[Click.] [Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner.] [We’re inside some kind of facility, an old pensioners home, where the elderly spend their days in comfort. Brent Kersh sits across a small table from a woman in her seventies, looking anxious. She sips on a cup of tea, taking her time.]

“Mother, I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve got to go. I’m working on something extremely important and-”

[She interrupts.] “He’s come for you, hasn’t he?”

[Kersh’ eyes widen in surprise. With his mouth agape, he stutters to find his next words.]

“Y-you know?” [he stammers.]

“Your father was working on something, son. I don’t know what it was but he was confident he could break this curse. I didn’t know if he’d done it or not but when he died, he was close.”

[Brent takes a moment to soak this all in.]

“There’s a way to end this?” [he questions.] “How? I mean, he’s killed generations of our family, mom. Grandpa Henry, dad, the list goes on.”

[His mom struggles to stand herself up, Brent rushing over to help her to her feet. She whispers to him, succinctly.]

“You don’t have to die like they did. Do you understand me? Go to the old house. Under a floorboard, two yards from the left corner of the living room, you’ll find a lockbox. The combination is 1964.”

[She carefully sits back down, adjusting herself in her seat. Kersh stands there for a moment, with his hands on his hips.]

“What’s inside that lockbox, mom?”

[There’s a pause.]


[Click.] [Grainy footage at first makes it difficult to decipher what we’re witnessing. Soon enough, we see that sat around a large dining room table, Bruce Van Chan is having an extremely important sit down with his long-suffering wife.] [It’s safe to say, the tension is high.]

“It seems like time and time again, we end up back here, don’t we?” [Paige complains softly.] “Nothing ever changes.”

[Chan lowers his head, shamefully.]

“The only time we had peace was when you left that god forsaken company and took us away from it all. We were safe. We were free of its chains and then you had to go back.”

“I’m sorry,” [Chan admits.] “But I couldn’t leave Neville to suffer the same fate we did but on his own. If someone could have helped us, wouldn’t you have wished they did?”

[Paige folds her arms. Deep down, she agrees.]

“I know you did the right thing. You always do. That’s what I love about you, Bruce. But you’ve endangered our family again and this time, David Manson isn’t toying with us.”

“Don’t you think I know that? I had to watch as he circled this house and threatened to do unspeakable things to you,” [Bruce says passionately. His anger begins to seep through.] “And to tell you the truth, I’ve had a gutful of it. How much longer do we have to run, huh?”

[She reaches out, placing her hand atop his.]

“What are we going to do?” [she asks.] [Bruce stands up and takes a deep breath.]

“He’s given us only one option; leave and never come back. I’m going to do what’s right. I’m going to protect my family.”

[The camera pans backwards from the footage to see David Manson sat in a chair, feet on a desk, watching the Van Chan’s on what looks like security footage. There’s camera’s everywhere, from the bedroom to the toilet – even in his kid’s rooms. Manson smirks, chuckling to himself.]

“Just like putty in the palm of my hands.”

[Click.] [Tonight on a very special SuperShow, two of the OSW originals return for one more match. Can Mr Inevitable make his return a glorious one or will the 90’s Guy turn back the clock one more time?] [The bell sounds as Fate takes Cories by surprise with a flying forearm, stunning Cories before peppering him with a series of lefts and rights, a hard elbow to the side of the head staggering Matty before a Belly to Belly sends him flying across the ring. Cories pulls himself up as Fate rushes forward, CONTINUUM…MISSES! Fate spears himself into the turnbuckle as he staggers out, DOC OC SPECIAL!] [Cories has Fate locked up tight, Fate refusing to tap out as he manages to power his way out, hip tossing Cories to the mat but a clothesline attempt is ducked under as Cories clips Fate in the back of the head with a hard enziguri. Cories pulls Fate up, wrapping an arm around him but the Uranage is elbowed out of it as Fate spins Cories around, BAD LUCK! Matty gets driven into the canvas, holding his neck in pain as Fate covers, ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!] [Fate lifts Cories up who tries to fight back with rights and lefts but a savage knee to the gut takes all the fight out of him, ADVERSITY! Cories goes down as Fate taunts the booing crowd, a faint musical que beginning that soon grows louder as Cories leaps to his feet, waiting for Fate to turn around, SUPERKICK! Fate drops to the canvas as Cories rushes to the top rope, signalling to the crowd before he leaps off, MARCH OF THE DRAGONZORD! The Swanton Bomb hits hard as Cories covers, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The 90’s Guy gets off one final victory, heading off into the sunset, still as much a crowd favorite as ever]

“9,997…. 9,998…….. 9,999…….. 10,000! There! Finally!”

[Backstage, Dom Cruise shoos away a frazzled hairdresser. The comb’s tines are down to the nubs. He expels an exasperated sigh.]

“It’s so hard to find competent help these days.”

[Without an ounce humility, he admires his painstakingly prepared coif from a mirror. Like a preening cockateel, he gawks at his own reflection vaingloriously.]

“I say! You are one handsome Devil, aren’t you? Why, I–”

“Hey bub, ya finished up there or what?”

[An agitated voice breaks Dom’s moment of zen; immediately an acute scowl spurns onto his face. He scans around for the perpetrator before finding Marvolo, jr. near his wing-tipped boots. The Original snickers.]

“I’m sorry sonny, but I don’t do autographs….. for free. That’ll be $50.”

“Marvolo, jr. isn’t askin’ for your stupid John Hancock! I wanna make sure my money-maker’s lookin’ good for the ladies.”

“There’s no amount of makeup and turpentine to undo what God already has…”

[Dom stands, arrogantly offering the diminutive dynamo his chair.]

“Never let it be said, that Dom Cruise doesn’t do anything for the little people.”

[Marvolo, jr. glares as Dom gavots out of sight…] [Shaking his head, the new Number One climbs into the chair, examining his oddly rugged features. He– wait! Dom knocks him off with a shot to the jaw! He gets right in Marvolo, jr.’s face!]

“Next time, try a step-stool before trying to take my place…….. boy.”

[Cruise then snatches his chair away in a huff, leaving Marvolo, jr. to pick up the pieces.] [For most competitors, the hours before wrestling for gold is spent psyching yourself up. Whether its through loud music or through a relaxing shower, wrestlers often find ways to get their mind exactly where it needs to be before they have the biggest match of their life.] [For Thunk, he is kneeling the corner of a dirty locker room doing God knows what.] [The VHS title challenger’s large frame prevents us from seeing what he is doing, yet his breathing is controlled beyond many expert craftsmen. Every fiber and muscle in the large man’s body is focused on his task, and yet there is a softness to the flexing of his muscles. As we crane around his body, we find that he is cradling something.] [A mouse?] [The small rodent lays completely still in the hands of Thunk, yet we can see that it is breathing. The giant of a man is slowly caressing the belly of the beast, and just faintly enough, we can hear small rhythmic noises coming from the VHS Title Challenger. What the hell is he doing?]

“Thunk find food for hungry mouse.” [The large man sadly states, almost seeming in distress.] “Thunk take back home. Lots food there.”

[With surprising gentleness, Thunk lays the rodent on the cold concrete floor before standing to his feet. As he begins to stand up, he quickly turns his head to the side.] [SQUISH!] [Thunk’s eyes widen as he looks down to see a shiny steel spear tip sticking through his new friend. He follows the spear up its ornate wood carved design to find Viktor North starting at him. The VHS Champion sneers at his Challenger.]

“The mouse is hungry because he can’t find food.” [North states with malice.] “He can’t find food because he doesn’t belong here. He belongs out in the wilderness. People should stay where they belong, shouldn’t they?”

[Thunk looks back down at his deceased friend.]

“Before you smash me again, I want you to know I’ve come to leave you with a gift.” [North continues.] “This spear is yours. Do with it what you will.”

[North begins to back away before Thunk can respond. Viktor even begins to recite an old poem, bereft on context.]

“That tree of which no man knows from where its roots run.”

[The door closes behind North, leaving Thunk alone. The giant man peers down to the mouse once more before looking to where North departed.]


[With a roar, Thunk walks away from his fallen friend to avenge his death.] [Viktor North and Thunk meet later tonight for the VHS Title and for the Challenger, the stakes just raised!] [It’s a Parking Lot Brawl where everyone is looking to drive home a point. Will Kaito kick things into another gear? Will Tony Viper impress? Will Dom Cruise add more gas to his gusto or will Marvolo, jr. ride off into the sunset?] [The match starts with Dom Cruise sizing up his opponents. Viper swings at Kaito but the Black Dragon responds with kicks. Marvolo, jr.’s trying to corner Cruise, scurrying across a car’s hood and ‘Ranaing the Original. Dom then Hiptosses the new Number One onto the concrete and– Wait! He’s getting in a limousine! Kaito nails a Leaping Knee against a wall when Cruise starts backing out. He screeches toward the exit only to realize Marvolo, jr.’s in his passenger seat! The two fight for the wheel; Clothesline to Katio and– LOOK OUT! THE CAR CRASHES THROUGH A CHAIN-LINK FENCE!] [Marvolo, jr. stumbles from the wrecked vehicle, only to get launched by Viper into a stack of boxes. Kaito hits a Knife-Edge Chop to Tony but takes a Big Boot! Viper Suplexes the Rising Sun onto the trunk of another car– They’re battling on top! The pair vie for control; DDT to Kaito onto the car! Tony covers! One… Two… NO! Kaito kicks out! Viper then sets him up for Viper Bomb… Kaito slips free….. THE CRASHDOWN FROM THE BALCONY! Marvolo, jr. and Tony SLAM into the concrete! Marvolo, jr. gets an arm over! One… Two… NO! Everyone is down!] [All three men lie strew amongst the Parking Lot; Cruise emerges from his limo with a bloody nose! He stumbles over to Kaito, Slapping him! He then tosses him head-first THROUGH A WINDSHIELD! Kaito crumbles backward a bloody mess; Dom covers! One… Two… NO! Cruise’s disgusted! He tries deadlifting Kaito….. GRAND FINA– NO! DESPERATION KTFO! Both men crumble; Tony Sideslams Marvolo, jr. onto the concrete! He hooks both legs! One… Two… NO! Viper’s shocked, arguing with the referee before pulling his opponent up and– NO! Marvolo, jr. hops off a car with the Ninth Wonder! He covers! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Marvolo, jr. stands the tallest! The referee raises his arm before the new Number One staggers away from the destruction. Cruise glances upward from the floor in agony. He sneers, watching indignantly as his opponent walks out of view…]

“Where the fuck is he?!” [Jon Davenport yells at a nearby intern who is frantically trying to get out of his way. Jon’s hand curls into a ball as he grabs the cloth of his collar.]

“I-I don’t know, Mr. Davenport!”

[Jon pushes the kid to the ground and stands over him before turning and pointing at the door to the parking garage after the four combatants had already left.]

“I want you to watch that door right over there. As soon as you see an ounce of smoke come through that door, I want you to skip your happy ass to my dressing room and let me know. I’m not playing games with this damn Injun, and I refuse to let him catch me with my pants down.”

[The kid frantically nods as Jon Davenport reaches into the back of his jeans to pull out a can of tobacco. He pinches a dip and places it in his bottom lip as he eyes the door.]

“As soon as you see that redskinned bastard! I better not see that asshole out in the ring or anywhere in the back before I see you. Got it?”

[The kid continues nodding, desperately trying to hide his fear. Jon Davenport begins walking away as the kid pulls himself to his feet. A pit of smoke carries around his face as he coughs and sputters. Walking a few feet away from him is a hooded man who turns to reveal his tanned skin with his white teeth formed into a grin.]

“Blood flows like a river, taking any avenue possible to cover as much ground and completely change the landscape it inhabits. Tonight, that dog will bleed.”

“You’ve reached the voicemail of Lance Norman, if you’d like to leave your name, number and a short message after the tone, I’ll get back to you.”

[Click.] [The sound of numbers beeping as they’re pressed echo.] [Ringing.]

“You’ve reached the voicemail of Lance Norman, if you’d like to leave your name, number and a short message after the tone, I’ll get back to you.”

“Where the fuck are you man? The police have been crawling up my ass all week, booking appointments with my attorney to interview members of the roster. They want to talk with Jack, they want to talk with me and they want to talk with you as well.”

[The camera fades in from black to see Errol Flint sat at his desk in a panic. He hasn’t shaved in at least a week and looks distraught with worry.]

“I don’t know who did this but I’m praying to God they didn’t do it to you too. The Awakening has to be behind this, right? Shadow has to be seeking revenge for the misery I put him through?”

[He pauses, running his hand through his hair.]

“I need you to call me as soon as possible, Lance. This is no time for a vacation, do you understand me? No time at all. Call me, call me as soon as you get this!”

[Flint hangs up, dropping the phone down on the desk. He reaches out and grabs his glass of whisky, downing it in one go as the scene fades to black with our Chairman sick with worry.] [The crowd is electric tonight! Seeing all of their favorites in one place at one time really has them fired up. The apron is crowded with four stars from both VHS and Monday Night Showcase line the ring. Inside, Tyler Brooks and Lazarus square off.] [Brooks wastes no time and shoots at Lazarus, catching a high knee for his troubles. He drops to his own knee, and Lazarus grabs his head, and drops him with a DDT! A quick cover… One… Tw… kick out with force! Lazarus gets to his feet quickly and stomps Brooks a few times, driving him back down to the mat. He makes a quick tag to Stephanie Rose who enters the ring with a quickly, but Brooks is fast enough to make a diving tag to the outreached arm of Ethan Bird. Rose, who was sprinting, makes quick stop. She stares at Ethan, then actually runs the other way! Where is she going?! Ethan smiles and steps in through the ropes. Then… RUNNING BULLDOG! Stephanie was just running to the ropes for more momentum! Ethan’s head slams off the canvas, and VHS is in early control.] [Stephanie is excited and delivers three quick forearms to a kneeling Ethan’s face. She runs to the ropes again abs sprints back as Bird climbs to his feet. FLYING CROSSBODY! NO! Ethan catches her and TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! He scowls,and covers the much smaller wrestler. One… Two… Thr….kickout! Ethan quickly pulls Stephanie to her feet and throws her to the ropes. When she returns, he grabs her and tosses her with a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX! He threw her so far she slams upside down into the neutral turnbuckle! Ethan stalks her and covers. One… Two… THREE!] [NO! Nevermore breaks up the pin! The ref pushes him back out of the ring! Ethan Bird is furious, pleading with the ref to eliminate Rose. This allows for a distraction and Stephanie dives, making a tag to Nevermore. He enters the ring in a fury and CLOTHESLINE to Bird! Nevermore wastes no time, stomping out Bird into the canvas. He lifts Bird to his feet and BRAINBUSTER! Covers ! One… Two… Thr…kickout! Bird powers out! Nevermore and Ethan both work there way to their feet and begin trading punches heavy blows rain back and forth. Nevermore begins to get the upperhand as Bird seems to still be reeling a bit from the brainbuster. Nevermore forces Bird back and… STRANGE DAYS!! One… Two… THREE!] [But it was the crowd counting! Nevermore stands as if he had eliminated Bird, but Bruce Van Chan made a blind tag without him knowing. The pin didn’t count. BVC comes off the top rope with a HURRICANRANA! He holds on for a pin… One… Two… Th…KICKOUT! Nevermore somehow kicked out! Bruce is frustrated and pulls Nevermore to his feet. SPIKE DDT!! But BVC doesn’t cover and instead tags in his fellow Knight, Neville Sheldon. Neville comes in quick and locks in the BOOK SMART!!! All the other members of the VHS team enter the ring to try to break it up, and so do the Showcase wrestlers! All eight clash in the center of the ring. It’s mayhem! But in the corner…. NEVERMORE TAPS OUT!!! He’s been eliminated! Showcase is up 5 wrestlers to 4.] [The referee finally begins to get some order as Neville Sheldon awaits a new opponent. The settle on the Shark. The Predator enters the ring, sniffing the air for blood. Sheldon looks freaked out and tags in Tyler Brooks. It is Brooks second turn and Hysteria has not had a go yet. Are they avoiding the madman? The Shark is still sniffing and then seems to sense the scent of Brooks. He looks eyes and sprints towards the Straight Edge Savior. The two begin to exchange a flurry of sloppy punches. Shark and Brooks are going insane on one another. The Shark begins to get an upper hand and shoves Brooks backwards into the neutral corner. He stuns Brooks and mounts the second turnbuckle. He begins pummeling Brooks until his forehead bursts open! The sight of blood is too much for the Predator who actually starts trying to bite Brooks forehead!!! Brooks screams as the referee pulls Shark away and back to his corner.] [The Shark tags Evil Ash at the same moment that a stunned Tyler Brooks tags in Hysteria. The two Asylum members enter the ring at the same time, rushing to the center of the rings at one and…..stop? The consider one another and then run don’t attack one another! Instead Hysteria allows Ash to run at the MNS corner while he himself runs at the VHS corner! Hysteria nails Stephanie Rose with a heavy forearm as Ash levels BVC with a BOOMSTICK!!! BVC falls from the apron as the rest of team OSW enters the ring, Team VHS does the same, but it is out of hand! The Asylum are not fighting for their respective shows, but fighting anyone not Asylum! Hysteria is attacking Neville Sheldon in the corner! The Shark is giving a SHARK BITE TO STEPHANIE ROSE!! Evil Ash has Ethan Bird locked into a FULL NELSON!! Everyone begins to turn against the Asylum, forgetting show lines for the time being!] [Tyler Brooks pulls the Shark off of Rose and YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY! Brooks covers but the ref is nowhere in sight, and even if he was The Shark is not the legal man. That distinction belongs to Evil Ash and Hysteria. Just then, Ash, in the middle of the chaos is turned around and GOOD NIGHT!! Bruce Van Chan recovered enough to retaliate, but is immediately attacked by Lazarus and the two fall out of the ring! At the exact same moment that Evil Ash was laid out via Cutter, Hysteria is nailed by a FULL BLOOM from Stephanie Rose!!! Hysteria falls right across the chest of Ash, and even though both are out cold the ref counts! One… Two… THREE!!! Evil Ash has been eliminated and Monday Night Showcase has a 5-3 lead!] [But not for long! Hysteria is still unconscious! Rose, assuming the VHS legal position flips the Madman off of Ash and covers him! One… Two… THREE! Hysteria is gone and VHS closes the gap! 4-3! The Shark is the only Asylum member left! Stephanie Rose looks for Neville, knowing he is the legal man for Monday Night Showcase. She finds him in the corner tied up with The Shark. Lazarus and BVC are still fighting outside. Ethan Bird is standing back watching the carnage unfold. He feels right at home in the unorganized chaos. Rose sneaks up behind Sheldon and spins him around, off of Shark. She grabs the nerd as though she is going to kiss him… he swoons bit… and JAWBREAKER!!! She covers! One… Two… Thre….BIRD BREAKS UP THE PIN!] [For the second time, the ref is trying to clean up the mess as he pushes Bird back to his corner. All BVC and Tyler Brooks are finally back to their corner and the Shark and Lazarus are in theirs. Neville reaches out and tags in Tyler Brooks who enters the ring! Rose doesn’t back down and sprints at Brooks who is prepared for her. He grabs her arm as she swings and pulls her down into a crossface! ETERNAL SALVATION! Rose is in great pain, but the ref makes it clear that no one is to interfere. She reaches…. and just grasps the bottom rope! Brooks is forced to break the hold, and the ref backs him off. Rose makes a diving tag to the Shark who comes in once again searching for blood. He nails Brooks with a clubbing forearm as he sprints by leveling the Savior. He runs straight into the far corner and tries to take on BVC, Neville and Bird. It turns out to be foolish as the three pummel the Shark and shove him from the corner and straight into EYE OF THE SAVIOR!! Roaring Elbow! One… Two… THREE!! The Shark is eliminated! It is 4-2 in favor of Monday Night Showcase!] [Lazarus sprints into the ring and nails a kneeling Brooks as he turns… DARK WISH!! He covers! One… Bird, BVC, and Sheldon all try to enters the ring to break it up… Two… Stephanie Rose comes flying through the air with a SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY TO ALL THREE!! …. THREE! Tyler Brooks is eliminated! Ethan Bird is now the legal man as he was the only MNS member not to have been knocked out of the ring by Stephanie Rose. Bird gains his feet just as Lazarus does. Bird hammers Lazarus with a BIG BOOT! He scowls and covers.. ONE… Bird purposely breaks his own pin and pulls Lazarus up by the mask. He lifts him and WORLD’S END DDT!! One… Two… Three!] [NO! Rose is there again to break up the pin! Sharp kick to Bird’s head! He rolls off of Lazarus, eyes also rolling! Stephanie makes sure the coast is still clear and mounts the top rope and DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!!! Lazarus has risen as well and takes advantage. Rose once again keeps the Knights from entering the ring as Lazarus locks in LAZARUS’ CHAMBER!!! Bird refuses to tap… but fades out! The ref calls him out!!! Bird is eliminated and VHS has mounted a comeback! it is now 2 to 2! Lazarus and Stephanie Rose vs Neville Sheldon and Bruce Van Chan.] [The referee forces Rose back to her corner as Bruce enters the ring to face off with Lazarus. The lock up and Bruce shoots a quick knee into Lazarus’ midsection, and drills him into the canvas with a quick DDT! Bruce, wanting to keep the team fresh, tags in Sheldon, who quickly enters. He lifts Lazarus to his feet and BODYSLAM!! He rushes to the ropes and returns for a leg drop… HE’S LOOKING FOR WRESTLEMANIA!! BUT LAZARUS ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!! Neville lands hard on his tail bone! Lazarus gains his feet and makes a diving tag to Rose. She has been a vital part of Team VHS to this point and she still seems fresh. She sprints into the ring and leaps for a CROSSBODY! But Sheldon catches her sideways across his chest! He drops get hard against his knee! Again! AGAIN! She looks like she is in trouble and is fading! He walks with her to his corner and tosses here small frame onto his shoulders. BVC tags Sheldon on the back and quickly leaps to the top turnbuckle. With perfectly planned precision, Neville flips her for a N.E.R.D.!! And at the same time Bruce leaps off the tope rope with a SHOT THROUGH THE HEART AS SHE FALLS THROUGH THE AIR FROM THE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT!!! BEAUTIFUL TANDEM MOVE!!! Bruce hooks her leg! One… Two… THREE! Rose is eliminated!] [Lazarus is the last man standing for VHS. He is just gaining his feet in the corner. If he’s concerned he doesn’t show it as he wades into battle outnumbered. Just as the three count ends (he’s too late to save Stephanie) he spins Sheldon around and DAWN!!! Bruce tries to recover and gets to his knees…. DARK WISH!! Bruce is out! Lazarus falls into a cover! One… Two…. THREE!! BVC is gone! We are down to the final two! Neville Sheldon and Lazarus!] [Lazarus gets up and turns to see Neville just trying to gain his feet. This could be it, he lunges forward for another DARK WISH, but Sheldon rolls out of the way and pops up behind the masked man… Lazarus tries to recover but…. NKO!!! NERD KNOCK OUT!!! He covers!! ONE! TWO! THREE!!!] [Neville Sheldon has done it!! He pulls of the victory! Monday Night Showcase has won!!] [Whilst Neville Sheldon celebrates in the middle of the ring, our footage changes.] [Static.] [Sniffle.] [The recorded footage opens with the sniffling of John Cho, who’s sat in what looks like an abandoned warehouse, tied to a chair. He’s dirty, bloodied and dehydrated.]

“Smile for the camera, man.”

“Fuck off!” [John bravely hisses at him.] [Red laughs, zooming the camera in on his dishevelled face.]

“You’ve got some balls on you, man. I like that.”

[John tilts his head to the side, away from the bright light of the camera.]

“I know what you’re thinking, Sheldon. You’re asking yourself; ‘what do I have to do to save my friend’. What are my demands, huh? Well, it’s pretty simple. At Gold Rush, I want you to do what you failed to at Heart of Darkness. I want you to bow on your knees in front of me and tell the world that you’re a liar and a fraud.”

[Cho laughs, interrupting Jack.]

“He’ll never do it,” [he sneers.] “Never.”

“Oh he will, man. He will. If he ever wants to see you again, he’ll renounce everything he stands for.”

[Jack backs away, turning the camera on himself so that it’s peering somewhat over his shoulder at John as well.]

“Don’t you get it?” [he asks with a smile.] “I’ve taken everything from you, man. I took your mother. I’ve taken your best friend and I will take what you stand for too.”

[In the background, John looks up.]

“Don’t do it Neville. Tell him to fuck-”

[Jack suddenly runs, booting him as hard as he can in the face and sending the chair tumbling backwards with him on it. Jack stands over him, his nose splattered across his face.]

“It’s time to wake up, Sheldon.”

[Static.] [Coming off of a grueling match we find The Black Dragon, Kaito, calming himself down in the locker room of the School Yard. He seems completely at ease when a voice rings out through the room and makes his concentration break, Kaito snapping back to reality.]

“Trying to forget your heritage, huh?” [Kaito turns back to see the dirty smile of David Manson staring back at him. Manson chuckles and enters the room, closing the door behind himself.]

“Don’t pretend you don’t understand me, boy. I know you don’t speak well, but you hear just fine.”

[Manson leans forward and taps Kaito’s head.] “Hello in there.”

‘”Nanda yo omae-wa?”

“We’ve been through this. I don’t understand the language of rapists.”

[Kaito furrows his brow and stands up, moving to the locker in front of him and slowly removing the lock.]

“You challenge my honor.”

[He pulls the lock off of the locker, opening it up and turning to Manson.]

“You bastardize my heritage.”

“I’m just telling you the truth, it’s your choice to keep following as a sheep.”

[Kaito shakes his head.]

“You say you don’t understand me.”

[Kaito reaches into the locker, grabbing something and slowly turning back.]

“But you will understand this.”

[Kaito lashes out at Manson WITH A KATANA! KAITO SLICES ACROSS MANSON’S CHEST! Manson recoils, looking down to see the slice was clean and only deep enough to draw blood. He looks up in disbelief at Kaito who slings the blood off of his sword.]

“I will not take your abuse. And I will challenge you here and now. At VHS Damnation, you and I will battle, and I will end you for your dishonor upon my whole nation!”

[Manson looks down at his chest then up once more at Kaito. He smirks, opening the door and backing out.]

“Nice shot, puppet. At Damnation I’ll use that blade to cut your strings.”

[The tension is palpable as Manson backs away, Kaito holding the blade at the ready, his blood boiling as he stares down Manson.] [It’s the never-say-die Dead vs. the say-anything-for-price Alistair Huxley! The Rewind Champion puts his gold on the line against the Ringleader himself! Will the Dead rise to occasion or has the circus finally come to town?] [The bell rings and Fluffy immediately pops onto the ring apron, distracting the referee. The Dead charges– NO! DRAGON’S BREATH! FALL OF THE ACROBAT! Fluffy shoves the referee over to make the count! One… Two… NO! The Dead kicks out; Huxley quickly clamps on a Boston Crab, contorting back deep into a bridge! The Dead though can’t quit; Alistair’s forced to transition into a Pendulum of Pain, swinging the Dead’s head into the bottom turnbuckle! Mr. Freakshow eventually releases the hold to a calliope of BOOS! He calls for the Big Top Drop– NO! DEATH RATTLE!] [The Dead bludgeons the crazed carnival barker, hammering him with heavy Headbutts! Fluffy again tries to intervene; the Dead hits him with THE FINAL BREATH! The match has been chaos from the start… Alistair nails LEFREAK! He hooks the legs! One… Two… NO! The Dead powers out but Huxley inches into the turnbuckles. “ASS PUNCH!” He calls for it but the Dead catches is arm in mid-flight! La Magistral Cradle! One… Two… NO! Both rise; the Dead dusts off an European Uppercut! He assaults him into the corner with repeated Chops! DE LA MUERTE! Huxley crumbles; the Dead covers! One… Two… NO!] [The Dead rises, signaling for the end when more of Huxley’s obedient oddities storm the ring! The referee intercepts them on the floor, trying to send them– Wait! The Dead WIPES THEM OUT with a Springboard Plancha! The crowd’s rocking; the champion slips back into the ring, winging up his arm… NO! Alistair ducks! WHIPCRACK! He covers! One… Two… NO! And Huxley’s trying for the CIRQUE DU TORMENT! Alistair cackles, wrenching in the hold; the Dead scrambles to break free! Like a rapid Poodle, Huxley rears back and– NO! Suddenly the Dead boxes him into a Cradle! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Huxley’s seething! He tries attacking the champion but the Dead battles back… THE FINAL BREATH! Alistair’s faithful few now look on aghast as their Ringleader lie humbled on the canvas. The Dead’s handed his title, staring a hole through Huxley’s posse…] [After the final bell has sounded, The Dead and Alistair Huxley slowly find their way back to their feet as the two stare at each other. Alistair takes a step back and rests his arms on the ropes as a smile eerily creeps across his face.] [Dead’s attention is diverted by the sounds of a forklift behind him as one comes into vision with the giant Ferdinand Veracruz is at the helm. On the prongs of the lift, a large cage sits with an empty vacancy.] [The Dead instantly realizes what is happening as he turns right into a cattle prod! Dead doesn’t seem to feel it, but his body instinctively ceases motion as he falls to the ground. Alistair Huxley swings the prod with a grin on his face as the cage is set up right alongside the apron.] [The Dead slowly begins to move again. Ali has a microphone.]

“There’s no use in fighting me, Painkiller. I have the perfect home for such a needy boy. You can’t feel? Well allow me to show you a place where you can truly be appreciated for your gifts.”

[The Dead lunges at Ali! Ali tries for the prod, but Dead grabs it around the handle and throws it away.] [THE FINAL BREATH!] [Alistair hits the mat clutching his throat as The Dead is poised to jump on him again. This time, he grabs the microphone.]

“No one holds claim over me. I am no circus act. Painkiller is not my name.”

[Alistair is in pain, but something in his eyes seems to show a glint of enjoyment at the response out of Dead.]

“I am THE-“

[Fluffy lifts him up from behind and drops him flat on the mat. The Dead tries to get up, but the weight of Ferdinand is just too much for him after that exhausting match. Alistair Huxley slides beside him and latches on a pair of handcuffs before picking up the microphone.]

“No. You are Painkiller from this day forth. If you don’t like it, well… there’s no need to hear you speak.”

[Fluffy picks him up as he tries to squirm out, but there’s nothing he can do before he chunks him into the cage and closes the door behind him. Alistair Huxley gives an eerie grin as he takes a bow.]

“Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to now introduce you to the newest member of The Huxley Freak Show, THE PAINKILLER!”

[Fluffy begins driving the forklift out of the arena as The Dead struggles against the bars, trying to ram his way out, leaving Huxley alone in the ring with a sole spotlight upon him before it slowly fades to dark.] [CUT SCENE.] [We’re presented a close up of Stephanie Rose who appears to be marching through the backstage area in a somewhat giddy manner. Her behavior indicates no worries and there is a hint of a smile on her lips.] [But as we pan out; our view widening, the spirited behavior of Rose is brought to abrupt halt with a look of deep frustration overwhelms her. Her shoulders drop and she lets out a scoff.]

“You have GOT to be kidding me!” [Rose pouts as she picks up her pace.] [Our view shifts to the forward waiting hallway where we immediately see a large arrangement of flowers sitting alongside a closed door. The arrangement is way overkill composed of many different types of flowers and in very large quantities. The spread is three or four feet wide and five or six feet tall.] [Rose reaches the arrangement and angrily rips an envelope from the middle of the structure.] [Letting out a sigh, Stephanie pulls the envelope open and retrieves a folded piece of paper.] [And she begins to read…]

Dear Stephanie,

I am deeply troubled at the pain and embarrassment I have caused you. It was never my intention to harm you in any way. I sincerely felt I was the perfect man for you and you the perfect woman for me. I am so sorry. You do not have to worry about me causing you any more pain. I swear to it with my own blood.


Jared Beckett

[Another scoff by Stephanie before a pause as she seems to slowly become a little less annoyed and a little more sympathetic with her admirer. Even so, she eventually rolls her eyes and shakes her head as she opens the door to her locker room.] [And suddenly Rose is frozen by something inside the room. A look of horror covers her face before she lets out a bloodcurdling scream.] [Our view shifts to the doorway where inside we see a motionless Jared Beckett laying on the floor; his back against the wall. Blood drips from a long slash across his throat; his clothes soaked in the red substance as he lies in a massive puddle of his own plasma.]

“HELP! HELP!” [Stephanie yells as she hurries away in pursuit of aid.] [We fade on the wall above Beckett’s body. A wall splattered in blood, spelling out just three words.]

Quote Nevermore……Nevermore!

[For the second week in a row Knock Knock is forced to defend their Tag Team Championships. This time they face Red River Jack and David Manson, the latter of which stand opposite the ring from Doubt. The bell rings and the two approach.] [Doubt wastes no time and rushes at Manson, leaping through the air Jumping Corkscrew Forearm! Manson drops to the ground and Doubt pounces with a quick standing senton. He is quick to his feet and grabs Manson by his mangy hair. He drags him to the corner and tags in Smiley. Smiley steps through, grinning. He loves inflicting pain. Knock Knock both stomp Manson in the corner. The ref counts towards ten, and then stops Red River Jack from breaking up the pair. Once he reaches ten, Doubt leaves the ring. RRJ tries to fight into the ring again, and the ref pushes him back, providing a distraction for Manson, who nails Smiley with a LOW BLOW!!] [Smiley drops, but cackles in pain. Manson quickly pulls Smiley away from his corner, lifts him up, and UNSPOKEN WORDS!! Spike DDT! Manson doesn’t cover but tags in RRJ, who methodically enters the ring and pulls Smiley to his feet. He stares at Doubt before LEVELING SMILEY WITH A CLUBBING FOREARM! He covers… One… Two.. Th….Broken up by Doubt! Manson enters and Doubt and Manson are hammering away at one another. They fight their way out of the ring and outside. Manson picks up Doubt and REIGN OF TER…Doubt counters with a HURRICANRANA driving Manson’s head hard to the floor. But Doubt also landed awkwardly. He’s down as well.] [Meanwhile, Red River Jack trading punches with Smiley back in the ring. Jack gets the upperhand and throws Smiley into the ropes and awaits him for a back body drop, but instead receives a swift kick to the face. Smiley grabs him and PSYCHOTHERAPY!! He covers.. One… Two… Th…Broken up by Manson! Manson stands and DOUBT, OUT OF NOWHERE!! END OF WISDOM!!! Manson rolls out! Then Doubt is SEEIN’ RED!! Both Smiley and RRJ make it to their feet and Smiley swings at Jack. HE DUCKS!! SMILEY’S TURN… SEEIN’ RED!! One… Two… NO! Neville Sheldon is on the apron! The ref stopped counting and is trying to get him away… Jack follows… then Good Night!! Bruce Van Chan levels Red River Jack! The ref was focused on Neville and missed it. He pulls Smiley’s limp form over Jack.. One… Two…THREE!] [Revenge for the Knights!! Last week the Awakening cost the Knights the Tag Titles, and now the Knights returned the favor! Knock Knock retains once again!] [Recorded Earlier.] [Sat inside an interrogation room, Jack Jeckel has his arms folded and his head down, catching a little shut eye. When the door opens and a detective walks in, it barely even disturbs him. The detective, quite angry at the perceived disrespect, throws his folder down on the table, awakening The Juggalo.]

“Rise and shine, asshole.”

[Jack leans backwards, coming to.]

“Do you know why you’re here?” [The detective asks.] “You’re here because someone murdered your brother and you’re a suspect.”

[That’s the first Jack’s heard of it. His eyes widen, his heart races and his jaw drops. He looks around frantically, suddenly understanding the seriousness of this situation.] [His eyes well up, the emotion pouring out of him.]

“I,” [he stammers.] “J-Jake?”

“Where were you on September 20th at 11pm?” [The cold-hearted cop demands to know.] [Jack still hasn’t processed this information.]

“I don’t know. W-What happened? What the fuck happened?”

[The cop looks back at the glass wall behind him and then plays along, opening the folder. What’s inside is terrifying.] [There’s pictures of what looks like Jake Jeckel’s body, attached to a stringy mush of brain matter and skull fragments. Jack nearly throws up, stepping backwards off his chair towards the wall.]

“Your brother was executed by a shotgun blast to the face. We had to identify him by tattoo’s, blood and dental fragments.”

[Jack is now back first against the wall, and slowly slides down it to his butt. He’s distraught. He lowers his head into his hands and sits there, weeping.] [Behind the glass, a superior officer is watching.] [And he isn’t alone.]

“Are you sure this is the man you saw leaving the apartment complex on that night, Mr, I’m sorry, what is your name again?”

“Mr. Bird, Ethan Bird.”

[The camera pans out to show Ethan stood next to him, watching this all unfold.]

“And yes, I’m positive.”

[Ozric Mortimer, Brent Kersh, and The Red Emperor are already in the ring as they await the final man for their tag team match. It’s then that Jon Davenport leaps out from the middle of the people and begins pacing in front of the ring. He’s dressed in his jeans and white wife-beater as he’s daring The Spirit Walker to make his way out to the ring. Nothing happens for a minute as he chuckles to himself. He grabs a microphone.]

“You see, I told you that that spineless Redskin didn’t have the balls to come out when he knows I’m around. Last week, he had to hide behind his lighting tricks and this we-“

[No music, no pyro, nothing happens as Tommy Hawk walks out on top of the stairwell as the crowd comes unglued! Davenport is livid, seemingly having not been told about his arrival. The Spirit Walker isn’t normal though. He’s wearing the paint of The Savage as he raises his tomahawk high.] [Like a bullet, Tommy Hawk speeds down the stairs as he leaps forward hitting a big shoulderblock knocking Davenport into the ring apron. He grabs him by his hair and slams him down onto the steel steps before lifting him back up and giving a primal scream.] [THE SCALP!] [The chop to the head flattens Davenport as he begins to scurry away as his façade of wanting a fight seems to have evaporated underneath him. Tommy Hawk charges after him, but Brent Kersh is there to stop him and refocus him at the task at hand.] [Tommy Hawk slides into the ring with fierceness in his gritted teeth and fury in his eyes as he stares daggers into his opponents before the match.] [Tommy Hawk and The Red Emperor start the match off, both men looking strong going into this one.] [Hawk and Emperor tie up in a test of strength, Emperor hitting a cheap elbow that knocks back Hawk, following up with a hard hitting boxing combo! Hawk is dazed and gets pulled into a quick snap suplex! TRE takes a moment to taunt the crowd, Hawk getting enough time to hit a bulldog on the Emperor! Hawk gets up and drags him to the ropes, tagging in Kersh and picking up TRE for a DOUBLE DDT! They plant TRE and Kersh goes for a pin! One! KICKOUT! Emperor shows his strength as he doesn’t stay down, shoving Kersh off of himself.] [Kersh pulls TRE to his feet and whips him- Emperor turns the whip around! Kersh gets sent into his corner, Emperor flying forward and nailing a front dropkick to the cornered Kersh! Kersh stumbles forward and TRE gets on the second rope and Ozric tags himself in! Emperor yells at Mortimer, the clown ignoring him as he enters the ring. Kersh is already to his feet, Ozric walking into a flurry of hard punches and chops! The clown stumbles a bit and as Kersh tries pushing his lead only to walk into a MASSIVE HEADBUTT! Kersh stumbles and Ozric hits the ropes, coming back with a big boot!] [Kersh rolls, having to crawl up the ropes to get up as Ozric advances. Kersh looks at Ozric and runs forward with a shoulder block! Ozric stumbles back but comes back with a gut kick INTO A LEG DROP BULLDOG! Mortimer looks to his corner and mockingly tags in TRE. Emperor sneers and goes to peel up Kersh BACK BODY DROP! Emperor walked into the trap, standing up only dodge an incoming dropkick. Kersh gets to his feet and tags in Hawk who circles Emperor. TRE closes in with a few jabs, HAWK DUCKS ONE! EMPEROR GETS PULLED INTO THE RED ARROW! HAWK HOOKS THE LEG! ONE! TWO! THREE!] [The Red Emperor can’t believe what just happened as he rolls to the outside. Hawk and Kersh both celebrating the victory very little as the bell ring.] [Chase Hero makes his way down the halls of the schoolyard, paranoid and looking over his shoulder every few seconds as he makes way to his match.]


[Two voices in unison chant his name. Hero has a momentary moment of panic as he looks from side to side, trying to find where the voices are coming from. And then the darkness sets in as lights go out one by one, candles taking their place.]

“Ash is yelling from his prison. He wants out. You shouldn’t have let him enter the cell.”

[Chase shakes his head, now sneering as he looks into the darkness.]

“Then come out here so I can beat the key out of you!”

[Laughter is heard, the candles go out, a single light hits Chase, and behind him stand EVIL ASH AND SHARK! Ash grabs Hero and SHARK TAKES A BITE OUT OF HIS ARM! Chase tries to struggle but Ash has him held in a strong full nelson and Shark has his throat in hand.]

“Beat the key out of us?” [Shark smirks.] “You have a better chance digging him out of the cage yourself. Isn’t that right, Ash?”

[Evil Ash chuckles.] “I think it’d be easier to lock him in the cage with Ash, don’t you think?”

[Chase chokes in Shark’s grasp, gritting his teeth and spitting out words.] “I’ll be the savior… I’ll end you.”

[Shark tightens his grip.] “Or I’ll have an afternoon snack and end you. Feel free to tell me what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like…”


“For you, that light is Hell fire, Shark.”

[Ash let’s go of Chase to attack but gets a stiff elbow FOLLOWED BY A SUPERKICK BY CHASE! ASH TUMBLES BACK INTO SHARK!]

“You two play numbers. Well now they’re evened.” [Lazarus stares down the two Asylum members.] “Don’t think you can simply take control, there’s always another ready to end your evil.”

[Shark and Ash glare at Lazarus, the two Asylum members receding into the darkness.]

“We’ll be back. Just you wait.”

[Lazarus shakes his head, turning back to Chase to tend to him before escorting him to his match.] [It’s the Double-Feature’s first defense as Jack Jeckel puts up his new title against Chase Hero’s new attitude. Will the Savior of Wrestling pull off a miracle or will Boogeyman make one more violent bump in the night?] [The match starts with the champion quickly hammering Hero into the corner. He gets a Running Clothesline, trying to float into the a Neckbreaker but Hero counters with a Waist-Lock Takedown. They wrestle back to their feet; Hero plants a knee to the gut. An Irish Whip to Jeckel gets countered as the Boogeyman nails a Dropkick off the rebound! He covers but Hero kicks out before one! Chase then gets a Headlock Takeover; Jack responds with a Headscissors. Hero manages to roll out onto his feet and Jack goes for a Samoan Drop– NO! Hero counters into a Bulldog!] [The Savior of Wrestling snaps off a Suplex, quickly covering! One… NO! Jack scrambles through the ropes but Hero follows. They slug it out on the floor until Chase hits a Lungblower! That hurt both men! The pair work steadily back up as the referee continues to count… Jack hits a Headbutt– he spikes him with a DDT! The Double-Feature Champ chuckles, admiring his handiwork before tossing Hero back into the ring. Jack tries to sling in with the Car Crash but Hero gets a boot up! Chase with a Fireman’s Carry into a Gutbuster! Small Package! One… Two… NO!] [Now Hero readies his boot…… NO! Jack dodges the Superkick, quickly drilling him! THE BOOGEYBOMB! He’s got him! One… Two… NO! Hero’s back must be killing him! Jeckel rises, sneering at his opponent before pulling him in for the Hatchet? NO! Chase counters? HERO’S DUTY?!? NO! Jack slips free, clubbing Hero’s neck before stepping back… JACK IN THE– NO! Hero with a desperation Chop Block as his back seizes! Hero’s hurt– JUGGALOCO! Jeckel covers! One… Two… NO! The champion snarls, measuring the challenger again and…. NO! TALK TO THE BOOT OUTTA NOWHERE! Hero crumbles into a cover! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, Chase is handed his NEW Double-Feature Championship! He raises the title high, wincing as Jack looks on with hate burning behind his facepaint! Jeckel tries to attack but Hero crumbles through the ropes, hurrying away.] [Absolutely mortified after what she witnessed earlier tonight, Stephanie Rose stands with her arms folded in a corridor backstage, nervously scouring her surroundings. She’s here for the Main Event but you can tell that she’d rather be somewhere else; anywhere else.] [That goes double when Smiley appears, leaning on the corner of a wall, his crowbar in hand.]

“What’s the matter, princess? Did you catch a little freight?” [he calls out sadistically. She shifts away slightly, but that just forces him around the corner, towards her.] “Don’t be afraid. I’m not here to hurt you, unless you want me to?”

“Look Mister Crowley, I’d just like to be left alone please.”

[Smiley’s grin turns to a grimace.]

“Am I not good enough for you, is that it?” [Smiley groans.] “Are you spurning my advances? Surely, you’d have learned a better way by now.”

[Rose’s face turns bright red with embarrassment. He’s accusing her of being responsible for what happened to Beckett. She turns away from him, lowering her head.] [Smiley walks over, stroking her hair as she tries to avoid eye contact.]

“Please, just leave me alone,” [she begs.] “I just want to be left alone.”

[Cough.] [The sound of someone clearing their throat catches the attention of Smiley, who turns around with his crowbar raised to see none other than his Tag Team partner; Doubt.]

“I get the feeling she isn’t interested, brother,” [Doubt proclaims, folding his arms.] “Besides, we have some business to attend to.”

“That we do. It’s a shame Ms. Rose, we could have had a lot of fun together. Do you remember our Deathmatch? I have fond memories.”

[Smiley chuckles to himself grimly and walks off down the corridor. Doubt stops for a moment, looking at Rose, who turns to meet him with her eyes.]

“T-Thank you,” [she says sincerely.] [Doubt doesn’t nod, or speak, but turns around and walks away, leaving her to her own devices.] [Jon Davenport is wasting no time making a splash on Monday Night Showcase fighting for the All-Star Championship here at the 100th Supershow. He also wastes no time moving in on Lux Bellator, who hopes to retain his newly won title.] [Davenport strikes Bellator with a hard punch to the temple, which rocks the champion. Bellator stumbles back and bounces off the ropes and comes back at Davenport with a spinning backfist! Davenport is stumbled this time, and Lux wants to capitalize. He bounces off the ropes again and nails Davenport with a LOU THESZ PRESS!! He drops the Hound Dog and starts hammering away with mounted elbow strikes! Lux relents, but doesn’t back off, instead transitioning into a quick BOSTON CR….But he can’t flip Davenport over! Davenport kicks away with all his might, forcing Bellator away.] [Davenport gains his feet, but Bellator springboards of the middle rope….CAUGHT! Davenport catches him midair and… BODYSLAM! Davenport gets his heft onto the bottom rope and MUD FLOP!! One… Two… Thre…KICKOUT! Davenport scold the referee, and then pulls Lux up by the mask. He whips him to the far ropes, and on the rebound he lifts the luchador into the air and AIR PLANE SPIN!!! Finally he throws Lux out of the ring and onto the floor below! He catches a chorus of boos. He waves off the crowd and rolls under the ropes and to the floor. He pulls Lux to his feet and….BICYCLE KICK FROM NOWHERE!! Davenport is leveled! Lux climbs onto the apron HURRICANRANA AS DAVENPORT TRIES TO GAIN HIS FEET!!] [Bellator is feeling it now as the crowd is behind him! He pulls Jon to his feet and rolls him into the ring. He climbs to the apron once more and SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!! BUT DAVENPORT ROLLS AWAY! Bellator crashes to the mat hard! Davenport gets up, and another MUD FLOP!! Lux moved! Davenport hard to the mat! Lux pulls Davenport to his feet and moves for the Disciple Maker….but Davenport slips out….GEORGIA CRAWFISH!!!! Lux weakening!! He’s going down to the mat!!! His shoulders are down! One… Two… THREE!!!] [New champion! Davenport has made a huge mark already!!!! New All-Star Champion!!! He get the belt and holds it high as the crowd jeers!] [The Asylum have all completed their first match of the evening, but the group still stalks through the backstage area. They have business to attend to with many people, not to mention the battle royal to come. Yet as Hysteria hangs at the back of the group, he suddenly finds himself grabbed and pulled away without even being able to utter a peep.] [Through darkness and light, Hysteria is dragged through many rooms with great haste until he finds himself finally free of the strong arms of his kidnapper. He has been thrown into a dark room, with but a single overhead light illuminating it.]


[Ozric Mortimer, as you might expect, steps into the light to stand over Hysteria. The masked man only cranes his head in response. A tiny chuckle comes from under the mask.]

“You’re such a good host, Ozric.” [Hysteria finally says.] “I suppose I’m here because you’re curious about Cyrus. He’s not here, he’s out doing something he should have done a long time ago. Remember Morgan, your mother? You left her to rot.”

[In response, Mortimer hoists his trademark nail covered bat. He points it at Hysteria.]

“You’re here because I want you to be here.”

[Hysteria merely laughs.]

“Have it your way, Mortimer. You sure like to have all the power, don’t you?” [Hysteria stops to offer another chuckle.] “Fair son, have pity on the gentle Mortimer, indeed!”

[Upon hearing those words, Ozric swings the bat at Hysteria, who easily ducks it.]

“No, you don’t want to kill me yet.” [Hysteria says, trying to take control.] “There are still too many questions.”

[The Nightmare lowers the bat, and smiles.]

“Your persistence in the face of your own nightmare is amusing to me, Harrison.” [Mortimer only smirks as Hysteria reacts to the name.] “No matter what your broken psyche has pieced together, you will never truly know the depths of this mind.”

“No.” [Hysteria utters.] “That’s where you’re wrong, Mortimer. I know what lurks inside that head. I know what happened to Nicholas Brocken. I even know what happened to Kinsey and Morgan. I know what would have happened to Cyrus if he didn’t leave.”

[The smirk vanishes from the face of Ozric Mortimer.]

“Do you? I doubt that very much.” [Ozric walks towards a corner of the room.] “It’s one thing to behold the tale. It’s another thing to be the tale. To hang for two days and nights, and feel eternal rest finally come to you. Only to see it ripped away by those who will never understand. There is no rest for the weary here, Hysteria. Only a single, long, agonizing…”

[He flips a light switch.]


[As Hysteria’s eyes adjust to the light, his whole body begins to convulse. Around him is what appears to be a normal middle class living area. There are couches, a television set, and even some family pictures on the wall. Those pictures have a face that we have not seen in some time.] [LH Harrison.]

“I did my best to faithfully recreate that night. I owe you that much, don’t I.” [Ozric says as he opens a doorway leading out.] “After all, you seem to know so much about me that it’s only fitting I learn more about you. Digging through old pictures of your family brought up old memories. I couldn’t care one bit about what I did to you, but nostalgia always sends a tingle up my spine. Old things are always so fascinating aren’t they?”

[Hysteria takes control of himself for one moment to spit out words.]

“I’m going to kill you.”

[Ozric shakes his head.]

“No, I’m already dead.”

[The door slams shut behind Ozric Mortimer, leaving Hysteria alone in a place that haunts his waking steps. The place that made him who he is today.] [His nightmare.] [It’s the Norse Nightmare vs. the King of the Jungle! The undefeated dark horse Thunk battles the Skull Splitter himself for the VHS Championship! Will the newcomer upset the champion, or will Viktor North send one more God to Valhalla?] [The match starts with both men staring across the ring at each other. Thunk’s gaze is unchanging; Viktor’s waits with anxious hands, ready tear a man apart. As if sharing some unspoken exchange, suddenly the pair step into each other. The lock into an aggressive grapple, with North surprising Thunk with a Bodyslam! The fans are somewhat shocked when Thunk rises with a clubbing forearm! He lands a Headbutt and then just flings Viktor into the corner! NO! North catches him with a Yakuza Kick! Viktor hits a Running Lariat but Thunk stands his ground! DEAD PREY TO THE CHAMP!] [The Skull Splitter works to pick himself up before taking a BIG Open-Hand Chop to the chest. Thunk looks to Biel him but Viktor counters into a Swinging Neckbreaker! Standing Double Stomp to the gut! He covers! One… Two… NO! Thunk powers out, catching North coming with a Nerve Pinch! The VHS Champion is quickly rendered to a knee…. BIG German Suplex! But North fights to stand? NO! Thunk with a wild Gutwrench Suplex! He holds him to the mat! One… Two… NO! Viktor kicks out, working back to his feet; TOOTH OF TIGER! Thunk covers again! One… Two… NO!] [North fights to pull himself up by the ropes…. “THUNK SMASH!!” The man raised by wolves call for the end! Throat thrust! HE BITES NOR– NO! Viktor shoves him away! GUNGNIR! But Thunk’s getting right back up!?! North digs deep…. Rolling Elbow! AND ANOTHER! Thunk falls like a tree! North hooks both legs! One… Two… NO! The stoic challenger kicks out, working back to his feet as Viktor aims for another Spear? NO! Thunk with another Throat Thrust! HE BITES HIM! THUNK SMA– NO! North slips free and spikes him with the FALL OF UTGARD! HE COVERS! One… Two… THREE!] [After the match, the VHS Champion is left kneeling on the mat exhausted. He’s handed his title, rising only for Thunk to steadily work back to his feet. The two proud behemoths then end their struggle the same way it started…. with a cold, hard stare.] [CCTV Footage.] [Earlier Tonight.] [We find Red River Jack alone in a forgotten storage room in the underbelly of the Schoolyard, looking both puzzled and curious simultaneously. Checking a small piece of paper that he had brought with him, Red runs his hand through his beard and takes a draw on his cigarette. It is then that the whisper comes from within the shadows.]

“Glad you could make it, Jack…”

[Red River Jack spins around, peering into the dark area in the corner of the room he had not ventured into yet. The mysterious voice does not remain hidden for long. The Red Emperor soon steps into view, flanked by a small handful of his guards. Red’s eyes instantly narrow, his fist balling.]

“You? You had better start talking, man… or they’ll never find you.”

[The Emperor holds his hands up with his palms facing out as if to signal that he did not come to fight. His guards itch to leap into action, but he waves them down with a single hand gesture.]

“Woah. Such hostility. You and I needed to have a conversation. Let’s call it a conversation about value.”

[Red doesn’t respond, simply taking another draw on his cigarette and blowing smoke in the direction of the Emperor. Regardless, he continues to hear the Red Emperor out.]

“Doesn’t it bother you, Red River Jack? Doesn’t it get to you that the Awakening is your own creation, yet you play second fiddle to the Shadow King? It’s only natural to want to be the leader of your own pack, Jack. But that will never happen so long as the belt remains with the King. You know as well as I do, in this land, he who holds the World Championship, has dominion.”

[Jack, again, doesn’t respond.]

“That belt needs to find its way to its rightful heir. For power to be restored within the Awakening, it must be restored within a new Empire. Let me put it this way… I will be watching with a vested interest. You should be watching with a vested interest too. For, Shadow losing that belt is your gain.

The King is about to go to battle with a monster. Now is not the time for him to lose the belt – Scarecrow as the ruler is not good news for any of us. But in time… You may be faced with a choice. Of course, I’m just… selling you the news.“

[Red River Jack steps forward, face to face. In response, he takes another draw of his cigarette and blows the smoke directly at the helmet of the Emperor. Without a word, he turns and leaves. Has the Emperor thrown a little dissension in the ranks of the Awakening or will Red River Jack remain loyal?] [Impenetrable darkness suffocates you. Silence roars in the oppressive black void. Time slows to a crawl.]

“Maddening, isn’t it?” [A desiccated voice echoes in the black gulf.] “This is all I had in Black Water. No seaside view. Just the pleasure of my own company.”

[The voice giggles as a candle flickers into life.]

“But it doesn’t take long for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. Soon enough, it was all I knew. Now you think you can just come along and shine a light into my life?” [A disembodied hand passes over the candle. The flame flickers under it.] “You know what your benevolent little light really is? It’s the will-o’-the-wisp that lures people from their path. I know my path. I’m necessary evil.” [Smiley’s twisted face looms out of the darkness, grinning ear-to-ear.]

“After all, everything is part of God’s mysterious plan, right? Even me and Smiley Jr. here—” [He raises his rusty crowbar into view, stroking it affectionately.] […] [He lowers Smiley Jr. and turns his hand over, revealing the prayer beads given to him by Lux last week.]

“You told me I’d need these…” [He rolls them betwixt his fingers.] “But surely God wouldn’t smite me, Lux?” [He mockingly gazes above in fear.] “He needs me. I’m the snake that tempted Adam and Eve. I’m original sin.” [Smiley sneers so widely that his scars threaten to open up.] [A purple mask suddenly looms out of the darkness behind Smiley!]

“And I’m here to wash away all your iniquity and cleanse you of your sin.”

[Smiley swings back with his crowbar but Lux ducks it and grabs him in a sleeper hold! Smiley struggles and blindly swings Jr. again, splitting nothing but air. The candle flickers and sputters as the men jockey back and forth, until Smiley slowly succumbs to the submission.] [With Smiley edging on consciousness, Lux cautiously reaches into his pocket and produces a small flask. He opens it and sprinkles water onto Smiley’s forehead!]

“Lee Crowley, I baptise you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit!”

[Holy shit, Lux Bellator has baptised Smiley! Holy water runs down Smiley’s flaking yellow facepaint, leaving streaks of bare flesh visible.] [Lux relinquishes his grip and pockets the flask. Standing over a gasping Smiley, he wets his fingertips and snuffs out the candle, leaving only darkness once more.] [Tonight on a very special 100th show, two of the original OSW superstars fight it out for the biggest crown jewel in professional wrestling today. Can the Shadow retain what is rightfully his or will the Harvester finally overcome him?] [The bell sounds as the Shadow rushes forward, laying into the Scarecrow with heavy hands and kicks, trying everything he can to take down the Monster but they barely seem to be affecting him. Shadow backs up, trying for a high kick but it gets caught before Scarecrow throws him halfway across the ring. Lane rolls to his feet, running forward right into a massive Big Boot. The Shadow’s out on his feet as Scarecrow pulls him up, lifting him onto his shoulder but The Shadow manages to wiggle out] [Lane grabs Scarecrow, trying for a German Suplex but Scarecrow powers out, delivering a hard knee to the midsection before quickly powering Shadow up, nearly driving him through the canvas with a massive Powerbomb! Scarecrow drops down, going for the cover but the Shadow manages to roll out, recovering on his knees on the outside, trying to get some breathing room, not knowing that the Harvester has followed him out, waiting for the Shadow to get to his feet] [The Shadow gets to his feet, HAYMAKER…MISSES! The Shadow just ducked under that massive right as he kicks Scarecrow low, drop toe-holding him right into the ring apron. Scarecrow goes down to one knee as the Shadow backs up, SHADOW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Scarecrow drops to the floor as The Shadow struggles to lift him up, finally throwing him into the ring as he rolls inside, covering] [ONE…TWO…THR..SCARECROW KICKS OUT! The Shadow can’t believe it, as Scarecrow sits up but the Shadow sends him back down to the canvas with a hard roundhouse to the face. Furious, he rolls out of the ring, grabbing his world title from ringside before rolling back in as he motions for The Scarecrow to get to his feet, rushing forward with the belt, HAYMAKER! The Scarecrow punches the belt right back into Shadow’s face as Lane falls to one knee] [The referee places the title at ringside as Scarecrow goes to pull the Shadow up to his feet, but gets a low blow as the Shadow leaps to his feet, bouncing off the ropes, ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! The knee drops Scarecrow down to one knee as The Shadow backs up, SHADOW KICK! Scarecrow doesn’t go down as the Shadow bounces off the ropes, SHADOW KICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Scarecrow finally topples to the canvas as The Shadow hooks both legs, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [The Shadow gets to his feet, exhausted but a giant smile on his face as he holds his OSW World title high up in the air to the boos from the crowd, still the man 100 episodes in as he celebrates his victory all the way up the stairs to the back] [We cut to the backstage area, somewhere along one of the many hallways; our presence hidden behind a corner. In the distance, positioned in the middle of what appears to be an intersection of corridors, a rather large African-American male wearing a OSW Staff tee shirt; standing ready yet with his arms crossed over his chest.]

“That’s it pawn, lead him right to me. From the shadows I’ll make him second guess himself, before I provide the invitation.”

[Our view shifts, slightly to the right to rest upon the near ghostly mask of Doubt who like us peers around from behind the corner. A mischievous aura to his mannerisms as he watches the staff member closely.]

“It shouldn’t be long.” [Doubt mutters, but his voice is without movement, coming to us as if through narration, as if by thought.] “Tyler should have came through by now.”

[THUD!] [Doubt’s body suddenly smashes into the wall in front of us; the surprise pushing us back in a panic and as our view widens we see him, Tyler Brooks, with a long lead pipe gripped between his fingers.] [Doubt staggers before turning around to face his new nemesis, but before he can recover Tyler jumps to action.] [YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY!] [The kick catches Doubt perfectly and he crashes to the concrete floor below; unconscious. As he lands a piece of paper floats from his hands and down towards his now fallen feet.] [Meanwhile, Tyler Brooks looks down from above; a satisfied expression covering his face.]

“You think you’re the only one with friends around?” [Brooks scolds as he points a confident finger at the motionless body of Doubt] “No. I’ve got a few friends too.”

“Thanks for the tip Shane!”

[Tyler yells to the end of the hall where the staff member nonchalantly glances back and gives a reassuring nod.]

“Don’t worry Doubt. You have plenty of time…” [Tyler spouts again as he notices the paper now near his feet and lowers himself to scoop it up.] “It’s never too late to accept me!”

[And we pause as Brooks glances at the paper and then looking back to Doubt as he crumbles it in his palm.]

“I’ll see you there!”

[With that, “The Straight-Edge Messiah” tosses the ball of paper onto the chest of Doubt and turns to walk away.] [What did the paper say and where is Tyler planning to see Doubt? These questions remain unanswered as we fade.] [It’s the 100th Show in Old School Wrestling’s history and that only can mean that we’re ending the show the same way we ended #1: with a battle royal! Bruce Van Chan, Brent Kersh, Hysteria, Kaito, Dom Cruise, Neville Sheldon, The Scarecrow, Ozric Mortimer, Stephanie Rose, Marvolo Junior, Jack Jeckel, Nevermore, Tony Viper, Ethan Bird, Tyler Brooks, Tommy Hawk, Lux Bellator, Lazarus, Red River Jack, David Manson, Evil Ash, and The Shark! The ring is packed to the gills as everyone is milling around, waiting for the first bell to start this event off.] [The bell rings as the fists and arms fly in all different directions! Tommy Hawk and Red River Jack begin exchanging shots left and right. Lazarus and The Shark are exchanging shots! Marvolo Junior is trying to stay low, but Tyler Brooks is chasing him around. David Manson is being stomped on by Bruce Van Chan in the corner who does not seem pleased by him following his family. Jack Jeckel and Kaito begin throwing down as Kaito is trying to throw the clown prince over the top rope! As he gets back to his feet, Kaito begins lighting his chest up with a barrage of chops! Kaito hits the ropes and charges for a KTFO! Jack Jeckel slides out of the way as Kaito is hung up. Jack tries to pull him over, but Kaito headbutts him. Both men are now standing on the apron.] [Hysteria is sitting in one corner and hasn’t even engaged anyone yet. Tony Viper comes up to him and throws a punch, but Hysteria just ducks underneath before slapping the shit out of him. Evil Ash hits the ropes and springs off for… THE BOOMSTICK TO STEPHANIE ROSE! She hits the mat hard but Ethan Bird nails Ash with a clothesline that flattens him to the mat. Meanwhile, Ozric Mortimer is trying to find his way to Hysteria yet The Shark is trying to stop him. The Shark hits him with a dropkick, but Ozric is undeterred. He grabs Shark by the sides of his head and nails him with a flurry of forearms! Back with Kaito as he goes for another KTFO, but Jack Jeckel hooks his leg! Manson nails him with a discuss lariat to the side of the head! Kaito falls to the ground.] [KAITO IS ELIMINATED!] [Jack Jeckel looks down at him and then turns to David Manson. Manson has his arms extended before Bruce Van Chan dumps him over the top rope and to the apron. The bearded one clings to the top rope for his life. Brent Kersh is fighting tooth and nail with Lazarus, but Brooks, Junior, Nevermore, and Cruise are all pushed out of the way of The Scarecrow as he makes his way towards Kersh! He rams him into the corner as Lazarus just scoots out of the way. Mortimer charges Hysteria, but The Mad Mastermind moves out of the way as Mortimer slams into Tony Viper as he flings over the top rope and onto the mat!] [TONY VIPER IS ELIMINATED!] [Nevermore grabs Marvolo Junior as he lifts him up by his mask. He throws him into the ropes as Junior catches himself between the second and top rope in a reclined position. Nevermore charges him with a running knee strike, but Junior slips out to the apron. Nevermore’s foot slips out as Junior bounces on the bottom rope, the second, before finally hitting the top and leaping off for a dropkick knocking Nevermore to the mat! David Manson and Jack Jeckel are duking it out on the apron. Jeckel hits an uppercut! Manson staggers back before enzuigiri! Manson falls from the apron, and hits the floor!] [DAVID MANSON IS ELIMINATED!] [Everyone is inside of the ring going at it right and left but Marvolo Junior is now on the top rope! A few turn to look and… THE CRASHDOWN! It takes out Brent Kersh, Jack Jeckel, Red River Jack, and The Scarecrow! The little man gets up to his feet before pointing upwards with an index finger! The crowd pops wildly for him before he gets pie-faced by an EYE OF THE SAVIOR! Tyler Brooks stares down at the midget with disgust before stomping away on him. Ozric Mortimer is pounding away on Hysteria in the corner! He’s trying to cover, but Ozric is relentless. Evil Ash and The Shark grab Mortimer by his arms and pull him back. Shark latches on with his fangs as Ozric’s eyes tighten in pain. Hysteria slinks up to his feet as he cracks his knuckles. They push him towards Hysteria for… LOST HOPE! The three member of The Asylum lift up the deadweight of Ozric and deposit him over the rope and to the floor.] [OZRIC MORTIMER IS ELIMINATED!] [The Asylum celebrate their victory with a little pose before turning around to come face-to-face with Bruce Van Chan, Neville Sheldon, and Stephanie Rose! The two stand off for a moment before Hysteria points a finger at Van Chan and they collide! All six men and women are going at it! Dom Cruise is almost eliminated by Nevermore, but Cruise hang onto the top rope as he feet dangle! Ethan Bird comes over to help, but yanks Nevermore back and hits a Judo hip toss! He climbs on top and begins to do some damage with some punches as Cruise comes back in. He motions at Ethan as he takes a bow, as if to thank him. Bird looks at him questioningly but he lifts up Nevermore and throws him into the ropes. Cruise tries to capitalize and eliminate him! He’s almost there when… ETHAN BIRD DUMPS BOTH OF THEM!] [NEVERMORE IS ELIMINATED!] [DOM CRUISE IS ELIMINATED!] [However, the battle between Kersh and Scarecrow is back ongoing as the two are in the corner. Scarecrow lifts up the legs of The Outlaw and… THROWS HIM OVER! NO! Kersh’s feet land on the steel steps! The Monster looks out at him with hatred burning in his eyes. Lux Bellator and Lazarus are standing right behind him. The two Holy Warriors begin inflicting pain upon Scarecrow with a barrage of kicks and punches as he’s falling into the corner of the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, the two trios are battling back and forth in the middle of the ring. Hysteria gets the better of Van Chan with APATHY! However, he turns to see Evil Ash set-up on the top turnbuckle. Neville charges him… THE BOOMSTICK! Evil Ash’s own move utilized against him as he staggers to the apron and falls to the floor!] [EVIL ASH IS ELIMINATED!] [Hysteria looks pissed as he charges Neville Sheldon in the corner with a barrage of strikes! Red River Jack meanwhile slinks over to Stephanie Rose and slams her to the mat before hitting THE NUMBER TEN! She clutches at her abdomen as Red River Jack receives a chorus of boos. He walks over and grabs Hysteria by his hair but The Shark saves his stablemate! He latches onto Jack’s arm, forcing him to relinquish his hold. GOODNIGHT! Bruce Van Chan takes out Red River Jack with a leaping RKO! He doesn’t seem to have forgotten about what he’s done to him. Hysteria gets to his feet but turns right into Brent Kersh who nails him with a lariat! Hysteria is on the apron, but his foot slips! He clutches onto rope, but Bruce Van Chan grabs The Shark and THROWS HIM into Hysteria! Both men fall to the ground!] [HYSTERIA IS ELIMINATED!] [THE SHARK IS ELIMINATED!] [Tommy Hawk seems to awaken! The Savage begins moving around the ring like a man possessed! He rushes towards Bruce and nails THE SCALP! THE SCALP TO NEVILLE! THE SCALP TO TYLER BROOKS! SCALP, SCALP, SCALP, SCALP! EVERYONE is down! Tommy Hawk is standing in the center of the ring as the only man left is standing up to him: Marvolo Junior! Well, standing up as far as he vertically can in any regards. Marvolo Junior hits the ropes and springs off for… THE NINTH WO-NO! Tommy Hawk catches him in mid-air with a shoulderblock! He grabs the half-squat by his mask and FLINGS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [MARVOLO JUNIOR IS ELIMINA-] [ACTUALLY, the midget lands right on top of Hysteria who catches him. The two stare at each other for a moment in an almost comical moment before Hysteria flings him straight into the crowd! The crowd catch the midget and actually begin crowd-surfing him around the arena! The midget is confused but looks at Tommy Hawk in the ring before raising a finger to indicate who the true, #1 is. The Savage grins at having another chance to fight him, but Red River Jack jumps him from behind! He pulls him back to his feet as The Scarecrow is back to his feet and begins laying into him with some vicious Haymakers. Red River Jack pushes The Hayman out of his way as he pulls The Savage in close for… WHO BETTER- NO! Tommy Hawk slides over the top rope and pulls Red River Jack over!] [RED RIVER JACK IS ELIMINATED!] [He’s seein’ red alright as he’s livid on the outside of the ring. The Savage smirks at him from the apron. He turns around and The Scarecrow is vicious in his assault! More haymakers coming, but The Savage seems to be expertly dodging them. Meanwhile, Marvolo Junior is being shipped back to the steel steps as he grins before giving the crowd one last #1 finger up! He climbs into the ring only to be struck by Ethan Bird with a BIG BOOT! The small man hits the mat hard. The Savage is about to crawl back into the ring, but it’s Jon Davenport! He SMASHES a glass of brandy right over The Savage’s head! He’s staggered as The Scarecrow hits one last Haymaker to send him to the floor!] [TOMMY HAWK IS ELIMINATED!] [Jon Davenport doesn’t wait around long as he hightails it out of there as The Savage is still reeling. Ethan Bird has Marvolo Junior up as Tyler Brooks takes him from him and tries to throw him over the top rope. Marvolo hooks the top rope with both legs and arms. Tyler goes to eliminate him, but Bird whirls him around and nails him with a right hand. He grabs Brooks up and throws him over the top rope. Brooks finds himself on the apron but Ethan charges with a spear, but Brooks raises his knee to block the move! Marvolo hits a springboard headbutt which floors Brooks on the apron. He’s still trying to fight back against his opposition but… JACK IN THE BOX FROM THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE APRON! Tyler Brooks slumps on the apron before slumping off onto the floor.] [TYLER BROOKS IS ELIMINATED!] [It took the attempts of three men, but The Straight Edge Messiah is finally crucified. Back inside of the ring, Ethan Bird tries to eliminate Marvolo Junior again, but the resilient little bastard is clinging to anything he can get his hands on! Lux Bellator meanwhile sees this and springs off the second rope before hitting a moonsault taking Ethan Bird to the mat! Lux gets back to his feet, but Smiley is standing on the apron! He’s smiling widely with Smiley Jr. in his hands. Lux looks confused by this as he charges the rope as Smiley just drops off. Bird grabs Marvolo Junior, destined to eliminate him this time, but Marvolo hooks his powerful thighs around the head of Ethan and…] [ETHAN BIRD IS ELIMINATED!] [The newly returning Bird may have gotten two eliminations earlier, but Marvolo Junior proved to be the bane of his existence. Bird stares up at the midget who eliminated him as Junior just gives him a grin. Bird slides back into the ring and grabs Junior before bashing his head in with some vicious shots left and right. The Boogeyman won’t let this stand as he grabs Ethan up by his beard and throws him over the top rope again! Ethan is still irate! He climbs back up into the ring, but Jack stops him with a running knee strike! Stephanie Rose sees her opportunity and dumps him over the top rope!] [JACK JECKEL IS ELIMINATED!] [Jack looks as angry as one could imagine. His title is lost and now he’s lost his last opportunity to enter the Gold Rush match. He lunges at Ethan Bird as the war is on! The referees flood into the scene to break them up, but even their attempts seem futile against this onslaught! While all of that chaos happens, Lux Bellator is dumped out onto the apron by Neville Sheldon! The Nerd is trying to get rid of The Light Warrior! Lux reaches up and kicks Neville right in the head, but Smiley CRACKS him in the ribs with a crowbar shot! Lux cries out in pain, but Neville is groggy from the kick. He falls and… LAZARUS KICKS HIS PARTNER TO KNOCK HIM OFF THE APRON!] [LUX BELLATOR IS ELIMINATED!] [He looks disappointed but Smiley has already vanished. Back inside of the ring, Stephanie Rose and Marvolo Junior seemed to have forged a small alliance. They charge at Scarecrow and actually knock him into the corner as Junior is going low as Rose goes high! They knock him down as both are getting kicks in. They celebrate their minor victory only to run into Brent Kersh. He tackles Marvolo Junior to the ground and begins smashing his head into the mat. Stephanie jumps on his back to defend him. She pulls him off, hooks his head, and… FULL BLOOM! She gets back to her feet and turns as Lazarus is standing there. THE LAZARUS CHAMBER! He grabs her by the chin and launches her out of the ring to the floor!] [STEPHANIE ROSE IS ELIMINATED!] [The crowd begins to boo as one of their favorites is eliminated. Marvolo Junior gets to his knees as Lazarus turns to look at him. He puts up his dukes before spitting at him. “You’re going to regret that, Dark Marvolo!” Lazarus just smirks at this. DARK WISH! The superkick flattens the young luchador as he’s laid out. Lazarus picks him up as the crowd is already booing in anticipation. He throws him over the top rope, but Marvolo Junior clutches onto the top rope. He’s preparing to skin the cat! The crowd is cheering now as he… DARK WISH! Another superkick and Marvolo Junior slumps to the mat in a heap.] [MARVOLO JUNIOR IS ELIMINATED!] [The Reborn looks absolutely dominant here as the crowd is booing him incessantly. He’s trying his best to ignore them, but their words begin to seep into the cracks. He’s yelling at the crowd before turning right around into Neville Sheldon. He lifts up Lazarus for a body slam before bouncing off the ropes for a leg drop! WRESTLEMANIA! Neville hits the ropes and puts a hand to his ear. The crowd cheers loudly at the throwback before Neville Sheldon is CLOTHESLINED OVER BY BRUCE! He manages to catch onto the ropes and dangles his feet before one foot touches. He pulls himself back up as Bruce is smirking. No teammates when it comes down to the – LAZARUS THROWS BRUCE VAN CHAN OVER THE TOP ROPE!] [BRUCE VAN CHAN IS ELIMINATED!] [Neville Sheldon looks down at him before climbing into the ring. We’re down to the final four with Brent Kersh, Neville Sheldon, Lazarus, and The Scarecrow. All four men get to their feet as they begin to circle. Lazarus charges The Scarecrow with a dropkick that blasts him into the corner. He charges him and leaps onto him for a Monkey flip, but The Hayman throws him over the top rope. Lazarus manages to hang on with his hands. Brent Kersh and Neville Sheldon lock up before Neville hits a right hand and lifts Kersh up onto his shoulders. N.E.R.D.! The Attitude Adjustment is slow, but Kersh bounces right off the mat and into the corner. Neville Sheldon is turned around by Scarecrow. BYE BYE – SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE DROP KICK!] [Both men get blasted leaving only Lazarus standing. He charges Kersh and nails a running uppercut, but Kersh catches him with a side slam onto the hard mat! Lazarus bounces back up, but Neville Sheldon comes running into the picture and nails a running neckbreaker! Everyone is spent but… THE LIGHTS GO OUT! They return and… The Scarecrow is in the center of the ring. Haymakers to everyone! Kersh falls, Lazarus falls, Neville leaps onto his back and locks on a sleeperhold. The Monster begins to fade as Neville Sheldon releases him. The crowd begins to murmur excitedly! He turns, Red River Jack smashes him with a steel chair! Lazarus grabs him and throws him out of the ring!] [NEVILLE SHELDON IS ELIMINATED!] [The Nerd is gone as Red River Jack jumps out of the ring, satisfied at his work. Lazarus turns around and sees The Scarecrow standing with evil intentions. BYE BYE BIRDIE! He lifts up the deadweight of Lazarus and tosses him over the ropes and to the floor.] [LAZARUS IS ELIMINATED!] [We’re down to the finals as it’s The Scarecrow and Brent Kersh. Two souls intertwined for all of eternity as fate would have it come down to them in the finals. Scarecrow may have lost earlier in the evening to Shadow, but he could have another shot at him at Gold Rush if he wins this. They square off as they circle around. Brent Kersh charges with a lariat, but Scarecrow ducks underneath and hits The Haymaker! Brent Kersh is able to block the shot with both hands! He grabs the head of Scarecrow and… LIGHTS OUT! They return and Brent Kersh is set up for THE PERCH! LIGHTS GO BACK OUT! They return and Brent Kersh has a Scarecrow in a full nelson!] [Scarecrow manages to push himself backwards, slamming Kersh into the corner! The Hayman turns around and begins trying to lift Kersh over the top rope, but Kersh brings down some shots to the side of Scarecrow’s head! He staggers back as Kersh tackles him with a huge spear! He rains down some blows before yanking him to his feet. SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! Brent Kersh is breathing hard as The Scarecrow slowly gets to his feet. He grabs Kersh around the throat and rushes towards the rope for… BYE BYE… Kersh wraps a hand around the head of Scarecrow as both men go over! SCARECROW… HITS THE FLOOR!] [THE SCARECROW IS ELIMINATED!] [The bell sounds as Brent Kersh is laid out in the center of the ring. Not only did he defeat his fears here tonight, Brent Kersh will be the last entrant into the Gold Rush Match at Gold Rush! He’s holding his ribs as he slowly gets to his feet. Brent Kersh is the winner of the 100th Old School Wrestling show Battle Royal!] [Brent Kersh is back to his feet holding his arms high into the air, clearly pleased with what is a phenomenal victory here tonight – one that meant he eliminated long time nemesis; The Scarecrow. The fans though are on their feet with applause until suddenly, the arena goes dark.] [Just like it did on episode one.] [Just like it did for Matthew Cories when he won the first ever Old School Wrestling Battle Royal.] [The arena is suddenly thrust into darkness as the sounds of squawking crows can be heard. They flutter away and the lights turn back on, revealing the Scarecrow standing in the middle of the ring, his arms spread and his head lowered.] [The thing nightmares are made of.] [Kersh instinctively knows to turn around, The Scarecrow stood behind him in a perch position, echoing how he debuted all that time ago. The Enforcer doesn’t have time to react because before you know it, The Scarecrow snaps his arm out and around his throat, lifting him high into the air with a Chokeslam!] [Brent crashes into the canvas with an enormous thud and stays there as The Scarecrow spreads his arms again and the lights go off.] [When the lights return, Brent Kersh is unconscious, The Scarecrow has vanished and the words ‘History Repeats Itself’ are strewn across the canvas in blood.] [But not the blood of Brent Kersh.] [And if not Kersh, then who?] [Static.]