In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

I ain’t never met a policeman with a good heart.

The thing about the police is they’re great actors. They pretend that they’re in this for the community – they’re doin’ their job to protect us out of the goodness of their own hearts. They’re puttin’ their lives on the line to give us a greater shot at makin’ it in this stinkin’ shithole we call home.

And for a lot of people that is enough. This mirage of caring. This vacancy of sincerity. They act almost as well as the police do in continuin’ their lives like things are fine.

Things are not fuckin’ fine.

The truth is that the police are not in this for the community. Their job is to protect, but the only people they protect are Zeus and themselves. They protect the rest of us as little as they can get away with to avoid rebellion, and their lives are never truly on the line because they are the big threat. The big scary bad in the world.

To put it quite simply… ACAB. All Cops Are Bastards.

Jackson Cade is no different. He’s sauntered along for years, projectin’ this image of a do-gooder who wants to follow the letter of the law and do things by the book. He seemed to pride himself on being different to those around him in the Arcadia Police Department. A little white dove in a flock of vultures. But it turns out he ain’t no different after all.

He’s strikin’ deals with cartoonish super villains and preparin’ to break the very rules he swore he’d follow. He was lyin’ just like the rest of them.

All Cops Are Bastards because they’d sooner kill you than lose face. They’d kick those in the slums whilst they’re down. It wouldn’t have surprised me to see that they were behind these missin’ folk in The Bleak, such is their disdain for the poor and needy.

And there sits Jackson Cade, – the “little eagle” trying so hard to fly free from the Eagles Nest into the big bad world. But he’s just as much of a bastard as those he claims to despise within the force. He has his sights set singularly on Jasper Redgrave, and no man, woman or child is safe so long as he’s tunnel-visioned on his goal.

Lucky for me, I’ve seen this time and time again on my travels and I know just what is needed. These bastard cops need someone who can stand up to them. They need a strong hand ready to wrestle with the long arm of the law.

And they need someone who’s not afraid of their bullshit and is happy to call them out on it.

Well consider this me calling out your bullshit, Cade.

You’re every inch the evil motherfucker you said you’d never be.

They say All Cops Are Bastards, but boy you ain’t never tussled with a bastard as bad as me.