In A Name

In Promo by Tenchu

Names hold weight unlike that of most other words. When one is uttered aloud, it holds more than just a mere set of syllables. With a name, there comes identification. Attachment. Eventually, all that encompases who you are becomes interwoven into what one calls themselves. In such, one is little without the name they have. It is integral as a part of this living world to have, or without you are nothing.

Power gifted however, is something that can be broken. 

This new age and its youth are all about getting their name out there. Establish yourself out there, getting big and famous and have your name out on everyone’s mouth. Brand yourself by what you were given, let everyone know your name. Scream it out, spread it, make sure that it’s never forgotten. 

In such ways, one can forget that fame comes at a cost. 

Words can be overused. Lose their edge, their meaning. Said too many times, a word loses its power. The focus, the fame, it all drains away down into nothing. Even that of a name can lose the edge as time goes on. Fading away into nothing, eventually spoken less and less until it withers away into nothing. 

So a name in itself becomes important. Your mark that one has to maintain. 

And of every name available in the world, you chose a child’s game? 

You certainly did make a splash into the Slaughterhouse with an explosion of color and sound like a child. Writing your name on the wall with Jet Set, the world began to say the name Tag. You ramped up in popularity, backed by one of the heaviest hitters, and were on the top of the world.

But time went on. The paint began to fade, and you’ve started to fumble. 

The steam behind Tag has faltered. Things have been getting darker around you. Light doesn’t quite illuminate the graffiti like it once used to, starting to get covered under the blood splatters. It slowly but surely wears away, leaving little left for your legacy. Splinters of broken wood, faded spray paint, and a name for a slang outdated when taken. 

Never built to last, only doomed to fade. 

A name needs power if it holds through time. Not a flash, a pop, or a bang into the scene. It needs foundation. Forged into the annals of history. Something that when said, conjures the right image. 

There is a reason that Tenchu still rolls off the tongue to this day. That when said cannot be mistaken for anything other than cold, dark metal and a lethal blow. It has not faded through the years, only returned stronger than it came from before. 

When treasured, protected, and used properly, a name is as lethal as any weapon. For it can strike fear into the hearts of the weak, and build a legacy that can span the seas of time. 

Better to have it forged in steel than spray painted on a dumpster.