Trip The Balls Off

In Promo by Vigour

When you live a mundane life, with nothing happening, things are pretty fucking mind-numbing.

You start to wonder what life is like out there. You start to wonder if there is even an ‘out there’ or whether what you’re going through is just the be all and end all.

You start to wish for something more. You let your mind run away from you and you start to imagine all of these alternate timelines where you’re not stuck in a black and white world where entertainment and free expression is likened to fucking murder.

That’s what happened to me. I learned to cope by letting my thoughts run away from me. I barely slept because I had whole stories with characters I’d invented just rattling around in this brain. I wished I could write a book but the only book They allowed was the fucking Citizenship Manual They made us all adhere to.

And when I escaped that miserable existence and came here to this fucking beautiful world I heard all of these things about the drugs. I heard about the Beatles and how LSD gave the world some of their most creative work, and it sounded like exactly the sort of thing I could get behind.

So I tried the fucking thing didn’t I. I took a tab of LSD and as you’d expect started to trip the balls off of me.

I thought I would love it.

But I fucking hated it.

Far from being this vessel from which I could be more free and creative, instead I just felt completely out of control. There were things happening in my brain that I didn’t want to happen. I could see things nobody would ever want to see. And if there is anything that I wanted after the fucking nightmare I’d escaped it was to be free in my own mind.

So that’s why I think that LSD is a fucking disgrace that people only use to hide their own deficiencies. They use it because they’re bored, or talentless, or because they’re addicted to this wildness and lack of control. Maybe with Wiz it’s all three. I certainly get that feeling he has that addiction to the unknown, but we all feel that. The difference with me is I want that unknown to be a natural high, not a fucking synthetic one.

And Wiz will end up down that same road that the Beatles did. Maybe he’ll be famous worldwide, maybe the people will fall at his feet and scream his name, but he’ll end up saying something like “I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob” and nobody will have a fucking clue what he’s on about and it will become very fucking clear that his entire personality is based on using this fucking psychoactive drug that takes you away from yourself and refuses to give you control of your own mind.

When all along, if you want an adventure in your mind, you can just…think it.

So do it now, and do it loud!