Let’s Talk About Sex

In Promo by Vigour

What I loved, when I found refuge here, was Music. I’d never had my ears graced by such sweet sounds as the sounds I heard in my first weeks on this Earth.

I loved that it made me feel again.

And boy did I need to feel.

I needed to feel happy. I needed to feel sad. I needed to feel anything.

Most of all I needed to feel freedom. I’d craved it for so many years.

And my friend, who was of a certain age, played me his Spotify playlist, and I was blown away by one song in particular.

Let’s Talk About Sex…


When I first heard this song I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Where I’m from sex was considered taboo. You didn’t talk about it. You didn’t have it. You didn’t want for it. Just another way for Them to control us. Control the population level. And then I get here and there’s a fuckin’ song about…well, fucking.

A song about practicing safe sex is the antithesis of everything I was raised as, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. I wanted to experiment. I wanted to see what was out there.

And let me tell you I saw a lot.

I’ve seen a lot more than The Generation Kid. My poor, sweet boy. I led a sheltered life because of the fascist regime I was living under. He’s leading a sheltered life in a world with so much opportunity. But although I love the boy, he’s weak. He will learn how to change that under the umbrella of the Rainbow Party, but he’s experienced next to nothing and that shows.

But I’ve seen a lot less than Starboy. He’s fucked genders I’ve never heard of. Taken part in kinks that make you feel sick to the pit of your stomach.

It would genuinely not surprise me if the entire adult consenting population of the world had spent the night with him. And in some ways I look up to Starboy because he’s never afraid to live life to the full. We share that mantra. But man there might just be a shout for too much experience. I’d call it that way. Because he’s seen it all he thinks nothing can shock him. He’s complacent, and open to a fuck up.

And that’s where I come in. Any one of you would struggle to call me average – wink, wink – but I’m the best of both worlds. I’ve lived but I’m not all lived out. I’m experienced enough to know I can win, but not too experienced that I don’t know my weaknesses. On Starboy’s scale you might say he’s the mass orgy that spreads VD – oops! – and TGK is the virgin trying missionary for the first time, but me? I’m the couple that swing at the weekends. Secure in myself but open to a dabble here and there.

And the first thing I want a dabble of is that sweet, sweet gold.

So do it now, and do it loud!