Lion Tamer

In Promo by Sir Renault

Forgive me father, for I have sinned.

I hanged a man in Yahweh’s name, and as punishment have been banished to the Lion’s Den tonight just as Daniel once was for praying to Yahweh.

For I’ve seeked out many abominations under this Big Top of the Slaughterhouse, looking to subjugate their minds with Yahweh’s will.

Taming their ungodly behavior, my brothers and I guide these sinners one by one under Yahweh’s light by whatever means necessary.

This one was different.

His chest puffed out, galavanting around like the king of jungle with his amber mane shimmering in the sunlight, I watched this sideshow flaunt for the attention of the crowd without a care of the countless sins he committed.

He was a sight to see.

An attraction.

So at Invasion I took it upon myself to promote him to the main stage.

Suspended in air for all to see, I gave him the shine he deserved while the crowd adored in wonder as he scratched and clawed at his new collar.

His once colorful self now diminished into a dull, muted shell of what he once was, basking in Yahweh’s light.

A lamb to the slaughter.

It was a sight to see.

But like the son, he has risen not to haunt me like a ghost, but to atone me for my own transgressions.

His aura as vibrant as ever, now projecting himself a bright golden hue in stark contrast to the cold, grayish blue before.

It’s as if a bit of vim and vigor were injected into his veins.

Vigour is no ordinary man.

More than a mere glutton, he indulges in all of life’s pleasures.

He’s quite literally not from this world: the unholiest of abominations.

That taut leash and collar didn’t domesticate this fantastic beast, but I plan on rectifying that for his second coming.

Like the circus animal he is, I will encage him, harnessing his primal rage behind bars for all to see.

As he scratches and claws at the surrounding steel like a caged lion with his fiery red mane, I shall tame him by whatever means necessary in Daniel’s name.

Countering each move he makes using the knowledge I’ve gained about him, there will be nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide from the boundaries of Yahweh’s light this time.

And just like Daniel, I will survive this Lion’s Den.

Because I will be your Lion Tamer at Pandemonium, Vigour.

And I run this circus now.

Just ask Phineas Moody, who you’ll see when I string you up on a cross next to him in the churchyard for your adoring fans to see.

Basking in Yahweh’s light.

Vayikra’s next sacrifice.

My confession is that I don’t loathe being surrounded by all you freaks

I enjoy it.

It gives me a purpose.

And I’ll be one step closer to fulfilling it after I put down this apex predator.

Forgive me, Yahweh, for what I am about to do to him.

For it shall truly be a sight to see.

The lion sleeps tonight…

In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit.