“The Plagues”

Season One.
March 9th 2015 – August 24th 2015
28 Episode Season
Block Party finale


The first season of Old School Wrestling saw Mike Lane debut as the son-in-law of Errol Flint. They quickly established themselves as an undeniable alliance, but were thwarted early on by cowardly attacks perpetrated by The American Capitalists on behalf of an unknown employer.

The Scarecrow’s long tenured feud with Brent Kersh also began when the Hayman made his debut by attacking Matthew Cories. Kersh, ever the honourable veteran, sought to put a stop to that before it cost the young man his career. It was the beginning of something incredible.

At Flatline, Jensen Cussen was revealed to be the mastermind behind the American Capitalists attacks on Mike Lane. His reasoning? Flint denied him a contract when signing Tyler Brooks and DTR.

Brent Kersh meanwhile began to understand what exactly he’d gotten himself into as The Scarecrow stalked and defeated him at Flatline.

Later that night, when Marvellous Master Chef became the inaugural OSW Champion, Mike Lane and Jensen Cussen shockingly joined forces to brutalize him and DTR. They became a grouping called ‘The System’, spearheaded by The Chairman Errol Flint.

The very next show, (Episode 5) The Wrestleplex aka The School Yard was born and OSW moved into its very first full-time arena. To commemorate such an occasion, OSW Champion Marvellous Master Chef despite pledging allegiance to DTR, turned his back on Don’t Trust Reason and joined The System.

Also on Episode 5, The Awakening debuted – Red River Jack and David Manson both laying waste to One-Eyed Willy and Brent Kersh defeated The Scarecrow, setting fire to The Hayman – putting to bed their feud, once and for all, or so he thought.

As the month progressed, someone started stalking Destiny Lane – sending a video of her in the shower to Mike Lane.

At CyberSLAM, Desmond Cross announced that he was going to cleanse the world. He called himself Desmond Christ and said that The Ten Plagues would be cast upon Old School Wrestling.

Brent Kersh was shocked to find out that The Scarecrow wasn’t dead after all. The Hayman appeared behind him, picking up a win over an absolutely astonished Enforcer.

The Klu Klux Klan arrived in Old School Wrestling, immediately setting their sights on the African American members of the roster – in particular, Marcus X and Isaiah Black.

Finally, DTR overcame his battle and war with The System, defeating MMC at CyberSLAM for the OSW Championship, only to be arrested before he could celebrate with his title.

The Awakening began making their mark on OSW, burning numerous wrestlers with cigarettes as Red River Jack began his tenure as one of the baddest men in the world. Smoke, a loud mouth ‘Chumpbuster’, quickly became a target.

Desmond Cross’ plagues had begun to take effect. Most notably, he reigned down hail and fire on DTR and Marvellous Master Chef, shocking the world.

By episode 8, Brent Kersh had realized the war he was in with The Scarecrow and offered to resign. His resignation was met by Errol Flint’s displeasure. After being framed as a coward, Kersh changed his mind and remained on the roster, seeking to finish this war once and for all.

The KKK’s attacks on members of the roster not only continued but became more severe, with Marcus X found hanging backstage. Since they arrived, Marcus X’s relationship with Isaiah Black was extremely tense, with Walking Death refusing to align with him. Many were led to believe that Black had done this, though Marcus X sought to reveal that the KKK were indeed responsible.

After being stalked, Destiny Lane was finally kidnapped by an unknown assailant. By the time Mike Lane had found her missing, all that was left behind were the following words written in blood: “She will suffer the destroyer”.

Smoke’s battle against The Awakening continued through Invasion ’15, where he fought all three members of the group in Singles Matches, losing to Red River Jack. That didn’t back down either side though, with tensions continuing to rise.

Also at Invasion ’15, Desmond Cross defeated DTR for the OSW Championship, becoming the third person to hold it. With three of the ten plagues completed, Invasion ended with an assault by Locusts that sent fans running for the exits.

At Night of Champions, something unusual happened. Desmond Cross unleashed another plague but when defending his title, decided to allow an unconscious and poisoned Mike Lane to pin him for the belt. One week after winning it, he gave it away – telling Lane that he’d see him at Pandemonium I in a rematch.

Mike obviously felt like he hadn’t earned the title and had something to prove. Cross, meanwhile kept brutalizing him as we headed into Pandemonium I.

At Episode 11, one of the most shocking things occurred. Red River Jack, on air, murdered Smoke with a steel chair. He brutalized and beat him so badly that Smoke had a heart attack, never leaving the event alive.

The KKK continued their brutality, maiming The Black Widow by Curbstomp in a message sent to the African American members of the OSW roster.

By the time the month had ended, Desmond Cross had dragged Ryan Cavalier across hot coals to leave him only one plague away from beginning the end of the world.

When Pandemonium I finally happened, Marcus X and Isaiah Black had put aside their hatred for one another enough to team up against the KKK. They left that match victorious, but their war was far from over.

Desmond Cross meanwhile shocked the world again when he admitted that the final plague was death of the first born. He admitted prior to his match with Mike Lane that he had kidnapped Destiny and was intending to murder her to complete the ten plagues. When he revealed that she was nailed to a cross at ringside, Mike Lane lost it. Lane defeated Cross, not only to retain his title but free Destiny from her restraints. Cross’ plan to unleash the plagues and murder Destiny in front of her husband has failed.

Later that night, Red River Jack went on to become the first ever Pandemonium winner.

After recovering from his war with Desmond Cross, Mike Lane’s life didn’t get any easier. Isaiah Black decided that he wanted to trade his All-Star Championship for a shot at the OSW Championship.

At Driven, Black did the unthinkable and defeated Mike Lane for the title. However, that wasn’t the most shocking part. When Black began celebrating with his title, the KKK appeared. They destroyed Isaiah in the middle of the ring before revealing themselves to be The Awakening in disguise. Meanwhile, Errol Flint was run down by an unknown assailant.

This led to Ring of Dreams, in which Isaiah Black would defend his OSW Championship against Red River Jack successfully. After months of torture, Black would find his revenge against Jack.

When Episode 19 aired, Jackson Slade of RAGE had arrived as OSW Commissioner. During that same show, Mike Lane was told by Red River Jack that he inherited a debt left by Destiny and blackmails him to join The Awakening. By the time the show had concluded, Azreal and Solomon Rhodes had joined the OSW, attacking Gabriel Cain, Reichous Marx and Jake Jeckel.

Jeckel, Cain and Marx continued to be victims of Rhodes and Azreal as the month went on.

Finally, in the Season Finale at Block Party, RAGE officially invades OSW. Azreal, Solomon Rhodes, Lux Bellator, Lee Crowley, Pig, Robert Gordon, Freight Train Ferguson and James Hunter all appear, destroying members of the OSW roster. Jake Jeckel does the unthinkable and turns on OSW to join RAGE.

Elsewhere, Mike Lane assists Red River Jack in defeating Isaiah Black to become the OSW Champion.


Afterburn#1: The Pilot:
Mysterious man attacks Errol Flint backstage
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Fate defeated Mike Lane via Adversity (Double Knee Facebreaker)
Dave the Rattlesnake and Hayden Hardkore have an altercation backstage: Dave’s changed his ways and Hayden doesn’t believe him
Matt Lennox defeated Reverend Damon via the Incredible Lock (Sharpshooter)
Errol Flint reveals to Mike Lane the American Capitalists beat him up and to find out who hired them
OSW World Title Tournament Round One:Acid defeated Waldo The Clown via Rollup
American Capitalists beat up random dude to find out who hired them to take out Errol Flint
OSW World Title Tournament Round One:Dave the Rattlesnake defeated Marcus X via the Rattler (Stunner)
Matthew Cories and Professor Bordeaux have an altercation backstage
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Professor Bordeaux defeated Matthew Cories via cheating rollup
Desmond Cross and Fate have an altercation backstage
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Cosplay defeated Lord Merriweather via forfeit
Cosplay and Waldo the Clown have an “altercation”
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Marvelous Master Chef defeated John Pathlow via rollup
Brent Kersh and 911 have an altercation at ringside
Brent Kersh defeated 911 in an Ambulance match
Brent Kersh gives 911 respect post match
Matt Lennox attacks Marcus X backstage
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Zeek Williams defeated Ed Famous via the Silencer (Springboard Knee)
Richard Roman shows off the OSW World title, gets laid out by Marvelous Master Chef with a skillet to the skull, tries to steal the world title and then knocks out DTR when he tries to stop MMC from taking the belt
OSW World Title Tournament Round One: Desmond Cross defeated Hayden Hardkore via the Redeeming (Crucifix Powerbomb) to advance in the OSW World Title Tournament
Ed Famous destroys Zeek Williams backstage in a vicious assault with a steel chair
OSW Hardcore Championship Match: Matthew Cories defeated Hayden Hardkore, Mike Lane, John Pathlow, Ed Famous, Lord Merriweather, Waldo the Clown and Marcus X in a Hardcore Scramble Match (Lord Merriweather stole a pin to get the first fall, Marcus X defeated Merriweather via the Blackout (Reverse Rock Bottom) for the second fall, Waldo The Clown defeated Marcus X via a title shot to the skull for the third fall, Hayden Hardkore defeated Waldo the Clown via another title shot to the skull for the fourth fall, Mike Lane defeated Hayden Hardkore via the Shadow Kick (Leaping Side Kick) for the fifth fall and Matthew Cories defeated Mike Lane via the Chumbawumba (Leaping Inverted STO) on Mike Lane for the final fall)
The Scarecrow attacked Matthew Cories, destroying him with the Harvester (Chokeslam) damn near through the ring

Afterburn #2-For The United States:
Colt Jackson and Isaiah Black have a brawl in the ring which ends with Black beating the crap out of Jackson with a steel pipe
Hayden Hardkore defeated Ed Famous via a rollup
Zeke Williams knocked Ed Famous out with the Silencer before taking off his scarf, revealing his face
Hayden Hardkore and Professor Bordeaux have an altercation backstage
Brent Kersh/911 defeated Rick Mad/Waldo the Clown via the Hoax Call on Rick Mad
DTR hunts for MMC backstage, nearly getting impaled by a flying knife out of nowhere but the Chef is nowhere to be seen
Mike Lane defeated John Pathlow via a Small Package with the tights
American Capitalists beat down Mike Lane before a match for Fastlane is announced-Handicap tag team match with Errol Flint as the special guest referee
Marcus X defeated Matt Lennox in a Steel Cage Match
Fate and Desmond Cross have another encounter backstage
OSW World Title Tournament Quarter Finals:DTR defeated Zeek Williams via the Rattler
Matthew Cories confuses 911 for the White Ranger, 911 goes along with it and pisses Cories off before leaving
OSW World Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Fate defeated Cosplay via a Super Adversity
Marcus X challenges Matt Lennox to a match at Fastlane; Lennox accepts and reveals he screwed Marcus X out of the US title Battle Royal
OSW World Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Desmond Cross defeated Professor Bordeaux via the Amazing Grace (F-5)
Charlie Thompson tries to interview Lord Merriweather to a large degree of difficulty
OSW World Title Tournament Quarter Finals: Marvelous Master Chef defeated Acid via the Kitchen Sink (Torture Rack Neckbreaker)
Waldo the Clown and Cosplay have another comedic altercation
Scarecrow defeated Matthew Cories via the Perch (Lights Out Shenanigans)
Brent Kersh runs in to save Matthew Cories but gets knocked out cold by the Scarecrow
OSW US Title Match: Professor Bordeaux eliminates Isaiah Black last (Other entrants include Waldo the Clown, Cosplay, Matt Lennox, Ed Famous, Brent Kersh, Mike Lane, Colt Jackson, 911, Lord Merriweather, Zeek Williams, Acid and Hayden Hardkore)

Afterburn #3-Strong of Heart:
The show begins with Brent Kersh searching the halls for Scarecrow to no avail
Fate, Marvelous Master Chef, Desmond Cross and DTR have a four way staredown ahead of Flatline
Mother defeated John Pathlow and Zeek Williams via a Corkscrew Moonsault to become the #1 contender to the Hardcore Championship
Rick Mad challenges Lord Merriweather to a match at Flatline, sets fire to a briefcase full of money when Merriweather tries to buy him off
Scarecrow defeated Matt Lennox via the Perch
The American Capitalists beat the shit out of Mike Lane backstage
Brent Kersh defeated Rick Mad via the Southern Discomfort (Shoulder Breaker into a Tombstone Piledriver)
Scarecrow plays mind games with Brent Kersh who is furious and at his limit
Hayden Hardkore defeated Marcus X via the Flying Kiwi (Swanton Bomb)
911 and Matthew Cories bicker while Isaiah Black knocks Colt Jackson the fuck out with a steel chair before challenging him to a match at Fastlane
Tyler Brooks debuts and Mother believes he’s one of her children
Mike Lane/Isaiah Black/Lord Merriweather defeated Colt Jackson/911/Matthew Cories in a Six Man Elimination Match (Colt Jackson eliminated first via Disqualification, Matthew Cories eliminated via a massive Lariat from Isaiah Black and 911 eliminated via a Chumbawaumba and an opportunistic pin from Lord Merriweather)
Marcus X beats down Matt Lennox ringside, knocking him out with a Blackout on the floor before spray painting X on his back
Professor Bordeaux defeated Ed Famous via the Early Dismissal (Pedigree)
Professor Bordeaux tries to educate the OSW Crowd but Hayden Hardkore breaks up his lesson with a Flying Kiwi into the white board
MMC and Desmond Cross defeated Fate and DTR via a rollup with tights from MMC to Fate
A huge smozz happens at the end of the show, ending with MMC running off with the world title belt once more

Lord Merriweather tries to weasel out of the match with Rick Mad but Mad announces if Merriweather doesn’t fight, Flint will fire him
Captain One Eyed Willy defeated Tyler Brooks via the Shipwrecked (C-4)
Security, Errol Flint and DTR try to get back the world title from MMC but he manages to scamper off with it once more
Lord Merriweather defeated Rick Mad after his bodyguards beat the crap out of Mad with a steel chair
Isaiah Black is attacked by Colt 45 backstage with a steel chair; announced that their match is now a chairs match
Isaiah Black defeated Colt 45 via the Grand Leveller (Running Knee)
Marcus X proclaims Matt Lennox to be racist, Lennox protests to no avail
Mike Lane defeated The American Capitalists via a Shadow Kick to John Pathlow and a fast count
Jensen Cussen debuts, revealed the be the one who hired the American Capitalists due to Errol Flint refusing him a contract in OSW
Professor Bordeaux poorly apologises to Hayden Hardkore, Hayden refuses it so he gets pepper sprayed and smashed with the US title
Marcus X defeated Matt Lennox via the Times of Change (Crossface)
Tyler Brooks threatens Mother, who’s undeterred in her want to make him her child
OSW Hardcore Championship Match: Matthew Cories defeated 911 via a Swanton Bomb to retain the Hardcore Championship
Brent Kersh is determined to take down Scarecrow tonight even through the mind games
Scarecrow defeated Brent Kersh after the lights went out and Brent Kersh completely vanished
Captain One Eyed Willy tries to attack Matthew Cories but the Hardcore Champion runs away
Brent Kersh got transported to a corn field, he meets Scarecrow’s creator? And learns that the figure means to turn him into something just like Scarecrow
OSW US Championship Match: Professor Bordeaux defeated Hayden Hardkore via the Extra Credit (STF) to retain the OSW US Championship
Desmond Cross nails Fate to a literal cross backstage
Errol Flint finally gets the OSW World title belt back from MMC
OSW World Heavyweight Championship Match: Marvelous Master Chef defeated DTR, Desmond Cross and Fate via the Kitchen Sink to Desmond Cross to become the first OSW World Champion
The System is formed as they beat down on DTR and MMC

Afterburn #4-The System:
Brent Kersh somehow escaped the cornfield
The System gloats, DTR and MMC try to attack them before Errol Flint announces they’ll fight for the world title tonight
Crash defeated Brodasali via the Crash and Burn (Swanton Bomb)
Mike Lane and Jensen Cussen challenge eachother to a match at CyberSlam to settle their differences once and for all
Smoke defeated Colt 45 via the Chump Buster (Running Yakuza Kick)
Mother keeps trying to court Tyler Brooks who ain’t having none of that shit
Fate appeals to Errol Flint who makes a match between Desmond Cross and he at Cyberslam with a fan voted stipulation
Jensen Cussen/Mother defeated Tyler Brooks/Captain One Eyed Willy after the Maternal Instinct (Rear Naked Choke) on Tyler Brooks
Lord Merriweather challenges Professor Bordeaux to a US title match at Cyberslam
Desmond Cross defeated Matt Lennox via the Amazing Grace
Crash tries to impress Matt Lennox but gets beat down for his troubles
Captain One Eyed Willy tries to attack Matthew Cories but gets his clock cleaned by Jason David Frank
Scarecrow attack medical staff before perching himself behind an unconscious Brent Kersh
Fate defeated Rick Mad
Marvelous Master Chef tries to show DTR respect but DTR rebuffs him
Matthew Cories defeated Professor Bordeaux via the Chumbawumba
Smoke challenges Brodasali to a match at Cyberslam
OSW All Star Championship Match: Isaiah Black last eliminates Lord Merriweather via the Termination (Head Drop Brainbuster) in an Elimination Chamber match to become the new OSW All-Star Champion (Scarecrow and Brent Kersh vanish into the darkness, Mike Lane eliminated Marcus X via the Shadow Kick and Mike Lane got eliminated after a super Elbow Drop onto the steel)
Marcus X, Colt 45, Rick Mad and Isaiah Black all fight over the All Star Championship
Brent Kersh tries to beat down Scarecrow but Crow vanishes as Kersh collapses in exhaustion
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Marvelous Master Chef defeated DTR after a Jensen Cussen title shot to the skull to retain the OSW World Championship
Marvelous Master Chef joins the System, celebrating over the unconscious DTR

Afterburn #5-The Afterburn:
Brent Kersh challenges Scarecrow to face him, Crow replies by trapping Kersh in a ring of fire and accepting his challenge for the main event
Mother defeated DTR via disqualification
DTR interrupts a pre-taped cooking segment of MMC before challenging him to a proper rematch
Rick Mad defeated Brodasali via the Mad DDT
Jensen Cussen and Mike Lane have words before MMC cools them down and convinces them to work together
Tyler Brooks kidnaps one of Mothers ‘children’ greatly angering her
Smoke defeated Crash via the Chumb Buster
Matt Lennox tries to attack Crash again but Crash is ready, fighting him off
Isaiah Black and Marcus X have words
Colt 45 defeated Lord Merriweather via the Headshot
Professor Bordeaux and Lord Merriweather have words
Captain One Eyed Willy and Matthew Cories are backstage when Red River Jack and David Manson beat Willy down, Jack putting a cigarette out in Willy’s one good eye
Fate/Desmond Cross vs. Marcus X/Isaiah Black vs. Mike Lane/Jensen Cussen vs. Matthew Cories ends in a double pinfall victory for Fate/Desmond Cross and Mike Lane/Jensen Cussen
Fate and Desmond Cross fight, Cross nearly going over a fifteen foot guardrail to a sheer drop below
Smoke beats Brodasali down, nearly cutting him in half with a massive spear
Marvelous Master Chef defeated Professor Bordeaux via the Kitchen Sink
DTR beats down Jensen Cussen and Mike Lane, nearly setting them on fire before he stops himself
Errol Flint announces a four way for the All Star title: Isaiah Black defending against Colt 45, Rick Mad and Marcus X
Brent Kersh defeated Scarecrow in an Inferno match after throwing him into the fire
Scarecrow seemingly burns alive, leaving no single trace of the Hayman left aside from his jacket and hat

Afterburn #6-The End is Nigh:
Errol Flint announces a few matchs at Cyberslam before being beaten down by DTR and getting his arm broken
Jeremiah Jett defeated Battlin’ Jack via the Flying Jett (Guillotine Leg Drop)
The System see Errol Flint off to the hospital, slowly fracturing with their various egos after he leaves
Red River Jack/David Manson defeated Colt 45/Rick Mad via the Seein’ Red (Bus Driver DDT) on Rick Mad
Matthew Cories tries to act tough against the Awakening, nearly loses his hardcore title to Jeremiah Jett before running off as Jett gets thrown off the entrance ramp by Red River Jack
Tyler Brooks defeated Matt Lennox via the Your Foretold Destiny (360 Roundhouse Kick)
Crash gets attacked by a bunch of people Matt Lennox paid
Marcus X defeated Brodasali via the Blackout
Brent Kersh announces an open challenge for Cyberslam
Matthew Cories defeated Lord Merriweather via his corner throwing in the towel
Tyler Brooks challenges an irate Mother to a match at CyberSlam
Isaiah Black defeated Smoke via the Grand Leveller
Marcus X, Isaiah Black, Colt 45 and Rick Mad have a confrontation
DTR defeated Jensen Cussen in a Tables match via a neckbreaker through said table
Lord Merriweather attacks Professor Bordeaux who scampers away
Crash defeated Fate, Mother and Professor Bordeaux via the Crash Course Combo (Lethal Combination) on Fate
Smoke tries to bully Brodasali who simply ignores him
Brent Kersh defeated Desmond Cross via the Lone Star (Figure Four Leglock)
Fate attacks Desmond Cross via a bible to the skull
OSW Hardcore Championship: Smoke defeated Matthew Cories via the Chump Buster to become the new Hardcore Champion- 1st Champion
Mike Lane defeated Marvelous Master Chef via Rolling in the Fast Lane (Running Knee)
DTR announces match between him and Master Chef

Cyberslam #1:
The System has attacked DTR, beating him down and leaving him unconscious backstage
Rick Mad looks to retire before Jeremiah Jett interjects, pissing Mad off enough to stave off retirement
OSW Hardcore Championship: Red River Jack defeated Brodasali, Matthew Cories, David Manson, Brandon Hate, Battlin’ Jack, Smoke and Jeremiah Jett through the Seein’ Red on Matthew Cories to become the new Hardcore Champion- 3rd Champion
The Awakening form
Crash defeated Matt Lennox via the Crash Course to qualify for the Invasion Match
Destiny finds a video tape of her and Mike Lane, Lane thinks Jensen is the person who took it but Jensen denies it, leaving the lovers wondering who’s stalking them
Mother defeated Tyler Brooks in a School Bus Match via Brooks knocking himself out
Mother drives off with the unconscious Tyler Brook trapped in the bus
Brent Kersh comes out for his open challenge when a video pops up of his farm in flames and the Scarecrow’s voice heard
Scarecrow defeated Brent Kersh via the Harvester (Chokeslam)
Mike Lane defeated Jensen Cussen via the Shadow Kick
Errol Flint tries to recruit Matthew Cories to the System…it kinda works
Desmond Cross defeated Fate after the Amazing Grace through a table to strap him to the cross in a Cross Match
Desmond Cross announces the Plagues have begun
OSW All Star Championship: Isaiah Black defeated Rick Mad, Marcus X and Colt 45 via the Termination on Rick Mad to retain the All Star Championship
Marcus X and Isaiah Black are attacked by three men in KKK robes
OSW US Championship: Lord Merriweather defeated Professor Bordeaux via a fast rollup to become the new US Champion- 2nd Champion
Lord Merriweather announces he bought off the referee
Fate announces to Crash he’s joining him in the Invasion match
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: DTR defeated Marvelous Master Chef via a huge boot to the face to become the new World Champion- 2nd Champion

Afterburn #7-All That Glitters:
Isaiah Black and Marcus X are in the ring, threatening their attackers to come out before a video pops up off the three burning mannequins and saying they’ll kill the both of them
Mike Lane finds a silver blade that seemingly mind controls Matthew Cories in the name of his ‘empress’
Jensen Cussen defeated Rick Mad via the Infinity Rush (Flurry of Blows followed up with a Super Kick)
Errol Flint announces a few matches before the mysterious stalker strikes again
Smoke defeated Marcus X via the Chump Buster
Brent Kersh goes to attack Scarecrow at the corn farm but gets blindsided by Crow who vanishes before Kersh can fight back
Professor Bordeaux defeated Mother via the Early Dismissal
Jensen Cussen attacks Professor Bordeaux after Errol Flint announces they’ll be fighting in a #1 contendership match
Fate defeated Lord Merriweather via the Adversity
Black Widow and Jeremiah Jett have a confrontation
Crash defeated Mike Lane via the Crash Course
Rick Mad retires
Lord Merriweather flounces his US title before Mother attacks him
OSW Hardcore Championship: Red River Jack defeated Brandon Hate and David Manson via the Seein’ Red on Hate to retain the Hardcore Championship
The Awakening beat down Smoke before RRJ puts out a cigarette in his neck
DTR is denied entry to the building before beating the crap out of the security guards
Isaiah Black defeated Jeremiah Jett via the Grand Leveller to retain the All Star Championship
Fate interrupts Crash’s Crash City before Crash attacks Fate and they brawl before they’re forced apart
Scarecrow/Desmond Cross/Marvelous Master Chef defeated Brent Kersh/Matthew Cories/DTR via a Chumbawaumba on DTR and a MMC pinfall after Matthew Cories officially joins the System
Hail, Thunder and Lightning erupt in the Schoolyard as a thunderbolt just avoids hitting the competitors in the ring

Afterburn #8-Stormy Weather:
Desmond Cross announces his intentions before MMC suckers him in for a low blow and DTR knocks MMC out cold with the title belt
Thomas Roll denied entry into OSW
Marcus X defeated David Manson via the Blackout
Brent Kersh tries to retire but Errol Flint and the Scarecrow seem to refuse to let him
Mother defeated Battlin’ Jack via a Corkscrew Moonsault
Marcus X saves Isaiah Black from two white hooded figures but Black refuses his help
Jeremiah Jett defeated Black Widow via a steel chair shot to the skull
Mike Lane commands Matthew Cories to help him win the Invasion match
Smoke defeated Jensen Cussen via the Chump Buster
Mother’s children taunt Lord Merriweather
Brent Kersh defeated Professor Bordeaux via the Southern Discomfort
Smoke beats the crap out of Brandon Hate while demanding a match against David Manson/RRJ who agree to slaughter him at Invasion
Red River Jack defeated Scarecrow via the Thousand Words (Leaping Knee into a Single Knee Facebuster)
Crash and Fate get along, challenging one another to a Ladder match for the first entrant into Invasion
Thomas Roll still denied entry into OSW
Matthew Cories/Mike Lane defeated Crash/Fate via the Chumbawumba on Fate
Black Widow knocked out backstage by Leonora Lee
Isaiah Black defeated DTR and Lord Merriweather via the Grand Leveller on Lord Merriweather
Professor Bordeaux sues Jensen Cussen
Marvelous Master Chef defeated Desmond Cross via Montazuma’s Revenge (Diving Splash)
Marcus X is hung from the rafters in an attempted murder

Afterburn #9-There’s Something About Destiny:
A big smozz starts up the show, ending with Kersh laying out Scarecrow but Crow immediately sitting up
Thomas Roll sneaks into the building
Oblivion defeated Terror via a Double Handed Chokeslam
Smoke is fooled by a sneak attack from the Awakening
David Manson defeated Smoke via the Delusion Illusion
Professor Bordeaux tries to force Jensen Cussen to lay down at Invasion
Jensen Cussen/Professor Bordeaux defeated Jeremiah Jett/Black Widow via the Blunt Force Trauma to Jeremiah Jett
Marcus X learns a hard truth about Isaiah Black
Mother defeated Red River Jack via the Maternal Instinct
Black Widow challenges Jeremiah Jett to a match at Invasion
DTR defeated Tyler Brooks via the Rattler
Desmond Cross infects DTR with lice before knocking him out cold
Lord Merriweather defeated MMC via a schoolboy rollup
Mother attacks Lord Merriweather, knocking him out with the Maternal Instinct
Scarecrow defeated Isaiah Black via the Perch
Errol Flint signs Thomas Roll’s OSW’s contract…and a handicap match against Oblivion and Terror
Crash defeated Fate in a Ladder Match to get the first spot in Invasion
MMC tries his cooking show but Desmond Cross poisons his food and knocks him out cold
Mike Lane defeated Matthew Cories and Brent Kersh via the Shadow Kick to Matthew Cories
Everyone in the Invasion match fight with one another
Destiny is kidnapped

Invasion #1:
Errol Flint and Mike Lane are despondent over Destiny’s kidnapping
Terror and Oblivion defeated Thomas Roll via the CTH; Thomas Roll is denied an OSW Contract
Terror and Oblivion attack one another post match
David Manson stalks Charlie Thompson, only stopping once Fate turns up
Jensen Cussen knocks Professor Bordeaux out cold with his answer to if he’ll lay down or not
Black Widow defeated Leonora Lee via the Widow Maker
MMC tries to strategize with DTR but Dead To Rights isn’t having it
Jensen Cussen defeated Professor Bordeaux via the Infinity Rush to fight DTR next week
Nicole Kersh convinces Brent Kersh to stand up to the Scarecrow tonight
Smoke defeated Brandon Hate via the Chump Buster
David Manson defeated Smoke via the Delusion Illusion (Double Knee Facebuster)
Red River Jack announces Smoke’s getting a shot at him regardless
OSW Hardcore Championship Match: Red River Jack defeated Smoke via the Seein’ Red to retain the Hardcore Championship
Scarecrow strokes the hairs of Mother’s children, announcing his intentions to make them love him
OSW All Star Championship Match: Isaiah Black defeated Marcus X via the Grand Leveller to retain the All Star Championship
The KKK attack Marcus X and Isaiah Black only to be saved from a brutal beating by Black Widow
OSW US Championship Match:Lord Merriweather defeated Mother via a steel chair shot from a debuting competitor to retain the US Championship
The mysterious attacker is revealed to be Nigel Royal as the pair beat Mother down
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Desmond Cross defeated DTR and MMC via the Redeeming and a Jensen Cussen steel chair shot to DTR to become the new OSW World Champion- 3rd Champion
Someone tries to blackmail Crash into losing the Invasion match or someone named Zander gets hurt
Desmond Cross gloats
Invasion I: Scarecrows wins the very first Invasion match (also involving Crash, Fate, Mike Lane Brent Kersh and Matthew Cories)
The bloodied locket of Destiny is sent to Mike Lane and Errol Flint
A swarm of flies infect the Schoolyard

Afterburn #10: A Night of Champions:
A despondent Mike Lane tries to apologise to Matthew Cories for using him
Lord Merriweather and Nigel Royal celebrate Merriweather’s US title victory and becoming the “commisioner” before Brent Kersh crashes the party, announcing he’s not retiring and challenging Merriweather for the title later tonight
Ryan LeCavalier defeated King Konstantine via DQ after the King’s Court kept interfering
King Konstantine knocks Ryan LeCavalier out cold
Fate confronts David Manson over stalking his girlfriend Charlie Thompson but Manson plays dumb
Thomas Roll defeated Terror via the Big Whirly
Oblivion attacks Thomas Roll before Terror takes umbrage at his interference and fights with him
Marcus X defeated Nigel Royal via the Blackout
Black Widow tries to talk some camaraderie into Isaiah Black but Black doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and will fight the KKK alone
Matthew Cories defeated Master Chef via the Chumbawumba to enter Pandemonium #20
Desmond Cross summons a plague of locusts into the backstage area
DTR vs. Jensen Cussen ends in a Double Disqualifiction after the match doesn’t even get into the ring
DTR and Jensen Cussen beat the shit out of eachother in a fight that ends after DTR stabs Jensen in the arm with a shard of glass
Scarecrow/Mother defeated David Manson/Fate via the Perch on David Manson
Scarecrow seems to have a hold on a few of Mother’s children as they very reluctantly go to her side and not with the Scarecrow
A backstage promo for a mysterious competitor debuting (Reichous Marx)
OSW Hardcore Championship: Red River Jack defeated Crash via an Apron Neckbreaker through a table to retain the Hardcore Championship
Master Chef talks shit about Destiny and then gets the shit beat out of him by Mike Lane, who kicks him out of the System
OSW All Star Championship: Isaiah Black defeated Black Widow via a rollup to retain the All Star Championship
Lord Merriweather and Nigel Royal flaunt their power before taunting Brent Kersh prior to their match
OSW US Championship: Brent Kersh defeated Lord Merriweather via the Lone Star to become the new US Champion; 3rd Champion
Crash comes out, pissed about what happened at Invasion as it’s revealed Red River Jack and the Awakening are behind the kidnapping of Zander Zane before the new member of the Awakening, Terry McGuire beats Crash down with the rest of the Awakening
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Mike Lane defeated Desmond Cross after Cross put an unconscious Mike Lane over him to become the new OSW World Heavyweight Champion; 4th Champion
Desmond Cross beats Mike Lane up more, busting him open with a microphone and announcing his suffering is only just begun

Afterburn #11-What Doesn’t Kill You:
The Awakening taunt Crash with the death of Zander Zane and he before Crash and Fate run in to try and attack them but the numbers game is too much.
Pickpocket defeated Atticus Kyle via thieving The End (Double Foot Stomp)
Mike Lane has an interview backstage where his water bottle turns to blood before Desmond Cross beats him down
King Konstantine defeated Thomas Roll via a hard steel chair shot
Lord Merriweather is furious at Brent Kersh for thwarting him last week as he not only announces he’ll defend the title against him at Pandemonium but will enter Pandemonium #1
Fate defeated Oblivion via Destiny (Double Underhook DDT)
Thomas Roll and Pickpocket seemingly come to a partnership agreement
Nigel Royal defeated Terror via the Dungeons of London (Arm Hook Crossface)
Lord Merriweather announces that Isaiah Black and Marcus X will fight the KKK at Pandemonium; if Black/X win, Black gets his world title shot but if the KKK win, Black and X are fired
Crash defeated Ryan LeCavallier via the Crash Course
Scarecrow’s plans to free Mother’s children continue
DTR defeated Matthew Cories via a jaw rattling Superkick
Another debut promo is seen, revealing that is indeed Reichous Marx
Scarecrow defeated Smoke via the Perch
Red River Jack runs in and beat the living shit out of Smoke, capping off with a sickening steel chair assault that takes Smoke out in a stretcher
Matthew Cories confuses Atticus Kyle with Darkonda who simply nails Cories in the throat with a palm thrust before walking away, shaking his head
Desmond Cross defeated Jensen Cussen in a Cross Match after the Amazing Grace allows Cross to lock Jensen onto the Cross
The Cross ascends as DTR rushes out, attacking Jensen on the cross which ends with a massive DDT from ten feet in the air, knocking both men out cold
OSW Hardcore Championship: Red River Jack defeated Mother via the Seein’ Red to retain the Hardcore Championship
Ryan LeCavallier seemingly slipped King Konstantine a laxative
Brent Kersh defeated Mike Lane via the Lone Star
The Hangman debuts, giving a warning to the OSW roster before taking a cameraman away in a noose
OSW Tag Team Championship: The Awakening (David Manson/Terry McGuire) defeated Black Power (Black Widow/Marcus X) via the Delusion Illusion on Marcus X to become the very first OSW Tag Team Champions
The KKK drag Black Widow backstage, beating the crap out of her before delivering a Curb Stomp onto the unforgiving concrete

Afterburn #12-Dragged Over Hot Coals:
The show opening is dedicated to Smoke, who died at the hospital before Desmond Cross interjects, killing the lights. Mike Lane rushes in, beating Cross down before he and Errol Flint try to strap him to a Cross that Desmond somehow escapes
Atticus Kyll defeated Lord Merriweather
Vespertine makes her debut backstage, hyping up her debut match before The Hangman shows up, threatening her
Vespertine defeated Fate via a schoolboy rollup
Nigel Royal and King Konstantine have a showdown before Konstantine takes his head nearly off with his massive clothesline
Marcus X defeated Mike Lane via making him pass out in the Times of Change
Pickpocket and Thomas Roll have an argument backstage
Reichous Marx speaks his doctrine before announcing he’ll be in Pandemonium
The Hangman defeated Matthew Cories via the Noose (Seated Choke Sleeper)
Isaiah Black and Marcus X exchange word as Marcus finally has had enough of Black’s bullshit
Monkey Business (Pickpocket/Thomas Roll) defeated DTR/Jensen Cussen via Disqualification after Jensen nails Pickpocket with a steel chair
DTR and Jensen Cussen fight again, leading to Jensen throwing DTR through a car windshield
Crash buries Terry McGuire alive
Red River Jack attacks Crash, taunting over being involved in Smoke’s death before Fate and Crash take down the Awakening, challenging them to a tag title match at Pandemonium
Atticus Kyll and Matthew Cories have another altercation
Brent Kersh defeated Isaiah Black via the Southern Discomfort
Lord Merriweather and Nigel Royal beat down Brent Kersh, leaving him bloodied and unconscious
King Konstantine last eliminates Mother in the Coal Chamber Match (Also involving David Manson, Nigel Royal, Ryan LeCavallier and Desmond Cross)
Desmond Cross throws Ryan LeCavallier face first onto the hot coals, taunting Mike Lane that one last plague remains

Pandemonium I:
Rick Walker and Richard Roman hype up the show
Brent Kersh hypes up his match and Pandemonium entrant
Nigel Royal hypes himself up
Red River Jack announces Crash doesn’t get him but Brandon Hate instead
OSW Tag Team Championship: Fate/Crash defeated The Awakening (David Manson/Brandon Hate) via the Crash Course on David Manson to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions; 2nd Champions
Lord Merriweather hype promo
The Hangman hype promo
Marcus X fights for every african american
Red River Jack calls for everyone to wake up
Reichous Marx hype promo
Marcus X/Isaiah Black defeated the KKK via a Marcus X Curb Stomp on K-2
The Grand Wizard announces they’ll reveal their identities at Driven before announcing he’ll be in Pandemonium
DTR hype promo
Vespertine hype promo
Mother hype promo
King Konstantine hype promo
Crash hype promo
OSW US Championship:Brent Kersh defeated Lord Merriweather via the Lone Star to retain the US Championship
Matthew Cories hype promo
Pickpocket hype promo
Isaiah Black hype promo
Desmond Cross reveals that he has Destiny, she’s strapped to the cross and he’s completed all ten plagues
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Mike Lane defeated Desmond Cross via the Shadow Kick to retain the OSW World Heavyweight Title
The Scarecrow hype promo
Desmond Cross hype promo
Jensen Cussen hype promo
Fate hype promo
Pandemonium I: Red River Jack wins the very first Pandemonium, last eliminating Isaiah Black

Brent Kersh
Nigel Royal
Lord Merriweather
The Scarecrow
Red River Jack
Imperial Keagle
The Hangman
King Konstantine
Reichous Marx
Isaiah Black
Jensen Cussen
Marcus X
Desmond Cross
Matthew Cories

Imperial Keagel via Brent Kersh
Vespertine via Brent Kersh
The Hangman via Crash/Fate
Lord Merriweather via Nigel Royal
Matthew Cories via eliminating himself
Scarecrow via Mother
Nigel Royal via Mother
Desmond Cross via Mother
Fate via Brent Kersh
DTR via Jensen Cussen
Jensen Cussen via DTR
Marcus X via Isaiah Black
Pickpocket via Reichous Marx
Reichous Marx via Crash
Crash via Red River Jack
King Konstantine via Isaiah Black
Mother via Isaiah Black/Red River Jack
Brent Kersh via Isaiah Black
Isaiah Black via Red River Jack

Afterburn #13-The Red Mist:
Isaiah Black and Mike Lane have a staredown with Black officially challenging Lane to a world title match at Driven
Matthew Cories and the Hangman have an altercation
Reichous Marx defeated Jensen Cussen via the Helter Skelter (The Stroke)
Red River Jack taunts Crash before revealing Zander Zane’s chained up, which makes Crash snap and knock Jack out with a Go To Sleep
DTR defeated The Hangman via the Rattler
Marcus X and Fate get a message from the KKK
Desmond Cross defeated The Scarecrow via the Amazing Grace
King Konstantine offers Nigel Royal an opportunity to work with him only to be interrupted by Pickpocket stealing his crown
Fate/Crash defeated Monkey Business (Pickpocket/Thomas Roll) via the Destiny on Thomas Roll
Mother looks for her lost children only to be knocked out cold by Scarecrow
Marcus X defeated Lord Merriweather via the Times of Change
Jensen Cussen and DTR agree to one final fight at Driven; A Deathmatch
OSW Hardcore Championship:Nigel Royal defeated Vespertine, Atticus Kyll and Matthew Cories for the vacant OSW Hardcore Championship via the Dungeon’s of London on Atticus Kyle; 4th Champion
Marcus X and Brent Kersh have words before Fate attacks Marcus X, demanding he find out where they took Charlie Thompson
OSW All Star Championship: King Konstantine defeated Mother via Off With Your Head (Stiff Lariat) to win the vacated All Star Championship; 2nd Champion
Atticus Kyle stops Verspertine being kidnapped by the KKK only to be beaten down and kidnapped himself
Reichous Marx announces he’s coming after Desmond Cross
Red River Jack/Isaiah Black vs. Brent Kersh/Mike Lane ends in a double disqualification after David Manson nails Mike Lane with a chair and Red River Jack nails Isaiah Black with one too
The Awakening beat down Black, Kersh and Lane before Crash tries to come in for the save but gets beaten down too

Afterburn #14-The Black Out:
Fate finds evidence Brent Kersh may be one of the KKK
Nigel Royal defeated Will Abel via the Dungeons of London
Vespertine, Marcus X, and Fate confront Brent Kersh about what Fate found and Kersh promises to prove they’re wrong
Marcus X defeated Vespertine via the Blackout
CCTV footage of Desmond Cross watching Mike Lane, Destiny and Errol Flint but Reichous Marx is seen watching Desmond Cross
Brent Kersh defeated Thomas Roll via the Southern Discomfort
Red River Jack seemingly throws a prone Zander Zane off the stage but it was just mindgames to fuck with Crash as it wasn’t the real Zander
Jensen Cussen/Matthew Cories/Scarecrow defeated Mother/DTR/The Hangman via the Chumbawumba on Hangman and a Cussen pinfall
Mother tries to attack Scarecrow with her children as Crow vanishes, Hangman attempts to hang Matthew Cories and DTR throws Jensen’s ass down a flight of stairs
Red River Jack defeated Reichous Marx via a Koji Clutch
Damien Payne debuts only to be interrupted by Will Abel who challenges him to a match at Driven
OSW All Star Championship: King Konstantine defeated Pickpocket in a Steel Cage match to retain the All Star Championship
King Konstantine beats down Pickpocket before Nigel Royal makes him pass out in the Dungeons of London, cementing he and Konstantine’s partnership
Mike Lane defeated Crash via the Shadow Kick
Isaiah Black and Mike Lane have a confrontation
Isaiah Black defeated Fate in an Ambulance Match after a massive Grand Leveller knocked Fate out cold
The KKK come out to attack Isaiah Black but Vespertine, Marcus X and Mike Lane come out for the save only for Isaiah Black to attack Mike Lane and knock him out cold with the Termination

Afterburn #15-In Heavy Protest:
There’s a massive protest outside the Schoolyard, Fate and Marcus X trying to attack Brent Kersh when he arrives but the Enforcer manages to escape inside
Mike Lane tries to convince Errol Flint not to fight Desmond Cross tonight to no avail
Red River Jack defeated Mike Lane via the Seein’ Red
Brent Kersh tries to explain himself only for Fate, Vespertine and Marcus X not to believe him, pissing off Kersh enough that he challenges all three to a US title match at Driven
Vespertine defeated Damien Payne via Breaking the Bank
The Royal Guard get swarmed by PETA which allows Pickpocket to steal both the Hardcore and All Star titles and run off with them
Will Abel defeated Doug Murdoch via the Pop Up Powerbomb
Errol Flint force Jensen Cussen and DTR to sign a no contact contract in order to sanction their deathmatch at Driven
Matthew Cories defeated Marcus X and DTR via the March of the Dragonzord (Superkick/Swanton Bomb combination)
Mother and Scarecrow have a staredown before officially challenging one another to a match at Driven
Reichous Marx/Isaiah Black defeated Crash and Fate via the Grand Leveller on Crash
Desmond Cross runs in to attack Marx, gets attacked by Mike Lane before Reichous Marx saves Lane from an Isaiah Black attack.
Jensen Cussen defeated Mother via the Blunt Force Trauma (Leaping Superkick)
The Hangman has tied Matthew Cories up backstage before officially challenging him to a match at Driven
Pickpocket defeated Nigel Royal via the Stolen Dungeons of London
Jake Jeckel debuts, inserting himself into a match with Will Abel and Doug Murdoch at Driven
Crash leaves the building to go find Zander Zane
King Konstantine defeated Brent Kersh via the Off With Your Head
Crash finds the hospital room of Zander only for it to be a trap as he gets beaten down by Red River Jack
Desmond Cross defeated Errol Flint after Mike Lane is forced to Shadow Kick him to stop the destruction
Mike Lane tries to get Errol Flint help only to have a door swung in his face and Isaiah Black knock him out with the Grand Leveller

Driven 2015:
The KKK open the show, revealing the kidnapped Charlie Thompson and Atticus Kyll before threatening to hurt a lot more people
OSW US Championship: Brent Kersh defeated Vespertine, Fate and Marcus X via the Southern Discomfort on Marcus X to retain the US Championship
The KKK run in, beating down Vespertine, Fate and Marcus X while acting like Brent Kersh is one of them
King Konstantine and Nigel Royal go over their game plan for tonight, also revealing they paid Thomas Roll to bail
The Hangman defeated Matthew Cories after using a noose to hang him into unconsciousness
The Hangman snaps the blade in two, saving Matthew Cories who shakes the Hangman’s hand in thanks
Willie Manson and Will Abel have an altercation
Pickpocket/Buford the Monkey defeated King Konstantine/Nigel Royal via a running punt kick to Nigel Royal
Zander Zane hypes Crash up before his match
Jake Jeckel defeated Doug Murdoch, Willie Manson and Will Abel via the Pony Down (Chokeslam Backbreaker) on Willie Manson
Pig debuts, beating down Jake Jeckel and knocking him out with The Day The World Went Away
Reichous Marx and Desmond Cross have a battle of words before their match
Reichous Marx defeated Desmond Cross via the Helter Skelter
Jonah Williams appears backstage to DTR, telling him to end Jensen once and for all
Scarecrow vs. Mother ends in a No Contest after the referee loses control over both competitors
Li Quang appears backstage, giving his old friend Jensen a pep talk prior to the deathmatch
Mother promises to leave OSW if Scarecrow gives back her children and Crow agrees
Jensen Cussen vs. DTR ends in a double pinfall after both men fall off the damn roof. EMT’s take both men away but it’s revealed Jonah Williams is the only driving the ambulance that takes his son away
Mike Lane tries to apologise to Errol Flint as Isaiah Black tries to attack Mike Lane but Mike Lane gets the better of him this time
Red River Jack defeated Crash via the Seein’ Red DDT
DTR is announced with severe spinal injuries as the announcers plea for Jonah to take his son to the hospital, only to be interrupted by the debut of the newest OSW Superstar, Ash Williams
Someone runs down Errol Flint
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Isaiah Black defeated Mike Lane after two consecutive Grand Levellers to become the new OSW World Champion; 5th Champion
The KKK run down, beating Isaiah Black up and stealing his title belt before unmasking and revealing they were the Awakening all along

Afterburn #16-Incomplete:
Charlie Thompson tries to get Isaiah Black to help them fight the Awakening but Black is coming for Red River Jack’s throat no matter what
Red River Jack reveals why, saying he just wanted to fuck with the sheep before begging Black to bring death to him
Matthew Cories defeated Vespertine via the Chumbawumba
Charlie Thompson tells Crash with Fate out indefinitely, he can defend the tag titles with another partner at Ring of Dreams or compete in the Sweet Dreams match. Crash chooses Sweet Dreams as the tag titles are vacated
King Konstantine defeated Chris Danger via the Exile (Torture Rack)
Marcus X apologies to Brent Kersh for accusing him of being a KKK member as Kersh reluctantly accepts his apology
Pig defeated Willie Manson via The Day The World Went Away (Crucifix Powerbomb Toss into Neckbreaker)
Destiny tries to make a match between Desmond Cross and Mike Lane at Ring of Dreams, believing Cross ran Errol Flint over but Desmond will only fight if Destiny is the prize
Will Abel offers Willie Manson a chance at the tag team titles which Manson cautiously agrees
Brent Kersh defeated Will Abel via the Southern Discomfort
Matthew Cories tries to take advantage of the Hardcore title 24/7 rules but Nigel Royal still doesn’t have the belt on him
Mother is throwing the children Scarecrow turned into a furnace, challenging him to one last match at Ring of Dreams
Nigel Royal defeated The Hangman via the Dungeons of London
King Konstantine attacks Pickpocket backstage, stealing Buford in the process
Reichous Marx/Jake Jeckel defeated Mike Lane/Crash via the Helter Skelter and a Jake pinfall on Crash
Pig runs in to attack Jake Jeckel, Cayci Spires runs in for the save but Jake drops her with the Hatchet. Reichous Marx knocks Jake out cold before Ethan Bird runs in, and cleans house with a steel chair
Isaiah Black defeated The Scarecrow, Pickpocket and Desmond Cross via the Grand Leveller on Desmond Cross
Ash tries to attack The Hangman, believing him evil but The Hangman seemingly convinces Ash to fight together
Red River Jack has been beating Marcus X backstage before dragging him to the ring for their match
Red River Jack vs. Marcus X was a no contest after both men begin beating down on Isaiah Black, forcing Brent Kersh to come out for the save

Afterburn #17-The Brutality of Truth:
Marcus X reveals why he did what he did last night, unleashing the Negro Revolution who beat the crap out of Brent Kersh when he runs down before challenging the Enforcer to a match at Ring of Dreams
Matthew Cories defeated Ethan Bird via the Chumbawumba
King Konstantine challenges Pickpocket to a match at Ring of Dreams
The Hangman defeated David Manson via Capital Punishment (Chokeslam)
A mysterious man attacks and brutalises Ethan Bird backstage
Willie Manson defeated Bobby South via a small package
Destiny tries to convince Mike Lane to take the match but he still refuses
Crash defeated Will Abel via the Daredevil Driver
Willie Manson beats the crap out of Will Abel, breaking up their short lived partnership
Scarecrow accepts Mother’s challenge
Ash Williams defeated Desmond Cross via the Hail to the King (Double Underhook Piledriver)
Destiny interrogates Zachariah Hawthorn to little success
Nigel Royal defeated Mike Lane via the Royal Flush (Quad Back Suplexs)
Sweet Dreams competitors talk smack before James Hunter is revealed to be who attacked Ethan Bird
Pickpocket/King Konstantine defeated Scarecrow via the Home Invasion (Punt Kick)
Pickpocket looks to give both Royal and Konstantine both their belts back before Matthew Cories attacks Royal, allowing Pickpocket to run away with both belts
Isaiah Black defeated Marcus X via the Grand Leveller
Scarecrow seemingly burns Mother alive in a furnace
Jake Jeckel vs. Reichous Marx ends in a No Contest after the Sweet Dreams competitors run in
David Manson/Brandon Hate were attacked viciously by Isaiah Black
Bobby South challenges Longboat to a match
Brent Kersh defeated Red River Jack in a Tables Match by putting him through one with a T-Bone Suplex
Ash frantically tries to find the Necrinomicon and falsely believing Hangman has it, knocks him out cold with the Boomstick
Pig defeated Cayci Spires in a Steel Cage match after Jake Jeckel throws the cage door into Cayci’s face
Red River Jack tries to murder Isaiah Black with a forklift

Afterburn #18-The Raid:
Scene from last week as Isaiah Black stumbles into the darkness despite needing medical help
The cops arrive on the scene to fully investigate Errol Flint’s accident
Crash defeated Mother via forfeit
Marcus X interrupts a Brent Kersh interview by attacking him backstage
Reichous Marx defeated Scarecrow and Longboat via the Helter Skelter on Longboat
Matthew Cories and Pickpocket exchange pleasantries
Scarecrow and Mother brawl violently
The Hangman defeated Bobby South via Capital Punishment
Ash Williams attacks Hangman again, leaving him laid out cold with another Boomstick
Desmond Cross defeated Willie Manson via Amazing Grace
Will Abel beats Willie Manson down, challenging him to Ring of Dreams
Cayci Spires defeated Will Abel via the Chaos Theory (Codebreaker)
Desmond Cross gets arrested in suspicion of Errol Flint’s assault as Mike Lane accepts his match but only if it’s Loser Leaves OSW
Mike Lane defeated Ash Williams via the STF
The Kings Court hype themselves up ahead of their match against Matthew Cories and Pickpocket
Jake Jeckel defeated Pig in an Iron Man Match after a cheating rollup to win 2 falls to 1
Jimmy Sartyr announces he’s entering Sweet Dreams
Neville Sheldon announces he’s entering Sweet Dreams
Brent Kersh, Isaiah Black, Matthew Cories and Pickpocket defeated Marcus X, Red River Jack, King Konsantine and Nigel Royal in an Elimination Match after Red River Jack eliminates himself via countout (Pickpocket eliminated King Konstantine via rollup, Marcus X eliminated Pickpocket via Off With Your Head from King Konstantine, Brent Kersh eliminated Marcus X via the Southern Discomfort, Matthew Cories eliminated Nigel Royal via the Chumbawumba and Red River Jack eliminated Matthew Cories via the Seein’ Red)
All the evidence on Errol Flint’s case gets burnt up in a fire

Ring of Dreams I:
Ring of Dreams sparks off with a multi man promo from the Sweet Dreams competitors
Pickpocket interrupts King Konstantine and Queen Kassondra in bed
Corvus Stull defeated Jack Owyns via the Last Gasp (Modified Chokehold)
Destiny isn;t happy about Mike Lane involving the cops
The Hangman defeated Ash Williams via the Noose
The Crowley Family debut, beating down The Hangman
Isaiah Black talks trash about Red River Jack
Willie Manson defeated Will Abel via a DDT on the Steel Chair
Marcus X locks Brent Kersh in his locker room
OSW Hardcore Championship: Nigel Royal defeated Matthew Cories via the Dungeon of London to retain the Hardcore Championship
Red River Jack reminds Destiny of the deal they made
OSW All Star Championship: King Konstantine defeated Pickpocket via the Off With Your Head to retain the All Star Championship
Ash Williams and Matthew Cories join forces to become the 90’s Guys
Scarecrow defeated Mother via the magic of the lights out
Neville Sheldon saves Cayci Spires from an attack by Pig
OSW US Championship: Brent Kersh defeated Marcus X via the Southern Discomfort to retain the US Championship
Nigel Royal gets told his father has been arrested
Sweet Dreams I: Reichous Marx defeated Crash, Neville Sheldon, Jake Jeckel, James Hunter, Jimmy Sartyr, Pig and Cayci Spires in the Sweet Dreams Steel Cage Match after two mysterious men threw him through the cage doors; Reichous gets a title opportunity in the future
Jake Jeckel is heading to the back when he’s attacked and laid out by Gabriel Caine
Mike Lane defeated Desmond Cross via a Small Package; Desmond Cross is fired
Destiny is arrested for tampering with evidence
Someone has a private conversation in a limo who may be the new OSW commissioner
OSW World Heavyweight Championship:Isaiah Black defeated Red River Jack via the Grand Leveller to retain the OSW World Championship

Afterburn #19-Dreams to Nightmares:
Jackson Slade is the new OSW commissioner, announcing several matches for Block Party and King Konstantine defending the All Star title against Hangman tonight. It’s also revealed two men named Azrael and Solomon attacked Reichous Marx last night
James Hunter defeated Cooter Hayes via Poetic Justice (Double Underhook Powerbomb into an Inverted DDT)
Red RiverJack blackmails Mike Lane
Gabriel Caine defeated Marcus X via the Crowd Control (Modified RKO)
Pickpocket challenges Nigel Royal to a match at Block Party
Crash defeated Jimmy Sartyr via the Crash Course
Bruce Van Chan debuts, having words with Cooter Hayes
Those 90’s Guys (Ash Williams/Matthew Cories) defeated Willie Manson/Corvus Styll via the Hail to the King on Willie Manson to advance to the tag title match at Block Party
Those 90’s Guys and Beauty and the Geek (Neville Sheldon and Cayci Spires) have words
Reichous Marx defeated Cayci Spires via the Helter Skelter
Pig beats down Jimmy Sartyr
Lee Crowley defeated Nigel Royal via the Trauma (Top Rope Legdrop) through a table
The announce team try to celebrate Isaiah Black’s victory at Ring of Dreams but he beats the crap out of both of them before Mike Lane runs down for the save
Brent Kersh defeated Pickpocket via the Southern Discomfort
Debut vignette for the #1 Marvolo
Neville Sheldon defeated Pig in a Strap Match
Marcus X challenges Brent Kersh to a rematch for the US title at Block Party
Red River Jack defeated Mike Lane via the Seein’ Red
Lee Crowley taunts the Hangman, saying he’ll join the Crowley Family in the end
OSW All Star Championship: King Konstantine defeated The Hangman via the Off With Your Head to retain the All Star Championship
The Question beats down Crash backstage
Isaiah Black defeated Jake Jeckel via the Grand Leveller
Gabriel Caine beats down Jake Jeckel with help from Azrael and Solomon

Afterburn #20-More Questions Then Answers:
Jake Jeckel and Reichous Marx say they’ll work together to get revenge on Azrael and Solomon
Gabriel Caine and Crash defeated The Hangman Brent Kersh via the Crowd Control on Brent Kersh
Mike Lane reluctantly joins the Awakening to save Destiny
Marcus X defeated Cooter Hayes via the Times of Change
Pickpocket’s stolen Nigel Royals money as he throws it into the crowd
Jimmy Satyr defeated Willie Manson via the Trhillride (Corner driving knee to the back of the neck)
Rock the Block match is announced for Block Party as Robert Gordon among others debuts in it
Ash defeated Pickpocket via the Hail to the King
Bruce Van Chan and Cooter Hayes team up in the Crowd Pleasers
Jake Jeckel defeated Matthew Cories via the Hatchet
Cabriel Caine taunts Jake Jeckel
Jackson Slade watches a tape of a homeless man beating the crap out of people
Pig defeated Nigel Royal with the Day The World Went Away
Pig and Jimmy Sartyr brawl backstage
Beauty and the Geek defeat the Crowley Family (Tobias and Damien) after a Cayci Kimura Lock on Tobias
Those 90’s Guys and Beauty and the Geek have a rap off before they brawl
Lee Crowley tries to play mind games with the Hangman
Bruce Van Chan defeated Axel the Shark, Marvolo and Albert Scmitz via the Channinator (Inverted DDT) on Marvolo in a Parking Lot Brawl
Brent Kersh walks into a sickening sight from Marcus X, pictures of his wife and kids plastered all over
Mike Lane, Red River Jack and Isaiah Black defeated Reichous Marx, King Konstantine and James Hunter via the Shadow Kick on James Hunter
Mike Lane and Red River Jack beat down Isaiah Black
Azrael and Solomon beat down Brent Kersh, powerbombing him through a car windshield

Afterburn #21-Set You Free:
Jackson Slade talks to security, trying to get them to stop Azrael and Solomon forcing their way in tonight before telling Jake Jeckel and Gabriel Caine their match is now a lumberjack match
Marvolo/Jondo defeated Schmitz/Rico via a Swanton Bomb on Schmitz
Red River Jack forces Mike Lane to hang up on an incarcerated Destiny
Axel the Shark defeated Willie Manson via the Fuerza Special (Chikara Special)
Marcus X taunts Brent Kersh
Matthew Cories defeated Cayci Spires via the Chumbawumba
Block Party competitors debut, including Royston Hawkes, Jondo, Axel the Shark and Marvolo
Nigel Royal defeated Crash via the Dungeons of London
Willie Manson beats down Rico backstage
Crowd Pleasers (Bruce Van Chan/Cooter Hayes) defeated The Brotherhood (Marcus X/Brother III) via the Alabama Slam on Brother III
Those 90’s Guys and the Crowd Pleasers have a dance off which leads to the 90’s Guys beating them down only to be saved by Beauty and the Geek
Isaiah Black defeated The Hangman
Red River Jack and Isaiah Black play mind games with Mike Lane who just walks away
Mike Lane defeated Gabriel Caine via the Shadow Kick
Pickpocket gets Nigel Royal arrested
James Hunter defeated Brent Kersh via the Poetic Justice
Reichous Marx beats down King Konstantine
Reichous Marx defeated King Konstantine, Pickpocket and Jimmy Sartyr via the Helter Skelter on King Konstantine
Jimmy Sartyr tries to make friends with Pig…which might have worked?
Lee Crowley defeated Pig in a Buried Alive match
The Crowley Family let The Hangman beat them, trying to force him to be just like them
Red River Jack defeated Jake Jeckel in a Steel Chairs Match via the Seein’ Red on a Steel Chair
Crash cuts James Hunter brakes as Hunter barely avoids a bad car crash
Neville Sheldon defeated Ash Williams in an Iron Man Match with a score of 3-2
Azrael and Solomon announce they’ll be at Block Party

Block Party 2015:
To the tune of ‘Great Day’ by Lonely Island, the Rock the Block match starts early
Royston Hawkes defeated Robert Gordon, Axel the Shark, Marvolo, Jondo, Willie Manson and Noboru Tanaka via The Gold Rush (Top Rope Neckbreaker) onto a bin to win Rock the Block
Neville Sheldon, Matthew Cories and Cooter Hayes participate in an egg race for the kiddies
James Hunter defeated Crash via an Inverted Ankle Lock
James Hunter breaks Crash’s ankle, nearly snapping it in damn half
Nigel Royal beats Pickpocket up
Pig defeated Jimmy Sartyr via a Super The Day The World Went Away
Pig beats the crap out of Jimmy Sartyr with a steel chair, to the amusement of Luther
Lee Crowley deems the handicap match a Welcome to the Family match
The Crowleys defeated The Hangman via a Chelsea Grin (Spinning Heel Kick)
The Hangman rebuffs the Crowleys who hang him with his own rope
Debut promo for a mysterious wrestler
OSW Hardcore Championship: Pickpocket defeated Nigel Royal via a DDT from the apron to the floor to become the new Hardcore Champion; 5th Champion
Bruce Van Chan, Ash Williams and Cayci Spires have a pickup line contest that Cayci wins
OSW Tag Team Championship: Beauty and the Geek defeated The Crowd Pleasers and Those 90’s Guys after a Book Smart from Cayci Spires to Ash Williams to become the new OSW Tag Team Champions; 3rd Champions
King Konstantine is stopped from leaving the building and skipping out on his All Star title defense
OSW All Star Championship: Reichous Marx defeated King Konstantine via the Helter Skelter to become the new All Star Champion; 3rd Champion
Destiny is seemingly out on day release but thanks to Red River Jack, she goes back to prison a lot earlier
Marcus X fakes Brent Kersh out with a fake of his wife before attacking him from behind
OSW US Championship: Marcus X defeated Brent Kersh via the Blackout to become the new US Champion; 4th Champion
The Lumberjacks are announced for the main event
OSW World Heavyweight Championship: Red River Jack defeated Mike Lane and Isaiah Black via a Shadow Kick/Seein’ Red combination to become the new OSW World Heavyweight Champion; 6th Champion
Another debut promo for the Dead
Jake Jeckel defeated Gabriel Caine via the Juggalo Jackhammer in a Lumberjack match
Rage invades taking down OSW and standing tall to end the show

Champions at the end of Season One:
OSW World: Red River Jack-6th Champion
OSW All Star: Reichous Marx-3rd Champion
OSW United States: Marcus X-4th Champion
OSW Hardcore: Pickpocket-5th Champion
OSW Tag Team: Beauty and the Geek (Neville Sheldon/Cayci Spires)-3rd Champions