A Proposal

In Promo by Deathnote

“A young lady spent most of her life moving in and out of orphanages.”

“She didn’t know her parents. She knew of a sister and brother, but she had never met them as far as she could remember.”

“She went well into her teenage years before being adopted.”

“Her foster family welcomed her with open arms, but she always still had this void in her heart.”

“She sat down one day with her foster parents and had a heart to heart. She had known for years that her biological parents had passed away, but she was ready to try to seek out her siblings.”

“Her parents were weary at first, but eventually they agreed to help her find them.”

“They spent months trying to track down her biological counter parts, but when they did.. they were not at all what they were thought to be.”

“The young lady found out that her sister was a drug-addicted stripper who had pissed her life away, while her brother was a cold blooded murdered.”

“In the end, neither of them were quite what she had expected. And thus, she left those siblings behind with the same amount of emptiness she had when she started.”

“I’ve noticed this young lady’s traits in one of our very own as of late..”

“Seesaw.. ever since losing the VHS Championship, I’ve noticed you’ve felt empty inside.”

“You’ve become lost. You’ve become desolate.”

“It seems like you know that you’re more of a background character now than you’ve ever been.”

“And you’ve spent the last month or so on a quest to find your so called family. You’ve went as far as to carry out the dastardly acts of one Sir Vant. You’ve brutalized Banzan, you brought him to his knees and present him to Vayikra on a silver platter in order to obtain an inkling of information about your test tube buddies.”

“And now you find yourself on a long journey to find your so called brother.”

“But what if what you seek isn’t quite what you’re expecting? The only thing in common you could have with this person is the lab that the two of you were created in.”

“You too, will be left just as empty as you were when you started this quest.”

“But I can save you from such a fate.”

“I am the guiding hand that can reach out to you. I am the one that can take all of your recent misery and put it to shame.”

“I can take you from this wretched life you’ve been dealt.”

“I can remove you from this emptiness and self-loathing.”

“You’re not the same violent monster you used to be. You’ve become self-aware and in doing so, you’ve become weaker.”

“You are exactly the same thing you feel like you’ve become.”

“A background character.”

“A helping hand to those who are a part of the bigger picture.”

“I can take all of your worries and put them to an end.”

“You can put this life behind you, Seesaw.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“And accept me as your true savior.”