In Promo by Sir Bellator

Man once lived in harmony.


The Garden of Eden, it was called.

A place where man could live in solidarity with God, hand in hand, living out His plan.
But with a bite of an apple, all of that was lost.

Adam and Eve thought they knew better, but were fooled by the serpent’s snare. The fall of man spelt the removal of that harmony.

The plan ultimately failed and darkness consumed man. That solidarity was lost and man was banished from Paradise.

And my how far we’ve fallen since.

The Slaughterhouse is as far from Eden as one can imagine.

It is the darkness that the world has become. A place of monsters, war and greed.

It’s not paradise, yet within these walls there exists but a single beacon of light.

A shred of that same light that shines within Eden. The hope of something better.

Jet Set Radio is searching for their own light in all the right places. Following the word and law of a taskmaster who claims to bring solidarity.

But as you search for your Eden, all Simon truly brings you is poisoned apples and forbidden fruit.

Like Eve, the draw of the fruit appeals to you Ether. And you’ll take a bite out of it because Simon tells you to.

Not realizing that in the process you draw further and further away from the solidarity you seek.

And just like Eve, you share those poisoned fruit with your free-spirited friends. Believing that they bring you clarity and wisdom. But all Simon’s plans bring you is ultimately pain.
Simon is your fall of man, your serpent by the apple, Jet Set Fools.

He lures Wiz with talk of cosmic oneness, but offers nothing but a part in his own chessmatch.

A chessmatch in which you are merely pawns serving the serpent’s will.

He seduces Tag with words of the Soda Pop party, but it’s a party that costs you your seat in paradise.

Sure, the lights are bright and the frequency is loud.

But the song is not yours to play, and the party ends with a hangover.

Yet, Ether is so hungry to follow him that she cannot taste the lies.

An apple that promised so much paradise, ends only one way.

Prepare for the fall.

Jet Set Radio chases solidarity in Simon’s garden, but it’s no Eden.

Where they think their party stands united, divided they fall.

We are that light that shines in the darkness.
Vayikra is a three cord strand, and a three cord strand cannot be broken.

Each strand strong in it’s own right, brought stronger in it’s unity. The solidarity of three is harmony.

Three woven into one by the teachings of one who knows the ultimate plan.

Adam’s plan, to walk hand in hand with the Lord.

Vayikra is the solidarity that Jet Set Radio lacks. We are the Eden you’ve been chasing.

Vayikra is the paradise that Old School Wrestling needs… not the party it wants.

And you are not welcome in this paradise.