Living On A Prayer

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“You’re holding on, aren’t you Santus?”

“God is dead, but you can’t let go.”

“You’re holding on to the teachings of someone who turned out to not be so infallible after all. Everyone put God on a pedestal, but when push came to shove, he made mistakes just like we did. No-one expects that God can die, dude. No-one expects God to be humanised like that.”

“And like everything that dies, he’s slowly being forgotten. That’s the nature of the world we live in. People live and they die, and when the latter happens, eventually, they fade away into a distant memory.”

“So, you’ll live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got.”

“At first, your mission was to fight for his remembrance. You wanted to spread his word and message. That’s a righteous concept, but sometimes the more you speak, the less people listen. No-one wants to be taught something, homeboy.”

“No-one likes a lame preachy narbo, yapping on about God and his little book of toilet paper.”

“As it turns out, all you’ve got is that fight.”

“And with it…”

“You’re half way there.”

“With a hope and dream that someone will listen, you share the word of God far and wide – believing that someone will take on your message; praying that someone will hear you.”

“It didn’t happen, did it? You were just…”

“Living on a prayer.”

“Then Sir Renault came along.”

“He said…”

“Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear.”

“And that’s all you needed to hear before jumping into bed with him.”

“Like the biggest ditz on the planet, when he offered you a hand and promised you success, you took it. You turned your back on the peaceful message and teachings just when you realized how hard it was to fight for it.”

“Now what can you do, Sir Bellator?”

“You have to hold on to what you’ve got.”

“And sacrificing the word for the war, means all you’ve got is Sir Renault.”

“I guess…”

“It doesn’t make a difference if you make it or not.”

“In the dark times, when everyone here hates you for the despicable things you’ve done in the name of your lord, Sir Renault will always be there to hold your hand and whisper to you softly.”

“We’ve got each other and that’s a lot for love. We’ll give it a shot.”

“I mean, that just took a turn, right?”

“What does the bible even say about something like that?”


“You’re out here with your extra BFF Sir Renault and I’m sure you think things will be different now. They might’ve been..”

“Until Wrestle Heroes.”

“When you couldn’t hold on to what you’ve got, when it was real and in your hands.”

“When it wasn’t the word.”

“See, I hate to break it to you, mungo, but you didn’t make it.”

I swear.”

“And ff you think you’re taking my Rewind Championship at fTw.”

“Well, you’re living on a prayer.”