A Cup Of Water

In Promo by The Generation Kid

The Generation Kid: “I once had this sick professor who told us this anecdote.”

The Generation Kid: “He held a glass of water in his hand and he asked us how much we thought it weighed.”

The Generation Kid: “Everyone took turns at guessing. Some people said two ounces, some people said four – I even chimed in with an eight-ounce guess, and I thought I was right.”

The Generation Kid: “But it didn’t matter.”

The Generation Kid: “If you imagine everything I’ve been through as drops of water that fill a glass, you’d imagine that my cup runneth over.”

The Generation Kid: “I made myself a target when I became the Rewind Champion by fluke on my very first night.”

The Generation Kid: “Sir Bellator beat me for my Championship and taught me a lesson in humility.”

The Generation Kid: “Then Vayikra decided to punish me when they hammered a nail through my hand and nailed me to a cross.”

The Generation Kid: “I took the fight to Bellator and won back my Championship.”

The Generation Kid: “But that just made things worse.”

The Generation Kid: “Because then Vayikra kidnapped me, tortured me and made me suffer. They demanded I turn on my friends and join them – they wanted me to become one of them. They punished me like I have never been punished. I felt it in my soul.”

The Generation Kid: “And now I’m expected to walk through those arena doors again, stand opposite those who torment me and do it not only to defend myself, my brothers, but Sigil too.”

The Generation Kid: “If I’m holding a cup of water, just how heavy do you think it is?”

The Generation Kid: “How many drops of pain and suffering have filled this cup of mine?”

The Generation Kid: “Two ounces?”

The Generation Kid: “Four ounces?”

The Generation Kid: “Maybe eight?”

The Generation Kid: “It doesn’t matter.”

The Generation Kid: “See, the weight of the glass doesn’t really matter. It can be any volume of tragedy and suffering that it wants; all the matters is how long I hold onto it.”

The Generation Kid: “Because the longer I hold onto the glass of water – the longer I have it in my hand, the harder it becomes to hold. After ten minutes, my arm might start to ache. After an hour, my arm might even be dead. After a day? Well, I may be in excruciating pain.”

The Generation Kid: “The thing about pain… about loss, about suffering.. is that the longer you hold onto it, the worse it is. It doesn’t matter how much of it you have, or how full your glass is…”

The Generation Kid: “If you let it go, if you put it down, the weight of it goes away.”

The Generation Kid: “It doesn’t matter what you’ve done to me Vayikra. The torture, the punishment and the pain – I’m putting my glass down.”

The Generation Kid: “Nothing you’ve done weighs on me anymore.”