BACKSTAGE[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [In the backstage halls of the ‘Tap Room’, there’s an atmosphere unlike any we’ve felt before. Into frame suddenly steps Brent Kersh with a smile that we’ve been missing for as long as we can remember. He’s a little sore after Face/Off but he carries it well, walking down the hall as softly as he can with the VHS Championship draped neatly and carefully over his shoulder.] [Members of the crew, wrestlers and technicians all flock to congratulate him, shaking his hand and wishing him well. There’s a sense of satisfaction among them, knowing he defeated The Scarecrow. Brent shakes hands with them all, from Lazarus to Neville Sheldon and every person in between.] [Only as Neville turns to walk away, Kersh pulls him back.]

“Hold on a second, will you?” [Kersh asks, letting go of his hand.] “We’ve had a tough year, you and I. We’ve been through so much. We’ve lost people and we’ve had to pick ourselves up from the dirt and dust ourselves off so many times. I know that it’s been tough, but I’ve proved that we can overcome it. I’ve proved that not everything in this world is tainted by evil.”

[Sheldon adjusts his glasses, somewhat confused.]

“And I want to prove that again. I want to prove that to you. At Tapeover, I want to defend my VHS Championship against you, Neville Sheldon.”

[That flabbergasts the Nerd, whose eyes widen in shock. He stutters and stammers for his words, tripping over his own tongue.]

“I… I… I don’t know what to say?” [he mutters amongst his surprise.] [‘The Enforcer’ places his hand on the young man’s shoulder.]

“Just say… yes.”

[Neville gulps.] “Yes. I would be honoured to face you for the Championship at Tapeover. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

[Brent pats him on the shoulder and nods, walking down the corridor with a little more pep in his step. Neville takes his glasses off for a moment, thinking about what just happened. He can’t seem to fathom it.] [Can you blame him?]


[We have a huge debut match here tonight as the Russian Bear takes on Dolly Waters here in their VHS debuts. Can the smaller wrestler get the upset or will the Iron Curtain close off Running Waters for good?] [The bell sounds as Waters rushes forward, laying into Sergei with a series of lefts and rights that seem to do little damage to the larger man. She bounces off the ropes, flying high with a Crossbody that just bounces off Sokolov. Dolly stumbles to her feet right into the clutches of Sergei who grabs her by the back of the head, tossing her into the corner before rushing forward, almost decapitating her with a massive clothesline.] [Dolly stumbles out of the corner as Sergei lifts her up high in an Electric Chair Position before shifting, dropping her on her head with a German Suplex! Waters gets up, holding her neck in pain as Sergei drills her with a hard uppercut to the jaw before lifting her up, trying to lock in the Russian Bear Hug but before he can get it locked in, Waters rakes the eyes. Sergei staggers back, trying to regain his vision as Waters bounces off the ropes, landing a hard roundhouse kick that dazes the Russian.] [Waters leaps up behind Sergei, POISON-RANA! Sergei gets up on one knee, RUNNING WATERS! A massive knee to the side of the head, Sergei’s down as Waters covers. ONE…TWO….MASSIVE KICK OUT! Sergei tosses Waters half-way across the ring, she rolls to her feet running forward, NUCLEAR FALLOUT! A massive Powerbomb destroys Waters but Sergei’s not down, lifting her limp body back up, IRON CURTAIN! Sergei plants one foot on the chest of Waters as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Sergei Sokolov wins his first VHS match in incredible fashion, absolutely destroying Waters as the Red Tsar looks to be a monstrous force in the weeks to come]


[Sergei Sokolov stands tall following his match, the crowd booing him as he soaks in the hatred of the American crowd. Suddenly the crowd goes silent, confusing the massive Russian. He turns around to look for the source of the silence only to see Ethan Earhart has already made his way into the ring and snuck behind Sergei. He leans forward and seems to be intently studying Sokolov, making notes on a clipboard in hand.]

“Does a the body of a true Russian intimidate you, American?” [Sokolov turns to Ethan and eyes him up and down, obviously very annoyed at the prying eyes.]

“British, actually. And I wouldn’t say intimidate. But I would most definitely say you interest me. You truly are a freak of nature aren’t you? Born in Oymyakon, Siberia, grew at an immense rate. Some could say you have the perfect physic. Too perfect.” [He jots down notes as he speaks, talking more to himself than to Sergei as he does so. The Russian doesn’t take kindly thrusting his hand out and grabbing Earhart by the throat. In an amazing feat of strength does he lift the Mad Scientist off of the ground and into the air.]

“Nosy inferior men should not dig into my past lest they find themselves joining the other worthless men I have left broken in my wake. Where did you learn about my past?” [Sergei shakes Earhart a bit, but he doesn’t seem to notice as he continues to write on his clipboard.] “I Said-” [NEEDLE INTO THE ARM OF SOKOLOV! EARHAT STABS THE RED TSAR WITH A NEEDLE! Sergei drops Ethan, the latter filling the needle with Sergei’s blood before using the advantage to toss Sergei over the ropes, the Russian still surprised by what just occurred.]

“I need to examine this further. I suppose I should finish my match as fast as possible.” [Earhart carefully places the needle in a protective case and puts it in a corner next to his clipboard. All the while Sokolov is being forced to the back to get his arm checked by the medical staff, the needle having gone to the bone from Earhart’s stab.]


[It’s the suave Brendan Benedict going one-on-one with The Immortal Ethan Earhart!] [The bell sounds as Brendan Benedict rushes across the ring and goes for a clothesline attempt on Earhart. The Immortal just parries the blow and strikes with opportune timing to drive his knee into the midsection of Benedict! Using the momentarily frozen momentum of Brendan, Earhart transitions the move into an abdominal stretch as he drives his elbows into the exposed flesh. Blow after the blow as Benedict doesn’t seem to know how to respond. He manages to finagle his way out of the hold by tying up the legs of Earhart sending both men falling to the mat. Earhart is first to his feet as he moves slowly as if purposefully planning his next strike.] [Brendan Benedict realizes the predicament he’s in, and he decides to roll out of the ring. The faithful inside The Tap Room are irate as they begin letting him know that they don’t appreciate his cowardice. One fan reaches out and throws a mug of beer at him to which Benedict begins berating him for his choice in action. He turns around to see The Immortal one snuck out onto the apron. LEAPING DDT! Both men slam down onto the cement flooring around the ring as the crowd is on their feet. Both men slowly make their way to their feet as the referee has reached an eight count. Both men dive into the ring to break said count as the sweat has begun to pour from their faces.] [Ethan Earhart gets to his feet, but Brendan Benedict grabs his foot as he trips him. The suave customer slides over on top of The Immortal and begins pounding at his face with vicious blows. Earhart manages to get his hands up to guard before grabbing one unfortunate blow and transitioning it into a body scissors! He manages to bring Benedict into a pinning predicament! One…Two…KICKOUT! Benedict manages to move up to his feet but he’s stunned by a quick lariat into the corner. The Immortal lifts up Brendan Benedict to the top rope before stepping up to the second. He hooks his arm and lifts him up for a vertical suplex before LEAPING BACK for… FLIGHT BACK TO LOGIC! Ethan hooks his legs! One… Two…THREE!] [Ethan Earhart gets to his feet as he’s managed to capture another victory here tonight!]


[Recorded Earlier Tonight.] [The sound of crickets and buzzing can be heard harmonizing in the background as we open up onto the sight of Alistair Huxley’s Circus tent. A shadowed figure passes us by, accompanied by two more, pushing their way inside the tent flap.] [Once inside, we see them under the bright spotlights; it’s ‘The Family’.] [This is the home of Alistair Huxley and his Circus. DTR stands inside, his eyes searching the entire tent as Cussen and Phoenix place gas canisters on the floor.]

“We are a virus,” [DTR says, grinning.] “We are a virus coursing through your veins. Old School Wrestling, we have arrived to destroy you from within, to infect you and ravage you. Tonight, we start with The Circus.”

[Jensen and Jacob pick up the gas canisters, pouring it around the ground and splashing it up against the tent walls, whilst DTR investigates.] [He comes across a cage in the corner, pulling the sheet off. Within it, battered, bruised and suffering from malnutrition, is Pig. He places his hand on the cage, startling the beast within.]

“Have no fear, I have come to release you,” [The Virus says, looking Pig right in the eye.] [DTR stands up, receiving the canister from Cussen. He looks at it, slowly pouring it over Pig and the cage, watching as he squeals in horror.]

“I’ve always hated The Circus.”

[We suddenly cut.]


[The newest attraction in The Greatest Show Unearthed is set to face all the vengeance a Cussen man can muster. Will Jensen turn The Hangman’s world into Infinite Chaos? Or will The Head-Hunter snare another trophy for under the big top?] [The match starts with The Mansayler and Jensen pummeling each other into the ropes. The referee fights to break them apart, leading to Cussen getting a Hiptoss! He drives a knee into the back, as The Hangman works to get up. Jensen’s then blatantly choked before taking a Headbutt. The Hangman looks for a Big Boot but it’s ducked, and Cussen hangs him up across the turnbuckle…. Jensen kicks at the Head-Hunter’s knee, pulling him back and drilling him with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker! He covers. One… Two… NO! The Hangman powers out– Desperate Justice? He’s going for it!] [The Hangman though rises, fending him off and planting him with a Side Slam! He drops an elbow and then drags Cussen into the corner…. He chokes him with his boot! The official counts and The Hangman breaks before “five.” He posts Vengeance up top– Big right hand across the jaw! Both end up on the turnbuckles now, working for control….. HE’S GOING FOR THE HUNTER’S KILL! No, wait! Cussen manages to shove The Manslayer down to the canvas– Diving Knee Drop! NO! The Noose! The Hangman caught him on the mat! Cussen’s flailing to free himself! Will he tap?] [NO! Jensen boxes him up into a Jacknife! One… Two… NO! The Hangman floats through, muscling up into a Piledriver position only for Cussen to slip free! BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! The Hangman drops to his knees, catching Jensen running right into a CAPITAL PUNISHMENT! He covers him! One… Two…. NO! Cussen gets the shoulder up! The Hangman now signals for the end, pulling Vengeance up by the hair…… He positions him again, and again Cussen breaks free– Leaping Knee Strike; but The Hangman catches his foot– NO! Enziguiri! HAIR-TRIGGER! And he unloads with strikes, springboarding back– INFINITE CHAOS! Cussen covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Cussen works back to his feet. The referee raises his arm as Vengeance sneers…. It was a war of attrition and The Hangman lost.]


“Pater noster qui in caelis es sanctificetur nomen tuum.”

[Latin chanted by the voice of a man that Lazarus has sought all week but not yet found… Until now.

Lux Bellator.]

“Veniat regnum tuum fiat voluntas tua sicut in caelo et in terra.”

[Lazarus enters a small candlelight room in which Bellator kneels with his back facing. He does not turn around, but switches from Latin to English as if a sign that he has felt the presence of his brother.]

“Many will say… ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’And I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers.’”

[Bellator turns around, greeted by a look. A look that states, if nothing else, ‘you have some explaining to do’. Bellator reads his eyes like a book and smiles.]

“The fact that you need to be here to ask, Timothy, tells me just how blind you have become.”

[Lazarus opens his mouth to speak, but closes it again in confusion. What is Lux saying?]

“You were given a second chance, risen from the very depths of hell itself at my hand. I breathed the life into you. Yet, you have squandered that chance away… Taken it for granted.”

[Bellator stands, meeting Lazarus’s eyes.]

“Yet the message you preach is not God’s. You have lost your way and opened the door to the ungodly. Those who worship false Gods, false idols… Bigots and liars. You, like our father before you, have spread your own message, all wrapped up in a nice bible-shaped bow.”

[Lazarus raises his hand as if to strike Bellator, but holds back, tormented. Bellator simply comes in closer.]

“Tell me I’m wrong. You, as a leader, welcomed those people before a warrior of the light such as myself. In fact, I was only a part of your team as a replacement. That speaks wonders to your priorities, brother.

The fact that you could not see what was right in front of you shows just how blind you are.”

[Bellator steps back from Lazarus, creating space between them.]

“I have tested, and you have been found wanting. The Red Emperor, a man who believed himself to be bigger than God, reduced to a broken heap at my hands. I simply sought to put right what you had wronged by allowing him at your side.”

[Bellator smiles, holding his hands out as if for Lazarus to inspect. Lazarus holds his mouth open once more, unable to utter a single word. Lux drills further.]

“The anger that fuelled you as you sought his assailant’s head on a platter, that is not Godly anger.”

[Lazarus finally stammers one word.]


“The funny thing about light, Timothy. He who wields it can reveal just as much of it as he needs to and conceal what needs not be revealed. You saw only what you wanted to see, blind to what you thought you saw.”

[Lux reaches down and lifts up a candle, handing it to Lazarus.]

“The light reveals you for what you truly are. I will see you in the ring.“


[We have a return match of sorts here on VHS as an old rivalry is reignited. Can the Savior of Wrestling put down the Virus or has the strength he has gained from his new family made DTR unstoppable?] [The bell rings as both men rush forward, nailing each other with hard rights and lefts, Brooks getting the advantage with a hard knee to the gut as he rushes to the ropes, bouncing off into a massive clothesline from DTR that turns him inside out. DTR stomps down on the fallen Brooks before lifting him up, drilling him with a knee of his own before lifting him up, nailing him over his knee with a Double Underhook Backbreaker.] [Brooks writhes in pain as DTR lifts him up, going behind as he hooks him in position for a reverse DDT. Brooks fights out, landing hard elbows to the gut before leaping up with a Pele Kick, stunning DTR as he flips over his back, dropping DTR on the back of his head with a German Suplex. The Virus staggers to his feet as Brooks tries to take him down into the Crossface! DTR fights out, drilling Brooks with a hard knee to the jaw, spinning him around, BNBE!] [DTR doesn’t cover, instead slowly waiting for the Savior to get to his feet, kick to the gut, REASONABLE DOU…NO! Brooks spins out, drilling DTR in the back of the head with a hard enziguri before running to the ropes, SPRINTING SPINNING ELBOW! DTR looks out of it as Brooks lifts him up, YOUR FORETOLD…DTR DUCKS! REASONABLE DOUBT! Brooks takes all of that as the Virus drops down, covering with a huge smile on his face. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [DTR picks up a massive victory here in his return over an old time rival in Tyler Brooks. Can anyone stop the Virus or will the strength of his new found Family be what DTR needs to infect the wrestling world?]


[Darkness.] [The eerie pitch black is all we can see. Soon, a little light brightens across the twisted and tormented face of a figure we know so well; The Scarecrow. Nothing else illuminates, only the contours of his leather skin.] [The Scarecrow has questions.]

“Why did you summon me here? Why did you save my life?”

“You weren’t dead,” [A voice rattles from within the shadows.] “Just immobilised. You were not to be killed, Scarecrow. There is nothing on the face of this Earth except I, of which can destroy you.”

[The Scarecrow stands, shrugging that remark off.]

“Then do it. Why don’t you try?”

[The voice laughs.] “Don’t be ridiculous. Brent Kersh broke the curse but what he failed to realize is that in doing so, he has unleashed something else instead. I couldn’t see you. I couldn’t see what you were doing, or who you were, until that curse was lifted. I’ve been looking at you this entire time and I had no idea you were the one I was seeking.”

[That strikes The Hayman as odd. He grabs the brim of his hat and tips it down across his face, turning to his side in the shadows.]

“What do you want?” [He demands to know.] [There’s an eerie pause whilst he awaits his answer.]

“It’s not about what I want, but what I can give you. I know your purpose, it is to destroy mankind. I removed the perch from you so that you can continue that purpose. So continue it.”

[The light suddenly goes out.]


[It’s The Ringmaster vs. The Hayman! Will Alistair Huxley and The Painkiller put The Scarecrow through a three-ring circus? Or in the end, will The Harvester reap the rewards?] [The match begins with Huxley and The Painkiller descending on The Scarecrow! They punch and kick him down into the mat before both hit him with a pair of elbows. Alistair then plays ringmaster, reveling in his Star Attraction digging his thumbs into the Harvester’s eyes! SEE NO EVIL! The Scarecrow though tries fighting out… The Nightmare Anatomy again resort to double-teams; The Scarecrow boots Huxley away…. The Haymaker to The Painkiller! The hay-filled horror now isolates Alistair, planting him with a Powerslam! He goes to cover but The Painkiller is already on him. He hammers away before getting dumped over the top rope!] [The former VHS Champion again turns to Huxley, EATING a wicked Slap! But The Scarecrow just laughs, pice-facing Alistair into the corner. He nails a Back Elbow Smash and the charges– NO! The Painkiller trips him from the floor, pulling The Harvester out! The two monsters then pummel each other, with The Scarecrow getting a knee to the gut– LARAIT! But Mr. Freakshow gets a Baseball Slide! He scrambles onto the apron…… “AAAASSS PUUNNCH!!” My God, he did it. The Scarecrow just shakes his head……. Huxley starts to back away and– NO! The Painkiller Backdrops him into the RING POST!] [That rings The Scarecrow’s bell. The Nightmare Anatomy then shove him back in, with Alistair quickly cinching in a Romero Special…. DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! The Painkiller got him! Huxley covers! One… Two… NO! The Scarecrow kicks out; the circus puts the boots to him. Alistair fights to pull him into position…. LeFreak? NO! The Scarecrow springs to life with a Goozle only for The Painkiller to attack. Huxley then grabs a Sleeper Hold– DEATH RATTLE! The Painkiller is pulverizing him with Headbutts as Alistair twists his head off! The Harvester’s got nowhere to go…… BIG TOP DROP! Both cover! One… Two… THREE!] [The bell ring and the circus quickly slip to the floor. The Scarecrow slowly pulls himself to sitting….. eying Huxley and The Painkiller as they celebrate one Hell of a victory!]


“What the fuck!?”

[The voice of Jack Jeckel breaks us into the backstage area, where the painted man is being dragged down a hallway. The real surprise is who is dragging him.] [One of Mother’s children.]

“Listen kid, I ain’t down with this weird shit your mama does.”

[They round a corner and Jack stops dead in his tracks. Before them is another one of Mother’s children, but she has Jake Jeckel by the hand. The Juggalo King looks amused by this interaction.]

“Really bro, you could have just called me out. No need to use kids to do your dirty work.” [Jake sarcastically remarks.] [Jack rips his hand free of the child and goes after Jake, but the children somehow end up between them.]

“Mother doesn’t like to see brothers fight. She wants you to play together.”

[The brothers stop to look at each other with raised eyebrows. Jack looks down at the kid while shaking his head. Jake retains his smirk while backing towards a wall.]

“Sorry, we do what we want to do, not what…”


“What the fuck!?”

[The fluttering of crows can be heard for a moment before the lights come back on. Jack and the two children have been assaulted and are laid out on the concrete.] [Standing over them with a shit eating grin is Jake Jeckel himself. He pockets the small Walkman he used to play the crow sounds before beginning to spread hay of all things around the scene. Is he trying to frame Scarecrow for this attack?]

“Sorry kid.” [Jake comments as he kneels down next to the child that had brought him to the scene. He slips something into her hand.] “I probably should have told you the full plan first.”

[Standing to his feet, Jake walks back down the way he came with a pep in his step.] [BZZT!] [Just a moment too late, Mother arrives at the scene. She carefully cradles her children before noticing the hay scattered around. The lights begin to flicker as she whispers just one word.]


[Did Jake’s plan work?]

[It’s a Wrestling Classic tonight, folks! The Enforcer steps into the ring with The Nightwatch. One must win this match by picking up a submission AND a pinfall victory.] [The bell sounds as both of these men tie it up. Brent Kersh may be older, but he manages to wrench back the arm of the Jacob Phoenix back into a wristlock as Phoenix is looking to catch him with an elbow. He throws one back, but Kersh simply dodges the blow and rushes forward forcing Phoenix sternum-first into the turnbuckle! Kersh whips around Phoenix and drags him to the top rope. He climbs up with him before hooking an arm and hitting a huge SUPERPLEX! Both men are down, but Kersh slowly gets to his feet. He leaps onto Phoenix and begins deconstructing his knees with vicious stomps! Obviously working towards his Lone Star submission hold. He goes to hook the legs for it, but Phoenix grabs his head and pulls him in for a cradle!] [ONE…TWO…THREE! JACOB PHOENIX GETS THE FIRST FALL! Brent Kersh looks disgusted by how he was tripped up. The referee separates both men before signaling for the next fall. They go to meet up in the center of the ring, but Phoenix strikes him with two quick jabs to the chin. Kersh doesn’t seem too bothered by it, but Phoenix quickly turns tail. Only he leaps up to the second rope before springing off for a huge springboard crossbody! The move connects, but it ROLLS THROUGH! The STRENGTH of Brent Kersh as he manages to roll through with Phoenix trapped in his arms. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Phoenix is out like a light as Kersh pins him down. One…Two…THREE!] [A fall apiece, it all comes down to this. The referee allows Phoenix to shake the cobwebs loose before signaling for the final fall. Both men have won by pinfall so submission is all that remains. Jacob Phoenix rushes at Kersh, but The Enforcer SPEARS HIM! He’s mounted him and has begun to drill his face with a repetition of blows! Kersh is pulled off by the referee as Phoenix uses the ropes to pull himself vertical. Kersh charges but Phoenix leaps up with a knee that catches him right on the nose. Blood is spurting out, but Phoenix quickly leaps up behind him for… ZIG ZAG! HOWEVER, Brent Kersh held the rope! The Nightwatch slams into the mat hard before Kersh hooks his leg and nails a leg DDT before switching it around and hooking in… THE LONE STAR! The figure-four-leglock looks extremely painful as Phoenix looks frustrated at himself but… HE TAPS!] [The Enforcer managed to pull another one out, but not without showing the battle scars. His nose is bleeding as he watches Phoenix roll out of the ring. A W in the column for Brent Kersh.]


[After that gruelling match, Brent Kersh barely has a moment to breathe before ‘The Family’ are on him. Jensen Cussen, Jacob Phoenix and DTR quickly, and like a pack of wolves, stomp away at Kersh – refusing to even let him get up.] [Jensen Cussen grabs a microphone.]

“You cannot take from our family, old man,” [he yells at Kersh through gritted teeth.] “You cannot take what doesn’t belong to you.”

[The fans boo, watching as they pull Brent to his feet and-]

“On a cold winter of morning,

In the time before the light.

In flames of death’s eternal reign,

We ride towards the fight.”

[There’s an immediate lift inside the arena as ‘Through the fire and the flames’ hits and out comes Neville Sheldon to a tremendous ovation. He runs straight down the ramp and slides into the ring, ducking under a Clothesline by Jensen Cussen. Sheldon hits the ropes, walking into a BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA that almost takes his fucking head off!] [DTR holds Kersh’ head up, forcing him to watch. Jensen hands him the microphone, helping pick a dazed Neville back up.]

“Look at him,” [The Virus screams.] “Look at him!”

[FOR HER! INVERTED DOUBLE ARM DDT TO NEVILLE SHELDON BY JACOB PHOENIX!] [The Family have decimated them both! DTR smiles in the face of Kersh, grabbing him instantly and into a REASONABLE DOUBT! Jesus Christ! Poor Brent springs backwards, crashing on the canvas in a heap. The Family soak in the boos, listening as the fans scream and shout at them from ringside.]


[In each corner of the ring, a grappler stands awaiting the bell. Jake Jeckel stands across from Jack, and Lazarus stands across from the other half of the Tag Team Champions, Lux Bellator. The bell rings, and the fight is on.] [And a fight is what it is. Lazarus rushes across the ring and starts hammering away at his double-crossing partner. He drives Lux back to the corner and pummels him with a barrage of fists. At the same time, Jack Jeckel is waylaying into his brother, seeking revenge for his loss last week at Face/Off. Jack forces Jake against the ropes and then clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! Lazarus mounts the second rope and HURRICANRANAS Lux, driving his head hard into the canvas. Across the ring, Jack has mounted the top rope to leap onto his brother, but he spots Lazarus making the cover! One… Two… TH….. JACK LEAPS OFF THE TOP ROPE AND DRIVES LAZARUS’ HEAD INTO THE MAT! SUPER JACK IN THE BOX! Lazarus is out cold. Jack covers… One… Two… THREE!!!] [No! Jake snuck back in and broke up the pin with almost no time to spare. He grabs his younger brother and whips him to the ropes. As Jack returns, Jake lifts him onto his shoulders… THE HATCHET!!! Jake covers… One… Two… THR…. Lux floats over, ripping Jake off of Jack and straight into a fujiwara armbar! MODIFIED ARM OF GOD!! Jake is writhing in pain! He’s gonna have to tap! He reaches up to submit… but instead just barely grabs the bottom rope! The ref forces Lux to break the hold. Lux does and kips up, just as Jake is pulling himself up by the ropes. Lux kicks Jake with a series of swift kicks dropping Jake to his knees. Lux gets close and … JUGGA-BLOW! Lux goes down and Jake stands up, looking at the downed opponents. He smiles, and marches over to his brother and yanks him to his knees. Jake screams in his face… JUGGA-BLOW FROM JACK! He was playing possum, and pulls Jake up himself… BOOGEYMAN BOMB! One… Two… THRE…. Lazarus is finally awake and yanks Jack off of Jake! Jack climbs up quickly and turns to face the Pheonix… LAZARUS’ CHAMBER!!! Jack goes down as Lazarus cranks down!] [Lux kicks Lazarus to the back of the head, breaking the pin! Now Bellator is the only man standing! He purveys the situation and decides Jake looks the worst. He walks towards the Juggalo and Jake jabs him in the eyes! Jake climbs to his feet, groggy, and catches a series of swift kicks from Lazarus! Lazarus is in control but not for long as Jack delivers a HATCHET 2.0!! He goes to cover, but instead Lux spins him around and DISCIPLE MAKER!!! He goes to cover, but Jake grabs him! The HATCHET!!! He covers, defiant head held high… DARKWISH!!! Lazarus levels Jake with a superkick to the side of the head! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Lazarus somehow survives this bedlam with the victory! Both Jeckels and Lazarus lay in pieces in the ring, as The Phoenix raises his hand high.]


[There’s a guttural, desperate, emotional scream that echoes throughout the tree’s, sending birds fluttering away into the sky. Smoke fills the air in plumes, seeking the sky. The sound of heavy footsteps can be heard as Alistair Huxley runs past us towards his burning circus.] [The sight before him is incredible. Flames are ravaging his pride and joy, destroying everything in their wake like only fire can. He doesn’t hesitate, or stop, and runs full steam ahead through the flaming tent flap into his inferno.] [Once inside, he drops to his knees, the smoke immediately strangling his lungs as he desperately fights to get back to his feet. He can barely see anything. Out of the corner of his eye, he notices something in particular – a body, charred beyond belief, trapped inside a cage.] [He would scream if he could, but he’s coughing and spluttering, his white face paint becoming darker with each footstep deeper into the fiery abyss. Suddenly, he falls again, this time face down in the dirt. Alistair is barely able to lift his head, taking one last look at his life’s work before passing out inside.] [Just then, as if out of the fire itself, The Hangman walks. With his noose in hand, he ties it around the feet of Huxley and hooks it over his shoulder, storming his way through the smoke and flames towards the exit, dragging The Ringmaster with him to the freedom and fresh air of the outside. Once there, Painkiller quickly checks on him, realizing that he’s breathing just as he awakes to splutter and cough.] [Ali’s eyes immediately fixate on something else, his sign in the distance.]

“What is it?” [Painkiller asks with a cause for concern.] [Huxley points.] [The sign has been spray painted with a dark black that reads ‘The Family’.]


[As Neville paces awkwardly in the corner of the ring, Mother stands across from him with a sadistic and tooth rotten smile. Tonight is a Rewind Championship Match and Neville Sheldon has the opportunity to walk into Tape Over with the gold.] [The bell sounds and immediately Mother runs at Sheldon, leaping into a barrage of rabid right and left hands. He tries to defend himself, holding his arms up over his head but she claws and scratches away at them, allowing her access to his face. With a swipe, she knocks off his glasses, disabling his vision. He stumbles from the corner and into a Drop Toe Hold, Mother quickly bouncing back to her feet, hitting the ropes and nailing him with an extremely low Dropkick to the face. Sheldon rolls away, only to end up scrambling for his glasses. The referee ushers them over and just as he puts them on his face, Mother baseball slides him through the bottom rope to the outside.] [The Rewind Champion is absolutely vicious here. She rolls to the outside, scrambling under the ring apron for a steel chair. Neville slowly gets back to his feet, unsure of what’s hit him until a steel chair crashes off his skull, busting him wide open. Mother quickly drops into the cover… One…. Two…. Kick Out! She thought she’d made short work of the challenger here tonight but Neville Sheldon kicks out! Mother pulls him back to his feet and walks him towards the ring entrance, bouncing him skull first off the barricade. There’s blood dripping from his head now as the Rewind Champion allows him to stumble into the backstage area. This match is a Falls Count Anywhere Match and she’s going to make the most of her surroundings.] [We follow them backstage, watching as Mother grabs a cart and runs it full steam into Neville, sending him crashing to the concrete floor in a heap. He’s spitting the blood now pouring down his face as she grabs a steel serving tray and drives it into his mid-section. The Underdog has been unable to get a lick in against this absolute monster here tonight. The Mother of All reaches down and pulls his head up to her fist, nailing him with a brutal right hand. She drops into the cover, surely putting this one to bed… One…. Two…. Three! KICK OUT! Wow. Sheldon kicks out! Mother doesn’t like that. She gets back to her feet and readies herself, preparing the final blow. Neville slowly rolls onto his stomach and pushes himself back to his knees… KINSHASA! WHAT A FUCKING SHOT TO THE SKULL! NEVILLE SHELDON HITS THE DECK LIKE A SACK OF SHIT! Mother covers, not even bothering to hook the leg… One….. This is all she wrote…. Two…… Three! SHOULDER UP! SHOULDER UP!! HOLY CRAP, NEVILLE SHELDON KICKED OUT!] [With a face full of blood, this little underdog just will not quit. Mother has dominated this match like a force of nature but he won’t give up. She gets back to her feet, sneering with rage and fury, looking down at her opponent. Slowly but surely, Neville Sheldon starts doing the unthinkable. He rolls over, gets to his knees and finally stands – that’s right, stands in front of Mother. She throws a furious right hand at him but he blocks it, nailing her in the jaw with a right of his own. Mother stumbles backwards, Neville hitting her again and again until she falls back into the nearest wall. He runs at her… SPEAR STRAIGHT INTO THE CONCRETE WALL! THEY BOTH JUST FOLDED UP LIKE ACORDIAN! JESUS CHRIST! Both of them slip down the wall to the concrete floor in a heap, Neville once again finding the impetus to rise.] [There’s something phenomenal about this guy. He just won’t quit. He reaches down and grabs Mother by the hair, bouncing her head off the wall for good measure. The tide in this match has just changed and The Nerd is starting to gain momentum. Mother stands there, dazed, and NKO! LEAPING NECKBREAKER! NERD KNOCK OUT ON THE CONCRETE FUCKING FLOOR! HE ROLLS HER OVER… WE HAVE A NEW REWIND CHAMPION… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! NO! NOOOOOOO! MOTHER KICKS OUT! Neville slowly clambers back to his feet and wills Mother back to hers. He’s going to end this. He’s going to win the Rewind Championship!] [Click.] [Suddenly the lights in the backstage hallway go out.] [Then one returns, low, almost at ground level. It’s accompanied by another, then another, and another until six stand in a circle. They’re candles, being held by tiny children and they surround Neville Sheldon who looks absolutely petrified between them.]

“Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies. Ashes! Ashes!”


“We all fall down.”

[THE LIGHTS RETURN] [BLACK MIST! BLACK MIST TO THE FACE OF NEVILLE SHELDON!] [KINSHASHA!! HAPPILY EVER AFTER OUT OF NO-WHERE! SHE NAILED IT! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? Mother covers, her children still surrounding them… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! It’s over! Mother has retained her Rewind Championship in a dominant and gruelling performance here tonight. Neville Sheldon just wouldn’t quit. By god, there’s big things in the future for both of these wrestlers. What a match!]


[After the war she just endured, it’s no wonder Mother wants to make a hasty retreat, but yet as she examines the closing chapter of this battle, her mind goes elsewhere.] [Two of her children were assaulted earlier, and she must get back to them.] [Darkness.] [BZ… SCARECROW IS HERE!] [Mother was unable to teleport out to her children as the fluttering of crows has signaled the arrival of the former VHS Champion. The Hayman has his gloved hand wrapped around Mother’s throat as he throws her into the nearest wall. Backstage personnel scatter away like ants as they want no part of this battle.]

“I heard you were looking for me, Mother.” [Crow rasps, kicking a stage box out of the way.] “I’d hate to leave you waiting.”

[With all of the hatred a mother would have for her attacker, the Mother of All rushes at Crow, her talons ripping at his face and body. Crow endures the onslaught, swinging with another shot to the already battered face of the smaller creature.]

“You will pay for what you did to my children.” [Mother roars as she uses a nearby pole to practically knock Crow’s head off his body.] [Scarecrow grabs the pole on the next attempt, throwing it away.]

“Fool!” [Crow responds.] “If I wanted to hurt your children, they’d already be dead.”

[Mother stops for just a moment in confusion at that remark. Scarecrow halts his approach, instead allowing Mother to keep her vertical base.]

“Children are easy sport. I crave bounty that will fight back.” [Crow sneers into the silence.] [The ragged Mother leaps at Crow once more, but is caught around the neck and lifted into the air. Her legs kick as she fights Crow, who pulls her down to his face.]

“Perhaps I was wrong about you being that bounty.”

[With ravenous force, Mother rips into the hand of Scarecrow with her gangly fingers, ripping into the soft hay beneath it. She turns her head to bite down onto the glove, shredding through it with her sharp teeth RIPPING THE HAND FROM SCARECROW’S BODY!] [Mother spits the hay out of her mouth, grabbing a few piece of it before she seems to hear something from far away.] [Her children need her.] [BZZT!] [When the darkness fades to light, Scarecrow retrieves his shredded hand off the ground. His tone becomes sinisterly prideful.]

“No, I was right about this one.”

[VHS fades to darkness with the fluttering of crows signalling the departure of Scarecrow.]