Shining Stars

In Promo by The Generation Kid

The Generation Kid: “There’s approximately two hundred billion trillion stars in the known universe.”

The Generation Kid: “That’s a hella lot of stars, right?”

The Generation Kid: “Every star is different in some way. Every single one is unique. They all vary in color, brightness, age, temperature, and mass. Yet, when you look up into the nights sky like I am right now, they all seem the same, don’t they?”

The Generation Kid: “It wouldn’t matter what they do to make themselves stand out, we’d never even see it from where we are. Even looking right at it, unless through a telescope, we’d never even see it.”

The Generation Kid: “I like you guys a lot, Starboy and Vigour.”

The Generation Kid: “Each and every time you open your mouths, you try so hard to be different. You try so hard to be colorful and unique. You dress brightly to draw attention to yourself, so that everyone can see Starboy and Vigour. That’s the point, isn’t it? You want everyone looking in your direction.”

The Generation Kid: “You want to be the brightest stars.”

The Generation Kid: “You definitely don’t act your age and I’m not gonna lie, I love that about you, friends. I do. It’s like having a high school buddies right here in two thousand twenty two and frankly, I miss my friends from the eighties.”

The Generation Kid: “But see, I’m basically looking through a telescope to see you. I’m with you every single day. We’re always hanging out and because of that, I see you. I see how unique and interesting you are. I can see the Starboy. I can see Vigour. I can indulge myself and enjoy the colorful nature of who you are and just how bright you shine.”

The Generation Kid: “The thing is; besides from myself, not many others are looking at you through a telescope.”

The Generation Kid: “This planet is full of billions of people, all wanting to be unique, interesting and different. It’s full of stars shining in their own way, of different colors, brightness, age, temperature and mass. ”

The Generation Kid: “But hardly anyone gives a darn.”

The Generation Kid: “Because people are too self absorbed, too self involved, too much worrying about themselves and their lives to ever see the stars trying their hardest to shine the brightest and be unique.”

The Generation Kid: “In a sea of stars, even the dullest like me looks exactly the same as people like you.”

The Generation Kid: “At Revolt, it just so happens that the world is finally looking at us all through a telescope. They’re finally paying attention because one of us will become the number one contender to the Rewind Championship.”

The Generation Kid: “And when they look into the night sky that is Revolt, they’ll see us all. In that moment, they’ll not see billions of stars. They’ll see the bright colors of Vigour and Starboy. They’ll even see me, shining dimly beside you.”

The Generation Kid: “I’ve never tried shining brightly in my life.”

The Generation Kid: “But for you two, I will.

The Generation Kid: “And I pity the fool who doesn’t see us.”