In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

I still remember the world, from the eyes of a child.

I once thought the world was a warm and safe place; that my Brother and I would be okay. I always wanted the best for us but after the Embrace, it was uneven trade for the real world.

I found out that it was dark, scary and most of all,


For about five years I’d wish to trade being a Kindred just to have my innocents back.

It was my adopted sire, Maximilian Strauss that told me:

“Lucy, this is how your world is now; there isn’t a ritual or anything that can change you back to a kine.”

It took me a while to get over grieving the life I wasn’t going to get back.

The Rainbow Party are not like Kindred, they’re like the Pompeiians, they’re about art, hedonism, and positive experiences.

They believe that the world was filled with being blessed by their gods; that only good things would happen and that peace would rain.

Well a volcano proved them wrong and basically destroyed everything they held dear and loved.

For them, like myself there isn’t a paradise.

This time around, I have to do this task with a heavy heart; I plan on not allowing the darkness of this world to throw me off my mission. I won’t allow it to cost me what two others are depending on.

These three have been fighting their own darkness, they try to make a place more bright but sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

If you don’t work with your darkness, it’ll only destroy you just like Pompeii was by the volcano.

Then again maybe in this match it’ll put you to the test on that; will you survive and see your positive light or will you succumb to the world of darkness?

Once you enter it, you don’t go back; you can grieve all you want but what you once had won’t come back.

The light in my eyes have been gone for ages; I have demons in my head, I drink blood, I rule over a city and I’m an assassin.

Darkness now is all I know.

If I have to install this into the Rainbow Party, I will.

This match will be dark, it’ll be bloody and so help me, I won’t lose.

For me, this is just another hunt.

Maybe the darkness is making me slowly emotionally detach at times.

Who know anymore.

If I know one thing is that the world isn’t filled with rainbows and unicorns; as much as I do have respect for these three; I’m going to have to remind them why the world is what it is.

They say it is a world of darkness and I agree with that.

They say we have to climb our own mountains, it’s survival and I agree with that.

And I fully agree that in this world of darkness, we can bring some light into it.

“House Tremere always wins”