The Berlin Wall

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“You can be pretty darn big.”

“You can be pretty darn tall.”

“But where I come from, the bigger you are, the harder you fall.”

“The Berlin Wall was a hella major wall erected during the Cold War to prevent the population from escaping East Berlin to go to West Berlin.”

“It was 96 miles long and four metres tall.”

“This wall was a symbol of dominance and disruption. It was fierce, powerful, and totally brutal. No-one even dared try to cross the wall, for if they did, they’d be a dip who got their butts killed.”

“The size of this wall was scary, dude.”

“Then one day, my main man Ronald Reagan said – ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’ and a couple of years later, those scaredy cats did as the super-president told them and let people move freely across the country of Germany.”

“Some people brought pick-axes.”

“Some people brought sledgehammers.”

“And piece by piece, bit by bit, the mega Berlin Wall fell.”

“You’re a pretty big wall, Albie.”

“Those nasty boys the BMF have erected you to stop Jet Set Radio and Simon from entering their country and causing havoc. They’re using you as a big concrete barrier in defence of their ideology. As far as they’re concerned, no-one gets past Albie Shaw.”

“And I think they’re right.”

“That’s a wall you’d have to be a crazy ditz to try and climb.”

“Cept, I kinda have to try it on Monday.”

“The thing is, and the thing that gives me solace – is that the Berlin Wall looked at one point like it’d never be toppled. It looked like it was too strong, too powerful and too firm to ever be taken down.”

“Then one day, people tried.”

“Great Scott, did they try. They brought their pick-axes and their sledgehammers, and they beat the holy heck out of that wall until it fell and David Hassleholf could sing a song on the rubble.”

“Well, I’m coming armed with my very own sledgehammer, Albie.”

“And as I stand before a giant wall in the middle of that ring on FTW this Monday, I could be scared, I could be afraid, or I can remember that when the people decided, The Berlin Wall fell.”

“That means it doesn’t matter how big you are.”

“It doesn’t even matter how tall you are.”

“Or how strong.”

“All that matters is that walls are built to be barriers and barriers can be torn down with a little elbow grease and some effort. You may be big, you may be strong and you may be the wall of BMF.”

“But I’m the guy with the Sledgehammer and I’ve got all the time in the world.”

“So, you can be pretty darn big.”

“You can be pretty darn tall.”

“But where I come from, the bigger you are, the harder you fall.”

“Just like the Berlin Wall.”