In Promo by Sir Bellator

“If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.”

The boy sat, watching his obsession. The flame attracted him, the light dancing about. The red, orange and yellow.

Strike a match and it appeared, raw and orange. But he more he learned about his fire, the more blinded by that light he became.

Till the night that his fire lost control.

He burned away everything in his life that he loved as that orphanage burned to the ground.

My father was obsessed with light. Following the orange glow of the path was all he knew. He was dedicated to that light, so much that it blinded him.

The more he stared into the dancing flame of that obsession, the more fired up he became and the more he saw red. The more fired up he became, the more his fire lost control, and he almost destroyed the world because of it.

Lux Bellator paid his penance in the red-hot fires of hell for his lack of control.

The mistakes he made are a warning. That as enticing as the flame of your obsession may be, one must learn to control the light.

I am not my father.

I burn with that same fire for Yahweh’s light, but I have learned from the lessons of my legacy. The guidance of Sir Vant steers Vayikra upon the path of control, its yellow glow guiding us valiantly.

For Vayikra knows the dangers of playing with uncontrolled fire.

We see it only too clearly.

Yet, there stands a trio before that path that look upon OSW with that same obsessive lust which that boy looked upon his matches.

That same uncontrolled desire to see the flame flicker and dance.

They refer to themselves as The Rainbow Party.

And self-control isn’t really in their vocabulary, is it Starboy?

Your Rainbow pals enable the fires of your lust, and you are only too happy to take out that matchbox and have a play, watching that orange flame.

OSW is a wonderland of opportunities to explore that obsession. But fire left without control only too quickly becomes deadly.

You exist in a single, hedonistic bender fueled by lust. And it feels good, watching that lustful flame dance.

So good that you crave more, you need more. For every match you strike only fuels the lust within you.

Stoking that fire.

You have nowhere near the self control to keep that orange glow contained. The more you explore, the bigger the flame grows… until it burns red and out of your control.

Until it burns down every relationship and everything you hold dear.

The fires have begun to burn – red, orange and yellow. You use Sigil to try and keep those fires from destroying you, but his presence will only cause your end.

Revelation 21:8.

You’ve been playing with matches, Starboy.

Reality is, you’re going to get burned.

If you’re lucky, all that you’ll burn is yourself.

If not, you’ll burn your whole world down.