[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The sound of a ticking clock emphasises the silence elsewhere in the room. It’s cold, unforgiving and sterile. The floors are cleaned to perfection, leaving no traces of dirt or grime. In the middle of the room, a metal table sits, a body propped up upon it, with a sheet covering it.] [And alongside that… Brent Kersh.] [The Enforcer hasn’t slept. His eyes are red and sore, his cheeks sunken and his lips pursed. He hasn’t moved from this very spot for hours.]

“I never wanted any of this for you, son.”

[He pauses, placing his hand upon the sheet.]

“I should never have agreed to take you with me. I don’t know what came over me,” [Kersh continues through bitter tears.] “Hubris, I suppose. The truth is, this should be me.”

[Kersh wipes away some tears.]

“I wish it was me. Oh, would I give anything right now to be laying there instead of you, Trevor. I failed you, both as a father and a leader of this family. I let that creature murder you because I thought I had all the answers.”

[His head lowers.]

“But you know, as fathers, we rarely do. We’re just men and it’s our job to try and guide you down the right path. We’re supposed to protect you, love you and then let you blaze your own trail, knowing that we’ll always be there to love, support and guide you.”

[There’s a deep sense of shame as poor Kersh continues, blaming himself for everything that has transpired.]

“I failed, my son. I failed you. But I won’t leave your side now. I promise.”

[We back away slowly, slowly removing ourselves from the etched agony upon the Enforcers face, as he stands over his deceased son, tears still streaming down his face.]


[Tonight The Hangman gets the VIP treatment. Will Vicktor Icarus Pascal pull off the impossible? Or will The Head-Hunter’s rope get her fill a little early?] [The bell rings and the match starts with The Hangman just staring down VIP. Pascal’s careful, taking measured steps toward his opponent before The Manslayer grabs him by the neck with both hands! Pascal’s immediately backed into the corner– BIG Back Elbow Smash to the Vicktor! VIP winces, getting Irish Whipped HARD across the hypotenuse of the ring. VIP slams into the turnbuckle, stepping back right into a Side Slam! The Hangman covers. One… Two…. NO! Pascal gets his shoulder up. The Head-Hunter then pulls VIP to his feet; Vicktor ducks a Lariat– DDT! But The Hangman instantly rises……. QUEUE JUMP!] [Finally, that staggers The Hangman into the ropes. VIP hammers away, looking for an Irish Whip only to take a kick to the gut! The Manslayer looks for an Atomic Drop, but Vicktor backflips onto his feet– Russian Leg Sweep! He covers! One… NO! The Hangman powers out; VIP puts the boots to him! He Stomps away as The Head-Hunter gradually rises. Pascal then dishes out the European Uppercuts, followed by a Dropkick and Facebreaker over the knee! He’s throwing everything he can at him, charging and– NO! Big Boot! VIP’s rocked; The Hangman with a GOOZLE……..] [CAPITAL PUNISHME— NO! Vicktor sleeps free, nailing Dropkick to the knee. Reverse STO! KOJI CLUTCH! But wait, The Head-Hunter’s trying to fight it! He breaks VIP’s grasp, eventually pulling him up from the canvas……….. CHOKESLAM! He covers! One…. Two….. NO! Oh, my God! The crowd is shocked; The Hangman pulls VIP into position for The Hunter’s Kill…….. NO! He breaks free from the Piledriver– Clothesline! CALF KICK! VIP hits the ropes, rebounding back with a Flying Forearm Smash! The Hangman’s wobbly; VIP charges again………. NO! He runs right into a kick to the gut– HUNTER’S KILL! He covers! One… Two…. THREE!] [After the match, The Hangman rises like a zombie from the dead. VIP isn’t moving…… The Manslayer once again lives up to his name.]


[Recorded Earlier.]


[The sound of a man screaming in agony echoes throughout a half empty darkened room. It’s Jacob Phoenix and he’s been tied to a chair, his body armour stripped. His chest is covered in wounds, inflicted by a knife wielding Jensen Cussen who stands over him.] [Jonah steps forward, holding Cussen back momentarily.]

“You have a great deal of resilience, Mr. Phoenix,” [The evil tormenter says with a vicious and vile smile.] “And that, I can appreciate. But you see, you started a ball rolling that you cannot stop. My Granddaughter, just like my son here, is very precious indeed.”

“Let her go,” [Phoenix says, barely able to mutter the words.] “Let her go now.”

[Jonah begins to pace.]

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, but you can. You can let her go, Mr. Phoenix. At Face/Off, you’re going to be facing my monster, Jensen Cussen. You’re going to fight him once again and if you want Stephanie to be unharmed, you will let him destroy you.”

[Phoenix spits blood.] “Why don’t you just kill me now?” [His voice is deep, almost growling, now.] [The evil Jonah laughs.] “Because that’s too easy, isn’t it? Do you know what I do, Mr. Phoenix? I break people. I warp and twist their minds until they’re nothing but putty in my hands. You have a choice. You couldn’t save the girl before, but you can now. The question is; will you sacrifice yourself for her? Will you die for her?”

[Jensen once again steps forward with the knife, this time cutting the ties that bound him to the chair. Phoenix falls down to his knees, gasping and holding his blooded chest.]

“You can be the hero and save the girl, but you can’t be the hero and have the girl, Mr. Phoenix. The choice is yours.”


[Benedict looks ever cocky following his victory over VIP the previous week, but he faces a whole new challenge this week in the monstrous Jensen Cussen.] [Brendan gets in close on Cussen, hitting a hard series of chops that don’t even stagger Jensen who comes back with a hard combination of strikes! Benedict is dazed, allowing Jensen to capitalize! Hip toss into a backbreaker by Cussen! Benedict holds his back in agony as Cussen nails a quick soccer kick to the already injured spine! Jensen deadlifts, going for a suplex- Benedict lands on his feet behind Jensen! ROUNDHOUSE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Jensen falls to a knee and Brendan hits the ropes, coming back with a sliding elbow to the back of the neck!] [Cussen is off of his feet and Brendan looks to keep him that way, hitting a DDT to Cussen as he gets to a knee! After landing a few more kicks for good measure Brendan climbs to the middle rope and taunts to the crowd. He turns around- LEAPING KNEE STRIKE BY CUSSEN! Brendan falls over the top rope and onto the apron from that massive blow! Cussen doesn’t let up as he grabs Brendan and heaves him back into the ring with a hiptoss! Benedict hits the mat hard and holds his back again as he yells in pain.] [Cussen looks to go for the kill, pulling Brendan to his feet by the hair before whipping him into the ropes and going for a clothesline- BRENDAN DUCKS IT! Jensen turns around into a calf kick by Benedict! Cussen stumbles and Benedict hits a punch to the throat! The referee tries to reprimand Benedict but he pushes him away as he goes for another strike! Jensen catches the hand! He throws the arm back and unloads on Benedict in an angry flurry of blows! Knee to the chest! HE HITS THE ROPES AND COMES BACK WITH A SUPERKICK! INFINITE CHAOS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Cussen looks down at Benedict with pure anger, stopping short of attacking him again as he exits the ring.]


[Jacob Phoenix and Kaito are in the ring, looking set to get into action, as the last of ‘Words of the Youth’ fade out. The referee goes about his pre-match checks and is about to call for the bell when he is interrupted… By Beethoven. Ninth Symphony to be exact. Ethan Earhart.]

“Wait, wait, wait, wait….”

[Ethan’s figure appears at the top of the balcony, overlooking the ring. Phoenix looks mildly frustrated by the intrusion, eager to get the match underway. Kaito, in contrast, looks livid. It is Earhart whose voice speaks first.]

“Two weeks ago, I revealed but a hint of my power. A power that I can offer you, Mr Black Dragon.” [He reaches inside his jacket and holds up a vial, tapping it with his finger.] “But it is a power that comes at a cost.”

[Earhart begins to take the steps down from the balcony. He is almost at the bottom when Kaito’s voice tears through the Tap Room, having gotten his hands on a microphone.]

“Do you have no honor?” [Almost foaming at the mouth with rage.] “You disrespect me for last time…”

[Earhart merely holds up a hand in reply to Kaito. The Black Dragon is so stunned by the blatant lack of respect that he cuts himself short mid-sentence, clearly fuming silently to himself. Earhart seems oblivious to the volcano about to erupt before him.]

“Don’t mind me, Black Dragon. I merely come as a keen observer. Call it ‘scientific curiosity’. You see, you possess a power that I seek. I have travelled the world seeking powers mysterious to other minds. Powers such as found in this stone…” [He reaches back inside his jacket pocket and holds up the Philosopher’s Stone, before quickly putting it back in its place.] “I know you possess an ancient power, the Power of the Orient.

I can impart my generations of wisdom and the power of Dragon Breath… All for the price of one stone. I seek it, I need it. I calls my name. The Stone of the Orient.”

[By now Kaito simply looks confused, enraged and confused. Looking to the referee to translate some of what the Mad Scientist was saying, the referee simply gives him a blank look in return. Earhart continues, by now taking a seat at the bar.]

“I am merely here to witness the power of the Orient Stone at work first hand. Next week, you will have the opportunity to trade it to me… Or I will take the stone from you by force.” [He smiles, a wild smile.] “Please… Continue.”

[With that, Earhart waves at the referee, as if granting permission for the match to take place.]


[Kaito watches the outside of the ring with extreme paranoia as Ethan Earhart sits back and watches the match unfold! Meanwhile, Jacob Phoenix looks a little worse for wear himself.] [Kaito is too focused on watching Earhart to notice Jacob closing in on him! Kaito turns around just in time to see Jacob going for a clothesline which Kaito reverses with a drop toe hold! Kaito leaps onto Jacob’s back and begins unleashing a quick flurry of punches before Phoenix is able to catch both hands! He fights to his feet and flips Kaito onto his back before leaping up and hitting a DEVASTATING elbow drop across the jaw of Kaito! Phoenix goes for another then another before hitting the ropes and coming back with a knee drop! Kaito yells in pain as Phoenix goes for the quick pin!] [Kaito doesn’t even allow a one count as he powers out! Phoenix leans down to grab him but receives a stiff kick to the head that staggers him! Kaito kips up, hitting an enzuiguri on Jacob that drops him! Kaito waits for Jacob to rise, letting him get to a knee before unloading with a series of kicks to the chest! He hits the ropes to go for a front dropkick but Phoenix leaps from his knees and uses a flying elbow to ground Kaito! Both men are out of it as they slowly crawl to their feet following their intense back and forth striking!] [Jacob is the first to his feet and he moves behind Kaito, hitting a bulldog just as the Black Dragon was to his feet! Without missing a beat he lifts Kaito up with a headlock and executes a hard snap suplex! Phoenix tries to go for another but Kaito stops it! He whips Phoenix across the ring and nails him with a kick to the gut on the rebound before capitalizing with a sunset flip! Kaito rolls backwards and waits for Jacob to get to his feet, grabbing him and EARHART SHOUTS AT KAITO FROM THE APRON! Phoenix slips behind Kaito! FOR HER! THE DDT PLANTS KAITO AND PHOENIX COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Phoenix gets to his feet and doesn’t spend time celebrating as he makes his way out of the ring.]


[The sound of intermittent static punches through the scene, as Vicktor Icarus Pascal flips through channels. In nothing but stained undies, he surfs on an old rabbit-ears CRT. Sitting on the edge of a flimsy mattress, he once again calls this no-tell motel home.] [Suddenly the TV winks to black, breaking VIP’s daze.]

“Da Hell?” [A burnt cigarette falls from his lips] “Da fuck’s wrong with this thing?”

[He slaps the clicker repeatedly, waking the passed-out woman lying beside him.]

“Stupid piece of shi–”

“Hey there, Vicky.”

[Startled, VIP looks up to see Brendan Benedict suddenly occupying the screen. Three barely-dresses blondes, paw over him in a bubbling jacuzzi.] [The woman in VIP’s room looks up.]

“Really? Another porno?”

“Shhhhhh! I’m watching…….. this.”

“And I’m watching you, Vicky.” [VIP’s turns back to the screen] “Don’t ask me how. It’s the future, baby! The Cock of The Walk is always up for trying new things, right ladies?” [They giggle seductively] “Do you see, Vicky? You said last week you were gonna teach me the hard way how your miserable life — filled broken bones and wasted condoms — was somehow going to be my future?”

[Benedict chuckles, Frenching one of his girls as VIP glance over at his disheveled current bedmate.]

“That would imply you lived my past, Vicky. But I know ‘VIP’ stands for ‘Very Impotent Punk,’ and there’s absolutely no way you could keep this up.”

[Knowing he’s being watched, VIP doesn’t stir, only quietly muttering under his breath.]

“I’m gonna castrate this prick.”

“……. You think I’m looking into a crystal ball staring at your shriveled ass? Vicky, the only balls I know, these fine fillies already have well in-hand. But if you want a glimpse into your pathetic future, keep it here on Channel 69. We’re gonna have ourselves a little workout session. Then I’m gonna show you, I take on all comers!”

[Suddenly a saxophone starts crooning as one the ladies removes her– CLICK. VIP shuts off the TV.]

“Hey, that was getting good!”

[Disappointed, the woman quickly lights another drag. VIP’s standing by the window sill now. He looks out over a busy night. Lights, sirens and smoke filling the air, reminding him of days past. This was never supposed be his life.] [With Benedict’s words ringing through his head, VIP sighs.]

“Wait, where are ya going?” [The woman asks; VIP’s half-way out the door] “We could still fool around?”

[VIP eyes her intently.]

“I’m through foolin’ around. I’m going to the gym.”

“I have my 0wn little workout to do.”


[Tonight the circus comes to town as The Amazing Jeckel Brothers face-off against The Nightmare Anatomy! Paint’s guaranteed to bleed, but will it be The Ringmaster and his Painkiller? Or The Boogeyman and his brother? Step right up Juggalos and Juggalets to find out!] [The match starts with Jake and The Painkiller hammering into each other. Jake gets a kicks to the gut, ramming The Painkiller into the top turnbuckle! He dusts off a few scintillating Chops, looking for an Irish Whip but it’s reversed– Death Rattle? NO! Jake breaks free, looking for a Lariat only to get caught with a Falling Neckbreaker! The Painkiller covers! One… Two… NO! Huxley calls for a tag; The Painkiller tries to pull Jake over but he breaks free– Tag to Jack! And here comes The Ringmaster! The Boogeyman takes him over with a few Arm Drags– Dropkick!] [Jack now with a Suplex! He covers! One… NO! Huxley contorts out, coiling into a Sleeper Hold. Jack then grabs a go-behind, looking for a German Suplex; Alistair rolls through into a Wheelbarrow Cradle! One… Two… NO! LEFEAK! Huxley just killed Jack’s momentum dead. He tags in The Painkiller. The Nightmare Anatomy nails a Double Hiptoss and a pair of Elbow Drops! The Painkiller covers! One… Two… NO! Huxley tags back in. They Stomp Jack down into their corner. Alistair then tags out, tripping up Jack and locking in a Romero Special.……. DIVING DOUBLE STOMP! The Painkiller covers! One… Two…. NO!] [Jake’s hand is extended from the Juggalo’s corner. Jack has been overwhelmed by The Nightmare Anatomy. The Painkiller digs his thumbs into Jack’s eyes! The Boogeyman flails in a panic, nailing a wild swing before getting caught in a Heel Trip. Huxley tags back in– “ASSS PUUUNCH!” Ouch! Right on the tailbone! He covers! One… Two… NO! And he’s going for Cirque Du Torment! But Jack keeps fighting, powering through and……. DESPERATION BOOGEYMAN BOMB! He slumps over and Jake makes the blind tag! The Painkiller rushes in– PONY DOWN! He catches Alistair stumbling up…….. THE HATCHET! He covers! One…. Two…. THREE!] [After the match, Jake gets his arm raised as Jack works back to his feet. The clowns beat The Ringmaster, and The Painkiller’s left looking up at the stars…..]


[When we come back from a commercial break, Lazarus is stood in the middle of the ring with a microphone.]

“On February 27th at Face/Off, pride is on the line. I lead a team of five men representing this brand into a war that we cannot win unless we’re on the same page. To get on that page, I need answers. I need to know the truth and North, you’re the only one I need to hear it from.”

[“Skull Splitter” by Battlecry hits and fearlessly, Viktor North steps out onto the wooden board entrance with a microphone. He storms straight down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Viktor gets back to his feet and gets straight into the face of Lazarus.]

“Is it truth you really seek?” [He hisses at him.] “Or a fight?”

[Lazarus steps closer, unafraid.]

“I need to know if I can trust you. I need to know if you took out The Red Emperor or not, North. Last week I looked through that footage and it was wiped. Someone wiped it.”

[North looks furious.] “I told you once, twice, three times that if I had broken that puny Emperor, I would be drinking mead from his skull.”

[The former VHS Champion scoffs, almost as if he doesn’t believe it.]

“So, who wiped the tapes, huh?”

[Both men quickly begin chattering off microphone, getting closer to one another until they’re nose to nose. It’s then that Lux Bellator, Bruce Van Chan and Neville Sheldon storm the ring, sliding inside. They get between them, separating them for what would be a devastating brawl ahead of Face/Off.] [North, microphone in hand, chuckles heartily.]

“And you peons don’t trust me? Look at these two,” [North says circling them. He comes to a stop in front of Lazarus, staring down Bellator.] “Look at them. After everything they’ve been through, you trust them to lead this team into battle? Only two weeks ago, you cost both myself and Lazarus the VHS Championship. You and your two-faced God’s have no idea how to…”

[WHACK!] [BELLATOR LOSES IT! He drives a kick straight at the face of North but he ducks, and Lux hits his own Tag Team partner right in the jaw!] [Lazarus hits the deck hard.] [North though, he turns to Bruce and Neville.]

“You want to follow them?” [he demands to know.] “You want to be led into the battle of your life by these two? Follow me, instead. Last week, Hysteria almost burned you alive and where was their God, then? Where were they? They were too busy preparing to beat you for your titles.”

[Sheldon and Van Chan look at each other, weighing it up.]

“And what has their plan of action been since then? He’s too concerned with finding out a truth that doesn’t exist, [North points to Lazarus,] “And he’s too concerned with usurping his own team mate,” [he finishes, pointing to Bellator, who’s now checking on Lazarus.] [Everyone in the ring appears to be on tenterhooks as they share awkward glances. Viktor though, he continues.]

“But I? I wish to split the skulls of our competition. I wish to see their blood on our hands. Next Monday, I’m going to Monday Night Showcase. I’m invading Monday Night Showcase. This war will only be won by the team willing to die in battle. Do you want to live forever, or do you want to die on your knees in praise of THEIR GOD?”

[The Viking throws the microphone down, looking towards Sheldon and Van Chan before he exits the ring. They then look towards Lazarus and Bellator who slowly rise to their feet, knowing that a decision has to be made. Who will they follow? Who’ll show up at Showcase on Monday Night?]


[Neville Sheldon finds himself opposite of massive Earhart, the Nerd once again having to prove he can fell a monster here tonight.] [Earhart starts out aggressive, forcing Neville into a test of strength before hitting a harsh headbutt to the Nerd! He whips Sheldon across the ring, catching him on the way back and tossing him up for a massive flapjack! Neville cradles his gut in agony while Earhart peels him from the mat. He lifts him overhead for a Gorilla press he looks to toss Neville but Sheldon rolls from Earhart’s grasp and catches him on the way down with a falling DDT! The Mad Scientist is planted hard and Sheldon makes it a point to create distance between the two men!] [Ethan pushes himself to his feet and receives a dropkick for his troubles! He staggers back and Sheldon hits another! He goes for a third but Earhart swats him to the ground! Neville gets up only to be greeted with a Irish whip into a NASTY clothesline from The Mad Scientist! Ethan peels Sheldon from the mat and lifts him up again with a MASSIVE POWERBOMB! Neville looks worse for ware as he gets lifted from the mat again and whipped into the turnbuckle! Earhart runs forwards- NKO FROM NEVILLE! He leaps from the corner and catches Ethan by surprise!] [Neville sees the prone Earhart and rushes to the ropes, coming back with a Leg drop! He covers! One! Two! Three- ALMOST! Earhart throws Neville off with authority before climbing to his feet. Neville tries to keep an advantage as he throws a flurry of chops against Earhart, The Mad Scientist getting pushed back before he shoves Neville and sends him rolling! Sheldon gets up INTO A BIG BOOT BY EARHART! Neville is sent to the mat hard by that attack! Earhart calmly reaches down to Neville and pulls him into a headlock! NEVILLE GETS BEHIND EARHART! BOOKSMART! Ethan has nowhere to go as Neville wrenches on the hold! He taps! HE TAPS!] [Neville overcomes the odds here tonight as he makes The Mad Scientist tap out!]


[The scene opens up behind the circus tent as a menagerie of Sideshow acts sob. They’re seated in rows, looking up to their Ringmaster, whose draped in black and standing at a lectern. In a hushed tone, Alistair Huxley solemnly eulogizes.]

“Peanuts was a good Clown,” [He continued, looking down at a list of crossed-out names] “Like dozens of others we’ve come to mourn today, he really knew how to take a pie in the face.”

[The Bearded-Lady wails painfully. Huxley shrugs, glancing over to The Painkiller standing off to the side, as if to say “What else can I do?”

“Then there was Matchsticks. Ironically terrified of fire, I’ll never forget the time he–”

[A slow, insulting and isolated applause curtly breaks Alistair’s concentration. He looks down, only to find The Hangman suddenly standing amongst his forlorn freaks.]

“Quite the ceremony you have here.” [He chuckles, lifting his heavy hemp high] “I had nearly forgotten I killed so many of these clowns.”

[The Painkiller trounces forward but Huxley holds him back.]

“And just what FUCK do want?!? Can’t you see I’m trying to perform a funeral here?”

[Huxley motions to a single-file line of newly-dug plots. Each gravestone, adorned with a red nose.]

“Get out of my way!” [Demands The Painkiller] “Fluffy, grab a shovel and start digging, because I’m about to put another body in the ground!”

[Alistair struggles to restrain his star attraction. The Painkiller’s incensed!]


“Now see here, boys and girls,” [The Hangman brandishes his rope to the mourners] “I didn’t come here for fight……. Not today. No, I’m savoring that for a special occasion, isn’t that right darling?”

[The Hangman’s busy hands choke his rope tight. His buckshot eyes aflame with excitement.]

“We’ll face-off soon enough, but it’ll be under my terms. There’s a rare occasion on the horizon, and I’m inviting both of you” [He motions to Alistair and The Painkiller] “to join me for dinner. It’ll be inside not three rings, but one. Face me in that squared-circle, Painkiller. Let me tenderize my little girl’s meal before she finally gets her fill.”

[He laughs viciously. Alistair removes his top hat, speaking as calmly as possible.]

“And if we refuse?”

[The Painkiller’s fists are clenched.]

“It doesn’t matter, because until we do meet as I say, I’m going to treat your circus like an all-you-can-eat buffet.” [He chuckles] “Before our bones collide, and your blood stains my rope, I will kill at least one more act in the Greatest Show Unearthed.”

[Finally The Painkiller pushes his master aside, lunging for The Manslayer……. Only he’s already gone.] [With death still hanging in the air, The Painkiller and Huxley share an uncomfortable stare in silence.]

“What do we do now?“


[It’s a the Mother of All encounters, as Bruce Van Chan and the current Rewind Champion do battle! Will BVC get the one-two-three? Or will Mother teach this bad a boy a lesson he won’t soon forget?] [The match starts with Mother snarling at the Real Freakin’ Deal. Bruce tries wrestling her but Mother avoids his grasp, blasting him with Forearm Smashes! She knocks him into the ropes, looking for a Hiptoss only for BVC to flip onto his feet– Hiptoss to Mother! He kicks right to the chest before uncorking a Standing Moonsault! He covers. One… Two… NO! Mother kicks out; Van Chan Snapmares her over. KICK TO THE SPINE! Mother sneers through the pain, steadily rising and responding with a Headbutt! HURRICANERANA! The children cheer! She then catches Bruce with a Running Knee Lift. Suplex?] [NO! BVC counters into a Gordbuster! DROPKICK RIGHT TO THE MUSH! He hooks her tight! One… Two… NO! The former OSW Tag Team Champion pulls Mother back up. He gives her a Rolling Fireman’s Carry, springboarding back with a Flying Leg Drop! Lateral Press. One… Two…. NO! Oh, Mother just arches right out from under him! BVC’s stunned; Mother Crab Walks over, nailing a few wild kicks! She skitters around, taking BVC off his game– ANOTHER WICKED KICK! She then lunges up, leaping onto him and drilling with a DDT! She covers! One… Two…. NO! Van Chan gets the shoulder up!] [MOTHER’S EMBRACE? she’s trying to suck the life out of BVC! The children cheer, but Bruce keeps fighting. He works to throw her off, eventually rising and elbowing out– NO! Mother with a Flying Knee Strike! BVC’s rocked and– Wait, What? GOOOOOOOOD NIGHT! He hit it out of nowhere, covering! One… Two…. NO! Mother’s still got fight left in her! Van Chan now pulls her up, looking for the Backslide Driver. Mother though slings through– Small Package! One… Two… NO! BVC with a sudden Front Flip Senton! He hops onto the top rope…….. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! He got her, covering! One… Two…. THREE!] [The bell rings and BVC folds off Mother. What a match! He’s helped to his feet, as the referee raises his arm. The Real Freakin’ Deal was jus too quick this time!]


[On an old creaky monitor, Ethan Bird has just watched the match of Mother. His surroundings are not that of the Tap Room, the walls draped in black sheets to prevent any identifying marks from getting out. The Kingpin has made sure that his captive will never be able to identify his hideout.] [Speaking of said captive…]

“Take it easy, kid.” [Bird says, not even looking over at his captive.] “I got my eyes on the booking sheet. My rematch is happening, and you’ll go back home to Mother.”

[Behind him, the ragged looking child of Mother snarls in response. While she’s been maintained, it definitely appears that there has been no cares given from Bird. She is merely a bargaining chip for him, just another one of his pins juggled in the air. There’s a reason he considers himself a God, and it may just be from how clean he manages to stay despite his dirty activities.]

“She really cares about you and your other hellspawn.” [Bird says, finally turning to face the child.] “Maybe if she cared about that Rewind title like she cares about you, we wouldn’t have to be in this place.”

[He looks around him with a smirk before continuing.]

“After all, it’s her fault you got kidnapped. If she didn’t have such an obvious weakness, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Parents always cave when you nab their children.”

[Strangely, he seems to pause for a moment. He bites his lip.]

“Mostly, anyway.”

[The moment seems forgotten as Bird turns to watch the monitor again, but it’s turned to static.]

“What the…”

[Bird rises to his feet, but the lights also begin to flicker around him, eventually plunging into darkness.] [BZZT!] [When the lights come back on, the room seems untouched. Yet the child is gone.] [So is Bird.] [Mother said he’d be sorry.]


[Two of VHS’s biggest hitters fight it out here tonight as the current VHS Champion fights the second VHS Champion in a battle of superiority. Will the Hayman prove why he’s the man on VHS or can North regain his warrior’s pride?] [The bell rings as North rushes out from the bell, drilling the Scarecrow with heavy lefts and rights, trying to knock down the Scarecrow but the blows seem to be barely affecting the Hayman. North rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a knee strike that sends him staggering back, holding his gut but as North bounces off the ropes again with a Lariat, Scarecrow grabs the arm, flipping North onto his arm before throwing him across the ring with a massive Fallaway Slam!] [North struggles to his feet right into a hard right hand from Scarecrow that staggers North back into the corner. Scarecrow rushes forward, crushing North into the corner with a massive Clothesli ne before grabbing him as he staggers out, POWERSLA…NO! North rolls down Scarecrow’s back, locking in a Cobra Clutch before slamming him down to the mat. Scarecrow quickly rolls to his feet, swinging hard with a Haymaker but North ducks under, bouncing off the ropes GUNGIR!] [North covers, hooking both legs, ONE…TW…Scarecrow powers out, tossing North high into the air. Scarecrow reaches up, grabbing North in mid-air BYE BYE…North fights his way out drilling Scarecrow with a hard knee to the side of the head that forces him to drop North. The Skull Splitter lifts Scarecrow up, drilling him with a quick Brainbuster before pulling the Hayman up, spinning him around before picking him up from behind, FALL OF UTGARD! North collapses on Scarecrow as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Skull Splitter picks up a massive victory over the VHS Champion tonight. He may have lost his title at Red Snow but surely a victory tonight would put him on the frontline for a title rematch very soon]


[In what’s becoming a regular theme backstage in Old School Wrestling, two policer officers appear to be trundling down the halls in search for someone in particular. They finally arrive at the locker room of Jake Jeckel, entering. They find The Juggalo packing his bags after an interesting night here tonight, one that is about to get a little more interesting by the second.] [The officers immediately grab him, dragging his arms behind his back and slapping cuffs on him.]

“Jake Jeckel, you are under arrest for pseudocide. You have the right to remain silent; anything you do say can and may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before and during the questioning; and you have the right, if you cannot afford the services of an attorney, to have one appointed for you.”

[They forcefully pull Jeckel out into the hall, frogmarching him towards the exit, when Jack Jeckel suddenly appears right there; accompanied by one of the men who last week, tried to rob him.] [Jake’s jaw almost hits the floor.]

“Surprised?” [Jack barks at him.] “Apparently, your employee here thought he’d get a raise if he brought some information to me.”

“Wait Jackie, it’s not what you think. I was just trying to get us together again, like a family.”

[Jack suddenly explodes, running straight into his brother with a Clothesline that sends the other two officers sprawling away. He mounts Jake, beating the holy hell out of him with right hands whilst he’s handcuffed on his back. The officers quickly grab him, restraining him to one side and handcuffing him as well.]

“Jack Jeckel, you are under arrest for assaulting police officers. You have the right to remain silent; anything you do say can and may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present before and during the questioning; and you have the right, if you cannot afford the services of an attorney, to have one appointed for you.”

[Jake can’t help but laugh as he’s dragged back to his feet, bloodied nose n’ all. They take both men to the outside and toss them into a squad car, side by side. Jack looks straight ahead; the rage seeping off him. Jake though, he looks at him with a mischievous grin.]

“Oh brother,” [he chuckles.] “We’re just two peas in the same pod, ain’t we?”

[The car speeds off, the silhouette of both men inside the back of it being the last thing we see.]


[With only moments to spare before the Main Event, Lazarus is gearing to head out to the ring when he is suddenly stopped by Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan. They appear to be concerned.]

“We need to talk,” [Sheldon announces.]

“We’re not sure who we can trust or who’s better suited to lead us into this match at Face/Off, but we both agree that with Nigel Royal and Hysteria after our blood, we can’t sit back and continue to in fight,” [Van Chan admits.] “And we can’t sit back and allow them to strike without response.”

“What we mean to say is we’re following Viktor North to Monday Night Showcase,” [Neville says to Lazarus’ wide eyed response.] “Not because he’s a better leader, or warrior, but because we’ve been the victim too many times to allow things to go unanswered. We’re not waiting for them to strike us again.”

[Lazarus tries to cool their jets.]

“Gentleman, I’m sorry that I’ve been obsessed with finding out the truth. Please understand that I’ve been searching for our benefit. I don’t believe we can trust North. I don’t believe he’s working for the best interests of VHS. If you follow him to Showcase, and I’m right, we may never win at all.”

[Bruce puts a hand on his shoulder.] “Maybe you should be the one to follow, Lazarus? [He asks.] “Maybe you should join us there and have a little faith in us. You haven’t suffered Hysteria, or Nigel Royal, so you don’t understand what we’re trying to fight against. North is right, as much as it pains me to say it; he is. If the pride of this brand is on the line, then we must come together and we must show them we aren’t going to be frightened.”

“And if it’s a mistake?” [Lazarus retorts, tilting his head.] [All three men look at each other.] [Neville sighs, shrugging his shoulders.]

“Then like Viktor said, we’ll at least die on our feet.”

[The Knights offer Lazarus a handshake each that he accepts before they take their leave, leaving the once VHS Champion with something to consider ahead of Monday Night Showcase.]


[Bellatorium collides in our VHS main event tonight as one week before Face/Off and possibly the biggest match in OSW history. Will this be a friendly contest or the cracking point in the demise of Team VHS?] [The bell sounds as Lux and Lazarus shake hands before circling around one another. Lazarus moves in for a lockup with Lux complies, Lazarus faking out and kicking Lux hard in the face before leaping up with a high dropkick that hits Lux flush. Lux staggers to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights but an enziguri attempt is ducked under as Lux delivers a hard European Uppercut before spinning around Lazarus with a crucifix head scissor sending his brother into the ropes] [Lux rushes forward, landing a dropkick of his own that sends Lazarus tumbling to the wooden floor below. The Phoenix slowly gets to his feet as Bellator sizes him up, leaping over the ropes, TOPE ATOMICO! Lux goes to pull Lazarus up but he fights back with elbows to the sternum before dropping Lux to the wooden floor with a Snap Suplex. Lazarus climbs up onto the apron, running forward, SUICIDE ELBOW…MISSES! Lux lifts up his brother, tossing him into the ring before covering] [ONE…TW…Lazarus gets the shoulder up as Lux locks in a chinlock, his legs wrapped around Laz’s chest constricting his breathing. Lux fights his way up, but gets a hard knee to the face for his troubles as Lux flips Lazarus over his shoulder before standing up, rushing forward and drilling Lazarus’s shoulder into his knee. Lazarus barely hits the canvas before Lux flips over and locks him into a cross armbar. Lux locks it in tight as Lazarus tries to reach the ropes but he’s stuck in the middle of the ring. He almost looks like he’s going to tap before he leverages over, placing Lux’s shoulders onto the mat] [ONE…TWO…Lux lets go of the hold, rolling to his feet and kicking Lazarus hard in the face as he tries to stand. Lux rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a tilt a whirl headscissors, swinging into a single arm DDT before locking in the Fujiwara. ARM OF GOD! Lux cranks back on the bad arm as Lazarus tries desperately to drag himself to the ropes, Lux pulling back with all his strength as Lazarus just scrapes the bottom rope. Lux briefly lets go of the Fujiwara, transitioning to an arm triangle trapping the arm near the ropes. Lazarus is in major pain as he lifts his other hand, looking ready to tap out] [Lazarus gets a surge of strength as he begins to rise to his feet, Lux hanging off him as he slams him down with a modifed powerbomb. Lux still clutches on as Lazarus rises, delivering a second one that breaks the hold. Lazarus isn’t done, lifting Lux up high with one arm, rushing forward, MODIFIED DEATH! Lux collapses to the canvas as Lazarus slowly climbs up to the top rope, focusing himself before diving off, REBIRTH! Lazarus drops down hard on Lux as he carefully hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…TH…Lux gets the shoulder up!] [Lazarus goes to pull Lux up but gets a hard kick to the bad arm that staggers him back, Lux rushing forward DEUM LUCEM! Lazarus is down but Lux doesn’t cover, climbing up to the top rope, MOONSAULT…LAZARUS CATCHES HIM! Lazarus repositions Lux on his shoulders, trying for Dawn but Lux slips out, swinging forward as he drills Laz into the canvas with a DDT. Lux doesn’t cover, instead lifting Laz up, placing him between his legs, DISCIPLE MAKER! Lazarus got spiked as this has to be it, Lux crosses his brother’s arms over his chest, bowing in prayer as he pins. ONE….TWO….THRE….LAZARUS KICKS OUT!] [Lux is in shock at Lazarus kicking out as he lifts his brother up, drilling him with hard forearms and elbows but a European Uppercut is blocked as Lazarus kicks Lux low, RISING PHOENIX! Lux gets dropped to one knee as Lazarus backs up, DARK WISH! Lux looks to be knocked out cold as Lazarus covers, ONE…TWO…THR…LUX kicks out as it’s Lazarus’s time to be shocked. Lux slowly gets to his feet as both men exchange hard rights and lefts, each blow hitting harder then the last before both men back up, DUAL ROUNDHOUSE KICKS! Both men go down as the referee begins to count them out] [ONE.TWO..THREE..both men are stirring..FOUR..FIVE..Lux is on one knee as Lazarus is using the ropes to pull himself up..SIX..SEVEN..Lux is at his feet as Lazarus on one knee. The count is stopped as Lux rushes forward, Lazarus ducking a Yakuza Kick before grabbing Lux and Suplexing him into the corner. Lux is dazed as he’s lifted up high, Lazarus leaps up but Lux blocks the Frankensteiner, landing a hard headbutt that stuns Lazarus as he hooks the arms, SUPER DISCIPLE MAKER! The crowd are in shock as Lux doesn’t even have the energy to pray, throwing an arm over his brother as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE!!] [The Light Warrior picks up the victory here tonight but the two Bellator’s left everything inside the ring here tonight, will they have enough left in the tank come Face/Off or has this match cost them more then they know?]


[The sound of a ticking clock emphasises the silence elsewhere in the room. It’s cold, unforgiving and sterile. The floors are cleaned to perfection, leaving no traces of dirt or grime. In the middle of the room, a metal table sits, a body propped up upon it, with a sheet covering it. Brent Kersh remains beside it.] [Nothing has changed.] [Only the door swings open and in walks his wife. She slowly walks to be by his side, her eyes red and deep with sadness and regret too.]

“You can’t stay here,” [she mutters softly.] “Baby, they need you to go.”

[Brent can’t even look at her in the eye. He’s focused only on his son’s body.]

“You can’t blame yourself for this. It wasn’t you, it was The Scarecrow. He killed our baby boy.”

[She bursts into tears, forcing Brent to immediately comfort her. He places his arms around her and holds her tight to his chest.]

“But I didn’t stop it. For two years I let him roam those halls, stalk that field and consume his prey; and I never stopped it. Since August he has tormented me, and then my family, and I have not been able to stop it. It is my fault. It is.”

[His wife looks up at him with sad and regretful eyes, shaking her head.]

“You didn’t ask for this,” [she reminds him.] “You didn’t.”

[Kersh releases her slightly, lowering his head in further shame.]

“But I did. March 16th 2015, I asked for this. I didn’t know the implications, or the history, but I stood there and I demanded that he fight someone who’ll fight back.”

“Then fight back, damnit!” [she yells.] “End this, before our entire family suffers any more. At Face/Off, you need to get to that perch and pierce his soul with it, or we’ll never be free. Our kids will never be free.”

[Brent steps back, looking at Trevor.]

“It’s too late, he killed our son.”

[She shakes her head, placing a hand on her belly.]

“Do you know why Trevor insisted on going with you? It’s because I’m pregnant,” [She blurts out, astonishing an absolutely terrified Kersh.] “And he wanted to protect you,” [she admits.] [Brent doesn’t know what to do with himself. He looks at her, then at Trevor, a whole host of emotions running through his mind.]

“So, do what needs to be done for what’s left of our family. Do it for Trevor. Do it for Danielle. Do it for me and you do it for your baby. Fight until you cannot fight anymore.”