In Promo by SeeSaw

People often hide their eyes behind sunglasses.

They become a stimulant for those finishing last in the confidence race.

They feel in control of something and it makes them feel good to know that, especially while in the presence of people that look and act differently.

Because they’re able to judge like they were judged before.

They can analyze silently by pulling in data through the protective lense in front of their eyes, and do so without regret.

They can connect from retina to retina to those they love, those they hate, and those they’ve been casted to destroy – and make crucial decisions well before the opposite party’s reflexes jerk.

They own you before you can even put a price above your head.

While behind this polyethylene facade, nobody can hurt them. They become textured and well-versed in their motions – because their mining for knowledge is accelerated.

They begin to trust themselves.

A state of worthiness enters the bloodstream like a drug, and you become animated.

You’re alive and at checkmate while the rest of the party is wondering if they should move their rook to the left or right.

So how does it feel to be deadZero?

It appears someone took away your fancy sunglasses, and that reaction of yours.

You really told the entire world an entire story in that moment, didn’t you? Front news content, I’ll tell you.

You reminded every child locked inside of every adult how it felt to have their prized possession taken away.

Lost, confused – the realization that you’ve been exposed leaves you wondering how you’ll ever dare yourself to carry on.

It’s a terrifying world with those sunglasses off, isn’t it boy?

One day, you’re the star-studded mouthpiece and the next day, you’re silenced. You look around and it’s clear as day itself that your debt hounds are here to collect. That’s just the adventure of vengeance though – everybody has to have their beating under the sun, ya’know?

And you, my dear, were at the top of the lists of those most vengeful in these halls.

Now I know that there’s plenty of people with plenty of reasons out there to disembowel you, but why not have a little fun first?

An appetizer, if you will.

Because this is a new day for our pal, Zero.

After those trusty sunglasses were strippled away from the rest of your ensemble, you were revealed.

It takes the mightiest of men to allow something like that to happen – or those that are forced, of course.

So let this be a celebration of the new you, Xavier.

I want you to do everything that you can to hurt me.

I want you to use me as your point of vengeance – for this to be your most opportunistic moment to get it all out.

And I’ll do my absolute best to deconstruct you a little bit further – a bit of a courtesy band-aid pull to get the nerves in gear for what’s bound to come next for you, I’m afraid.

We all have to crash and burn, my friend.

This just so happens to be your landing site.