“A History of Violence”

Season Four
July 28th 2016 – December 19th 2016
30 Episode Season
Red Snow II finale


As Season four opens, VHS joins Monday Night Showcase as a second weekly episode.


The debut of VHS brought some new talent to the OSW roster and this talent competed in a tournament to become the inaugural VHS Champion. Betamax – a quirky brit with a big sense of humour was introduced as our Commissioner.

The Hardcore Championship was promptly stolen by Betamax, who went on to convince Errol Flint that VHS could use a secondary Championship. He called it the Rewind Championship and Jon Davenport a won a battle royal to become its holder.

Later that night, The Shark defeated Nyx in the VHS Tournament Final to become the inaugural VHS Champion and celebrated with his Asylum brethren, each of them a Champion.

In the meantime, we began seeing strange footage from many years ago in which a Luchador put his mask and identity on the line, despite his son requesting that he not.

Jon Davenport began to set himself away from the pack, looking more and more racist as the weeks went by and Pig stepped up to battle Shark for the VHS Championship.

When we return to the past, a son lambasts this father for losing the mask versus mask match and bringing shame to their family; his name? El Rojo. A later news report from that time revealed that the Luchador known as El Rojo had taken his own life. The boy? Betamax.

At VHS: Rebellion, Jon Davenport went toe to toe in a Ring King tournament match against Brent Kersh, successfully advancing with a little help from The Scarecrow who turned up after to kidnap Kersh, leaving the message ‘Say Goodbye to your heroes’ scrawled in blood on the canvas.

The Shark defeated Pig to retain his VHS Championship and Betamax was kidnapped by an unknown assailant, who tied him to a wooden table and questioned him on his past, demanding the truth before releasing him.

Back on VHS and that same assailant kidnapped Smiley, who interrupted Doubt’s kidnapping on Monday Night Showcase. Again, he pushed for truth, talking about the mask that Crowley hides behind.

The Reel King tournament is announced! Whilst Ring King may be dominated by the MNS roster, VHS will conduct its own tournament.

Before Fastlane, VHS Champion The Shark is taken captive, just like his Asylum team mates. This time, he’s told to pass a message to Hysteria that this person is coming for him.

The El Rojo story progresses, showing that Betamax felt deep sorrow for his role in his father’s death and shame. At the same time, The Reel King tournament begins and Tommy Hawk ‘the United States Champion’ came to VHS for a showdown with VHS Champion The Shark, that the US Champion won.

Tyler Brooks and Viktor North both progress to the finals of the Reel King tournament.

At the first ever VHS: Tapeover, Viktor North picking up a win over Tyler Brooks to become the Reel King. Meanwhile, The Shark continues to retain his VHS Championship, defeating Pig once more before The Dead debuts.

Ring King isn’t without VHS representation though as Jon Davenport loses his Ring King Semi-Final to Nigel Royal.

Betamax is taken on a strange journey to Mexico to understand his father. The Skull Splitter is crowned as Reel King and finds The Shark stood before him. It’s time for their war for the VHS title.

In Mexico, Betamax finds out that El Rojo held a legacy that even he didn’t know. Back on VHS, Tyler Brooks and Jon Davenport were violently battling towards a brutal conclusion.

Returning to London, Betamax’ exploration of his family continues, learning that he must fulfil the legacy left behind and continue his father’s work.

The second ever Game of Thrones Match occurs, this time between both Kings – Reel King Viktor North and Ring King Nigel Royal. North does the unthinkable and wins.

At VHS: House of Horror, Betamax understands that OSW is the foundation of everything. Everything comes back to OSW. Jon Davenport defeats Tyler Brooks but their brawl ends in Errol Flint reassigning them both to Monday Night Showcase. In the Main Event, Viktor North finally displaces The Shark as VHS Champion, winning the belt after an amazing encounter. Likewise, Betamax joins Flint at his own game and reassigns Jack Jeckel and Lazarus to VHS.

The Dead defeated Pig, Viktor North, Tyler Brooks, Stephanie Rose and Jon Davenport to win the Rewind Championship.

New competitor Thunk wins a battle royal to become the number one contender to Viktor North and his Championship.

At Supershow, Monday Night Showcase defeat VHS in a five on five that Neville Sheldon pins Lazarus to win. Jack Jeckel defends his Double Feature Championship against Chase Hero, only to lose it.

Jack Jeckel is led to believe that his brother Jake was murdered and Lazarus picks up a vital win over Viktor North – only for North to take that out on Thunk.

VHS: Damnation is unlike any show we’ve ever seen before, held hostage by an Elder Muslim and his maniacal monster of a hitman. Maaz Salah causes terror amongst the VHS roster as a SWAT team arrives to try and handle the situation. Viktor North somehow manages to retain his VHS Championship for a second time against Thunk, extending his reign. The show concludes with Betamax having cut a deal to allow Maaz and the Elder to escape.

The Rewind Champion; ‘The Dead’, battles Viktor North in a non-title Champion versus Champion match that he manages to win. Later, Lazarus defeats the competition to book a match with Viktor North for the title at Red Snow.

An interview by Stephanie Rose reveals that Errol Flint is being held for the murder of Jake Jeckel; a murder that he claims he was set up for by Lance Norman and Ethan Bird.

At Red Snow, the season finale, Lazarus defeats Viktor North to become the NEW VHS Champion.

On Monday Night Showcase:

Season Four of Monday Night Showcase begins with Errol Flint and Jake Jeckel together – one week after Jake Jeckel invaded on Mike Lane and Bruce Van Chan to become OSW Champion. Jake thinks Flint is the backer; the person screwing with him but finds out to the contrary that he’s not.

Jake boasted proudly at his accomplishment only to be cut off by Bobby Neptune, Bruce Van Chan and Mike Lane. Bruce announced that at Fallout, the Network had scheduled a Championship Match between all four.

Meanwhile, Flint finds out that ‘The Backer’ is the very same person The Network insider warned him about.

Lux Bellator and Solomon Rhodes find themselves at war, with Solomon declaring that he will punish and end him.

James Hunter makes it clear that he’s coming after Phoebe Outlaw and her girlfriend Danielle Kersh. He sends them a video tape that reminds them he’s coming.

The Scarecrow continues his mind games with Brent Kersh, allowing him to believe he may have been vanquished by The Silver Shroud and Alex Reese hunts former team mate and best friend Hysteria, searching for his wife.

The Hardcore Championship is stolen by Betamax.

Father Pedro joins Solomon Rhodes in his war against Lux Bellator, his former charge.

Hysteria shows Reese his wife Ursula in a brutal and dire situation, before putting a blade to her throat. After being beaten, stripped and having her legs broken, Alex swears to kill the monster that did this to her.

The week before Fallout, something strange happens to Bobby Neptune that leads him to violently and brutally attack Bruce Van Chan.

At Fallout itself, Brent Kersh defeats James Hunter, hoping to end his reign of torment. Lux Bellator defeats Solomon Rhodes and Pedro El Salvador, ending their lives only to resurrect Solomon, becoming Lazarus. Bellatorum was born. Alex Reese and Hysteria battle one last time, this time ending in catastrophe when Hysteria snapped his former best friends’ neck, killing him. In the Main Event, Jake Jeckel defended his title against Mike Lane due to injuries to Bobby Neptune and Bruce Van Chan, losing after Lance Norman arrived with Jack Jeckel in tow.

After all that, it turned out that Lance Norman – former IWF Chairman, was the secret backer.

On the very next show, an odd projection video appeared to play, revealing Luchador warriors that would fight in masks, offering their sacrifices to the Gods. These men would be all that came to stand in the way of good and evil. Their name? The Watchmen.

The war between two brothers began as Lance Norman delivered Jack Jeckel to OSW in order to make his nemesis, Jake Jeckel’s life a misery. The Ring King tournament also began and Brent Kersh was kidnapped by The Scarecrow, pleading with Mike Lane to be rescued.

Doubt was kidnapped by an unknown assailant, tied to a table and asked to speak the truth. Fortunately, he was rescued by Smiley.

Brent Kersh returns to the arena, costing Mike Lane a match against Jack Jeckel and then beating him up in the middle of the ring. He claimed The Scarecrow made him do it.

At Fastlane, a PPV dedicated to the Ring King victory of Mike Lane, The Scarecrow has Brent Kersh. He warns him that there’s an equilibrium in the world and that its time to say goodbye to your heroes. Kersh begs for his life, being buried alive by The Scarecrow.

Another projection video warned that there was always good and evil in the world and whilst the temple could never stop it, The Watchmen made their sacrifices, losing masks to appease the Gods. The Mask & Bones Society, on the other hand, still search for the temple to this day. The Watchmen were believed to be on standby.

Also at Fastlane, Ozric Mortimer was revealed to be the Nightmare torturing members of the Asylum in order to get to Hysteria. Kersh escaped the burying by Scarecrow but bore the wounds of his efforts. Mike Lane decides that Brent needs help and warns The Hayman that not all heroes are dead.

As Mike Lane finds out that his match with Tommy Hawk at Fastlane has left him severely injured, The Scarecrow arrives to make matters worse, attacking him. In the interim, Brent Kersh has had enough of being terrified and demands to be put in the match between Mike Lane and Scarecrow at Ring King. The Ring King tournament continues to build steam. Ozric Mortimer reveals that he has a reason for coming after Hysteria and that he’ll reveal it all in due time.

At Ring King, Mike Lane is asked to hand over his crown so that the winner can be coronated later tonight. He refuses, suggesting he’ll hand it to the winner himself. Ozric Mortimer meanwhile explains that he killed Hysteria’s family and for no other reason than he wanted to. He admits that his actions led to the creation of Hysteria, offering that he’s proud of what LH Harrison had become.

Errol Flint joined forces with Jack Jeckel to defeat Jake and fire him in the process and Mike Lane retained his OSW Championship over Brent Kersh and The Scarecrow.

Neville Sheldon defeats long term rival Rain, only to be attacked by The Awakening who had kidnapped his mother. Sheldon watches as his mother dies of a heart attack in the ring, right in front of him.

The show concludes with a Ring King final between Nigel Royal and Jon Davenport that Nigel wins. Mike Lane comes out to crown him Ring King, but instead shocks the world by re-joining The Awakening and taking Royal out with Red River Jack.

The Scarecrow’s torment of Brent Kersh continues in the Enforcers dreams, turning them to nightmares. Mike Lane explains that he’s The Shadow King, refusing to give up his throne or crown to Nigel Royal. Neville Sheldon holds a funeral for his mother, only to have it crashed by Red River Jack.

Sheldon refuses to lie down and take it; determined to return to OSW and fight Red River Jack. Jack says that although he didn’t intend to kill Sheldon’s mom, he’s glad he did because it proves to the world that Neville isn’t a hero. He’s only human.

Brent remains in very bad shape, a crash from the week before causing some serious damage. The Doctors claim that Kersh is suffering from PTSD, causing him to hallucinate and dream of The Scarecrow.

At Wrestling Noir, Brent Kersh is now in a padded cell after his diagnosis and brutal attacks on Doctors, The Scarecrow finally comes to see him. The Scarecrow admits that their paths were always set to cross and that they’ve always been intrinsically linked, going back generations. The Hayman had defeated many Kersh’ before finally coming to battle Brent.

Also at Wrestling Noir, Red River Jack wins a Ladder match to receive a World Championship opportunity. Only backstage, whilst this was happening, Neville Sheldon is found hung.

One week later, Errol Flint announces that Neville Sheldon had indeed passed away. We see the Kersh family history as his Great Grandfather Henry Kersh tried to outrun The Scarecrow and failed – but secured the life of his son, Jack, who went on to become the father of Brent Kersh. Red River Jack doesn’t believe Neville Sheldon is dead and heads to the morgue to find out. He finds an empty chamber and is immediately flung into it by an unknown assailant.

Kersh uncovers the truth about his family history, realizing that The Scarecrow has hunted his family for generations. By the end of the night, Neville Sheldon has returned, proving he wasn’t dead after all. The unknown assailant tells Sheldon that he won’t have to worry about Jack anymore, but that proves false, as RRJ demands Neville be at Heart of Darkness.

At Heart of Darkness, Brent Kersh explains to his family about their history with The Scarecrow. Kersh tells his son Trevor Kersh that if he cannot defeat The Hayman, he must run.

Kersh can’t defeat The Scarecrow but begs for his son’s life, only to be told that he’s next on the list.

It’s revealed that Neville Sheldon didn’t try and commit suicide but that The Awakening had him strung up instead.

Jake Jeckel is murdered and Jack Jeckel is arrested for the crime, with the police suggesting they have an eye witness.

The Shadow King defeats Nigel Royal for the OSW Championship, putting to bed his opportunity at the title. As the show closes, Royal and Sheldon suffer a four on two attack by the Awakening only for Bruce Van Chan to make his return and even the odds. He was the man who put Jack in the morgue chamber.

Lance Norman is offered an opportunity to become Chairman of OSW. All he has to do is see to it that Errol Flint is dispatched.

Kersh heads home for his family to find The Scarecrow there and that they’d done as he asked and ran.

Meanwhile, Red River Jack went after Neville Sheldon’s best friend, John Cho.

Brent Kersh came to learn that something could stop this nightmare. He went searching for it only to find an apparition of his great great grandfather Joseph Kersh who acknowledges that he destroyed it in return for saving Henry Kersh’ life. Brent tells him that he failed and that Henry died, and Joseph may have just killed their lineage for good.

Errol Flint is finally confronted by Ethan Bird over the murder of Jake Jeckel. Jack was arrested weeks ago for the crime and Bird was the eye witnessed who claimed he saw it happen. By the end of the night, Flint is taken away in handcuffs, the police believing him in part responsible, all at the hands of Ethan Bird.

At Goldrush, Brent Kersh admits that his death is inevitable but questions whether or not when Scarecrow finally kills the Kersh bloodline, if he won’t perish too. Ethan Bird fights and loses to Jack Jeckel, who tells him that he knows Flint didn’t murder Jake. Ethan shows that he’s aligned with Lance Norman and that something fishy is going on. Brent Kersh convinces Scarecrow that he’ll never given up, but if he allows his son to escape this torment, he’ll hand himself over to die. Scarecrow agrees and sets Red Snow as his death date.

The Goldrush match ends with The Shadow King retaining his title but by the nights end, all the Championships are mysteriously stolen.

The run in to Red Snow begins with an odd moment in which an unknown man is proven to be an undercover cop inside Old School Wrestling. They know that Flint didn’t murder Jeckel but there’s an eye witness that makes the situation tricky. The man wants Hysteria, stating that Alex Reese came through the academy with him and he wants vengeance for his murder. The handlers warns him against it.

Lance Norman makes himself at home in the office of Errol Flint and begins making big business decisions. Errol Flint meanwhile is met in prison by Jack Jeckel and tries to convince him that he didn’t murder his brother, not that he needed it. Flint asks him to prove Bird was responsible.

Red River Jack defeats The Shadow King for the OSW Championship as Brent Kersh prepares his final will and testament.

It turns out that a Detective is in cahoots with Ethan Bird to see Errol Flint prosecuted for the murder of Jake Jeckel. The Detective’s family are at risk should he not comply.

Mike Lane and Red River Jack reignite their rivalry after Jack cheated to win the Championship from him.

Brent’s wife Nicole Kersh meets with The Scarecrow to beg him for her husband’s life. He declines and she bursts into tears.

At Red Snow II, Ethan Bird loses to Jack Jeckel again. Jack tells the world that he believes Bird killed his brother, but Bird again denies it. Hysteria ends his war with the man who killed his family; Ozric Mortimer. He murders the Nightmare, violently. We finally come to learn who the undercover cop wanting revenge on Hysteria is; it’s Mike Lane.

Brent Kersh reveals that he’d changed his families name to hide from The Scarecrow, just incase he reneges on their deal to spare his family. They fight brutality, Brent Kersh succumbing to The Scarecrow and dying in the snow.

As that happens, Detectives shut down Old School Wrestling, closing it. All the chaos and death had finally caught up with it.

In the seasons finale’s final segment, Errol Flint sits across the visitor’s room of his prison and makes a deal with The Chief – selling the company to him. With Lance Norman having vanished, The Chief takes 100% ownership of the company from Errol and moves it to Miami, Florida and The Tap Room.



Champions at the end of Season 3:
OSW World: Jake Jeckel (10th)
US: Hysteria (7th)
All Star: Bobby Neptune (6th)
Tag: Smiley/Doubt (9th)
Hardcore: Vinnie Lane (12th) (Retired)

VHS #52 – The First:
Betamax hypes up the crowd and the debut episode of VHS before the Shark and Pig get themselves booked into a match at VHS’s first special
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals: The Hobo defeated Andre Aquarious with a sudden rollup
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals:Viktor North defeated Captain Jack with the Fall of Utgard
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals:The Shark defeated KEG with the Asylum Special
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals:Jon Davenport defeated Pig with the Georgia Crawfish
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals:Chase Hero defeated Matthew Cories with the Hero’s Duty
VHS Championship Tournament Quarter Finals:Nyx defeated Ash Williams with the Oath of Nyx

Monday Night Showcase #53-A New Dawn:
Phoebe Outlaw defeated Tommy Hawk with the Northern Cross
Marvolo defeated Doubt with the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique
Vinnie Lane vs. Bobby Neptune ends in a Double Countout
Lux Bellator defeated Smiley with the Catholic Cross to become the #1 contender to the All Star Champion
The Silver Shroud defeated James Hunter with the Long Arm of the Law
US Championship Match: Hysteria defeated Nigel Royal with the Lost Hope to retain the US Championship
Betamax steals the Hardcore title
Brent Kersh defeated Scarecrow via forfeit
Jake Jeckel defeated Alex Reese with the Hatchet

VHS #54 – Competition
Pig defeated Captain Jack with the Day The World Went Away
Those 90’s Guys defeated KEG and Andre Aquarious with the Get a Helmet on Andre Aquarius
VHS Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: The Shark defeated The Hobo and Viktor North with the Sushi Kick on Viktor North
VHS Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: Nyx defeated Jon Davenport and Chase Hero with the Oath of Nyx on Chase Hero

Monday Night Showcase #55-In The Stars:
All Star Championship Semi-Finals Match: Brent Kersh defeated The Silver Shroud with the Lone Star
All Star Championship Semi Finals Match: Lux Bellator defeated Phoebe Outlaw with the Disciple Maker
Austin Fernando defeated James Hunter with the Super Revelation
Solomon Rhodes defeated Tommy Hawk with the Embrace of Pain
Marvolo defeated Nigel Royal with the Touch of Death
Mike Lane and Jake Jeckel defeated Knock Knock with the Shadow Kick on Doubt
Steel Cage Match: Bruce Van Chan defeated Bobby Neptune with a massive Pop Up Cutter

VHS #56 – Betamax
The Hobo defeated Brandy Cognac with a boxing combination
Pig defeated Matthew Cories with the Day The World Went Away
Bar Room Brawl: Captain Jack defeated KEG with the Scallywag Powerbomb on the Bar
Chase Hero defeated Jones the Terrible with a cheating rollup
Viktor North defeated Ash Williams with the Fall of Utgard
Jon Davenport defeated Andre Aquarious with the Georgia Crawfish
Rewind Championship Battle Royal: Jon Davenport wins a Battle Royal last eliminating the Hobo to become the new Rewind Champion- Jon Davenport is the 1st Rewind Champion
VHS Championship Match: The Shark defeated Nyx to become the VHS Champion-1st Champion

Monday Night Showcase #57 – Earn It
Tommy Hawk defeated The Silver Shroud
James Hunter defeated Doubt
Jacob Iver defeated Jake Jeckel
Alex Reese defeated Bobby Neptune
Mike Lane defeated Marvolo
Austin Fernando defeated Hysteria for the US title- 8th Champion
Nigel Royal defeated Bruce Van Chan
Lux Bellator defeated Brent Kersh for the All Star title- 7th Champion

VHS #58 – The Truth
Chase Hero defeated Tyler Brooks
Ash Williams defeated Brandy Cognac
Captain Jack defeated Matthew Cories
The Hobo defeated KEG
Viktor North defeated Shane McGovern
Pig defeated Nyx
Jon Davenport defeated The Shark

Scarecrow defeated The Silver Shroud
Tommy Hawk defeated Austin Fernando to become the US Champion- 9th Champion
Oceans One defeated Knock Knock to become the Tag Team Champions-10th Champions
Brent Kersh defeated James Hunter
Lux Bellator defeated Solomon Rhodes to retain the All Star Championship
Hysteria defeated Alex Reese
Mike Lane defeated Jake Jeckel to become the new OSW World Champion-11th Champion

Viktor North defeated Nyx
Tyler Brooks defeated Shane McGovern
Christian defeated Rich Edwards
Captain Jack defeated Randy Edwards
Nigel Royal defeated The Hobo-Ring King First Round Match
Jake Jeckel defeated Blackbeard
Jon Davenport defeated Brent Kersh-Ring King First Round Match
Ash Williams defeated Chase Hero
The Shark defeated Pig to retain the VHS Championship

Monday Night Showcase #59- The Kingdom Awaits
Lazarus defeated The Silver Shroud
Lux Bellator defeated Chase Hero-Ring King First Round Match
Austin Fernando defeated Doubt-Ring King First Round Match
Smiley defeated Hysteria-Ring King First Round Match
Marvolo defeated Ash Williams-Ring King First Round Match
James Hunter defeated Jake Jeckel-Ring King First Round Match
Tommy Hawk defeated Jacob Iver-Ring King First Round Match
Jack Jeckel defeated Mike Lane

VHS #60 – The Unknown
Pig defeated The Hobo
Shane McGovern defeated Blackbeard
Captain Jack defeated Christian
Tyler Brooks defeated The Shark
The Belgium Roots defeated Chase Hero and Ash Williams
Jon Davenport defeated Viktor North to retain the Rewind Championship

Austin Fernando defeated Jacob Iver
Nigel Royal defeated James Hunter
The Asylum defeated Lux Bellator, Solomon Rhodes and The Silver Shroud
Jack Jeckel defeated Brent Kersh
The Scarecrow defeated Jake Jeckel and Marvolo
Tommy Hawk defeated Mike Lane
VHS #6:
Ash Williams defeated Shane McGovern
Christian defeated Pig
Chase Hero defeated Randy Edwards
Viktor North defeated Captain Jack
Tyler Brooks defeated Rich Edwards
Jon Davenport defeated Austin Fernando
Tommy Hawk defeated The Shark

Monday Night Showcase #62 – Crown of Thorns
Doubt defeated The Silver Shroud
Ozric Mortimer defeated Lazarus
Scarecrow defeated Jack Jeckel
Lux Bellator defeated james Hunter
Tommy Hawk defeated Marvolo
Nigel Royal defeated Smiley
Mike Lane defeated Jake Jeckel
Hysteria defeated Brent Kersh

VHS #63 – Inferno
Stephanie Rose defeated Christian York
Pig defeated Captain Jack
The Shark defeated Christian
Tyler Brooks defeated Ash Williams
Viktor North defeated Chase Hero

Jared Beckett defeated The Silver Shroud
Jon Davenport defeated The Hound to retain the Rewind Championship
Tyler Brooks defeated Shane McGovern
Captain Jack defeated Blackbeard
Viktor North defeated Christian-Reel King Semi Finals
Stephanie Rose defeated Christian York
Chase Hero defeated Ash Williams
Viktor North defeated Tyler Brooks-Reel King Finals
The Shark defeated Pig to retain the VHS Championship

Ring King #2:
Nigel Royal defeated Tommy Hawk-Ring King Semi Final Match
Jon Davenport defeated Lux Bellator-Ring King Semi Final Match
James Hunter defeated The Silver Shroud
Knock Knock defeated Bellatorium and Oceans One for the Tag Team Championship-11th Champions
Austin Fernando defeated Tommy Hawk for the US Championship-10th Champion
Hysteria defeated Ozric Mortimer
Jack Jeckel defeated Jake Jeckel
Neville Sheldon defeated Rain
Mike Lane defeated Brent Kersh and the Scarecrow to retain the OSW World Title
Nigel Royal defeated Jon Davenport to become the 2nd Ring King

VHS #65 – Secrets
Knock Knock defeated Ash Williams/Chase Hero to retain the Tag Team title
Lazarus defeated Jack Jeckel
Ozric Mortimer defeated Marvolo
Tommy Hawk defeated Brent Kersh
Hysteria defeated Lux Bellator to become the new All Star Champion-8th Champion
Austin Fernando defeated Mike Lane
Red River Jack defeated Neville Sheldon
VHS #8:
Alistair Huxley defeated Christian
George English defeated KJE
Kaito defeated George Marion
The Misfit defeated Chase Hero
The Shark defeated Dom Cruise
The Dead defeated Beckett
Inferno defeated Pig
Viktor North defeated Phoebe Outlaw
Jon Davenport defeated Tyler Brooks to retain the Rewind Championship

Monday Night Showcase #66 – Ruling Castles
Nigel Royal defeated Marvolo
The Scarecrow defeated Smiley
Lux Bellator vs. Austin Fernando ended in a Double Pinfall
Brent Kersh defeated Neville Sheldon
Red River Jack defeated Doubt
Mike Lane defeated Hysteria
Tommy Hawk defeated Ozric Mortimer

VHS #67 – Deep Search
Dom Cruise defeated Gentlemen George, Jared Beckett and Steve Marion
Ursula Areano defeated KJE
Hobo Jim defeated The Misfit
Chase Hero defeated Kaito
Jack Jeckel defeated David Manson
The Shark defeated Alistair Huxley
Inferno defeated Ash Williams
The Dead defeated Pig, Viktor North, Tyler Brooks, Stephanie Rose and Jon Davenport to win the Rewind Championship-2nd Champion

Wrestling Noir:
Jared Beckett defeated Marvolo
Doubt defeated Ash Williams
Stephanie Rose defeated Smiley
Hysteria defeated Lazarus
Jack Jeckel defeated Ozric Mortimer
Mike Lane defeated Neville Sheldon
Scarecrow defeated Austin Fernando
Red River Jack defeated Brent Kersh, Tommy Hawk and Lux Bellator

VHS #68 – Home Truths
Thunk defeated Kaito
Dom Cruise defeated Pig
David Manson defeated Stephanie Rose
Tyler Brooks defeated Hobo Jim
Jon Davenport defeated Ursula Areano
The Dead, Chase Hero and the Shark defeated Inferno, Ash Williams and Alistair Huxley
Viktor North defeated Nigel Royal

Monday Night Showcase #69 – Dying on Your Feet
Brent Kersh and the Scarecrow defeated Red River Jack and Mike Lane
Stephanie Rose defeated Marvolo
Lazarus defeated Gentlemen George
Lux Bellator defeated Jack Jeckel
Ozric Mortimer defeated Doubt
Smiley defeated Tommy Hawk
Hysteria defeated Austin Fernando
The Awakening defeated Nigel Royal

VHS-House of Horror:
Gentlemen George defeated Steve Marion
Thunk defeated Dom Cruise
David Manson defeated Kaito
Stephanie Rose defeated Jared Beckett
Alistair Huxley defeated Pig
The Dead defeated Inferno
Chase Hero defeated Ash Williams
Jon Davenport defeated Tyler Brooks
Viktor North defeated The Shark to become the VHS Champion-2nd Champion

Heart of Darkness:
Lazarus defeated Marvolo
Lux Bellator defeated Smiley
Tommy Hawk defeated Doubt
Jack Jeckel defeated Austin Fernando to become the US Champion-11th Champion
Ozric Mortimer defeated Hysteria to become the All Star Champion-9th Champion
The Scarecrow defeated Brent Kersh
Red River Jack defeated Neville Sheldon
Mike Lane defeated Nigel Royal to retain the World Championship

VHS #70 – The Viking
Thunk won a show long Battle Royal for the #1 contendership

Monday Night Showcase #71 – Bloodlines
Hysteria defeated Tyler Brooks
Knock Knock defeated The Knights to retain the Tag team Championship
Austin Fernando defeated Nigel Royal
Ethan Bird defeated Jack Jeckel
Brent Kersh defeated Mike Lane
Lux Bellator defeated Ozric Mortimer to become the All Star Champion-10th Champion
The Scarecrow defeated Jon Davenport

100th Episode Special:
Matthew Cories defeated Fate
Marvolo Jnr wins a Parking Lot Brawl
Neville Sheldon won an Elimination Tag Team Match for MNS
The Dead defeated Alistair Huxley
Knock Knock defeated The Awakening to retain the Tag Team titles
Tommy Hawk defeated Austin Fernando
Chase Hero defeated Jack Jeckel to become the new Double Feature Champion-2nd Champion
Jon Davenport defeated Lux Bellator to become the All Star Champion-11th Champion
Viktor North defeated Thunk to retain the VHS title
Mike Lane defeated Scarecrow to retain the OSW World Title
Brent Kersh wins a Battle Royal

VHS #72 – The Hunt
Bambi defeated Tony Viper
David Manson defeated Dom Cruise
Kaito defeated Evil Ash
Stephanie Rose and the Dead defeated Alistair Huxley and Nevermore
Jack Jeckel defeated Marvolo Jnr
Lazarus defeated Viktor North
Thunk defeated The Shark

Monday Night Showcase #73 – House of Gold
Lux Bellator defeated Hysteria
Tommy Hawk defeated Ethan Bird
The Red Emperor defeated Red River Jack
The Knights defeated Knock Knock to become the new Tag Team Champions-12th Champions
Brent Kersh defeated Jon Davenport
Ozric Mortimer defeated Chase Hero to become the Double Feature Champion-3rd Champion
Mike Lane defeated Tyler Brooks to retain the OSW World Title

Stephanie Rose defeated Nevermore
Marvolo Jnr defeated Dom Cruise
Kaito defeated David Manson
Chase Hero and Lazarus defeated Evil Ash and the Sharkman
The Dead defeated Alistair Huxley to retain the Rewind Championship
Viktor North defeated Thunk to retain the VHS Championship

Gold Rush:
Doubt defeated Tyler Brooks
Jon Davenport defeated Tommy Hawk to retain the All Star Championship
Jack Jeckel defeated Ethan Bird
Lux Bellator defeated Smiley
Hysteria defeated Ozric Mortimer
Bruce Van Chan defeated David Manson
Red River Jack defeated Neville Sheldon
Mike Lane defeated Austin Fernando to retain the OSW Word Title
Gold Rush Match results:
Neville Sheldon got nothing
Bruce Van Chan-Tag Team Champion
Jon Davenport-Tag Team Champion
Brent Kersh-Double Feature Champion-4th Champion
Hysteria-All Star Champion-12th Champion
Mike Lane-World Champion

VHS #74 – Dishonor
Maaz Azim Salah and Mother defeated David Manson and Kaito
Evil Ash defeated Rex
Marvolo Jnr defeated Chase Hero
Alistair Huxley defeated Thunk
The Dead defeated Viktor North
Lazarus defeated The Shark, Stephanie Rose and Jack Jeckel

Monday Night Showcase #75 – Paved in Blood
David Manson defeated Nigel Royal
Smiley defeated Hysteria
Ethan Bird defeated Lux Bellator
Neville Sheldon defeated Scarecrow
The Red Emperor defeated Ozric Mortimer
Brent Kersh defeated Doubt to retain the Double Feature Championship
Jon Davenport defeated Bruce Van Chan
Red River Jack defeated Mike Lane to become the new OSW World Champion-13th Champion

VHS #76 – Deadites
Frank Harrison defeated Chase Hero
Doctor Panax defeated Jack Jeckel
Marvolo Jnr defeated Rex
Trayvon Steel defeated Cody Greer
Lazarus defeated Evil Ash
The Shark defeated Kaito
Mother defeated Maaz Azim Salaah
The Dea and Alistair Huxley defeated The Awakening
Stephanie Rose defeated Viktor North

Monday Night Showcase #77 – Bloody Monday II
Bruce Van Chan defeated Ethan Bird
Mike Lane defeated Ozric Mortimer
Hysteria defeated The Scarecrow
Neville Sheldon defeated Jon Davenport
Red River Jack defeated Brent Kersh
Tommy Hawk wins the Invasion Briefcase

Red Snow II:
Doctor Panax defeated Marvolo Jnr
Thunk defeated Chase Hero
Maaz Azim Salah defeated Kaito
Frank Harrison and Cody Greer defeated Trayvon Steele
Mother defeated Stephanie Rose
The Shark defeated Evil Ash
DTR defeated Jimmy Sartyr
Smiley defeated Doubt
The Knights defeated The Awakening
Jack Jeckel defeated Ethan Bird
Jon Davenport defeated The Savage
The Dead defeated Alistair Huxley to retain the Rewind Championship
The Red Emperor defeated Lux Bellator
Hysteria defeated Ozric Mortimer to retain the All Star Championship
Lazarus defeated Viktor North to become the new VHS Champion-3rd Champion
The Scarecrow defeated Brent Kersh