[Static.] [Screams.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The flicker of a solitary candle light illuminates a decrepit dresser next to a metal frame of a bed with restraints. Everything is dirty, rotten and unkempt. A pale hand reaches out from the darkness, scooping up the broken plate in which the candleholder rests, moving it towards the bed. Slowly but surely, the light spreads across the sweating, dirty, anguished face of Nicole Kersh.] [She is restrained, her t-shirt lifted over her stomach to reveal her baby bump. Black veins spread across her belly, reaching out in every which direction, causing her as much pain and discomfort as possible.] [The holder of the candle sits beside her, revealing Mother under the flickering of minimal light.]

“In every single person is an evil laid dormant,” [She hisses, with a disdain for the fact.] “I am the Mother of this evil.”

[She reaches out, placing her hand once again on the belly of Nicole.]

“And I’m going to show you what it’s like to give birth to something so vile, so deplorable, so beautiful, that you’ll come to understand that monsters aren’t things, but wonderful creatures.”

[Nicole shakes her head, furiously.] “Please, no, “[she begs, almost screaming.] “Please!”

[Mother removes her hand and smiles, her rotten teeth showing sinisterly between her pert and ample lips.]

“There is… another way,” [Mother admits, tilting her head to the side.] “I can reverse it, but first, I wish to see the evil that resides in Brent Kersh. I wish to see the deplorable nature that he has pushed down into the depths of his very soul. Perhaps, if he were to satisfy my desire to see this evil, I could provide you and your child with life.”

[She stands up, blowing out the candle that returns us to darkness.]




[Can the Ringmaster tame the Russian Bear? Or will Huxley find himself mauled trying?] [The bell rings and Sergei explodes out of his corner with a massive clothesline! Huxley hits the ground and rolls through to his feet almost instantly! Sergei yells in anger as he lashes out with a haymaker that Huxley ducks under, Mr. Freakshow showing a fire in his eyes tonight as he fights back with a series of quick punches before leaping up and dazing Sergei with a bell clap! Huxley hits the ropes and comes back INTO A MASSIVE BIG BOOT! The Red Tsar has his wits about him again as he deadlifts Huxley and throws him into the turnbuckle!] [Sokolov begins to pummel the trapped Alistair, connecting with a barrage of stiff short armed lariats before ending it with a headbutt! He forces Huxley to the top rope and goes after him, looking to go for a superplex- HUXLEY SPITS IN SERGEI’S EYES! Sergei is caught off guard and Alistair capitalizes with a brutal eye gouge before kicking him off of the turnbuckle! Sergei is turned around! ASS PUUUNCH! The Red Tsar is forced forward but doesn’t fall. Turning around and hitting a massive powerslam to Huxley! Sokolov looks livid as he once again forces Alistair to his feet.] [Sergei lands a few hard body blows before pulling Huxley into another powerslam! He looks to go for a third but Alistair slips from his grip! Mr. Freakshow slips behind and hits a jumping neckbreaker that effectively grounds Sergei! Huxley stumbles to his feet and lands a few hard kicks to the ribs of Sergei as he rises to his feet! Sergei leaps and grabs for Huxley, Irish Whip- HUXLEY’S HAND POPS OFF! Fake blood squirts into Sergei’s eyes as Huxley’s real hand slips into place. He hits the ropes AND JUMPS FOR THE CIRQUE DE- POWERBOMB! NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Sergei pins Huxley! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [Sergei stands tall here tonight, having scored a hard earned victory against the vicious Ringmaster]


[The match is over, but the Tap Room is soon swarmed with what appears to be a mass of homeless people, all rushing the ring at once with broken bottles and other makeshift weapons attacking Sergei! Sokolov tries his best to fight them off, but is overwhelmed by the onslaught as a voice beckons from the bar.]

“Not so tough now, are ya comrade?”

[Calypso makes her way out, a big smile on her face with a chair in one hand and a mic in another.]

“You’ve spent all your life expecting the world to hand you everything, and for what reason? Because of your strength, your manliness?”

[She scoffs at this, never taking her eyes off Sergei as she makes her way to the ring.]

“The world doesn’t owe you a damn thing, Sergei. In fact, the world doesn’t belong to men like you anymore…it belongs to the least of these.”

[The bums have finally ended their assault by now, holding Sergei up as an offering of sorts to their Messiah as she enters the ring.]

“I’ll prove it to you, next week in this very ring, when I put you down like the dog you are. And after I’ve put you out to pasture, I’ll show everyone at Pandemonium that the meek shall inherit the earth as the Messiah inherits her rightful shot at the World Championship and all the glory that comes with it.”

[With that she drops the mic, holding the chair with both hands now—SKULL FUCKED! Chair shot connects with the head of the Red Tsar! Calypso’s followers pick Sergei back up, dragging him out of the ring as Calypso prepares for her match against Ethan Earhart up next!]


[Earhart towers over his opponent. With more than a foot in height and over double the weight advantage it doesn’t take long for him to gain an upper hand. Huge ax handle like chops blow down onto the back of Calypso almost forcing her into a bending down position. With Calypso seemingly fully at his mercy he locks on a sleeper hold. As Earhart squeezes tightly, the wind in her pipes would rattle a tune out of any wind chime as it slowly drains from her body. This one could be over within seconds. The referee lifts Calypso’s arm. It falls… a second time.] [FALLS AGAIN…. A THIRD TIME!! NO!! THE MESSIAH DOES NOT GO DOWN THAT EASILY!! With the fight in her again, she uses her able hand and rakes down the eyes of Ethan. Again and again, before the hold is ultimately released. Earhart’s vision temporarily compromised he doesn’t see it coming when Calypso unleashes a swinging kick into the groin of her opponent. Falling to his knees, his face and groin in agony. The pain only intensifies when Calypso smashes Earhart to the ground with a huge neckbreaker from his kneeling position. The prophet makes the cover.] [One….Two… KICKOUT! THE FORCE OF WHICH SENDS CALYPSO HIGH INTO THE AIR AND HALF WAY ACROSS THE RING! Landing on her knee’, she barely has time to compose herself from her flight when Earhart almost causes an avalanche of her face with a huge running knee to her face. Picking Calypso up, the size advantage again gets him on top as he tosses her around like a rag doll. Finally he sends her, again almost the length of the ring, with a huge BELLY-TO-BACK SUPLEX! HE AIN’T DONE THOUGH. SCOOPING UP THE PROPHET AGAIN!! BACK SURGERY!! ALMOST THROUGH THE DAMN MAT! COVER… ONE….TWO…THREE!!!] [Valiant effort from Calypso here but ultimately Earhart’s size saw him through in this one on one contest.]


[“Through The Fire and Flames” blares into the arena as purple and pink spotlights dive to the entrance of The Tap Room. The VHS Champion shortly arrives through the doors to a tremendous ovation. He heads to the ring, gets inside and retrieves a microphone.] [He waits for the chants of ‘Neville’ to die down.]

“Last week, I had to make a split second decision,” [he says sorrowfully, with his head lowered and a sense of shame.] “And whilst I don’t regret it, I know that not everyone would agree with it. Brent, I’m sorry that I didn’t save your wife. I’m sorry that I dragged you from the ambulance, but you have to believe me when I tell you that I had your best intentions at heart.”

[Before Sheldon can continue, ‘Chariots of Fire’ interrupts and Brent Kersh steps out onto the stage, wearing his black OSW t-shirt. He has a microphone and quickly calls for his music to be cut as he strides towards the ring.]

“I don’t hold any grudges against you for doing the right thing,” [Brent says, stepping through the ropes.] “And it isn’t you that you should be sorry; it’s me.”

[Kersh suddenly strikes, driving his microphone into the skull of Neville Sheldon.] [The shocked fans look on in absolute dismay as the VHS Champion hits the deck with a thud. He looks up at Kersh, almost in disbelief, a look of absolute betrayal of his face.] [And Brent strikes again, kicking him as hard as he can in the jaw. He drops to the floor, beating the holy hell out of Neville with right hands, breaking his glasses in the process. He tosses them aside, continuing until he’s busted wide open.]


[The look on the Enforcers face tells a story of rage and fury. He kicks Neville to the outside and follows, scooping him up and dropping him chest first across the barricade. The entire arena has erupted into boos now as Brent drags the Champion towards the steel steps and bounces his head off them repeatedly.] [Neville finally slumps over, managing to peer up at The Enforcer who stands over him, blood on his hands.]

“Is that enough?” [Brent yells into the sky.] “IS THAT ENOUGH!?”

[With the entire audience in an uproar, he kicks Sheldon one more time from the steps to the wooden floor, before turning around to walk away. He doesn’t look back, he doesn’t stop and he doesn’t show any remorse.]


[The Family fight among themselves as the Patriarch faces off against his newest brother. Will the Dead prove exactly why he was accepted into their infernal ranks or is the Virus too powerful even for one of his own?] [The bell sounds as The Dead rushes forward, taking the Virus by surprise with a running headbutt to the chest staggering DTR back into the ropes. A hard forearm shot drops DTR to the mat and as he staggers to his feet, The Dead grabs him from behind, snapping him over the shoulder with a modified neckbreaker. He tries to lift up the Virus again but DTR slips out of his grasp, kicking him low before flipping him into the ropes with a Gutwrench Suplex] [The Dead gets to his feet as The Virus kicks him in the gut, double underhooking him before driving him over his knee with a backbreaker. DTR lifts the Dead up to his feet, hoisting him up high in a Crucifix Position but the Dead manages to slip out, standing on the top rope as the Virus turns around before drilling him with a leaping knee. DTR doesn’t go down but staggers into the corner as the Dead rushes forward, EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, KNIFE EDGE, UPPERCUT, KNIFE EDGE. DTR staggers out, DE LA…FILL IN THE BLANK!] [DTR doesn’t cover, instead heading up to the top rope himself, LIGHTS OUT…MISSES as The Dead rolls away. DTR getting to his feet ashe finds himself blinded as the Dead plunges his thumbs into DTR’s eyes, SEE NO EVIL! The Virus struggles before breaking the submission with a low kick. DDT! The Virus staggers for a moment dazed before lifting The Dead up to his feet, kick to the gut REASONABLE DOUBT! The Dead is planted into the mat as the Virus covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Virus pulls out the victory over his brother in arms but the question is asked here, if the Family would fight this hard against their own kin, what will they do against their enemies?]




[The voice of Jake Jeckel breaks into the din of a small room somewhere in the bowels of the Tap Room. He and his brother look worse for wear, still clothed in the same gear they wore last week. They were left roughly alone for the last week by Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix. Since they’re alive, we can assume they were fed, but neither brother looks like they are ready.]

“Wake up.”

[The voice of Jensen Cussen rings into the room, drawing a sneer from Jack Jeckel. The thud you heard earlier was the door to the room slamming open before the brothers, blinding them with light.]

“You know we’re going to fuck you boys up, right?” [Jack asks the two members of The Family.]

“No, you’re not.” [Jacob interjects.] [The brothers stand up to fight, but Cussen raises a hand.]

“Save your strength.” [He jerks his thumb towards the exit.] “You boys have to fight each other next. You can worry about us after that.”

[The two men step aside, and the ragged Jeckels look at one another weirdly. Knowing they are at a steep disadvantage, neither wants to risk the fight. Better to live and fight another day, especially since backup could be lurking for Phoenix and Jensen.]

“But Jake? Jack?” [Phoenix says as they turn to face him.] “I’m sure you’ve already felt it.”

“Felt what?” [Jack asks, confused.]

“The rush as the Virus begins to run through your veins.” [Phoenix replies coldly.] “Welcome to The Family.”

[Jake spits at the ground in front of Jacob and Jack flips a bird to Cussen as the brothers walk away angrily. Meanwhile, Cussen turns to Phoenix and grins.] [Has the Virus gripped the Jeckels?]


[Two men meet face to face on a deserted plain, the fires of judgement burning all around them. Solomon and Lux Bellator. Where once, Bellatorum stood together on the field of battle, they find themselves now in the very place that saw Solomon die and Lazarus be risen from the ashes. The very place that claimed the soul of Father Pedro El Salvador. The very place of their great battle.]

“I am the Juror of Light. What the judge commands, I execute.” [It is Lux Bellator that speaks, a soft rain ripping onto his mask as he passes his sentence.] “Solomon Timothy Rhodes… Now that your face has been revealed, you can be judged for the fullness and severity of your sin.

It is written that ‘A person may think their own ways are right, but the Lord weighs on the heart.’ In your heart is found only selfishness, ego and pride. A man who had the world at his fingertips, a second chance granted only to fall back into the darkness he crawled out of.

The price of sin is death. We have seen the death of Lazarus – now the Fires of Judgement call for one Solomon Rhodes.”

[Solomon does not look afraid. His eyes burn with the same determination to his mission that Lux’s do.]

“It is also written ‘Do not judge, let you be judged. Do not condemn, lest you be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven.’

These are words you once lived by, and yet you have turned your own back. The ultimate hypocrisy, the Torchbearer revealed as nothing more than a liar. It is through the falsities of YOUR actions that the light has been revealed to me.

Seek not order, for order is merely control. Our spirit yearns for freedom.”

[Solomon brings his face closer to Lux’s. Eyeball to eyeball.]

“As it was in the beginning, it will be in the end. Chaos. You have awoken forces within me that you have no control over. You have started a fire that you can’t put out.

You think that these fires burn to claim me as their victim? You judge harshly, so you will be judged twice so.”

[Lux takes Solomon by the hand, opening it and turning his palm upwards. Into Solomon’s hand, he places a small black circle, before closing his fist around it.]

“The Black Mark. Your judgement awaits.”

[Bellator steps back, smiling as Solomon opens his palm and inspects the mark. Bellator fires off one more exchange.]

“No weapon formed against me will prosper. I will refute every tongue that accuses me in return. This is the heritage of the servant of the Lord… The one true Judge.

On this battlefield will your fate be sealed. There will be no revival for you this time. I will not make that mistake again.”

[The scene ends closing in on the ‘Black Mark’ that is still pressed into Solomon’s hand. The mark of judgement. Bellator. Solomon. The fires call for one of them.]


[Only a few weeks after reuniting, the Jeckel Brothers find themselves against one another again. Will the younger Boogeyman put away Jake or will the Juggalo King put his brother down once more?] [The bell sounds as both Jeckel brothers rush out from the bell, pounding down upon each other with hard rights and lefts. Jack having the power advantage as he stuns Jake with a hard knee to the jaw before tossing him across the ring with a hard Belly to Belly Suplex. Jake pulls himself up into the corner as Jack rushes forward, crushing Jake with a massive Big Boot before allowing his brother to stagger out, CHUCK THE CLOTHESLINE!] [Jack tries to pull Jake up to his feet but get thrown throat first onto the middle rope. The Boogeyman staggers up right into a hand on his throat, PONY DOWN! Jake slams Jack over his knee but he doesn’t let go as he lifts Jack back up into the air, slamming him down to the mat with a modified Powerbomb, staying down for the cover. ONE…TWO…Jack gets his shoulder up. Jack doesn’t stay down, nailing Jake with a hard headbutt as he gets to his feet, powering him up BOOGEYMAN BOMB!] [Jack doesn’t cover, heading up to the top rope as he sets his brother up, CAR CRASH…MISSES as Jack is swept to the mat, Jake locking in the Riddle Box out of nowhere. Jake pulls back with all his strength, Jack slowly powering out but damage has been done as Jack is slow to get to his feet. A massive right stuns Jake but as Jack rushes to the ropes, he stumbles as he tries to leap up for the curb stomp, allowing Jake to drill Jack with a hard knee before lifting him up, THE HATCHET! Jack is out on the mat as Jake covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Juggalo King picks up a big victory tonight over his brother Jack, proving to be the superior Juggalo but will this strengthen their bond or be another sore spot that could destroy the brothers once again?]


[Poor Neville Sheldon lays beaten across a medical table in the backstage area. Bruises have started to form around his eyes, and his nose has been stuffed with cotton buds to stop the bleeding.] [Then the lights go off.]

“Little birdie, it would appear that someone has clipped your wings.”

[A giant hand thrusts out of the darkness, slapping itself around the throat of Neville Sheldon.] [The lights return.] [It is The Scarecrow.]

“There’s no flying away this time,” [He says sinisterly, whilst Neville gulps.] “Is there? You have something that belongs to The Scarecrow and I want it back.”

[Neville peers down to the VHS Championship.]

“I won’t be giving it up without a fight,” [the valiant Champion responds.] “So if you want it, try and take it.”

[The Scarecrow is amused by his fearlessness.]

“I’m glad there’s some fight left in you, underdog. This wouldn’t be half as much fun without it. Brent Kersh stole that Championship from me, just like he stole your dignity from you. Tonight, he’ll betray you again and again until his family are safe. Don’t you see, little birdie? The Canary is a Crow and where your eyes don’t go…”

[Darkness.] [Flutter.] [A distance whisper.]

“Fear The Scarecrow.”



[In a contest mirroring that of the Jeckel brothers, with whom they have taken umbrage, Jensen Cussen and Jacob Phoenix have a little Family get-together for some friendly competition!] [Jensen extends his hand to Jacob, inviting him to tie-up. Jacob smiles and shakes his head; he knows Jensen’s grappling prowess. Jensen nods before lunging at his brother-in-arms. Jacob evades and opens fire with jabs and kicks which echo around The Tap Room – smack! Phoenix hits the ropes. Cussen doubles over for a back body drop but Jacob rolls off his back and doles out an enzuigiri on landing – which Jensen ducks! He snatches Jacob and hauls him up in a deadlift German suplex! One… two—kickout! Jacob can’t allow himself to get within the long reach of Jensen again.] [Vengeance, however, stays on him. He ragdolls him with a belly-to-back slam, then plants him with a snap suplex. He hits the ropes and drives both his knees into Jacob’s skull! One… two… shoulder up! Jensen slaps the mat in frustration and pulls Phoenix up. He whips him hard across the ring, but Jacob flips into the corner and lands on the apron! Jensen growls and advances on him – the enzuigiri connects this time! Jensen staggers back as Jacob pulls on the ropes—springboard—PHOENIX FOREARM—Jensen hits the mat to avoid it! Jacob rolls through onto his feet. Jensen charges him but gets scooped up into a falcon’s arrow! One… two… kickout! Jacob nearly had him there, using Jensen’s anger and momentum against him.] [The Nightwatch stalks his opponent as he gets to his feet… ZIG-ZA—Jensen holds onto the top rope! Jacob slams into the canvas. He splutters and sits up – shining wizard by Jensen! Those deadly strikes of his have knocked warriors out cold. Cussen makes a ∞ symbol with his hands, signalling the INFINITE CHAOS! Jacob slowly turns around. Jensen bombards him with stiff kicks, hits the flying knee, then springboards off the ropes – Jacob rolls under the finishing superkick! He hits his own springboard – PHOENIX FOREARM! Both men lie on their backs, exhausted. This is anyone’s for the taking! They climb to their feet – FOR HER! Jacob nearly wrenches Cussen’s neck off with the inverted double-arm DDT! One… two… three!] [Phoenix pats his fallen brother on the chest and helps him up. If this is how hard The Family fight each other, you have to believe the Jeckel brothers were watching this one warily!]


[The Epicentre.] [Evil oozes from every section of the boiler room now inhabited by The Virus. He’s no-where to be seen, but Ethan Earhart stands amongst it, feeding a sample into a container.] [As the sample enters, Earhart is horrified to realize that the gunge erodes through it, melting the plastic. He’s forced to drop it, only to be disturbed by a vile laughter.]

“It’s amusing that you wish to weaponize the Virus when I am The Virus. I’m already the weapon that you seek.”

[Earhart grimaces.] “I’ve been searching for the Power of Plague for years, knowing that it could potentially threaten my immortality. I fear that you must be destroyed so that I can live.”

[DTR smiles.] [With an eerie silence shortly brewing tension, it’s momentarily interrupted by the Virus who attacks Earhart with a big right hand. He grabs him around the throat and squeezes, forcing him to the floor. Earhart struggles, but the power is just too strong.]

“Let’s try an experiment then, shall we?”

[As DTR squeezes, Ethan’s face begins to turn white, becoming paler with every moment. By the time The Virus lets go, Earhart is vomiting black gunge violently against the floor.]

“What have you done to me?” [Ethan says, between spewing.]

“I’ve given you a concentrated dose of The Virus, dear boy. Now you no longer need a sample; you are the sample. Welcome to the family, son.”

[Ethan scrambles to his feet, barely able to escape as DTR remains, laughing in the distance.]


[With the immorality of both men at fever pitch this one could be vicious! The referee hasn’t even rang the bell before we see Bellator charging at Mother and planting her round the upside of her head with a huge forearm. Lux hits Mother with a huge european upper-cut before launching himself from a standing position and wrapping his legs round her head. HURRICANRANA!! HOOKS THE LEG! ONE….TWO..NO! Transitioning through Bellator tries to lay some skin splitting elbows into the face of mother. He is blocked at every avenue, and before you know it Mother has grabbed his thrusting arm.] [A VICIOUS ARM BAR IS NOW LOCKED IN!! FROM HEAVEN TO HELL MOTHER HAS IT LOCKED!! You can see Bellator thrashing around, but still Mother keeps it locked looking for the W. Mother thrashes about and she eventually manages to thrust a leg to the ropes. With the hold released Bellator is furious, he berates the referee, before a look of fear hits the ref’s face. Slowly turning around he see’s the mythical Mother standing right in his face. Wrapping her disgusting arms around Bellator’s neck she crashes it down with a huge DDT! SHE MAKES THE COVER.] [KICKOUT AT TWO! Bellator thought he had it there. They continually hit each other, nobody gaining the clear advantage until Bellator manages a fisherman’s suplex. He holds on and raises them to their feet for another, but mother blocks. SHE HITS A SUPLEX OF HER OWN. AND FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH A LIFT! She chucks Bellator into the corner, he hits the pads and slumps down! The crowd know what to expect here! She falls onto her back, her hands supporting her. Approaching her VICTIM…. CRAB KICK!! SOMEBODY CALL JOHN WEST BECAUSE THE FISHING NETS HAVE BEEN CAST!! SHE MAKES THE PIN! ONE…. TWO….. THREE!!] [Who can stop Mother? Another victory in this ever impressive Rewind championship run. Bellator looked to add to his previous accomplishments here but Mother was having none of it!]


[The Cirus.] [Alistair Huxley has long been rebuilding from the remnants of his once destroyed circus. As The Dead approaches, searching for the man that tried to kill him, he carefully enters the tarp.]

“Huxley!” [He calls out.] “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

[Nothing.] [As he approaches the center, he notices something on the ground.] [The Hangman’s noose.]

“Do you think I’m afraid of your mind games, Huxley?” [The Dead shouts out into the abyss of darkness.] “I know what I did. I killed him, just like you tried to kill me!”

[The Dead lets go of the noose and turns around, walking straight into Fluffy. The giant Spaniard wraps his hands around his throat, strangling him for dear life. Whilst Fluffy drops The Dead to his knees, Alistair Huxley appears alongside him.]

“You shouldn’t have come, Painkiller,” [Huxley muses, twirling his moustache.] “Not after everything you’ve done.”

[Cirus Freaks begin appearing from all corners of the room. It’s like something from a horror film. They grab the noose and place it around the throat of The Dead, attempting to string him up.] [Before they can though, he starts spewing bile and gunge at them. The moment it hits their skin, it burns and they release their grip on the noose. Everyone dives for cover, only The Painkiller rushes towards the exit, escaping.] [Huxley bends down and picks up the noose.]

“Who’s idea was this?”

[No-one responds.]

“I’ll be back!” [The Dead screams from the exit.] “This isn’t over.”

[Ali smiles.] “By all means, return next week, old foe. We’ll put on a show and end this once and for all. It’ll be the greatest show that ever lived!”

[Both men stare at each other, their fates entwined. Next week, this ends.]


[After everything that had gone down between these two earlier tonight, Neville Sheldon looks worse for wear.] [Brent Kersh though? He’s in an unapologetic mood and as the bell sounds, he’s quick to attack Neville with right hands. The Enforcer beats him into the ropes and sends him across the ring, connecting with a Clothesline. Despite the boos, he scoops Neville straight back up and unceremoniously dumps him over the top and to the outside. Accompanying him as quickly as possible, Brent finds Sheldon waiting with a right hand of his own. He fires off as many fists as possible before Kersh knees him in the mid-section and breaks up his comeback.] [Brent drags him to the entrance ramp and throws him back first into the barricade, pulling him out only to do it again. Sheldon is in no fit shape here tonight and it shows. The Enforcer pummels on him, forcing him to stumble away towards the ambulance. He meets him there, bouncing his head off the ambulance door before Scoop Slamming him hard on the wooden floor. He’s vicious tonight, is Brent Kersh. Whilst poor Sheldon reels on the floor, Brent opens up the ambulance and prepares to load him inside. He helps Neville up, but a right hand to the gut stops him in his tracks.] [Neville refuses to back down and runs Kersh back first into the open ambulance, drilling him into the step. The Enforcer squirms in agony but Sheldon doesn’t care, dragging him away and into a DDT on the wooden floor. The fans are trying to get behind him but he’s so very hurt. He pulls himself off the floor and tries to get Kersh up. As they both rise, Sheldon pulls him over to the ambulance and tries to bundle him inside, though The Enforcer resists, putting his boot up on the step for leverage. With a back elbow, he nails Sheldon in the solar plexes, grabbing him by the trunks and tossing him inside.] [As Neville lay on the gurney in agony, Brent grabs the nearest needle he can find, plunging it into the thigh of the NERD. Whatever’s in there sends him to sleep double time, giving Kersh the chance to hop out of the ambulance and close the door, declaring him the winner in this somewhat one sided affair.]


[With Brent Kersh having picked up the win, he stands with his back pressed to the ambulance doors, keeping Neville Sheldon at bay inside. He thinks about it for a moment, heading over to the barricade and grabbing a loose piece of bar, snapping it off.] [No-one is quite sure what he’s thinking, but Kersh slides the bar between the doors, ensuring that it’s locked and there’s no escape.]

“I’m sorry Neville,” [he says with his hands on his hips and his head lowered.] “I’m so sorry. I have no choice.”

[He walks around the to the front of the ambulance and gets inside. He turns the siren on, fires up the engine and speeds off out of the Tap Room.] [Our cameras follow him out onto the open road, wondering just where in the hell he’s taking our VHS Champion.] [Wherever it is, it can’t be good.] [VHS comes to a close, watching the ambulance pull away into the streets of Miami and eventually out of sight.] [Static.] [Laughter.] [Finally, a shot of The Scarecrow and Mother, stood over Nicole Kersh in the middle of no-where.] [Presumably, that’s where Brent Kersh is headed.] [Cut.]