Dog and The Bone

In Promo by The Generation Kid

The Generation Kid: “I was never the biggest in the school yard.”

The Generation Kid: “And when it came to playing games, I always tried to avoid anything athletic. I didn’t like tag, but there was one game I did love.”

The Generation Kid: “It was called Dog and the bone.”

The Generation Kid: “It was there I made a name for myself in the playground.”

The Generation Kid: “The idea behind the game was simple; you placed an item in the centre of a circle and you and your opponent began circling it. It was a race to see who could get in the circle, get the item and leave. The person who did that was the winner.”

The Generation Kid: “It took courage; guts – mental acuity.”

The Generation Kid: “Some people liked to talk a good game. The cool kids, with their dyed hair and lollipops, would be all about bravado. They’d pace around that circle with a swagger and make their move hastily.”

The Generation Kid: “You could always tell when those dogs were gonna run for the bone.”

The Generation Kid: “On Monday, a whole host of weapons play the role of the bone in our centre circle, Tag.”

The Generation Kid: “I can already see the arrogant smile on your face as you approach me, thinking this is gonna be a piece of cake.”

The Generation Kid: “But this isn’t tag, buddy.”

The Generation Kid: “And that bone, you don’t get to have sex with it.”

The Generation Kid: “Because if there’s one thing I’ve proved since I walked through the door in Old School Wrestling it’s that this ring, this centre circle, I’m not half bad at it. In fact, I’m the OSW Rewind Champion.”

The Generation Kid: “I’m resilient. I’ve got courage, guts and the mental acuity needed to reach that bone before you do and take it back to my team.”

The Generation Kid: “On Monday Night, we’re heading for a game of Dog and the bone – you and I. You’re gonna think you’ve got this one in the bag. You’re gonna do what all the cool kids do and stand around that circle with a big smile and the expectancy of destroying little old me.”

The Generation Kid: “But when you run for the nearest weapon in that ring; you’re gonna find that The Generation Kid isn’t no rube; no, you’re gonna see that I’ve ducked in and beaten you to the punch.”

The Generation Kid: “And whilst you’re wondering what the heck happened, I’m gonna be the one with a bone.”

The Generation Kid: “In this case, it might just be a steel chair.”

The Generation Kid: “And I’m gonna bring the win home to my team.”