Cult With A Cross

In Promo by Vigour

They said They were the Saviours of our fucking world, but They couldn’t have been further from the truth.

They made Their shrines in temples carved from the finest of marble. They had scribes author stories about Them that told everyone how great They were.

They had Their shiny little manifesto that convinced the world they needed to change.

The world did not understand the kind of change They meant.

And soon They became the deities of their own creation. The world was no longer a free realm, but one controlled by those in power. I had heard stories of the Old Times growing up – heard about the corruption and the power struggles. I read stories about politicians and parties, but nothing in those books ever got me ready for what I saw with my own eyes.

They said They were an elected democracy but they were a Cult.

They said They were to be idolised and revered, and the people accepted it. They followed the Cult.

They did not realise they were losing their freedoms until it was too late.

They did not realise they were losing their culture until culture was a forbidden word.

And now I finally escape that place, and find myself here, in a world where I can do whatever the fuck I want, just to see two fucking zealots wanting to wreak exactly the same havoc.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!

The only difference at all is that Vayikra aren’t trying to proclaim it in their own name. They want to change the world for Yahweh – some omnipotent fuck who nearly caused the apocalypse and then died, I’m led to believe. And Vayikra think he is the one true God!?

So instead of their own faces they push the face of Yahweh, but the manifesto is the same.

“Follow us and the world will be right.”

“Those who don’t follow us are the bad guys.”

“They don’t know what they need, we do.”

Call it religion if it helps you sleep at night boys but I call it it a cult with a cross.

A cross that saw innocent blood spilled. And the spilling of innocent blood is the first step from a cult into full blown facism, like the one They forced on us. I won’t let that happen again. I’ve seen the life drain out of an entire population. I fucking CAN’T let that happen again.

The problem Vayikra have is that they don’t just have me to deal with, but my right hand guy Starboy likes his freedoms just as much as me. Some of his freedoms he likes a little too much, you know.

And Jet Set Radio don’t seem like the kind to kowtow to some God-botherers either. They usually say don’t side with your enemy right, but who are the real enemy here? Starboy’s latest tinder match and his food-loving friend, or the fuckers literally trying to paint the world in their own colours?

Fuck your colours, they don’t belong on my spectrum.