The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

There’s no music, no introduction, no fanfare as Afterburn opens in the middle of the ring with Marcus X. All there is, is a strong crowd, booing and hurling abuse at the man they feel is beyond disgusting.

And yet, he smirks.

“Everyone thinks they have the answers,” Marcus shares with us, still smiling. He removes his glasses and places them into his pocket. “They think the Negro Revolution is controlled by the white liberals and by the government. Malcolm X, my mentor, he said that. The difference is that here, in Old School Wrestling, I am the Negro Revolution. The world was looking at me and my message like I was the villain. Once again, the negro’s were being held back, pulled down and no-one but me could see it.”

The booing makes it extremely difficult to hear Marcus, who has to speak up.

“Then I decided enough is finally enough. How do I open your eyes to the racism before you? How do I make you wake up to the lies and deceit spread by society in their manipulation of what’s true and false?” he asks almost demanding to know the answer. Then again, he smiles, knowing that answer. “And then it hit me, I wasn’t alone. For those of you who think I’ve joined The Awakening, you’re mistaken.”

Marcus starts pacing the ring now.

“I haven’t. We had common goals, don’t you see? Everything we plotted, we plotted for a reason. The destruction of The Black Widow, the kidnapping, the hanging of yours truly; all of it was designed for maximum effect. You see, The Awakening want you to wake up. They want you to see the truth. That’s exactly what I want. My truth, OUR truth, is that racism still lives within society today. I PROVED that over the past three months with blood, sweat and tears.”

The sound of “Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis is heard throughout the arena, prompting the crowd to rise to their feet with a roar of excitement as the lights slowly begin to dim. Suddenly red, white, and blue pyrotechnic effects begin to explode from the base of the entrance ramp that last several seconds before “The Enforcer” Brent Kersh appears on the upper portion of the structure.

Marcus X snaps his head around at the interruption as a furious Brent Kersh stares a hole through him unlike any other. The fans are on their feet as he storms to the ring, slides straight under and attacks Marcus with right hands. They slug it out, Kersh taking Marcus to the corner before suited black men slide into the ring from all corners. They’ve figuratively appeared out of no-where!

Kersh is immediately spun around and decked with a right hand, these men stomping away at him as Marcus gathers his microphone, his composure and recovers.

Holding his face, he continues – those men still stomping away at Brent.

“As for you Brent Kersh, you’re part of the problem. Do you want to know why we chose you to be the victim? It’s because these people have a hero and his name is Brent Kersh. What they don’t realize is that you’re just as corruptible as anyone else and we proved that when we made you look like the villain. Now it’s time I took your soapbox and made it my own. At Ring Of Dreams, I’m coming for your United States Championship and I will be the rightful Ambassador of this country. Turn him over, turn him over now damnit!”

He yells at his fellow men who turn the unconscious Kersh over, making sure he’s held down, despite being out of it. Marcus reaches into his jacket and pulls a can of spray-paint out, giving it a shake.

The fans boo wildly, some of them chucking cups and trash into the ring as Marcus sprays a giant X across the back of Brent Kersh.

“The Negro Revolution is in full effect and you Brent Kersh, cannot stop the unstoppable. X marks the spot!”

The suited men exit the ring, leaving Marcus stood there next to Brent Kersh, smirking as the fans reign as much hate down upon him as humanly possible. His reasons were made clear here tonight; that doesn’t mean the fans and Brent Kersh won’t have something to say about that.

Matthew Cories gains the upper hand almost immediately and out strengthens the newcomer to Old School Wrestling, Ethan Bird, in a lock up. The force of Cories forcing Ethan Bird almost down onto his knee’s. Once the second knee touches the mat, a knee comes crashing into the jaw of Bird. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling looking like a man possessed here wastes no time, scooping up Bird and laying him out with a huge spine buster. Writhing around in pain, Ethan Bird’s case is not helped when Cories begins laying in big boots, directly to the face of his opponent.

Putting Bird into a half boston crab, the scream of Bird echoes round the School Yard. Placed dead centre of the mat though, no escape as Cories keeps on pulling back, almost riving the muscle out of place. Eventually clawing his way to the ropes but NO, Cories grabs the other foot and drags him back into the middle of the ring. Instead of locking the submission move in again though Matthew helps the lifeless Bird to his feet and within the same motion puts him back down again with a ferociousPOWERSLAM. Still not pinning his he makes his way to the corner.

Cories up top here…. SWANTON BOMB. Clutching his stomach Bird looks done but Cories goes up top again, MOONSAULT this time. Matthew Cories is relentless here. SURELY THE PIN? But no. Getting Bird to his feet, Cories flings him toward the ropes, the battered and bruised Bird does not even make the ropes, slumping to the floor half way through the attempted run. Clawing his way up the ropes to try and get back vertical. CORIES IS STALKING…. THE CHUMBAWAMBA, goodnight. Again picking his man up,SECOND CHUMBAWAMBA just to make sure. Cover…. One….Two…. THREE. Matthew Cories picks up the win here tonight.

In the backstage area, King Konstantine is swaggering around like King Dick. So when he enters the locker room of Pickpocket with a big old smirk on his face and no Guards to back him up, you already know he’s got a plan.

“Peasant,” he roars way too cheerfully given the footage we’ve seen of him and Buford. Pickpocket on the other hand, looks ready to snap. “I just wanted to see thou ahead of our Tag Team combatancy this evening. I doth understand thou want to punish your rightful King for his heinous kidnapping of Buford but I doth implore thou to remember who holds the ape within his mighty possession.”

Pickpocket’s furrowed eyebrows tell a tale.

“You’re going to pay for what you’ve done, Konstantine.”

Suddenly The King slaps the taste quite literally out of his mouth.

“Thou shall address me as thy King, peasant,” he yells as Pickpocket’s head snaps away. “As for our eventual confrontation, oneself is entirely aware of thy plans. I shall address you in front of my royal subjects later, but for now, thou can take solace in the fact that at Ring Of Dreams, thy rightful King will defeat thou once and for all.”

When Pickpocket’s head returns to face Konstantine, he’s smiling himself.

“That’s like music to my ears.”

The Thief doesn’t stick around any longer, heading for the exit as Konstantine looks on with a dastardly and conniving smile of his own.

There’s the bell and this one is underway with The Hangman stalking David Manson around the ring. It’s a small game of cat and mouse that “The Cannibal” opens up with a running single leg drop kick that catches the big man in the chest and knocks him back, but only a step. Manson is quick to his feet, DUCKING the grasp of “The Head Hunter” and heading to the ropes. On the return now and DELIVERS a cross body block THAAAAT TAKES The Hangman off his feet. It’s a cover. ONE … but that’s all Manson gets out of that one.

Both men back up. “The Street Rat” a little more nimble on his feet and he sends a flurry of fists into the head of The Hangman. “The Manslayer” fights through the assault and powers Manson to the ropes with an irish whip AND LANDS A BIG BOOT as Manson comes back. The tide has suddenly turned and it doesn’t look good for David Manson. He tries to climb to his feet, but that boot is still having an effect and UH OH! Piledriver? NO! IT’S A POWERbomb from The Hangman and now he’ll drop to make the cover and possibly get the win.

ONE … TWO … THAT was close, but “The Bad Seed” slipped out just in time. “The Head Hunter” shows no hesitation in pulling Manson to his feet and sending him to the ropes. MANSON delivers a running lariat that catches his opponent off guard. David goes back to the ropes and on his way back HE LEAPS AND NO! THE HANGMAN CAUGHT! HE CAUGHT HIM BY THE THROAT AND LOOK OUT! “CAPITAL PUNISHMENT” on David Manson. The Hangman goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! David Manson gave it one hell of a go, but in the end the size advantage of The Hangman was just too much to overcome!!

In the backstage area, Ethan Bird is walking through the arena having had a rather rough debut.

Unfortunately for him, it’s about to get a damn sight rougher because suddenly, out of left field, a man rushes into the frame with an axe and nails him in the head with its wooden handle.

That man? We don’t quite know his name.

He picks Ethan up off the floor and throws him into a vending machine, walking over with his axe as he slumps against it and violently swinging. Ethan barely moves out of the way and glass shatters everywhere, the axe having flung straight through it.

Bird tries to scurry away but the man picks him up the floor with great strength. He kicks him in the gut and lifts him straight up into a Powerbomb position.

Except when he falls, he falls with Ethan Bird’s head facing the concrete floor.

And the brutality of that, ensures he isn’t getting back up.

The man in question smiles slightly before picking up his axe and casually walking away.

The two men square up in the center of the ring, but Bobby South charges in. He gets a hip toss from Manson, who follows up with a clothesline. Big splash by Manson misses! Bobby South gets to his feet, and nails his rising opponent with a DDT. He follows up with a back suplex before nailing a short arm clothesline. Manson shakes his ragged head to get the cobwebs out, grabbing South and nailing a snap suplex. Bobby retreats to the corner, where Manson follows up with an Avalanche. The big man from Detroit almost shrugs it off, rebounding out with a vicious clothesline.

With his opponent on the ground, South quickly drops down and locks in a crossface, but Manson refuses to quit. One rope break later, and the two men are resetting at a vertical base. The two men take a moment to assess one another before Manson ducks a right hand from South. A clothesline sends both men over the top to the floor. The crowd gets a first hand view of the action as the gangster South does work, ramming Manson’s head into the steel ring post. South slides back into the ring to jaw with the people as the official starts his count.

Manson beats it handily, but is greeted with several boots the cranium by South. The advantage is short lived as Manson comes back with a slam. He follows up with a leaping clothesline and a back senton. One… Two… Kick out from South! Both men are to their feet quickly, wasting no time in going back to the war that has developed between them. Fists fly in the center of the ring before South leaps forward, grabbing Manson and attempting his Last Resort cutter. Manson pushes him off into the ropes, catching him on the rebound with a small package. One… Two… THREE!

In the office of Errol Flint, Destiny and Mike Lane appear to be having a rather heated discussion. There’s certainly something on their mind as we peer through a crack in the door and get the full story.

“No, just no! Are you crazy? What the hell makes you think I’d risk you like that? This guy is insane, Destiny. He doesn’t want to make you his wife, he doesn’t want to kidnap you again – he wants to sacrifice you. How can you not understand that?”

“Oh I get it,” she says with sass. “But you’re there Mike. It isn’t like I’m handing myself over to him and saying do what you will. I’m putting myself on the line for the victor that will, without a shadow of a doubt, be you.”

Mike grabs at his hair, fighting his ego.

“It isn’t about that. I know I can beat him and I will. I’ll beat him pillar to fucking post for what he did to you,” Lane rages. He walks over to Destiny and puts his hand on her face. “But I won’t do it with you there, wrapped up in a bow, put in harm’s way.”

“I need this. I need to see him suffer Mike. Look at what he did to dad, to me, to you, he’s ruthless. We have to stop him. It comes down to us and–“

Finally, Mike Lane has had enough and snaps.

“NO!” he yells. “That’s all I’m saying on the matter.”

With that the conversation stops dead. Mike moves away and slumps down in a chair, leaving Destiny visibly frustrated.

Will Abel starts by mocking Crash’s jumpsuit before he pushes him into the corner and starts mocking with him. Crash isn’t happy with it and fires out with some hard shots to Abel. The Wrestling Machine tries to whip Crash into the corner but Crash does a handspring out of it. Crash nails a combination of kicks, and hits the ropes but is caught by a picture perfect backbreaker by Will. Crash is up quickly, shoving Abel to the ground, but he pays for it with some big knee strikes to the gut. Will Abel hits a belly to belly suplex and Crash is reeling.

The Daredevil tries to fight back, but the Machine just pounds on his back and hits a running knee to the face, before picking up Crash in a side head lock, but Crash starts fighting out. Abel slaps him for good measure and whips him into the ropes. Crash ducks a clothesline on the rebound and hits a forearm. The Blockbuster starts taking control until Abel fights back yet again, tossing Crash to the apron. Will Abel grabs Crash around the waist, signaling for a German into the ring, but Crash starts fighting back with elbows. In response, Abel shoves Crash off the apron, and he hits the announce table HARD.

The official starts counting, and Crash makes it in at nine to Will Abel’s anger. The assault continues in the corner before Abel tosses Crash across the ring. Crash charges back out at his opponent, but the Wrestling Machine throws him up in the air for the Pop Up Powerbomb… NO! HURRICANRANA FROM CRASH! Abel is back up to his feet.. BUT THERE’S MANSON! WILLIE HANGS HIM UP ON THE TOP ROPE… then he is met with a head of steam from Crash, who nails a quick kick, doubling over Abel. DAREDEVIL DRIVER. ONE… TWO… THREE!!!

Will Abel gets back to his feet in enraged daze, pushing Manson who enters the ring, screaming at him in frustration.

“WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT, YOU IDIOT!? YOU JUST COST ME THE MATCH!” Will yells at the top of his lungs. Willie meanwhile just shrugs his shoulders as if he doesn’t even care.


Manson suddenly decks him out of no-where with a Clothesline, taking him to the canvas. He stomps the holy crap out of him, kicking him until he decides to get him back to his feet and finish this.



What the hell is going on? Willie drops to his knees and laughs like a maniac, whatever alliance he had with Will Abel having disintegrated by design in front of our very eyes. He reaches over and pats him on the chest before sliding to the outside and walking away. Abel slowly stirs in the ring, watching from the canvas as his former and short lived Tag Team partner exits, having changed their plans.

And perhaps, just perhaps, made new ones.

The lights go out and two strange looking children emerge from the back holding candles they both walk towards a microphone set up at the top of the stage, a strange melody begins to play in the background and the two children begin to sing nursery rhymes while holding the candles.

Mother then emerges from the darkness and begins to walk down the ramp her robe giving the illusion she is gliding.

She slides into the ring and produces a microphone as the lights return.

“Scarecrow, I know you hear me,” she rattles off with passion. “I know that you’ve yet to answer my challenge for Ring Of Dreams, where we shall end this once and for all. I demand that you answer me. I demand that you face me like the creature you are.”

Suddenly the lights darken once again.


The sounds of crows squawking fills the arena as smoke slowly pipes through into the crowd and ringside area. Mother watches on in horror as the entire darkened School Yard becomes a foggy graveyard of sorts.

“You should never have lied to me. I am the keeper of the darkness, the creature of the night. I am he who walks behind the rows and my children, they cannot be killed by fire.”

As he speaks, children of the corn begin crawling creepily out from underneath the ring. They start to enter from all sides, terrifying the woman who only last week, thought she had killed them.

“I accept your challenge,” he booms with a rapturous voice as she screams. The children drag her to the ground in great number, pulling her from the ring. “If you survive that long. Where your eyes don’t go…”

The children of the corn now have her outside the ring and start pulling her towards the entrance ramp, forcing her to take her leave.

“Fear The Scarecrow.”

The Messiah’s messenger and the chosen one stand toe to toe to start this match off. The newcomer, with the fans in attendance behind him begins to gain the upper hand. A hop toss leaves Cross on the floor holding his back, such was the ferocity. Early cover by Ash followed by a quick kick out for Cross. Wanting to keep up the pace, Williams leans down but is met with an eye gouge for his troubles. Cross buying some time and slides his way to the corner. Williams is protesting to the referee. Desmond Cross being Desmond Cross has a look of evil in his eyes.

Sneakily Cross undoes the top turnbuckle. The Chosen One walks toward, a seemingly out of breathe Desmond. Once close enough, Cross snap out of it and hooks Ash by the skull BANG. Desmond Cross has just drove Ash Williams skull into the unprotected top turnbuckle…. AGAIN and AGAIN. Ash Williams is POURING of blood here in his debut OSW match, WELCOME TO OSW. Finally the referee intervenes and quizzes Cross, without any proof though he is forced to allow the match to continue.

Ash Williams is all over the shop here, disorientated he’s stumbling. This means nothing to Cross though who reigns in a multiple punch combo to the open wound of Williams. Followed by bouncing off the ropes, he returns with a BIG BOOT…. DODGED. In better physical state due the wound though Cross hit’s a Reverse Elbow on the wound. A roar of pain around the arena but Ash Williams is still not down. Gripping Williams by the throat for a choke slam but NO! NO! kick to Cross’s mid-section. HAIL TO THE KING from nowhere. Pin One….two… THREE. Impressive victory for the new comer here, what a way to start his OSW career.

In the darkened boiler rooms of Old School Wrestling, a secret meeting between two unlikely foes takes place. The first – Zachariah Hawthorn; The Messiah’s Preacher. The second – Destiny Flint; and she’s alone.

“I want some assurances,” Destiny rattles nervously. “I want to know that neither you or Desmond Cross ran down my father. Until I know that, I won’t be at Ring Of Dreams and neither will Mike.”

Hawthorn chuckles at her.

“Why child, what’s to stop my Messiah from simply taking you now?” he scoffs.

“Neither of you want that, Hawthorn. He had me for months chained and locked away. He could of sacrificed me whenever he GODdamn well pleased.”

“Blasphemy, child.” Zachariah interrupts.

This time it’s her who scoffs.

“He wanted to make a statement to the world and the only way he does that is with my pretty ass in the middle of that ring. If you want Mike Lane or myself there, you had better find a way to prove to me that neither you or Desmond Cross were responsible for running down my father.”

She turns confidently to walk away, but Hawthorn isn’t finished.

“We are not the culprits you hunt for, little one. But if Michael wishes to beat the truth out of my Messiah, he’s only one match away. As for your love, I don’t believe he knows that you dwell here with me, does he?” he says accompanied by a sickening laugh. “That’ll be your cross to bear.”

The match begins with Mike Lane and Nigel Royal tying it up in the middle of the ring. They rotate around the ring a couple times, bouncing off the ropes before “The People’s Choice” takes advantage with a MASSIVE European Uppercut that sends Royal reeling. How about that for irony? Single arm DDT coming up, NO it’s a back body flip from “The Bloodline To Greatness” and that one caught Lane off guard. Mike is right back to his feet AND HE’S CAUGHT with a spinning heel kick. Falling against the ropes, he’s rattled. BIG time clothesline from Nigel and Mike Lane finds himself on the arena floor!

Royal wastes no time in going out after him. He drops off the canvas and charges in BUT LANE CATCHES him with a knee to the midsection. AND THERE’S an elbow. And another. One elbow right after the other and Nigel is in trouble. He’s barely on his feet and Lane rolls him into the ring. Lane now… he’s going to the corner. Climbing to the top. INTO THE AIR with a flying leg drop that connects. He goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … NIGEL ROYAL is able to kick out.

“The People’s Choice” won’t stop there. Pulling Nigel to his LOOK OUT! An eye gouge from Royal sends Lane staggering. There’s a boot to the gut from Royal and now he hoists Lane into the air AND DELIVERS A RUNNING POWERBOMB! What a move by Royal and into a cover. ONE … TWO … THIS time it’s Lane that kicks out. And now an angry Royal jumps to his feet. He’s waiting. Watching as Lane struggles to his. LOOK OUT! Belly to back suplex! AND AGAIN from Royal! ANOTHER? IT’S “THE ROYAL FLUSH”!Royal lands the fourth suplex and makes the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! NIGEL ROYAL GETS A BIG WIN OVER MIKE LANE HERE TONIGHT ON AFTERBURN!!!

Nubian Rose’s “Break Out” hits the speakers, and Cayci Spires blows through the curtain to the entrance way. She nods her head in time with the music, hopping from foot to foot as the lyrics kick. Sufficiently warmed up, Cayci confidently strides down the entrance ramp to get in the ring. She quickly ascends to the nearest turnbuckle to scream out to the heavens, receiving maximum support for her fans here in Old School Wrestling.

She drops down and proceeds to get herself a microphone.

“For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Cayci Spires,” she says to a loud cheer from the audience. They know her alright. “And last week, I made my OSW debut. Now some of you will probably be wondering why I came after Pig and the answer is found in the following footage. Roll the tape.”


Cayci – with her hands raised in victory – exits The Pit completely exhausted as she heads toward the smaller ramp in the new arena to the backstage area when suddenly PIG COMES FLYING OUT OF THE ENTRANCE! Cayci looks up at the last second and CRACK! CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL! Pig hops on top of her and begins hammering his fists into her face relentlessly as blood spews from her mouth and nose.

Pig finally releases the grasp of her hair and let’s Cayci’s skull drop to the floor like a rock succumbing to gravity and he stares out at the stunned crowd before smiling wildly


“That attack wasn’t just a message, it was a declaration of war. So when I heard Pig was here and so was a spot on this roster, I knew I had to come. That brings me to Sweet Dreams. For many people, Sweet Dreams holds opportunity, it holds a chance to fight for a Championship belt and that, to any newcomer, is huge.”

“WHY DO I CALL MYSELF A JUGGALO!?!” – “Raw Deal” by Twiztid hits and, as Jake Jeckel explodes on stage, the crowd goes wild with boo’s. Despite their distain, the Juggalo seems to enjoy the reaction, egging people as he moves at a jog towards the ring; air boxing and occasionally flicking his nose with his thumb as he goes. Once ringside Jake rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring, immediately jumping up on the far turnbuckle; camera side.

Cayci backs up slightly as Jake retrieves a microphone of his own and closes in.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you there princess but if you were about to say that your only goal here is Pig, you’re a liar. Sweet Dreams has the opportunity of a life-time and do you know who’s going to take it? It’s the Juggalo. It’s the former multi-time Champion. Pig came here looking for blood and he found me, now you’ve found him – it’s like a cycle, isn’t it? Except Jake Jeckel isn’t the bottom of anyone’s food chain.”

Before Cayci can even spare a reply, the crushing guitars blast through the sound system as the initial blackness wakes up with the sunrise of a white splash that violently attacks those in attendance. There, slowly moving from behind the curtain, is the Luminary Sage himself, Reichous Marx, in his jet-black overcoat and a microphone.

“Dearest clown, you have designs on grandeur, don’t you? It’s not unlike you to see opportunity wherever you lay your hat. Your past exploits speak for themselves, except I’m unafraid of the big bad Juggalo. There’s a chance to shine on the grandest stage and you, you wish for that spotlight to focus firmly on you, don’t you? Like the attention seeker that you are, you’ll do anything to remain in the spotlight.”

Marx enters the ring with Jake and Cayci now, looking rather amused.

“But what you fail to realize is that wherever you go, those who hate you, tend to follow. If anyone in this match finds themselves under the pressure of watching eyes, it’s you Jake Jeckel.”

Jake nods in agreement.

“Oh I don’t doubt that for a second, in fact, I’m counting on it,” The Juggalo remarks with a smirk. He lounges back against the ropes and relaxes himself. “I’m counting on the fact that each and every single one of you want to fight and beat me. You’ll get your chance tonight, Marx.”

The lights dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. Crash makes his way out with a microphone, shaking his head.

“Now just hold on a minute. It would appear that Crash is a little outnumbered here, wouldn’t you say? Each and every single one of you signed a contract with RAGE; however short lived and now you’re here, fighting for an opportunity that CRASH has been here fighting for since the damn near beginning,” he says entering the ring to a cheer from the crowd. “Well here’s a newsflash for you, this isn’t RAGE; this is OLD… SCHOOL… WRESTLING!”

The fans are on their feet and roar.

“And in Old School Wrestling, Crash fought Red River Jack to keep those dreams alive. If anyone is going to win SWEET DREAMS, it isn’t you, it’s CRASH.”

Tensions are rising in the ring now as four of the six competitors face off. They’re about to fight, at least it seems that way, until a massive SQUEAL interrupts. There’s no talking as “March Of The Pigs” hits and Pig comes running to the ring, sliding in. He tackles Cayci instantly to the ground and starts slugging away at her.

Jeckel meanwhile attacks Marx and Crash does the right thing, pulling Pig from Cayci and dropping him with a right hand.

Just then, the man before steps out onto the entrance ramp, looking rather stone faced. Cayci gets back to her feet and realizes his presence, looking on in shock as she does.

“James Hunter?” she asks quizzically, almost in disbelief that he’s here.

He walks to the ring with a purpose, pulling himself up onto the ring apron. Cayci doesn’t wait any longer, running towards him with a boot that he side-steps, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her to the floor. Hunter steps over the top rope and catches Crash with a Big Boot, dropping him to the canvas as well.

Pig meanwhile has escaped to the outside, knowing better than to want anything to do with The Question.

Jake Jeckel and Reichous Marx turn around to a Double Clothesline, sending them to the canvas as well. James stands there, the last man standing, looking around the carnage in the ring – clearly having taken Ethan Bird’s place in what will be an amazing Sweet Dreams Match.

The segment comes to a close with James stood tall and Pig looking at him oddly from outside the ring.

Alone following Mother’s ‘abduction,’ Scarecrow shows no reticence in starting. He grabs Pickpocket before he and Konstantine can decide who’s to start, and throws pounding lefts and right into his gut. A big clothesline floors ‘Pocket, who hops up and immediately eats a big boot! …1! No, he kicks out, but the punishment continues. ‘Crow smashes his fist into Pickpocket’s skull time and time again, but when he pulls him up and whips him to the ropes, Pickpocket counters with a dropkick! Scarecrow stumbles backwards as Pickpocket chips away at him, but he can’t quite stumble the bigger man… until he reaches into Scarecrow’s jacket, grabs a handful of hay, and tosses it into his eyes!

Blind tag from Konstantine, who ignores Pickpocket’s protest and heads for ‘Crow, stomping away but unable to hault the beast’s rise. He boots Scarecrow between the legs and pokes whatever the hell he has instead of eyes then snapmares him to the ground and applies a sleeper, but Scarecrow’s able to battle out through pure strength alone. Konstantine hits the ropes, and when he comes back, a spinebuster drives everything out of his lungs. …1! …2! The King kicks-out!

Scarecrow’s ready to finish things. He tosses Konstantine to his own corner, and Pickpocket slaps his shoulder. Pickpocket charges the Hayman and ducks a lariat, then dropkicks his backside. Scarecrow stumbles, and Pickpocket rolls him up! …1! …2! No! ‘Crow powers out! Pickpocket knows he has to capitalise and heads for the top rope! He turns around… WAIT A MINUTE! SCARECROW’S UP! The Harvester takes Pickpocket by the collar and waistband and tosses him across the ring! Konstantine momentarily hops back in, then looks at his suffering partner and lets a long, sly grin roll across his face.

Konstantine is done. He turns and slowly makes his way up the ramp, leaving Pickpocket to Scarecrow’s mercy. Scarecrow hoists Pickpocket high… but PICKPOCKET COUNTERS! HURRICANRANA! Scarecrow finds himself on his knees and WHAAACKK!! HOME INVASION!! A MASSIVE THRUSTING BOOT TO THE FACE! PICKPOCKET COVERS …1! …2! …3!!! Pickpocket slays the Hayman, and The King is beside himself and trundles back to the ring, enraged.

After the match has transpired, Pickpocket and King Konstantine are left alone in the ring. The Thief has a word or two he wants to share with The King and grabs him around the neck for good measure. His panicked “Wait, wait!” doesn’t stop Pickpocket who’s about to strike when Nigel Royal trundles out onto the stage with a sack.

“What’s the matter, mate?” Nigel says hissing into his microphone whilst the tied up sack starts struggling. “Are you missing your little ape, is that it? This little bugger is a feisty one. Maybe I can solve that eh?”

He heads backstage for a split second and comes back onto the ramp way with a baseball bat.

“Now I think it’s time you took your hands off our King, don’t you? I wouldn’t want to have to take this bat to that little blighter but if you make me, I’ll wrap it around his head until the blood soaks through that canvas bag.”

Pickpocket quickly releases Konstantine who walks towards the ring apron and asks for a microphone of his own.

“Sir Royal, it’s a pleasure to see thou again,” Konstantine gleefully remarks. Nigel nods with a smile equally as big from the entrance ramp. “You see Pickpocket, the position you’re in is a simple one. If you hand back our Championships, I shall face you at Ring Of Dreams and hand back to thou, in whatever condition he appears to be in, your little monkey fellow. If you choose otherwise, and I suggest that you doth not, sir Royal will make little monkey mince meat out of your chimp.”

Understandably, Pickpocket slides straight out of the ring and reaches under it, grabbing both Championship belts. He slides straight back into the ring and tosses them at the feet of a gleeful Konstantine.

Nigel Royal seems delighted.

“I’m glad you came around and saw things from our point of view. The problem is, our trustworthy King isn’t in possession of the bat.” Nigel says throwing his microphone to the floor.

He turns around and SWINGS….

SPEAR!! SPEAR!! SPEAR!! Pickpocket leaps for joy as MATTHEW CORIES rushes the entrance ramp and Spears Nigel Royal to oblivion. The King looks utterly panicked and turns around to see Pickpocket, who lunges for him – except he dives from the ring and quickly looks set to escape, with both his and Nigel Royal’s Championship belts.

Cories slugs away at Nigel until he rolls off the entrance ramp and scarpers around back, holding his stomach as Pickpocket makes a run for the ramp. Matthew helps him undo the bag to reveal a rather worse for wear Buford. Pickpocket scoops him straight up into an embrace, hugging the life out of the poor fellow as Cories mouths to an escaping Nigel that “He’s coming for that title.”

Marcus X stands in front of Isaiah Black fearless, telling him that he manipulated him, tortured him and made him look a fool. Black strikes with vicious forearms, shutting his mouth as he almost knocks his face off. The Champion throws him to the outside and follows to a cheer, only to be elbowed in the gut by Marcus. Brother Marcus reaches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair, crashing it over his face. He quickly turns that on end and drives it multiple times into his mid-section, making a point as the crowd boo. X helps Isaiah back to his feet and launches him straight into the ring post.

Black bounces off but somehow back elbows into Marcus as he charges, catching him off guard. He checks his face for blood and uppercuts X to the floor, reaching down for the apron and pulling out a weapon of his own – a steel pipe. Pipe in hand, he waits for X to get back up and when he does, runs it across his forehead. Marcus hits the floor in agony and tries to escape, only Isaiah isn’t allowing that to happen. He grabs him by the head and throws him back into the ring.

The crowd are on their feet as Marcus tries to escape the ring, only to be grabbed by Black and right handed to the corner. He beats on him with right hands before dragging him out and BEAUTIFUL DEATH! BEAUTIFUL! Isaiah doesn’t cover though and waits for him to get back to his knees, storming across the ring and THE GRAND LEVELLER! GOODNIGHT! THE WORLD CHAMPION NAILS HIM! He covers….. 1….. 2….. 3! Isaiah Black gets some revenge on Marcus X who put up one hell of a fight against the World Champion.

After watching Mother being escorted out of the ring tonight, we head to the boiler room with sights on more shenanigans. When we arrive there, Mother is seen with Scarecrow, being held against her will – surrounded by The Children Of The Corn.

“Don’t you see? I cannot be killed with fire and nor can my children. Something about us returns us from the ash to the fierce creatures you see before you.”

She squirms against his grip.

“I will end you,” she hisses at him. “You stole them from me, you stole my baaabbbiieeesssss.”

Her whining voice almost makes The Scarecrow cringe.

“Every monster has its own end, Mother. For some is it other evil, for others, it is the very good in humanity itself. For me? Well, for me, it is not fire. But for you?” he says, opening a furnace door with his spare hand. “For you, we shall see.”

Suddenly – and in the most shocking of circumstances, he grabs Mother by his spare hand and with both, forces her head first into the furnace as the lights suddenly shut off. Her screams pierce our ears as Scarecrow presumably forces her inside and slams the door.

We listen intensely for a moment.

Mothers screams echo to an eventual silence.

Then the lights return and The Scarecrow is alone, surrounded by piles of ash and dust. He looks into the fire of the furnace through the door and hisses.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. That is Mother Nature.”

The bell barely has a chance to ring before Jeckel and Marx pounce on one another. The Juggalo outlasts Marx in the brawl and drills him with knee to the gut and an elbow to the skull, before scoop slamming him down and following-up with an elbow drop. Jeckel stomps away on Marx, but Reichous rises through the barrage and grabs hold of Jake, hitting a big belly-to-belly side suplex then pushing him to the corner and tying his arms up in the ropes. Marx charges forward with a big spear in the corner! Jeckel slumps down to the ground, but doesn’t stay there long — quickly, Marx tosses him outside to face the wolves.

Pig is all over him like a fly to dogshit, raining hard lefts and rights down before he and Hunter pick the Juggalo up and toss him back insde. Marx makes the cover… 1! …2! No! Jake powers a shoulder up. Marx tries to pick Jake up but Jeckel’s burst of rage wins-out and he throws Marx against the ropes, hitting a flapjack on the return. He pulls Marx up and throws his head under his arm, then hoists him up… and drills him with the Juggalo Jackhammer! …1! …2! NO! Big kick-out!

Disappointed, Jake spits on the mat as he rises to admonish the referee, allowing Marx time to latch onto his leg and pull him to the mat. The Luminary Sage attempts a Boston Crab, but Jake breaks free, and that’s enough to warrant Marx rolling him to the outside then follow him out. The sharks circle — Spires and Crash on one side, Hunter and Pig on the other — as Marx whips Jake back-first against the announce table, then pulls him up and tosses him at Cayci and Crash! Marx turns to strike Hunter, and an all-out brawl ensues!

Crash hits the ring steps! Hunter DDT’s Marx into the mat! Jeckel is brawling with Cayci and uses his superior size to push her away. He’s looking for Marx but it’s too late… DING! DING! DING! The referee’s call puts an end to the anarchy, and as a furious Jeckel storms the ring to confront him, Pig dives in and attacks! Cayci piles in as well, determined to separate the two rageballs, but a swarm of officials dash down the ramp and force themselves between the brawling wrestlers.

When Red River Jack heads to the backstage area, he enters his locker room to find blood smeared everywhere. The walls are covered in bloodied prints, both of hands, heads and whatever else may break or shattered against the concrete. He looks down to the floor and finds David Manson and Brandon Hate. They’re both bloodied, beaten to an absolute pulp and in the worst shape imaginable.

Red bends a knee to see Manson, a white robe thrown across him, stained with his blood.

“I….” David tries to speak. Red gets in closer, rubbing at matted wet hair across his face. “I… chose Death.”

David finally falls to unconsciousness and Jack tries valiantly to wake him, only to no avail.

He stands up and surveys the room for one last time. It’s like something from a horror movie that only Isaiah Black could be responsible for. Red steps backwards and allows the waiting EMT’s to enter, saying nothing, doing nothing as they try to service the extremely brutalized bodies of David Manson and Brandon Hate.

For soon, all hell will break loose.

It’s just matter of time.

In the backstage area, OSW newcomer Bobby South finds himself in front of a camera with a microphone. It’s time he introduced himself to fans here in Old School Wrestling and he wastes no time in doing so.

“Ya’ll don’t know me but you’re about to. My name is Bobby South and I’m The Real Deal. I’ve walked into the OSW with a chip on my shoulder and thirst for some of that Championship gold,” he says with a cocky swagger about him. “Now before I do that, I need an opponent to make an example out of at Ring Of Dreams and I don’t think that anyone-“

Suddenly a roaring voice interrupts him.

“Hey hey hey! Bobby South, thug life,” Longboat – a self proclaimed Viking says as he mocks Bobby with mixed up hand signals. “He’s new, he’s hot and claiming he’s tough enough for a title shot? The Viking raiders don’t wanna hear that outsider. There’s a myth that there’s another newcomer on the block and he’s coming to get you. He’s a mead drinking, ass whipping tough son a dog called Longboat.”

Bobby quickly turns around to face him with a sneer.

“But let Longboat be real honest with you milk drinker. You’re on Afterburn and you gotta make your mark. Longboat has sailed over eight thousand kilometres to be here tonight outsider and there’s no way, may Odin strike Longboat down, that Bobby South is the next big thing.”

The fans cheer, absolutely loving this as Bobby watches on in utter bemusement.

“Do you know who you’re talking to, huh?” Bobby demands to know.

Longboat scoffs.

“Longboat is talking to you, hraumi. Send the raven to the icy lands and alert the townsfolk that Longboat is issuing an open challenge of his own; an open challenge to this níðingr before him. When the battle is over and Longboat stands above your merciful remains, the Viking raiders chanting for your slayer, may you fear the reckoning of those you have wronged.”

With that said, Longboat turns and walks away, leaving South in an utter state of rage and embarrassment. He decides not to strike today, but he will. Will Longboat be ready?

The bell sounds and the two men circle each other as they are surrounded by tables. Jack wastes little time in going right after Kersh, kicking him right in the midsection and driving him back to the turnbuckle. After backing off, Jack rushes toward Kersh looking to connect with A Thousand Words but Kersh is waiting. He stops the momentum of Jack by blocking the knee and pushing him to the canvas. Kersh comes right after Jack and drops him with a double leg take down and reigns in the lefts and rights, until Jack is able to push him off and slide to the outside.

Kersh doesn’t allow for any separation, he slides out of the ring after him. Jack was waiting for him though, boot to the midsection, grabbing a chair that is near, Jack swings the chair and smashes the back of Kersh. Jack grabs two tables and quickly sets them up, right next to each other. Jack and Kersh both fight their way back to the apron. On the apron, they battle with stiff punches. Punch after punch, both are dazed. Jack begins to fall and he grabs Kersh. THEY FALL OFF THE APRON THROUGH THE TABLES!!! The referee is all over it, saying it was incidental and the match must continue.

A table is slid into the ring by Kersh and he throws Jack back into the ring. Kersh sets the table up, leaning against the ropes and continues his onslaught. Jack goes for a kick to the midsection but this time Kersh is waiting, he catches the leg, pulling Jack in closer, HE HEADBUTTS HIM OVER AND OVER!!! Jack looks unconscious. T-BONE SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER!!! The body of Red River Jack has crumpled through the table and Brent Kersh has won an impressive match tonight.

When we head to the backstage area, Ash Williams is looking rather distraught. He’s searching around his locker room like a maniac as if he’s lost something of great value. The Hangman walks in, interrupting his frantic search.

“Have you seen it?” Ash asks him whilst continuing to turn the locker room upside down. “It’s the book, it’s missing.”

“What book? I’ve never seen a book.” The Hangman openly admits in confusion.

Ash storms over to him and slams him against the wall, his forearm thrust into his tag team partners throat.

“The Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead, the very reason you’re here, ugly. Where the hell is it?” he demands to know once again, this time thrusting his forearm into the throat of Hangman who clearly finds that frustrating, given the circumstances. He pushes him back forcefully, creating separation. “I want my book back or else I’ll rip you limb from limb, deadite.”

“I don’t have your book. I’ve never seen your book and if you grab me like that again, you won’t be found looking for it, either,” Hangman says stepping closer. “Now relax, before I get angry.”


The Hangman falls to the floor and hits his head, knocking him entirely unconscious. Ash stands over him and blows on his punching hand.

“BOOM goes the deadite.”

He steps over Hangman and exits the locker room, leaving his once former partner out cold on the concrete. Whatever is going on with this guy simply isn’t normal. What book? There’s been no book at all.

The bell tolls and our main event is underway. Cayci Spires and Pig stare each other down with complete focus as though they’ve forgotten they’re within the confines of a fifteen foot high steel cage. Cayci rushes in and connects with a dropkick that does seemingly nothing to the Monster. Spires is on her feet again and begins smashing Pig with European Uppercuts until the Monster hooks her under the arms and LAUNCHES HER OVER HIS HEAD BACK FIRST INTO THE WALL OF THE CAGE!! Spires crumples to the mat but Pig is in pursuit. He lifts her to her feet, backs up and charges for an AVALANCHE… BUT SPIRES DROPS TO THE MAT SENDING PIG FACE FIRST INTO THE CAGE!!

Pig staggers back… Spires hops onto the top rope and sends herself flying… MISSLE DROPKICK THAT SENDS PIG TO THE CANVAS!! Cayci is on her feet quick and begins scaling the cage wall- she’s a quick vixen. Pig makes it to his feet also and climbs the turnbuckle and grabs her. Pig hooks her on his shoulders… GOOD GOD… HE’S GOING TO POWERBOMB HER FROM THE TOP ROPE… BUT SPIRES HOOKS HER HEELS AND SENDS THEM BOTH FLYING TO THE MAT WITH A HURRICANRANNA FROM THE TOP!!!

Pig seems worse for wear as Cayci heads for the cage door… but Luther is there!! Cayci tries to push the door open but Luther is leaning into it with all his weight. Pig comes up behind Spires and wraps his hand around her throat… MASSIVE CHOKESLAM!!! Wait a second… IS THAT?? JAKE JECKEL JUST HOPPED OVER THE BARRICADE!!! Jeckel grabs Luther and SLAMS HIM AGAINST THE CAGE WALL!! Pig stares at Jeckel who offers a middle finger salute to one of his Ring of Dreams opponents. Jeckel goes to the cage door to enter BUT PIG RUNS AT THE DOOR WITH A BIG BOOT!! BIG BOOT SENDS THE CAGE DOOR SLAMMING ACROSS THE FACE OF JAKE JECKEL!!! Pig steps over the ropes… through the cage door… and to the outside!! THIS ONE IS OVER!! PIG WINS!!

We cut to the parking lot.

What we see there is no surprise. It’s Isaiah Black, his hands dripping with blood as he casually exits The School Yard.

There’s no emotion on his face. There’s no sympathy, sorrow or remorse. There’s just the cold blooded stare of a man on a mission to hurt everything and everyone he comes into contact with.


Suddenly the wheel spin of tyres can be heard as a FORKLIFT COMES CRASHING INTO THE SCENE! HOLY FUCK!


The camera rushes over to the rubble, checking to see what the hell is going on.

What it finds there is Isaiah Black, laying beneath concrete blocks, an almost mangled mess. When it looks towards the driver, hanging half out of the seat, a gaping bloodied wound on his forehead is Red River Jack.

We step back to survey the carnage once more, watching as people from inside The School Yard and out go rushing over to our two Ring Of Dream competitors. Neither of them have moved an inch since impact.

How the hell will either of them make it to Ring Of Dreams now?

Afterburn goes off the air with a scene full of mayhem as people try to get both men out of the mess they’ve caused.