[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [The static fades into a chilling darkness, located in the middle of no-where. A small porch light illuminates an old wooden shack, where cobwebs stretch between the corners and beyond. In the distance, the sound of sirens wail obnoxiously – slowly getting closer and closer before finally reaching us and coming to a screeching halt.] [Brent Kersh bursts out of the driver’s seat, exiting the ambulance with as much haste as he can muster. He storms up the rickety porch steps, only to find Mother stood waiting for him in the doorway.]

“I have what you want,” [Brent announces, breathlessly.] “I brought him here, just like you asked.”

[Mother looks him up and down with a sinister smile.]

“Now give me back my wife. Reverse what you did to her and end this.”

[Through a crack in the door, he can see Nicole tied to a dirty metal framed bed. He tries to rush forward, but Mother pushes him backwards, stopping his entry.]

“How does it feel, Brent?” [She enquires, tilting her head to the left.] “How does it feel to betray every principle you’ve ever defined yourself by?”

[He sneers back at her.] “What do you want from me? I did what you asked. I brutalized that poor kid in the name of evil. I brought him here, so you could do what you please with him. All I want is what you promised me; my wife and my child.”

[She folds her arms, contemplating the situation for a moment.]

“As you wish,” [Mother finally says. She steps to one side, allowing Kersh access to the room. He rushes inside, dropping beside his wife, grabbing at her sweaty hand.] “But first, someone would like to have a conversation with you.”

[A dark figure suddenly appears, looming over Kersh who looks up at him with wide eyes, and a gulp.]

“Hello, little birdie.”



[The debuting Tokyo Zombie looks to bring his own brand of light and justice to OSW, starting with a man who sits totally opposite him on the moral spectrum: Jake Jeckel! Can Tokyo’s compass guide Jeckel to redemption, or will The Darkness break Tokyo once more!?] [Tokyo offers his hand to Jake Jeckel in a show of sportsmanship. The Juggalo sneers and slaps the tattooed paw away, and Tokyo shakes his head like a disappointed father. Jake takes exception to this, mouthing off and getting in Zombie’s face – shotei! The big palm strike by Tokyo puts Jake on his ass and the crowd are loving it. Jake gets up furiously and sends Tokyo into the ropes. He misses with a roundhouse kick and eats a running headbutt from the monk! One… two—kickout. The newcomer, Tokyo, is holding his own against the multiple-time World Champion! He whips Jake into the ropes and misses his own rolling koppu kick. Jake clubs him from behind and scoops him up into a pumphandle slam! One… two—kickout by Tokyo!] [Jake lays the boots into his prone opponent for showing him up. He hauls Tokyo up and dumps him with a German suplex! He keeps hold of him… German suplex zwei! Jake RSVPs to the threesome – Clown Posse-Plex! One… two… thr—shoulder up! Tokyo shows true grit, kicking out of Jeckel’s patented triple German. Jake stalks the Tokyo native and plants him with a bulldog. He drags him closer to the corner then climbs the ropes. Jake takes flight with a FAYGO SPLASH but there’s nobody home! Jake hits the mat gut-first and gets to his knees, spluttering – RISING ZOMBIE MOON! Tokyo hits the shining axe kick! One… two… twopointnine! Jake just gets the shoulder up!] [Both men have put in an impressive showing tonight, kicking out of each other’s special moves. The fans rally behind Tokyo, having taken a shining to his fighting spirit. Jake turns around groggily into a lariatooo! He autopilots back to his feet, only to receive another lariatooo! Zombie goes for the FALLING TOKYO SUN but Jeckel escapes the front russian leg sweep. Jake trips into the referee… Jugga-blow! Jake nails Tokyo with a low blow which is unseen by the official! The underhanded veteran scoops Tokyo onto his shoulders – THE HATCHET! Jake turns him inside-out with the fireman’s carry spinning neckbreaker! One… two… three!] [Tokyo gave it his all but he has nothing to be ashamed of, losing to one of the OSW’s top stars and most unscrupulous competitors! Jake Jeckel himself reminds everyone why he’s a top dog around here as he celebrates with a can of Faygo.]


[As the Tokyo Zombie leaves the ringside area, Jake Jeckel walks around the ring with a purpose. He grabs a mic, and looks around the arena.]

“Jensen and Jacob decided to kidnap me a couple weeks ago.” [He begins, shaking his head.] “But they don’t know what they got into. I’m about to send them back to their daddy with their tail between their legs.”

[There’s certainly no pop for that. None of the players in this story are exactly well liked. Yet the crowd definitely seems to start buzzing as Jensen Cussen appears in the aisle, headed towards the ring. Yet there is a certain jovial tone to his voice, if anything Cussen does can ever be called jovial.]

“My daddy?” [He says with a snort.] “Or did you mean our daddy, Jake?”

[Jeckel opens the ropes to invite him to the ring.]

“I doubt you imbibed much of your special drink, but those trace amounts have made you one of us.”

[Jake actually laughs at that suggestion.]

“That’s where you’re wrong.” [Jeckel comments.] “I don’t know if you remember this or not, but I’m Jake Jeckel. Me and my bro have our own sets of issues in the head. Did you really think that your little drink was going to make us one of you?”

[Jensen goes to answer, but Jake cuts him off.]

“Fuck that. Nah, cause Jack and me hate each other already, but we blood. You boys are just some snot in the backs of our throats. We’re after your gold, not your Christmas dinner.”

[Jensen jumps up on the apron, ready to go.]

“So you didn’t drink any of it, then?” [Cussen says, barely a question behind it.] “Unfortunate, it onl…”


“You really think I was going to call you out without a plan?” [Jake mocks as Jack throws Cussen into the barricade.] “Guess you don’t remember me, after all.”

[Jack joins Jake in the ring just as Jacob Phoenix runs down the aisle. They’re going to wrestle each other.] [Right now.]


[The insults are traded back and forth before the ring announcer can even utter the first name of either competitor. They clash in the middle of the ring, expect explosions.] [The referee doesn’t even get to “officially” start this one as the two men throw caution to the wind and just throw windmills and bombs at the other. Jeez, less tension between Russia and America than in our ring! We get a preview of Pandemonium as Phoenix grabs Jack by his hair, looks to hook his opponents head under his right arm…. but JECKEL WIGGLES FREE AND BEHIND!! JACK LOOKS FOR JUGGALOCO!! Jacob wiggles free last moment! Both men are on top of their game and they’ve come to hurt one another! With both men back central of the ring, they look to continue.] [The look on both men’s faces tells the story behind this one. Again the meet in the middle, Jack takes the opportunity and disrespects his opponent with a clear BACKHAND. Before Phoenix can adjust to the backhand Jeckel follows up with an UPPERCUT, UPPERCUT….. HAYMAKER!! Phoenix avoids with milliseconds to spare. He rolls the fist intended for his face and hits Jack with an arm drag. Jack bounces straight up but this time is met with a Thesz Press. Using his dominant position he begins to throw down elbow after elbow, eventually drawing blood from Jack.] [This match feeling very much like a pub brawl over a sanctioned wrestling match. The referee steps in to check Jeckel’s gash, he gets a very polite “fuck you” for his troubles. Leaping up Jack almost takes The Nightwatch by surprise when he goes from a laying position to head height as Jeckel aims a knee at Jacob’s face. In a feat of athleticism Jack has leaped almost six feet in the air from a prone position…… PHOENIX DUCKED AND POSITIONED THOUGH! ZIG-ZAG! ZIG-ZAG TO AN AIRBOURNE JACK JECKEL! PHOENIX COVERS!! ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!] [A sneak peak into what we can expect to see at Pandemonium here tonight! This one escalated to who can hurt the other the most. Double the blows, double the fun and one double will be leaving with the gold! For now though Jacob Phoenix takes the momentum into the title match!]


[The match between these men may be over, but the action is not. Jacob Phoenix has his hands on a microphone, and he addresses Jack immediately.]

“You’re a great fighter, but what do you know of Family?”

[Jack spits back at him immediately.]

“You don’t want to be my family.” [He starts.] “I try to kill my family. You and your boys may just as well hand over them belts, because there’s a hell of an ass kicking coming your way. We’ll step over anyone to get our hands on gold.”

[Phoenix laughs in response.]

“That’s what I thought you’d say, Jack.” [Jacob continues as he is joined by Jensen Cussen.] “Maybe you swallowed more of the Virus than you thought.”

[Jeckel only snorts as his brother Jake has come back out now. Phoenix carries on speaking.]

“Either way, we’ll give you a chance to get what you want.”

[Both brothers seem intrigued now.]

“We’re going to hang our Tag Team titles high above the ring at Pandemonium. Whoever gets to them first gets to keep them.”

[Jack seems satisfied with that and he steps up on the Family.]

“You gotta be able to walk to climb.” [He begins.] “I think we’ll make sur…”

[Jake grabs his brother from behind with a grin. He whispers something in his ear which brings a smile to his face.]

“On second thought,” [Jack says.] “we’ll see you boys at Pandemonium.”

[The Jeckels back away and leave the ring. Jacob and Jensen look to each other in confusion. What the hell do the Jeckels have planned?] [As Cussen waits for his upcoming match with Mother, one has to wonder what’s going to happen with these four men step into the ring with a ladder at Pandemonium.]


[The self-styled Vengeance faces an ancient evil in combat tonight. Will he prevail over the Mother of All, or will she prove to be too much for him?] [The match starts off with Cussen eyeing Mother with condescension, in no hurry to lock heads. Mother is content to wait him out; finally, Cussen begins to move. The two participants circle each other, looking to grapple. Cussen changes plans and takes a wild, strong swing, but Mother avoids it, taking a swift step to the side. She knees him in the midsection, before nailing him with a DDT. She is merciless in her assault, picking the man up to land a hard chop to his chest. Cussen bounces off the ropes right into a CRAB KICK!] [She sends him a pitying look as she covers. 1…2…no! Cussen powers out of the pin, dazedly getting back to his feet. It’s his time to avoid a strike, now, as he barely misses another Crab Kick aimed at his head. An off-balance Mother is perfectly placed for a Regal Plex. She struggles, but Cussen doesn’t relent. A Regal Plex! Cussen picks her up like a rag doll… another one! He rolls her on her back, going in for the DESPERATE JUSTICE! He has it locked in. Mother crawls forward, however, the hold weakening with each of her movements. She finally grabs the ropes, with the armtrap crossface being broken up.] [She recovers unnaturally fast, peppering Cussen with strikes as soon as she has gotten up. Cussen gives back as good as he gets, greeting Mother with huge forearm smashes, exploiting a hole in her stance. Black blood covers her cut lip, but she seems unfazed. The two strikers are deft in their exchanges, each absorbing absurd amounts of pain and landing hits in turn. Cussen seems to be retreating… no! He was only creating space for a BLUNT FORCE TRAU– no, CRAB KIC – no! Cussen moves back, but this time, he rushes forward. And he strikes.. INFINITE CHAOS! Cover. 1…2…3!] [Jensen Cussen gets a huge victory over Mother tonight, having his arms raised as the victor as an unmoving Mother lies inside the ring.]


[Recorded Earlier.] [Click.] [With Mother having long vanished into the night, just the two of them and Nicole remain.]

“Did you think it would be that easy?”

[The Scarecrow stands over Brent Kersh, a looming presence – symbolic of their struggles so far. Brent looks at him, his wide eyes turning to a furrowed brow.]

“Did you?” [He says sternly in response. Kersh rises from the ground, coming face to face with his nemesis.] [Suddenly, The Scarecrow is attacked from behind with a candle, instantly being set on fire. He stumbles around the room, waving his arms wildly.] [Flutter.] [With the sound of his disappearance evident in the darkness, the light flickers on and stood there, is none other than Neville Sheldon.] [Looking worse for wear, Sheldon stumbles, leaning against the wall as Brent rushes to his aide, helping him to stand on his own two feet.]

“Are you alright?” [Kersh asks with a sincerity that was missing last week.] “You don’t look too well.”

[Neville tries to steady himself.] “Is she okay?” [He asks instead.] [They both rush over to Nicole, Neville undoing her straps as Brent checks her stomach – realizing that the black veins are still there.] [She’s almost unconscious due to the pain, but they help her back to her feet and carry her to the ambulance. Brent places her inside on the stretcher, stroking her hair.]

“Neville, I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done,” [Kersh says, looking towards Sheldon who now sits in the driver’s seat.] “You’ve risked everything for me. Not many men would allow another to beat the holy hell out of them like you did. I owe you, we both do.”

[Before Neville can respond, Brent is suddenly dragged abruptly from the ambulance.] [Sheldon turns around, realizing that The Scarecrow has returned.] [He’s about to help Kersh out, when the Enforcer screams at him.]


[Against his better judgement, Neville starts the engine and speeds off into the distance, leaving Brent Kersh with The Scarecrow. The Hayman looks down at him, sneering.]

“Let’s pick up right where we left off, shall we?”


[The blood feud of the Enforcer and the Hayman runs deep as once again they find themselves in the middle of nowhere, in the midst of a bloody battle. Will Kersh survive this time or will the Scarecrow finish him off this time?] [The camera fades into the middle of a bloody battle as a broken down and battered door explodes from the impact of a massive spear, Scarecrow crashing through the wood as Kersh tackles it down, pounding into its face with hard lefts and rights, thin black ooze coming from the straw near the side of Scarecrow’s mouth. The Hayman tosses Kersh off it with inhuman strength, kicking Kersh back first into a nearby stone stove, the brick crumbling upon impact] [Kersh crumples in pain as Scarecrow rushes forward with a hard running knee, just missing Kersh as the Enforcer rolls out of the way. The brick explodes upon impact, Scarecrow barely being fazed as it walks into a hard chop block that puts Scarecrow on one knee as Kersh leaps up onto its back with a chokehold, trying to put Scarecrow to sleep. The Hayman staggers, Kersh holding on for dear life as Scarecrow tries to power him off] [Scarecrow leaps backwards, slamming Kersh into the brick wall. The Enforcer cries out in pain but keeps hold of Scarecrow’s neck, cranking down as hard as he can. Scarecrow stumbles, beginning to fall as it slowly slips down to it’s knee. Kersh loosens his hold as he tries to move to a front chokehold but Scarecrow’s hand explodes forward, gripping onto Kersh’s neck. Kersh tries to fight it off, pounding down with hard lefts and rights before grabbing Scarecrow by the neck, running forward as the pair explode through a nearby window, crashing down two stories to the floor below! Both competitors lay motionless on the hard ground, Scarecrow sitting up as the Enforcer tries to stand, hand extended to the Hayman before he collapses unconscious] [Scarecrow wins this hellacious fight, as it looks down at the unconscious Kersh, seemingly smiling before vanishing into the night, leaving the Enforcer broken and battered…but alive this time]


[Backstage, we find Calypso preaching to her followers with a confident tone in her voice.]

“Tonight is our chance to show this world that it belongs to the least of these. Tonight is our chance to show what we are made of, what your Messiah is capable of. I will deliver you from evil on this night, and I will deliver Sergei Sokolov from his sad, painful existence. Tonight is just the first step, but a very important step. The world has forsaken you, but I have not. I have brought you all this far, and we will march right into the battlefield and—“

[A loud thud against the door interrupts Calypso’s sermon, forcing the Messiah to step down from her makeshift pulpit. She calls for one of her followers to check the door, and as the door opens we see a homeless person fall into the room…bruised, bloody, broken. Attached to his coat sleeve is a note, clearly written in the handwriting of Sergei himself. The follower grabs the note, handing it over to the Prophet to read aloud.]

“One down, how many more to go? You tried to break me, but I will break you for Mother Russia. See you in the ring, child.”

[An incensed Calypso crumples the note, throwing it to the ground as she storms out of the room. The followers are close behind as she heads down in anger toward the ring…when Sergei blindsides her followers from behind! Sergei throws one of them into the wall, shoving others to the side as the Red Tsar makes a beeline for Calypso! These two have come to blows, and the brawl spills out to the ringside area of the Tap Room as the ref calls for the bell!]


[It’s the first-ever LeperJack Match in OSW history, and Sergei and Calypso have already started their war before this match gets underway! The ref calls for the bell as they finally enter the ring, Calypso’s followers circling around it to keep the match in their Messiah’s favor!] [Sergei is firmly in control from the outset, unleashing a cold, wintry hell upon the so-called Messiah with some hard strikes before hitting a German suplex that sends Calypso against the ropes! To the surprise of the Red Tsar, Calypso is right back up with a smile on her face, calling for more. Sergei charges at Calypso, who sidesteps the big man before hitting a drop toe hold that sends him through the ropes! Calypso simply takes a step back as her followers have at the Red Tsar, attacking him with broken bottles and other makeshift weapons outside the ring.] [With the Red Tsar preoccupied, Calypso runs against the ropes launching herself onto Sergei and her followers! SUICIDE DIVE to the outside, bringing both competitors down hard on the floor as the crowd roars in approval! Calypso back to her feet now, an assist from her followers allowing the Messiah to bring Sergei for the cover. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT BY SERGEI! Calypso quickly calls for a chair from ringside, which one of her followers gladly provides. Calypso sizes the Red Tsar up, raising the chair up high…SKULL FU—NO! SERGEI BLOCKS THE CHAIR SHOT, HITTING A SPINNING CLOTHESLINE IN THE PROCESS!] [Both competitors are down, but Calypso makes it back to her feet as she goes after Sergei—WARHEAD BY THE RED TSAR! Calypso is out cold, as Sergei goes for the cover. ONE…TWO…THR—KICKOUT BY CALYPSO! Sergei can’t believe it, and neither can the crowd! Calypso slowly back to her feet as Sergei charges for another SPINNING CLO—TESTICULAR CLAW! Calypso literally has Sergei by the balls as she unleashes right hands on the Red Tsar! She hits a hard dropkick on Sergei, sending him onto the ropes before jumping off the top rope—ULTRA-VIOLENCE! Sergei is out cold as Calypso goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…THREE!

[Calypso has toppled the Red Tsar tonight, proving the meek shall inherit the earth as she gains a ton of momentum heading into Pandemonium! Will she ascend to the top of OSW after next week?]



“Welcome to the family, son.”

[The camera fades in as The Immortal opens up a backstage door, walking into the Virus infected boiler room, black sludge oozing from the walls as very thin light from outside is the only illumination. DTR’s voice already echoes throughout the walls, the Virus able to detect his arrival.]

“I’m not a part of your family,” [Ethan says with a sinister smile.] “Can’t you tell? My body rejected your poison, David!”

[The sound of laughter echoes.] [It belongs to ‘The Virus’]

“You’re immune to my infection? Interesting. To think, I could have given you the very thing you’ve been searching for; a family.”

[That stops Earhart in his tracks.]

“Don’t pretend like that isn’t why you came for me, Ethan. Deep down in your subconscious, you’ve been alone for so long that you craved friendship. You craved family,” [The Virus seems to be right, judging by the look on The Immortal’s face.] “I suppose being immortal has its drawbacks, huh? Oh, a lonely existence is it for thee.”

“I’ll be here long after this virus has eaten you alive, David,” [Earhart yells back into the abyss of gore.] “And long after your family is in the ground.”

[DTR laughs, again.]

“I’m counting on it.”


[The Immortal felt fear for the first time in a long time when he felt the Virus infecting his veins. Has Earhart recovered from the black poison rushing through him or has DTR won this battle before it’s even begun?] [With DTR having vanished into the infection, Earhart turns a corner as he walks into a hard right from the Virus. Earhart whirls around but swings into air as DTR vanishes. Earhart walks through a cloud of steam right into a high dropkick to the jaw, staggering Earhart back into the wall as he yells out in pain, the sludge dripping down his exposed arms as DTR walks out from the shadows] [The Virus peels Earhart from the wall, drilling him with a series of hard knees to the gut before slamming him to to the hard concrete with a Snap Suplex. Earhart stumbles up, holding his back in pain as DTR lifts him up by the throat again, trying to choke him out. Earhart kicks wildly, drilling the Virus in the jaw as he drops the Immortal, Earhart rushing forward as he spears DTR into a nearby boiler.] [Earhart drops down, pounding down with hard lefts and rights on the Virus, DTR spitting out blood onto the floor as he chuckles. Earhart just scowls, lifting the Virus up before tossing him headfirst into the nearby wall. DTR bounces off, sludge dripping down him but it seems to just empower him as he catches a right hand, spinning Earhart around, REASONABLE DO…Earhart slips out.] [Drilling DTR low before lifting him up onto his shoulders, THE COST OF IMMORTALITY! DTR drops as Earhart staggers up, hurting as he heads for the door. The Virus tries to catch his leg but gets kicked away as Earhart opens the door, escaping out to the hallway beyond. The Immortal survives!]


“Roll up, roll up, buy a ticket and witness the greatest show unearthed!”

[We open on the grinning face of Alistair Huxley, stood with his whip on a small podium in the middle of his Circus. Freaks are scattered about the stands, as he twirls his moustache in anticipation.]

“Tonight, you will bear witness to the rebirth of our circus. Tonight, you will watch in awe as The Dead meets his maker, right here, in the middle of our sacred world.”

[Suddenly, The Dead pushes his way through the tent flap, stepping inside.]

“And if it isn’t our honoured guest,” [Huxley screams excitedly.] “Your once Main Attraction; The Painkiller!”

[Dead grimaces.] “Enough, Huxley! Enough of your charade! Tonight, this ends.”

[Huxley steps down off his podium, grinning.]

“After everything you’ve done, after burning down my show, and killing The Hangman, look at what you’ve achieved,” [he says, twirling around with his arms spread.] “… Nothing, dear Painkiller. You’ve achieved nothing.”

[Calavera looks around, soaking in the cheers from the freaks in attendance.]

“Out here,” [He says, pointing to them all.] “Nothing has changed. But in here,” [he points to Huxley’s chest.] “Everything has. You were trying to build the greatest show in the world and I stopped you. I watched you decimate Marvolo Junior, manipulate The Hangman and lord over me like I was your pet project,” [The Dead scoffs.] “But I changed all of that. Now when you recruit for your show, you’ll always be wondering whether or not that attraction will bite the hand that feeds you.”

[Alistair looks at him, stony faced.]

“And you will know,” [The Dead continues.] “That what’s dead, should stay… dead.”

[Both men stand looking at each other, only moments before their final show down. We cut to static, and a quick break, but when we return, these two former friends do battle inside The Circus.]


[Grand yellow-magenta colors greet us as the scene opens right inside the Circus. Painkiller stands in a far corner, some trepidation in his stance, while the Huxley patiently awaits his former star attraction with a calm smile, beside the barricade separating the spectators and the performers.] [The DEAD finally hops over onto a place he has performed in the past, only to meet an enraged Huxley who charges towards him. Painkiller leaps up immediately after getting flattened with a clothesline, and barely shields himself from a barrage of punches. The Ringmaster attempts to follow up with a huge elbow, but Painkiller times his counter attack perfectly. He grabs Huxley’s loose arm, throwing him over into the empty chairs. Blood spurts out of Huxley’s right shoulder as The DEAD holds an arm in his hand, dumbfounded. His reverie is broken by a madly cackling Huxley, whose real hand emerges.] [Huxley gestures for DEAD to move, which the latter gladly does, hopping back over. He charges in, this time, landing an European Uppercut, two successive knife edge chops with both hands… DE LA MUERTE! He finishes the combo with a running headbutt to the chest. Cover. One… two… thr- kick out! Huxley pushes Painkiller off, climbing to his feet with a feral look on his face. A grapple ensues, where Huxley staves off a hip toss from DEAD to lock in a weak headlock. The DEAD breaks out, only to be slapped. His head is snapped back from the force.. WHIP CRACK!] [Painkiller’s too slow to rebound after the hellish backstabber; a dropkick to his knees makes him fall flat on his face, where Huxley locks in a tight sleeper hold. He stands up, maintaining the hold. His intentions are obvious. The Ringmaster is looking to end this match. He goes for the BIG TOP DROP.. the DEAD wiggles out at the very last moment. Huxley stumbles, and the DEAD looks all geared up… is this it? THE FINAL BREATH! The bullhammer elbow strikes him in the throat. Huxley’s down. One… two… three!] [The DEAD triumphs in the Circus itself, picking up a win over his former master.]


[The Field of Judgement awaits. Barren and wasteful, a never ending expanse of nothingness – the earth scorched black from the flames that surround the battleground. Lux Bellator and Solomon Rhodes meet, staring at each other from across the plains. In the centre of the barren wasteland, a simple ring stands alone. The squared circle from within judgement shall pass on one of these men.] [Two men enter the ring. Alone. It is Bellator who speaks first.]

“The fires await you, Solomon. They have been calling your name for some time now. It is the will of the Lord that I, the Juror of Light, should see to your eternal punishment.

As it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. Full circle. Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust.”

[Solomon shakes his head. He opens his palm to reveal the black mark given to him from Bellator last week – Lux’s mark of impending judgement. He upturns his palm and the black spot falls to the ground.]

“Can you truly not see what you have become Lucas?” [He pauses for a repentance that never comes.] “Then how can you speak for the Lord? All you have done is awoken the fire within me – a flame that only burns hotter with each waking moment.

Just remember, everything that happens here is YOUR doing.”

[Bellator’s reply is almost spat into the microphone.]

“There is no going back. There are no shadows for you to hide in to escape retribution. This is the beginning of the end.”

[He turns, motioning toward the flames that cause a perimeter around their battleground.]

“There is only one way that we end this tonight. One man yields. A submission, in the spiritual and physical sense. You will submit before the Lord, then you will be forced to submit to the Fires of Judgement.”

[Solomon doesn’t take his eyes off Bellator. His eyes narrow into a glare as he realises that the moment is nigh.]

“We will see who is forced to yield before the Lord before this night is done, Bellator.”

[And with that, the match is on!]

[Judgement comes upon a battlefield, where the only way to end the battle is through the other man yielding. Lux Bellator, the Juror of Light, seeks his judgement on one Solomon Timothy Rhodes.] [A fierce staredown is only broken when both men begin exchanging clubbing right fists. Bellator rocks Solomon, who returns the favour in kind. Each blow is laced with venom, edged with the fires that burn around the ring. Bellator Irish Whips Solomon toward the corner but Solomon reverses and it is Lux who ends up slamming into the turnbuckle. Solomon follows up quickly with a CORNER CLOTHESLINE AND RUNNING BULLDOG that take Bellator down! The Light Warrior forces himself back to his knees… DARK WISH BY SOLOMON – NO! LUX DUCKED THE INCOMING SUPERKICK! He catches Solomon by the leg – FISHERMAN SUPLEX SEES RHODES SLAMMED INTO THE MAT! Bellator wastes no time, charging over to the corner and climbing the turnbuckle!] [Bellator reaches the peak but has little time to line up his attack as Solomon recovers and intercepts him with a forearm that staggers him. Solomon follows up by climbing after Lux… SUPERPLEX FROM THE TURNBUCKLE! THEY COME CRASHING DOWN LIKE A CAR WRECK! Solomon is first back to his feet, pulling Bellator up before Irish Whipping him towards the ropes… RUNNING LARIAT TAKES LUX OVER THE TOP ROPE! Solomon is riding a wave of momentum as he watches the Light Warrior crash to the outside, falling near the wall of flames surrounding the ring. He lines him up for another attack. SOLOMON LEAPS OUT OF THE RING AND LANDS A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!] [Solomon is all over this match and Lux seems to be suffering. The Dragon drags Bellator to his feet once more. RISING PHOENIX… NO! LUX ONCE AGAIN SLIPS OUT OF THE MOVE! The Light Warrior lands behind Solomon, in between him and the scorching fire. He grabs Rhodes by the hair and pulls him down backwards… REVERSE DDT TO THE CHARRED GROUND! Lux mounts Solomon and exchanges a flurry of brutal left and right forearms, before lifting Solomon by the hair and dragging him towards the flames! Bellator screams at Solomon to “YIELD OR BE BURNED”! Solomon, replies with a grunt of defiance so LUX STANDS HIM UP AND PUSHES HIM INTO THE FLAMES! Solomon screams in pain from the fire, leaping out as quickly as he had been pushed in. With the flames still burning him he drops to the ground and rolls about in the black earth until they are out. Solomon stands, black from the dirt around the ring, an equally as dark look in his eyes as he glares at Lux.] [Solomon charges at his nemesis, driving him into the side of the ring with a Shoulder Tackle. He wastes no time, Whipping Bellator into the Steel Steps leading to the ring. Lux writhes about in agony, rising only to be caught by Solomon once more… CHAOS THEORY! SOLOMON NAILED IT OUTSIDE THE RING!] [With what would normally be a pinfall attempt rendered useless, Solomon waits until Lux has pulled himself back to a seated position, back resting up against the steel steps. Bellator is unable to drag himself any further, so Solomon lines him up… DROPKICK CATCHES HIM RIGHT IN THE CHEST! NAILING HIM AGAINST THE STEEL STEPS! A flurry of kicks follow, aimed at the head and neck area of the Juror of Light. Lux looks almost out of it when… LAZARUS CHAMBER! A POETIC ADAGE TO THE OLD MASK, BURNED BY BELLATOR! He has the hold locked in, squeezing the Death Grip for all it’s worth until he hears the choked out words that he has been waiting to hear… LUX YIELDS! SOLOMON HAS WON!] [Solomon stands victorious, leaving Lux Bellator lying flat in the black, charred soil surrounding the ring. From the look in his eyes and the flames that surround the battlefield, I would suspect that he is not finished with Lux yet.]

[Solomon stands victorious, having finally put Lux Bellator in his place. Now, the fires call for their victim. Both men are covered in the remnants of the black dirt of their battlefield and Solomon readies himself by wiping his body clean of the darkness as best he can when through the flames, several cloaked figures emerge, surrounding the ring. Torchbearers. Lux Bellator’s followers.] [Solomon holds up his hands, beckoning the incoming figures to stop in their tracks. They oblige, albeit begrudgingly as Lux crawls, battered and beaten over toward the wall of flames. Lying there, in the black dirt, the flames licking at his mask, he looks almost defeated. Solomon approaches, kneeling down next to him. With Lux’s followers listening in, Solomon directs his words at the Juror of Light.]

“This is all YOUR doing Lucas. YOU brought this hell upon us. YOU brought everything that has come to pass.”

[He stands up, scanning his eyes about Bellator’s loyal cloaked followers. His voice raises to a scream, his words still directed at Bellator.]

“YOU WERE GOD’S CHOSEN WARRIOR! The only man I ever knew who preached an honest message of TRUE light… Forgiveness, Acceptance, Love. You were the one who saved me from the depths of hell itself, but only to give me a glimpse of paradise before you dragged us both right back there! It is your falsities that these flames call for, not mine!”

[He turns, directing his words now over to the Torchbearers that surround him.]

“Don’t you care that the leader whose message you hold dear, the message you shine forth through those torches, has turned his back? The very image of forgiveness and love has turned into the very picture of judgement and condemnation?

This is not the man you once followed. He is the image of everything you hate…”

[Solomon takes the steel steps to the ring, wiping his feet symbolically on the apron before entering.]

“This is me symbolically washing my hands. Do with him what you wish, I grant you the freedom of chaos out of the bondage of Lux’s order.”

[Bellator is almost instantly siezed by four Torchbearers. Holding him by both legs and both arms, they swing him, half conscious towards the flames. They let go and Lux Bellator is engulfed by the flames.] [He does not scream. He does not cry out. The entire battlefield falls into darkness. The flames no longer burn.] [A long pause. Confusion… Then finally, light breaks. A single beam of light from the heavens. Lux Bellator stands in that beam of light – a hood of red over his head. Purple mask now replaced with black and red. The flames did not burn him. The Juror of Light glares at Solomon once more, before turning his back.] [The show goes off the air with the image of Lux Bellator walking away into the darkness, led by the light from above – away from his followers. Away from Solomon Rhodes.]