A Thousand Words

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

The process of developing film is often a strenuous, time-consuming one.

It takes a tremendous amount of skill to master, and that skill only comes from practice.

It’s a process of many, many steps, and practicing every step is a matter of trial and error.

But, I promise you, that whole bit of hassle is worth it in the end.

What starts as a mere concept envisioned by the photographer with the click of a button takes shape, becomes a much more concrete proof of something greater.

The resulting negative is firmly rooted, unchanging in its reverse display of the moment captured.

And it becomes a stencil, from which the final print reveals exactly what the photographer had in mind.

A thing of beauty…and value.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

But a well-developed snapshot is worth far more than that.

Words have been spoken and written for ages, and are susceptible to changes over time.

These changes can tweak the intention and tone, until the message becomes far different from what it once was.

But a well-developed photograph cannot fall so easily into this trap.

It is a reflection of a moment in time, an action held still for all to witness…forever.

And even when words fall into shades of gray, the negative remains in black and white.

Easy to copy over and over again, without the message becoming distorted.

Keeping the promise of the photographer who shot it, staying true to its original purpose.

What process do men like Blacktooth, Vision, and Grimskull follow?

The leaders of their corners of Arcadia, they give their messages and their orders, and the people they lead listen to every word.

But messages are open to interpretation, and orders can change at any given moment.

Either way, the original intent of such words becomes twisted, corrupt.

They bend to the will of the ones delivering them.

But their actions scream far louder what their true intentions are, and actions can be captured in an instant.

An instant held forever in a negative, printed over and over again, revealing their true intent for all to see.

The end result of a process mastered by few.

Including me.

I will expose the truth behind these messages, these orders by such leaders.

I will reveal what truly hides in their hearts and minds, the motivation behind their leadership.

Capturing a moment that cannot be altered so easily.

The truth of their nature, in black and white.

No amount of intimidation or persuasion can stop the truth from getting out there.

Spreading faster than their words can cover up or suppress.

And when everyone sees these men for what they really are?

They will fall.

Broken by an unwavering measure of truth, standing firm against their waves of deceit.

And in the end, these men will be remembered only for the moment captured on film.

Developed in earnest.

And printed to give the people what they want.

The whole truth, nothing less.