Season Two
August 24th 2015 – January 25th 2016
18 Episode Season
Dead End finale.


As Season two begins, Jackson Slade confronts RAGE over their invasion. They don’t take kindly to his attitude and Lee Crowley clocks him hard over the head with a Crowbar, ending his reign as Commissioner.

RAGE soon warn the OSW roster that they’re now under siege and that they’re coming for each and every Championship. They don’t recognize Red River Jack as the World Champion and only recognize Lux Bellator as the RAGE Champion. Jack takes exception, challenging Bellator to a Champion v Champion non-title match at Ring King.

Meanwhile, Red River Jack continues to brainwash Mike Lane, convincing him that he needs The Awakening. On the same show, Wes Warhammer and Ethan Bird debut, attacking Lane brutally.

As the show closes, The Scarecrow returns to save Brent Kersh from Jake Jeckel and RAGE.

RAGE continue their assaults on OSW wrestlers. Reichous Marx is taken out by Bellator and no-one comes to his aide.

When the Ring King competition begins, Destiny finds out what’s unfolding in OSW and demands that the person who told her, fix it. She knows that her husband is being brainwashed and demands it stopped.

The Scarecrow goes to war with Azreal. Reichous Marx battles Jeckel, after Jeckel betrayed him specifically at Block Party. Lux Bellator and Red River Jack continue to trade shots and Brent Kersh steps up as leader of OSW, only finds himself entangled with Freight Train Ferguson. The Hangman soon returns, saving the day and finding himself at odds with Lee Crowley.

At Ring King ’15, Robert Gordon retains his Hardcore title over Nigel Royal. Mike Lane and Brent Kersh make it to the Ring King Final respectively, in which Mike Lane is successful – becoming the first ever Ring King in OSW. Beauty & The Geek lose the Tag Team Championships to Pig and James Hunter, conceding further title ground to the invaders. Marx defeats Jake Jeckel who at the same time was trying his damndest to stop a war brewing between Ethan Bird and Wes Warhammer.

On the same night, Lux Bellator defeats Red River Jack thanks to a surprise assist by the returning Jackson Slade. Isaiah Black makes a triumphant return to help Old School Wrestling fight back.

On the inaugural Monday Night Showcase after Ring King, Jackson Slade announced that he was in on the invasion all along. He had been taking time out to tie up buying remaining shareholders. Slade now owned 49% of the company and since Errol Flint was run over at Driven, he was unable to stop him. He makes matches for Frostbite, including Jake Jeckel leading a team of himself, Warhammer, Ethan Bird, Freight Train Ferguson, Lee Crowley and Piotor Crowley to face off against an OSW team. If OSW lose, they’ll be fired.

Brent Kersh quickly establishes himself as a leader, getting to understand that Isaiah Black was the person speaking with Destiny Lane a short time before. It was he that she demanded return to save OSW.

Meanwhile, Red River Jack’s mind games over Mike Lane continued. He made sure he knew that despite winning Ring King, he wasn’t ready for a OSW Championship Match. Lux Bellator on the other hand began a conflict with Ethan Bird over the RAGE Championship.

Jackson Slade convinces team OSW – Brent Kersh, The Scarecrow, Isaiah Black, Reichous Marx, The Hangman and Vinnie Lane that one of them is a turncoat, eventually sharing that The Scarecrow had turned on his team.

Robert Gordon’s bad run led him into conflict with Slade, who offered him a OSW Championship Match with Red River Jack to prove himself. Should he lose, there were going to be consequences. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful. Jackson Slade mercilessly had Gordon beaten down by Ftf and proceeded to fire him.

Brent Kersh calls out The Scarecrow over being a traitor and the pair fight, only for Slade to admit after that he was lying about a turncoat. Kersh apologizes, but the damage had long been done between an already fractured relationship.

As Mike Lane challenges Red River Jack over his Leadership of the Awakening and his lack of a Championship opportunity; he finally gets his wish and a title match at Frostbite.

When Frostbite begins, Brent Kersh is still seeking The Scarecrow who hasn’t been seen since he was painted to be the turncoat. As it stood, the Main Event would be a five on six with OSW careers on the line. Ethan Bird defeats Lux Bellator for the RAGE Championship and Mike Lane defeats Red River Jack for the OSW Championship – only to be attacked after by The Awakening.

By the time Frostbite concluded, the wrestling world was shook to its core. The Scarecrow turned up to fight for OSW, but it wasn’t enough. Brent Kersh turned on them all, attacking The Scarecrow and joining RAGE. This led to the unceremonious firings of Isaiah Black, Reichous Marx, The Hangman, Vinnie Lane and The Scarecrow.

The very next week, Brent Kersh explains why he turned on OSW. He did it for his family. He believes the OSW to be a sinking ship and jumped. Lane, along with Jack, warn him that he isn’t the only thing holding this company together. Later that night, Errol Flint and Destiny Lane returned with a vengeance.

Flint immediately reinstates the fired five and creates a match for Dead End. It’ll be a five on five for the company. Winner takes all.

The Scarecrow sets his sight back on Brent Kersh but Jake Jeckel gets involved. Brent Kersh and Lux Bellator hold Destiny hostage, in an attempt to prove to Mike Lane that Red River Jack cannot be trusted. The Awakening save Destiny, Jack convincing Lane he was just trying to teach him a lesson.

Jackson Slade see’s his opportunity to turn Red River Jack and manipulate the situation to suit his needs. Jack says he’ll think about it and Brent Kersh tells Lane about the whole conversation.

Scarecrow wins the RAGE title using the invasion briefcase, defeating Ethan Bird and bringing the RAGE Championship to OSW for the first time. Errol Flint sets up The Scarecrow versus Jake Jeckel for Red Snow to appease an angered Jackson Slade.

At Red Snow, Scarecrow defeats Jeckel to retain the RAGE Championship and Ozric Mortimer arrives to attack Scarecrow. In the Main Event, Mike Lane defeats Red River Jack, Lux Bellator and Brent Kersh to retain the OSW Championship.

However, an explosion rocks Red Snow at the show closes. It unfortunately takes several lives and injures more. Jackson Slade is almost mortally wounded, a pipe stabbing through his mid-section. Unfortunately, Legion, Pig, Wes Warhammer and Reichous Marx weren’t so fortunate and lost their lives.

At ‘In Memory’, the first show post the Red Snow catastrophe, we learn that the above wrestlers died. A gas explosion is the cause. The team for OSW at Dead End has been set as Red River Jack, Mike Lane, Scarecrow, Bruce Van Chan and Nigel Royal. RAGE’s team becomes Ethan Bird, Jake Jeckel, Brent Kersh, Lux Bellator and Marvolo – who joined because of his hatred for BVC.

Finally, Mike Lane can see RRJ for what he is and admits it to Kersh, but reminds Kersh that he’s a coward who left OSW to die. The Scarecrow meanwhile continues his war with Mortimer – who is joined by Ethan Bird. Jake Jeckel turns his attention to Bruce Van Chan and his wife Paige.

Mike Lane finally wakes up, turning his back on The Awakening. Kersh postures, ready to win this war and close OSW for good at Dead End. Jake Jeckel tries to run down Paige, only near missing her and The Scarecrow plays mind games with Ethan Bird. A big brawl between all of them ends the show, gearing up for the big show down.

At Dead End, it all comes to a head. Jackson Slade returns from his Red Snow injury to have Marvolo kicked off of Team RAGE. He isn’t rage, so he doesn’t belong. Slade reminds Errol Flint that he was run down at Driven and admits to being responsible. He announces Dax Jagger as the replacement for Marvolo. In the Five versus Five main event, Brent Kersh turns on RAGE, slamming Lux Bellator with a steel chair and pulling Mike Lane atop him for the win. Brent Kersh was revealed to be in it with Errol Flint all along. He only joined RAGE to help defeat them.

The season came to a head with Errol Flint proclaiming that OSW lives!


Afterburn #22- The Invasion:
Marvolo defeated Cooter Hayes
Robert Gordon defeated Pickpocket for the OSW Hardcore Championship-6th Champion
Bruce Van Chan defeated Willie Manson
Pig/Lee Crowley defeated Noboru Tanaka/Axel the Shark
Jondo defeated Gabriel Cain
Freight Train Ferguson defeated Azrael and Matthew Cories
James Hunter defeated The Dead
Royston Hawkes defeated Ash Williams, David Manson and Lux Bellator
Mike Lane defeated Marcus X and Nigel Royal
Beauty and the Geek defeated Reichous Marx and Red River Jack
The Dead and Azrael defeated Axel the Shark/Matthew Cories, Willie Manson/Cooter Hayes and Noboru Tanaka/David Manson
Jake Jeckel vs. Brent Kersh ends in a No Contest

Afterburn #23-The First Round:
Ethan Bird defeated Noboru Tanaka
Wes Warhammer defeated Cooter Hayes
Willie Manson defeated Axel the Shark
Scarecrow defeated Robert Gordon
Matthew Cories defeated Ash Williams
The Awakening defeated The Beautiful People
James Hunter defeated Jondo
Pig defeated Bruce Van Chan
Nigel Royal defeated Marcus X
Mike Lane defeated The Dead
Freight Train Ferguson defeated Royston Hawkes
Lee Crowley defeated Neville Sheldon
Brent Kersh defeated Marvolo
Azrael defeated Jake Jeckel
Lux Bellator defeated Reichous Marx

Afterburn #24-The Quarter Finals:
Paige defeated Cooter Hayes
Yuki Shiroi defeated The Dead
Brandon Garcia defeated Malignus Lynch
R3 defeated Noboru Tanaka, Royston Hawkes and Axel the Shark
Robert Gordon defeated EEL and Willie Manson
Marcus X defeated Samuel Speer
The Awakening and Marvolo defeated Those 90’s Guys and Jondo
Wes Warhammer/Ethan Bird defeated Beauty and the Geek
Nigel Royal defeated Pig
Freight Train Ferguson defeated Lee Crowley
Brent Kersh defeated James Hunter
Mike Lane defeated Azrael
RRJ/Reichous Marx defeated Jake Jeckel/Lux Bellator

Ring King #1:
Brandon Garcia defeated Yuki Shirai, Grinner and Clyd Czznfkr
Axel the Shark defeated Noboru Tanaka
The Dead defeated Willie Manson
Those 90’s Guys defeated The Awakening
Marvolo defeated Jondo
Robert Gordon defeated Nigel Royal to retain the Hardcore Title
Mike Lane defeated FTF-Ring King Semi Final
Bruce Van Chan defeated Cooter Hayes
Brent Kersh defeated Nigel Royal-Ring King Semi Final
RAGE (Pig/James Hunter) defeated Beauty and the Geek to become the Tag Team Champions-4th Champs
The Hangman defeated Lee Crowley
Marcus X defeated Royston Hawkes to retain the US title
Scarecrow defeated Azrael
Ethan Bird defeated Wes Warhammer
Reichous Marx defeated Jake Jeckel
Mike Lane defeated Brent Kersh to become the 1st OSW Ring King
Lux Bellator defeated Red River Jack

Monday Night Showcase #25- The Showcase Pilot:
Bruce Van Chan defeated Robert Gordon to become the OSW Hardcore Champion-7th Champion
Abdul Ahad defeated Willie Manson
Jondo defeated Yuki Shirai
Brandon Garcia defeated The Hangman
The Young Lions defeated Royston Hawkes/Axel the Shark/Marcus X
Lee Crowley defeated Piotor Crowley
Nigel Royal/King Konstantine defeated The Awakening
The Dead defeated Red River Jack
Those 90’s Guys defeated James Hunter/Pig to become the OSW Tag Team Champions-5th Champions
Legion defeated Cayci Spires
Jake Jeckel defeated Wes Warhammer
Ethan Bird defeated Brent Kersh
Mike Lane defeated Freight Train Ferguson
Reichous Marx defeated Marvolo
Isaiah Black defeated Lux Bellator

Monday Night Showcase #26-The Rewind:
Those 90’s Guys defeated The Dead and Abdul Ahad to retain the OSW Tag Team Titles
Axel The Shark defeated Jondo and Cayci Spires
Wes Warhammer defeated Willie Manson
Michael Attila defeated Nigel Royal
Royston Hawkes defeated Yuki Shirai
The Hangman defeated Piotor Crowley
Vinnie Lane defeated Chase Stratus
Reichous Marx defeated Robert Gordon
Brandon Garcia defeated Bruce Van Chan
Marvolo defeated Hate
Pig defeated Marcus X
Jake Jeckel defeated James Hunter
Cody Williams defeated Jake Napier-Showcase Match
Legion defeated Neville Sheldon
Lux Bellator/FTF/Ethan Bird defeated Mike Lane/Red River Jack/Isaiah Black
Brent Kersh defeated Scarecrow

Monday Night Showcase #27-The Last Chancery:
Lee Crowley defeated Isaiah Black
Marcus X defeated Chase Stratus
Axel the Shark defeated James Hunter
Brandon Garcia defeated Abdul Ahad
BVC and Marvolo defeated Michael Atilla/AJ Wilson
Yuki Shirai defeated Piotor Crowley, Matthew Cories and Willie Manson
Dead defeated The Pig
Reichous Marx/The Hangman defeated Jake Jeckel/Wes Warhammer
Vinnie Lane defeated Freight Train Ferguson
Ethan Bird defeated Mike Lane
Brent Kersh defeated Lux Bellator
Hannibal Corvin defeated Rain
Red River Jack defeated Robert Gordon to retain the OSW Heavyweight title
Matthew Cories defeated Abdul Ahad
Brandon Garcia defeated Yuki Shirai
Legion defeated Beauty and the Geek
James Hunter/Pig defeated Axel the Shark/Nigel Royal
The Dead defeated Ash Williams
Marvolo defeated Bruce Van Chan for the Hardcore title-8th Champion
Marcus X defeated Royston Hawkes to retain the US title
Ethan Bird defeated Lux Bellator for the RAGE title-2nd Champion
Mike Lane defeated Red River Jack for the OSW heavyweight title- 7th champion
RAGE defeated OSW

Monday Night Showcase #28-Traitor:
Lee Crowley defeated Royston Hawkes
The Dead defeated Lux Bellator
Red River Jack defeated Axel The Shark
Wes Warhammer defeated Yuki Shirai
Brandon Garcia defeated Ethan Bird
Bruce Van Chan, Marvolo and Nigel Royal defeated Those 90’s Guys and Marcus X
Mike Lane defeated Brent Kersh

Monday Night Showcase #29-Guess Who’s Back:
Matthew Cories defeated Yuki Shirai
Ash Williams defeated Wes Warhammer
Nigel Royal defeated Axel the Shark
Reichous Marx defeated James Hunter and Marcus X
Bruce Van Chan defeated Lee Crowley
Jake Jeckel defeated The Hangman
Scarecrow defeated The Pig
Lux Bellator/Brent Kersh defeated The Awakening
Marvolo defeated The Dead
Vinnie Lane defeated Brandon Garcia
Ethan Bird defeated Legion

Monday Night Showcase #30-Bloody Monday:
Jake Jeckel defeated Yuki Shirai
Marcus X defeated Doctor D’ville
Reichous Marx/Brandon Garcia defeated Pig/James Hunter
Vinnie Lane defeated Brent Kersh
Scarecrow defeated Mike Lane
Nigel Royal defeated Ethan Bird
Scarecrow defeated Ethan Bird for the RAGE Championship-3rd Champion
Corey Black defeated Rick Mad
The Dead defeated Ash Williams, Matthew Cories, Hangman, Lee Crowley and Axel the Shark
Marvolo defeated Lux Bellator

Red Snow I:
Axel the Shark defeated Yuki Shirai
Corey Black defeated Doctor D’Ville
Those 90’s Guys defeated The Dead/Legion to retain the OSW Tag Team titles
Lee Crowley defeated The Hangman
Brandon Garcia defeated Reichous Marx and Wes Warhammer for the All Star Championship-4th Champion
James Hunter defeated Pig
Vinnie Lane defeated Ethan Bird
Marcus X defeated Nigel Royal to retain the US title
Bruce Van Chan defeated Marvolo for the Hardcore title-9th Champion
Scarecrow defeated Jake Jeckel to retain the RAGE Championship
Mike Lane defeated Brent Kersh to retain the OSW Heavyweight Championship

Monday Night Showcase #31-In Memory:
Nigel Royal defeated Yuki Shirai
LH Harrison defeated Erron Corvin
Bobby Baxtor defeated The Kinsman
Doctor D’Ville defeated Ash Williams
Gator defeated Axel the Shark
Lux Bellator defeated Jake Jeckel
Matthew Cories defeated Brent Kersh
Red River Jack defeated Bruce Van Chan
Ethan Bird/Corey Black defeated Lee Crowley/The Hangman
The Dead defeated Marcus X for the US title-4th Champion
Vinnie Lane defeated Marvolo, James Hunter and FTF
Mike Lane defeated Brandon Garcia
Scarecrow defeated Ozric Mortimer

Monday Night Showcase #32-Wrestling Gold:
Lux Bellator defeated Ethan Bird and James Hunter
The Kinsman defeated Matthew Cories
The Dead, Marcus X and Lee Crowley defeated Ash, Erron Corvin and LH Harrison
Bobby Baxtor defeated Doctor D’Ville
Bruce Van Chan defeated Gator to retain the Hardcore title
Brent Kersh and Yuki Shirai defeated Marvolo and Axel the Shark
Wraith defeated Anonymous
Brandon Garcia defeated Nigel Royal
Scarecrow defeated Corey Black to retain the RAGE title
Mike Lane defeated Vinnie Lane to retain the OSW Heavyweight title

Monday Night Showcase #33-Last Call:
Bobby Baxtor defeated Erron Corvin
Nigel Royal defeated Yuki Shirai
Ash defeated The Hangman
Vinnie Lane/Gator/Doctor D’Ville defeated Matthew Cories/Corey Black/Lee Crowley
LH Harrison/Kinsman defeated Brandon Garcia/James Hunter
Marvolo defeated The Dead
Max Million defeated Jake Jeckel
Ethan Bird defeated Red River Jack
Mike Lane defeated Lux Bellator
Brent Kersh defeated Bruce Van Chan

Dead End:
Axel the Shark defeated Yuki Shirai
Lux Bellator defeated The Dead for the US Championship-5th Champion
Bobby Baxtor defeated Erron Corvin, LH Harrison and Kinsman
Doctor D’Ville defeated Corey Black
Those 90’s Guys defeated The Crowley Family and Vinnie Lane/Gator to retain the Tag Team titles
James Hunter defeated Brandon Garcia for the All-Star Title-5th Champion
OSW defeated Rage in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match

Champions at the end of Season 2:
OSW World: Mike Lane (7th Champ)
Rage: Scarecrow (3rd Champ)
US: Lux Bellator (4th Champ)
All Star: James Hunter (5th)
Tag: Those 90’s Guys (5th)
Hardcore: Bruce Van Chan (9th)