In Promo by The Impaler

Every year people try to climb mount Everest. It is a dangerous and unrelenting trek where phishers that threaten to send you plummeting to your doom. A simple misplaced tether can take out an entire party of climbers. All the while, the air thins the higher you go causing climbers to suffer from oxygen deprivation and hallucinations.

Every year many meet their maker during the climb. Their bodies serving as warnings and markers for those looking to continue their climb as no one can take them off the mountain and not risk their own lives in the process. To reach the summit is truly an accomplishment like no other, one that anyone can, and should be proud of.

It just like trying to capture any of the Championships here in OSW. It will be a treacherous journey fraught danger. There are bodies that litter the path before us that serve as reminders of where someone else’s quest ended for good, both a warning and motivation.

And now OSW has thrown that journey into one solidary match. Several nights where everyone’s quest intersects, and becomes the ultimate opportunity to climb the mountain. Wrestle Heroes will be the equivalent of racing to the top of Everest. This is the climb of a lifetime for most, the chance to have your name committed to the ages in one match, and be forever remembered.

Make no mistake about it this the most dangerous climb, as you’ll have everyone trying to reach the summit of the mountain at the same time and only four tethers to grab on to. Only four of us will come out this with anything that resembles an accomplishment everyone else will fall.

I will not only reach the pinnacle of this mountain, but I will be the one leaving the markers and reminders behind.

Reminders like Sir Renault, who could’ve let Legion fester without a host, let him languish without a care, but instead he let Legion keep his form. At Wrestle Heroes he along with Sanctus will responsible for all the pain I cause.

I will push people to their fate from the escarpments around us until Legion is all that remains and we get to look on from the top of the mount as the OSW worship us. While Vayikra watches the damnation that they’ve allowed to rise to prominence because every bit of damage that I do will be their fault.

Because, I’m going be there when the air starts to grow thin, when men and women’s lungs are on fire. Wanting that next deep breath of sweet life-giving oxygen and I will choke the little remaining air from their lungs. I will drop their forms at feet to become desiccated.

Wrestle Heroes will not see the rise of hero to prominence. It will see the making of new deity in the eyes of the world as in a few short nights Impaler will saunter through the OSW roster and bring Legion to its rightful place. Because I am Legion, for we are many, and we will become more after Wrestle Heroes.