In Promo by The Generation Kid

The Generation Kid: “The human experience is a complicated thing.”

The Generation Kid: “When a human being feels happy, sad or scared, these emotions course through us like an unimaginable often uncontrollable force.”

The Generation Kid: “Sometimes you can pull on the reigns and pull those emotions to heel. Sometimes you can stop them dead in their tracks like you’re a brick wall. Other times, you’re a slave to how they make you feel.”

The Generation Kid: “But with every feeling, we as people grow. Whether we’re miserable or delighted – the circumstance that made us feel it, helps us to grow as a human being. It adds layers to our psyche. It develops our personality. We become.”

The Generation Kid: “You have no idea what that’s like, do you Tenchu?”

The Generation Kid: “The fear that overcame me when Vayikra kidnapped and tortured me. The hatred flowing through my veins in the direct aftermath. The way I couldn’t sleep when I’d gotten home, or how every bang made me jump because I thought it was beginning all over again.”

The Generation Kid: “The concern I felt for my brothers.”

The Generation Kid: “The terror I felt standing in a lit room.”

The Generation Kid: “The sheer power of will it took not to turn on The Rainbow Party and give them up to save myself from the agony being dished out.”

The Generation Kid: “All of these things are things I felt. They’re a part of me, now. They’re burned into my heart and soul as memories I won’t ever forget and in turn, that could easily change the way I think. It could easily change the way I act.”

The Generation Kid: “But do you know what stops me from hiding in the dark, cowering beneath my quilt covers, hoping for the day I’m no longer afraid?”

The Generation Kid: “Love.”

The Generation Kid: “Love for my friends. Love for Vigour. Love for Starboy. Love for the eighties I desire so much to return to. Love is like medicine for your soul; it may not heal the physical wounds, but it can scar over the mental ones and block away the pain.”

The Generation Kid: “So when I’m feeling like I can’t go on… when I’m feeling like the world is over, or the pain is just too much. All I have to do is think about those that I love. All I have to do is let that feeling wash over me.”

The Generation Kid: “But not you.”

The Generation Kid: “You don’t know of love, or pain.”

The Generation Kid: “You can’t feel a thing. You can’t grow, you can’t change, you can’t become.”

The Generation Kid: “You’re a machine.”

The Generation Kid: “And without that growth, without that suffering, without that love, you have no idea what it takes to truly be. You have no idea what it means to win or lose; you have no idea what it means to be Champion.”

The Generation Kid: “Whilst love lubricates my being.”

The Generation Kid: “Only WD40 lubricates yours.”