Once a Snake, Always a Snake

In Promo by Deathnote

“There was once a young man who held the entire world in the palms of his hands.”

“He was a symbol of one man who stood for the people. He knew what people wanted and he tried everything he could to give them what they not only wanted, but what they needed.”

“He was fit for the lead role of this world. That is, until his path crossed with that of a slithery snake.”

“Unbeknownst to him at the time, the moment he mistakenly crossed paths with that snake, his entire life would go up in literal flames.”

“This tragic turn of events saw a would be president turn into a vile, self-conflicted monster.”

“A once pure soul was turned dark and cold.”

“That is when the snake truly tried to strike. The snake used the misfortunes that he had brought on to the man as a way to force an allegiance.”

“And it worked for a while. That is, until the man grew wise to the snake’s plan.”

“He grew wise to the fact that the same man he laid all of his trust into after his fatal accident, was the same slimey snake that tried to end his life to begin with.”

“That man’s name was Alton Whitlock, and in the end, he didn’t fall for the shit that spews from Viper Roberts’ mouth.”

“And neither will I.”

“Viper, you have come to me in weeks past, offering your hand in allegiance. You’ve come to me with your hand extended, trying to fool me into thinking that you’re not a bad guy after all.. however I am no fool.”

“Months you spent weaving your web of lies, toying not only with the mind of Alton Whitlock, but with his well being as well.”

“I watched from the shadows as you took a man who was riding the high of life and turned him into a man even he himself could barely recognized.”

“I lurked in the distance as you tore a man down until he was nothing more than a vile monster. I watched as you tried to rip him apart from his former self.”

“I was there when you attempted to rip him away from his family.”

“When he had hit rock bottom and almost stooped to your level, I was present.”

“You can attempt to fool me in many ways. You can make it look as though you’re not this horrible man that you’ve been made out to be, but at the end of the day, I’ve already seen everything I need to know that you’re only here to apease to one man, and that’s Viper Roberts.”

“Whatever your plan is now may be uncertain, but this week I will begin to get the answers which I seek.”

“Even if I have to cut the head off of every fucking one of your snakes to do so.”

“Because in the end, you are and always will be just another snake in the grass.”

“Kneel before the God of the New World..”

“Or prepare to lose your head just like any other snake that tries to disturb my garden.”