What It Means To Arcadia

In Jackson Cade, Promo by Jackson Cade

“When I first got my badge and became a beat cop, I was asked what being in the APD meant to me. Everything I said that day, that I proclaimed, was exactly what I said in the ring. I wanted to be an officer, I wanted to be a savior.”

“Hell, every other cadet I graduated with said the same thing.”

“And while I meant every word of it, there’s one thing that it took all of the pain and strife, the blood and tears, for me to realize.”

“It doesn’t matter what the badge means to me.”

“Because the words of one man are meaningless.”

“All that mattered, in reality, is what that badge meant to Arcadia. Once that metal was pinned to my chest, would Arcadia prosper? Or would they suffer from another corrupt, ineffective cop?”

“What I did with that badge and gun defined me.”

“Defined Arcadia.”

“I don’t think either of you realize just how important the world title is, do you? I listened to you make your proclamations, as those empty words spewed out of your mouths in front of all of Arcadia. Every last reason that you spit onto the ground was just as selfish and worthless as the last.”

“Dr. Death, you spent your years in Arcadia healing the others, raking in dirty credits washed in the blood of those you failed to save. You told me all I needed to know when I heard you speak. You want to give a little so that others can give all. The title in your hands means the horror and torment of all of Arcadia in your unending march towards wealth and success no matter how many innocents must bleed and cry on your behalf.”

“Just how long until you’re out of bodies willing to die for your twisted advance?”

“Or Tombstone who doesn’t want the title, he needs it. You laid all of your cards out, you let us know just how little you believe yourself to be without it. The title doesn’t exist to give you purpose, Tombstone. It was meant to be a tool, a symbol of power and change when pinned around your waist. If you’re nothing without it, then you’re going to be nothing with it.”

“If a crown couldn’t give you purpose, then the title will prove just as meaningless in your hands.”

“In the end, the title doesn’t mean a fucking thing to you.”

“But to me?”

“To Arcadia?”

“The title means the world.”

“Because I don’t fight just for myself. I fight for every last living being in Arcadia! I fight for their future, for their happiness, for them.”

“Just like the badge on my chest, this title is the tool I’ll use to make Arcadia better.”

“I’ll work to shut down Deathrow.”

“I’ll lock up every last vile criminal in our streets.”

“And nothing, not even death, would ever make me stop fighting for Arcadia.”

“So, what does it mean?”

“It means I’m the Law.”

“And nobody is above the Law.”