A Pencil Is Just A Pencil

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

“An extremely popular invention, is a pencil.”

“With a pencil, every time you use it, you leave a mark. You can do something wonderful, or something terrible. With said pencil, you have great responsibility over what you do.”

“When you make a mistake with a pencil, you can always correct it. They have a little rubber tip so that you can rub out your errors and start again. It gives you the opportunity to change the mark you’ve made on the page.”

“These little inventions are neither classy or considered important.”

“And they must be sharpened to be useful. Their tips must be tormented until they’re sharp and pointed, so that you can get the best result out of your pencil. Without doing that, you’ll never make a legible mark on the page.”

“You consider yourself a pencil, don’t you, Mr. Wolfe?”

“You try with every action to leave an indelible mark on this sheet of paper we call life in Arcadia. You give and you take indiscriminately, gleefully, and with great power comes great responsibility; only you don’t care about what the mark you make means or says. You only care about how that mark makes you feel.”

“And you certainly make lots of mistakes. You made the biggest mistake of your life with Felix Foley and you’ve been trying to erase it ever since. It’s here you realized that the marks you make aren’t indelible after all. But sometimes the things you do or say can’t be rubbed away, no matter how hard you try.”

“We both know that you’re considered neither classy or important; despite what you want everyone tom believe. You think as a pencil, you have the ultimate power, but you’re wrong.”

“You’ve been sharpened over and over again since joining Old School Wrestling. Every match you’ve had has been another sharpening by someone trying to get you to understand your faults. You need to submit to these, because without them, you can’t grow or be useful.”

“But you see Mr. Wolfe, a pencil is just a pencil.”

“It can’t be an effective tool unless it’s held in capable hands.”

“You’ve proven yourself a pencil, beyond a shadow of a doubt – but until someone wraps their hand around you and guides you, you’re nothing but a useless tool.”

“At Clash, dear boy, I’ll wrap my hand around your throat, I’ll sharpen your head and make a mark on the canvas that won’t be indelible but will be a statement.”

“Because in this world of ours, you can be a pencil, or you can be the hand writing with it.”

“Believe me when I tell you, without a hand writing with it, a pencil is just a pencil, Mr. Wolfe.”

“And I’ll write the canvas with you indiscriminately, old boy.”