The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

The Old School Wrestling Skull flashes on screen before the sudden eruption of crowd noise hits us like a ton of bricks as the camera opens cold inside the office of Errol Flint. He’s sat behind his desk in front of the camera, his grinning face turning the crowd against him very quickly.

Errol Flint: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the final edition of Afterburn ahead of CyberSLAM. My absence from the show last week had been heavily noticed amongst this roster and the budding critics, all wondering where exactly I was. I’ll have more on that in a few moments but first, let’s talk about the aforementioned Pay Per View event.”

The crowd cheer, knowing that CyberSLAM is just around the corner.

Errol Flint: “I like many of you have been avidly watching Old School Wrestling over the last few weeks and it would appear to me that some obvious matches have to be added to the card. Your votes leading up to some of the biggest decisions in OSW history have made CyberSLAM a potential show of the year candidate, but now it’s my turn.”

He looks down at his paperwork, making perhaps a few last minute decisions.

Errol Flint: “If Tyler Brooks and Mother want to tear each other apart, I don’t think I should be the one to stand in the way of a good fight, do you? Therefore, being that we’re in the School Yard, that match is going to be a School Bus Brawl. The entire contest will take place outside of the School Yard in the Parking section out front, where a School Bus will be parked. These two can fight anywhere inside the confines of The School Yard but the pin fall or submission must take place on THAT BUS.”

Flint smirks.

Errol Flint: “And if Mother’s children just so happen to be waiting for a ride, well then I’d suggest Tyler Brooks return what he took or his ‘brothers and sisters’ may take exception.”


Errol Flint: “As for Crash and Matt Lennox, we’ll have a more standard fare between you two, although entry into the inVasion Match will be on the line!”



Even Flint has to smile at the fans reaction to that one.

Errol Flint: “And finally, the Hardcore Championship will be on the line when Matthew Cories defends his title against Red River Jack, David Manson, Jeremiah Jett and Battlin’ Jack in a Hardcore One Fall Wins Match.”

By now Errol has stood up and straightens out his suit.

Errol Flint: “Now that the matches have been taken care of, it’s time I told you what I’ve been working on.”

The door suddenly makes a gigantic wallop as it hits the wall and in rushes DTR – a man possessed.

“YEAAAAHHHHH!!” roar the fans as he grabs Flint by the shirt and slams him head first off the large oak table in front of them. He viciously connects with right hands, each one making a more bone crushing sound than the last, until the bloodied face of our Chairman is laying with his arm angled upwards in the grasp of DTR.

DTR: “How does it feel, huh?”

He leverages the arm.

DTR: “How does it feel to finally see the wrath you’ve been asking of me?”

Suddenly he wrenches back and with a quite literal snap, BREAKS the arm of Errol Flint.

His blood curdling scream echo’s throughout the room as the fans cheering turns to into concerned mumbles. DTR steps back and surveys the damage, chuckling to himself.

DTR: “You see Errol? I don’t have to be ‘The Virus’ to go ‘there’. I’ve got you dead.. to… rights.”

The camera comes to a close on the smiling face of DTR, apparently no longer The Rattlesnake – no longer a man considered a virus, but Dead To Rights – the righter of wrongs and the harbinger of retribution.

These two newcomers would be straight into the action if Jeremiah hadn’t stopped proceedings to call Lenore Lee up onto the ring apron. After a quick kiss, the bell rings and Jack ducks a cheap Clothesline attempt, pummelling Jett into the corner. He right hands the spit out of his mouth, pulling him out and into a Clothesline. Jett rolls immediately to the outside to recover but Battlin’ won’t let up. He follows him, whipping him straight into the Ring Post and sending him tumbling to the floor. The assault continues, Jack rolling him back into the ring and mounting him with right hands.

He finally goes for the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! Jack can’t believe it and pulls Jett to his feet, except “The Superstar” nails him with a Low Blow that the referee somehow doesn’t see. Jett is up, nailing him with an eye rake before right handing him backwards into the ropes. Jack stumbles back towards him and into an Atomic Drop, followed up by a Clothesline. Jett parades around the ring, his arms raised in celebration but that only gives Jack time to recover. When The Superstar turns around, Battlin’ Jack is waitin’ and extremely displeased.

Jack grabs him by the throat and pushes him towards the ropes, telling him he shouldn’t of done that. Lenore Lee meanwhile hops up onto the ring apron and distracts the referee allowing for A SECOND LOW BLOW!! Jeremiah winks at him and runs a hand through his hair, flicking the wetness disrespectfully in his face before NAILING HIM WITH THE J-PLEX! BUTTERFLY SUPERPLEX!“The Superstar” nails a kip up and heads straight to the top rope. Once there, he demands his glasses from Lenore and puts him on, flexing for the crowd before THE FLYING JETT! GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!! HE COVERS…. ONE…. TWO…. THREE!! A DEBUT VICTORY FOR THE COCKY, ARROGANT, CHEATING JEREMIAH JETT!

The sounds of an ambulance pulling into the parking lot outside The School Yard is prevalent even before the cameras open outside. When we arrive on the scene, Errol Flint is behind wheeled outside on a stretcher by OSW EMT’s with Marvellous Master Chef, Mike Lane, Jensen Cussen and a distraught Destiny in tow.

Destiny: “Dad! Dad, can you hear me?”

The paramedics take over, sliding the stretcher into the back of the ambulance as Destiny turns to The System enraged.

Destiny: “I want him finished! I want his head on a silver platter in front of me, God damnit. I want his career, Mike. I want everything he loves and more.”

Her passion and rage are unlike anything we’ve seen from her. Jensen steps in, raising a hand to try and cool her off.

Jensen Cussen: “Relax, that’s my job tonight. I’ve fought him before and damn near ended him. I’ll make sure he pays tonight, alright?”

That rubs Lane the wrong way, who however you look at it, feels like it’s his job to protect his girlfriend.

Mike Lane: “Back off Cussen!”

He pushes Jensen backwards and warns him with a pointed finger.

Mike Lane: “She wasn’t speaking to you. I’m the one who takes care of business in this family and after what he did, he’s going to pay.”

Jensen steps back into the face of his opponent for CyberSLAM, the tension rising once again between them. Before they come to blows, Master Chef – World Championship around waist, angrily steps in as the ambulance pulls off in the background.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Enough damnit, enough! This is why I requested you in a match tonight.”

Chef points at Lane.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Your ego is getting in the way of what needs to be done. I’m sorry señorita but Gourmet Jesus doesn’t give a perro’s left nut what happened to your papá.”

Everyone seems stunned by that. Destiny is just about to pipe up and yell, except the Champion cuts her off.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Mi amigo Flint wouldn’t want the plan to change and it’s not going to. If he was here and conscious, he’d be telling us to stick to the game plan and that’s what we’re gonna do, sí?”

Mike Lane: “Ego?! If you so badly want to see why I’m The People’s Choice then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and put that strap on the line, huh? Step into the fast Lane if you think you have what it takes to keep up.”

Chef thinks about it and with a chuckle, agrees.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Okay perra, you got it. Gourmet Jesus always RISES UP to the challenge.. just not… tonight.”

All of them walk off in their separate directions, The System clearly having had enough for one night. How can Jensen Cussen beat DTR? How will Lane fare against Marvellous Master Chef with the title NOT on the line? Is the System crumbling without Errol Flint?

The match starts with Rick Mad and Colt .45 arguing about who’ll be kicking this thing off. Mad starts and the brawling instantly begins with Red River Jack, leaping forearm shot and the two start to trade FURIOUSLY!! The referee quickly gains control of the match sending a man from each side into the corner. They come together again, this time Jack throwing him through the ropes to the outside.

“He’ll fucking kill you!!!” the crowd in the School Yard chants at Mad but that doesn’t stop him from tagging River with a right hand before running him backwards into the ring apron. Manson and 45 quickly enter, going toe to toe in the middle of the ring as all hell breaks loose. Mad goes under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, swinging it at Jack who ducks underneath, kicking him low. Meanwhile Manson has dropped 45. with a RUNNING SUMMERSAULT NECKBREAKER! WELCOME TO MANSON STREET!

Jack by now rolls Mad into the ring with a steel chair and Manson picks up the steel – Running Clothesline from Rick Mad drives him hard to the canvas. Mad continues to reign in the boots after, kicking and stomping away at David before Jack is able to push him away. Mad runs out and SPARTAN KICK BY RED RIVER JACK! That sends Mad into the ropes and River follows out onto the floor.. RUNNING APRON NECKBREAKER ACROSS THE MIDDLE ROPE! JESUS CHRIST! By now though Colt is up inside the ring and when Manson turns around – THE HEADSHOT! HE NAILS HIM! Colt though exits the ring and decides he’s had enough, leaving Red to pull Mad to his feet and SEEIN’ RED! BUS DRIVER! GOODNIGHT! Jack covers… One…. Two… Three! The bell sounds and that’s it, Red River Jack and David Manson pick up the win.

With that match having just finished, “Go Green Ranger Go!” starts playing over the P.A. system, bringing fans to their feet. Matthew Cories walks out on the top of the ramp in a Bayside Tigers varsity letter jacket, the Hardcore Championship and a microphone.

Matthew Cories: “Cut my awesome music!”

The producers do as they’re told and the music cuts.

In the meantime, Red River Jack and David Manson are paying attention from inside the ring.

Matthew Cories: “After last week, I know that you two guys… you guys think I’m… you think I’m afraid of you!”

He jitters as he speaks, perhaps revealing that he truly is.

Matthew Cories: “But I’m not! I didn’t run last week because I was afraid but because..”

Cories suddenly looks to phase out.

Matthew Cories: “I’ll do anything for my empress, Rita.”

Then he snaps out of it.

Matthew Cories: “I mean.. uh.. I forgot to record a saved by the bell episode that I needed for my collection. I barely made it to the VCR in time.”

The fans laugh but one man that isn’t, is David Manson. David gets himself a microphone.

David Manson: “Child, you’ve melted your mind. You’re not afraid, huh? Why don’t you come on down here and show us. Children, you may be impressed by him and this nonsense but we are not. We’re waiting, Matthew. Come and meet your end.”

He kneels down in the ring and spreads his arms, as Jack retrieves the microphone and stands behind him.

Red River Jack: “Don’t you see it, man? You’re the biggest sheep of them all. We may of came to make Willy see..”

Jack stops to grin as the crowd chuckle at the wording.

Red River Jack: “..but what we truly wanted, was you That’s right man, you’re the epitome of a follower, lost in your television shows, your nineties music and fandom. You’re not as different as you think, man.”

He passes the microphone back down to Manson.

David Manson: “At CyberSLAM, child, you like Willy will finally see. It’s time… to wake up.”



Jett plants him hard with a steel chair, dropping down into the cover as a referee quickly makes the count…




By the time that’s happened, Red River Jack and David Manson have made their way up the entrance ramp. Cories grabs his title and rolls away, dropping off the stage and running towards the back. Jett though has been grabbed viciously by Manson who slams him into the STEEL SET!



Jett flies through the air and lands through some equipment and tables below, landing with a giant thud. Jack and Manson raise their hands, the fans booing wildly as they stand victorious on the stage.

There’s going to be one hell of a collision at CyberSLAM when these four face off.

This one begins with Matt Lennox leveraging his side advantage to control the early goings of the contest. Trapping Brooks in the corner and delivering a series of shoulder blocks into the midsection of his opponent. With that, Lennox draws the ire of the crowd by blatantly poking “The Highlight” in the eye, sending him out of the corner in pain. When Brooks turns around, still temporarily blinded, “The Incredible One” cinches him into a front headlock grip before delivering a DDT of which the force impresses the fans at ringside. Lennox goes for the cover. ONE … TWO, but Brooks kicks out.

Lennox questions the official on the count speed as he pulls Brooks to his feet and sends him into the ropes with an irish whip. Clothesline from Lennox, BUT BROOKS CATCHES HIM WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Out of nowhere with that and now both men are down. The crowd just got woke up and we have a match! Brooks stumbled to his feet as Lennox does the same. SPINNING WHEEL KICK from Brooks! That was has Brooks dazzled and now a KICK to the midsection! PILEDRIVER? YES! Brooks is on fire now. He goes for the cover.

ONE … TWO … NO! Lennox gets out in just the knick of time. Still trying to clear the cobwebs, but definitely in control. Brooks pulls Lennox to his feet and sends him to the ropes. On the return. DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE AND BOTH MEN GO DOWN! Neither man moving quickly, but both men definitely moving. Fighting, working their way to their feet. It looks like LENNOX will be the first man up. He goes in for the kill and AW MY GAWD! “YOUR FORETOLD DESTINY”! Tyler Brooks nails that roundhouse kick and now he goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! HE DID IT! What an impressive victory by Brooks in what turned out to be a very impressive contest!!

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. Crash heads out with a microphone, walking towards the ring.

Crash: “Welcome to CRASH… CITTTTYYYYYYY!”

The fans roar.

Crash: “I hate to interrupt your losing party Matty-boy but we’ve got a match at CyberSLAM. ”

He keeps on walking to the ring, hopping up the ring steps and getting inside.

Crash: “And it looks to me that Errol Flint mistakenly thinks that Matt Spandex here is on my level.”

The fans cheer again but Lennox isn’t quite as impressed.

Crash: “But I hate to break it to you Annie Lennox, Sweet Dreams aren’t made of this. The InVasion match awaits the winner and you have to know that the One-Man-One-Take Great, the Pioneer of Kicking Rear, is going to InVasion for a brief case made of opportunity. That’s a crash course in foreseeing the future, jerk-off.”


They beat the holy hell out of him whilst Matt Lennox grabs the dropped microphone.

Matt Lennox: “You’re all fun and games, aren’t you? You think this is a joke huh? Well allow me to introduce to you theINCREDIBLE PEOPLE. YOU’RE GOING TO GET BEATEN YOU SON OF A BITCH BECAUSE I’M.. JUST.. THAT.. INCREDIBLE.”

He drops down to his knees and starts pummelling away at Crash with the microphone, leaving him bloodied on the canvas.

Eduard Khill soundtracks Brodasali’s walk to the ring as a growing sect of the audience reacts to the newcomer, but few, if any, can rival Marcus X’s grandiosity. The would-be revolutionary makes his way to the ring amidst a choir of happy-clappers before climbing up the steps. The bell rings and they tie-up in the centre. Marcus, the strong of the two, battles through and pushes Brodasali against the ropes. He swings for a clothesline, which Brodasali ducks and counters with a Russian Legsweep. A few stomps stifle Marcus, before Brodasali picks him up and scoop slams him down. He hits a standing elbow drop and covers… 1! No, easy kick-out from Marcus.

Brodasali drags Marcus to his feet and places him in the corner. His running splash is dodged. Brodasali runs straight into the corner and Marcus German Suplexes him down, rolling through into a second, before standing tall and hollering. He hooks the leg… 1… 2… no! Shoulder up! Marcus goes to work. A few mounted punches precede Marcus rolling Brodasali over and attempting a half crab, but Brodasali kicks him away. Marcus charges at Brodasali but runs right into a small package… 1! 2! But Marcus kicks out.

Both men pop to their feet. A spirited striking exchange follows. Brodasali, channelling his inner crazy, swings like a madman, eventually wobbling Marcus and dropping him with a palm uppercut. His opponent on one knee, Brodasali charges with a front dropkick and makes the cover… 1! 2! No, it’s another kick-out. Brodasali grabs Macrus’ arm and calls for The Rage, signalling for the end, but The Freedom Fighter is too slippery. He squirms free and hip tosses Brodasali down. Broda pops up and charges, only to be flattened by a brutal Exploder Suplex against the ropes! Marcus follows-up with a splash, but he’s not done yet. He stalks the ring, waiting for a groggy Brodasali to struggle to his feet, and when he does… BLACKOUT! Marcus flattens Brodasali with the reverse STO… 1! 2! 3! It’s over! The Freedom Fighter climbs to his feet, beaming from ear-to-ear as “I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” reverberates around him, victorious.

Backstage in The Burn Ward is Brent Kersh, standing by with a rather apprehensive Charlie Thompson. After an awkward interaction between the two earlier this week, she carefully stands at a safe distance from him.

The fans on the other hand are on their feet.

Charlie Thompson: “Brent, many have asked the question; ‘how has this feud with Scarecrow changed you’ and you must be desperate to answer that question.”

Brent shrugs and thinks about it.

Brent Kersh: “Changed me? Look Charlie, earlier this week you assumed I was a different man than before and you’re still standing, aren’t you? I’m not who you think I am; I’m not who anyone thinks I am. I know that what’s happened with Scarecrow as of late may change the best of men, and I don’t hold it against you that you think I could be one of them; it just so happens that I’m not.”

The fans cheer.

Brent Kersh: “He put me through hell over the past two months but I’m still standing, I’m still fighting. I said it from the very first moment I came to the aid of Matthew Cories and I’ll say it again now; The Enforcer fights until I can’t fight no more. Now I have to put that behind me and return to business as usual. It’s time to climb the ladder and show this company what I’m made of.”

Charlie Thompson: “What does that mean for CyberSLAM?”

Brent smirks as the camera closes in on his face.

Brent Kersh: “It means that as of right now, I’m putting out an open challenge to anyone on this roster. It doesn’t matter who steps up or who wants to fight, I’ll be ready.”

The Enforcer goes to walk off and suddenly stops dead in his tracks. The lights flicker and he immediately raises his fist, ready to fight – except Charlie is the one behind him, not Scarecrow.

Charlie Thompson: “WAIT! WAIT! IT’S ME!”

Brent relaxes himself and quickly apologizes.

Brent Kersh: “I’m sorry.. I… I just…”

Charlie Thompson: “Are you sure he hasn’t changed you?”

Instead of replying, Brent worriedly walks off, leaving Charlie stood there wondering what the hell is going on.

This match begins in doubt, long before the bell rings with Lord Merriweather standing his ground on the outside of the ring. Matthew Cories is calling him forward, but Merriweather refuses to compete. Even the official takes a turn at trying to convince “The First Class” to enter the ring and when that fails, Cories takes the outside. There is a short chase highlighted by “The Fresh Prince of Wrestling” grabbing a chair at ringside and lambasting both Stephen and Edward before chasing Lord Richard into the ring. At that point, Merriweather takes advantage and begins to pummel Cories with a series of boots.

With the Hardcore Championship on the line, all the rules are thrown out the window and Merriweather picks up the steel chair Cories brought with him into the ring. He SLAMS the chair down over the back of his opponent and looks for the quick win with a cover. ONE … TWO … CORIES is able to kick out just in time. Merriweather complains as he gets to his feet and proceeds in a run to the ropes, but on his return Cories has made it off the canvas and delivers a back body drop that sends Merriweather down on top of the steel chair.

The crowd erupts at the sound of “The First Class” flesh smacking the steel only to roar again when Cories hits the ropes and returns with a running knee to the side of Merriweather’s skull. With that, “The Fresh Prince of Wrestling” re-introduces himself to the steel chair and then does the same with Lord Richard’s backside. Multiple chair shots to the back sends Merriweather to the canvas in agony. It looks like Merriweather is in serious trouble as Cories prepares for another homerun, this time to the head. Just then, Edward gathers himself enough from his chair shot to toss a white towel into the ring!! This one is over by forfeit from the corner! Cories picks up a huge win!!

After last week in which one of her children was kidnapped by Tyler Brooks, Mother is avidly searching the halls with the rest of her flock. She walks down a long darkened single light bulb lit corridor before entering an old classroom that had yet to be refitted as a locker room, when suddenly the door slams shut behind her and Tyler Brooks appears on the other side.

Mother: “You!”

She yells at him angrily.

Mother: “You kidnapped one of my babies. You’re supposed to be my child, Tyler. I have never wanted this for you, I have never wanted to fight you, but you’ve left me no choice.”

Tyler Brooks: “How is it you always talk but never listen? I’m not your child. I took one and tonight, I’m going to take another. You will leave me alone, Mother.”

Brooks picks up one of the children and reveals him through the window. Mother slaps the glass angrily and turns the knob repeatedly, but she’s unable to escape the door.

Mother: “Return my babiiiiiesss. Return them to meeee!”

She weeps.

Tyler Brooks: “At CyberSLAM, I’m going to end this once and for all. I don’t know who these children belong to but I know they don’t belong to you. Why do you think no police have tried contacting me since I took one? It’s because you know – just like I do, that you’re no Mother.”

Mother: “I have never had a child treat me so…”

Mother places her face against the glass.

Mother: “…disrespectfully. You’ll be punished, child; you’ll be punished.”

Tyler Brooks: “When I came here, I told the world that I had come to save wrestling a 1-2-3 at a time. Well you’re the kind of shit I’m saving it from. At CyberSLAM, all it’s going to take is a 1-2-3 and it’s over. Mother doesn’t know best; I do.”

He pulls the kid up over and onto his shoulder before flashing her a wink and walking away.

Mother screams, screams like a banshee – shattering the glass in front of her as Brooks escapes the School Yard.

Isaiah Black starts things off quick by charging to the center of the ring, but he is met with a vicious kick to the midsection from Smoke who follows it up with a double arm DDT. A quick pin results in an early kick out and Smoke is pulling the All-Star Champion to his feet soon after. BIG elbow to the gut from “The Grim”! A forearm to the jaw AND another! Black with a knee to the midsection and he has effectively gained control of the contest. Black feigns a move towards the ropes and comes right back with a drop kick that sends “The Chump Buster” to the canvas.

Black moves in for the cover. ONE … but that’s all he’ll get. A powerful kick out by Smoke has Black second guessing himself. He measures Smoke as the big man stumbles to his feet. To the ropes the champion goes and on the return IT’S a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX from Smoke! Into a cover. ONE … TWO … AND Smoke almost pulls off the victory to snatch away the All-Star title. Black once again pulled to his feet, but BLACK with a quick wheel kick that sends Smoke reeling backwards. “Walking Death” closes in with a clothesline attempt, BUT SMOKE ducks and SLEEPER HOLD!

Isaiah Black is in trouble and Smoke is wrenching down with that submission sleeper. I’m not sure the champ can make it to the ropes and I definitely don’t believe he’s prying open Smoke’s massive arms! LOOK OUT! Kick to the groin from Black and Smoke lets out a agonizing moan as he drops to the canvas gripping his manhood. Black still dazed from the sleeper heads to the ropes and on the return “THE GRAND LEVELER!” The champ nails that running knee and he goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! ISAIAH BLACK WINS! What a match by two great competitors!

After that incredible match “Big Gun” hits over the loud speakers and out steps Colt 45. microphone in one hand, dented steel chair in other.

Colt .45: “You remember this?”

He waves the chair around as the music stops.

Colt .45: “This is the same cold hard steel that I buried in yer skull at Flatline and I almost beat ya. Maybe if I did, it’d be me standin’ there with that piece of gold you drag around like a piece a shit. Last week showed the kinda man you are, attackin’ yer partner and lettin’ him gettin’ his ass whooped. Well I eh eh, I know one thing son an’ that’s that you don’t deserve that title belt.”

Isaiah chuckles in the ring as Colt steps in it to meet him. Before they can potentially come to blows, Rick Mad’s A Guitar and a Heart by M83 hits. The crowd lets out some cheers as Rick heads out onto the entrance ramp and heads to the ring. He gets in and asks for a microphone.

Rick Mad: “All this history between you two is somewhat amusing but I can assure you that I don’t care. See I don’t care if Isaiah stole your last beer or if you stole his cloak and started running around thinking you’re death. I’ve faced death, many of you might know his name.”


Rick Mad: “So forgive me if I’m mistaken but I’m not afraid of ‘The Grim’. All I care about is that..”

He points to the title.

Rick Mad: “The All-Star Championship. I want another title run before I finally hang up my boots and you guys are standing in the way of that.”

“I’m On My Way To Freedom Land” suddenly hits and here comes Marcus X, looking less than pleased by what he’s heard. He makes a powerful walk towards the ring, surrounded by boo’s but doing his best to ignore them as he enters. He snatches the microphone from Rick Mad with a sneer and clearly isn’t happy.

Marcus X: “You’re all pathetic! There’s you Colt, you want the title for glory but you represent the white America that I despise. You represent the beer swilling racists that plague our country.”

He then turns his wrath to Mad.

Marcus X: “Then there’s you, the old-age pensioner who just doesn’t know when to lay down and die.”

Finally, Isaiah Black.

Marcus X: “And the best has been saved for last; it’s you Uncle Tom.”

Before Marcus can even get a word out, he’s attacked quickly by Isaiah Black who takes no prisoners. A massive brawl quickly breaks out, Isaiah beating on X until Mad drags him away and into A STEEL CHAIR SHOT BY COLT 45! HE HIT MAD!! BLACK MOVED!!

Isaiah quickly hits the ropes.. SWINGBLADE!! BEAUTIFUL DEATH TO COLT 45!!

Marcus X rolls to the outside, backing away so as not to incur the wrath of The Grim who stands on the bottom rope, demanding he come back into the ring and join the action.

The scene comes to a close with Black and X staring each other down whilst Mad and Colt recover on the canvas.

The match starts with a vicious array of rights and lefts from both Jensen and The Rattlesnake. Head shot for head shot. Body shot for body shot. They hammer at one another back and forth with neither one gaining the upper hand. Finally, using his in-ring experience, Jensen works his position so that he’s in between the referee and Dave. Out of nowhere, The Mastermind jabs his finger in DTR’s eye and The Rattlesnake grabs his eye. The referee pulls Cussen by the shoulder and Cussen spreads his arms. All is fair in love, war, and tables matches.

Jensen moves in and decides he has a better idea. He slides out of the ring and throws one of the table in the ring as the referee checks on DTR’s eye. The table lands barely on its legs and is standing upright. The Mastermind reaches the apron but is met by a hard right hand. Then a left, and another right and…HIP TOSS OVER THE TOP ROPE! NEARLY THROUGH THE TABLE CUSSEN TOSSED IN THE RING. DTR looks angry and he’s starting in on Cussen. He’s on top of him wailing away but Jensen powers DTR off of him with his hips and quickly makes it back to his feet.

But DTR is already running at him…CLOTHESLINE! NO! JENSEN DUCKS! The Mastermind spins around The Rattlesnake and…GERMAN SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Jensen rushes over to the table and moves it to the middle of the ring. DTR is still down in the corner, holding his neck, and Cussen smiles. Jensen walks over to DTR and reaches down to lift him up. But The Rattlesnake was waiting for him! Dave smacks Jensen’s hands away and launches himself at The Mastermind. Jensen tries to spin around him, but DTR is quicker. He slides under him and the table, grabs his head…NECKBREAKER! NECKBREAKER THROUGH THE TABLE! IT’S OVER! DTR WINS! He rolls out of the ring to safety, escaping up the entrance ramp as Cussen awakes.

La Fierté de Championnat de France is confidently strutting down the halls when we join him, heading towards the locker room of his opponent for CyberSLAM with his title around his waist and a folder in hand. He finally approaches, knocking the door and waiting patiently for Lord Merriweather to open it. When he does, the good Professor gleefully waves around his documents.

Professor Bordeaux: “Right here in my hand, I have all the proof you need.”

It’s difficult to tell whether Merriweather is frowning or whether that’s his natural expression.

Professor Bordeaux: “You said last week that you wouldn’t be competing unless the referee problem was resolved, oui? Well I have here in my possession papers that prove the referees are out to get you.”

He hands the documents over to The Lord, who takes a quick browse through them.

Professor Bordeaux: “This means that if you compete against me at CyberSLAM, like an idiot, my victory will be sealed.”

Lord Richard Merriweather: “Do you think you can get rid of me that easily, lad?”


Merriweathers face scrunches up even more so upon hearing the crowd.

Professor Bordeaux: “I should think that if you have any intelligence, any classe, you’ll resign immediately.”

Lord Richard Merriweather: “Class, you say?”


Like the absolute pussy that he is, Merriweather cheap shots him with a slap that reverberates throughout the backstage area. Bordeaux naturally lunges forward at him, except he slams the door in his face and refuses to open it; leaving the Frenchman enraged on the outside.

Professor Bordeaux: “YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT CONNARD!”

He finally stops banging on the door and backs away, absolutely disgusted with how this has panned out.

The bell rings and four OSW’s best are set to battle in what should be one hellacious match. Mother is off in her own little world seemingly not paying attention to the other three. It’s pick a pair night at OSW, Fate and Crash go right after each other and Bordeaux heads in the direction of Mother. Fate and Crash start throwing bombs at each other, connecting repeatedly but neither man giving an inch. Bordeaux throws a bunch at Mother but she counters and hits him with a neckbreaker.

Crash throws Fate against the ropes, Mother runs at Fate, cutting him off at the pass with a running dropkick that sends him crashing into the ropes. This leaves Crash and Mother to square off now, Mother tries to swing at him but Crash ducks, standing Spinebuster to Mother floors her. Crash goes for a quick pin. One….Two…..No, both Fate and Bordeaux break up the pinning combination by pulling him off. Crash is able to get to his feet first, with a peeved look on his face clothelines Fate, but Bordeaux is able to duck.

Professor Bordeaux looks Mother right in the eyes, kick to the midsection, THE EARLY DISMISSAL!!! He floors Mother and she is out of it. Little does Bordeaux know, Fate has gotten to his feet and when he spins him around there is no doubt about it, DESTINY!! Fate connects with Destiny and there is no doubt, he goes for the cover but Crash pulls Fate off… CRASH CRUSH COMBO! Crash makes the cover. One…..Two….Three!!! The Daredevil wins this Fatal Fourway.

After an interesting few weeks for Smoke and Brodasali, last week Brodasali made the mistake of pranking The Bad News Bear and breaking his glasses. Tonight, as promised, he finds him in the backstage with a replacement pair.

Brodasali: “Look man, I’m sorry about last week.”

His apology seems sincere.

Brodasali: “I didn’t mean to piss you off, I’m just a prankster is all. I’m looking forward to our match but first, as promised, here’s the replacement glasses.”

Brodasali hands him the pair of glasses. Smoke looks them up and down before shrugging his shoulders.

Smoke: “Last week, I’ll tell you, you earned some respect from the Bad News Bear. I didn’t think much of you and oh hell, I still don’t because this..”

He holds up the glasses.

Smoke: “…this is pathetic. What kind of chump takes the beatin’ I gave you last week and still brings these?”

Brodasali: “The kind of man who realizes he perhaps went too far. We don’t know each other Smoke, let’s face those facts, alright? I thought I’d play a little joke and you ended up Spearing me. I could take that the wrong way, I could complain, cry, whine or moan but there’s bigger problems in life than you beating me up.”

Smoke laughs, snapping the glasses in half. Brodasali though doesn’t react as expected and simply walks away, leaving the Bad News Bear stood there, unimpressed by the man he apparently respected.

Smoke: “Nice guy chumps finish last. You can be whatever kind of guy you want to, but bustin’ chumps is what I do.”

The camera closes out on the grinning face of Smoke, a new set of glasses quickly placed upon his face.

Anticipation for a classic battle of good vs. evil pulses through the arena, amplified by the wrestlers’ entrances, both of which draw huge, contrasting reactions from the Wrestleplex crowd. Kersh, the heroic Enforcer, salutes the crowd’s positive vibes, but the lumbering Cross doesn’t wait for the bell and clobbers his altruistic opponent from behind. Jeers rain as the Messiah’s Messenger stomps away on Kersh, before turning to sneer at the audience’s hatred. Cross tries to pull Kersh to his feet, but Kersh is nothing if not a battler and punches Cross hard in the gut. A stiff jab catches Cross’ jaw and Kersh pushes him against the ropes, but his attempted whip is countered by Cross.

Cross follows him across the ring and spills Kersh over the top rope with a giant big boot! He follows him out and doesn’t let-up, tossing Kersh into the barricade before smacking his forehead against the steel steps. Kersh may have vanquished The Scarecrow, but he has one hell of a fight on his hands. Still using the environment to his advantage, Cross places Kersh’s body on the apron and slams an elbow across his throat. He rolls into the ring to break the count-out, before covering Kersh… 1! 2! Kick-out. Frustrated, Cross tries to pull Kersh up, but Kersh hits a huge back body drop to the crowd’s approval! Kersh locks one of Cross’ legs up, trying to eliminate the big man’s vertical base, but Cross powers out and gets to the rope.

Both men get to their feet and tie-up. Kersh’s supreme technique triumphs, and he transitions to a back lock, before nailing a reverse DDT. 1! 2! No! Cross powers out.Kersh, feeling the crowd’s energy pulse through him, pulls Cross up. Cross, however, can never be written off. He headbutts Kersh square between the eyes. A fierce clothesline flattens him, then Cross drops a leg across the veteran’s chest! He calls for the end… but Kersh grabs the leg! Lone Star?! NO! Kersh can’t lock Cross’ tree-trunk legs up! Kersh charges. Cross stands up… and gets flattened with a jumping forearm!Cross is down! A second attempt at the Lone Star…HE GOT IT! Cross battles wildly! He nearly reaches the ropes, but Kersh drags him back to the centre. The pressure intensifies, and as Kersh tweaks and torques, Cross is lift with no other option but to tap!

Whilst Desmond Cross recovers in the ring, the Titantron flickers and we head to the backstage.

What we find is Fate, sitting in a dimly lit room, ripping pages from a bible.

Fate: “It’s funny to me, do you know that? It’s funny that you’re all about righting wrongs and redemption, but what about yours?”

Cross can’t believe he’s ripping pages out and gets to his feet, irate.

Fate: “You nailed me to a cross and now you want me to find redemption? That’s ridiculous.”

Instead of waiting out here at ringside, Desmond storms to the backstage area with a camera in pursuit.

Fate: “Perhaps it is you that needs to be redeemed?”

He turns the book over to reveal that it’s full of empty pages. With a grin on his face, he turns to the door and waits as Desmond Cross barges in.


Cross hits the floor in a heap from one incredible shot with that book, except it isn’t just a book. When Fate finally opens it up, he takes out a steel pipe from inside a cut out portion and smiles.

Fate: “You see Desmond, religion has a way of getting inside of people’s heads.”

Fate drops the pipe with a smile and turns to the camera.

Fate: “You can’t fight fate.”

Powered by Fate.


“When I wake up in the mornin’
An’ the ‘larm gives out a warnin’
I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time”

Matthew Cories rounds a corner in the Wrestleplex and heads through a pair of double doors singing another classic hit from the 1990’s. He grips his OSW Hardcore Title belt snug and glances behind him, keeping his eye out for anyone trying to pry it away from the Fresh Prince of Wrestling.

“By the time I grab my books
And I give myself a look
I’m at the corner just in time to see the bus…fly by…”

The last few words of the song are extremely off key and out of tune. That’s because, as he continues his stroll, Matthew Cories notices a pair of long, thick ropes extending down the hallway on each side of him. He uses his eyes to follow them to their end point and slows his pace.

Smoke: “What’s up, chump?”

The Bad News Bear sits in a chair, backwards, and holds the ends of both ropes in each hand and a large smile on his face. Cories stops dead in his tracks and remembers a rope usually has something on both ends. He quickly looks behind him to see them tied to each of the double doors. That’s the moment Smoke stands up and kicks the chair out of his way before jerking on each rope with all his might.

Smoke: “Where ya goin’, Preppy!? Kelly’s mine!”

The doors slam in Cories face when he takes a step forward. He spins on his heel to defend himself with no escape route present. Smoke charges Cories with a roar before hesitating his charge, throwing the ropes at Cories. The Hardcore champion becomes tangled in the heavy ropes and is now defenceless against his attacker.


Smoke wastes no time with unloading the Chump Buster on Cories so hard that he flies into and through the double doors, opening them just before his body screeches across the linoleum floor. Smoke chuckles to himself and stalks his prey before he stands over his victim’s body. A member of the refereeing team walks into the shot and pauses, unsure if he’s supposed to be seeing what he’s seeing. Smoke grabs him by the collar before dragging them both to the ground.

Smoke: “Count it.”




Smoke hops back to his feet as quickly as possible and snatches away his Hardcore Championship, not even taking a moment to celebrate before running away down the corridor and away from the camera.

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena. The People’s Choice walks out from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips as he surveys his people. He grins as Destiny walks out from behind the curtain to join him.

Rick Walker: “This one has all the expectation of a serious break down in communication.”

Richard Roman: “They have to find a way to get on the same page or else.”

He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, ignoring the calls of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring to bask in the power he has brought to the ring. Meanwhile, Jensen Cussen makes his way out onto the entrance ramp, waiting just by the curtain.

Rick Walker: “Is that Cussen? What’s he doing hiding up there?”

Richard Roman: “Maybe he’s just getting a better view of his opponent for CyberSLAM.”

The hyped up beginning of Lil Wayne’s Watch My Shoes kicks off, the legendary rapper spitting game immediately, working the crowd into an immediate stir. Pyrotechnics fire off as Marvelous Master Chef steps out from the back with a skillet in one hand, a middle finger lifted by the other.

Rick Walker: “And here’s the World Champion, looking rather pleased with himself despite not putting the belt on the line here tonight.”

Richard Roman: “I don’t blame him. He has nothing to prove.”

He lays the skillet down on the entrance ramp and humps it for a bit, before picking it up and running to the ring. After sliding under the ropes, he forfeits the skillet to the referee and waits in his corner for the opening bell.

Rick Walker: “Of course he does. He has to prove himself every week.”

Richard Roman: “He’s the champion, Rick. That’s all the proof he needs.”

The bell sounds and this one is quickly underway with Lane taking Chef into a Side Headlock. He wrenches him until The World Champion throws him into the ropes, connecting with a knife edge chop of the return. Chef is ready for him by the time he gets back up, nailing him with a Moonsault Dropkick. He drops down into the cover… One…. Two… Kick Out! MMC hops back to his feet and storms into the ropes, leaping off the middle rope and MOONSAULT! NO! HE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Lane rolled away expertly and is quickly back to his feet.. CLOTHESLINE! The People’s Choice stomps away at him, making him roll to the outside in escape.

With Chef recovering on the outside, Lane storms across the ring AND DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE!! HE GOT IT ALL! MMC slams back into the ring apron as Mike Lane gets a surprising cheer from the crowd, rolling back into the ring to break the count. He quickly helps Chef back up, running him straight into the STEEL RING STEPS! Destiny applauds as Mike rolls him back into the ring and goes for the cover… One… Two… Kick Out! The People’s Choice thought he had it and is angrily back up, grabbing Master Chef and slamming him into the corner. He nails him with a few shoulder barges, pulling him out with a Snap Suplex.

He’s dominating now and heads back to his feet, demanding that the Champion get back up. When he does, he leaps with aSHADOW KICK! NO!! THE CHAMPION DUCKS IT! MACHINE GUN CHOPS! SLICED AND DICED! MIKE HITS THE CANVAS! He gets back up in a daze and SPINEBUSTER! HE NAILED THE CHAMPION! MIKE LANE NAILS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER OUT OF NO-WHERE! He stands there, shouting at the fans.. “THE PEOPLE’S CHOICE!”… then he hits the ropes, comes back, ROLLING KNEE TO THE FACE! HE CALLS THAT ROLLING IN THE FAST LANE! WHAT A MOVE!

As I walk along these streets
I see a man that walks alone
Distant echo of peoples feet
He has no place to call his own
A shot rings out from a roof over head
A crack head asks for change nearby
An old man lies in an alleyway dead
A little girl lost just stands there and cries



Then the face of a smiling DTR.

Except he’s not at ringside.

He’s not even inside the arena, despite his music, despite the cheering fans, he’s…

Dead To Rights: “Looking for me?”


Dead To Rights: “I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I’m not where you think I am.”

The camera finally pans out to see that DTR is sat on a hospital bed, with Errol Flint looking rather petrified and slouched in front of him. Holding him up, he grins at the camera as Destiny falls into the arms of Mike Lane inside the ring.

Dead To Rights: “I’ve been having a little chat here with Errol and it would seem that this Main Event was a part of a plan to trap me all along. That was the master plan huh? To give me a beating of a lifetime before I head to CyberSLAM and take your title, beaner-boy?”

The fans laugh as Master Chef angrily kicks the rope, arguing with Cussen about what’s happening.

Dead To Rights: “Well I’m glad to say that Errol here has had a change of his ways, haven’t you pal?”

Flint looks up at him, scarred shitless.

Dead To Rights: “He’s decided that at CyberSLAM, The System will be banned from interfering in our match.”


Master Chef can’t believe it.

Dead To Rights: “And if anyone, including himself gets involved, they’ll be FIRED.”

Dave reaches down to grab a piece of paper from the almost limp hand of Errol Flint and raises it up, showing us both their signatures. It’s a contract, making it official.

Dead To Rights: “I’ve got you now, you little bastard.”


Dead To Rights: “Dead… to… rights!”