The Secrets that You Keep, are your Careless Whispers

In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

Sleep is a very vulnerable state for more reasons than one.  Sure, it’s very rare that you’re able to defend yourself when your eyes are closed, and your mind is no longer paying attention to the world around you.   

But the problem is your secrets, the things you’re most nervous about.  The more you suppress, the more your mind dwells, and the more your subconscious lets it out when your guard is at its weakest.  When you slumber that’s when your subconscious takes over and I know that I’m right because I hear it in the night. 

I hear the secrets that you keep when you’re talking in your sleep. 

Used to be those careless whispers could lead to a death sentence.  But now, I am my own master and am going to confirm the answers Narcissa and Colt have been dancing around. 

Because while they sleep in their bed with their covers pulled tight, they fail to realize they’re sleeping in my spotlight. 

Our Journo’s continuous mutterings about Narcy and the Uprising.  He’s said some creative stuff, it’s like he opens up his heart, and the truth comes out. 

They’ve both failed to realize, I am Nobody.  I exist like a breeze, light and imperceptible.  I can be in the room, and you’d never know until it’s too late. 

Narcissa, I hear the things that you’re dreaming about.  The things you suppress when you’re awake pour from your lips when you fall asleep.   

But the thing isn’t, I know those secrets that you keep because you both talk in your sleepBut now, I know those secrets because of those careless whispers, and I am coming to dance again. 

But this time Colt, your guilty feet won’t have the rhythm to dance around the subject. 

And though it’s easy to pretend, I know you’re not a fool, and you know I’ll get the affirmation I seek. 

Narcy, you should’ve known better than to cheat a friend, because it’s not easy to defend the way you dealt with Zeus.  

To your hearts and minds, ignorance has been kind. 

But when Nobody exposes the truth, pain is all that you’ll find. 

I’ve spent time in the shadows, listening to what time can never mend, your careless whispers of you two good friends. 

Nobody remembers the secrets that you both keep when you’re talking in your sleep. 

Because Nobody has heard every careless whisper. 

Now, at Hail to the King, you’re both dancing in Nobody’s spotlight and every secret that you’ve kept will come pouring out to the whole of Arcadia.  

Every Careless Whisper a cascade of truth to spoke to power. 

No more sleeping on your secrets. 

We deserve to know what happened to the Red-Light District, to TEC, and to the soul lost that day.  

Arcadia tells me they want answers.  

Arcadia tells me they need answers.  

Arcadia tells me I will give them answers. 

And at Hail to the King, Arcadia finally gets what they’ve been asking for.   

Because you’ll both be dancing with Nobody and after that… 

You’re never gonna dance again.