor. What a dirty attack by him!]


[Kaito finds himself slumped against a locker backstage, still woozy coming off of the post match attack by Ali and his freaks. As he tends to himself, he hears a loud voice booming down the hall.]

“What are you doing leaning against my locker?” [The Big Shot is on the scene, glasses on, gum smacking, and an ego big enough to warrant a visit from the fire marshal on over crowding. He looks over his glasses at Kaito, the Black Dragon staying silent as Big Shot eyes him up and down.]

“Don’t understand me? Chin-chong. Sucky sucky? Move away from the locker!” [Kaito cocks his head, sizing up to Big Shot as he comes away from the locker.]

“You dare insult my language? You are new, you have not earned ANY respect from me. And you-”

[Big Shot mockingly hand puppets as Kaito speaks.] “Less talking more moving. I’m the HOTTEST free agent in the game today. I don’t need to earn any respect from some circus clown’s bitch. So move to the side.”

[At first, Kaito glares at Big Shot, but amazingly, he begins to smirk.] “My apologies. Please, let me move for you.”

[Big Shot pushes his glasses back up, shoving Kaito as he walks past.] “That’s what I thought. Why don’t you go do something useful like shining my-” [KTFO BY KAITO! BIG SHOT’S GLASSES ARE SMASHED TO BITS BY THAT ROUNDHOUSE!] [Big Shot’s face collided with the locker and he is out cold! Kaito leans down to the now unconscious Big Shot and shakes his head.] “Do not talk down to me. As you have just learned, disrespect will only lead to regret.”

[Kaito stands up, walking away from Big Shot and heading to find another place where he can recuperate.]

[It’s time for the mystery opponent of Red River Jack.] [Only when the unknown music hits, and The Lone Star steps out into the bar – no-one can quite believe it.] [Red River Jack paces the ring with his World Championship, looking the young buck ahead of him up and down. “You think you’re Kersh, is that it, man?” He demands to know, pacing back and forth.] [Suddenly, The Lone Star strikes abruptly, knocking the World Champion on his ass. He attacks with a fervour unlike any traditional competitor; almost like a complete and utter rookie. Jack finally pushes him off and nails him with a Clothesline, taking him to the canvas. The Lone Star rolls back to his feet, swinging wildly with a right hand, Jack ducking out of the way and scooping him up onto his back. With that, he leaps forward into a Modified Cutter. Who Better Buster!] [The fans boo, but Jack knows he’s in control. The World Champion grabs the young kid by the head, talking trash at him. “You shouldn’t be here, kid!” he yells, slapping him back down to the canvas. Red rolls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, following up straight into a huge boot to the face. Lone Star caught him! Jack reels back, checking his mouth for blood and here comes the kid! He storms across the ring with a Clothesline that levels him, rallying the fans in attendance as he does.] [The World Champion gets back to his feet, not quite sure what hit him. He turns around to see The Lone Star, who picks him up and down with an awkward looking Spinebuster! This kid, he’s got balls! He covers… One…. Kick Out! No way is that going to put away the OSW World Champion! He rolls straight back to his feet and grabs Jack, pulling him between his thighs. He signals for it. What’s this? He scoops Jack up… it’s a PILEDRIVER! STAR STRUCK!! NO!! JACK COUNTERS INTO AN OVERHEAD DROP! BOY, THAT WAS CLOSE!] [The Lone Star gets back to his feet, turns around and SPARTAN KICK!! THE AWAKENING! JESUS CHRIST, HE JUST GOT HIS RIBS KICKED THROUGH HIS FUCKING SPINE!! THE WORLD CHAMPION COVERS….. ONE…… TWO…. THREE! The bell sounds, the fans roaring unanimously with boo’s.] [Jack gets back to his feet, patting the kid on the head. That was a valiant effort but this guy is way out of his depth here.]


[Backstage, the children of Mother dance in a circle. The dangling light above them goes in and out of power as they circle and sing to an old nursery rhyme, the words practically indecipherable due to their not being in sync. Mother herself is nowhere to be found.] [Into this din, a whispered mail voice enters, startling the spawn.]

“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.”

[From the back, we can see a man dressed in a wool robe step forward. He kneels down before the children and they seem to not be frightened by his countenance.]

“And he said: ‘Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

[The words of Jesus Christ are spoken plainly and with much humility. The children step forward as the robed man hands them each a small lollipop. Whether they can even consume such things is unknown, but they take the candy gleefully nevertheless.]

“Please my children, come with me. Allow me to teach you the ways of the Lord.”

[The man stands to his feet and opens his arms before backing away. The children all follow him out of the room, singing as they go.]

“My children.”

[The room is empty for a moment before the dangling light’s bulb shatters into a million pieces. The light from the hallway provides a little ambiance, and all we see is the angry face of Mother, her ever fiber erupting with rage.]

“My children.“


[The newly-renamed Painkiller is in action defending his Rewind Championship against the opportunistic Ethan Bird.] [The bell sounds as these two tie up in the center of the ring. Bird gets the upper hand by grabbing the arm of Painkiller and wrenching it behind his back. Painkiller tries to throw an elbow shot, but Bird expertly avoids it. With the captured arm, he raises Painkiller up and hits a belly to back suplex! Bird won’t stop there as he rolls over atop of him and quickly locks on a crossface. He doesn’t seem worried about Painkiller’s steady crawl as he just wants to wear down the body of him. He flips Painkiller over and begins pummeling him with vicious punches before the referee gets in between them.] [The crowd boos as Ethan Bird just shoots the referee a dirty look. Finally, the referee moves and he goes back to his attack on Painkiller. Only Painkiller nails him in the jaw with a boot from the ground! He quickly rolls up and leaps towards him, while hooking his head for a SPIKE DDT! Ethan Bird is laid out from that as Painkiller hooks a leg. One…TwNO! Bird powers out early. Painkiller grabs him by the beard to which the referee admonishes him for. He gives the referee a dirty look and the referee seems to just give up. Painkiller wraps up the arms of Ethan Bird and… DEATH RATTLE!] [Ethan Bird is busted open after what seems like the millionth headbutt. He falls to the ground as Painkiller is groggy. He falls down atop of him and hooks a leg with the blood of Bird permeating his own facepaint. One…Two…TH-NO! Ethan Bird powers out! Painkiller looks mildly surprised as he pulls Ethan Bird up to his feet. Two fingers to the eyes as Painkiller doesn’t show pain, but just confusion as to why he can’t see. Bird grabs him up and… RUNNING SPIKE POWERSLAM! Painkiller just pops right up though! Ethan Bird smirks. THE WORLD’S END DDT! He hooks both legs. One…Two…THREE!] [Ethan Bird looks somewhat jubilant despite never showing the emotion before. He grabs the Rewind Championship and demands the referee attach it to his waist. He does so as Ethan Bird just enjoys the moment, having finally dethroned Painkiller.]


[We open on an unknown individual donning an OSW staff tee shirt. A bag of cheese puffs is gripped in one hand while the other shoves a handful of the snack into his open mouth. His shirt is sprinkled with the yellowish-orange dust of the junk food and his eyes rest intent on something in front of him.] [A television.] [In the foreground we hear the mumblings of the show he has engrossed himself in, but for the most part we can’t make out any significant content. And suddenly…] [The Red Emperor.] [A look of disgust covers the face of TRE and he shakes his head as he glares down at the sight before him.]

“This is PATHETIC!” [The Red Emperor scolds.] [The voice startles the staff worker and he jumps from his seat, dropping the cheese puffs to the ground.]

“My liege!” [The worker says in a stunned tone.] “I’m sorry… I… I was just taking a small break.”

“I’m not talking about your fat belly or your cheese stained fingers, you twit!” [TRE points to the television screen.] “I’m talkin’ about that! What is this rubbish?”

“Oh that?” [The staff worker replies, glancing at the television.] “It’s just a show: The Deadliest Warrior. It’s a Spike TV presentation. See,” [The excitement builds with the man as he looks back to the Emperor.] “they pick random warriors from historical and modern times and use data to determine a winner had they met in battle.”

[TRE snorts; his displeasure obviously taking the wind out of the worker’s sails.]

“And so they pit a Viking against a Roman Centurion?” [The Red Emperor queries as he points again to the screen.] “What kind of joke is that? It would not be of any contest. A waste of time.”

[The worker pauses as he listens intently to TRE, but suddenly his attention is diverted to something beyond and without a word the staff member hurries away in near panic.]

“Would it be now?”

[A voice from behind TRE prompts him to turn and when he does he comes face to face with Viktor North.]

“Absolutely!” [TRE responds in confidence.] “The Centurion ascended warfare as a cutting edge career. The creator of a living based entirely on killing!”

[North nods before letting off a chuckle.]

“Aye. And a Viking didn’t consider themselves employees to war; they LIVED it. They killed to survive.”

“They killed or they were killed.” [TRE responds in an intense tone as he moves within inches of North’s face.]

“Not by puny mercenaries!” [North’s eyes narrow.]

“If not then perhaps by the Emperor himself!” [The Red Emperor lifts his chin.]

“We shall see how an Emperor compares to a berserker! We shall see… right now!”

[North snorts before turning to storm off, leaving TRE with a snarl on his face.]


[The Red Emperor was a formidable force on Showcase and in his first VHS match, he looks to take on the man who dominated VHS for months as it’s greatest champion in Viktor North. Can the Emperor cement his place in VHS or will the Skull Splitter make him another victim?] [The bell sounds as both men rush forward, laying into one another with hard rights and lefts as North takes over with a hard knee to the gut before punishing TRE with a jaw breaking European Uppercut. The Emperor staggers back as North lifts him up, trying for a suplex. The Emperor lands on his feet behind North and as North turns around, he nearly gets knocked out cold by a huge flying knee. North stumbles into the ropes as The Emperor rushes forward, slamming Viktor back first against the steel with a decapitating clothesline before grabbing the stumbling North and tossing him across the ring with a Belly to Belly Suplex] [North slowly gets up as The Emperor rushes forward, but slips out of the Revelation before grabbing the Emperor from behind, dumping him on the back of his head with a Snap German Suplex! The Emperor stumbles to his feet right into a massive spinning elbow that sends him down to one knee before North backs up, rushing forward and nearly kicking the Emperor’s head off with a running soccer kick!] [North doesn’t cover, instead backing up as he waits for the Emperor to stumble to his feet as he sprints forward, his arms crossed over his head, GUNGIR! It hits flush, The Red Emperor tumbling to the mat but he barely hits before North lifts him up, spinning him around, FALL OF UTGARD! North covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Viktor North picks up a massive victory here, one week after losing his VHS title, beating a great competitor in the Red Emperor as he seeks to find himself in title contention once more]



[The single word signifies the end of prayer for Lux Bellator, who rises from his newly made altar backstage. He takes a deep cleansing breath as he reaches his full standing height. His eyes open with shock as he realizes he is not alone.]

“Mister Lux,” [A small voice says from behind him.] “Do you have any candy?”

[Bellator turns around to face the small group of Mother’s children that were so creepily led away earlier in the evening by a robed man. This man is nowhere to be seen at this point.]

“Candy?” [Lux asks, before going to a knee before the children.] “I have no treats for you, but I offer the bread of life. The word of the Lord.”

[Lux has always had a soft spot for children, even spending his holiday break with various homes and shelters across the country on his way to Miami.]

“Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.” [He begins, capturing their attention with his sheer charisma in these dealings.] “Have you ever heard of Jesus Christ?”

[Before the children can answer, the lights begin to flicker, and Lux leaps to his feet, all of his muscled tensed for a fight.]

“My children!”

[Before Lux can even fight, somehow Mother is behind him, scratching and clawing at the light warrior. She brings him down to his knees, and the surprised Lux is overtaken quickly by her enraged onslaught upon him. Bellator is laid out upon the concrete as Mother stands to her feet, finding herself once again. Despite what happened back at Red Snow, it appears that messing with Mother’s children angers her far more than anything else.]

“Let’s go, my darlings. Mother’s here.”

[Mother takes the children, ushering them out into the hallway and back to wherever it is they make their home. Lux Bellator is still laid out on the concrete, but he has begun to stir.]

“All too easy.”

[A boot comes into frame, to push Lux’s head back into the concrete. As we move up, we see that the robed man now stands before us.]

“How much does Jesus love the little children now?”

[The robed man pulls back his hood to reveal a beard.] [Ethan Bird.]


[He may have won the title in an amazing match at Red Snow but Lazarus’s first contest is against a true monster, the killer of Brent Kersh and destroyer of all hero’s, Scarecrow. Can The Phoenix rise once more and retain his just won gold or will the Scarecrow take another hero to hell itself, and make VHS an even more dangerous place?] [The bell sounds as Scarecrow and Lazarus circle one another for a moment before Lazarus rushes forward, leaping forward with a dropkick that barely fazes Scarecrow. Lazarus rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a hard kick to the midsection that staggers Scarecrow back a few steps. Lazarus rushes to the ropes again, HAYMAKER! Lazarus runs full force into that wicked right hand as he stumbles up right into a flurry of lefts and rights from the Haymaker who nearly caves in the Phoenix’s chest with a massive knee before lifting him up high and slamming him down over his knee with a backbreaker] [Lazarus screams out in pain as Scarecrow covers, ONE…TW…Lazarus manages to get a shoulder up. Scarecrow tries to pull Lazarus up but Lazarus kicks him away, leaping up with an enziguri that stuns the Haymaker before leaping up to the top rope and diving off with a Spinning Crossbody, taking Scarecrow down as he keeps on for the pinfall, ONE..TW…Scarecrow powers out, throwing Lazarus across the ring. Lazarus rolls to his feet, running right into a massive Big Boot!] [Scarecrow lifts Lazarus up, placing him between his legs as he tries for a Powerbomb but Lazarus manages to wiggle out, leaping up as he takes Scarecrow down with a standing Frankensteiner. Lazarus calls for the end, backing up, DARK WI…Scarecrow catches Lazarus’s foot, delivering another massive knee to the gut before lifting him up high, BYE BYE..SMALL PACKAGE! Lazarus rolls Scarecrow up out of nowhere as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Lazarus somehow manages to defeat a monster in Scarecrow tonight, out-smarting him in the end but this can’t be the end for the two of these world class competitors]


[The title match is over and two of VHS’s top talents have lain it all out in the ring. The champion crowned and the title is handed over all in traditional fashion. Soon after, the lights momentarily cut to a black out and when they return, the Scarecrow has left the Tap Room, leaving Lazarus kneeling in the centre of the ring alone. With the VHS fans showing their support of the Phoenix from the barside, from the balcony and from the floor around him, Lazarus rolls out of the ring to exit the bar as well.] [He places one foot on the ground at ringside, then a second. As his second foot comes down, a hand emerges from underneath the ring. Somebody, or some-thing is under there! Lazarus lets out a small cry of surprise as the hand clasps his ankle, then pulls him over.] [Then, without a second word… LAZARUS IS DRAGGED UNDER THE RING! Something has pulled him right under the ring. The Phoenix has disappeared!] [It seems clear that Lazarus was targeted here tonight, but for what is unclear. It can’t have been Scarecrow, as he himself left merely moments ago. Could this be a third party staking their claim to the VHS Championship? Is that what this is all about? Where the hell is Lazarus!]


[The OSW Tag Team Champions go toe-to-toe in our first VHS Main Event of the new year! Will The Nerd outsmart his partner? Or will the Real Freakin’ Deal become Mr. Thursday Night?] [The match starts with both champions shaking hands before BVC tries throwing the first punch! Neville ducks it, grabbing a Side Headlock before getting sent into the ropes. He flips onto his feet off a Back Body Toss, leaping over a Leg Sweep but getting whipped to the mat with a Headlock Takeover. The Nerd grabs a Leg Scissors; BVC Kips Up. Neville picks his partner’s ankle; covering but Bruce kicks out before the count! Van Chan Arm Drags Sheldon a couple times; a Leaping Enziguri is missed but Bruce lands on his feet. Sheldon powers into a Collar-Elbow Tieup!] [The Nerd then transitions into an Arm Wrench. BVC tries to flip through it; Sheldon puts on the breaks, torquing Bruce’s arm to the mat…. Both work steadily back up. Sheldon shifts into a Hammerlock; Bruce gets big Snapmare! He side-steps his partner, rushing him into the ropes and looking for a Rolling Prawn Hold? NO! Sheldon sits through the cradle into a Pin! One… NO! Van Chan rises, boxing Neville up with a quick Schoolboy! One… NO! Both hurry to their feet; Sheldon eats a Roundhouse Kick! The Nerd’s staggered into the ropes– DDT? NO! Neville counters, hoping onto Bruce with a Piggyback Sleeper!] [BVC eventually drops to a knee; Neville capitalizes with an Atomic Drop! Scoop Slam! The Tap Room roars as he the calls for it…… BIG LEG DROP! Wait, NO! WrestleMania gets derailed as the Real Freakin’ Deal catches his partner’s leg on impact, floating through into a the VAN CHANINATOR!?! He’s trying to lock it in! The Nerd scrambles away, hugging the ropes! Bruce tries pulling Neville back into the center off– Oh, wait! Sheldon with a cradle! One… Two… NO! Bruce kicks out; he lands a beautiful Dropkick! Van Chan hooks the leg! One… Two… NO! The enteral underdog kicks out!] [Van Chan now grabs a Top Wrist Lock, pulling Sheldon up before snapping him back down! Standing Moonsault! Bruce covers! One… Two… NO! Sheldon fights out! As his partner rises, BVC gets a Front-Facelock. He hoists Neville up with a BIG Vertical Suplex…… He holds him there before planting Neville into the canvas! Bruce covers! One… Two… NO! Frustration growing, BVC hulks Neville up and– NO! Sheldon backflips through a Backdrop! He looks for a Hiptoss but Bruce flips through that, before taking a Jawbreaker! Sheldon hits a Russian Sweep, covering! One… Two… NO! BVC counters into a Crucifix! One… Two…. NO! Both rise– N.E.R.D.? Van Chan slips off his shoulders…… GERMAN SUPLEX WITH A BRIDGE! One… Two… NO!] [With Sheldon reeling, his partner calls for the end! The fans come alive as BVC readies himself to say Good Night! The enteral underdog struggles to his feet….. Bruce is poised……… GOOD NI– NO! Neville catches him with a Backslide Driver! HE STUDIED HARD! Sheldon sends him packing with a Push-Away Dropkick! BVC scrambles to his feet….. OOOOooooooohhh! SUPERMAN!! The Tap Room is rocking! Sheldon then quickly tries to toss BVC back inside; Bruce hits a desperation Leaping Enziguri! Van Chan then nearly Irish Whips The Nerd into the ring post but Neville counters! Bruce nimbly leaps onto the second turnbuckle…… SPRINGBOARD MOONSAU– NO! The Nerd doges; Bruce lands on his feet! NKO! NKO ONTO THE CONCRETE!!] [Neville works as fast as he can to shove BVC back into the ring….. BRUCE IS OUT! Sheldon eventually pushes his partner’s dead weight under the bottom rope, quickly covering him! One… Two…. THREE! Wait– what? NO! NO!! Bruce got his foot on the rope! The Nerd’s shocked; he pulls Van Chan into the middle the ring, covering again! One… Two… NO! The Tap Room is loving this! Neville can’t believe it! He tries muscling Bruce up onto his shoulders. His knees shake; Bruce is barely conscience……….. N.E.R.– Wait, NO! Bruce’s ‘Ranas out of it in mid-air! Sheldon scurries up….. GOOOD NI– NO! Neville counters, looking for BOOK SMART as he– WAIT! NAP TIME?!? BRUCE COVERS! One… Two…… NO!] [Sheldon’s down; BVC’s trying to shake the cobwebs out…. He staggers to the turnbuckles, working to pull himself onto the top rope….. Neville’s not moving; Bruce is almost up top…. He calls for it, pointing to himself…… BRUCE…. VAN….. CH— OOOHH!! Sheldon threw all his weight into the ropes, crotching his partner! The Nerd then works to meet Bruce up top… He hammers away on BVC, trying to lift him onto his shoulders for– Oh, no way! He’s going for the SUPER N.E.R.D.?!? Both men look unsteady…. Sheldon’s almost go him up…. No, wait. Bruce’s fighting back…….. HE KNOCKS SHELDON AWAY! Diving Sunset Flip? NO! Neville avoids it; Bruce though roll through, catching Neville coming with GOOOOOOODD NIGHT! The Real Freakin’ Deal then hustles back up to the top turnbuckle…………. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART!! BVC slumps into a cover! One…. Two……. THREE!] [The bell rings and Bruce Van Chan peels off his partner. The referee raises the Real Freakin’ Deal’s arm… What a victory!]


[Footsteps.] [Jensen Cussen walks down a darkened overpass outside the tap room, focused on a goal ahead. Something is different about him; something is more sinister.] [Woosh.] [There’s a sound as something runs by him in the shadows, catching the corner of his eye. Jensen turns to face it, but there’s nothing there.] [Bang!] [Another sound, this time a crash, turns Cussen to his right – but again, there’s nothing there.] [With his brow furrowed, he continues deeper into the alleyway, until a loud plop can be heard behind him. Someone just landed right there. He spins with a right forearm, but he’s quickly decked with a kick to the mid-section.] [The rights, lefts and forearms come at lightning speed, so quick in fact that Jensen can barely defend himself. He kicks, only to have it kicked away, a boot driven into his knee. Jensen falls, looking up at his aggressor in confusion.]

“What do you want?” [he bemoans in agony.] [The face of his aggressor slowly rises, until he can look him in the eye.]

“Jackson?” [Cussen questions.] “Is that you?”

[The man punches down across his face with a furious right hand, sending him to sleep on the concrete floor. As his eyes flitter and flutter, his attacker bends to a knee.] [That’s when our view changes.]

“Lies. Sins. Transgressions. Everything rises.”

[Jacob Phoenix stands up, looking down at Jensen with a sneer. There’s something different about him, too. He’s scarred, he’s different; empty almost.]

“You failed her, Cussen.”

[He turns to walk away, stopping, looking back.]

“But I won’t.”

[Jacob walks off into the night, as we cut to black.]