The coldest of cold opens.We’re thrust immediately backstage as our programming hits the air, Mike Lane shown making a focused walk through the entrance doors of The School Yard. He walks forward towards us when suddenly he stops, turns left and turns his attention to the approaching Isaiah Black – who just so happens to be holding the All-Star Championship.

“Where’s the little lady?” he scoffs referencing poor Destiny, who isn’t here tonight. Mike’s brow furrows as he steps forward. “ Heh, relax tough guy, if I wanted to fight you, you’d know about when I was caving your skull in.”

“What do you want, Black?” Lane demands to know, wishing he’d go away.

Isaiah rubs his jaw and thinks about it.

“I’m just seeing where your heads at, that’s all. Cause you see, this thing,” he holds up the title and waves it in the air. “This thing grants me a shot at that,” Black confidently claims whilst pointing at the World Championship draped over Mike’s shoulder. “And at Driven, I’m comin’ for your throat.”

“I know this bit,” Lane says in nodded agreement. “This is where you give me one option, am I right? Choose Death?”

Isaiah smirks and nods confidently.

“Desmond Cross wanted me to Choose Death, Destiny wanted to Choose Death, but do you know what happened? I survived. I don’t choose Death, Black. I live life in the fast lane, care to join me?”

Both men stare at each other for a moment before Isaiah throws the All-Star Championship at Mike’s feet. The World Champion stares at it, then back at Black, who turns around with a wink and walks away.

Backstage, poor Matthew Cories is sat opposite the sword that has made his life a living hell. Still split between personalities, he’s almost arguing with himself with no-one else around – that is until The Hangman appears.

“You’re lost, aren’t you?” The Hangman’s voice booms. “A lost soul, hanging from the ever swinging noose.”

Matthew looks up at him almost in agreement.

“I know the tree you hang from well.”

“No you don’t,” suddenly barks back the Evil Green Ranger. “You know nothing of what I am or what he is. You’re another evil villain and empress Rita has commanded that I set you back to hanging like a branch.”

That struck a chord with The Hangman.

“Bigger men than you have tried,” he says in Cories face. “And failed.”

Matthew having now regained his senses, quickly tries to back it up.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t me, that was HIM. I need help, man. I need more help than a patient of Dr. Crane!”

The Hangman steps away and heads towards the door, uninterested in his apology.

“I vanquish evil.”

Cories looks scared.

“I will save you. Listen you shan’t, suffer you shall.”

The brute of a man exits the room leaving Cories rather perturbed by that suggestion. Can The Hangman really snap him out of this?

The impressive newcomer Marx dominates early against the mastermind. Heavy shots to the body floor Cussen with the brutality of a boxer. Wanting his first victory here in OSW The ruthless villain locks in a boston crab and Jensen Cussen must be in agony here the scream roaring around the arena and probably heard in neighboring states such is the ferocity this hold has been applied with. Mustering up the courage and strength to start dragging himself toward the ropes, will he make it? Drag after drag and he got it. Huge show of strength from Jensen Cussen to reach the ropes and force the release of a hold that could of ended it.

Forced to release the hold the two men have got back up and now lock it up. Identical weight and heights it could be a more even match up. A quick kick to the gut see’s Jensen Cussen begin to get the upper hand here. Snap DDT and the first cover up… One Two! No kickout a few stomps makes sure The Luminary Sage stays on the floor and Cussen heads up top. Reichous Marx seems to be out cold here. Were getting some high flying action. Jensen leaps..

MISSES!! Both men are down and winded and the referee is forced to start the 10 count. On the count of three the two men are stirring Marx using the ropes to pull himself up and by 7 we are all up but Cussen chargers from behind Marx’s view. As if sensing danger Marx puts Cussen down with a drop toe hold signalling its time for Cussen to ride the HELTER SKELTER he sets it up but Cussen counters with a kick he’s trying to initiate INFINITY RUSH. Reichous is nailed with the first kick. He grabs the second.HELTER SKELTER for real now. Goodnight. Cover One…..Two….Three. Welcome to OSW Marx, impressive victory.

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see.

He nonchalantly walks towards the ring, stopping at the bottom to take one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and he rolls into the ring, taking a microphone out of his jeans.

Jack walks to the middle of the ring and stands there, nonchalantly.

“Today I stand before you a man with a destiny, a man with a reality, a man who unlike you, doesn’t need to dream. Didn’t I tell you people, man? Didn’t I warn you that each and every single one of your heroes would fall before my feet? Seven people I ran over that top rope, man. Seven people were forced to wake up. Crash, DTR, Jensen Cussen and even your beloved Brent Kersh – hero by hero, they fell and will continue to fall.”

The fans boo, letting him have it. They hate him with a passion after what he did to Smoke.

“At Ring Of Dreams, I will stand before the world, your World Champion asleep at my feet and you will know, you will finally see, that you can no longer hide from the truth.”



Everyone inside The School Yard is on their feet.

“It’s time to wake up.”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. Crash makes his way out and quickly to the ring, sliding in to confront the man who has put him through hell in recent weeks.

“Enough, for the love of all that is sanity, enough. For months we’ve had to listen to you talk, and talk, and talk and talk and talk and you know what? EVERYONE just wishes you’d SHUT THE HELL UP!”

He begins to pace around Jack in front of him, who barely even moves, let alone seems interested.

“I’m not sure what pisses Crash off more, the fact you eliminated me from Pandemonium or the fact you went on to win it. You keep talking about wanting the world to wake up. You say that you’re going to beat the World Champion and go on to wake us dreamers up but from where I’m sitting, you’re nothing but a coward.”

That makes the Pandemonium winner laugh.

“Last week you had the chance to settle our differences in the middle of this ring. You had the chance to release Zander Zane to me and take the beating of a lifetime that you deserve. Crash expected that. Crash needed that. Crash wanted… that.”

Jack shakes his head to signify no and that it wasn’t happening.

“But you didn’t, did you?”

Finally the two back away slightly, Red looking rather amused by what’s been said.

“What’s the matter with you, man? Is the fact I have your mentor somewhere safe and sound, gettin’ to ya? You don’t have to worry about Zander, he’s locked up tight, he’s bein’ watched, he’s bein’ shown all the love and attention he needs.”

The Tron suddenly flickers and we see David Manson and Brandon Hate sat next to the still chained Zander Zane.

That’s when Crash loses it. He quickly attacks Jack with right hands, left hands and whips him into the ropes, scooping him straight up into the air..


The furious General Lee of 1-2-3 quickly bends down and picks up one of the dropped microphones, angrily shouting into it.

“WAKE UP!?” he yells. “WAKE UP!? HOW ABOUT YOU GO.. TO… SLEEP!!”

The fans roar loudly as he throws the microphone down, making the go to sleep sign with his hand to face before spitting on the carcass of Jack – exiting the ring shortly thereafter as his music plays.

The Hangman uses his height advantage right from the get go and dominates early proceedings over DTR. Knocks the wind totally out of DTR’s sails with a huge power bomb that looks like he could of put him through the ring. Going for the early pinfall and Victory but DTR manages to kick out at two. could have been a very quick night for Hangman here. The Head Hunter pulls DTR back up to his feet and looking for another big power move, no messing about from Hangman but…. REVERSAL into a spring board brain buster.

Mustered every ounce of strength from DTR to land that after an early domination from Hangman. DTR is now on the advance. German suplex straight into the pin. Quick kick out from Hangman. Sensing he’s in the ascendancy DTR relentless with big boots to his floored opponent Another pin another kick out. What has DTR got to do to put him away here. Going a different route and trying to lock in a submission move. ITS IN DTR has the figure four leg lock locked. The pain on the Hangman’s face tells the story.

Surely DTR is just seconds away from making the 6ft 8 Hangman tap here. Three unsuccessful attempts to grab the ropes and on his fourth he’s finally managed to use his height advantage and grabbed a rope. Knowing he has caused damaged to his opponent he wastes no time in charging toward Hangman but it hasn’t went how he expected a arm shoots out and grabs around the neck of DTR draining the life from him hangman trying to set up CAPITAL PUNISHMENT but no a kick to the gut releases the grip from around his neck and THE RATTLER, THE RATTLER. The place explodes Hangman bounces off the mat like a rag doll. Pin attempt, one two THREE, DTR Victory!!

In the communal locker area backstage, Marcus X is shown reading a Malcolm X book, taking in the information that his mentor and perhaps relation once shared with the world. As he does, a member of the backstage team enters the room with a package and hands it to him.

“I was told to give this to you,” the worker says reluctantly. “I didn’t really want to handle it to be honest. I’m not sure what’s in there but it’s ticking.”

Immediately the entire room steps back, Fate being one of those.

“Thanks,” Marcus gruffly says before placing the package on a bench and stepping away himself. “I guess.”

He reluctantly leans in and starts unravelling the packaging, reaching a box that he carefully opens. Inside instead is a bloodied blouse, accompanied by a ticking clock. Marcus pulls the blouse out and holds it up.

“That’s… that’s Charlie’s!” suddenly chimes in Fate who looks at the bloodied blouse with his mouth agape. He pushes past those in his way and snatches it from the hands of Marcus X. “Where the fuck did you get this? Who gave it to you?”

Marcus looks at him sympathetically.

“It’s them Fate, it’s the Ku Klux Klan. As for this,” Marcus says whilst picking up the ticking clock. “This is a message. They’re telling us that the time until Driven is running out.”

Fate holds the blouse in his hands and looks up angrily at Marcus, ripping it with his hands and throwing it angrily on the floor.

The bell rings as both men stare eachother down for a few moments, before Cross rushes up, taking Scarecrow by surprise with a series of right hands, forcing him back into the corner. Desmond backs off for a moment, before running forward, squashing Scarecrow with a huge clothesline. Scarecrow stumbles out of the corner, as Cross grabs him, throwing him over his shoulder as he drives him down to the canvas with a ring shaking Powerslam. Cross lands a big legdrop over the chest of Scarecrow before dropping down for the cover ONE..TW…Scarecrow easily gets a shoulder up.

Cross pulls Scarecrow to his feet, landing a few heavy right hands before a huge knee to the gut drops Scarecrow to one knee. Cross rushes to the other side of the ring, trying for a Big Boot…HAYMAKER! A huge right hand stops Cross in his tracks, as Desmond slowly gets to his feet, Scarecrow quickly taking advantage of the groggy Desmond, delivering heavy hands of his own, each blow rocking Cross as Scarecrow powers him over his shoulder, driving him over his knee with a Backbreaker, Desmond holding his back in pain as Scarecrow signals for the end

Scarecrow looms menacingly, as Cross slowly gets to his feet, walking right into the waiting hand of Scarecrow, HARVESTER! A massive chokeslam as Desmond is driven into the mat but Scarecrow isn’t done as he pulls the limp Cross up to his feet, Scarecrow lifts him high up into the air AND THE LIGHTS GO OFF! EXCEPT THIS TIME, “ROCK-A-CRY BABY” CAN BE HEARD BLARING OUT OFT HE SPEAKERS. The lights return and Cross drops down Scarecrow’s back, kicking him in the gut as he turns around…AMAZING GRACE! Scarecrow is down as Cross drops down for the cover, ONE…TWO…THREE!! Desmond Cross picking up an out of nowhere victory over an incredible challenge in Scarecrow.

In ‘THE ROYAL COURT’ backstage, Nigel Royal has been unusually summoned to King Konstantine’s chambers – a make shift open area guarded by his men backstage. The Bloodline to Greatness stands before the self proclaimed King with a sneer.

“Mr. Royal, thank you for your attention and gracious presence this evening,” Orwell says in a rather surprising manner. “Now I know that we’ve had our differences but as your King, I look to the potential of people like you. I believe that you, along with Lord Merriweather and myself, would make for an impressive unit. With your savvy war capabilities and the war I will soon be heading into as future All-Star Champion, I believe that together, we can reign supreme.”

“Are you offering me a job?” Nigel scoffs.

“No, I’m offering you an alliance. Just think about the things you could achieve as the General of men,” Konstantine says pointing to his Royal Guard. “They’re named after you, after all. Lord Commissioner Merriweather may be able to offer us his own unique abilities from a managerial perspective, but on the ground, it is you and I – The Royal Family.”

Nigel actually likes that.

“The Royal Family, huh? So let’s say that I’m interested in your alliance, let’s say that I’m interested in joining forces – what would be in it for me?”

“Success, gold, glory, name your price of victory, squire.”

Just then, Konstantine’s crown vanishes off his head – a hairy little hand snatching it. The King jumps up from his chair to reveal Buford, grinning, crown in hand. He runs back to Pickpocket, who stands alongside Thomas Roll.

“Finders keepers, losers weepers!” Thomas says mocking the now furious King. “What’s the matter? Lost your pretty hat?”

“Thomas, that’s not how Buford and I do this,” Pickpocket interjects. “We steal from undeserving idiots like him and give to the deserving people.”


The King’s Guard rush towards Monkey Business who gulp and run in the opposite direction. They give chase, hoping to satisfy the King’s rage.

“This is why I need you, Nigel! Please, let’s unite!”

The scene comes to a close with Nigel nodding in agreement, offering a handshake to the gleeful King’s satisfaction.

Pickpocket and Fate are in the ring for their respective teams as the bell sounds. The two circle each other a bit before locking up. Fate takes the immediate advantage, locking the Showthief in a side headlock. He wrenches Pickpocket’s neck a few times before Pickpocket backs up into the ropes and shoves him off. Fate bounces off the ropes and returns with a big twisting elbow right into Pickpocket’s jaw!! Pickpocket goes down, and Fate reaches his feet. Mr. Inevitable immediately lifts Pickpocket up and whips him into the ropes. Fate attempts a jumping knee clothesline, but Pickpocket rolls underneath it, and CANNONBALLS RIGHT INTO CRASH!!! Crash falls from his corner to the outside, and Pickpocket hauls ass to his corner to make the tag!

Thomas Roll shakes his ass into the ring, and Fate gives him a boot to the gut and a DDT immediately. Meanwhile, Crash has moved around the ring and climbed onto the apron near Pickpocket. Pickpocket says something smart and Crash offers a devilish smile in response, springboards onto the top rope, RUNS ACROSS IT AND BUTTERFLY TWIST KICKS PICKPOCKET!!! BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE FLOOR!!!

Meanwhile Fate and Roll are locked up as the referee is distracted by what’s going on outside! Roll gets Fate into a headlock, transitions to an armbar, and drops Fate with an armbar variant DDT of his own! Sergeant Bananas meanwhile has craftily thrown a toaster from Pickpocket’s grocery cart into the ring. Thomas, initially confused by the toaster’s sudden appearance, lifts it up and merely begins humping the toaster for audience enjoyment. Then, a lightbulb goes off. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and holds the toaster right across his forehead! Good god, he can’t be thinking… THE AFROBUTT!!! WITH THE TOASTER!!! BUT FATE MOVES!!! THOMAS ROLL JUST SMASHED HIMSELF RIGHT IN HIS OWN FACE WITH A TOASTER!!! Fate, while his partner and Pickpocket still fight outside the ring, lifts Roll up to his feet! DESTINY! HE NAILS IT!!! FATE STANDS AND PULLS THE REF AWAY AND FORCES HIM TO MAKE THE PINFALL!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!

“Centuries” by Fall out Boy hits the speakers and the new OSW Tag Team Champions, having not quite defended their title, nevertheless pick up a victory against Monkey Business.

Last week at Pandemonium, Mother lost control.

Tonight we find her pacing in the bowels of the arena, her head clearly not in the game despite a monumental match tonight. She finally decides to storm into the boiler room, clearly in search of Scarecrow.

“Where are they!? Where are my babies?!” she yells as she begins searching every nook and cranny for him. “I know you have them!”

Suddenly a child stumbles out from behind a boiler, the Scarecrow infection having almost taken him. His skin is showing signs of the hay beginning to pop out and show through. She rushes over and cuddles him immediately, only the kid pushes her backwards.

“You’re evil! He behind the rows says it to be true,” the boy says with an affectionate swoon, almost. “And he behind the rows, he doesn’t lie.”

Just then The Scarecrow appears, attacking her from behind. He clubs a forearm across her back and as she stands up, he slaps his hand around her throat and lifts her into the air.

“Have you come for me, mother?” he says, tossing her to one side against a boiler and watching as she falls crumpled to the floor. He walks over and crouches down before her unconscious frame. “The children of the corn are mine, don’t you see? You’ve proven yourself to be an unfit Mother and I won’t stop until I have sought out your abused children and taken them… home.”

She doesn’t move, she doesn’t even stir – she’s out of it.

“Where your eyes don’t go, fear The Scarecrow…”

Smoke suddenly fills the room and he vanishes, taking the child with him.

The bell rings as Merriweather rushes forward, trying a wild clothesline that Marcus easily dodges, landing a huge left that staggers the Lord. Marcus circles Merriweather, peppering him with jabs before another big left drops the Lord to the mat. X waits patiently for Merriweather to get to his feet, before rushing forward, landing a big Neckbreaker. Merriweather gets to his feet slowly, as Marcus throws him across the ring, grabbing him as he comes close before throwing him hard into the turnbuckle with a big Exploder Suplex. Marcus satisfied that Merriweather is down, walks over to the opposite corner, as he begins to climb, his fingertips just touching the US flag as Merriweather sneaks up behind him, LOW BLOW!

Marcus goes down as Merriweather begins stomping down on him, before locking in a sleeper, trying to wear X down . Merriweather uses his bulk to hold Marcus down but Marcus slowly manages to get to his feet, as a sharp elbow loosens the sleeper enough for Marcus to get free but a wild right is blocked, as Merriweather slams the back of Marcus’s head into the mat. Lord pulls X to his feet, raking across his eyes, as he backs up, rushing forward and landing a punishing knee to the side of the temple

Marcus is down as Merriweather signals for the end, kicking Marcus over on his stomach as the Lord leaps up, FIRST CLASS…NO, Marcus rolls away as Merriweather stomps down on the mat instead. Marcus quickly gets to his feet, dodging a right hand, TIMES OF CHANGE! The hold is locked in tight as Merriweather is slowly choked out. Marcus lets go of the hold once Merriweather is out cold as Marcus walks over to his corner, grabbing the US flag and unfolding it, waving it around the ring as the referee calls for the bell.

DTR is walking through the backstage area – a rare change from seeing him brawl with Jensen Cussen. He finally reaches his intended locker room, only for it to be revealed to belong to the very man we thought he was avoiding; Jensen Cussen. He knocks and out comes The Mastermind, ready to fight.

“We could do that,” DTR says motioning to the raised fists, but makes it clear he hasn’t come to fight. “Or we could talk. What have we been through, huh? Years of this, years of destroying each other the best we could. One year I’d put you down, the next you’d put me down and that’s not to mention the collateral damage. Truth be told, no-one around here knows it but if we wanted to, we’d bring this building down to destroy each other.”

Jensen’s smirk becomes quickly vicious and vile.

“What’s your point? I don’t care about any of these people – I never have and I never will. The amount of lives and careers I’ve destroyed and the one that’s eluded me is the one I’ve always wanted. Ever since that first moment we met, ever since we stood opposite each other and I turned on Li Quang, I’ve wanted to kill you.”

“THEN DO IT!” DTR roars. “DO IT. Driven is just three weeks away and I want to end you as much as you want to end me, if not more. After everything, there’s only one way this can end.. with either your body or mine broken in the middle of the ring, for the rest of our lives, a career over.”

That takes Cussen’s fancy immediately.

“A Deathmatch?” he offers.

DTR already had that in mind.

“A Deathmatch.”

Both men nod in agreement and carefully back away – until they rush back towards each other and strike. They come to blows very quickly, staff rushing in between them to separate the fight but each getting a right hand for his troubles.

Both of them fight security back and end up back to back, decking anyone who runs their way. Finally they turn to face each other with a smirk and back away, knowing that in three weeks, they’ll damn near if not kill each other.

The bell rings and for a few seconds every one in the ring looks around at each other, then slowly all three men look over at Vespertine. Cories goes over to Royal and they talk and then all of a sudden, all three men spring into action and go towards Vespertine. They corner her but she slides effortlessly out of the ring. Cories and Kyll immediately go after each other with lefts and rights and Royal goes to the ring ropes and starts talking smack on Vespertine. He turns around to enter the fray but she moves forward and catches his leg which trips him up. When he turns around, she is already on the apron. She grabs his neck and jumps off the ring apron which forces his head to bounce off the ring ropes and then staggers backwards. He bumps into Kyll, who turns around to face him but Cories, catches Kyll by the shoulder and aims a roundhouse kick at his temple. It hits and Kyll goes down hard, dragging Royal with him. Royal falls on top of Kyll and the referee starts the count.

Vespertine slides into the ring and Cories pulls Royal off of Kyll. Vespertine jumps and does a flip leg drop right onto the stomach of Kyll and Cories immediately covers Royal for the pin. At 1, Royal kicks out. Vespertine is on top of Kyll wailing away on him with lefts and rights. Cories picks Royal up and whips him across the ring into the ring post. Cories backs up and charges Royal but Royal moves at the last second and Cories crashes into the ring post and staggers backwards right into the waiting arms of Royal who launches into a German Suplex. Royal pins Cories and at the same time, Vespertine pins Kyll. The referee looks at each for a second then decides on Royal to count. At 2, Royal kicks out.

For the next few minutes, there is suplexing, punchingm kicking and countering and no competitor looks to be gaining the advantage. Cories and Vespertine go flying and while Kyll catches Vespertine in midair, Cories catches Royal in a flying cross body block. Kyll attempts a Sidewalk Slam but somehow Vespertine hangs on and executes a perfect tornado DDT. Royal and Cories go outside the ring to continue their battle. Nigel throws him into the steel steps and rolls back into the ring. Kyll pops up and launches her over the top rope. The Bloodline to Greatness though is ready and waiting, twisting him down AND THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! CROSSFACE!! Atticus tries to reach out to the ropes but it’s too far… he taps, he taps! NIGEL ROYAL IS THE NEW OSW HARDCORE CHAMPION!

The camera starts out with a close up shot of the United States Championship that pans out to show Brent Kersh to tremendous ovation. The Enforcer adjusts the belt on his shoulder and begins.

“American; the land of opportunity. Marcus X found out tonight that despite everything, he still has chances that all he has to do is take. I’m a fighting Champion, a defending Champion and I intend to make this title mean something,” he says patting the belt to another cheer from be crowd. “Months after months of disrespect, first Bordeaux and then Merriweather, it’s time to put the United States Championship back on the map.”

Just then, Marcus X enters the screen, clapping almost sarcastically.

“The land of opportunity? Don’t you see, Mr. Kersh? This is no opportunity, it’s a destiny to fail.”

Brent rejects that outright.

“Everything is what you make of it. You have just as much chance at this title as anyone,” he claims with a sincere nod of the head. “Your only enemy is you.”

Marcus finds himself instantly aggrieved and approaches Brent closer.

“Me?” He questions angrily. “Or the Ku Klux Klan? Or you, or White America?”

“I don’t have anything to do with that,” Brent declares in disgust. “And quite frankly, I don’t care about the colour of your skin. Competition is all I care about.”

Suddenly Fate lunges into the screen with a Steel Chair! WHACK! He nails Marcus X straight across the skull! He goes in for another but Kersh pushes him backwards, getting in his way.

“You find out where Charlie is you son of a bitch!” He yells blaming Marcus in a rage. “Or else your fate will be worse than theirs!”

Fate throws the steel chair down and eyeballs Brent who doesn’t back away, watching as he walks off and leaves Marcus laying there.

The match starts quick with King Konstantine trying to get the upper hand early by driving a double axe handle into the back of Mother, but she’s too fast for the much bigger superstar and dodges out of the way. When the King turns Mother NAILS him with a dropkick to the groin and that drops Konstantine to his knees. Mother hits the ropes and on a dead sprint LANDS a spinning kick to the face of her opponent. It could be a quick match. Mother covers. ONE … TWO … NO! The King kicks out just in time.

Mother seems a little surprised, but is right back to her feet measuring the “First of his Name”. Konstantine slowly to his knees and Mother hits the ropes again. On the return and the King is up AND CATCHES Mother with a sidewalk slam. Into a pin. ONE … Mother kicks out, but King Konstantine has bought himself some time here. Both competitors down now and both fighting to get to their feet. The King makes it first and this time he’ll go to the ropes. Coming back AND DRIVES a big boot into the face of Mother who hits the canvas HARD!

King Konstantine is waiting now. Carefully watching Mother climb to her feet. She’s up. He runs! SHOULDER TACKLE! MISSES! AND MOTHER SENDS A KARATE KICK INTO THE CHEST OF THE KING! And another! THEN THE LIGHTS GO OFF AND CHILDREN LAUGHING CAN BE HEARD! Suddenly they return and KING KONSTANTINE CATCHES HER LEG! Somehow he blocked the third kick. The “Ruler of the Ring and Defender of Wrestling” spins Mother around and he’ll hit the ropes. “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”! Konstantine nails that custom lariat and he’ll go for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! King Konstantine did it!! The King is the new All-Star Champion – even with a little help from Scarecrow.

We’re suddenly thrust into the backstage area in which Vespertine is being dragged through it by a hooded KKK member with a mean streak.

“You stupid Korean bitch,” he says in a muffled deeper voice that sounds fake. “Come on, fight me whore.”

Suddenly Atticus Kyll storms the scene been caught s glimpse of what’s going on. He attacks the hooded man with a forearm, forcing him to drop Vespertine’s hair and run like a scolded dog.

He helps her back to her feet, checking to make sure that she’s okay.

“Is everything okay? Where did they come from?” He asks worriedly.

“I don’t know. I was just walking down here and he attacked me from behind,” she complaints holding her head. “I don’t even know why. I’m not Marcus X or Fate.”

“You don’t have to be. It’s the colour of your skin. These animals are after anyone they don’t consider apart of the master race.”

She looks up at him.

“Including you?”

He thinks about it as the segment comes to a close, Vespertine perhaps lucky to escape the same fate that The Black Widow suffered. Just then, Atticus Kyll is attacked from behind by two KKK members who slam him into a nearby wall. Vespertine tries to interfere but she gets NAILED with a Clothesline. Both members of the KKK stomp away at Atticus, dragging him by his hair towards the exit and throwing him into the back of a van. The van speeds off, leaving the arena with the fate of poor Atticus Kyll unknown.

Reichous Marx is stood backstage in front of men, women and staff who appear to be sucked in to the words he’s so carefully speaking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this evening you saw nothing short of a brand reality; an absolute miracle of the hands of progressive time. We are here to bring forth a direction the likes of which nobody has ever seen before, because it is in their will to be done. The formation of the foundation of the Temple of Manifestation has never felt so real, so available at my fingertips, and I hope all of you can feel it in the air tonight… like I can.”

The crowd murmur amongst themselves as he talks.

“There is no one that can or will stop us. As long as you believe this, then there will be no objections. People will experience the breakdown and understand that this is nothing but a brand new way of becoming something, a brand new way of alerting the world of your presence, a brand new way of entering existence and bringing it to its KNEES.”

Suddenly a figure pushes his way through the crowd, scaring people as he does. It’s Desmond Cross and he’s less than impressed.

“Blasphemy,” he yells bringing the proceedings to a halt. “This is why Michael Lane was able to thwart the Ten Plagues. The LORD himself saw a pretender, a liar, a fraud and deemed that I must first remove him from this universe. You Reichous Marx are in the way of the LORD’S work and you will become my REDEMPTION. For the LORD himself has commanded it so, it will be YOUR CROSS TO BEAR.”

Reichous steps into the crowd to meet him, everyone now dispersed around them.

“When all is said and done and the dust clears, we will point towards the Serpent Dragon with ultimate gratuity, Desmond. Had it not been for their rescue, our minds would never have never found a way out. We would all be living in the same claustrophobic darkness that we BELIEVED were home, had our Spiriters not reach down on the inside and brought light to our souls. We are free with all thanks to them, shadowers, and it is our time to express our enthusiasm the way they thought me so long ago – eyes wide open, eyes wide shut.”

He pats him on the shoulder and walks past him, leaving him stood there with rage in his eyes. This one is far.. far.. far from over.

The bell sounds and we have Brent Kersh and Isaiah Black starting things off circling one another. Collar and elbow tie up starts it and neither man is letting up. They’re in the corner and the referee forces a break. Kersh makes his way center when Black attacks with a running elbow to the jaw of Kersh. Black is on the attack!! Punches, kicks, knees to the midsection of Brent Kersh. Black pulls Kersh to his feet and slams him to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep. Quick cover, ONE…… TWO… Kersh kicks out. Black tags in to Red River Jack. Jack pushes Kersh into the corner and lights him up with a few chops to the chest. Jack pulls Kersh out of the corner and a GERMAN SUPLEX sends Brent to the mat. Quick cover again, ONE…… TWO…… Kersh kicks out. Quick tag to Black again as the double team seems to work flawlessly.

Red River Jack sends Brent Kersh into the corner with an Irish Whip. First Isaiah Black runs at Kersh with everything he’s got and at the last second BACK ELBOW!! DEADLY BACK ELBOW INTO THE CORNER FROM BLACK!! Next it’s Jack who launches himself toward Kersh and hits A THOUSAND WORDS!! HIGH KNEE IN THE CORNER!! Jack grabs The Enforcer’s head and drives it into his knee. Mike Lane has made his way into the ring in protest of this blatant double team but the referee pushes Lane to his corner. The villains use the moment for another double team. This time it’s a double brain buster on The Enforcer. Black with the cover,ONE…… TWO…… Kersh keeps things alive. The Grim points to Mike Lane and the referee rushes to the Champion’s corner. Black uses the opening to apply a horrific chokehold on Brent Kersh. The official returns to the action and forces Black to break the choke.

Black and Jack are back in the ring together and have Kersh tied up for a DOUBLE SUPLEX…WAIT!! BRENT KERSH REVERSES!! TORNADO DDT ON BOTH ISAIAH BLACK AND RED RIVER JACK!!!! The Enforcer crawls over to his corner and TAGS!! HOT TAG TO MIKE LANE!! The Heavyweight Champion launches himself into the ring, guns a blazing. FLYING ELBOW to Jack!! FLYING ELBOW to The Grim!! Lane ducks a wild punch from Jack before planting him with an atomic drop. Jack falls to the canvas and rolls under the bottom rope. The People’s Choice climbs to the top rope looking for a missile dropkick but, NO!! Isaiah Black hits the ropes and Mike Lane is hung up on the top turnbuckle. Black climbs to the top rope and locks the Heavyweight Champion in. Isaiah Black is going to superplex Lane to death. BUT LANE WON’T BUDGE!! THE CHAMPION IS HOLDING ON WITH ALL HIS MIGHT!! Red River Jack slides under the bottom rope. He approaches the corner- JACK HOOKS THE HIPS OF ISAIAH BLACK… POWERBOMB!! RED RIVER JACK PULLS ISAIAH BLACK AND MIKE LANE TO THE CANVAS WITH A POWERBOMB, SUPLEX COMBINATION!!!! OH MY GOD!!!

Red River Jack staggers forward but is planted with SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT!! The Enforcer hits his finisher on Jack!! But before Brent can think he’s caught in the back of the head with THE GRAND LEVELER!!! Black pulls himself up and lunges for Kersh but walks straight into a SHADOOOOOWWW KICKKKK!!!! MIKE LANE JUST TOOK ISAIAH BLACK’S HEAD OFF!! But Lane is out of it!! All four men are out and on their backs. The OSW fans in attendance show their respect for these performers with a boisterous “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Suddenly though here comes David Mason and Brandon Hate!

Both men have steel chairs in hand and slide straight into the ring. Mike Lane is up first and WALLOP! STEEL CHAIR THE SKULL BY DAVID MANSON! Isaiah Black is up next… wait a minute, that’s RED RIVER JACKS PARTNER! WHAAACCK!! STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL OF ISAIAH BLACK!! The referee calls for the bell! He’s had enough and this one is over! The Awakening just destroyed this amazing Main Event. Everyone looks towards Paloma Ruiz who has the official referee decision.

Paloma Ruiz: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has informed me that due to a DOUBLE DISQUALIFICATION.. this match, is unfortunately.. a DRAW.”

Red River Jack slowly gets to his feet and takes a steel chair from David Manson, telling Hate to position his across the throat of Mike Lane. He walks over to Isaiah Black who’s trying to get back to his feet and starts viciously slamming the steel down on his back.

Shot after shot reign out.

The brutality is almost unmatched, Jack only stopping his vile beating on The Grim when he deems that the former All-Star Champion can’t get back to his feet. Then he walks over to Lane, sitting on the chair that has been turned around and placed over the neck of Mike Lane. Sitting back to front upon it, he rests his forearms on the seat and Brandon Hate casually offers him a microphone.

“Everyone’s talkin’ about you and him, man. They’re all talkin’ about the clash of the titans at Driven. It’s the biggest match in Old School Wrestling to date, ain’t it? Heh, it’s the classic hero versus villain story but low and behold, neither you or these people have seen anything yet.”

The crowd boo relentlessly.

“And yet here you are, the quintessential hero, laid before me in a heap just like I promised the world you would be. Society can label you man, they can call you heroes, or him a villain but none of you have met someone like me.”

Jack doesn’t take his eyes off the unconscious Mike Lane

“Sleep tight whilst you can, man.”

He stands up, kneeling on the chair.

“Sleep tight.”

“YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Suddenly roar the fans out of no-where and HERE COMES CRASH! CRASH slides straight into the ring with a steel chair, CLOCKING MANSON STRAIGHT OVER THE SKULL! Hate runs towards him, meeting a kick to the mid-section and a CHAIRSHOT FOR EQUALLY GOOD MEASURE!!

Crash though doesn’t see Jack stalking behind him. He spins him around, grabs the chair and PLANTS him with a Headbutt.


Red River Jack plants him! The fans hate it, they hate him, they hate everything they’ve seen here tonight. Jack gets back to his feet and closes his eyes, head pointing towards the ceiling with his arms spread as Afterburn goes off the air.