A fish out of water

In Promo by Zeus

There was a fish that was confused about his identity.

He did what any fish would do of a day: swimming around, chasing the smaller fish, trying to muscle in with the bigger ones.

But he always looked longingly out of the water at those that dwelled on the land.

To that sad fish, he felt like something was missing from his life because he was missing out on land living.

So the fish took a giant leap out of his pond into the unknown world beyond it.

However, little fishy sooned learned that for a fish out of water, life on the land was a nightmare.

For a start that fish struggled to breath. There was nothing to eat like his normal diet. Without legs he couldn’t move about like he did in the water.

As for the people living on the land, they simply looked at that little fish like he didn’t belong there, tossing him right back into the water.

SeeSaw, you too are a Fish suffering an identity crisis.

Like a fish in the water, you are an adept operator. Moving as smooth as silk, a ruthless predator feared by most. Even the “bigger fish” are wary of tangling with you.

Yet you have always looked with a yearning desire at a different world, an ordinary life, just as the little fish looked at the land dweller with envy.

You are unique and that makes you alone, but you feel something is missing from your life, that piece of normality most others are familiar with.

Like the little fishy, you have leapt out of your pond to try and live among “normal people”, like fishy did with the landlivers.

But like a fish out of water you soon realised that life was suffocating because living a normal life you couldn’t breathe as freely as you usually did.

Like a fish out of water, you couldn’t get the same nourishment from a normal life.

Like a fish out of water you didn’t know how to move, how to act living a normal life.

Like a fish out of water those living a normal life never accepted you, they looked at you like you did not belong and were quick to try and toss you back into the water.

SeeSaw, your search for something outside the life that defines you is like the fish out of water trying to find purpose on land.

Stop grasping for an identity outside what you are: a shark!

The normal life can offer you nothing, SeeSaw.

That Fish belongs among the cool, deep waters of Death.

That is your purpose and your meaning. It is the water that gives you the oxygen you need to survive and the nourishment that allows you to thrive.

At 271 I will prove to you that strength lies with those who know exactly who they are.

Agents of death do not struggle like a fish out of water, they are the sharks that terrify those on land and at sea.

For the greater good.