The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

The cheering fans lead us into a sold out School Yard here tonight where Charlie Thompson stands in the ring with a microphone. Suddenly the arena is thrust into darkness.

“I have broken bones, to get to you.

I have abandoned all I own, to get to you.”

The most creepy entrance of The Awakening is overshadowed here tonight by men in rags, holding lanterns in their hands, walking out onto the stage. They stand across from one another as Red River Jack, David Manson, Terry McGuire and Brandon Hate head out onto the stage, carrying something barely visible in their hands.

Please don’t turn and walk away, it will break my heart in two..

I’ve given all I’ve got to get to you.”

When they walk past the lanterns, we can finally see that it’s a coffin. They walk it to the ring and leave it outside, all four of them entering . When the lights return, a coffin sits outside the ring and all four members of The Awakening now inside the squared circle – standing alongside a visibly frightened Charlie Thompson. Red River Jack has himself a microphone.

“Welcome everybody to the funeral of Zander Zane,” he says to a chorus of boos. “What’s the matter? Does the sweet embrace of death scare you? Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? You should be.”

Brandon makes a wolf sound to the smirk of Jack and the laughter of Manson.

“Let us in little piggies, let us in or we’ll blow your house down.”

He starts to pace the ring as the fans boo.

“Don’t you see man? Don’t you see it? This is where your beloved heroes belong, man. That’s what we’re teaching all you mindless sheep, all you pathetic, weak minded individuals in this audience that follow mindlessly, blindly, into the oblivion created for you by a society that doesn’t care. This is what happens to your heroes, man. This is what happens to your icons, your legends, your death defying stunt men that can’t defy death when a scythe is wrapped around their throat.”

Jack kneels down near the ropes and leans through, placing a hand on the coffin.

“This is what happens to Crash.”

David Manson quickly leans into the mesmerized Hardcore Champion and takes the microphone, patting him on the shoulder as he does.

“As for you,” he says turning to Charlie. “You my child, you were specifically selected to come out here. In all of this beauty, you stand out to me. You’ve recognized that I’ve been watching you my child, but don’t be afraid, there’s no reason to be afraid,” he says reaching out to stroke her hair. “I would never harm a single hair on your head. The Awakening wants you, Charlie. I… want… you.”

Manson pulls her close as she struggles to get away, the fans suddenly being lifted because HERE COMES CRASH AND FATE!These two former enemies slide into the ring, Crash going after Jack and McGuire, whilst Fate brawls with Manson and Hate. The numbers though are entirely in the favour of The Awakening and BUS DRIVER!! SEEIN’ RED BY RED RIVER JACK!! Hate meanwhile throws Fate into David and DELLUSIONAL ILLUSION!! CODEBREAKER!!!

The Awakening drop both men and Charlie, now distraught, is quick to check on Fate and make sure that he’s okay.

“Don’t you see?” RRJ says having picked up a microphone. “All your heroes, all of them, they’ll fall at the hands of The Awakening. You people will wake up… you will. I’m just sellin’ you the news!”

Jack throws the microphone down and exits the ring alongside his three companions. They stop there for a moment, deciding to tip the coffin over to the ground and reveal nothing inside. Charlie Thompson meanwhile kneels in the ring alongside Fate, tears streaming down her face.

Someone has to stop these guys before it’s too late.

The bell rings and the two equally sized competitors lock up in the center of the ring. ATTICUS though turns the tide quickly in his favor with a knee lift to the midsection. And now he’s setting him up, PILEDRIVER! It’s “Second Degree Murder”. Kyll quickly goes for the… kill? ONE … TWO … Pickpocket is up at the count of two. Kyll won’t stop there, lifting his opponent to his feet andHOISTING him into the air and DOWN with a german suplex. “The Sin Slayer” in total control of this contest early. He won’t go for the cover this time, but instead brings the “Prince of Thieves” to his feet. LOOK OUT! Pickpocket buries a knee into the midsection of Kyll.

And now he… goes for a piledriver? Pickpocket executes the move perfectly and now HE’LL go for a cover. It’s ONE, but that’s all the cover gets. Pickpocket still trying to clear the cobwebs from the beginning of the match and he LANDS a german suplex. Is this Déjà vu? Something seems out of the ordinary here. Now Pickpocket heads to the ropes and out of the ring. He’s sorting through that shopping cart he brought to ringside with him. Is that a toaster? Pickpocket has a toaster in hand as he heads back inside the squared circle. BUT KYLL IS THERE and meets him with a VICIOUS super kick to the jaw. Kyll won’t go for the pin.

Pickpocket brought to his feet and sent into the ropes with an irish whip! CROSS BODY BLOCK from Pickpocket puts both men down! The “Prince of Thieves” won’t stay down long and he’s headed to the corner. Pickpocket climbing onto the top turnbuckle. Atticus is still down in the center of the ring. What’s he… DOUBLE foot stomp off the top rope. It’s “THE END”! Pickpocket just nailed Kyll with his own finisher. He goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! Pickpocket picks up the victory in an unbelievable fashion!!

The NEW Old School Wrestling World Champion is stood backstage with Fred Sanders, his forehead stitched after that violent attack last week in which somehow left him with a World Title. He doesn’t look very happy, standing by.

“Mike, last week you won the World Championship in circumstances that some might say were unbefitting. What do you have to say about that?”

The People’s Choice takes a sip from his bottle of water and prepares him.

“I didn’t earn it,” he admits to boo’s from the crowd who despite the circumstances, are proud to have him as Champion. “But I will fight tooth and nail to show you that I could have. I get it, you know? The whole world is looking at me and thinking that I’m a World Champion – my first World Championship in fact, all because Desmond Cross decided to make it so.”

He stops for a minute, listening to the fans chant his name. “People’s Choice… People’s Choice!” they roar in unison.

“Desmond Cross made an example out of me last week. He wanted all of us to believe that he was God, that he could make decisions and you know something? He did. Last week he was the God of Old School Wrestling and he decreed that I’m the World Heavyweight Champion. Do you want to know something else?” he asks, looking at the title that shines on his shoulder. “He won’t get it back at Pandemonium.”

“What about Destiny? Has Errol sent any word back from his investigation?”

Lane once again takes a sip from his bottle – except this time he SPEWS it everywhere! Almost heaving, he looks at the water and realizes that it has been turned into BLOOD. He quickly spins to check around him as a woman screams in fear, literally throwing hers to the ground.

Suddenly he’s ABSOLUTELY BLINDSIDED! Here’s Desmond Cross, nailing him across the head with a right forearm. He grabs the Champion and throws him head first into the caged wall behind him, kicking him as hard as he can in the mid-section for good measure. Cross kneels, viciously right handing him as hard as he can.

“This is what the LORD says: By this you will know that I am the LORD: With the staff that is in my hand, I will strike the water of the Nile, and it will be changed into blood. The fish in the Nile will die, and the river will stink and the Egyptians will not be able to drink its water.”

He picks up a bottle and pours it over him, grinning as he does.

The ref looks at Thomas Roll, afro died green and clown suit on, rolls his eyes and calls for the bell. DING DING, lets go. A slow start is quickly paced up from Roll who transforms a standard tie up into a lovely suplex. Holding on dragging King to his feet and still in the suplex lock he hooks the leg and big fisherman suplex there. Going for the cover one….TWO. Kickout. The Kings guard look really worried on the outside. Sensing impending doom for the King, Queen Kassandra is on the ring apron, distracting the referee and also Roll.

The distraction worked and King is back onto his feet. Thomas goes to grab his opponent but is met with a huge head butt for his trouble and another and finally a third! Rocked but not floored King tries to maintain the momentum and bounces off the ropes. Huge big boot on the way back for the King there, Thomas is down, possibly out. Foolishly King celebrates mid ring as do his guard outside the ring, instead of going for the cover. Thomas Roll is slowly but surely getting to his feet, halfway there before Sir Davis points this out.

King charges but roll weaves and THE BIG WHIRLY. The guard all on the same side of the ring sensing danger and jump onto the apron or appeal to the referee from the floor, referee hands full with four men here. Kassandra has snuck into the other side of the ring, the kings crown in hand, Roll has his back turned. She charges. CRACK!!!! To the back of the skull of Roll, down and motionless. Grabbing the crown and rolling quickly out, the referee saw nothing. King, has come too, grabs the referees attention away from his guard and goes for the cover, ONE TWO THREE!! This ones over.

In the office of Lord Commissioner Merriweather, he has summoned the new United States Champion Brent Kersh for a lambasting after last week’s performance. In an against the odds situation, Brent did the unthinkable when he beat Merriweather, Edward, Stephan and the interfering Nigel Royal.

“You insubordinate little shit!” Merriweather yells at him whilst sat comfortably in his chair. “Do you honestly think that I’m going to let you get away with what you did last week?”

“What I did?” Brent enquires. He adjusts the Championship on his shoulder with a smile. “Do you mean the liberation of America from the greedy English tyrants? You should be used to that, Merriweather.”

“You address him by his official title!” Nigel chimes in as he steps towards Brent with anger.

Brent steps forward to meet him, both men nose to nose.

“Tell your lapdog to back off, or we can take this to the ring.” he says, never taking his eyes away from Royal.

“Oh but you will take this to the ring,” The Commissioner says. “Because at Pandemonium, whilst Matthew Cories has earned the final spot, you have earned yourself a very delightful first entry. So after one hell of a fight to defend your Championship against.. oh I don’t know, let’s see.. who would be the perfect opponent?”

“You sir?” Nigel asks.

Merriweather grins.

“That’s a wonderful idea Nigel – absolutely wonderful. So after attempting and failing to defend your United States Championship against me, you’ll be entering Pandemonium first,” he declares with a Cheshire Cat like smile. Brent though hasn’t even taken his eyes off of Nigel. “And I’m sure you’re extremely curious as to who’ll be your number two, aren’t you? It could be Scarecrow, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? It could be yours truly, which I’m sure strikes more fear into you than anyone. But it won’t. Who’ll be the second entry, Nigel?”

“That’ll be me, sir.”

Instead of looking disappointed or angry, Brent actually smiles. He adjusts his Championship again and steps backwards towards the door.

“That’s perfect. Don’t you see Merriweather? If I’m going to win Pandemonium then I’m going to do it with all the odds stacked against me. If I’m going to win that event, I’m going to walk away knowing that I earned it. I’m not a coward like you and it doesn’t matter what you do, The Enforcer will fight.. till he can’t fight… no more!”

He turns to walk away and gets to the door, only to turn around one more time.

“And as luck would have it, I get to put your lapdog in his place as well.”

Nigel looks set to go for him but Merriweather stops him, grabbing him around the shoulders as if to stay.

“JUST GET OUT!” he yells enraged.

The Enforcer doesn’t need to be told twice and with a little chuckle, exits the office knowing that at Pandemonium, he’s not only defending his title against Merriweather but he’ll be facing Nigel Royal first in the Pandemonium Match.

The referee signals for the bell as the two competitors are inside the ring. Oblivion’s father points at Fate, telling him to attack and attack he does by hitting him with a hard right hand that sends Fate down to the mat. Fate grabs the top ring rope to get himself up as Oblivion stomps away at Fate, refusing to let Fate get in any shots at all. Finally Fate catches a right hand of Oblivion and begins pounding away at Oblivion as his father is irate on the outside.

Fate brings Oblivion to his feet … ADVERSITY! Fate covers! One! Two! KICKOUT! Fate gets back to his feet and begins striking Oblivion with right hands, followed by a stiff kick to The Monster’s midsection, causing him to lean forward a bit as Fate goes to grab Oblivion but Oblivion grabs the throat of Fate, looking for Welcome to Oblivion! He has Fate up but Fate rakes the face of Oblivion, doing whatever necessary to keep from losing this match.

Oblivion is up on his feet as Fate charges him … SIDEWALK SLAM! He got all of that one! The Evil Within grabs the throat of Fate, forcing him up to his feet as he runs at the ring ropes … BIG RUNNING BOOT TO THE FACE OF FATE! Oblivion goes for the cover. One! Two! THR – NOOO! Shoulder up! Shoulder up! Oblivion begins stomping on the body of Fate out of frustration as he then grabs his hair, pulling him up but once again, Fate kicks the midsection of Oblivion, runs at Oblivion, ducking a big clothesline from Oblivion. Fate kicks Oblivion and hooks his arms. DESTINY! He covers Oblivion! One! Two! THREE! What a victory by Mr. Inevitable as he walks out of here with a rather impressive win.

Thomas Roll is walking backstage alone, dejected, angry and annoyed that his run here has once again come to a close. He’s been impersonating wrestlers for two weeks now in hopes of earning a contract and after his latest loss, he knows that it’s unlikely – however screwed he was. When he finally comes across Sergeant Bananas though, he’s stunned to see him fighting with another monkey.

“What are you doing!?” he yells whilst running in the middle to stop it. “Stop that!”

The monkeys are finally separated, except watching the whole time was none other than Pickpocket, sat on a box only slightly above. He drops down and startles Roll, coming out of no-where. Thomas looks around, absolutely shocked at his arrival out of what appears to be thin air.

“Thomas Roll? It’s nice to meet your acquaintance,” Pickpocket says with a grin and a handshake, being very official. Roll accepts begrudgingly. “Do you have the time?”

Roll looks at his wrist and realizes that his watch is gone, looking up to see Pickpocket dangling it in front of him. The mischievous new OSW wrestler throws the watch back at him and apologizes whilst Roll puts it back on.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to introduce myself properly. I’m Pickpocket and this friendly little fellow is Buford. I understand that you may be in need of a job and I always love to give back. So why don’t you become my assistant? That way you have a job with Old School Wrestling and we can be partners.”

“Assistant? The Destroyer of worlds is no-one’s assistant. I don’t fetch pales of water or wipe your snivelling nose. I’m the greatest wrestler to ever live and it just so happens that I’ve been cursed by gypsies and..”

“Hold on a second, I don’t mean it like that. What I mean is that we pretend you’re my assistant and that way, you get a job and we can go after the Tag Team Championships. We’re like kindred spirits, look at us. You’re a handsome man, I’m a handsome man. You have a great dress sense, I have a great dress sense. You have a monkey, I have a monkey.”

“I see where you’re going with this. I have a large penis, you have a large penis – let’s put them together and bang heads? I don’t think so pal, I’m a ladies man.”

Pickpocket rolls his eyes and scoffs.

“Do you want a job or not?”

Roll thinks about it.

“I do but on one condition. Can you dance?”

Suddenly a DJ appears, sliding into the scene on roller skates and “Moves Like Jagger” is quickly blared out. Roll starts dancing, strutting his best moves and finally he comes to a stop, nodding at Pickpocket who does the exact same thing – exactly.

“YOU STOLE MY MOVES!” Thomas says shocked as Pickpocket finishes up with the same flare that he did.

The Thief shrugs his shoulders with a smile and Roll can’t help but be impressed, shaking the man’s hand and checking for his watch, only to realize that once again.. it had gone.

The referee signals for the bell and that’s all Terror needed as he charges Nigel Royal, attacking him with clubbing blows to the back of his neck. Royal leaves the ring, swatting his hands away at Terror, wanting no part of him. Terror begins the chase as Royal runs around the ring and as Terror enters, Royal lands a beautiful spinning heel kick that sends Terror hitting the mat. Nigel smirks, as Terror begins getting back to his feet, Nigel does a rollup. One! Two! KICKOUT!

Big Evil kicks out as both men appear to get quickly to their feet and before Royal knows it, receives a C.T.H. for his troubles. Terror looks down at Royal for a moment but Royal once more rolls out of the ring before Terror can get his hands on him. Smart move by The Bloodline To Greatness as he catches a breath. But Terror comes over and grabs the hair of Nigel, forcing him up to the ring apron. Terror drags Royal into the ring. DEVIL’S CREED! No! Nigel slips out of his grasp!

Terror swings at Nigel but ducks, kicking Terror to his midsection … DDT! Nigel Royal wastes no time, going up to the top turnbuckle. SPITFIRE! Royal goes for the cover. One! Two! THR – BIG KICKOUT BY TERROR! Royal attempts to lock in The Dungeons of London, trying to grab ahold of Big Evil’s arm but Terror swats him away. As Terror begins to get back to his feet, Royal hits a DDT, knocking Terror out cold. Nigel goes over to Terror. THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON! ROYAL HAS IT LOCKED IN! Terror screams in pain and soon fades out. He’s unconscious as the referee declares Royal the winner. Big victory for the Bloodline to Greatness!

In the office of Lord Commissioner Merriweather backstage, Isaiah Black is here – despite not being booked tonight. He looks rather naked without the All-Star Championship that he usually drags around with him; that’s until Merriweather presents him with a new one.

“Thanks for coming Isaiah. Since the Ku Klux Klan stole your Championship, we’ve had it redesigned and re-commissioned just for you.”

Isaiah snatches the belt and looks at it, letting it flop down by his side.

“I didn’t come here for this,” Black says stoically. “I came to find out who I’m defending it against at Pandemonium. I’m one title defence away from earning a shot against the World Heavyweight Champion and I want my next victim.”

Merriweather looks through some paperwork.

“That’s a difficult decision, Isaiah. We have a lot of talent on this roster but I don’t know how many of them have earned such an opportunity. You may have to be patient and wait for the chance to make history.”

The Grim looks at him with a sneer that would frighten any man.

“Victim.. now.”

“I uh… uhm… Marcus X?” he nervously suggests to a loud laugh from the All-Star Champion.

“Do you know how many times I’ve kicked his ass?” Isaiah warns. “I’m not doing it again.”

Suddenly Merriweather has a brainwave.

“How about this; you’ve both had some troubles with the Ku Klux Klan as of late and perhaps, well perhaps it’s time we started to put that to bed? So how about at Pandemonium, you’ll team with Marcus X to face any two members of the KKK – with your Championship on the line. If you and Marcus win, you’ll earn a shot at the World Championship. If the KKK win, you and Marcus are fired.”

The Grim’s smirk turns sour, but he agrees.


The referee signals for the bell as both opponents circle the ring. They go in for a lockup as Crash gets Ryan in a side headlock. She pushes him towards the ropes and knees him to the gut a couple of times as The Daredevil appeared to let go before the five count. LeCavalier lands a couple of hard hitting forearm smashes to the face of Crash, rocking him back to the ring ropes followed by a Knife Edge Chop, echoing throughout the arena. She irish whips Crash towards the ropes but as she leans over, Crash hits a rolling wheel kick that sends Ryan down to the mat.

The Daredevil ascends to the top as LeCavalier gets back to her feet, Crash hits a flying crossbody from the top rope as he lands on top of her into a cover. One! Two! KICKOUT! Crash grabs the hair of Ryan but she slaps him across the face hard as she then lands a Coup de Grâce, sending Crash to the floor. Ryan shouts she’s the Greatest of All-Time as Crash slowly crawls to his feet as Ryan hits a Step-Up Enziguri!

Bringing The General Lee of 1-2-3 up to his feet, LeCavalier wraps her arm around the head of Crash but Crash pushes Ryan towards the ring ropes, punching her a few times for her to release the hold and follows that up with a Roundhouse kick to her face as she stumbles to the corner turnbuckle, sitting on her ass as then Crash runs away from her, towards the opposite corner … He charges at Ryan … ROLLING CANNONBALL! The fans are on their feet after that move! Both get up … CRASH COURSE! Crash with the pin! One! Two! THREE! Crash-City walks away with a victory tonight.

We’re in the darkness backstage – the boiler room to be exact. A young child has wandered down there and soon comes face to face with a perched Scarecrow. Almost instantaneously at the sight of the child, The Scarecrow awakens.

“He who walks behind the rows?” the child meekly calls out into the darkness.

The Scarecrow steps forward into more light.

“Yes child? It is I.”

“Is it time? Mother is beginning to suspect that my allegiance may be wavering. Her control over me is slipping and the pretence – it’s just too hard to maintain,” the child says in fear. He stops before The Scarecrow and looks up at him. “Please say that it is time.”

“Don’t worry yourself child, I’m watching, waiting, lurking in your dreams and nightmares. She cannot harm you,” he says placing a comforting hand on the kids shoulder. “But heed my warning; if you reveal your true intentions, there is no telling what she may do.”

The child gulps.

“What of her suspicions?” he asks.

“They are as yet unfounded. How many have we courted?” Scarecrow says whilst walking back to his perch. “Is it six, seven, eight? It is more than enough to turn her world upside down. There is no room for Monsters, is there boy?”

The child shakes his head frantically.

“No there isn’t. We don’t like monsters, we’re afraid. Please come to our aid soon. He who walks the rows and our dreams, we need your salvation.”

Scarecrow climbs back upon his perch and lowers his head.

“Don’t worry, where your eyes don’t go.. always know the Scarecrow is watching.”

The scene fades out with Scarecrow returning back to his former state and the child sitting there, watching as he does.

The bell sounds as DTR rushes forward with a furious attack, surprising Cories with a flurry of right hands as he backs the Ranger against the ropes before powering him across the ring. Cories barely manages to bounce off the other side however before David meets him, delivering a thunderous clothesline that almost dislocates Cories jaw, and as he gets to his feet, he’s met with a kick to the gut as Cories gets lifted up, and slammed over DTR’s knee with a vicious backbreaker. DTR doesn’t cover instead mounting Cories as he rains down rights and lefts, the Ranger trying to cover up.

The referee warns DTR, but he takes no notice, continuing to rain down heavy hands before he’s physically pulled off Cories. The referee warns DTR but the warnings are ignored as DTR goes to pull Cories to his feet, SMALL PACKAGE! Cories rolls DTR up out of nowhere ONE…TWO…DTR just kicks and as the two get to their feet, Cories begins to fight back, hitting several right hands before grabbing DTR’s head and landing a hard swinging neckbreaker. The Ranger doesn’t cover, instead lifting DTR up to his feet and throwing him over his shoulder, trying for a powerslam but DTR rolls down Cories back, grabbing him by the waist and delivering a big German Suplex.

DTR signals for the end as Cories slowly gets to his feet, holding his neck in pain, RATTL…No, Cories pushes DTR off and as he turns around, SUPERKIC…NO! DTR manages to just duck under and as Cories back is turned, REVERSE RATTLER! The reverse stunner lands flush and this should be over but DTR isn’t done as he steps back, almost begging for Cories to get to his feet and as the Ranger does, DTR flies forward, landing a huge Superkick. Cories drops to the mat out cold as DTR hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE! Dead to Rights picks up a big victory and sends an even bigger statement with it.

Initially nothing more than a herd of manikins, lifelessly in attendance and surrounded by obsessively white confines, they now lay in a single-file planking position, against scaffolding with a glass floor that’s seemingly suspended into the upper echelons of the sky. Their eyes now wide open, nearly blood shot, as they watch the clouds below creep by them; their bodies detached from life, motionless, frozen, obedient.

That same familiar voice suddenly appears.

“I see all of you – floating in the clouds. So certain that you have a firm understanding on the reality that you rely on as your shelter. I understand that feeling of safety; being able to carry on with each day remaining confident that nothing is going to harm you at this height of mind. I come with warning, however, that monsters bare no restrictions. They come without legs and arms that bring limitations of reach to the surface and they share no guilt or regret in order to expose any sense of hesitation. They’re simply there, in all of their glory, with a universal door of open- access. No one can hide – eyes wide open or eyes wide shut. In the moment that you think that you have all figured out from up here, the tight rope is bound to snap.”

Suddenly, we shift up to see the same staff-wielding figure as last time, standing at the edge of a massive high-rise building – which also so happens to be what the scaffolding is attached to. He rests his chin against the top of the serpent-head of the staff, closes his eyes, and stretches out his arms.

“The scripture of manifestations, which came to me within the hiccup of a dream, speaks the hissing tongue of Amadeus and breathes the fire of Gordian. It’s brought the bright light of realization to my life – a realization that confirms to me that there is no eluding – that we all must face the unquestionable, the unknown – the idea that this reality is but only a transition into the initiation of the grand revolution! And it all begins with a fall.”

The figure turns around, closes his eyes again, and raises his staff toward the sky.

“I am all that is man, all that is creation, all that will be at the eve of tomorrow. I am… Reichous Marx.”

Marx leans back and lets himself fall over the ledge, smashing into the glass scaffolding below and causing the mysterious manikins to fall as well. As they plummet through the clouds, with the wind swirling past their vulnerable bodies, Marx keeps his hands stretched out and embraces the descent.

With a smile, no less.

Two monsters of Old School Wrestling start the match staring each other down in the center of the ring. Suddenly, Scarecrow draws first blood with a knife edge chop. Smoke returns the favor with a big right hand. And now the two are going back and forth, exchanging blows. BUT IT’S SMOKE THAT GETS THE UPPER HAND! Irish whip sends Scarecrow into the ropes and on the return BIG BOOT! A big boot from “The Hayman” sends Smoke reeling and now Scarecrow is on the prowl. Scarecrow lifts his opponent into the air and BRINGS him down with a back drop that rattles the ring.

“The Harvester” goes for a cover and he gets ONE … THAT’LL be all. Smoke trying to work to his feet and Scarecrow methodically measuring his every move. SMOKE will duck a double axe handle and SCARECROW TURNS to be met with a big left hand uppercut that sends the big man stumbling backwards. BOOT to the midsection by “The Chump Buster” and SNAP DDT! Smoke from nowhere with perfect execution and now HE goes for the pin. ONE … and a one count is all HE gets. Scarecrow is down, but he’s stirring. Smoke; on the other hand, is focusing in.

Both men make it to their feet and “The Bad News Bear” cinches up. Belly to belly suplex? HE got it. Smoke showing some impressive strength by… AW MY GAWD! Scarecrow just stood straight up. It’s like that brutal suplex had no effect at all and Smoke is shocked! We’re ALL shocked! Scarecrow lifts his arms as if he’s hanging from the perch. Smoke is looking around and he’ll hit the ropes. On the return! WHAT THE HELL?!? The lights just went out. What is going on!?! The lights are… BACK ON! And Smoke… he’s unconscious. In the center of the ring. Scarecrow moves in for the pin. ONE … TWO … THREE! And Scarecrow pulls out the victory here tonight on Afterburn! What a match this was!!

Smoke groggily gets back to his feet as Scarecrow vanishes into the back. He leans against the ropes and tries to regain his composure when the lights suddenly dim.

“I have broken bones, to get to you.

I have abandoned all I own, to get to you.”

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see.

“Please don’t turn and walk away, it will break my heart in two..

I’ve given all I’ve got to get to you.”

He nonchalantly walks towards the ring, stopping at the bottom to take one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and he rolls into the ring, Smoke making a b-line for him with kicks to the mid-section. Each boot rattles around the arena with fierce power as Smoke delivers crushing shot after shot to Red River Jack.

The Chump Buster pulls him to his feet and is surprised by a right hand, another, another, Red River Jack launching at him with a forearm that takes him back into the ropes. Smoke stumbles back and “SEEIN’ RED!” BOOM! BUS DRIVER! Red isn’t done though and slides to the outside, grabbing two steel chairs. He enters the ring and places one under the head of Smoke, holding the other in both hands.

“SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR HEROES!” he screams at the top of his lungs before CRASHING THE CHAIR DOWN OVER THE HEAD OF SMOKE!! JESUS CHRIST WHAT A CON-CHAIR-TO!! Smoke’s all body jerks as the devastating blow is delivered. The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds isn’t done and with a sick smile.. HITS HIM AGAIN… AGAIN… AGAIN!! HOLY FUCK!!

The chair is bloodied now as Red River Jack throws it down on the canvas, kneeling alongside the bloodied Chump Buster.


He holds up his bloodied head and sneers, the fans roaring with boo’s as EMT’s rush the ring to try and get involved.

The delusional Matthew Cories is backstage with his trusty sword. The blade was recovered last week from Mike Lane but it appears that it hasn’t finished effecting the former fan favourite. We join him just as he begins talking to himself.

“Not to worry, everything will be fine. The all-out-war that these people call Pandemonium will be mine,” he says with a heinous and dramatic laugh. “It doesn’t matter what villains they pluck from obscurity to fight me, I will be victorious for my Lord Zedd and Rita.”

Suddenly, he’s startled. His eyes dart left and capture none other than Atticus Kyll.

“YOU!” Cories yells randomly. “Darkonda! Don’t think I don’t see through your disguise.”

Atticus walks over calmly, tilts his head and looks into the eyes of Cories – confused.

“Excuse me?” he retorts with a raised brow. “I think you have me confused with someone.. or something.. else.”

Matthew pushes him backwards.

“Don’t lie to me Darkonda.”

Atticus doesn’t like that and strikes quickly, thrusting his palm into the throat of Cories – who stumbles backwards as if he’s just been hit by a force greater than man. Kyll doesn’t hang around to fight and simply walks away, as calm as the moment he struck. Matthew finally regains composure and with a cough, a splutter and great will, he shouts after Kyll.

“I know you’re here for the all-out-war Darkonda!” Cories proclaims only to be interrupted by another splutter. “But your powers won’t beat me!”

Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

One week after losing his World Heavyweight Championship, Desmond Cross looks to get his momentum back in this Cross Match. Right off the bat, the two beasts begin battling with fists. Cross takes early advantage with a boot to the midsection, doubling Cussen over before delivering a stiff kick to the chest and midsection. Cussen goes down and Cross looks over the cross which is positioned in the corner. Cross picks Jensen up and throws him in the direction of the Cross, going back first into it, Jensen takes the brunt of the punishment.

Desmond charges after Jensen but he’s able to side step and Desmond goes body first into the cross. Jensen shakes the cobwebs before turning his attention to Desmond and connecting with Spear driving Desmond back first into the cross, which shakes but doesn’t fall down. Huge impact here as Jensen is back to his feet and the crowd is completely behind him. Jensen stomps his foot on the ground, waiting for Desmond to get to his feet and looking for Blunt Force Trauma. Cussen goes with the Jumping Superkick, but Desmond is quick on his feet, stepping away from the kick and Jensen kicks the cross hard.

Desmond takes the quick shortcut, chop blocking the same hurt leg of Jensen Cussen. Desmond extends his arms in a crucifix pose before setting up for what looks to be definite damage. THE REDEEMING!!!! RIGHT INTO THE CROSS!!! Desmond Cross just basically killed Jensen Cussen, the living legend isn’t living anymore. Desmond wastes little time, picking the limp body of Cussen back up and AMAZING GRACE!!! If The Redeeming didn’t finish off Jensen, that definitely did. Cross grabs the body and straps Jensen to the cross, this match is over. Desmond Cross wins a battle with Jensen Cussen!!!

With Jensen Cussen lifted into the air on the cross by an undefeated Desmond Cross, the lights dim. When they return and we’re back at ringside with full lights, Jensen has been lowered and is face to face with none other than DTR.


Jensen struggles rapidly against his restraints as Dead To Rights nails him with right hands, pulling his head into every ferocious punch. Security know what’s going to happen and the Cross is immediately lifted into the air, except DTR HOLDS ON FOR DEAR LIFE!!

The former World Champion is now ten feet in the air, holding onto the cross and standing at the foot section, on top of Jensen’s feet as he right hands him into oblivion. The fall from hell awaits them if they tumble but that doesn’t stop DTR who keeps hitting him and hitting him until finally Jensen snaps one of his restraints.

“HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!” the crowd roar.

He grabs DTR by the throat and snaps his other restraint, both men now standing ten feet above the air on a cross and.. CHOKESLAM!!-NO!! DTR elbows out and Jensen bends over.. falling… DDT!! DD FUCKING T FROM TEN FEET IN THE FUCKING AIR! OH MY GOD! OH MY HOLY SHIT! HE JUST DDT’D HIM FROM THE FUCKING CROSS TO THE CANVAS!!





The fans are on their feet as both men lie motionless in the canvas – another brutal and violent fight having left them both in pieces. There’s no movement at all as we head to a commercial break and leave these two to be attended to by EMT’s.

They’re going to kill each other before much longer.

The bell rings and Red River Jack sprints across the ring and begins to DELIVER a flurry of right and left hands to the head of Mother. You can tell RRJ is here tonight for retribution. Jack sends Mother through the ropes and to the outside and he won’t be far behind. Irish whip coming up and MOTHER is sent head first into the steel post. Red River Jack RUNS AGAIN! And drills Mother with a back elbow that flips her up and over the ringside barricade. “The Creator, Cultivator, and Consumer of Worlds” isn’t done yet, reaching over the barricade and pulling Mother to her feet.

BUT MOTHER removes his grip with a double palm strike to the sides of Jack’s head. She may have just burst his ear drum with that move. RRJ staggers around in agony and Mother… PICKS UP A CHAIR! She has a chair from beyond the barricade AND MOTHER NAILS HIM WITH IT! Red River Jack hits the padded concrete floor hard and Mother will hop the barricade and go for the cover. ONE … TWO … NO! RRJ is able to kick out just in the knick of time. We’re already seeing the result of a No Disqualification contest for the Hardcore Championship none the less.

Mother on her feet and stepping back. She’s giving Jack some time to come to. Some time to get back up and when he does she kicks him in the left leg. AND another! Jack brought to his knees with a series of kicks AND A BIG ONE to the face of RRJ! “THE MATERNAL INSTINCT”! Mother doesn’t even let Red River Jack fall to the floor before applying that submission sleeper! And she’s stroking his hair! JACK IS OUT! JACK IS… BACK! FROM NOWHERE! RRJ regains life and DRIVES himself backwards, smashing the back of Mother’s head into that steel post. Both competitor shaken up. Both wobbly. Jack reaches out and KICKS Mother in the gut! LOOK OUT! “SEEIN’ RED”! RED RIVER JACK LANDS THE DDT! And he’ll make the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! RRJ HAS RETAINED!!

We go to what has been designated a very special and royal part of the backstage area. King Konstantine and his guards have cordoned off an area for the King himself and now he sits there, upon a throne, drinking from a large iron goblet.

“I’ll tell you gentlemen, this royal court has an exceptional view of the Kingdom,” the King says until his stomach abruptly growls. He quickly puts down the goblet and holds onto his belly, bursting at the seams. “What’s going on? One’s bowels are about to erupt!”

He leaps up off of his throne and runs past the King’s guard towards the nearest toilet, both men following him in. With the coast now clear, Ryan LeCavalier walks up and casually takes a seat on the throne.

“Well, isn’t this something?” she says cockily.

Suddenly the guards stumble out of the toilet, holding their noses and throats as if they’ve just been gassed to death.

“Queen LeCavalier? It doesn’t quite sound as good as Pandemonium Winner 2015 but for the minute, I’ll take it,” Ryan chuckles to herself. She hops off the throne and walks past the guards and the toilet, her nose turning up instantly at the smell. “Jesus Christ boys, what happened? It smells like someone put laxatives in his royal goblet or something.”

She chuckles and walks off, leaving both guards utterly confused by what’s just happened.

The bell rings as Kersh steps forward, reaching his right hand out to Lane, who considers it for a few moments, almost taken back before nodding, and shaking the Enforcer’s hand as the crowd cheers. The pair lock in the middle of the ring, Kersh getting the better of the exchange with the strength advantage as he backs Lane up against the ropes, locking in a headlock and using his momentum to swing Lane down to the mat. Kersh cranks down on the headlock as Lane tries valiantly to get to his feet, a series of hard elbows to the sternum breaking the hold just enough for Lane to get to his feet, but a wild right hand is ducked under as Kersh lifts Mike up, and planting him to the mat with a hard Backdrop. Kersh backs up, winding up and driving an elbow down into the sternum of Lane, laying down for the cover.

ONE..TWO..Lane gets a shoulder up as Kersh picks him up once more, throwing him across the ring but Kersh drops his head too early on a backdrop as Lane takes advantage, kicking Kersh hard in the face before lifting him up with an impressive snap suplex. Kersh gets to his feet but is met by a flurry of elbows that stun the US champion as Lane rushes to the ropes, but whatever he was attempting is thwarted by Kersh who grabs Lane mid-run and drives him down to the canvas with a huge Anderson like Spinebuster.

The Enforcer signals for the end and as Lane slowly gets to his feet, he’s met with a hard kick to the gut, SOUTHERN DIS…No, Lane slips out, backing up a few feet as he leaps forward, but the Shadowkick attempt is stopped by Kersh, who lands a swift dragonscrew, transitioning into the Lone Star before Lane even realises he’s on the mat. Lane screams in pain and tries to fight out but Kersh has it locked in tight and in the middle of the ring, as Lane is forced to tap out, giving Brent Kersh a big, big victory over the world champion.

The Hangman is snug in his old haunt, amongst the dozens hanging in the large oak tree. The wavering moonlight glimmers on dozens of adults and teenagers, pale-skinned from their unmerciful hanging. The tone of silence in a graveyard-like atmosphere mixed with the fantasy of whispers encircling them every second, this disconcerts the camera crew greatly.

“I observe the roster thoroughly and detect the practice of sinful immorality in every single individual. The act of transgression cascades swiftly like a vigorous waterfall that flows continuously undying. It shall continue to do so without a limitation or hindrance preventing it from flowing so dearly. Without an inhibitor obstructing the unearthly sin that befalls week after week, it shall continue to arise. The sinful wrongdoing done against me hundreds of years ago is the reason why I’ve accepted my calling as a deliverer and a savior, to protect the sightless from their predestined doom, the casting into eternal damnation.”

“You may think of me as a criminal or a wrongdoer myself, given the circumstances. The deceased that peacefully rest amongst us tonight were no longer people. They were uncivilized heathens, threatening our way of life. Don’t you get it? I offered them life more abundantly but they preferred the booze in which they can’t pronounce and the flashy street whores carrying a life-threatening disease. They contradicted my word, they thought I was a sham in a costume! They deny my legend, my past. I’m nothing more than a malevolent spirit trapped in your dreams that I’ll go away once you open your eyes they say. Ha, what was a dream is now reality, children.”

The Hangman appears behind the cameraman and that startles him immensely falling to the ground. He regains his composure and continues filming.

“What do you think happened to your favorite wrestlers, the ones who sold out in merchandise? On the top of the world one moment and suddenly vanish without trace the next!? Ha, I’ll save that story for another time. I advocate that you use the little intelligence you may have, people. Time is running out, I’m almost ready folks. You better take my advice and get on board, or you could ignore me. Ignore me you may, understand it’s no escape. I’m gonna’ get ya!”

‘The Manslayer’ looks upward, admiring his work. He briskly turns his head to the side and eyes the cameraman. He extends his long rope outward toward the cameraman and wraps his head around the noose of the rope. Dragging across the murky surface is the cameraman, the feed cuts to static from there.

We’re set for the Main Event as the bell rings with The Black Widow and Terry McGuire starting things off. McGuire with the obvious size advantage as the two close in on each other in the center of the ring BUT THE WIDOW NAILS McGuire with a super kick to the jaw, catching him completely off guard. “TheRockport Nightmare” stumbles backwards and it’s more of the same as The Black Widow moves in thrusting another boot, this time into the midsection of her opponent. ANOTHER kick to the gut doubles McGuire over and DDT! The Black Widow goes for the cover and the win! She gets ONE … TWO … BUT DAVID MANSON is there to break it up.

The official quickly ushers him out of the ring and The Black Widow isn’t very happy about it. Marcus X screaming explicatives from his corner as The Widow turns around AND MCGUIRE catches her with a thumb to the eye. Are you kidding me? McGuire follows up the dirty move with a big European Uppercut that sends The Widow reeling back into the corner. The wrong corner, that is. Terry McGuire closing in now and DRIVES a fist right into the chin of The Widow, prompting the official to push him backwards with a warning.

AND IT’S MANSON FROM BEHIND! CHOKING THE BLACK WIDOW! “The Awakening” really showing what they’re about in the early goings of this contest, as the official has hurried over to prevent Marcus X from getting into the ring. Manson is tagged in and he’ll bring The Widow out of the corner with an irish whip into the ropes. On the return and HE PULLS The Widow down by the hair of her head, slamming her to the canvas. These guys are RUTHLESS! A series of boots now to the upper body and head region of The Black Widow. Manson dropping to his knees to make a cover. ONE … TWO … THAT’S all he gets.

“The Cannibal” pulls The Black Widow to her feet and locks in an arm bar! ELBOW from The Widow! Cartwheeling out of the hold and COMING BACK WITH A HUGE FOREARM SMASH TO THE FACE OF MANSON! Both competitors dazed now. Both stumbling. Marcus X on the outside calling for the tag. Manson trying to recover. Moving in. BUT THE WIDOW MAKES A LEAPING TAG TO HER PARTNER!! “The Freedom Fighter” is now the legal man. He climbs through the ropes and DELIVERS a headbutt to the skull of Manson, sending him to the canvas. Terry McGuire re-enters ONLY TO BE MET with a hard clothesline from Marcus X!!!

He’s on fire as he turns his attention back to Manson! BELLY to belly suplex puts Manson down. Marcus with the cover. ONE … THAT’S all he gets as McGuire sends a boot to his skull. BUT THAT ONLY MAKES MARCUS MAD! He’s quick to his feet and it’sANOTHER clothesline that sends McGuire up and over the top ropes!! “The Street Rat” is working to his feet and “The Freedom Fighter” is waiting. He’s watching. He’s gonna go for the “Blackout” and the win!! WAIT A SECOND! WHAT THE HELL? It’s the KKK! Two members of the KKK are here and they’re dragging The Black Widow up the aisle.

Marcus sees what’s happening and it’s off to the races. Marcus X abandons Manson and climbs through the ropes to the outside,BUT MCGUIRE IS THERE! MCGUIRE WITH A LOW BLOW! Marcus X tossed back into the ring and Manson is waiting now. It’s his turn to stalk! Marcus in agony! Fighting to get to his feet! Stumbling! He’s up! “DELUSIONAL ILLUSION”! “DELUSIONAL ILLUSION” by MANSON! He makes the cover! ONE … TWO … THREE! And I don’t believe it, but “The Awakening” has overcome “Black Power” to become the first ever crowned OSW Heavyweight Tag Team Champions of the World! McGuire slithers into the ring to celebrate with Manson as Marcus X is out cold on the canvas and The Black Widow is nowhere to be found!!!

The camera flickers backstage to where two KKK members are dragging a kicking and screaming Widow through the arena exit and into the parking lot. She puts up such a fight that she falls to the floor and is dragged across it by her hair.

They take her to the road side and stomp away at her, kicking the living crap out of her with every boot, shouting racial slurs as they do.

“Get that bitch up!” one of them yells in a gruff voice, demanding that the other one do as he’s told. The other one helps her up and throws her to him, the man slamming her head first into the concrete.

There’s stunned silence back inside the arena as the two Ku Klux Klan members sickeningly stomp away at her before one of them kneels, holding her head to the curb.

“Do it!” he yells again. “Do it now!”


The vicious stomp sends shockwaves throughout the arena with fans unable to look. The Black Widow lays there unconscious, bleeding from her ear as Marcus X suddenly bursts through the exit and chases them into the night. They don’t hang around and leap into a nearby van, speeding off so quickly that the tires squeal.

Marcus drops down to cradle The Black Widow in his arms – a vicious curb stomp having utterly stunned everyone.

Afterburn then goes off the air.