A Message

In Jinx, Promo by Jinx


“I was once told the story of a territory here in Arcadia you did not want to venture to.”

“This territory was a close knit community full of violent predators. They stayed to themselves for the most part, but should you intrude on their land, they became quite active.”

“It was said that this territory was overseen by a monster of a man. One who took no pity in those who came trespassing on his plot of Arcadia.”

“Anyone to managed to find their way in never left. Instead, they would be beaten and bruised, mangled and disassembled.”

“Anyone who intruded was left a lifeless corpse that the community of savages would leave hanging at the front of their property.”

“Hung and left for dead for any future intruders to see.”

“They used the bodies of those who opposed them as a scare tactic to keep away any outsiders.”

“Those bodies would dangle there at the front of the land, serving as a message.”

“A message that anyone who crossed the line would be left in the same exact state.”

“I’m reminded of this story, because it seems I must send a message of my own.”

“It seems The Baron of Arcadia has learned of my existence and my determination to find out what happened to my brother. He’s learned of my snooping.. and yet..”

“He seems unbothered.”

“He doesn’t seem to have a care in the world..”

“Whatever his involvement may be with the murder of my brother, he seemed uncaring about what I might find out.”

“It was as if he discarded me all together.”

“At Frostbite, all of that changes.”

“Don’t take it personal, Mr. Lamplight. It’s truly nothing against you..”

“You’re simply just an intruder into my territory of Arcadia.”

“That ring belongs to me this week. Should you penetrate the barrier of those ring ropes, I cannot be held accountable for the terrible fate that will fall upon you.”

“I’m not looking for a scare tactic. I’m not looking to turn away those who may trespass my land next.”

“I’m simply looking to send a message.”

“And the message is quite clear. At Red Snow, I’m coming for the answers which I’ve been looking for.”

“Albert Lamplight, you’ve wandered into an area of Arcadia you really shouldn’t be in.”

“If you know what’s good for you, you’ll start digging in that little store of yours for something that can write yourself out of this equation.”

“Because if you don’t, you’ll fall as an innocent casualty in a war you had no part in.”

“At Frostbite, I will make sure you never wander again.”

“I will toss your lifeless corpse at the foot of Zeus’ door.”

“And I will use your dead body to send my message to The Baron and his little hunter.”

“Because if I don’t get those answers soon, it’ll be his lifeless body that I hang for the rest of Arcadia to see.”

“I’m done playing..”

Game Over.”