The Great Sickness

In Promo by Sir Bellator

‘Every light is not the sun’

Alexander was a great general, a conqueror. Wise, fearless and charismatic. He rose to power and commanded ultimate loyalty from his troops.

By the end of 324BC, Alexander the Great’s empire stretched to the edges of the known world. From Greece to the outskirts of India, his legacy was unlike any other.

He was the sun, the light he called his men to look towards as the invaded foreign lands. His word was light and they would literally follow him to the end of the Earth.

But even Alexander the Great could not save himself from the sickness.

It came for him regardless, and all the power in the world couldn’t help. He lay on that deathbed as the sickness ate away at his body.

Desperately, he sought the cure.

But all the king’s horses and all the king’s men… couldn’t find the cure for The Great Alexander’s ailment.

He left his legacy across most of the known world, only to die before he could enjoy the fruits of his labour.

The halls of OSW are a kingdom for the powerful to rule, Luke Storm. And you, fearless leader, have left your legacy upon them. Your kingdom stretches before the known world. For you’ve had a stranglehold on that belt for as long as one can remember.

Just like Alexander the Great, you rose to power demanding fierce loyalty from your troops. And they’ve been only too happy to provide that. You are the light, a bad mother fucker that weekly marches your army into hostile territory and comes out shining.

You’ve proven that your army is to be feared and revered. Time and time again, you’ve put down those that would challenge your power. Jet Set Radio stood no chance against your forces.

But, Like Alexander before you, not even all the power in the world could stop the poison from riddling your body.

You stand before me, weakened. All your horses, and all your men cannot seem to find the cure.

In reality, Alexander was Great – revered and feared, but died nothing more than an asshole who had dragged his loyal men across the world for over a decade until they could stand it no more.

You’re the very same kind of asshole.

And just like Alexander, your Greatness is running out of time. How long you keep looking before succumbing to the reality?

That your days are numbered.

You may think that Simon holds the secret, a stranglehold on your health. But his master plan has a flaw.

He is not the cure.

Only one has the power to heal all ails, to perform miracles.

Yahweh is the cure.

But you’re too blind to see it.

All you need, Luke Storm, is a little faith to heal you.

Faith that you can be more than the Bad Motherfucker you have become. A chance once more to be a father, a man of upmost heart.

You’ve built your empire… Now it’s time to build your life.

Or crumble and perish like Alexander.