The Serpent

In Promo by The Generation Kid

The Generation Kid: “Adam and Eve lived piously in the Garden of Eden until a serpent, craftier than all the other animals, led the woman into temptation. She ate fruit from the forbidden tree and gave some to Adam.”

The Generation Kid: “God was mad and since both of their eyes were opened, turned them out of Paradise.”

The Generation Kid: “It’s said the serpent was a devil.”

The Generation Kid: “Whatever happened to Sanctus Bellator?”

The Generation Kid: “He wanted to be a man that lived differently than his father. He wanted to escape his shadow and spread the word of Yahweh in preparation for his return.”

The Generation Kid: “Then one day, there was a knock at the door.”

The Generation Kid: “He answered.”

The Generation Kid: “And everything changed.”

The Generation Kid: “Despite what you’ve done to me, I don’t think you’re a bad man, Sanctus. I don’t. I think that when the door knocked, it was Sir Renault, bearing fruit.”

The Generation Kid: “Apples, figs, whatever he had, he enticed you to eat them with him.”

The Generation Kid: “And you did.”

The Generation Kid: “You both ate the forbidden fruit and before you know it, you’ll be tossed out of paradise.”

The Generation Kid: “That’s how this story ends, Sanctus; much like it did for your father. All the bad things you and Renault are doing will eventually have to be answered for because despite what the serpent whispers in your ear, you’re not doing the right things. You’re not doing what Yahweh would’ve wanted. There’s just no way.”

The Generation Kid: “Do you really think he’d want someone like me crucified?”

The Generation Kid: “Do you really think he saved the world so that people like Starboy couldn’t live freely with their sexuality?”

The Generation Kid: “I don’t blame you though, Sanctus.”

The Generation Kid: “I don’t even blame Renault. Like Eve, he was easily tempted long ago. It was he who tempted you, after all.”

The Generation Kid: “The serpent is to blame.”

The Generation Kid: “Would you have ever done the things you’re doing today if you didn’t eat the fruit that Sir Renault gave you? Probably not. But it’s Sir Vant who convinced him to eat it. It’s Sir Vant who whispers the bad things into your ears and commands you into action. It’s his will you’re carrying out, not that of God.”

The Generation Kid: “He wants to pretend that you’re preparing for the return of Yahweh, but everyone knows that Yahweh is dead, Sanctus. Death himself reaped God and there’s no coming back from that.”

The Generation Kid: “I beg of you; stop letting the serpent whisper in your ear. Stop letting him control the narrative. The only way this ends, Sanctus, is with your eventual denial or removal of paradise. Heaven does exist and as it stands, you’ll be going to the same place your father went.”

The Generation Kid: “Hell.”

The Generation Kid: “You may have eaten the forbidden fruit, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to save your soul. It’s the choice you make now that counts.”