It’s been a whole week and no-one has heard sight or sound of Charlie Thompson.

So when Afterburn opens and we see Fate walking down the corridor with a purpose, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he’s going. Except much like us, if you expected him to stop at the locker room of Marcus X, you’d be mistaken.

“Hey, I’m looking for Kersh, have you seen him?” Fate asks of a backstage worker who points in the direction of Kersh’ locker room. He turns off to the left and arrives at the door he was directed, knocking.


Fate shrugs his shoulders, turns the handle and swans into the locker room like he had bought and paid for it – yet as expected, Brent Kersh isn’t there. Mr. Inevitable is about to turn and leave when something catches his eye. He wanders over to a locker in the corner, the white fabric end of a jacket sticking out of the locker ever so slightly. Fate opens it..

Then very quickly wishes he hadn’t. The fans inside the arena ‘OOOHHHHH’ as Fate pulls out a Ku Klux Klan jacket, holding the very fabric in his hand. His face contorts into anger, frustration, rage… but he calms himself, places the jacket back in the locker and takes a deep breath.

It was Brent Kersh all along.

Oh boy, there’s going to be hell to pay tonight.

The bell rings as Abel rushes forward, ducking underneath a right hand before grabbing hold of Nigel’s leg, and slamming him down to the mat. Abel lands a few hard right hands to the head of Royal, locking in a headlock as he grinds Royal down into the canvas. Abel starts to position Royal for a guillotine choke but Royal quickly scrambles away, grabbing onto the ropes before Abel can get the hold locked in properly. Both men slowly stand up, another Royal right dodged by Abel as he ducks behind, grabbing Nigel by the waist and lifts him up with a huge German Suplex, bridging back for the pinfall

ONE…TWO…Royal gets a shoulder up, as Abel gets up, still holding onto Royal as he delivers a second German Suplex. Abel pulls Royal up to his feet, trying for the Hat Trick but Royal blocks the third German, landing a hard elbow to the side of the head that staggers Abel . Nigel quickly takes advantage, rushing forward with a big spinning heel kick that takes Abel off his feet. The Hardcore Champ pulls Abel to his feet, kicking him hard in the gut before dropping him to the mat with a hard ddt, hooking the leg upon impact.

ONE…TWO…Abel gets a shoulder up, as Royal pulls him to his feet, grabbing him by the waist and delivering a big belly to back suplex. Royal picks him up again as he delivers a second, and a third as Abel is picked up again, ROYAL FLU…RED WATER RISING!The wrestling machine broke the lock and delivered a big suplex of his own as Abel calls for the end. Pulling the groggy Royal to his feet, as he powers him across the ring, throwing him into the air as he rebounds, POP UP…DUNGEONS OF LONDON! Royal locks in that crossface out of nowhere and Abel is stuck in the middle of the ring. He tries to fight it but eventually is forced to tap out. The Hardcore Champion getting a big victory out of nowhere, spoiling the kind of debut the Wrestling Machine may have wanted

The locker room of Brent Kersh to us, Fate and the entire live audience has become the scene of the crime. Except Brent Kersh is quite literally none the wiser. Wherever he was when he left the room, he’s come back to find everything as it was.

So when Marcus X, Vespertine and Fate storm into the room without so much as a knock, he looks utterly stunned.

“Where the fuck is she?” Fate demands, grabbing Kersh and slamming him backwards into the lockers.

Vespertine tries to pull him back and is quickly helped by Kersh who pushes Fate away.

“What’s the-“ he says, composing himself. Brent frowns in confusion. “What the hell is going on?”

“It was you all along, you son of a bitch! You ended The Black Widow’s career! You kidnapped Charlie Thompson! YOU!” Marcus yells at him. Brent’s eyes widen and his jaw drops, to which is quickly followed by him begging off.

“Look, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m not responsible for any of that. Why would I be?” he questions realistically, watching as Fate storms over to his locker and opens the door to find that the jack is gone. “What are you doing? Get out of there!”

“This is where it was, this is where I found it,” Fate suggests to his band of not-so-merry lynchers. “How convenient is it that when I come back with the people you’ve wronged, you get rid of the evidence.”

“Where’s Atticus?” Vespertine chimes in. “Where is he?”

Brent has by now had more than enough.

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I don’t know what the hell you people think I’ve done or who the hell you people think I am but you’re wrong. I didn’t do anything to The Black Widow, I didn’t kidnap Charlie Thompson and I’m not responsible for whatever has happened to Atticus Kyll. YOU should know me – everyone in this company, in this arena, should know me. Fate, I’m telling you man to man, eye to eye, I didn’t do what you think I did. I’ll prove it to you. Tonight looks like the perfect opportunity for a KKK attack, doesn’t it? Well if I was one of THEM, I wouldn’t offer to have your back.”

Fate looks at him in disgust.

“I don’t need you Kersh… but you’re right. Tonight stinks like a setup and what better way to either prove you are involved or failing that, keep you close?” Fate says taking a second glance at Vespertine and Marcus X.

All four of them share a look as Fate leads them out of the locker room. Brent truly can’t believe it but from where we stand, from our position, anything is possible.

The bell ring and the two competitors immediately hook up. But again, as like before, Marcus being the heavier of the two, starts to push her back into the corner post. Vespertine puts her hands up and the referee breaks the two up. Marcus backs off and as soon as the referee gets out of the way, Vespertine charges and does a step up enzigurai catching Marcus on the side of the head. He goes down and Vespertine quickly covers but at 1, Marcus kicks out. She grabs his arm and tries to whip him towards the opposite ropes but he reverses it and he runs to the opposite ropes and when he rebounds he attempts a running clothesline but she ducks under it, she stops and turns around and when he rebounds she executes a perfect jumping spinning heel kick but he catches her leg and throws her to the ground. He immediately goes for the cover.

At 1 and a half, she kicks out. He quickly gets up and picks her up and gets her into position for a belly to belly suplex. He looks around and smirks at the position and then executes the suplex but she manages to follow it through and roll out of it and out of the ring. She stands there looking at him with hands on her hips while he smirks at her from inside the ring. He gives her a wink and then does the hand motion of “Bring It!” This causes her to smile and she rolls into the ring. He goes forward, grabs her by the hair and then whips her towards the ring post. She hits hard and he tries to follow up with a clothesline but she ducks under it and rolls out of the way. He turns around, right into another step up enzigurai. He goes down and she quickly covers him. At 2, he kicks out. She gets on her knees and blows a stand of hair from her face and looks around.

She waits for him on the opposite side of the ring so she can attempt her finisher. When he is finally up and staggering around, she charges but he catches her and sets her up.. The Blackout. He finally executes it and covers her for the pin. A three count later, he wins the match.


The footage is grainy and in black and white, just like you’d suspect. We must be watching from some sort of control room because the camera zooms in, revealing Destiny and Errol Flint. She’s sat next to him on the sofa, crying, visibly upset – even though we can’t hear the words.

Just then our camera pans out and we see Desmond Cross sat there, controlling the footage. He somehow has a way to look in on Mike Lane and his family, which isn’t right by any stretch of the imagination.

“For you will not delight in sacrifice, or I would give it; you will not be pleased with a burnt offering. The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.”

Desmond zooms in once more as she breaks down in the embrace of her father. Guards rush the room but Errol waves them away.

“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. And through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross. And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his death, in order to present you holy and blameless and above reproach before him.”

He continues watching as the cameraman carefully backs away, only to turn around and see Reichous Marx stood in the door way, watching.

“There’s always someone watching the watcher,” Marx whispers to the camera. “I have the spirit God’s watching me and it is I, not Jesus Christ, who watches Desmond Cross. Desmond, fear the imminent, fear the luminary – because it will be soon.”

Reichous backs away further to which the camera follows.

“Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut.

The bell rings as Roll rushes forward, taking the Enforcer by surprise with a series of right hands, before Roll rushes to the ropes and bounces off right into a big right hand from Kersh. Roll gets to his feet groggy right into a kick to the gut as Kersh lifts him up high, holding him in the air for several seconds before slamming him down to the mat with a big Suplex. The Enforcer backs up a few feet, running up and delivering a big knee drop to Roll’s face before hooking the leg for the cover.

ONE…TW Roll gets a shoulder up and slowly gets to his feet as he gets taken down by a big clothesline from Kersh. Kersh pulls Roll up from the canvas but gets a thumb to his eye as Roll grabs Kersh from behind, delivering a big neckbreaker. Kersh lands hard on the mat as Roll backs up, before leaping up and landing a big Afrobutt. Roll moonwalks away as he signals for the Big Whirly, Kersh getting to his feet behind him, and as Roll turns around, he gets met with a kick to the gut before being driven into the canvas with a huge Enforcer DDT.

Kersh signals for the end as Sergeant Bananas leaps onto the right turnbuckle. Kersh turns around right as the monkey leaps off at him, Kersh just moving in time as Bananas lands on Roll, the Disco King yelling out in pain as his monkey scratches him. Roll throws Bananas away, stumbling half blind right into a big Spinebuster. Kersh quickly pulls Roll up to his feet, throwing him over his shoulder and delivering a huge Southern Discomfort. Roll is out cold as Kersh hooks the leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The crowd impatiently murmur amongst themselves as they restlessly await the next match.

Only the next match is going to be delayed. The coughing voice of Red River Jack makes damn sure of that.

“Wakey wakey, man,” the voice of The Cultivator echo’s throughout the arena and is quickly drowned out by boo’s. Red is soon before us, pushing Zane in a wheelchair onto the stage. He’s obviously bound and gagged, his head covered by a hood so that we can’t see his likely distorted and damaged face. “Rise and shine oblivious, rise and shine.”

The fans let him have it after last week’s performance and you can’t blame them at all. He pushes Zane to the edge of the stage and waits there for a moment.

“For weeks I’ve been inundated with pleas, man. If people only cared this much about their own sanity and freedom, my task would be so much easier. The leader of these cries for help, is none other than your hero Crash. He’s desperate, man. He’s desperate to see Zander returned to him, a heroes hero, it’s cute ain’t it?” Jack asks peering over Zane’s hooded struggling carcass to the concrete floor of the stage below. “But you see, for every rise… there’s a fall.”

He backs up and pulls the wheelchair with him.. he’s going to… oh no…..

“STOP!” yells the pleading voice of Crash who runs out onto the stage in street clothes, his hand raised emphatically. “Please, don’t do this. We’ve had our difference’s Jack and at Driven, one of us is going to get exactly what we want; but this doesn’t have to happen. He’s innocent, he was just a tool that you used to get to Crash and if you wanted the General Lee of 1-2-3’s attention then you’ve got it.”

Red looks at him and then back at Zane with a grin.

“You’re startin’ to come around, huh?” Jack asks Crash. “You’re startin’ to see the bigger picture, ain’t ya man? It’s just a shame that it ain’t enough.”



Crash runs towards the stage edge and quite literally dives off into the rubble below with no qualms about his own safety. Zander is folded over, still strapped into the chair as Red River Jack slinks away and exits the stage. Crash turns him over and takes off his hood..

“It’s not him! It’s not him,” Crash says frantically as EMT’s rush into the picture and start checking over the unconscious man.



The Daredevil paces away from the scene, angry, frustrated, enraged that he was just put through emotional trauma by his Driven opponent. Red River Jack is a sadistic son of a bitch, that’s a fact.

This much anticipated match begins with Matthew Cories and Dead To Rights circling the ring. DTR is distracted by a comment from Cussen on the outside and with his attention diverted Cories comes in for the kill. “The Fresh Prince of Wrestling” lands a running high knee to the upper back of DTR which sends him hard into the turnbuckle. Dead To Rights is in no man’s land and Cories begins to unload on him with a series of rights and lefts. There’s a knee to the midsection and a FOREARM to the jaw. Cories reaches back and SCARECROW grabs his arm.

Scarecrow grabbed the arm of Cories essentially tagging himself in and “The Hayman” wastes no time in climbing into the ring. Choke slam coming up? No?! Scarecrow just tossed Dead To Rights back into his own corner and now he just stands there in that patented perched position. It looks like he’s taunting Mother! It’s as if Scarecrow is calling Mother into the ring AND SHE WILL OBLIGE! No tag has been made, but Mother hurries to the center of the ring and now her and Scarecrow begin to exchange rights and lefts. It’s a flurry of fists as the two brawl around the ring.

Mother is not the legal competitor AND NOW NEITHER IS SCARECROW! Jensen Cussen sees an opportunity and tags himself into the match. Dead To Rights is still slumped in the corner AND HERE COMES CUSSEN! NO! The Hangman makes a tag first and steps into the ring just in time. And now The Hangman and Cussen are going at it. Dead To Rights and Cories trying to get it together as “The Head Hunter” battles “The Mastermind” and Mother and Scarecrow try to tear each other apart! This match has lost all control!!Irish whip now by The Hangman and CUSSEN AND DTR COLLIDE! Neither man falling, but both staggering against the ropes. The Hangman turns and “THE CHUMBAWAMBA”! Cories snuck up on The Hangman with that one and Cussen falls onto him for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE!

The bell sounds and you had better believe that this is far from over. Within minutes, everyone appears to be back at their feet – in realization of how it all ended and brawling in the middle of the ring. DTR clotheslines Jensen Cussen to the outside, both men slugging it out until Cussen throws Dave over the barricade and into the crowd.

This has erupted because now, in the ring, The Hangman has Cories wrapped up in a noose and is about to throw him over the top rope and hang him . He dumps him onto the ring apron, kicks his legs out from behind and STARTS HANGING MATTHEW! He said he’d find a way to break this spell but I don’t think Cories wants it to be like this – not a chance in hell.

And if that wasn’t enough, Mother’s remaining children have barricaded The Scarecrow in the corner. They’re scratching at him, clawing at him, dragging him to the canvas with their unusual might as Mother looms over him, intent on seeing his actual destruction.

Then the lights go out.

The murmurs of the crowd are soon followed by the return of the lights and Scarecrow – he’s gone. Mother screams – howls almost, roaring thunderously in the middle of the ring as she realizes her nemesis has escaped.

Yet on the outside, Matthew Cories is no longer in a noose. He’s standing on the floor below, looking up at The Hangman, mouthing that “There’s no way to defeat The Green Ranger!”


DTR looks at him, smirking as we finally leave this chaos and head to a commercial.

Holy crap.

Red River Jack and Reichous Marx stare each other down from opposite corners of the ring as the bell rings and the match begins. Jack rushes with a clothesline but misses when Marx sidesteps. The Luminary Sage sweeps Jack up and slams him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Marx hooks the leg for an early cover but only gets a one count. Marx applies a full nelson on his seated opponent before Jack makes his way to his feet. Jack finds his bearings before rushing backwards into the corner, smashing Marx into the turnbuckle in the process breaking the hold.

Jack spins around and lands a few stiff right hands on Reichous Marx. Irish whip sends Marx into the ropes. RRJ goes for a Spartan Kick but Marx evades it and nails a WICKED SUPERKICK!!! Marx for the cover 1….. 2…… JACK KICKS OUT!! Marx goes to grab Jack but is rolled into a SMALL PACKAGE!! 1…… 2…… MARX KICKS OUT!! Both men race to their feet and collide!! DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!! Marx and RRJ had the same idea and just laid each other out on the canvas.

Both competitors make it to their feet before the referee’s 10 count and begin to exchange right hands and chops. Finally Marx gets the upper hand and backs Jack into a corner, lifts him onto the turnbuckle and climbs onto the middle rope. SKULL AND BONES!! FLYING GERMAN SUPLEX!!! WHAT AN IMPACT!! Marx with the cover 1…… 2…… RRJ KICKS OUT!! The Luminary Sage lifts Jack and goes for a Russian leg sweep but Jack reverses and nails a wicked reverse NECK BREAKER on Marx!! But Jack doesn’t go for the cover. Instead he locks in the KOJI CLUTCH!! Marx can barely breath and reaches for the ropes with all his might!! Reichous Marx is in serious pain and he’s going nowhere!! He reaches and reaches but it’s just too much. HE TAPS!! REICHOUS MARX TAPS!! RED RIVER JACK WINS WITH THE KOJI CLUTCH!!

The scene opens to the backstage area of the Wrestleplex and we find Fred Sanders standing in front of an OSW backdrop.

“I’m standing here with one of OSW’s newest signings – the monstrous ‘Sadistic Insanity’ Damian Payne,” Fred too cheerfully says as Payne just kind of glares down at him and then turns his attention to the camera. “Damian, I—,” Payne’s head snaps round to glare at Fred once again. “Um – Mr. Payne? I just wondered whether you could tell us what bought you to OSW and what you hope to achieve whilst you’re here?”

Payne continues to look down at Fred and then takes the microphone from him.

“They pay you to ask stupid questions like that? Well – you just stand there and look like an idiot and I’ll tell everyone what I am doing here. I’ve come to OSW for a challenge. I’ve heard some good things about this place so I thought I’d come here and check it out. I had a look at the match list for tonight and I’m intrigued by some of the names on there. This place has a King, a Hangman, someone called Mother and a frickin’ Scarecrow on the payroll.”

Suddenly a voice interrupts him, which given the size of Payne – is a stupid idea to say the least. The voice in question? Will Abel.

“And me, don’t forget about me. I’m Will Abel, ‘The Wrestling Machine’. Unlike you big boys who rely on what, let me guess, ‘power’? I’m a Natural Born Thriller, an athlete, a fighter, an American Olympic Gold Medallist-”

Payne laughs to himself.

“It’s funny because I was going to talk about why I’m here and you’re the perfect example of it. Right now – I’m not here for championships believe it or not. I’m actually here to take names, take reputations and establish my dominance over the rest of the people on the roster. So how about I start that with you?”

Damian suddenly lunges as Abel, slapping two bear like hands on his throat and slamming him into the wall behind them. Will doesn’t even have a chance to fight back, struggling as Damian throws him to the floor like garbage.

“Driven, me and you.. your reputation on the line, kid. I’m going to start how I mean to go on and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Not even in your nightmares.”

Sadistic Insanity backs away, leaving Will Abel to try and get back to his feet, looking enraged.

The bell ring and the two competitors stare at each other for a few seconds, Konstantine with a sneer on his face and Pickpocket with…well… the same thing. This gets Konstantine enraged and he charges Pickpocket who sidesteps. Konstantine rebounds off the ropes but Pickpocket is already executing a shoulder block which Konstantine sees and tries to sidestep but it’s a little too late and Pickpocket swipes by him, staggering Konstantine but it’s not enough to knock him down. Pickpocket lands hard but is up quickly enough that when Konstantine turns around, they are staring each other down. The two men hook up and for a few minutes there are kicks, punches, counters, reversals and takedowns but nobody seems to be getting the upper hand. Finally Pickpocket ducks under and wrenches Konstantine’s arm up and then pushes him forward. When Konstantine turns around, Pickpocket charges and executes a step up enzigurai. Konstantine goes down hard. Pickpocket looks around, looks at the door of the cage, looks at the wall of the cage, looks at Konstantine. He shrugs and then goes over to Konstantine and picks him up.

Pickpocket irish whips him towards the ropes and on the rebound tries to clothesline him but Konstantine ducks and when Pickpocket comes back, Konstantine goes for and nails a spinning lariat. Konstantine covers Pickpocket but seeing as this is a cage match no 3 count by the referee is forthcoming. When he realizes this, he gets up and goes over to the cage door and demands that it be open. The referee tries to do so but somehow the lock gets stuck and Konstantine starts yelling at the referee to go faster. By the time he does the door open, Pickpocket is up and just before Konstantine goes through the ropes, Pickpocket catches him on the shoulder spins him around, punches him in the temple and then whips him to the far ring post. Konstantine hits the ring post chest first and staggers back holding his chest, right into the waiting arms of the Pickpocket who nails a German suplex. Pickpocket is up first and goes for the corner post and then tries to scale the cage. No dice as Konstantine is fast but wobbily up and pulls Pickpocket back in and starts wailing away on his head.

Konstantine then catches Pickpocket and gets a belly to belly suplex. Konstantine is up and looks around. He figures the cage door but then goes for the side of the cage but before he can go that way, Pickpocket grabs his leg and hangs on. Konstantine tries to shake him off with no effect. He then starts yelling at Pickpocket to let him go. The camera picks up a few lines and we hear: “Let go of me peasant. You are not fit to win this match.” and “Let go of your king.” Konstantine kicks him off and starts to climb the cage. But suddenly Pickpocket is up and is right next to Konstantine and both men start sharing right hand punches with each other. Just then, Buford appears on the other side of the cage! The Monkey climbs to the very top – crown on head andLEAPS ONTO THE THROAT OF KING KONSTANTINE!! Konstantine flies off the cage and PICKPOCKET IS GOING TO WIN IT! He climbs.. but the cage door opens.. and NIGEL ROYAL! ROYAL PULLS HIM DOWN GROIN FIRST ONTO THE ROPES. He KICKS BUFORD STRAIGHT IN THE ASS and PULLS KONSTANTINE TO HIS FEET! The King climbs… and climbs.. and WINS! KING KONSTANTINE RETAINS HIS ALL STAR CHAMPIONSHIP!

Konstantine drops to the floor but angrily storms around the cage, telling Nigel that he wants his crown back. They both enter and Nigel smartly locks the cage behind them. Pickpocket gets straight back to his feet and protects Buford, pushing his monkey back towards the ropes and telling him to hide.

“Give The King back his crown and all will be forgiven,” Konstantine demands, holding his hand out. “Or else you will suffer the wrath of my Royal Guard.”

Pickpocket looks back towards the crown on Buford’s head and removes it. He goes to hand it over and RIGHT HAND!! THE THIEF WITH A RIGHT HAND! The fans roar as Konstantine stumbles backwards – only Nigel Royal is there in an instant to nail him with a kick to the gut.


Nigel drops Pickpocket down into the DUNGEONS OF LONDON and squeezes the Crossface for all its worth. Pickpocket suffers in agony, looking hopeful that his Tag Team Partner may come to his aid – but he doesn’t.

There’s no Thomas Roll in sight.

What the hell is going on? Nigel finally releases the hold and gets back to his feet, both he and The King raising their arms in celebration as the fans boo them like crazy. Poor Buford lays there, not moving, Pickpocket doing likewise.

Konstantine picks up his crown and puts it back on his head, smugly looking at the booing crowd, pleased with what he’s achieved here tonight.

The respect can be saw between the two competitors and the referee gets this one under way. Our world champion instantly goes after the pioneer of kicking your rear and hits him with a snap suplex. Both straight back and this time its Crash who hit’s the people’s choice with a tilt-a-whirl hurricanrana again both men are straight up. Back and forth and Lane’s turn now a single arm DDT seems to have Crash floored but when the World champion goes to keep the pressure up he’s taken to the mat with a drop toe hold.

The fans sound off their appreciation and both men take it in. It seems this one could go on forever. EVENTUALLY it seems like someone has taken the upper hand when Mike Lane looks to stretch out Crash’s body with an abdominal stretch from behind butREVERSAL. Before it was locked in properly Crash the former stunt man literally back flipped over Mike Lane, Liu-Kang style and hes grabbing onto the top of the World champion’s head and one handed bulldog is in full flow, before Lane’s cranium smacks off the ring mat he has put his hands out and blocked the impact.

Back in an upright position Crash and Mike Lane both share a smile across the ring. Seems we are in the midst of a wrestling Master Class here. Mike Lane charges at Daredevil but he dodges it by using the ring post as steps and LEAPS over the world champions head. Seeing this is his chance and in a strong position by being behind Mike Lane Crash tries to lock in an atomic drop but its REVERSED. HE LEAPS INTO THE AIR….. THUD… SHADOW KICK! The fans sound of there appreciation and the champion makes the cover. ONE TWO THREE. Great showing by both men tonight.

After that gruelling match, Mike gets back to his feet and asks for a microphone.

“You know sometimes, it feels like I’m getting it from all angles. Now I’m not out here for the people’s sympathy, I’m just stating the facts. My girlfriend was kidnapped by the crazed Desmond Cross, who shows no signs of leaving us alone. Isaiah Black wants my Championship at Driven and Red River Jack, that psycho son of a bitch will do anything to end the people’s choice.”

The fans boo.

“But one problem at a time, eh? Isaiah, I know you’re due out here for your match, so why won’t you join me?”

The houselights all but die as a slow, pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down.” Sporadic strobe bursts pierce the darkness in-time with the track’s loose guitar harmonics and soon Isaiah Black staggers from the backstage area, peering disdainfully from beneath his hood.

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare and starts his way down the ramp with his head bowed, cracking his knuckles as he goes. Eventually he reaches the ring and rolls beneath the bottom rope, before hopping to his feet. He pulls the hood back and casts a wide, demented gaze across the arena, retrieving a microphone.

“If you listen to them, it’s like they want us to fight now, isn’t it?” Lane asks looking around the crowd that cheer him. “And you know what? I could oblige. I could. Except the truth is, you have the same issues, if not worse.”

Isaiah looks at him in confusion.

“You have The Ku Klux Klan demanding your blood. You have Red River Jack breathing down your neck in case you win this and more importantly, you have me, because as much as you want to win my Championship, I want to defend it. Given all that, I can wait to fight you. In fact, I want to help you.”

“Whoa, whoa whoa,” Isaiah says with a chuckle. “Those are some grade A mind games, champ. What am I supposed to say, eh? Am I supposed to thank you, or tell you that I don’t want your help? You know that I don’t want or need any help from you. You’re out here for one purpose and one purpose only; you’re out here to get inside my head. Well let me tell you… nice try.”

Both men move closer to one another, each with a smile, each chuckling to themselves. Mike backs away, hands up, admitting defeat.

“Mea culpa, you got me,” he jokes. “You got me. I suppose I just can’t help but live life in the fast lane. Can you? Goodluck in your match tonight, Black.”

Mike throws the microphone down and flashes him a cheesy wink, exiting the ring to cheers as Black looks on with a wry smile. In what can only be described as an interesting and unique – or confusing confrontation, we head to the Main Event.

Isaiah Black is out first followed by Fate who enters with……… NOBODY?? Where is…… Brent Kersh vowed to have Fate’s back tonight…… but is nowhere to be found. Looks like Fate is going it alone. The Ambulance is in place, the bell rings and we have a main event. This one begins with a good ol’ fashioned SPEAR!! Fate takes Black to the mat HARD with that nasty take down and begins raining down with rights and lefts. Somehow the Grim manages to get his hands up before flipping Mr. Inevitable onto his back. Black with rights and lefts of his own before locking in a choke hold that the referee can do nothing about in this Ambulance match. Isaiah pulls Fate up a bit with the choke before releasing the hold and nailing… OH MY GOD… GRAND LEVELER!!! JESUS CHRIST ISAIAH BLACK JUST HIT FATE WITH THE GRAND LEVELER!!!

The Grim hastily rolls Fate under the bottom rope as the OSW fans look on in shock. This one’s over already, folks. Isaiah Black lifts Fate into a fireman’s carry and heads toward the Ambulance…… but Fate is coming to… Fate starts nailing Black withELBOWS to the head!! One…two…three elbows gets Fate down to his feet and these two are on the unforgiving concrete. Isaiah staggers back, clutching his head as Fate charges… SPEAR THROUGH THE FUCKING BARRICADE!!! FATE JUST SPEARED ISAIAH BLACK THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!!!

“Holy Shit!!” fills the Schoolyard as officials check on Black and Fate- the former clutching the back of his head and the latter clutching his ribs. Fate gets to his feet first and he pulls Black to meet him. Clothesline by Fate sends Isaiah Black over part of the barricade that’s still in tact. Mr. Inevitable climbs over and drags Black to his feet again. Irish whip sends The Grim into the side of the Ambulance with a CRACK!!! Black drops to his knees in agony. Fate approaches but Black hits a LOW BLOW out of nowhere! Fate falls to his back clutching, well, clutching the goods. Isaiah Black has found an opening and pulls himself together before dragging Fate to the front of the Ambulance.

Fate attempts a come back but Walking Death slams Fate’s face into the hood of the Ambulance. Black lifts Fate onto the hood, hops up himself and then pulls Mr. Inevitable on top of the emergency vehicle. There’s not an ass in a seat in the school yard when Isaiah Black signals for the end. Black hooks the arm, he lifts…… TERMINATION!!!!! BRAINBUSTER ON TOP OF THE GOD DAMNED AMBULANCE!!!!!!! There is absolute chaos in the stands of the school yard!! Fate is out cold as Black struggles to catch his breath. The Grim makes it to his feet and begins to drag Fate back to the hood of the Ambulance, slapping Fate in the back of the head in a blatant display of mockery along the way. Isaiah Black makes it to the hood, turns to grab Fate but out of nowhereADVERSITY!!!!! CODEBREAKER!! ISAIAH BLACK FLYS OFF THE AMBULANCE AND FATE SLAMS BACK FIRST ON THE WINDSHIELD OF THE AMBULANCE!!!

Officials immediately rush to check on Fate who lays motionless on the cracked windshield, blood trickling along the shattered glass. Somehow Fate manages to roll himself off the windshield, denying medical attention. Mr. Inevitable moves to the back of the Ambulance and opens the doors. He moves around to Black… but he isn’t there. Fate turns around into a BIG BOOT from Isaiah Black!! But Fate responds with a BIG BOOT OF HIS OWN!! Black staggers away and Fate follows. Both men at the open door of the Ambulance now. Fate goes for a lariat… Isaiah Black ducks and hooks the shoulders for a Russian Leg Sweep… Fate wriggles out and shoves Black away… Fate goes for another boot but Black ducks and LEAPS at a standing Fate… GRAND LEVELER!!! SECOND GRAND LEVELER TONIGHT!!!!! Fate collapses!! The Grim opens the doors of the ambulance without looking. He grabs Fate and throws him straight inside. One door closed… and the second!! This one is over!! Isaiah Black has survived the Ambulance match.

Isaiah steps away from the ambulance in utter agony, the bell sounding to make this one official. Suddenly though, the doors of the ambulance SLAM OPEN!


They dive straight out of the ambulance and onto Isaiah Black, nailing him from behind. He had no idea that they must of been lying in wait all night. Fate lays unconscious in the back as two hooded men kick the holy crap out of Black – who try as he may, can’t fight back.

Just then Marcus X, Vespertine and MIKE LANE of all people come running out from the back. NO BRENT KERSH. NOTHING. NOT EVEN A SIGHTING. No-one can quite believe it. Both men of the Ku Klux Klan run towards the ambulance and hop the barricade nearby, heading towards the exit with Marcus X and Vespertine in tow.

Lane extends a hand to Black – a matter of respect if nothing else.

And he declines, getting back to his feet of his own volition – a defiant fuck you to the man he faces at Driven.

Both men stare each other down and WHAAAACK!! Big knee to the stomach by Isaiah Black! What the fuck is he doing? He doubles Lane over and grabs him by the hair, running him head first into one of the open ambulance doors. The fan’s can’t believe it! None of us can. He drags him around the ambulance to the front where Fate’s blood still stains the windscreen, bouncing him head first off the hood.

Oh come on Isaiah, enough is enough. He pushes him up onto the hood and follows, looking for a repeat of what he did to Fate earlier. They make their way onto the ambulance top and Isaiah Black is kneeing him violently, mercilessly in the stomach, ravaging poor Mike with brutal blows to the gut. Black hooks him in…


Afterburn goes off the air with the grinning face of Isaiah Black – delighted that he made an example of a man that came to his rescue tonight. Mike Lane lays a broken mess on the floor beside the ambulance, a huge topple having left him in a heap below Isaiah. This man could be our next World Champion. God forbid, death could come to us all at Driven.

Fade to black.

Fade to Isaiah Black.