In Promo by Vigour

Where I come from, you don’t think about the past. The past is a stick that you beat yourself with, and then hand to others to beat you too. It’s a form of torture more extreme than most because it’s such a psychological war.

Water torture is no fun, that’s for fucking sure, but at least you know what you’re getting. You know you’re going to feel like you’re drowning even though you aren’t. And pulling the fucking nails from someone’s fingers and toes is gonna hurt like a bitch but it’s a temporary pain, and it will grow back eventually.

But the past? No, that shit’s permanent, and you don’t know when you’re going to get over it, if ever. The past can bring you to your knees at the thought of it. It can shackle you to your bad decisions forever, and it can rule your mind, cloud your judgement and prevent you from just¬†being.

I acknowledge my past. I talk about Them and what They did, but it’s no longer the stick it once was, and I no longer lash at my own back like I once did. No, the time for self-flagellation is gone. Now it’s just something that happened to me long ago, but it’s not me now.

The issue with some people, is they cannot get over the passage of time quite that easily. They remain stuck in the past, unable to move forward, and with that they become bitter, and resistant to the positive changes happening around them. And because of that their peers cast them adrift into the eternal void of a social pariah.

Chronoa is fixated on an event in the past that she believes should not have happened, to the point where this is all she seems to think about day and night. She will learn that bearing this burden is not easy. It only leads to fucking heartbreak. And besides, she must have heard about all the time-travel stories that end in distaster? Even I’ve heard of them.

But that event keeps her awake at night and tugs at her sanity.

That self-flagellation from when I hung on to my past left scars on my back and on my psyche that have long healed, but the scars on Chronoa’s back are open and run deep. Deeper still are the scars to her psyche. And an open wound is ripe to be picked upon, ready to welcome infection.

So Vigour will infect Chronoa, oh yes he fucking will. Living in the past is for squares, and living for the moment is what I do best. Let me infect you with my attitude and make you forget about the pain and hurt you’ve got inside of you. My way is the only way to let those scars heal, Chronoa, and you’ll follow my lead eventually even if not now.¬†So why not now?

Do it now and do it loud!