Three Brothers

In Promo by Sir Bellator

“The kingdom of God is within you. The harvest is great but the labourers are few.”

A wise, elderly man had three sons.

Eager to pass his land onto them, he sent the brothers out in search of fortune, for the land was underutilized and required staff to turn a profit.

Eagerly, the brothers set out.

The first brother was eager and burst forth into the township where he came across a wealthy old woman who promised him a great fortune if he could help her.

She had a pool of water in her back yard, and wanted him to fish out all the stars from the water.

‘They are merely reflections upon the surface of the water’ he exclaimed and walked off empty handed.

The second brother too sight out the wealthy woman and was presented with the same challenge.

He placed his hands in the water, eager to grasp at the stars, but could touch nothing but water. He too walked away empty handed.

Yet the third brother knew the value of toil and labour. He spoke to the woman and at once set to work draining all the water from the pool using a bucket.

When he had finally finished, exhausted, he told the woman.

‘Your pool is now empty, the stars are gone. I have captured them all’.

It was the third brother that returned home with the fortune and received the father’s blessing.

We are all eager, brethren.

Brothers that stand side by side.

And the land is plentiful. Sir Vant has ensured it so.

Yet he knows that for our mission to succeed, there must be more labourers in the fields to reap the harvest. We must seek fortune in this darkness known as The Slaughterhouse, in the name of Yahweh.

Yet pride cometh before the fall.

Sir Renault, my oldest brother. The first to charge in and the most decisive of all. Yet your eagerness goes before you, it always has. You see what is in front of you but not what lies beneath the surface. You see the reflection of the starts upon the people of this land and approach them as your crusade. They are like the stars reflected on the water, there’s nothing you can do for them.

Sir Gable, you are the second brother. You have come to join our number, eager to get involved and plunge your hands into the depths. But as you do so, with all the strength you can muster, your past still holds onto you. And those stars slip through your fingers as you’re left holding nothing but water in your quest.

It is the third brother that receives the fortune. He who is willing to work, but wise enough to see what work must be done.
It is a fortune that benefits all of us, brothers, but only one may bring home the fortune.

Only one may receive the blessing.

The Kingdom of God is within me, and found at the toil of my hands.

Our fortune comes, brothers.

My way.