[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.] [Sparks fly across our screen, followed by the sound of grunting.] [Tommy Hawk and King Royal stand, weapon to weapon, their faces contorted with the grimace of pain. They both spring backwards and lunge once more, steel meeting steel in a furious collision that yields no victor.] [The World Champion violently kicks Nigel backwards, dropping him to a surprised knee.]

“Let us make an arrangement,” [Tommy says, holding his tomahawk high into the air.] “Tonight, this ends.”

“It ends when your blood has stained the dirt of this cavern!”

[Hawk sneers.] “My Championship for the land. The winner takes all.”

[The King smiles, delighted by the proposition. He suddenly grabs a handful of dirt, tossing it into the face of the Champion. Hawk stumbles backwards, Royal charging at him with his axe.] [It falls from high, driven towards the face of a stumbling Hawk, who somehow rolls to safety. He’s clawing at his face, rubbing his eyes furiously to try and see. The King doesn’t hesitate, he throws the axe as hard as he can, the entire weapon spinning through the air and catching the World Champion straight in the face.] [Handle first, thankfully.] [Blood spews from his nose, splattering in every which direction. Royal runs as fast as he can, driving a knee under his chin, knocking him to the floor.]

“You have a deal. But in my Kingdom, there’s no referee, no rules, and no-one to save you. This match ends when one of us yields.”

[The King stands over him, looking down at the warrior between his feet.]

“Do you yield, Indian?”

[Spluttering on the blood in his gullet, choking down the red flow of a crushed nose, he barely mumbles his response.]


[Despite the difficulty it takes to say it, his response is firm and resounding.] [Royal nods, dropping to his knees, mounting the Champion. He swings with a fierce left, followed by a violent right. Left, right, left, right, left, right. He doesn’t stop swinging until he’s unable to land another punch. Until his body refuses to swing once more. Tommy’s face is a sight to be abhorred.. There’s blood pouring from his nose, one of his eyes has damn near swollen shut and his lip has been cut in multiple places from the sharpened gloves of The King.]

“Do you yield?” [He demands to know once more, rolling off the World Champion.] “Answer me, peasant. Do you yield!?”

[The King tries to sit up, exhausted after the ferocity and nature of his punches.] [But what he sees, shocks him.] [His eyes widen, his jaw drops and his face contorts into a deep and terrified realisation that this fight is far from over.] [Because Tommy Hawk; the World Champion, the Chief of these captured men, simply refuses to lay down and die. He rolls over onto all fours, and looks our challenger directly in his beady, surprised, terrified little eyes.”

“Fuck,” [Tommy mumbles.] “You.”

[To be continued..]


[Alistair Huxley awaits us in the ring, eagerly awaiting the arrival of his opponent…his favorite warrior. Fluffy stands beside the Ringmaster, who carries his whip in his hand and a gleeful grin on his face.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, the show is about to begin! Tonight, you will watch as the mighty Maui the Maori bends to my will and takes his rightful place amongst the acts of my Circus. Tonight, you will watch a warrior fall to his knees!”

[The crowd pours their displeasure out with a chorus of boos, when suddenly “96 Quite Bitter Beings” hits. The crowd is in an uproar for the Maori Warrior as Huxley and Fluffy gear up for a fight…only for Hayden HardKore to lay Fluffy out from behind with his mere club! The match hasn’t started, but HardKore has had enough as he lays into the right-hand man of the Ringmaster, who slips out of the ring for safety. HardKore rolls Fluffy out of the ring, staring Huxley down as he points to the Ringmaster with his club.]

“If it’s a warrior you want, it’s a warrior you’re gonna get! If you wanna go for a strop, cut the skiting and let’s settle this like men! Rattle your dags or rack off, mate! Let’s see what kind of fighting spirit you really have…that is, if you’re not just a big sook!”

[Huxley just laughs before sliding back in the ring. He cracks his whip at HardKore, who narrowly avoids it before swinging his club at the Ringmaster. Huxley dodges it with another chuckle as he backs off. The two men square off in the ring, and this clash is about ready to begin!]


[The Ringmaster has been trying to rebuild his circus and he seeks the Maori Warrior as his first target. Will Huxley get what he wants or will the Warrior stay a free man?] [The bell sounds as Hardkore rushes forward, drilling into Huxley with a huge Lariat. Huxley gets to his feet dazed into a flurry of lefts and rights before swinging him back down to the mat with a hard Snap Suplex. Hayden doesn’t cover, backing up as Huxley slowly gets to his feet before springboarding off the ropes as Huxley rolls out of the ring. Hayden rolls to his feet as Huxley tries to get his bearings as the Warrior rushes to the ropes, leaping over with a Slingshot Crossbody!] [Hayden pounds down on Ali, drilling him with hard lefts and rights before lifting him up to his feet and trying to slam him head first into the nearby ringpost. Ali reverses midstride, throwing Hayden into the post. It stuns the unusually hard head of the Warrior, allowing Huxley to grab him from behind with a hard slap, WHIP CRACK! Hardkore goes down, clutching his back in pain as Huxley rolls him back inside, hooking the leg for the cover] [ONE…TWO…Hardkore gets the shoulder up as Alistair drops down, locking in a modified headlock, wrapping him up in a bodyscissors too as he cranks away at the back of Hayden. Hardkore cries out in pain, fighting his way back to his feet as Ali breaks the hold, slapping Hayden’s back again but another attempt at the Whip Crack fails as Hayden grabs hold of the ropes! Ali gets to his feet, having slammed backfirst into the mat as he gets up right into a leaping enzuiguri!] [Ali slowly stumbles to his feet right into a flurry of hard elbow strikes, the last which stuns him on his feet as Hayden begins to fire up, dropping down as he bellows out a Pukana before drilling Huxley with a massive haymaker, MAUI’S HOOK! Huxley gets damn near knocked out but before Hayden can cover, Fluffy gets up on the apron, grabbing his attention as well as the referee’s. The ref tries to get Fluffy to get down as Ali slowly gets up, kicking Hayden in the balls before dropping him down to the mat with the FALL OF THE ACROBAT!] [Fluffy gets down off the apron as the referee turns around, noticing the pinfall as he begins to count. ONE…TWO…Hayden gets the shoulder up. Alistair pulls him up to his feet but Hayden kicks him away, getting enough breathing room to rush to the ropes but on the rebounds, Ali leaps over Hayden, double footstomping him down to the mat. Ali chuckles to himself, heading up to the top rope uncharacteristically as he sizes up Hayden for the end. Before Ali can leap up, Hayden jumps forward, crotching Ali on the top rope before slowly climbing up with Ali, SLOWING THE SUN!] [Hayden holds on for the cover, ONE…TWO…THR…ALI KICKS OUT! Hayden backs up, rushing forward as Ali gets up but his Spinning Heel Kick hits the referee. Hayden turns around, DRAGON’S FIRE…DUCKED UNDER! Hayden spins the disorientated Ali around, URUPA! Ali is drilled into the canvas as Hayden covers, ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE! Hardkore has the victory but the referee is out of it!] [Hayden lets go of the pin, climbing up to the top rope as he sizes up Ali, FLYING KIWI…HITS KNEES! Hardkore slowly gets up, holding his back in pain, LeFreak! Ali calls for the end himself, lifting Hayden up but gets a surprise headbutt to the forehead before a DDT plants Huxley into the mat. Hardkore backs up for a moment, STANDING FLYING KIWI! Hardkore covers as the referee slowly wakes up, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Hayden Hardkore picks up a massive victory over his would be master tonight, keeping his freedom and proving the tenacity of the Maori’s here tonight]


[The match is over, but the war for Hayden HardKore has just begun…several members of Huxley’s circus crew surround the ring, boxing in the Maori Warrior as Huxley rolls out of the ring with a grin on his face.]

“I said you’d be mine, Maui…and now the real game begins. See if you can muscle your way out of this one!”

[With a crack of his whip in the air, the Circus all slide into the ring, converging upon the Maori Warrior with haste. HardKore fights them off with his mere club, but the numbers game is too much for him as they grab each of his limbs. Huxley is beside himself as Fluffy brings a cage to ringside.]

“Time to lock you up and throw away the key, Maui. Soon, it’ll be your time to shine!”

[The crew forces HardKore into the cage, and Fluffy starts to lock it up…but HardKore comes to, shoving the Circus aside before escaping! Fluffy charges at HardKore, only to be driven into the floor with an STO! HardKore glares at Huxley, who’s backed off around the ring by now—and HardKore goes running, diving THROUGH THE ROPES TO HIT A TORNADO DDT ON THE RINGMASTER! HardKore shows the crowd why he’s called the Flying Kiwi, both men down as the crowd chants “Holy Shit!” Huxley’s crew grab HardKore, dragging him into the cage before locking it up! Huxley comes to, grinning at the sight of his prized warrior in the cage.]

“And now, for my next act!”

[He cracks his whip in the air again, and the lights cut out. When they come back on, the ringside area is empty…the Circus, their Ringmaster, and the Maori Warrior…gone.] [Cut.]


[The Jeckel Brothers imploded at Pandemonium as Jack viciously attacked his older brother. Will the Juggalo King be able to get revenge against his brother or will the Boogeyman destroy Jake once and for all?] [The bell sounds as both Jeckel brothers rush forward, drilling one another with hard rights and lefts before a hard European Uppercut stuns Jack, allowing Jake to clothesline him over the top rope. Jack stumbles onto his feet, using a nearby crowd member to get to his feet right as Jake leaps through the ropes with a big Suicide Dive! Jake stays down, pounding on Jack with hard rights and lefts before lifting his brother to his feet and dragging him towards the bar. Jake slams Jack’s head into the bar but as he grabs a bottle of whiskey, Jack kicks him low before slamming it over his head!] [Jake staggers away, whiskey blood dripping down his forehead as Jack quickly follows, drilling him with a hard Lariat to the back of the head before lifting Jake up and throwing him headfirst into the ring apron. Jake’s face is starting to become a bloody mess as Jack throws him into the ring before covering, ONE…TWO…Jake gets the shoulder up! Jake tries to get to his feet but Jack drills him with a hard kick to the ribs, turning him onto his stomach before locking in the Echo Side!] [Jake screams in pain as Jack pulls back on the hold as much as he can, letting go for a split second, JACK IN THE…Jake just rolls away as the boot hits the canvas. Jake rolls to his feet, ducking under a Lariat before nailing him with a stiff spinning heel kick. Jack stumbles on his feet as Jake grabs him by the throat, PONY DOWN! Jack crashes to the canvas but Jake doesn’t cover, backing up before rushing forward with a massive Faygo Splash, staying down for the cover] [ONE…TWO…KICK OUT! Jake lifts up his brother, drilling him with a series of knees to the midsection before lifting him up high, JUGGALO…KNEE TO THE FACE! Jake drops Jack, stunned by the knee allowing his brother to spin him around, dropping him with a German Suplex. Jack holds on, pulling Jake up for a Dragon Suplex. Jack rolls through again, dropping Jake with a Straight Jacket,JUGGALOCO! Jack cinches back for the cover] [ONE…TWO…THR…Jake just gets the shoulder up! Jack calls for the end, spitting down on his brother before lifting him up high as he tries for the Boogeyman Bomb. Jake fights out of it with hard right hands, forcing Jack to drop him before kicking him in the gut as he lifts Jack up for the Hatchet! Jack slips out of the Fireman’s Carry however, drilling Jake with a hard knee before lifting him up for a super fast BOOGEYMAN BOMB!] [Jack doesn’t cover, heading up top before leaping off, CAR CRASH! Jake just rolls away as Jack rolls to his feet right into a hard kick to the side of the head before hoisting Jack up high, JUGGALO JACKHAMMER! Jake tries to cover but Jack grabs him by the dreads, tossing him throat first onto the bottom rope. Jake gets up, holding his throat in pain, CHUCK THE CLOTHESLINE!] [Jake nearly gets his head taken off by that massive Lariat as Jack heads up to the top rope again, nailing a massive Car Crash that nearly cracks Jake’s ribs. Jake should be done but Jack lifts him up to his feet, nailing him with a huge HATCHET 2.0! Again, Jack refuses to cover, heading up to the top rope as he waits for his brother to slowly get to his feet, SUPER JACK IN THE BOX! Jake is done as he drops to the mat as Jack flips him over, hooking the leg for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Boogeyman picks up a big almost dominant victory over his brother, absolutely destroying him in the end as he may well have been the man to finally take out Jake Jeckel]


[After that brutal match, both Jeckels make it to their feet. Jake and Jack stand face to face, breathing deeply, and then…. ] [The Sounds of the Streets hits the P.A. and fills the Tap Room. Ethan Bird makes his way into the bar, slow clapping. He pulls a microphone from his back pocket and starts talking as he walks towards the ring.]

“Brotherly love is a fickle thing, isn’t it, boys? [He smiles as he makes his way through the ropes.] “Jackie, here, he’d do just about anything to save your ass, Jake, even if that mean kicking it all over town.”

“What the f*** are you talking about, Bird?”

“Oh, you haven’t figured it out, Jake? Ethan Bird guesses all those beatings have dimmed your lights a bit. Allow Ethan Bird to spell it out for you: Ethan Bird is responsible for Jack Jeckel attacking you.”

[Jake’s eyes widen, and he looks at Jack. Jack speaks.]

“I’m sorry Jake, he made me do it. He told me he was gonna turn you in if I didn’t do as he said. I figured you could take some beatings, but I didn’t want to see you in jail. I’m sorry, brother.”

“That’s right, Jake. It was easy to make Jack do my bidding when Ethan Bird threatened to expose you to the police for faking your own death. That’s a pretty big crime when you’re part of a murder investigation, don’t you know that Jake? Oh yeah, Ethan Bird told him he’d unravel everything and send you to prison where you belong.”

[Jake and Jack look at one another, and then back at Bird.]

“Of course, Ethan Bird never planned of holding up his end of the bargain…”

[Jack lunges at him.]


[Bird chuckles and puts an arm out to stop Jack. Jake pulls his brother back. He wants to hear this.]

“No, no-one is untouchable, not even the “Nightmare” Jake Jeckel. It was nice making you do the dirty work, Jack, but Ethan Bird never planned on keeping his promise. So without any further ado, come on out boys!”

[Suddenly, about two dozen of Miami’s finest come pouring in from every direction. The Jeckels brace themselves for a fight, but Jake surprises us. He puts his hand on Jack’s chest.]

“I forgive you, brother. Make him pay.”

[And Jake puts his hands on his head. The police cuff him and lead him out of the ring. Jack watches from the ropes, until Ethan Bird begins laughing behind him.]

“It was too easy pulling your strings Jackie. Watching you attack your brother week after week, knowing it was for nothing all along, Ethan Bird can’t even begin to explain how fun it was! When you…”

[Jack spins and hammers Jack with a huge right hand that knocks Ethan Bird to the mat. Bird rolls out of the ring and begins to run to the back, Jack slides under the ropes to chase, but Bird lured him in and hits Jack with his own right hand! The two begin to trade punches and make their way towards the backstage area, disappearing through the doors. What does this mean for Ring of Dreams?]


[Epitaph is the first to venture forward, and extends his arm towards both opponents in succession looking to shake hands. X remains dismissive, barely even acknowledging the offer. Abraxas then stares at the hand of Epitaph before smiling manically. Sensing a lack of intent from either man to shake his hand The White Horse retreats to his corner, before turning around and charging full steam ahead into Abraxas with a running shoulder tackle in the corner! William goes down as he clearly was not expecting such a sudden attack. Epitaph then charges towards X in the same manner but the Anonoymous one is ready and connects with a SPINNING HEEL KICK!] [X follows up immediately and whips Epitaph into the corner of the ring occupied by Abraxas, stacking them on top of one another in the corner before hurtling towards them and leaping into the sky before coming down with a big splash. Epitaph falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring leaving X to take a hold of The Philosopher and fire away with some educated kicks. Abraxas sees one coming and blocks it with his forearm before raking the eyes of X, leaning back off the ropes for leverage and taking him down with a clothesline!] [Abraxas smirks as he spots Epitaph climbing back into the ring. He greets him with a stiff kick before taking him down hard with a Russian Leg Sweep. The Philosopher springs back up and over to Mr X before hitting him with a visibly impressive drop kick! This knocks the Anonymous one back into the ropes, and as he bounces back Abraxas grabs him into position before delivering a vicious sounding SNAP SUPLEX! William Abraxas is in control of the match and he knows it.]

The White Horse is back to his feet and shakes his head to clear it whilst heading back towards The Philosopher. Abraxas is ready and waiting with a hard right hand that staggers the bigger man, before putting into position for a suplex…blocked! Epitaph is having none of it and counters with a HANGING VERTICAL SUPLEX of his own! He showcases impressive strength as he holds Abaraxas up high, but fails to notice that X is back up to a vertical base and climbing to the top rope. Epitaph, still holding Abaraxas, turns around as X takes flight…MISSILE DROPKICK! Epitaph goes down and Abraxas hits the mat hard too!] [X springs back to his feet and up to the top rope again, certainly appearing to be the quickest man in the match. He stares down at the two bodies lying on the canvas below him before taking flight…X MARKS THE SPOT! Mr. X connects with a double leg drop variation on both men! He appears to have done a little damage to himself upon landing but is able to drag an arm over both men as the referee counts the double pin…1, 2…Kickout by both opponents simultaneously! So close to a statement victory.] [X gets back to his feet as Epitaph and Abraxas both struggle to do likewise. The Movement ponders his next move before grabbing the arms of The White Horse looking to finish him off, only for The Parable to power out and send X sprawling backwards where William Abraxas reacts quickly to lock him in THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES! Sleeperhold applied with X reaching out in vain but nowhere near the ropes. He fades fast and is about to fall to a knee when out of nowhere…VIOLENT RESISTANCE! Epitaph just ripped through X with a spear as Abraxas threw him forward at the last second! William kicks a bemused Epitaph in he midsection…EXISTENTIAL CRISIS! 1, 2…3! A massive win for the Philosopher! Is his ideology the right one?]


[After that amazing match, Mr. X has made his exit, leaving William Abraxas with Epitaph I the middle of the ring.] [The former has a microphone.]

“What have I been telling you?” [William questions with a smirk.] “Huh? You think you can ride on in here on your White Horse, proclaiming peace and love, but where has that gotten you? I’ve defeated you, one, two three, and beaten your ideology with a better one; war, violence, pain.”

[Epitaph tilts his head, looking rather disgusted.]

“However, I can see that I’m going to have to go one step further to prove it to you. So, last week, I took the liberty of meeting with some of your protestors,” [He says with a huge grin.] “And our meeting took a turn for the bloody worse.”

[The White Horse steps forward, only for Abraxas to hold his arms up, telling him to wait.]

“Wait a second, big boy, that’s not how this works,” [He chuckles.] “I really think you ought to hear me out – or at least, watch the footage.”

[Static.] [A shaky handheld camera shows us bodies strewn about what looks like a warehouse. There’s men and women unconscious on the floor, bleeding, battered and bruised. Signs lay broken around them, and finally, when the camera turns to Abraxas, he smiles.]

“If you ride the White Horse, I ride The Red Horse known as war.”

[A deep laugh.]

“And war… war never changes.”

[Static.] [By the time the footage returns to the ring, Abraxas has escaped to the outside, leaving Epitaph shocked, leaning on the top rope. His puts his hand on his mask, his head lowered, feeling absolutely distraught.]

“Between now and Ring of Dreams,” [Abraxas says from the entrance way.] “I’m going to take peace away from you, moment by moment, until there’s nothing left but violence. Buckle in, Epitaph, this horse ride is going to get a little bumpy.”

[He tosses the microphone down and heads through to the backstage, smiling all the while.] [This is far from over.]


[For weeks Sergei has tried to extract information from DTR, can he beat down the Virus enough to make him talk?] [Sergei starts off with aggression as he locks up with DTR in the middle of the ring! He begins to overpower the smaller man but DTR shows surprising strength! He resists Sergei just long enough to kick him in the gut! DDT BY DTR! Sergei lands headfirst into the mat and Dave capitalizes with a plethora of stomps upon Sergei’s back and head! He lifts the Russian Bear off of the ground and whips him into the ropes, MASSIVE LARIAT BY SOKOLOV! DTR gets turned inside out by the move, allowing Sergei to lift him up and hit him with a sidewalk slam!] [The Tsar is in control and he lets DTR know it as he grabs The Virus by the head and flings him across the ring! Dave gets up and ducks an oncoming big boot! SERGEI IS TRAPPED IN THE CORNER! DTR kicks the big man in the back of the knee and drops him down into an inverted headlock! FILL IN THE BLANK! Sokolov is worse for wear and DTR scales the ropes looking for an early end! He turns to Sergei WHO IS ALREADY UP! HAMMERFIRST BY THE TSAR! DTR stumbles but he lays a boot into the head of Sergei!] [Sergei holds firm on the ropes as The Virus kicks at his face! SOKOLOV IS BUSTED OPEN BUT HE REFUSES TO BACK AWAY! DTR is desperate and Sergei grabs his foot! The larger man scales the ropes and grabs on tight to DTR. FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE FROM THE TOP ROPE! THE RING SHAPES FROM THEIR COLLISON WITH THE MAT! DTR is sent rolling towards the ropes as a bloodied Sergei lays motionless, catching his breath following the trade! Sokolov slowly moves to the ropes, pulling himself to his feet in time to see DTR crawl out of the ring!] [DTR stands up at ringside as Sergei wipes the blood from his eyes. He rushes after Dave, reaching over the top rope to grab for him- DAVE GRABS HIS ARM AND LEAPS UP! GOGOPLATA FROM THE VIRUS! Sergei gasps for air as DTR forces his knee against his throat! The bigger man is holding on for dear life and the referee begins to count as Dave holds the submission by the rope! One… Two… Three… Four- Sergei lifts with all of his strength! MODIFIED NUCLEAR FALLOUT! Sokolov spins around mid slam and sends DTR to the mat! He covers! One! Two! Three- KICKOUT BY DTR! THE VIRUS REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!] [Sergei is in dire straits, the powerbomb having taken everything out of him! He tries to get to his feet but DTR shows immense, inhuman resilience as he rises behind him. HAYMAKER TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! DTR pulls back on Sergei’s head and lays in with a barrage of right hands to the brute! DTR makes the dazed Tsar get to his feet. REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR stands again! REASONABLE DOUBT AGAIN BY THE VIRUS! The Monster barely stumbles! DTR whips around him, rolling him up and grabbing the middle rope for leverage… One…. Two… Three!] [The Virus has made DTR more than inhuman as he rises to his feet, having brought the Red Tsar to his knees!]


[DTR slithers out of the ring like the snake he is, quickly escaping towards the Tap Room entrance. Sergei’s voice booms from back inside the ring, screaming at him with all his fury.]

“Get back here! Sergei not finished with you!”

[But The Virus had no intention of that.] [Static.] [The entire screen is suddenly overwhelmed. Static fills it, accompanied by glitches and malfunctions.] [The lights go out.] [And then, like always, an altered voice plays.]

“You have been lied to long enough, Sergei Sokolov.”

[The Russian Bear stands in the middle of the ring, his hands pressed against the ropes, looking around himself in confusion.]

“But you don’t have to take it from me.”

[The screen flickers, revealing last week’s meeting between DTR and Sergei’s Russian counterpart.] [Recorded Earlier.] [Grainy CCTV footage.]

“He’s a confident man, son.”

[The Russian turns, folding his arms.] “Do not give him what he needs,” [he says sternly.] “We’ve paid you handsomely to ensure he fails.”

[The Virus grins, walking past the Russian with a slight bump of the shoulder. The camera closes in on our antagonist, before fading to black.] [Back in the present.] [Sergei’s face is one of dumbfounded shock. He can’t believe what he’s seeing. The voice enlightens him.]

“General Alexi Petrov,” [Mr. X – the man behind the voice, enlightens Sokolov.] “Foreign Intelligence Service. They’re the reason why you’re here. They didn’t care about The Virus, or DTR, they just wanted to know how far you’d go to get them the information they want. They’ve been monitoring you, Sokolov. I can prove it.”

[Sergei looks up at the sky.] “Mother Russia would never betray me! Show yourself, and I will show you the might of the Federation!”

[Mr. X laughs.]

“You’re a puppet and Russia are pulling your strings. The Dark Web has the answers you don’t seek, but I’m going to show them to you, Sergei. Between now and Ring of Dreams, I will force you to wake up and see the world for what it is; see Russia for what it is.”





[The men meet in the centre of the ring, neither faltering away from each other at all. Exchanging right fists, both Solomon and Cross rock the other to the point of punch-drunkenness before the Fallen is able to get the upper hand. A HEADBUTT SENDS RHODES REELING BACKWARDS… Cross follows forward and DROPS SOLOMON WITH A BELLY-TO-BELLY SUPLEX! Cross continues the assault by hauling Rhodes to his feet, only to have Rhodes break his foe’s hold with a Forearm to the head. DROPKICK TAKES DESMOND CROSS OFF HIS FEET!] [Desmond rises quickly from the Dropkick but Rhodes is waiting. SNAP SUPLEX SENDS CROSS BACK TO THE MAT… This time he stays down for longer, arching his back in pain before Solomon locks in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH! The pain is clear on Cross’s face, mixed with a flurry of crazed laughter that accompanies it. Before the hold can take full effect, Desmond manages to writhe his way toward the ropes. Solomon is forced to break the hold due to the rope break, but he is not done yet. He waits for the Fallen to rise before the Dragon bites once more with a LARIAT THAT FLIPS THE BIG MAN UPSIDE DOWN! HE LANDS AWKWARDLY ON HIS NECK!] [Solomon climbs up the turnbuckle, looking out over the Tap Room crowd. Without hesitation, he leaps. MOONSAULT! SOLOMON RHODES LANDS ON AN EMPTY CANVAS… CROSS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Both men are down and desperately trying to drag themselves to their feet. Being closer to the ropes, Cross uses them to his advantage and uses them to shake off the effects of the match. By the time Solomon brings himself back to a vertical base, Desmond Cross had already charged into the ropes and built a full head of steam. MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE TO RHODES! THE DRAGON IS DOWN AND CROSS IS IN CONTROL!

[He paces about the fallen Dragon, laughing his maniacal laugh and muttering to himself before charging off across the ring. He rebounds off the ropes and heads back at a rate of knotts. RUNNING SENTON… NO! SOLOMON RHODES ROLLS OUT OF THE RING! This time it is Desmond’s turn to land on the empty canvas – the game of to and fro reaching somewhat of a stalemate. But now, it is advantage Solomon and he scouts the Fallen from outside the ring.] [Using the small break to compose himself, Rhodes watches as his opponent reaches his feet, still talking to himself and laughing to himself within the squared circle. Eventually, Cross follows Rhodes to the outside, only to be locked in a headlock and tossed into the Tap Room bar. Rhodes picks him up… DAWN! RIGHT ONTO THE TOP OF THE BAR! Solomon looks bent on revealing the hypocrisy of his opponent through pain as he picks Cross up by the head. HE SLAMS HIS HEAD INTO THE BAR… AGAIN AND AGAIN! Desmond is battered and dazed, but through the pain… he begins to laugh once more. As he tastes blood from a cut now above his brow, his laughter becomes stronger.] [The Dragon looks to cut short the maniacal laughter of Desmond Cross by locking in the LAZARUS CHAMBER… BUT DESMOND RESISTS, TURNING THE DEATH LOCK AGAINST RHODES INTO A WRIST LOCK. With one arm locked in place, it gives Cross enough leverage to free himself from the Tap Room bar. KIDNEY SHOT BRINGS RHODES TO HIS KNEES! The Fallen rolls Rhodes back into the ring. By the time he manages to follow Rhodes inside, the Dragon is laying in wait… HE TRIES FOR THE LAZARUS CHAMBER AGAIN AND AGAIN CROSS FIGHTS IT OFF. Desmond boots him in the chest to send him reeling across the ring before HITTING THE FALL FROM GRACE! SOLOMON RHODES IS OUT! One! Two! Three!] [It is victory for the Fallen tonight, laying to rest the one he calls ‘scarred by the hands of God’. Yet, he seems conflicted, turning as he talks to his imaginary voices. Before Rhodes has a chance to stir, Desmond Cross grabs him by the wrist…]


[Desmond Cross has Solomon Rhodes by the wrist as the match draws to its conclusion – clearly business is not yet finished in his eyes. He drags Rhodes over to the turnbuckle, where he proceeds to tie his wrists to the second turnbuckle rope with lengths of twine that he pulls from within his attire. Solomon has his chest to the turnbuckle, locked in place by the makeshift handcuffs so that his arms are completely outstretched and his back is exposed.] [Maniacal laughter fills the air as Desmond watches Rhodes struggle in vain to free himself from the twine that holds him firm. Cross leaves him to struggle as he exits the ring and fishes about underneath the ring apron for a moment. When he returns, he has a whip in his right hand and a gleam in his eye that can only mean bad things for Solomon Rhodes. He enters the ring once more, brushing the whip against the Dragon’s already scarred back, almost playfully. He draws himself near to Solomon and speaks with a chorus of crazed chuckles.]

“No matter how far you walk, you will always be marked by his hand.” [He runs the whip along the scars on Solomon’s back once more.] “God, the great abandoner. He left me wanting in my time of need, turning his back on me… As you did on him.

I had faith, faith in something worthless. Where does your faith lay these days, man?”

[Desmond Cross cracks the whip in the air. The menacing sound sends a collective shiver down the spine of all of those within the Tap Room, much less Solomon himself. But Cross seems unfazed, breaking into another burst of maniacal laughter at the sound.]

“When your hour of need arrives, as it has now, will you turn back to the God who you walked away from? Will you call out to him to save you? He who marks your flesh, has surely left a mark in your heart as well… Despite what you may claim.”

[The whip sounds a second time as Cross’s remarks hang in the air like a question unanswered. Solomon cries out, his voice muffled from being pushed into the turnbuckle.]

“You know nothing about me. Do what you must to appease your own failings, hypocrite.”

[So, Cross does. He cracks the whip once more, before lashing it at the back of Solomon Rhodes. The whip connects, digging into the flesh of Solomon’s back, as it would have for Jesus himself prior to his crucifixion. A second, then a third strike connect with Solomon’s back, each receiving a heart-wrenching cry of agony that seems to build in intensity from the last. As the whip raises for the fourth strike…] [The lights in the Tap Room go out. Blackout! Then, fire erupts once more around the ring, as it had last week. The same fire that seemed to strike fear into Desmond Cross. In the fire, Cross’s confused figure can be made out. Whip still ready to strike the flesh on the Dragon’s back. Only… Solomon Rhodes has gone.]

“Marked by the hands of God, Solomon Rhodes. And now marked by the hands of somebody greater, man.”

[Cross laughs once more, his chilling, maniacal laughter that pierces the air. Where did Solomon Rhodes go? Was Cross right, and he cried out to God in his hour of need, who saved him from the whip… Or was his faith put more in his own strength and power?]


[Calypso walks backstage with a purpose. She has four of her followers with her, and they all are calling out…]

“Cortney! Cortney! Where are you!? I know she took you!” [She nearly screams. She and her followers have no respect for anyone as they search. A security guard steps around a corner.]

“You can’t have all these people in here, Miss Calypso. They don’t have passes, and they’re causing a disturbance.”

[Calypso doesn’t even slow, instead kicking the man in the stomach. He doubles over and she slams him head first into the wall. The drywall gives way as the guard’s skull is driven into it. They keep walking, some of them stepping over the security guard’s prone body.]

“Where are you, Mother!? I know you have her!”

[BZZT! The lights go out. A flutter of feathers. BZZT! They come back on, and two of Calypso’s followers are gone, but it goes unnoticed. The rest keep walking.]

“She’s just trying to play games with our minds, but our minds belong to us! Don’t let her fool you.” [Calypso says to the remaining.] “Come out, you witch! Stop hiding in the shadows!”

[BZZT! Lights out. A crow’s caw. BZZT! Lights on. But this time, only about half return, and they flicker. A strange feel is cast into the hallway. In the strobe, we see Calypso now stands alone. Then we hear a voice.]


[The Prophet spins towards the voice.]

“Cortney? Where are you?”

[Cortney’s voice speaks again, but from a different direction.] “Calyyypsoooo…” [Calypso spins again. There stands the young girl, but her face is hidden by her dark hair which hangs before her. Calypso takes a tentative step towards the girl.]

“Did she hurt you, Cortney? What lies did she feed you?”

[Cortney looks up, and her hair parts. Her eyes glow.]

“My mother wouldn’t lie to me.”

[She reaches out towards Calypso and begins to walk forward, arms raised. Calypso begins to retreat into the darkness, but backs right into Mother.]

“Going so soon, my dear?”

[Calypso spins, and The Ultra-Violent takes over. She hammers Mother with a flurry of fists. Mother stumbles backwards, and Calypso shows her no mercy. She throws blow after blow at Mother, and Mother drops to a knee. But then… Black Mist! Calypso takes the mist to the eyes and begins stumbling through the hallway! Mother tracks after her and the two begin fighting their way through the backstage area until they come right through the doors and into the Tap Room! This fight is on!]


[The mother of All and The Prophet show no regard for their surroundings as they brawl from behind the curtain. The fans love to see the action up this close and personal, an out and out brawl that wouldn’t be out of place outside of the Tap Room. Mother plunges her head forward and she sinks her teeth into the cheek of Calypso. Instead of screaming out in agony Calypso begins to throw wild right and lefts, blindly. Mother unclips the belt from around her waist… AND WRAPS IT AROUND THE NECK OF CALYPSO!! WITH IT TIGHTENED SHE KEEPS PULLING BACK UNTIL THE GOLD PART COVERS ALL OF CALYPSO’S FACE!!] [Mother carries on pulling back on the straps but Calypso, knowing if she is to stand any chance, throws back an elbow or two. They connect roughly with the midriff of the Rewind champion. With each blow allowing Calypso to slowly get back to a standing position she continues to throw them in. until eventually SHE STANDS. Sexes are equal and tonight we have two 10’s battling. Calypso grabs the wounded Mother around the neck….. NECKBREAKER!! RIGHT ONTO THE COLD HARD TAP ROOM FLOOR!! GET THIS IN THE RING LADIES IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!] [CALYPSO WALKS UP TO THE CLOSET TABLE, PUNTERS DRINKING, SHE CLAMBERS ON TOP OF THE TABLE!! SWANTON BOMB!! HOLY SHIT!! FROM A SMALL BEER TABLE!! THE FANS LAP IT UP AS BOTH WOMEN RECOVER BUT LET’S NOT FORGET, THIS MATCH HASN’T EVEN OFFICIALLY STARTED YET! FANS SURROUND THEM, AND EVEN IN MOMENTS OF ALMOST DECIMATION THEY STILL FIND THE ENERGY TO THROW AND ELBOW NOW AND THEN INTO THE FLESH OF THEIR OPPONENT.] [Calypso manages to get to her feet, she’s searching for a free STEEL CHAIR! After a short few second search she finds one and swings it over her shoulder and down crashing to the floor…. Expecting to clash Mother with it. BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS MOTHER?? NOTHING BUT CONCRETE AND VIBRATIONS GREET CALYSPO’S WRISTS!! Writhing in pain, it’s about to get worse as MOTHER pops up with a STEEL CHAIR OF HER OWN! TOSSING IT LOOSELY IN CALYPSOS DIRECTION SHE LEAPS HIGH INTO THE AIR……. TIME SEEMS TO FREEZE….. WITH THE FALLING CHAIR, CRAB KICK!!!! FUCKING CRAB KICK FROM NOWHERE TO THE FALLING CHAIR AND CALYPSO’S FACE TAKES ALL THE IMPACT!!] [Let’s not forget, this one isn’t even an official contest YET! Mother scoops her limp and lifeless opponent up. TAKE IT TO THE RING, PLEASE!! Mother seems to be heading that way, throwing Calypso’s head against the odd table for good measure on the way. When she reaches the ring vicinity instead of throwing Calypso in she looks about, the referee pleading her to get it inside. SHE SHAKES HER HEAD NO!! INSTEAD….HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! BUT NOT TODAY, THIS CONTINUES AND THE RING POST IS SPATTERED WITH BLACK MIST! CALYPSO IN HER DUCKING MOTION A STEEL CHAIR HAS ENDED UP WITHIN THE GRASP OF CALYPSO! SHE’s GRABS IT!! SWINGS! SKULL FUCKED!!….. ALSO MISSES, NEITHER WOMEN READY TO GIVE UP!! CALYPSO GETS NOTHING BUT STEEL!!] [With both recovered, Mother maybe unknowingly rolls into the ring. Drained and devoid of any realisation of where she is. Calypso is quick to follow, rolling in under the bottom rope. THE BELL IS RUNG AND WE FINALLY HAVE AN OFFICIAL MATCH. With both clawing away at their opponent, not through aggression but looking to get to their feet. It is Calypso who, unsteadily gets there first. With Mother still hooked up in the ropes making her way to her feet. ULTRA VIOLENCE!! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? EXHAUSTED AND POSSIBLY UNAWARE CALYPSO JUST FALLS THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES AND COVERS MOTHER!! ONE…. TWO…. THREE!!] [The history books may show a very short match but make no mistake about it we saw a war here tonight! Calypso makes her way backstage whilst Mother remains in the ring, regaining her breath.]


[The match over, the crowd’s attention is turned from the battle they just witnessed to a new entrant into the Tap Room.] [Ethan Bird.] [The self-proclaimed god heads down the aisle with a sneer on his face as he slides in the ring. Mother stands before him with a look of amusement on her own face.]

“I’m glad you’re out here, Mother.” [Bird begins.] “I’d hate to have to go hunting for you. Who knows what could happen to your children if I did.”

[Mother only cocks her head to the side at the threat, letting Bird continue.]

“But considering what I’m about to do to another of your supposed children, I suppose you probably would want to be out here.”

[Now that one gets Mother’s attention. Bird takes note of that.]

“I told him, you know.” [Bird remarks.] “I told him that it was the perch that gives you your power over him. He tried to play it off like I was wrong, but I know I’m right. Kersh built it, and when you pulled it out of him it gave you control over him. That’s why such a fearsome beast as Scarecrow serves you.”

[Bird grins.]

“And that’s why he’s going to serve me. Because I’m going to take that perch and set Scarecrow free from your control.”

[And with that line, Mother actually smiles. She places her hands behind her back for a moment.]

“Ethan Bird, you persist in dabbling with matters of which you have no knowledge.”

[She slowly pulls her hands back in front of her, except now she has something in them.] [A stick?] [No.] [The remains of the perch.] [The perch.]

“This is a marvelously crafted object, isn’t it?” [She smiles her broken smile at Bird, who seems to be salivating over the nearness of the object he covets.] “But if it gives me command over the Scarecrow, then surely he would be here, wouldn’t he?”

[She smiles even wider as Ethan Bird realizes the implications before him. He slowly turns around…] […AND SCARECROW IS THERE!] [Mother cackles as she leaves the ring.] [Ethan Bird has to deal with an enraged Scarecrow before he can deal with the perch.]


[Ethan Bird has sought to gain control of the Scarecrow from Mother for the last month. With Mother now watching on the outside, it’s time for Bird to fight the monster. The VHS Championship is on the line!] [Right out of the gate, Scarecrow nails a huge clothesline, rocking Ethan Bird to the mat. The Hayman stalks his prey to the corner, firing off with shot after shot on his surprised opponent. Bird endures the assault until Crow goes for a big shot, using the delay to duck and get on the other side of Crow. As the monster turns around, Bird greets him with a running knee attack before clotheslining him over the top rope. Bird turns to gesture at Mother that he’s coming for the perch, before he climbs out on the apron and DROPS AN ELBOW TO THE SCARECROW ON THE FLOOR!] [Scarecrow and Bird climb to their feet about the same, showing that Ethan took damage on that move himself, but the self-proclaimed god is quick to lay in with another clothesline on the VHS Champion. Bird grabs a rising Scarecrow to throw the monster into the steel steps before turning to taunt the watching Mother once more. He grabs a steel chair from under the ring, but SCARECROW KICKS IT BACK INTO HIS FACE! Staggering around, Bird charges at Crow, who BACKBODY DROPS HIM ON THE STEEL! Mother cackles as Ethan Bird writhes in pain on the ground.] [Scarecrow rolls a hurt Ethan Bird into the ring and pauses to look at Mother. She looks to Bird and Crow snorts before getting back in the ring with his challenger. That moment gave Bird a chance to recuperate as he nails a swinging neckbreaker on the entering Scarecrow. Both wrestlers are down on the mat, but Bird is up to his feet first. He drops a leg on Scarecrow and looks back to Mother, signaling that the match is over. He hooks Scarecrow’s arms. WORLD’S END D… NO! CROW THROWS STRAW IN HIS FACE! THE LAST STRAW!] [Bird staggers backwards, trying to clear out his vision, but Scarecrow clotheslines him back over the top rope. Bird spills to the ground with a thud right in front of Mother, who steps back to let her Genesis ally enter the fray. Scarecrow grabs Bird by the beard to lift him, but BIRD WALLOPS HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! Crow is taken down with the shot, and Bird quickly drops the chair on the fallen Crow, heading back up on the apron. Bird flies off the apron with the elbow drop, BUT CROW MOVED! BIRD ONLY HIT STEEL!] [The sadistic Scarecrow rises to his feet, scooping up the steel chair as Bird rises back to his feet, clutching his side. The official seems to be letting this one go due to the high stakes and the fact that Genesis are not known to be pleasant in the face of such matters. Ethan Bird gets back to his feet and Scarecrow TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! Bird barely got his hands up to absorb the impact. Crow rolls his challenger back into the ring, throwing the chair away from his sight. He’ll finish this fight the old fashioned way.] [Inside the ring, Bird is in survival mode, rolling to the opposite side of the ring to use the ropes to get back to his feet. He seems to be out on his feet as he staggers forward to the middle of the ring, dropping to a knee. Scarecrow grabs him in the powerbomb position, and lifts him up into the crucifix position. BIRD SLIDES DOWN! He was playing possum! This whole feud has been about the Perch, but we won’t see the move here! Bird never takes his eyes off of Mother as he quickly underhooks Crow. WORLD’S END DDT! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!] [Ethan Bird rolls off of a pissed off Scarecrow as the new VHS Champion! But that wasn’t all he came here for!]


[The matter of the VHS Championship has been settled. But the matter of the perch has not.] [Mother has joined Scarecrow and Ethan Bird in the ring, perch in hand, seemingly pleased with violence she just witnessed. She walks over to Scarecrow, who seems to rise in conjunction with her wielding of the piece of what had been his demise. Bird looks up through his matted hair and sees this going on. A smile forms behind his beard.] [BIRD PUSHES MOTHER INTO CROW! She drops the perch!] [WORLD’S END DDT TO MOTHER!] [Ethan Bird looks like he has just discovered the holy grail as he scrambles to grab the piece of the perch off the mat. He holds it before his face with a look of triumph.]

“Scarecrow.” [Bird begins, his voice tired but full of lordship.] “Bow before your god.”

[The rising Scarecrow stops his ascent and goes before Ethan Bird.] [And bows.] [Holy shit! Scarecrow just bowed to Ethan Bird. Who could not be happier in this moment.]

“Do you see?” [Bird says, speaking to higher powers than himself.] “Jake Jeckel, this is what I will unleash upon you. The Exodus has come, and my Scarecrow will…”

[CROW GRABS BIRD AROUND THE NECK.] [BYE BYE BIRDIE!] [Scarecrow stands over the fallen body of Bird for a moment before reaching down to pick up the piece of the perch Bird had held. Crow takes a moment to study the object, all of the history he has had with the Kersh family all poured into it. This perch had held him in between life and death until it was pulled from his chest.] [SNAP!] [Scarecrow drops the pieces on Bird’s chest, looking down at his would-be god.]

“I told you that you were dealing with powers that you did not understand.” [Crow begins.] “And now, there are no strings left on me. I am free.”

[Scarecrow turns away from Bird, now free to unleash his full power on everyone.] [May God have mercy…] […wait a second.] [Scarecrow is helping Mother up?] [Mother sees the broken perch and seems ready to fight Scarecrow, but the Hayman only makes sure she is able to stand on her own.

“That perch never controlled me.” [Crow says to the surprised matriarch.] “I merely allowed you to feel that way. I feel a connection to you that I have never felt in all my time in this world. Genesis is not about control. I stand by your side, not because I was made to, but because I choose to.”

[With those scary words, Mother smiles at her ally.] [Darkness.] [BZZT!] [The arena lights come back on, and all that remains are Ethan Bird and the broken pieces of the perch that Scarecrow left on him.] [Genesis is even scarier now than they were before tonight.] [May heaven save all whom they seek to destroy.]


[Jacob Phoenix and Jensen Cussen stand opposite each other in the middle of the ring, their eyes locked together. The Steel Cell is slowly lowered down from the rafters, black infection strewn all over it.] [Before the structure can reach the ground, Jacob Phoenix runs and launches himself at Cussen, nailing him with a brutal forearm to the face. He starts slamming him with right hands, then forearms, beating him into the corner. Cussen pushes him away, ducking under a wayward Clothesline and connecting with a Neckbreaker! The fans boo as Jensen swivels back to his feet with a smile, bending down to grab Jacob – only KICK TO THE HEAD! The Vigilante kicks out, stumbling him backwards. He pops back up to his feet, running with a Giant Spear like manoeuvre that lifts Jensen up off the canvas and slams him forcibly back down on it!] [The Nightwight swings wildly with right and left hands until Cussen pushes him off with as much might as he can muster. Vengeance rolls to the outside, holding his mouth in pain, only to look back up AND DIVING OVER THE TOP ROPE IS JACOB FUCKING PHOENIX! BUT NO! JENSEN LAUNCHES HIM STRAIGHT INTO THE CELL! STRAIGHT INTO THE INFECTION! Jacob rolls in agony on the floor, the infection so volatile that it’s fizzing and dissolving his armour like acid. He rolls on the ground, only to be stomped on by Cussen. Vengeance pulls him back to his feet and attempts to launch him head first into the cell, but Phoenix blocks it, getting a boot up momentarily that stops the momentum. He grabs Cussen instead, bouncing his skull off the steel but the infection takes no toll on his body.] [The warped Family member snaps his head towards Phoenix, licking some of the black gunk from his lips. Jacob steps backwards, absolutely stunned. He quickly ducks an incoming Clothesline, running Cussen into and over the steel steps. The Vigilante pulls him back to his feet and bounces him SKULL first off them for good measure. He grabs him by the hair immediately after, bouncing him off the steel cell. The fans are cheering now as Phoenix goes under the ring and pulls out a table. He quickly positions it across the ring apron and cell, linking the legs of it into the cell itself. By the time Jensen has turned around, everything has been set up and he walks into a thunderous right hand.] [Phoenix is determined to make a statement here. With very ounce of power he has, he punches Cussen in the jaw. He hits him time and time again, rolling him back into the ring at the first opportunity he has. This is it. Vengeance stumbles back to his feet, into a HUGE SPINEBUSTER that rocks him! Phoenix rolls him to his feet and whips him into the corner, running up with a massive Stinger Splash! NO-ONE’S HOME! BANG INTO THE CORNER GOES PHOENIX! Jensen quickly turns him around AND HAIR TRIGGER! QUICK JAWBREAKER! Jacob slams back into the turnbuckles, absolutely devastated by that. Cussen scoops up his former friend and places him on the top turnbuckle, looking down at the table with a smile. He’s going to do something nasty here, you can feel it.] [He climbs up the turnbuckles, meeting Jacob who is sat at the top with his legs placed outside. Cussen pulls him up until they’re both stood on the top rope, balancing there. ELBOWS! ELBOWS BY PHOENIX! JACOB NAILS HIM! WAIT A MINUTE… HE SLAPS HIS ARM OVER, HOLY SHIT.. HE TURNS SLIGHTLY.. ROCK BOTTOM! ROCK BOTTOM FROM THE TOP ROPE THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! OH MY GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! THERE’S CARNAGE EVERYWHERE! The fans are roaring “Holy Shit” as The Nightwatch rolls away from the wreckage, absolutely brutalized. He somehow gets back to his feet and drags Jensen from it, rolling him into the ring. Can he do it? Phoenix covers… One….. Two….. Three! He has! Jacob Phoenix has his revenge!]


[As Jacob Phoenix gets back to his feet, the carnage of his fight having littered the outside of the ring, he’s barely given a moment to rest before The Dead suddenly appears, his face pressed to the outside of the cell.] [With a sadistic smile, he eyeballs poor Jacob.]

“If looks like if you want a job done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself.”

[The unmistakable voice of DTR echoes as the arena falls into darkness.]

“Welcome back to the Family, son.”

[The lights return and DTR is stood in the middle of the ring, opposite Jacob Phoenix with Jensen Cussen and The Dead stood alongside him.]

“I’ll never stop and you’ll never stop me,” [Phoenix yells at him.] “Not until I get her back, David. Not until she’s safe.”

“Safe?” [The Virus muses.] “She’s safer with us than she’s ever been. She’s been freed, Jacob. Can’t you see that, son? There’s always been a darkness in her; a darkness her daddy never nurtured,” [DTR says whipping his head angrily at Cussen.] “Until now.”

[The sound of cackling female laughter can be heard, of which sends the lights into a flickering meltdown. Between the flashes, we see a figure, and when the lights return, she’s sat rocking back and forth in the middle of them all.]

“All this drama over lil ol’ me?” [Stephanie ponders.] “Don’t you get it, baby?”

[Jacob tilts his head at her, his eyes welling up with tears.] “Get what?”

“It’s you’s that ain’t safe.”

[Suddenly, she leaps to her feet, squealing wildly like a pig and runs at him. He can barely react before she’s pounced on top of him, scratching and clawing away like a mad-woman. With Phoenix occupied, DTR turns his attention to Jensen Cussen, punching him so hard in the jaw that he stumbles backwards. He turns around, shocked and walks straight into the Virus.] [REASONABLE DOUBT!] [Meanwhile, Stephanie has mounted The Vigilante, wrapped her legs around his head and fell backwards over the top rope, strangling him in a vice like grip.] [DTR gets back to his feet and walks over.]

“At Ring of Dreams, I’m going to finish this job myself, son. You should have never turned your back on the family.”

[Stephanie lets him go and he stumbles forward. REASONABLE DOUBT! DTR CATCHES HIM WITH A REASONABLE DOUBT TOO!] [The Virus gets back to his feet and helps Stephanie back in from the ring apron. They saunter over to Cussen, who’s stirring on the ground.]

“You don’t fail The Family,” [DTR says to him, as he tries to get back up. The Dead looks ready and poised to strike if necessary.] “Get him up,” [The Virus commands, watching as The Dead does as he’s told.] “Let’s go home.”

[The Dead helps his fallen brother back to his feet and the cell begins to rise. As it does, The Family exit together, leaving poor Jacob Phoenix laid out in the middle of the ring.] [Static.] [Cut.]


[Back inside the cage, The King stands over Hawk with a grimace, absolutely infuriated that he refused to yield.] [He runs forward with a large kick, only Tommy spins out, getting back to his feet. The Chief swings with a Clothesline, knocking Royal straight to the floor. He squirms in the dirt, angrily getting back up and running his opponent into the steel cage, crashing into it. The King delivers right and left handed blows to the mid-section, using the claws on his gloves to rake at the face and eyes of the Champion. “Do you yield!?” he yells, scratching as hard as he can. “Never!” Hawk responds. He pushes the contender away, lunging forward with a kick that nails him low. The World Champion reaches out, grabbing him from the head and throwing him into the cage bars, head first.] [Royal’s crown bounces off, hitting the floor with a thud. Tommy realizes, snatching it up. He looks at it, The King quickly turning to demand it back. “That’s not yours, Indian. Give me back my crown!” he demands, only Tommy tosses it aside and lunges forward with a barrage of right hands, rocking him back and forth with every single punch. He scoops him up, slamming him straight into the steel before dropping him directly and awkwardly on his neck and head. The World Champion stumbles away, grabbing his fallen Tomahawk and preparing to take aim.] [With the weapon in hand, he’s ready to swing. The King turns, quickly ducking a shot aimed directly at his head. He spins around, but Hawk is fast, going slow and cutting at his calf. Royal hits the neck, screaming in agony as Tommy stands over him, asking him the question. “Do you yield?” he demands to know. Nigel doesn’t answer, he just grimaces in agony, so Hawk asks again. “Do… you… yield!?” The King though vehemently shakes his head. “No!” he screams back. Tommy, infuriated, swings the tomahawk downwards, only Royal blocks it with his arm guards, sending sparks flying off towards the camera.] [He rolls away, grabbing his own axe. Both men stand weaponized once more. They run towards each other, Hawk’s axe crushing down upon the handle on Royal’s. He bounces him off, sweeping at his legs, only the Champion jumps over. This match is reaching a violent and definite conclusion here tonight. Both men swing away from their attacks, returning to join in the middle, their weapons crunching off each other once more. Hawk this time uses his elbow, crashing it against the King’s head, knocking him backwards. Taking his Tomahawk, he throws it as hard as he can, EMBEDDING IT IN THE SHOULDER OF KING ROYAL! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HE JUST THREW A FUCKING TOMAHAWK INTO HIS SHOULDER!] [The King falls to his knees, grasping at the weapon in absolute agony. Tommy walks over, grabbing a hold of the handle and looking down at him. With one eye bruised closed, his face a crimson mask and his body aching, he demands to know the answer to the only question that matters. “Do you yield?” he says, wrenching on the tomahawk. The King screams in agony… “I yield! I yield!” he bellows. The World Champion snaps the tomahawk from the shoulder of The King, kicking him backwards as he does. Blood splatters outwards, covering the ground, but Tommy Hawk as retained his World Championship and finds himself heading to Ring of Dreams to defend against Solomon Rhodes!]


[Tommy Hawk has made The King yield!] [His men roar from outside the cage, grabbing and shaking the bars with all their might. The bloodied and bruised Tommy backs away, his right eye almost closed shut from that earlier assault. He turns to face his men, only King Royal tackles him from behind, holding his shoulder in agony as he does!] [He grabs his nearby axe and slams it down across Hawk’s throat, strangling the life out of him with the handle.]

“You should have yielded, Indian,” [Royal says through gritted teeth, trying to drain every ounce of life from the World Champion.] “You should have yielded!”

[ROAR.] [A loud roar echoes throughout the cavern as Royal turns in astonishment, trying to seek where it’s coming from.] [Just then, fire erupts through the cage out of the camera, forcing the King to roll off of Hawk and escape the flames.] [The camera spins.] [Solomon Rhodes.] [The Dragon himself.] [Royal quickly gets back to his feet as Solomon enters the cage without an ounce of fear, much like Hawk earlier.]

“If you don’t release this man and his comrades, I will burn your Kingdom to ash, Royal.”

[Solomon helps Hawk back to his feet.]

“We have business to attend to at Ring of Dreams.”

[Both men stare each other down, stood side by side, in the middle of King Royal’s cavern. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife.] [Until the cage door swings open and The King stands to one side.] [Only neither man moves.] [Cut.]