In Albert Lamplight, Promo by Albert Lamplight

[In a shockingly empty space within Illumination Antiques, our Albert Lamplight tosses and turns in a bed.]


[His eyes open wide as he sits up in a panic. He stares toward the darkness, curiously tilting his tired head.]

“Pa? Why are you up at this time of night?”

[Again, we see no one. But? We hear a voice.] 

“Albie, where did everything go?”

“They’ve… taken it.” 


[The voice roars, even causing the metal bed posts to rattle. Like a little child, Albert takes the scolding with his head down.]

I gave you the deed to this store on my deathbed not for it to be pulled out from underneath our feet. I gave it to you because in the hands of absolutely anyone else, there is a clear and present danger that nobody understands. Nobody – but us.” 

“I have been insistent with them, father. I have advised them that they can’t have the property.” 

“Insistence?” [Albert’s father scoffs.] “Was it insistence when you let them through the door? Was it insistence when that young man took a very particular piece of merchandise as his own?” 

“I’m well aware of the theft and have struck a deal with Sebastian Boswick himself. The pen will be secured, father.”

“A deal that involves a fight that you clearly cannot win – a fight that involves someone else besides the thief.” 

[It takes Albert a second to recognize what the spirit of his father is talking about.]


“Wake up, Albie. There are those that know not what they’ve got themselves into – and those that do. Just because she understands that the pen doesn’t belong to the thief – just what do you think most attracts her to this fancy deal you’ve struck in the first place?” 

“You don’t understand, Pa. She’s on my side.” 

[Albert’s father starts to laugh, but immediately returns to his sternness.] No-one is on our side. You’ve opened your door to the devil himself – people that never wanted to be patrons. They just wanted the things they can’t have and have taken advantage of your trust. Moving forward, you cannot trust anyone.” 

“I’ve no reason to feel threatened by Gemini. This is now just a matter of business.” 

You silly, naive little boy. Gemini wants that pen as much as this Boswick fellow does – if not more. I have felt her energy when she was last here – and it’s filled with envy.” 

Envy?” [Albert curiously questions.] 

“With great power comes the thirst for more, Albie. For Boswick, a pen is only as good as it writes. For Gemini, there’s something more. This becomes only an extension to the power that she already yields. If she gets her hands on that item… it wouldn’t be just the end of Illumination Antiques.

“Well…” [Albert gets out of his bed and wanders over towards his bedroom window. From there, he gazes out.] “You won’t have to worry about any of that, father. I will win.”

“You only win once they’re no more. This will be far more than just a fight, Albie.”

[Albert keeps staring out the window with determined eyes.] 

“Then let it be done.”