As has become a staple in Old School Wrestling at the moment, the show opens coldly in the parking lot. Stood in front of a ten man team of security operatives is Jackson Slade, accompanied by a watchful Jake Jeckel.

The crowd boo upon seeing The Juggalo.

Only the camera then pans out to see Reichous Marx.

That perks their spirits, the fans starting to get behind The Luminary Sage.

And then? The arena damn near blows it’s top because stood alongside these two unlikely men is Brent Kersh.

“Tonight, you gentlemen have an extremely important mandate. Solomon and Azrael have somehow made it into the arena every single week and we’ve had enough. Your job is to ensure that anyone who’s not on the list, remains outside.”

Jackson brandishes his list, waving it around.

“Each of you have a copy of this list. I want checks in decuple, do you understand me?” he finishes, turning his attention to Jake Jeckel. “Are you satisfied? Neither Solomon or Azrael are getting in here tonight.”

Jake though isn’t listening. His attention has quickly turned to across the parking lot where Gabriel Cain now stands, bags in hand.

There’s no stopping the Juggalo who storms over there swinging with right hands. His first knocks Cain back, who quickly attempts to strike, only security burst between them, splitting them up.

Slade storms over furiously.

“ENOUGH!” he yells, watching as the security team manage to get between them. “STOP IT! You too are giving me hell, do you know that? I’m not letting either of you ruin this for me. OSW is a new start and we’re putting this old feud to bed at Block Party. If I have to keep you two in the ring to do it, I will. If you’re worried about Light and Dark, or Gabriel’s connection to them, don’t be; because your match at Block Party will be a Lumberjack Match and I’ll be choosing ten of the best to keep you there.”

With that said, Jackson storms off, leaving Jake Jeckel and Gabriel Cain to stare each other down whilst released by security.

Schmitz will go first for his team, and Marvolo is the legal man for his. Schmitz walks to the center of the ring holding his hands up for a old-fashioned pea-knuckles. Marvolo walks up and interlaces fingers. Immediately, Schmitz cranks down on on Marvolo’s hands, dropping the “hero” to his knees. He’s screaming in pain! Schmitz easily has control and kicks Marvolo to the gut. Marvolo drops to his stomach, but quickly rolls to the corner, tagging Jondo on the thigh. Jondo looks confused. Marvolo stands up, and yells at Jondo:

“That means it’s your turn!”

Jondo leaps over the top rope and runs at Schmitz delivering a huge CLOTHESLINE! Jondo keeps running all the way up the turnbuckles and WHISPER IN THE WIND to the standing to recover Schmitz! Covers!




Rico breaks it up with a double axehandle to Jondo’s back. The ref pushes Rico back to the apron. Jondo pulls Schmitz up to his knees, but Marvolo screams for a tag. Jondo pulls Schmitz by the hair to his corner and tags in Marvolo. Marvelous is in and BACKBREAKER!

“Backbreaker to the FACE!” he screams. Covers



Th….Kick out!

Schmitz powers his way up and both men are standing. They trades punches. Schmitz get the upper hand, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX. Schmitz stands and yells to the crowd “HIP HIP!” He tags in Rico. Both men start to stomp on Marvolo in the center of the ring. The ref gives a count, and Jondo enters the ring to break it up. The ref backs Jondo up, and while his back is to Rico, JUMPING ELBOW DROP to Marvolo’s junk! Covers




Kick out!

Rico pulls Marvolo up and whips him to the ropes. Marvolo grabs the ropes to stop, then runs to tag Jondo. Jondo is in, and Marvolo rolls out of the ring. He is walking up the ramp!

“Nope, I’m done! I don’t have to take this!”

He’s gone!

Jondo looks after Marvolo, shocked he was abandoned, when LOW BLOW! Rico drops Schmitz and puts him in the SMALL PACKAGE! Jondo is about to tap! He reaches for the bottom rope…………………….and gets it!

Rico pulls Jondo up, and out of nowhere Jondo hits TWIST OF FATE! Rico is down! Jondo runs to the top turnbuckle, kicks Schmitz in the face, and SWANTON BOMB! cover




Jondo has done it all by himself! He raises a confused hand in celebration, looking back to Marvolo who appears to be celebrating on the entrance ramp as if he was responsible.

The Awakening loiter backstage in the locker room area when Mike Lane’s cell phone rings. Instantly, everyone turns their eyes to the newest member, curious as to why the hell he has one of those.

Unbeknownst to Mike, he checks it, realizing it to be an unknown number and answers.

“Hello?” he asks only to realize that all eyes are on him. “Wait, from where? Is it Destiny? Is it a collect call from Destiny?”

The frantic nature in which he responds leads Jack into frame. Red places one hand on his shoulder and shakes his head slowly.

“Hang up, man.”

Mike’s eyes open wide; this is the love of his life calling. It’s a collect call from prison, and likely her only way of contact. Red though is unwavering in his demand and continues shaking his head until Lane reluctantly hangs up, to the dismay of the crowd.

“That’s it man, that’s it. Destiny is a distraction that we don’t need tonight,” Jack says calmly, taking a seat next to the utterly dismayed Mike Lane. “I told you that I’d open your eyes to the real world, to the truth around you. You joined me to save her but when I’m done, you’ll realize that I.. that I saved you, man.”

Lane lowers his head in shame.

“If this is what the real world feels like, I don’t want to wake up.” he admits.

Red, David and Brandon chuckle at that, having all been exactly there before. Is the indoctrination of Mike Lane working?

Axel and Willie are facing each other in the middle of the ring. Axel turns to the camera and says,

“Now, remember, kids, always play fair, and…..”

Willie hits the Shark with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE from behind, mid-sentence! Axel drops, and Manson stomps Axel to the head and shoulders repeatedly. The ref counts to four before Willie stops stomping. Willie pulls Axel up, and Axel shoves Willie away.

He shakes his head to focus. They circle, and then lock up. Axel gains control by putting his opponent into a HAMMERLOCK. Willie doesn’t give up so….GERMAN SUPLEX! Axel covers.




Manson kicks out. Axel backs off, and he is allowing Manson to get up! Manson takes advantage and charges Axel. SPEAR! Axel is down, but Manson doesn’t cover. He pulls Axel up and FULL NELSON. Axel is screaming in pain! The ref asks if he wants to continue. He does. Axel lifts both feet and drops to his butt, driving Willie’s jaw into the top of the Shark’s head!

Both men are down! The ref begins a ten count. 1………2………3………4………Axel begins to get up, using the ropes to climb…..5……..6……Axel is up; Willie is stirring ……7…….8….. Willie is up, too! Axel allowed him up again! They trading punches. Manson kicks Axel in the stomach and DDT! Axel looks out cold! Cover



Axel kicks out. Willie pulls him up and whips Axel into the ropes. He returns to a T-BONE SUPLEX! Manson covers quickly, hooking both legs.




No! He just gets the shoulder up! Willie’s frustrated. He pulls Axel up again and HEADLOCK! Axel struggles but elbows Manson to the solar-plexus. Axel escapes, runs, bounces of the ropes and LEG LARIAT! Axel rolls him up!




Kick out. Both men are tired. They climb to their feet at the same time. Willie moves first, reaching out to CHOKE Axel,

Axel the Shark Win Option

but the Shark drops to his knees, slides behind Manson, and SHARK BITE! Axel is biting Manson’s backside! The ref pulls Axel off, but Manson is hurt and drops to one knee. Axel seizes the opportunity; SUSHI KICK! Manson falls flat on his back! Axel wastes no time locking Willie into the FUERZA SPECIAL!

Manson tries to fight it, but he taps!

Axel jumps up and down! His first victory at OSW! He runs out of the arena, holding one hand on his head like a shark fin and high fiving fans with the other!

In the backstage area, Brent Kersh has to swallow his anger and attempt to make sense of Marcus X. When he approaches the man holding his United States Championship, it takes every ounce of him not to strike.

“Marcus, we need to talk,” Brent says sternly. X turns to face him, his brothers quickly to his side. “I saw what you’ve got planned for my family and I need you to keep them out of it. They’ve been through enough and-“

“Boo-hoo!” Marcus mocks, rubbing his eyes. “Is someone afraid of the big bad wolf?” he scoffs. Brent puts his hands on his hips, his upper lip curling in rage. “Well you should be. Your ancestors were coming after my family long before either of us were born and it’s about time the tables have turned.”

Brent steps forward, only to be blocked by Marcus’ brothers.

“You have my Championship, you have a match with me at Block Party and you have your platform; but if you touch my wife, if you lay a finger on even a hair on her head, then I’ll destroy that platform, I’ll destroy everything you have.”

Marcus doesn’t even care, he just shrugs.

“And you’ll do that with a broken home, will you? Just remember something Kersh, I’m the one with the power around here. I’m the one wielding the noose and you have two options; drop and beg or drop and die.”

He walks off down the corridor, his brothers smirking before following, leaving Kersh stood there seething with rage.

The bell ring as Cories rushes forward with an attempted clothesline, which Cayci easily ducks under, peppering Cories with forearm strikes as a big strike to the point of his nose stuns Cories. Cayci quickly rushes to the ropes, springing off with a leaping knee strike, as Cayci grabs the head of the 90’s Guy, and swings him down to the mat with a neckbreaker. The crowd begins to cheer as Cacyci leaps up to the top rope, waiting for Cories to get to his feet,

CROSS BOD…NO! Cories catches Cayci in mid-air, repositioning her over his shoulder as he rushes forward, planting her into the mat with a massive powerslam. Cories isn’t done however, pulling Cayci to her feet as he throws her to the ropes, SPINEBUSTER! Cayci is laid out on the mat as a goofy smile comes across Cories face, the 90’s guy begins to take off an imaginary elbowpad before running to the ropes and bouncing off once, twice, GETTING JIGGY! The leaping elbow lands flush to the chest of Cayci as Cories quickly hooks the leg for the cover




Cayci just gets her shoulder up as Cories can’t quite believe it. He pulls the limp Cayci up to her feet, as out of nowhere, Cayci trips Cories up, floating over into a jacknkife bridge




Cories pops back to his feet, shocked he nearly lost out of nowhere as he beats down on Cayci with heavy rights and lefts, throwing her to the ropes and trying for a clothesline. Cacyi ducks under however, springboarding off the ropes CURTAIN CALL! Cories is spiked on his head as Cayci picks him up, rushing to the ropes and dropping him with a big Spinning Heel Kick. Cories down on the mat, Spires climbs up to the top rope, leaping off with a Moon…

SUPERKICK! Cories leaped to his feet, kicking Cayci out of mid-air but it took everything out of him as both competitors are down on the mat

Cories slowly gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out for a moment before he pulls Cayci to her feet, CHUMBAWAMBA! The leaping STO lands flush as Cories covers the unconscious Cayci




‘Song #2’ begins to play as Matthew Cories raises his hand in victory to the roar of the crowd. Cories celebrates in the middle of the ring for a few moments before walking to the back, celebrating with the fans as he does..

The scene opens and we find two men stood in the ring. One of them a young man wrapped in an American flag and next to him an older man with a microphone who begins to speak.

“Please stand for the American national anthem. This is an historic day here in the OSW!”

The man stands with his hand on his chest and some of the crowd stand up ready for the anthem to play. Instead of the American anthem though, the song God save the queen blares from the speakers.

The younger man rips off the American flag revealing that he is wrapped in a wrestling attire covered in the UK flag and around his neck is an Olympic gold medal. He throws the USA flag onto the floor, spits on it and then stamps on it as the crowd erupt into boos.

“Yes, as I said before this is a historic day here in the OSW! Today you have a hero in your midst. An athlete like no other. I present to you the youngest ever wrestler to win an Olympic gold medal; The gold standard, ROYSTON RIGDEWELL HAWKESSSS!”

He hands the microphone over.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about it and it’s pretty unfair to ask these people to stand, coach Kensington. I mean look at them, half of them are morbidly obese and could have a heart attack if they tried it, the other half would fall over from drunkenness. They can’t understand basic instructions, let alone the announcement of my participation in Rock The Block.”

The crowd boo.

“I’m sorry did I ask for your feedback? This is Olympic hero hour and unless they hand out gold medals for being second class fat slobs then I suggest you shut your damn mouths and listen to what I have to say!”

Suddenly “Rock Lobster” by The B-52’s plays through the arena, much to the delight of the crowd as Axel the Shark leaps out from the back. Axel gives high fives to people in the front row as he makes his way to the ring, jumping over the top rope. He climbs up the turnbuckle, saluting his fans before jumping back down and meeting Hawkes in the middle of the ring.

“What on God’s green earth are you?” Royston says bemused.

The Shark produces a microphone and starts pandering to the crowd.

“Welcome to the Shark Tank!” he yells to a standing ovation from the sold out capacity crowd. “So you want to know who I am? I’m Axel The Shark and you’ve just insulted every single Sharkhead here. It’s safe to say that when you step into the water, you had better make sure you’re prepared to Get Bit! And that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you think you can take your personality out on these people.”

Royston looks towards his Coach as if to ask “What the hell?” before turning back to the amped up Axel.

“Whoa, whoa whoa,” Hawkes interrupts. “Listen here little fishy, this isn’t the ocean and if it was, I’m whatever the heck out there eats a shark,” he says looking towards Coach with a shrug – he doesn’t know either. “Whatever that is.”

Just then, the lights shut off without warning, and a hush falls over the audience. A wave of percussion instruments, punctuated by a gong, heralds a deep voice which booms out into the darkness, its origin impossible to place.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here to perform you for live and in the flesh, please put your hands together in a show of admiration for…”

A spotlight shines down onto the stage, revealing a man in a cape and mask, Tebowing.


Marvolo jumps to his feet and punches the air, his cape billowing behind him, as the trumpets of Aaron Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man play him to the ring. The spotlight tracks his route, Raquel in his wake. He marches past the fans, ignoring the hands of those who aren’t booing him in the first place. Raquel takes the lead as they climb the steps. She sits on the middle rope, holding them open for Marvolo, who wipes his boots on the apron and steps through them.

The lights come back on, and Marvolo is now inside the ring, microphone in hand.

“I hate interrupt this little snooze fest but the fabulous Marvolo has heard just about enough,” he says looking towards Axel The Shark. “What the hell are you doing here anyway? Didn’t I make a car a part of your new wardrobe? If it wasn’t bad enough that I had to team with a man that smelt worse than these people, I now have to put up with some amateur wrestler? Listen kid, The Great Marvolo hasn’t got time to run around the ring, teaching you how to wrestle.”

Hawkes points to himself in shock, grabbing his Olympic Medal and mouthing that “I know how to wrestle” at him.

Marvolo is about to continue when the crowd reaction changes. The camera peers behind the wrestlers to the entrance ramp where Jondo appears, pushing a trolley full of weaponry. He walks down the aisle, stopping about half way to dig a microphone out of the pile.

“Hello, is this thing on?” he says in a crackled voice, deciding that this microphone isn’t good enough and throwing it over shoulder. He digs around and finds another one, trying that instead. “Did I just hear you right, Marvolo? Rock The Block isn’t about wrestling, it’s about fighting. Besides, I just wrestled in the ring with you tonight and let me assure everyone here, if anyone stinks, it’s that guy.”

Marvolo grabs the ropes in a rage, shaking them.

“But why are we talking? Rock The Block is only one week away and I brought the goodies, so let me bring the pain.”

Jondo pulls a kendo stick out of the trolley, accompanied by a trash can lid and makes a b-line for the ring. He slides in as Royston slides out, wanting no part of this. Marvolo tries to escape but runs into Axel The Shark!




Jondo storms around the ring with his Kendo stick raised high, gaining adulation from the fans as Hawkes backs up the entrance ramp in disgust. Marvolo rolls to the outside and throws a mini paddy, slapping the floor and even pushing Raquel as she tries to help him up.

The bell rings as Crash rushes forward with a Yakuza Kick that Royal manages to duck under, as a Royal Flush attempt is blocked by hard punches to the side of Nigel’s face, one which dazes Nigel, as he drops the hold, Crash quickly taking advantage with a series of hard kicks to the stomach. A big Roundhouse stuns Nigel as Crash rushes to the ropes, trying for another Yakuza Kick but Nigel quickly rolls outside of the ring to try and catch his breath. The crowd begin to boo as Nigel puts some distance between him and Crash as the Daredevil rushes across the ring,

SPRINGBOARD PLANCHA! Nigel gets wiped out as Crash gets to his feet, pulling Royal back up before throwing him into the ring. Nigel slowly gets to his feet as Crash lays into him with elbow strikes, before leaping up with an impressive Dropkick. Nigel slowly gets to his feet as Crash rushes to the ropes, springboarding off with a Hurricanrana, Crash hooking both legs down for the cover




Nigel gets to his feet only to be taken down by a swinging neckbreaker as Crash begins to hype up the crowd, yelling out ‘CANNONBALL’ as the crowd begins to roar. Crash rushes to the ropes, rolling forward, leaping up, but an attempt at the rolling cannonball is met only with knees. Crash gets up holding his back right into a big time DDT, spiking him down to the mat

Nigel slowly gets up, fury in his eyes, as he lays in kicks and punches, focusing in on the neck of Crash as he tries to lock in the dungeons of London but Crash quickly scrambles to the ropes. Nigel lets Crash get to his feet but meets him with a big knee to the gut, before lifting him up and spiking him to the mat with a huge Piledriver. Nigel isn’t done however, pulling Crash up to his feet, and delivering a second Piledriver. Nigel pulls Crash to his feet a third time but Crash slips out, bouncing off the ropes and finally nailing Nigel with the Yakuza Kick

Crash signals for the end as he pulls Nigel to his feet but Nigel counters, grabbing Crash and pulling him down into the Dungeons of London out of nowhere. Crash is trapped in the middle of the ring and Nigel has the crossface locked in tight, try as he might, Crash can’t escape


‘God Save the Queen’ begins to play as Nigel gets to his feet, an annoyed look on his face at how close he came to defeat as the crowd begin to boo. Nigel sneers down at his fallen opponent, before rolling out of the ring and walking to the back.

Willie Manson is hovering backstage, looking rather uncomfortable. He’s looking at different weaponry ahead of a massive match at Block Party next week. He starts digging through trash, throwing things all over the place; until finally, that trash hits a very displeased looking Rico.

“What the hell man?” Rico says, looking down at the trash all over his boots. “Are you crazy?”

Crazy? Manson damn near snaps. He grabs the trash can and throws it at Rico, storming him with a massive kick to the gut. Willie starts beating the holy hell out of him, taking him backwards and running him straight into the wall.

He finally stops, breathing heavily, only to kneel down besides Rico.

“I’m not crazy, I’m not…” he mumbles. “I’M NOT!” he yells.

Manson gets back to his feet and starts walking off, only to change his mind and return, rapidly stamping down on poor Rico without mercy. Once he stops, he whips his hair back and grabs at his head.

“Ain’t no-body gon’ call me crazy anymore!”

Except that might be exactly what they call him.

Rock The Block is going to be something special, that much you can bank on.

The largest of Marcus’ three Brotherhood members convinces him that he should start this thing off. Brotherhood enters the ring to immediately be met with one of Van Chan’s boot’s to his gut. Chan follows up with an uppercut to the jaw… a kick to the thigh… a strike to the chest… and finally a roundhouse kick to the head! Brotherhood goes down and Bruce makes an early cover.



Brotherhood is quick to kick out and recovers by catching BVC with a DDT. He follows with a leg drop before tagging in Marcus X. The Freedom Fighter charges Bruce and catches him with a running Neckbreaker… but Chan is quick to recover…


Bruce catches Marcus and he’s thrown into the ropes. AS Chan goes over to him, one Brotherhood member distracts the referee while another at ringside jumps up on the apron and clocks Chan in the back of the head. This gives X time to recover and…


Marcus catches Bruce with that Tazmission like submission move and Bruce fades. The referee checks on him but Chan doesn’t respond so he lifts his hand into the air…





Thre-NO! Chan catches Marcus with an elbow… and another… he’s free…


That Inverted DDT gives Bruce enough time for a Tag… and he makes it! Cooter comes in like a man on fire and catches Marcus as he starting to get up… with a knee to the head. He continues his momentum and knocks Brotherhood off the apron. Back to X… he tosses Marcus into the ropes and bounces off the other side… Clubbing Blow! Cooter is caught in the back by a Brotherhood member from ringside and the referee doesn’t see it… Marcus takes advantage…


Marcus catches Cooter with that Jumping Reverse Rock Bottom but, after that Nap Time, he doesn’t have it in him to go right for the cover. Eventually he struggles his arm over Hayes.




NO! Cooter kicks out at the last second… and now Marcus is crawling towards Brotherhood, who is back up on the apron. Cooter starts to stir… he’s almost to his feet… but Marcus is dragged to his corner by the Brotherhood at ringside and he gets the tag!

Chariots of fire are on my way!

Brent Kersh’s music hits and the Enforcer charges down the runway and after the Brotherhood! He starts by taking one down with a clothesline only to beat the other back into the barricade. The Brotherhood member in the ring is distracted enough for Cooter capitalizes!


Hayes catches Brotherhood with the Alabama Slam, out of nowhere, and now he’s going for the cover.




He’s done it! With a little help from Brent Kersh, Cooter turned it around and won this thing for the Crowd Pleasers!

Bruce Van Chan and Cooter Hayes are celebrating an amazing win here tonight, in part thanks to Brent Kersh who sent a direct message to Marcus X’ Black Revolution. They hug in the middle of the ring until that old familiar theme begins to blare.

“Song #2” starts playing over the P.A. system, bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket, accompanied by a disapproving Ash WIlliams. He high fives the fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet, telling Ash to hurry up and join him before pulling a microphone from inside his jeans.

“Hold on guys, just hold on the celebrations, okay?” Matthew says trying to calm everyone down. “Now last week I said that myself and Ash were going to prove that we’re not only THOSE 90’s guys but THE BEST DAMN 90’S GUYS YOU’VE EVER SEEN!”

Bruce looks at Cooter in confusion.

“Which means beating you dorks at everything! So if you think you can beat us at Block Party, how about we prove you wrong with a dance-off!”

First a rap off, now a dance off? Are these guys insane. Ash looks towards Matthew as if he’s nuts, refusing outright.

“I’ll go first!” Cories says excitedly.

Suddenly he starts doing the Carlton, stopping once every few jives to check on Ash who stands with his arms folded. Cooter quickly steps up, about to do a jig of his own but Williams is having none of it, rushing him with a Clothesline!

Cories stops dancing and storms over to Bruce, nailing him with a Clothesline of his own. Those 90 Guy’s are once again taking a trip to boosville as the fans let them have it, absolutely furious with what’s taking place.

That’s until Beauty and The Geek make their entrance.

Neville and Cayci slide straight into the ring, chasing both men off as they do. They help Cooter and Bruce back to their feet, showing that not everyone in this match is in it for themselves. Cooter though pushes Neville off, clearly unimpressed by what’s happened and taking it out on the wrong people.

The scene comes to a close with all four staring each other down, Cayci talking trash at Cooter as Those 90’s Guys walk up the entrance ramp with smiles on their faces.

The crowd are fully behind The Hangman. The giant that is The Hangman reminds the world champion that he is in a battle tonight, by rocking Black with a few stiff rights, followed by an Irish whip, upon Black’s return he is met with a hellacious big boot, almost taking his block of there. Early Cover


And out, scooping Black up by the scruff of the neck, hip tossing our world champion like he’s a crisp packet in the wind, upon landing Isaiah Black roles to the outside, Hangman has brought it tonight and Black is not happy. Getting his breathe back on the outside, the referee’s count is stopped at six as Black has composed his thoughts and ready to go, again.

This man is not our world champion though and he capitalizes on Hangman’s kindness with a cheap shot followed by a HUGE ddt. Making his first pin attempt on Hangman he doesn’t even find himself getting a one count as within milliseconds of the cover Hangman has his hands wrapped around the throat of BLACK, feeling himself black out, in a last gasp desperation move he swings his legs and hips around and uses his foot to reach the ropes, by nothing more than a toe’s length. Hangman releases the hold.

Hangman ever the professional, allows his opponent into an up standing position. EYE GOUGE on HANGMAN. With Hangman in agony, almost blind he has turned his back on walking death, SLEEPER APPLIED.

Thrashing around like a mad man, we see the life drain from the manslayer in front of our very eyes, to the point the six foot eight giant’s size is cut in half and reduced to his knee’s. The head dropping is the referee’s signal and he has to raise the hand and let it drop.

It drops once,


Raising it again, it drops, he’s out cold here and I’m not surprised, dead set middle of the ring no escape, this is why this man is our world champion. Raising Hangman’s hand a third time.


NO…… the adrenaline is resurrecting this monster, clenching his fist as he tries to build up the momentum to power out, reach deep Hangman.

Throwing a punch over his shoulder, another thrown and another, Hangman forces Isaiah to release, still on his knee’s his back to Isaiah Black, he doesn’t see nor hear as Isaiah throws himself off the ropes and returns with






The World Champ prevails again, but it was no easy task against the ever impressive Hangman.

After that fierce encounter with The Hangman, the World Champion snatches a microphone from Paloma Ruiz and steps back into the middle of the ring, sneering at the booing fans that disapprove.

“It’s funny, isn’t it? Everyone’s focus has seemed to shift since Ring Of Dreams. No-one has their eyes in my direction anymore, but in the direction of Mike Lane and Red River Jack. That little sub-plot might have you unfocused on The Grim.”

He reaches inside his jeans pocket and pulls out what appears to be a pair of women’s underwear.

“That’d be a mistake,” he remarks, holding the panties up into the air. “I bet you’re wondering, what’s the symbolism of this? What does it all mean? Mike Lane, you’ll know what it means, won’t you? Because I bet if I put these panties to your face, you’d recognize the odour.”

Oh that sick fuck. Isaiah Black has a pair of Destiny’s panties? But how?

“Red might be able to reach inside your mind and set up home, but I can reach inside her prison and make it hell.”

Before you know it, Mike Lane comes storming out of the entrance ramp to no music, being dragged back by Red River Jack and The Awakening, who refuse to let him get some of Isaiah Black. Whilst Manson and Hate restrain Lane, Jack steps forward with a microphone.

“Is that your plan, man? Is that it? You’re gonna come out here and wave underwear in our faces and hope you disrupt the harmony of The Awakening? Do you think we care about Destiny? Oh no, man. Oh no. You can reach inside prison, you can reach down her throat and rip out her heart but you cannot, you cannot reach inside our minds.”

Jack turns to Mike.

“Or else Destiny won’t ever make it home.”

Red tosses the microphone to one side and gives Lane a look, sending him as much a message as he did Isaiah Black. He nods to Hate and Manson who follow him to the back, leaving Mike Lane to look down towards the ring at Isaiah Black, hands on hips.

Between a rock and a hard place.

“LET’S GO LANE!” clap clap clap. “LET’S GO LANE..”

But he turns around and walks away.


As soon as the referee signals for the bell, Cain jumps in with a right hand across Lane’s face which rocks him to the corner turnbuckle. Cain follows it up with a couple more shots to his upper jaw which forces Lane to sit on his rearend as then Cain begins to stomp on Lane. You can hear the crowd chanting, urging Lane on.

“Let’s Go LANE! Let’s go LANE!”

It not enough as everytime Mike Lane tries to pull himself up, Cain is there to sit him back down in the corner with another kick. Cain then grabs the hair of The People’s Choice and irish whips him to the ring ropes and hits the former World Champion with a hard looking clothesline that sends Lane inside out. You just got to wonder if Lane being forced to do Red River’s dirty work is getting to him as Cain continues the beatdown on Lane.

Gabriel brings a wobbly Lane up to his feet, wrapping his arms around the body of Mike Lane as he hits a belly to belly suplex that sends Lane flying across the ring. Cain goes for a pinfall, hooking the leg.




Lane somehow gets a shoulder up as Cain gets back up. As Lane is up, he runs at the ring ropes and ducks a swinging clothesline from Cain … CAUGHT!


The Cobra clutch is locked in with Lane having nowhere to go but in a desperate attempt to get out of it, he runs backwards, forcing Cain to hit the corner turnbuckle hard and follows that up with another as Cain let’s go. Lane runs at the ring ropes and hits a diving elbow to the face! It staggers The Revolutionary! Lane runs at the ropes and LARIAT! Both men are down as the referee administers the ten count.

Mike is up at the count of five and creates some space between he and Cain. As Cain gets up …


Huge leaping superkick but Cain moves … SPEAR BY CAIN AS BOTH MEN ARE DOWN! The Juggalo makes his way out to the ramp as it catches Cain’s eye. Jake Jeckel pretends to enter the ring and as Cain goes for him, The Juggalo exits the ring as this gives Lane enough time to get back to his feet as The Revolutionary turns around.


Lane drops on Cain, hooking his leg.




California Love by Tupac feat. Dr. Dre hits as Jake Jeckel makes his way to the back, pointing at his head, telling Cain he is in his head. Lane rolls out, not exactly feeling happy about doing Jack’s bidding. Cain looks none too pleased by this.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

At least that’s true if you’re Nigel Royal. The Hardcore Champion has had it mightily rough over the past few weeks and now that Pickpocket has managed to steal from his bank account, it’s time for revenge.

That’s why when we open in the parking lot, Nigel Royal is eying up Pickpocket’s rather poorly conditioned ride.

“That utter cretin,” he mumbles to himself before checking around to see who’s about. “Thinks he can steal one’s money, aye?”

He bends down, picks up a crowbar and looks around shiftily before CRASH! He smashes the window! Giggling to himself, he reaches inside and grabs the loaded bag of money that sits on the passenger seat.

“Excuse me sir, mind slowly coming out of the vehicle?” says a rather stern voice behind him. He’s been caught red handed. Nigel slowly obliges to see a police officer standing before him, shaking his head. “I’m placing you under arrest.”

“Hold on a bloody second, you little maggot! Don’t you know who I am?” he complains as the officer turns him around and pulls his arms behind his back. “I’m the Hardcore Champion. I’m the upper crust of British society!”

The officer spins him around with the cuffs on and begins dragging him away, only Nigel turns to his left to see Pickpocket standing there, a grin the size of England plastered across his face.


The cop is entirely uninterested and pushes Nigel into the backseat of his car. With the Bloodline to Greatness going absolutely nuts, the cop heads back around to Pickpocket and gives him the money back.

“Why thank you officer, these are my life savings!” Pickpocket feigns innocence.

“You’re welcome sir. I’ll have him booked and processed within the hour. If you’d like to come to the station this evening and give me a statement, we should be able to prosecute.”

Pickpocket nods in agreement as the cop heads back to his car and gets inside. Slowly the vehicle pulls away, Nigel’s contorted face seen peering out the window, salivating with rage.

The two men start the match off going straight into a collar and elbow tie up. They jockey for position around the entire ring before ending tangled up in the ropes. The official demands a break and the two men go face to face, competition immediately being at a high level. Ever the veteran, Kersh breaks the contact, grabbing a side headlock on the Question. Hunter pushes off, sending Kersh into the ropes.


Kersh drops down to a headlock once again, feeling out his opponent, but Question battles his way up quickly. The push off doesn’t work this time as the Enforcer hangs on. You won’t get him twice with the same move. Brent finally releases the hold, going for a hip toss, but Hunter blocks.CLOTHESLINE! WHIP TO THE CORNER!

KERSH MOVES! Question eats post as Kersh begins laying in shots to the midsection, softening up his opponent. The official makes the count, and Kersh steps back to the center of the ring as Question holds his ribs and eyeballs the veteran. The two men look to be headed back to a lock up, but Hunter ducks underneath, grabbing a hold of Kersh’s arm as he does so.





Kersh quickly rolls to his feet, running on pure adrenaline as Question charges. Kersh nails a quick right hand and tries to shake some feeling back into his neck from that DDT. Kersh nails an absolutely picturesque dropkick, taking Question down. He rushes in and grabs the legs.


NO! Question kicks Kersh into the ropes, rolling him up on the rebound.



Both men are up quickly, knowing that they are fairly evenly matched. Question nails a shot, but Kersh shakes his head, firing up TEXAS STYLE, and coming at Hunter with a powerful right hand of his own. The two men exchange shots to the delight of the crowd.







Kersh advances on his opponent, knocking him back into the corner. He charges in for an attack, but Hunter dodges. As Kersh turns, POKE TO THE EYE! Hunter hits the opposite ropes as Kersh tries to gain his bearings.


The severe clothesline brings Kersh down to the mat, and Question looks out to the crowd with a sneer on his face. He makes the signal that it’s over as he picks up Kersh off the mat.
Question locks in the Double Underhook.





The Question couldn’t beat Brent Kersh in a straight up fight so he improvised, and the victory was his as a result. Kersh just shakes his head as he slides out of the ring to the apron.

“But, My Lord, your match is about to begin”

Lord Tremblay is standing outside of and talking through a door. Then we hear a flush, and the door opens. King Konstantine steps out of the restroom, buttoning his pants.

“I have told you already, Tremblay, I refuse to step into the same ring with that dastardly Reichous Marx. He is uncivilized, I simply won’t do it.”

“My King, Jackson Slade said that must take part in this match. I’m afraid of the repercussions should Your Highness chose not to execute your role as All Star Champion.”

“You, fool! Jackson Slade is of no consequence to me. I am the King after all! I shall do as I see fit, and tonight, that is to sit comfortably here in my throne room, and watch the remainder of Afterburn from her…….”

Just then, the door is kicked in and Reichous Marx storms into the room. Before Konstantine or Tremblay can respond, Marx is on the King, pummeling him.

“Come on, you son of a bitch!” Marx bellows.

Marx grabs King Konstantine by his long hair and begins dragging him down the hall. The camera follows the pair as they make their way into the arena. Lord Tremblay tries to stop Reichous, but Marx shoves him aside with little effort.

The fans are going mad as they see the fight has already begun.

Marx continues to force Konstantine towards the ring, hammers him to the gut, and rolls him under the bottom rope.

Our fatal four way begins as soon as Marx rolls Konstantine into the ring. EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!! Reichous Marx with a big right to the jaw of King Konstantine and then a jab to Pickpocket. Pickpocket sending a boot to Marx’s midsection and elbowing Jimmy Sartyr. Sartyr caught off guard by that elbow just after delivering a hard shot to Konstantine WHO COMES RIGHT BACK with a double axe handle to the top of the head of Marx. Back and forth they go. What an unbelievable start!! None of the men willing to back down!!

“The Innovator of Ovation” hits the ropes. He’s at a sprint and JUMPING KNEE into King Konstantine that sends him to the canvas. Meanwhile Pickpocket and “The Luminary Sage” continue brawling. Sartyr going for a quick pin.



NO! Marx fights off Pickpocket in just enough time to drop a boot to the head of Sartyr to break up the cover.

BUT THERE’S PICKPOCKET WITH A SUPERKICK!! Straight to the jaw of Reichous and … did he steal that move? REICHOUS IS ROLLED UP BY A DAZED SARTYR!!!


NO! Pickpocket drops an elbow on the back of the head of Jimmy and now he’ll make a cover.



HE DOES NOT GET IT! King Konstantine WITH A MASSIVE head butt and my gawd he may have knocked Pickpocket out cold with that one. “The Rule of the Ring” makes a cover of his own.



AND NOW IT’S JIMMY SARTYR that makes the save. Pin attempt after pin attempt here in this contest. Lots of action to go by. Pickpocket is down. Marx is down. Jimmy Sartyr pulls King Konstantine to his feet! Snap suplex coming up! HE GOT IT! Sartyr back to his feet and actually in control of LOOK OUT! REICHOUS MARX WITH A SHOULDER TACKLE! Taking Sartyr down and into a pin.



KONSTANTINE with a thumb to the eye. How in the hell did he have enough awareness to get that done?!?!

Konstantine pulls himself to his feet and Marx isn’t far behind, but he’s doctoring that eye. Both men up! LOOK OUT! “OFF WITH … NO! REVERSAL INTO “HELTER SKELTER”! “HELTER SKELTER” BY REICHOUS MARX! HE MAKES A COVER!




REICHOUS MARX ROLLS TO THE OUTSIDE! HE DID IT! What an impressive reversal that was and what an IMPRESSIVE victory!!!

In the backstage area, Jimmy Sartyr finds himself in an unusual position. He’s stood in front of Pig and although that may seem dangerous, the monster simply stares ahead, not taking even a dot of notice.

“Look, I don’t know what our differences are, I just know that I have no problem with you,” Sartyr says in a heartfelt way. “I know you’re not what you’re made out to be. I know that you’re not attacking me because you want to.”

Pig doesn’t move an inch.

“And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Jimmy repositions himself in front of him.

“We don’t have to fight. We don’t have to do this, you know? You don’t have to be Luther’s Guiney Pig, not anymore. I’m not saying that we’ll be the best of friends, I’m just saying that I don’t want to fight you and it doesn’t have to happen.”

Again, nothing.

“I hope you understand me. If you don’t, I hope you understand this.”

Jimmy lunges forward with a… HUG. What? Yep, a hug. He wraps his arms around the monster and gives him the warmest of embraces. Does the Pig hug back? Of course not. He just stands there like a statue, looking forward, having not moved an inch.

The Master Of Hug-O-Nomics backs away and smiles.

“I think that did it!”

But little did he know.

Little… did he know.

The two sadists stand across from each other, atop a grassy hill constructed off to the side of the stage. Between them lies an empty grave with a shovel and an unmarked headstone. Behind Crowley is a yellow excavator. Luther stands behind his feral adopted son. The bell sounds distant as it signals the start of the match.

Crowley sprints across the mound, leaps atop the shovel stuck in the dirt, and catches Pig with a crossbody! A little graveyard parkour there. Lee pounds Pig’s face, pulling at his ears and raking his eyes. Pig throws him off, Lee narrowly avoiding the grave.

Lee goes for the shovel, but it’s anchored in good. Pig lumbers over but eats a back elbow. Smiley tries to whip the big man, but the Monster sandbags it, then bowls Lee right into the digger! Crowley cracks against the black cabin and slumps down onto the tracks.

This Little Piggy then pulls the proverbial sword out of the stone and heads back over to Lee, shovel in hand, as Luther screams for Crowley’s head! Pig swings –




The fans gasp as Lee nails Pig in the back of the head. He grabs the Monster by the hair and points to the bladed excavator scoop. He goes to whip Pig throat-first into it, put Pig counters again!


The crowd gasp again as Lee narrowly avoids decapitation – and the grave. Lee gets to his feet just in time to eat a big boot. Pig pulls him up and knees him in the ribs. He heaves him up onto his shoulders in a crucifix position! Luther directs traffic as he points at the grave, grinning maliciously.


Pig turns around and charges headfirst at Smiley –


The crowd flinch as Pig runs full-tilt into the back of the scoop, a sickening CRACK heard throughout the arena.

Unbelievably, the Monster is STILL STANDING. He staggers back and blood runs down his face from his hairline. Lee, meanwhile, is scaling the arm of the digger. What is he thinking!?

To his shock and joy, PIG FOLLOWS HIM! Lee cackles maniacally and kicks Pig in the head, busting him open even more. Another kick. Pig is reeling now. One to the bridge of the nose, and Pig hangs on by one hand.


Crowley shakes his head as he looks down into the soulless eyes of Pig, his hair sticking to his bloody face. Luther brings his hands down dramatically,

but Lee kicks his shoe off!




Lee goes to climb down, but Luther stands below, waving the discarded shovel at him threateningly. Lee looks at the crowd and shrugs –


Luther rolls away and Lee, holding his ribs, crawls into the smashed cabin to pull the lever. The scoop whirs into action, burying Pig alive to the sound of Coheed & Cambria’s “Deranged”, as Lee kneels at the graveside, laughing as he finds his missing shoe and puts it back on.

Lee Crowley stands on his feet after his match, microphone in hand. Damien and Tobias stand at his sides, all three of them tote their weapons of choice. Lee motions to Damien who rolls to ring side and brings a burlap sack into the ring. Lee laughs and speaks. The boos of the crowd drowning his voice out momentarily before dying down.

“Before you stand three men whom you all know quite well. The three of the Crowley Family. But you see, there is one more Crowley-”

Lee is unable to finish his speech as The Thing by Ennio Morricone blares over the speakers. The Hangman stomps down the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd, the Crowley’s looking as if they expected it, twisted smirks on their faces. Hangman climbs into the ring and yells at the Crowley’s.

“Your family of corruption is at three! You have tried to scare me but you will not scare fear itself! Who is this fourth member so that I may punish them like I will punish you!”

Lee’s smile grows, going ear to ear. He chuckles at The Hangman, obviously not phased.

“Is it not obvious? It’s you my boy! You, the one who is corrupted as us! The boy named Jack! And you will become a Crowley!”

Lee looks to Damien who opens the sack, pulling a sledgehammer out of it and tossing it to The Hangman who catches it, tossing it aside, confused.

“I would never join a family like yours! And you are going to be punished!”

The Hangman lunges forward and wraps a hand around Lee’s throat. But to the surprise of the crowd and The Hangman himself, Lee forces The Hangman’s hand harder around his neck. He laughs maniacally.

“Do it, Jack! Show me your violence, give into the evil that is you! Do it! Show me how violent you can be, Jack!”

The Hangman, though confused, chokeslams Crowley to the ground, only to see him rolling around, clutching his stomach and laughing like a madman. The other Crowley’s begin yelling at Hangman, jumping and whooping at him.

“Hit us!”

“Hurt us!”

“Be Violent!”

“Be a Crowley!”

The Hangman backs away from the two standing Crowley’s, refusing to give into their yelling as he exits the ring, Lee rolling to his feet, a prideful grin on his face as he watches the Hangman back up the ramp.

There are chairs all set up outside the ring as both The Juggalo and The Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds stare one another down. Without a second after the referee signals for the bell, they both exit the ring in opposite sides of the ring and grab a steel chair and rolls back in. Jake Jeckel gets his first crack with a chair shot that slams across the side of Red River Jack’s back, which causes him to drop his steel chair. Another chair shot to the back! Wait … Is Red River Jack laughing?!


Is all The Creator shouts at Jake, who happily obliges, slamming the chair across the head of Red River Jack, this time the impact causes Jack to go down to a knee. Jake Jeckel then backs up and gets a running head start as he is ready to nail Jack with another thunderous chair shot


As Red River Jack comes to, he’s once again seen laughing, as he grabs a steel chair of his own.

Red River Jack watches Jake Jeckel attempt to crawl on the mat in pain as he raises the chair above his head. WHAM! RRJ slams the chair across the back of Jake. Another shot! And another! One chair shot after another until there is literally nothing left of the steel chair as a piece even broke off of the chair that he was swinging with. Red River rolls out of the ring and folds up another chair, taking it into the ring with him.

The Cultivator motions for Jake Jeckel to get up and slowly Jake Jeckel does. JUGGA – BLOW! Desperate times call for desperate measures! Red River Jack is hunched over as Jake grabs the steel chair and slams the chair across the head of Jack, sending him down to the mat.

Jake then unfolds the chair, setting it up in the middle of the ring. He shakes his head, figuring that isn’t enough as he rolls out and tosses in a few more steel chairs, obviously with bad intentions in mind.

He unfolds a few more chairs, lining them up. He picks Jack up and looks for the Hatchet … He tries to steady himself … NOOO! Jack slips out …


Red River Jack goes for the pin.




“To get to you” by Mark Crozer and the Rels hits as Jake Jeckel is bleeding and not moving after that devastating maneuver. Red River on the other hand is on his feet, looking down at The Juggalo before he makes his exit after an intense and impressive victory.

The camera opens up to the indoor parking garage. We see James Hunter, not happy, so right on target for the Question, climbing into his car.

He backs out of the space, roasts the tires; black smoke and squeals echo throughout the cavernous garage. The rubber finally grips the pavement, and the Question speeds away. The cameraman does his best to follow, but Hunter is really moving. The cameraman decides that there is nothing left to see here and turns to go back into the building.

But then we hear a different type of squeal; the sound of brakes locking up. That is followed by a thunderous crash! The cameraman runs towards the exit of the garage. The picture is bouncing with his every step, and we hear him begin to breath heavily. As he reaches the street level we see smoke billowing from two cars.

The closest car is the very same one that we saw James Hunter speed away in just moments ago. The cameraman moves forward as if to help. Then though, the driver’s side door of The Question’s car cracks open. Hunter kicks the door the rest of the way ajar, and steps out.

He holds his neck, grimacing in pain. A trickle of blood runs from the corner of his mouth.

People from the street begin to gather around the scene of the wreck.

“Are you okay?!” a man asks Hunter and tries to reach out to him.

“Get the hell away from me!” Hunter snaps, and slaps away the man’s hand.

The Question looks around, trying to see exactly what happened. Then he spies him.

Crash is standing on the sidewalk across the street; a smile on his lips and a glint of mischief in his eyes.

Both men circle each other, taking things slowly in this 20-minute stamina showdown. Ash moves first with a haymaker, but Sheldon ducks it. Neville swings at Ash but stops himself – what the hell?

Ash with a swift boot to the gut, and he sends Neville into the ropes – a BIG FOREARM puts him down! A grounded Neville flips onto his belly, Ash with the leapfrog, Neville tries for a hip toss, but Ash scoops him up into a fallaway slam! Ash with the cover…


TW– kickout by Sheldon!

The S-Mart Employee of the Month trying to tire Neville out early on. He peels him off the mat, but The Geek decks him in the gut. Ash doubles over, in prime position for a DDT – but Neville stops short again, looking annoyed at himself. The fans want to rally for Neville but are confused by his actions. Ash takes advantage, shoving Neville back into the ropes. Sheldon ducks a clothesline and hits the opposite ropes –


Neville’s head nearly flew into the first row with that one! The crowd pop for the impressive move all the same, and Ash covers…




1-0 TO ASH!

Going for #2, Ash immediately picks the limp Neville up and hooks the arms, looking to piledrive his Block Party opponent –


With Ash flat on his back, Neville keeps the legs hooked and leaps over with a bridge…




Both men tied at one apiece!

Pissed at the flash fall, the rogue in Ash surfaces. He unloads on a grounded Neville with stiff boots to his arms, and drops a couple of elbows on him for good measure. He pulls him to his knees and, determined, hooks the arms again. Ash shakes his head and butterflies the arms to be certain. He heaves Neville up and falls back –






The referee insists on a break to check on Neville as the crowd begs him to get up. Ash cocks his hand like a shotgun and catches his breath.

To shock and applause, Neville pulls himself up by the ropes, favouring his arms. Ash motions to Neville with his metal hand.


To that, Neville locks eyes with Ash, then dramatically pushes his glasses back up on his nose! BIG POP from the fans as Neville hulks up!

They charge at each other…


Neville behind Ash now –



Neville has his patented hold locked in centre-ring, and Ash has no choice as he clubs the mat with his metal hand.


Neville looks content to simply keep the submission on, but the referee forces a reprieve. Both these warriors gasp for breath as they eye each other across the ring, with only 30 seconds remaining.

They get up and stagger towards each other. Ash with a swing that leaves Neville reeling. Neville finally retaliates with a shot to the head! Ash slumps into the ropes, which push him back. Attempted clothesline but Neville goes under – both men hit opposite sets of ropes – BOTH DUCK THE OTHERS’ CLOTHESLINE – crisscross –


Ash connected with his own patented move, but Neville mirrored it with his own Study Hard replica! Both men stumble for a moment, their bells rung. Jelly-legged, they both try to stay up, but their bodies betray them.

Ash goes down. Neville follows a split-second later, falling right on top of Sheldon, just as the countdown appears on the LED displays.

5, 4…


3, 2…






“Through the Fire and the Flames”, Neville can call himself the Iron Man tonight! Too spent to celebrate, he stays down as the referee raises his hand in victory. Ash rolls under the ropes, shaking his head in defeat.

A darkened room.

Nothingness except static.

Then a voice booms, morphed, modified, changed to fit the setting.

“Gentlemen, the time of Light and Dark is nye. Old School Wrestling has yet to be infected, but it will be. We will course throughout it’s veins, causing mayhem and destruction. There is no time like the present.”

Two figures step out of the darkness, revealing themselves to be Azrael and Solomon.

But the man who speaks remains hidden.

“The Horseman of Old School Wrestling’s apocalypse will ride again.”

Solomon peers up from his hood.

“Block Party.”

Azrael chuckles sadistically.

“Give into your fright, beware the things that go bump in the night…”

Then that voice again.

“We’re here.”