The first shot of this week’s Afterburn shows the crowd in a frenzy, awaiting the start of the show.

The bell sounds and that unmistakable voice booms.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

The fans cheering just then gets louder because rolling out of the speakers is none other than Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. The Enforcer steps out onto the ramp way and surveys the audience, giving them a nod of appreciation as he makes a focused walk towards the ring – wearing his Old School Wrestling black tee with more pride than ever.

He hops between the ropes and receives a microphone from Paloma Ruiz, heading towards the ring’s centre.

“This is what Old School Wrestling is about,” Brent says, holding the microphone up in the air to capture the crowds roar. He brings it back down with a faint smile of his own. “This is why we came together, became a family and made this show worth seeing. Last week, RAGE tried to end this for me.”

The fans booing immediately interrupts him.

“They almost succeeded.”

“SCARECROW…. SCARECROW… SCARECROW…” the fans interrupt again.

Brent nods in agreement. “That’s right. If it wasn’t for him, it feels odd to say, but I likely wouldn’t be here right now. And that’s just it, don’t you see? I was alone in that ring last week. I was alone and I shouldn’t be,” he says with a deep sadness. “It isn’t just me that they’re coming after, it’s all of us. They’ve invaded Old School Wrestling with a mind to making this RAGE and I don’t know about you, but we should be sticking together.”

By now, poor Kersh is pacing the ring.

“The fact that we haven’t has already caused losses we can’t recover from. Gabriel Cain, Jimmy Sartyr, Crash and if we allow it, the list will grow as the weeks go by. They’ve invaded every facet of our company. They’ve brought their own RAGE Championship, they’ve wormed their way into a war with Neville Sheldon, Cayci, Reichous Marx and have even captured our Hardcore title.”

He comes back to the centre and with a shake of his head, heart in mouth, he proclaims the truth.


Then he’s interrupted.



As the bouncing, grooving beat of “Call 9-1-1” by Westside Connection begins over the PA system, immediately the fans begin booing. Brent stops and turns his attention to the entrance way, awaiting the gianr.

Freight Train Ferguson steps out as swiftly and violently as a tornado, the giant of a man, with two enormous middle fingers held straight in the air. He is surprisingly spry and nimble, despite his 7 feet, and he bounces softly on his feet down to the ring as he raps along with his entrance music. Stepping over the ring ropes and into the ring, he pulls a microphone out of his shorts.

“What’s the matter, fuck nugget? Has Freight Train Ferguson and RAGE scared the shit out of ya? Well Freight Train Ferguson thinks he may of saved you a ton in adult diapers, old man. This ain’t no fucking help the aged rally, so why don’t you fuck off? This is a young man’s game, this is Freight Train motherfucking Fergusons game, bitch.”

Kersh snarls, stepping forward. “You’ve got a mouth on you, don’t you? Only last week, it was Scarecrow who kept it shut.”

“HA!” FTF scoffs. “Freight Train Ferguson ain’t afraid of the Big.. Bad… Crow. That motherfucker can get a crow shoved straight up his ass and-”


That came out of no-where. Brent Kersh whacks Ferguson with a solid right hand, stumbling him backwards. The Train though isn’t going to take that lying down and before you know it, both men are trading punches to a massive ovation in the middle of the ring.

Back and forth they go, the ‘old man’ showing no signs of slowing up, edging the better of the exchange..


With the odds evened, RAGE send Azrael trundling to the ring! He slides in but the lights go out.



The lights return and THERE HE IS!! THE SCARECROW!! Azrael stands before Azrael and CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!! JUST AS BRENT KERSH DOES THE SAME TO FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!! Both men can’t believe it! They regroup at the stage and walk backwards up the ramp, talking trash as they go.

The Scarecrow grabs a microphone from the canvas and turns to Brent Kersh, who wisely keeps his distance.

“You are not… alone,” he says before turning his attention to Azrael and Ferguson. “Where YOUR,” emphasis on the your for the RAGE guys. “Eyes don’t go… FEAR THE SCARECROW.”

The lights stay on as Scarecrow throws down his microphone and points towards the RAGE guys making their exit. Brent looks on in shock, an alliance we never thought we’d see.

The bell rings and Ethan Bird charges Noboru Tanaka, knocking him down with a hard running clothesline. Tanaka gets up and is met by a closed right hand to the jaw. Another punch sends Tanaka into the corner. A relentless Bird drives a barrage of knees into Tanaka’s torso until the referee’s count hits four. Ethan holds his hands in the air and backs to the opposite corner.

Grimacing, Tanaka’s hand holds the top rope while his other arm clutches his stomach. Bird circles from a distance like a vulture. The two come together to tie up but Tanaka drops low, sweeping the legs of Bird, Quick cover!


The kick out creates some distance. Bird is almost back to his feet when Tanaka kicks him hard in the thigh. Spinning heel kick to the stomach! Tanaka puts everything into a roundhouse aimed for Bird’s head but Ethan ducks. Bird yells as he hoists Tanaka off his feet and drives him to the mat. Full nelson slam! The speed of Noboru Tanaka hasn’t been enough to counter Bird’s power thus far.

Ethan Bird presses a single hand against the chest of Tanaka.



Tanaka shoves away Bird’s arm and rolls toward the ropes, using them to gain a vertical base. This time Bird pursues his prey, kicking Tanaka in the guts before scooping him over his shoulder. Tanaka barely slips from the powerslam attempt and Bird puts on the brakes before hitting the turnbuckles. His arms are trapped before he can turn around and his feet leave the ground. Straight jacket suplex from Tanaka! A bridging pin!



No! The crowd gasp as Ethan Bird turns, his shoulder up at the last second. Noboru looks skyward before pulling Bird to his feet, grabbing his wrist and pining his arm over his own throat. Tanaka tries to lift Bird for Haiboku but he twists free and sends Tanaka into the ropes. The rebound is faster than anticipated, Noboru vaulting into a handspring back elbow that connects with Bird’s ear. Ethan doesn’t go down but he’s on rubber legs.

Tanaka runs the ropes again. Springboard cross body! No! What an amazing counter! Ethan Bird utterly splattered him with a Samoan drop! Both men are battered but it’s Ethan Bird who gets to his feet first. He makes a point of pulling his opponent to the middle of the ring with a deep headlock. Bird hooks a leg. World’s End DDT! Cover!




Noboru Tanaka put up a great showing but Ethan Bird got the early advantage and never really let Tanaka get it into that high gear that favors him. An impressive, calculated win for Bird.

There’s something strange going on backstage.

That probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard that.

But when we arrive, witnessing two grown men in Speedo’s chasing girls around a make shift paddling pool, you know something is up. Furthermore, watching from a distance in disgust; Hate and David Manson.

“Don’t just stare, join in!” shouts EEL who just so happens to be slipping out of his Speedo. “There’s plenty of the beautiful people to go around, even for you ugly folk!”

“HEY, aren’t you those guys we’re going to beat tonight?” Rainmaker joins in, tipping his glasses. He reaches down and snaps off his Speedo, flicking it in their direction. “What’s the matter guys? Did you come to sniff out the competition.”

Hate tries to step forward, eager to get him some, only Manson pulls him back.

“Not now, later…”

The Awakening slowly back away, leaving The Beautiful People to frolic with their lady friends.

“It’s going to be a beautiful day in the Tag Team Division, wouldn’t you say?” Long asks.

Rainmaker smirks. “Let’s make it rain!”

As the bell rings, Wes begins pounding his fists together in anticipation. Cooter merely just gazes across the ring with a determined look in his eye. The two behemoths lock up as they battle for position. Cooter’s leg slides back a little, but he manages to use his other leg and forcefully take down Wes! Wes bounces back up with a look of shock on his face.

The crowd is eating this up as they begin cheering on Cooter!

Wes gets to his feet as he seems pissed off by the crowd cheering on his opposition. He turns around and yells at the crowd to stop. They, of course, do not oblige. Wes turns to Cooter who has a smug expression on his face. Wes takes him down with a high-impact spear!

Cooter hits the mat hard as Wes quickly turns Cooter on his belly and applies an STF! Cooter tries to reach for the ropes, but Wes isn’t allowing much wiggle room. The larger Cooter presses off of the apron hard as he slowly stretches across to the ropes! He inches closer and closer until…

He’s got it!

Cooter has reached the ropes, but Wes isn’t relenting on the hold. In fact, he wrenches it back even further! The referee tries to pull him off but can’t. He begins the count.

…4 and Wes releases the hold.

Wes gets to his feet and pulls Cooter up. He throws Cooter into the ropes and lifts him up for THE WES-

No! Cooter grabs his arm and hits a high-impact arm drag! Cooter hits the ground hard, but Wes hits it harder.

Cooter slowly gets up holding his neck. Wes is slow to stand as well. As he does, Cooter hits a three punch combo! He rears back for a forth one, but hits the ropes instead. He comes off and drills his boot into the chin of Wes! It knocks him to the mat! Cooter goes for the pinfall!



…NO! Wes powers out.

Cooter pulls him to his feet, but Wes punches Cooter in the ribs several times! Cooter backs away as Wes hits a stiff uppercut knocking Cooter backwards into the corner!

Wes goes to an opposite corner. He stomps his foot up and down twice to ‘load it up.’

Wes rushes across the ring and nails it! Cooter is out cold seemingly! Wes lifts him up and throws his limp body off the ropes. As soon as he bounces off, Wes propels the dead weight into the air and connects with a crooked arm lariat!


He goes for the pinfall.




Wes Warhammer gets back to his feet after that awesome debut victory. What a start here in Old School Wrestling!

Axel The Shark is sitting in his locker room, a big plate of Chinese food in front of him. He is currently slurping up some Lo Mein noodles. He struggles with his chopsticks, trying to pick up a pile of rice that keeps crumbling with every grasp. He looks up and notices the camera.

“Oh! Hi there, Sharkheads! I’m just grabbing a bite to eat. It’s no wonder why all those Chinese people are so skinny. Have you ever tried to use these things!?” he pinches the air with his chop sticks.

“Last week at Afterburn Noboru Tanaka and I lost out at the chance to qualify for Ring King. But that’s okay! Remember, kids, it’s not about winning, but having fu……”

Axel is interrupted when his locker room door opens, and in walks Noboru Tanaka and a young Asain appearing woman.

“Oh, hi, Noboru! Would you like some cuisine from your homeland?”

“黙れ! 私は中国語ではない!”

The woman stands beside Tanaka. “Hello, I am Mr. Tanaka’s translator. He politely asks you to stop talking and stop calling him Chinese. Mr. Tanaka is Japanese.”

“What?! I’m sorry, buddy!” Axel replies.

“沈黙! 私たちは私たちの戦いを失ったことあなたのせいです。”

“Mr. Tanaka says “Silence! It is your fault that we lost our match!”

The Shark looks shocked. “Excuse me? I mean, sure we didn’t win, but don’t we share the blame? If anything, you were the one who was pinned, I mean we…….

Tanaka cuts Axel off by spraying a green mist into the face and eyes of Axel. The Shark drops to the ground rolling around disoriented.


The translator looks as though she has no idea what to do.

“Mr. Tanaka says, ‘This is not over.”

The match begins as Axel charges across the ring and nails a dropkick that doesn’t do more than just knock Willie back a few steps. He gets back to his feet and hits a second! Willie just shakes it off again. Axel goes for a third one, but Willie moves out of the way of this one. Willie hits the rope and, as Axel gets to his feet, NAILS a running dropkick of his own!

The force of the blow sends Axel scurrying across the ring and out onto the floor!

The crowd is booing as Willie gets to his feet and stands tall as Axel the Shark is trying to get back to his feet. He climbs onto the apron and leaps up onto the top rope and springs forward for a DDT! Willie isn’t having any of that as he nails a clothesline taking Axel to the mat!

Axel is down as Willie goes over and places a boot on the chest of Axel.



…NO! Axel kicks out.

Willie grabs him by the mask and lifts him to his feet. As he does, Axel leaps into the air and nails a DDT! Willie’s head spikes into the mat. Axel is back to his feet as Willie is trying to shake the cobwebs out. Axel runs off the ropes and leaps over Willie but grabs his head as he drives him down for a bulldog!

Axel is getting fired up as the crowd is really getting into it!

Willie gets to his knees, but SUSHI KICK! The Shining Wizard connects dropping Willie to the mat. He goes for the cover.



…LIFT! Willie lifts Axel up and throws him over on top of the referee! The referee isn’t budging.

Axel looks at the referee and begins to push him awake, but it’s to no avail. Willie grabs Axel by the mask and whips him into the corner. Willie begins punching him in the ribs harshly. He lifts up Axel and drops him throat first on the top rope! Axel falls to the ground in pain, but Willie places his throat on the bottom rope and stomps on the back of his head; choking Axel on the bottom rope.

Willie lifts Axel The Shark up and Axel reaches around and bites Willie on the ass! Willie leaps up in shock and anger! He rears back to punch Axel, but Axel ducks under and hits a German suplex!

Axel climbs the top rope and looks down at Willie before leaping for a SHARK DIVE! The senton bomb is connected as he hooks the legs!




At least that’s what the crowd chants! Axel looks around confused before realizing the referee is still down. He crawls over and nudges the referee who seems to finally be coming to his senses. Axel turns around and Willie smashes him with a spear! Willie lifts him up quickly, kicks him in the gut and…


The pump powerbomb with Axel landing right on his chest. Willie rolls him over and pins him down. The referee is finally in position.




Willie Manson picks up the win here tonight!

Backstage and we’re peering through a crack in the door of Mike Lane’s locker room, seeing the former People’s Choice on his knees; praying. When someone barges past the cameraman and walks in, revealing himself to be Red River Jack, he’s less than pleased.

“What the…” Jack says in shock. “Get the hell up, man. Stop that, stop that right now.”

Mike jumps to his feet, almost as shocked that he was caught as Jack was catching him.

“What do you think you’re doing, man? I’m your GOD now!” Red sneers at him, pushing him backwards into the lockers. “I thought we were getting through to you, Michael. I thought our message was sinking in.”

“I.. It is,” Lane stutters back to boo’s from the crowd. “It’s just Bellator, he sees it differently.”

Jack slaps him.

“Don’t you get it, man? Lux Bellator is another falsehood, offering you fake promises for worship. He’s no different than any salesman, Michael. You shant conversant with the false-holy liar, do you understand me?”

Lane nods as the crowd once again voice their displeasure. Jack scoffs at him and exits the room in a huff, disrespected by his new follower. Just then, as if almost on cue, Lux Bellator walks in with a bible. He places his arm around a disinterested Lane and comforts him.

“There is no darkness without light, and no light without darkness. Come into my embrace, Michael. Come home to the loving arms of your Sheppard. Red River Jack is not the guide you seek.”

He hands him a bible and steps away, nodding at him. Poor Mike Lane doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going; brainwashed by Red River Jack, blackmailed to join his group and now courted by RAGE and Lux Bellator as a pawn.

The Iron Man and the returning Hay Man square up to each other, nose-to-nose, unflinching – HEADBUTT TO THE BRIDGE OF THE NOSE by Scarecrow! Gordon reels but comes back with a clothesline, ducked by ‘Crow, before both men enter a messy tie-up, jockeying for position.

Scarecrow powers Gordon back into the corner and the referee forces a break. Blood oozes from Gordon’s busted nose as Scarecrow slowly steps back – Gordon takes him down with a football tackle! KIMURA BY SCARECROW!? NO! GORDON GRABS THE ROPE!

Another break by the official as Robert kicks the rope, almost getting caught out early there. He and Scarecrow stalk each other… Gordon with the go-behind, and he slams the back of ‘Crow’s head into the mat, followed by a fist drop!

Strong kickout by the guardian of the crops.

The Harvester gets back up, and Gordon traps him in a waistlock. He goes for the German but Scarecrow grabs the rope. Gordon can’t shift him, and Scarecrow whips a back elbow at him, but Gordon spins out to avoid it. Scarecrow steps forwards – JUSTICE cutter – Scarecrow shoves him off!

Both men clearly have each other well-scouted despite being strangers. Gordon comes back at Scarecrow but a TILT O WHIRL SLAM puts him down! Scarecrow is back on his feet, and he drops a headbutt on Gordon.



Iron Justice kicks out. Scarecrow glares at the referee, before clawing at Gordon’s face, blocking his airways and choking him as bits of hay litter the mat from the thrashing about! The referee gets involved, but Gordon swats ‘Crow off and rolls under the ropes for respite. He pulls himself up on the apron as the Hay Man slowly approaches. Scarecrow with a big HAYMAKER but GORDON DUCKS IT… Gordon with the shoulder to the gut… grabs the Hay Man in a front facelock… he lifts him up for a suplex –


The crowd gasp as Scarecrow lands awkwardly on the buckle, strut and post. Looks like Gordon is doing a little improv here, and sure enough, he LEAPS UP FOR THE CUTTER! ROUGH JUST – SCARECROW JUMPS DOWN!

Both men on the apron now, separated by the corner post. Gordon goes for the kill but HAYMAKER FROM SCARECROW! Gordon flips over the ropes back into the ring, nearly out cold. Scarecrow climbs back in slowly, the buckle suplex taking its toll.

Scarecrow holds his arms out, getting a surprising pop as he signals for the end. He peels Gordon off the mat, then picks him up into a crucifix – you know what’s coming next!

LIGHTS OUT, this is it! Camera flashes go off in the darkness, trying to steal a glimpse of the magic…

LIGHTS BACK ON. GORDON IS OUT COLD as Scarecrow stands tall! THE PERCH! Scarecrow methodically sinks into a cover on his latest victim!




The referee doesn’t dare try to raise the Harvester’s hand and instead checks Gordon over. Scarecrow puts his hat on and lowers his head. Things go dark again. A crow squawks, bringing the lights back on, and Scarecrow has disappeared.

Cooter Hayes looks rather sheepish as he approaches the locker room of Bruce Van Chan and his wife Paige. After last week, it’s of no surprise that when he knocks the door, it’s timid at first.

The lack of answer and social skills means that Hayes decides to just walk on in.

“I need ta talk to yew and I know yew in here,” Hayes says upon entering. Bruce jumps straight up, almost ready to fight. “Now calm down boy, I ain’t here fer no fight. i juss wanna see how yer lady there doin’?”

Chan looks infuriated. “Get out!” he yells. “Get out and don’t come back around here, Cooter.”

“WHAT THE HELL IS YER PROBLEM?” Cooter suddenly yells, apparently temperamental about the situation. “It was an accident and I dun told yew I was sorry! Yer beginnin’ to piss me off with all yer attitude! If yew wanna settle this like a man then we can. How abouts we get inta the ring at Ring King and do exactly that!?”

Bruce steps forward, anger in his eyes, only for Paige to stop him.

“Oh that can happen, Cooter, but first let’s talk about you and me,” she says to a cheer from the crowd. “We have some unfinished business of our own and I don’t know about you, but my husband doesn’t fight my battles for me.”

“I ain’t got no husband!” he stupidly responds.

“Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, princess. So how about it? Me and you, one on one.. next week!”

Cooter storms towards the door here in a huff. “Fine, if ya want yer teeth kicked in then I’mma do just that!”

He storms out as Bruce looks at Paige, wondering if she made the best decision here tonight.

Handshake to start and “Those 90 Guys” get into the action. Cories throws a right, BLOCKED, Williams throws a left, BLOCKED, Cories right, BLOCKED, Williams left, BLOCKED. Cories keeps his arm up in the air and


The crowd roar along in appreciation, Williams would normally clothesline his opponents head off, but this isn’t any match, it’s a match between partners. Allowing him to finish the dance, even smiling along, the two eventually lock up. Cories enjoying the height advantage, Williams the weight, it is The Fresh Prince of Wrestling who gains the upper hand. An arm drag leaves Ash in a sitting position. Bouncing off the ropes and returning with a drop kick, Cories attempts the cover.



Kick-out. Locking up again, Williams whips Cories off the ropes and hits him with a front facelock on his way back. It takes Cories no more than 10 seconds to power out of it though. Williams’ face changes, from the smile to a more intense look. Charging at Cories, arms in the double ax handle position, Cories dodges and hooks him from behind into a crucifix pin position




Last minute kick-out. Allowing his partner to his feet, but then laying him back out, Cories with a spinebuster. Picking him up and whipping The Chosen one off the ropes. HUGE CLOTHESLINE from Williams, he‘s rallying. The Chosen One starts laying in the boots, finishing with a leg drop and a pin.




Nope, his partner powers out. Pulling Matthew to his feet, by his neck, he scoops him up and BACKBREAKER, Williams doesn’t drop Cories though and curling Cories up, like a weight, drops him again. SECOND BACKBREAKER

Another Pin attempt




Cories JUST kicking out, Williams can’t get his head round it. Bringing his man to his feet, he whips him into the corner this time. Charging from the opposite side of the ring he goes for a big Splash.


ZIG-ZAG to Williams, who was slumped in the corner following the miss, to rub salt into the wound. Williams bounces so hard he does a backwards somersault and lands on his feet. SUPER KICK!! Cories going up top, SWANTON BOMB, We have just witnessed… MARCH OF THE DRAGONZORD.




Williams unlucky here, Cories picking up the victory over his partner. Standing over Williams and helping him to his feet as the crowd show there appreciation.

“I’m on my way… to freedom land!” Marcus X’s music hits and the Freedom Fighter saunters out with the United States Championship strapped around his waist, two members of the Brotherhood flanking him.

“Boooo!” The crowd let him have it.

X does his best to ignore them as he enters the ring, but he isn’t dressed for a match; instead he’s in a dark suite with a white shirt and a thin black tie – a microphone in hand. His music fades and he beings speaking to another “Boooo!” from the crowd.

“You people fail to see the truth, even when it’s right there in front of you.” Marcus scoffs. “And the truth is, the Brotherhood is the only group in OSW today that’s trying to make the world a better place.”

The Brotherhood agree with X enthusiastically; the crowd do not.

“We’re strong… ”




“…and we’re not going to stop what we’re doing until we’ve effected change!”

The boo’s are so loud now they nearly drown Marcus out.

“But I didn’t…” The fans start to settle down. “…I didn’t come out here tonight to gloat about how great the Brotherhood is. I came out here to accept Gabriel Cain’s challenge for at shot at my US Championship.”


One of the Brotherhood whispers something in Marcus’ ear and he pretends to be surprised… almost pleasantly so.

“Oh, that’s right… RAGE put Cain on the shelf last week. I forgot!” Marcus smirks. “Oh well, I guess…”

The Old School sound of Dambusters interrupts X, and out walks Royston Ridgewell Hawkes accompanied by his coach. The crowd responds with a mixed reaction but that could just be because he’s come out to interrupt X.

“Enough, Marcus… I’m starting to go off my trolley!” Royston seems to be at his wits end with X… which didn’t take long. “Every week you waffle about this Brotherhood rubbish and I’ve had enough!”

His coach agrees.

“Besides, what makes you so blinding!?!” Royston yells into his microphone. “I have gold too!” He points to the Medal around his neck.

“I defend this gold, Roy… that’s what makes me great.” Marcus responds smugly from the ring.

“You haven’t defended it yet!” Coach yells back.

Royston smiles, encouraging Kensington to continue.

“Since Cain is a non-factor, why don’t you put that gold on the line against my boy Hawkes here?”

The Brotherhood bully the microphone from Marcus.

“Fine!” One yells, to X’s displeasure. “If Royston puts his gold on the line!”

“Fine!” Coach yells back, this time to Royston’s displeasure. “You’re on.”

The Champions music hits as it appears Marcus X is arguing with The Brotherhood, angry that they agreed to put his gold on the line… but at the same, Royston is on the entryway arguing with his coach, angry about putting HIS gold on the line.

The Beautiful People have chosen Rex Rainmaker to begin. HAtE is first for the Awakening. Rex and HAtE circle until Rainmaker spots a rather attractive woman in the front row. He stops, walks to the ropes and yells, “Hey, hoe, you want summa Rex’s rainmaker?!” while grabbing his junk. The woman looks appalled, and HAtE takes advantage. He runs up behind Rex and hits a GERMAN SUPLEX. HAtE goes to cover, but Rex is up quick looking surprised.

HAtE begins to hammer Rex back to a neutral corner. He takes a few steps back and hits Rex with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE. Rex stumbles out of the corner and falls to the mat. HAtE tags in Manson, and both men stomp Rainmaker. Edward Long tries to break it up but the ref allows it until time runs out. HAtE exits. Manson pulls him up and SNAP SUPLEX!




Broken up by Long. The ref pushes him out as Manson continues the assault. He starts with a few stomps then he pulls Rex up again. But Rex GRABS MANSON’S PACKAGE and squeezes! The ref missed it! Manson is in pain and Rex hits a desperation DDT! Both men are down. The ref begins to count: 1…….2…..3…..4….. both men are stirring …..5…..6… Rex crawling towards his corner ….7….Manson towards HAtE….8……9……Both make the tag!

HAtE and Long both run at each other and Edward ducks a Lariat. Both men turn and HAtE is hit with a DROPKICK! Edward covers:



Kick out! Both men climb to their feet and start trading punches. HAtE’s size advantage comes into play and he takes control until Edward RAKES THE EYES of HAtE! HAtE can’t see and Long hits the BACKDOOR BLAST! The backstabber drops HAtE! Cover:




NO! Manson breaks the tag, but Rex is in too! We have mayhem in the rings as the ref can’t control everyone! Manson is fighting Rex, and Long and HAtE battle! Finally, Rex and Manson fight to the outside of the ring. Long charges at HAtE but HAtE tosses the smaller man in the air!FREED FROM THE HERD! The huge uppercut drops Long! HAtE isn’t finished. He pulls Long up and HATRED REALIZED!



Rex slides into the ring to break it up……


He’s too slow! The Awakening have won, but the two aren’t finished with Rex. HAtE picks up Rex for a powerbomb and Manson to the top rope! AWAKENED BY THE STREETS! Security enters the ring, and the Awakening exit, leaving their opponents in shambles.

In the RAGE collective locker room, Jake Jeckel appears to be conducting some kind of meeting. Stood on either side of him is Ethan Bird and Wes Warhammer respectively, each man eyeballing the other.

“Tonight is our first declaration,” Jake says with a grin. “A declaration that says the RAGE Championship still means something. Now most of us are going to be busy come Ring King but you two guys, well you aren’t.”

They look to him, confused.

“So at Ring King, we’re going to hold our very own Number One Contenders Match for the RAGE Championship. It’ll be Ethan Bird vs. Wes Warhammer and the winner will face Lux Bellator for the title.”

Ethan looks stunned. “This business is all about greed and money…”

“But that right there,” Wes interrupts whilst pointing at the Championship. “Is about glory, about passion..”

Bird this time interrupts. “About RAGE.”

The rest of the RAGE collective clap and roar in the background. Ethan steps forward, as does Warhammer, both of them almost going nose to nose in the middle of the room.

“Where I come from, you’re either the diner or the dinner. Guess which one you’re going to be?” Warhammer says with a big smile.

“This BIRD isn’t for fine dining, Wes. Unlike some, I was rising the ranks of RAGE before it ended. At Ring King, I’m going to continue my ascent to the top and do what I didn’t have the chance to do there.”

Jake steps in between them, laughing to himself.

“Enough boys, enough. Save it for the ring, eh?”

They both back away in opposite directions, a huge smile on The Juggalo’s face as they do.

The Question and Jondo circle one another, and Jondo goes for a double leg takedown. The Question pancakes, driving Jondo’s head into the mat with his body. Jondo is stunned and The Question takes advantage. He picks up Jondo by his shaggy hair, throws him to the ropes and tells him toRELAX! Huge clothesline levels Jondo.



Jondo kicks out and both men climb to their feet. The Question swings at Jondo, but he ducks and delivers punch after punch to The Question’s head. Hunter reels, and Jondo pulls his hand back, spits in his open palm and slaps Hunter in the face. The Question drops!

Jondo yells, “Get up, Jabroni!” and pulls Hunter off the mat. The Question pokes Jondo in the eyes. Jondo backs away holding his face. DDT! Hunter covers!




Jondo kicks out again. The Question is to his feet quickly and bounces himself off the ropes. He returns to a just-standing Jondo who delivers a desperation SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down catching their breath. Jondo is first to his feet, but the Question is not far behind. Both men start raining down fists until The Question runs, bounces off the ropes again. Jondo hits the deck, and Hunter hits the far ropes, returning. Jondo tries to duck but… JUMPING HIGH KNEE!

Hunter jumps on top of a downed Jondo and locks in a CROSSFACE! Jondo looks like his is going to tap! But just reaches the bottom rope! The ref pulls the Question off of Jondo.

The Question climbs out of the ring while Jondo recovers. He picks up his axe and heads back to the ring! Jondo is getting to his feet. The ref tries to stop Hunter, but the Question runs at Jondo as if to give him an axehandle, but Jondo ducks down and SAMOAN DROP! The axe bounces out of the ring. Jondo is quickly to his feet. He goes to Hunter, kicks his arm to his body, pulls off an imaginary elbow-pad, and PEOPLE’S ELBOW!

The Question is bouncing all over the ring as if an elbowdrop is the most painful move in history. Jondo pulls him to his feet and ROCK BOTTO……..NO! The Question counters and POETIC JUSTICE! He slithers over for a cover




The Question slides out of the ring and grabs his axe. That is another RAGE member to advance in the Ring King tournament!

In the backstage area, HARDCORE CHAMPION Robert Gordon walks with a focus towards the locker room area when he’s SUDDENLY BLINDSIDED BY NIGEL ROYAL AND A STEEL CHAIR! Royal attacks him with such violence and surprise that he catches him off guard. He quickly starts hitting him with the chair as he lays wounded on the floor, laying into him with hard shots to the skull and ribs.

“You think you can take my Championship, is that it you bloody scoundrel?” Nigel shouts before diving into the cover.

A referee rushes the scene…





Crowley with a STEEL PIPE ACROSS THE BACK OF THE REFEREE!! NIGEL ROYAL GETS UP AND STEEL PIPE ACROSS HIS HEAD TOO! JESUS CHRIST, HE JUST DECIMATED THEM! Lee looks down towards Robert and the Hardcore Championship, only to kneel and stroke the belt.

“No-one takes our belt, no-one!” he says, sadistically.

As the bell rings, Luther screams for his monster to attack. Bruce tries to keep his distance from the monster, but Pig gets him in his clutches quickly. Pig pummels Van Chan and stomps a mudhole in the showy superstar. The monster grabs BVC around the neck and almost launches him entirely from corner to corner with a powerful throw. BVC gets up in the corner, shaking his head to clear out the cobwebs.

Pig charges in with a head of steam, but BVC slips outside of the ring, throwing his foot up from the apron to nail Pig in the head. It barely phases Pig, but Van Chan quickly leaps up to the top rope, flying off.


With no emotion on his face, Pig throws BVC up into the air, presumably for the Great Destroyer, but Bruce shows great agility, using the momentum to flip in midair, connecting his feet with the chest of Pig. The beast is staggered backwards, and BVC quickly hits the ropes to keep his momentum up. He leaps into the air, attempting a Lou Thesz Press.


This time, BVC wastes no time in hitting Pig in the head with repeated shots. The beast shrugs off the shots once again, but actually released Bruce. The two men have a single moment of a stare down before Pig aggressively slips behind Bruce, launching him across the ring with a German Suplex… BUT BRUCE LANDS ON HIS FEET!

An impressive dropkick follows from Bruce, and Pig is staggered once again. Dr. Sleep begins to get a bit of fire behind him as he lays in with a couple of chops to the beast. Pig lashes out with a quick suplex, but Bruce runs under, hitting the ropes for momentum.


Bruce keeps his momentum going, running to the corner and vaulting to the top rope in one go.


The crowd is impressed with what BVC has done as he quickly goes for a pinfall on the downed Pig.



Bruce goes flying up to his feet with the power that Pig kicked out with as Luther yells instructions in the background. BVC hits the ropes and flies at Pig with a wide cross body.


Pig looks down at Luther who screams to finish it.





The RAGE veteran stands to his feet, Luther quickly reigning him in as the official goes to check on BVC. This battle is done and the Pig has emerged victorious.

An enraged Reichous Marx is storming through the backstage, chairs and staff tossed about by The Luminary Sage as he is makes a warpath towards Jake Jeckel’s locker room.

“Where is that clown! Where is he!? He can’t hide forever!”

Marx kicks in the door to Jeckel’s changing room, The Juggalo himself sitting calmly in a steel chair, feet kicked up on a box as Jeckel is polishing his king’s ‘sceptre’. He looks up towards Marx and gives a devious smile, not even getting up to speak.

“So, why the FUCK are you in my locker room? I thought I made it clear last week. I’m taking my place as the Ring King. As far as I’m concerned, you were just a mother fucking stepping stone. So why don’t you waste someone else’s time and leave?”

Marx advances threateningly towards Jeckel, kicking the box from under Jeckel’s feet and wrapping a hand around his throat.

“What am I doing here? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, TRAITOR!? You lie to me for weeks, pretend to be on my side, and you dare to call me a stepping stone? I don’t think you realize what you’ve brought upon yourself, Clown.”

Jeckel sneers and kicks away Marx, getting to his feet and levelling the serpent staff at him.

“Don’t push me, Reichous. You’re focusing on the king, but you’re forgetting about the king’s family and all of the king’s men.”

The door slams behind Marx who turns to face Wes Warhammer and Ethan Bird, their arms crossed as they stare a hole through The Luminary Sage.

“We’ll give you a chance to leave without a fight.”

“Or you can stay and meet the world’s end. It’s your choice, Marx.”

Marx looks at the odds then snarling as he rushes forward and clotheslines both men! He turns around and swings at Jeckel, only for the Juggalo to catch him with the serpent staff to the head! Marx refuses to go down! Attacking Jeckel like a mad possessed, his rampage coming to an end with Bird and Warhammer grab Marx by both arms and allows Jeckel another cheap shot with the sceptre. Marx goes down hard, the RAGE member stomping away at him while he’s down. Jeckel eventually calls them off and leans down to the beaten man.

“Listen here, asshole. If you try to get in my way again, you won’t just have to deal with Warhammer and Bird, you’ll have to deal with ALL of the king’s men.”

He snarls and walks over him, flanked by Ethan and Wes as he leaves.

The two men circle each other in the ring before Marcus X moves forward to initiate a collar and elbow tie up, but Royal quickly slips around to his back, attempting a curtain call. The Freedom Fighter does not let himself be carried over, and he delivers an elbow to the side of Nigel’s head. X slips behind Royal and attempts a German, but the Bloodline to Greatness won’t be taken around either. Royal gets back behind his opponent, but the two men are now almost tangled up in the ropes.

The official separates them out, and X immediately goes on the offensive with a knee to Royal’s midsection. Nigel slumps over, and The Freedom Fighter wastes no time in following up with a quick DDT, snapping Nigel’s head to the mat with a bang. X stands to his feet, but drops a knee onto the back of Royal as the Bloodline to Greatness tries to rise to his feet.

Nigel lets X try to drop another knee before quickly grabbing his leg and reversing their horizontal and vertical positioning. He locks in a Sharpshooter on Marcus X, pulling The Freedom Fighter to the middle of the ring. The act of pulling him to the ring gave X all of the wiggle room he needed to break the hold, and send Royal into the outside ropes. On the rebound, X jolts forward, going for a clothesline, but Royal ducks it. The Bloodline to Greatness hits the opposite ropes and comes back with a spinning heel kick.



Marcus X kicks out!

These two men are not going to go down for the count without more damage being done. Still, Marcus X is shaken and he scrambles to the corner to get a moment to breath. Royal follows the Freedom Fighter in with a running corner splash ….


The Freedom Fighter stalks Royal as he gets to his feet, kicking him in the gut, getting him into the Rock Bottom position, but Royal had it scouted. He wiggles free, and hits the ropes, coming back with a rebounding lariat to bring X back down to the mat.

Royal signals for the Royal Flush, but when he pulls up X to begin the move, The Freedom Fighter goes to the eye of his opponent. Royal now off his game, X steps in with another quick DDT. He mounts the back of the fallen Royal and begins laying in shots to the back of his head.

With the damage done, X backs off and allows Nigel to stand to his feet.


Nigel quickly moves around Marcus, catching him as he turns.


The hold is on tight in the middle of the ring and Marcus tries valiantly to get the ropes, but to no avail. He is left with no choice.


Nigel Royal stands to his feet over the downed Marcus X. He gets his customary sneer on his face as he gets his hand raised by the official. Are we looking at the next King?

Cayci Spires marches down the hall backstage, possibly more focused than we’ve ever seen her. She has her Tag Team Belt over her shoulder, and Neville Sheldon is following closely behind her, looking distressed.

“Cayci, it’s not a big deal! We still have yours. How many belts do we really need?”

“It’s not the belt, Neville! They attacked you like a pack of cowards. Then they mugged us in the ring! We can’t let them get away with it! If we do, what’s to stop the rest of RAGE from tearing apart our whole roster?”

“I get it, but Pig and Hunter are monsters! We can’t just walk around looking for them. What if they are setting us up for another ambush?”

As if on cue, Pig bursts out from behind a door and hammers Cayci with a huge clothesline! She crumples. Neville begins to hammer on Pig. The Monster rocks back on his heels, but won’t go down. Neville picks him up and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop! Pig is still on his feet! The Geek kicks Pig in the midsection and hits a DDT to the concrete floor!

Neville stands, trying to see if Cayci is okay, but before he can go to her, he is nailed in the face with his own Tag Team Championship belt from the Question! Neville is down.

Luther walks up behind Hunter and says, “Get up!” Pig immediately sits up, even though one second before he seemed unconscious. “Get the belt!” Pig walks over to Cayci, kicks her limp body aside, and pick up her championship belt. He hands the belt to Luther, who immediately puts the belt over Pig’s shoulder. The three walk away, leaving Beauty and the Geek in the dust. Again.

The bell rings as Lane rushes forward trying to take The Dead by surprise with a flurry of rights and lefts but each blow seems to have little effect on him as Lane throws him across the ring, picking him up on the rebound and delivering an Atomic Drop, that does nothing. The Dead shakes his head before delivering a massive European Uppercut that sends Lane staggering back into the ropes and as he bounces off, ANDERSON SPINEBUSTER! Lane gets planted into the mat as The Dead floats over for a cover



Lane gets a shoulder up as the Dead pulls him to his feet, throwing him into the corner as he begins the El Muerte combination. Right arm European Uppercut, knife edge chops, uppercuts and chops with his lefts until Lane is well and truly dazed as The Dead backs off. Lane stumbles out of the corner as Dead rushes forward with the running headbutt but Lane sidesteps him, as The Dead runs headfirst into the corner. He stumbles out right into DEGENERATION!

That big T-Bone Suplex threw The Dead halfway across the ring and as the groggy Dead got to his feet, Lane rushes forward laying into him with a flurry of elbows before taking him over with a Snap Suplex. The Dead gets planted with a second and then a third before he’s pulled up to his feet, spun around and dumped with a Release German, thrown halfway across the ring as he lands on the back of his neck. Lane calls for the end as The Dead slowly gets to his feet, SHADOW KI….NO! The Dead ducks under and as Lane turns around, EPITAPH! A big time Shining Wizard to the face of Lane but that takes a lot out of the Dead as both men are laid out on the canvas

Both men slowly get to their feet as Lane gets up just slightly first, grabbing The Dead and throwing him across the ring. The Dead ducks under the clothesline, bouncing off the ropes and landing a big time running headbutt to the chest of Lane, taking all the wind out of Lane and sending him down to one knee. The Dead signals for the end as Lane slowly gets up SHADOW KICK OUTTA NOWHERE! Somehow Lane found the strength to Superkick the Dead as he flops down on the Dead, completely spent as the referee begins to count




The crowd reaction is mixed with some of the crowd refusing to stop believe in Lane but the rest hating him for his association with the Awakening. Lane allows the referee to hold his hand up in victory before he heads to the back.

“Listen, John, I know you think Marvolo’s a joke, but he can handle himself in the ring.”

“He can?” Jondo replies to Mitch. “Let look at his match history. He’s been passed out snoring in the parking lot…..loss! He abandoned me in the ring, and I pulled off a victory alone, and he took all the credit! He threw a cat and binned his girl at Block Party….loss! And he stole a victory last week because the ref didn’t see a low blow and fist full of tights! Read my lips: the guy is a joke!”

Just then Marvolo comes around a corner with Raquel struggling to keep up because she is lugging a massive suitcase. Marvolo is carrying nothing but a huge ego.

“A joke! I love jokes. Here’s on of my favorites: Why is seven afraid of eight? Because Marvolo is number one! HA!”

Jondo looks unamused. “You know I’ve been meaning to have a little chat with you,” hw says. “I’m sick and tired of you screwing with me. First, you ditch me in the ring, then you go ape on me at Block Party, then you get in my face last week.”

Raquel pipes up, “Marvolo es numbehr o…” Marvolo cuts her off.

“You know, Jondo,” Marvolo says, puffing out his chest, “I came here to give you a chance to apologize for the way you disrespected me and blew me off last week!”

“Apologize! You wa…” It’s Jondo’s turn to get cut off.

“That’s right! No one talks to Marvolo like that, I’M NUMBE….”

Jondo lays Marvolo out with a huge fist! He and Mitch walk away, as Raquel tries to console Marvolo who is rolling around rather dramatically on the floor.

The size advantage of Freight Train Ferguson is evident as he and Royston Ridgewall Hawkes converge in the center of the ring. Foolishly, Hawkes embraces in a roman Greco lock up but it’s “The Almighty” with all the leverage early; moving Hawkes into a corner with ease! Ferguson now measuring his opponent and it’s a MASSIVE, NO! “The Gold Standard” ducks out of the way and Ferguson pounds the turnbuckle instead. Hawkes from behind WITH A LOW BLOW!! That’s going to get the big man’s attention and LOOK AT THIS! A ROLL UP!



IT’S NOT going to be that easy as Ferguson powers his way out, but he’s not happy about that shot between the legs as he staggers to his feet. Hawkes hits the ropes and returns with a RUNNING CLOTHESLINE, BUT IT WILL BARELY BUDGE “THE PHENOM”! Hawkes will try it again, but Ferguson moves in for the kill! SPRINGBOARD CROSS BODY AND FERGUSON SIMPLY DRIVES HAWKES INTO THE CANVAS! And he’ll wave his finger in the fallen face of his opponent before dropping for a cover.



THAT was almost three, but somehow Roystone Ridgewall Hawkes managed to get his shoulder up. Ferguson does not look pleased and he lifts Hawkes to his feet. BIG TIME head butt from Ferguson and Hawkes nearly fell down with that one. The ropes break his fall, but he’ll RECEIVE a jab from Freight Train AND ANOTHER! There’s a left hook and Hawkes is in all sorts of trouble. Ferguson winds up AND THUMB TO THE EYE! Hawkes with a HIGH kick to the midsection and now he moves in for a belly to… IT AIN’T GOING TO WORK! Ferguson just stares down at Hawkes in anger and now RAG DOLL TOSS INTO THE CORNER!!!

Ferguson hoists Hawkes onto the top turnbuckle. He’s going to end it here with “The Slam Dunk”!! LOOK OUT! HE NAILED IT!! Hawkes is down and now “The Phenom” moves in for the… WAIT!! COACH KENSINGTON JUST PULLED HAWKES TO THE OUTSIDE!! What is he? What are they??



Coach Kensington and Royston Ridgewell Hawkes are walking away from the ring!!! THEY’RE HIGH TAILING IT OUT OF HERE!!!



The official is counting away and look at Freight Train Ferguson!! He doesn’t know what to think!!



That’s it! IT’S OVER!! Freight Train Ferguson picks up the victory via count out! What kind of cowardly move was that?!?! Coach Kensington obviously saw the beginning of the end and it looks like Hawkes definitely agreed! Nevertheless, it’s a victory for Ferguson. I can’t believe it!!

Pitch Black.

“Is this thing on? Johnny, Johnny? Where are you?”

“I’m right beside you, Nick. You can take your hand off my nose.”

“That’s you? I thought it was some kind of Pinocchio doll.”

Johnny sighs.

“Hello old-schoolers, I’m Johnny Gomez,” he says testing out his best introductory voice. “Hello fans of Old School Wrestling, I’m Johnny Gomez. Do you know what, Nick? Perhaps this’d be easier if you turned the light on.”

Suddenly the light flicks on and the fans cheer, witnessing our new commentary team sat in a studio, behind a commentary desk.

“Gee Johnny, that does make things easier. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t sitting in that chair earlier.”

“That’s because you weren’t. You were sitting in my lap, Nick.”

He adjusts himself with a rather perturbed expression on his face as Nick sheepishly takes a seat next to him. Johnny picks up some papers on the desk, gives them a shuffle and looks at the camera.

“Old Schoolers, my name is Johnny Gomez and sitting finally in his own chair beside me is Nick Diamond. We’re your new commentary team and we’re coming to a table near you at Ring King.”

“Preferably one away from the stench of an Old School Wrestling defeat, eh Johnny?”

Johnny looks at him with a swift shake of the head.

“So join myself-“

“And me, and Nick Diamond. I’ll be there.”

“They know that, Nick. Join us, October 19th, for the crowning of a new King!”

The camera slowly pans out as Johnny pushes his paper off his desk in the background.

“Why is it you’ve always got something stupid to say?” Gomez tries his best to whisper. “I mean what kind of commentator can’t even find his own seat, Nick?”

“It was dark, Johnny. It isn’t my fault your legs feel as wooden as that beak you call a nose.”

The bell rings as Sheldon explodes out of the gate, rushing Crowley with lefts and rights, each blow seemingly doing little damage against Crowley as the deranged superstar just smiles, egging the Geek on. Neville winds up with a big right that sends Crowley down to one knee as Smiley gets up, yelling at Sheldon to ‘Try Again’. Sheldon fakes another right before he leaps up with a Dropkick that sends Crowley off his feet. Lee gets to his feet as Neville delivers a second dropkick and a third. Sheldon rushes to the ropes, trying for a running dropkick but Crowley rolls outside, trying to gain some distance from Neville. The Nerd doesn’t let up however, backing up to the other side of the ring before running forward

SUPERMA…ROUNDHOUSE KICK! A sadistic smile is on Crowley’s face as he pulls the limp Sheldon up to his feet, throwing him in the ring before he rolls in himself. Neville struggles to get up as Crowley powers him up, landing heavy right after heavy left, each blow seeming to destroy the Underdog as Crowley throws Sheldon across the ring, delivering a Lariat as Sheldon rebounds turning Neville inside out. Crowley just laughs as he pulls Neville up once more, dropping him down to the mat with a big STO before rolling him over and hooking the leg for the cover



Crowley lifts Neville’s shoulder up. The Crowd begins to boo as Crowley hooks Neville by the arms, delivering a series of knee strikes that lift Sheldon up off the mat with each one. Crowley throws Sheldon across the ring right into the corner before running forward and squashing him into it with another Lariat. Crowley backs up as Neville collapses to the mat, a sadistic laugh coming from Crowley as he gestures for Neville to get up, signalling for the end. Sheldon gets to his feet as Crowley rushes forward

CHELSEA GRIN…PSYCHOTHERAPY! Neville somehow ducks under the Grin and nails Crowley with his own move. Crowley gets up to his feet fairly quickly with a furious look on his face as he rushes forward, but Sheldon ducks under a third Lariat, running to the ropes NKO! The leaping neckbreaker lands flush as Crowley is laid out on the mat, the crowd beginning to cheer as Sheldon calls for the end.

Neville pulls Crowley up to his feet as he tries to grab his leg to start setting up the Book Smart but Crowley snaps his head back into Sheldon, stunning the Underdog as Crowley leaps up, landing a particularly hard looking Chelsea Grin. Nevile goes down hard as Crowley drops down, body scissoring him as he fishhooks Sheldon, wrenching back with the Chelsea Grin. The crowd urge Neville on but the pain is incredible and the Underdog is forced to tap out.

Crowley gets to his feet, that sadistic smile on his face once more as the crowd hatred for Smiley is incredible. Tobias and Damien roll into the ring, raising Lee’s hands in victory before Tobias hands Lee Smiley, the Crowley family rolling out of the ring as they celebrate Lee’s victory all the way to the back

The Dead sits in his locker room, relaxing with a cup of hot tea in his hand. He cares not the temperature of the liquid.

“How does it feel?” Says a voice from offscreen.

“Pardon?” The Dead says, rising to his feet as Willie Manson enters the locker room, a longing look on his face.

“To never feel any pain?” Manson answers, his limp omnipresent in our minds as he staggers towards Dead. A scarred and calloused hand raises as it runs through his hair.

For his part, The Dead merely gazes back at Willie, having fielded this question a million times before.

“Quite frankly, I don’t know.” Dead begins. “I never felt pain to begin with, so I have no point of comparison. You’d just as soon as a man that has been blind since birth how it feels to not see, or a man who is deaf how it feels to hear. It is just my state of being. No more and no less.”

The simple dismissal seems to miss Manson by a country mile.

“I’m just a man.” Manson states, walking to The Dead’s side. “You’re something more than that. You have strength that I never will. Your answers have provided the solutions to questions I would never have thought to ask.”

A raised eyebrow is all the answer given in response from The Dead.

“I can only hope that I am able to hold up my end of this partnership.” Manson responds before leaving the locker room with a twisted grin on his face.

The Dead seems utterly confused by what has transpired.

Before Marvolo has even hit the ring, he looks at Kersh standing ready for action. Looking at Raquel he motions for her to check under the ring, he can be heard saying check for Scarecrow. She looks under, shaking her head to say he’s not their, then shrugging her shoulders…


It’s only now Marvolo climbs into the ring, the bell rang and this one is underway. The seasoned veteran offers Marvolo a hand for a tie up, a test of strength. The two hands locked, Kersh begins to out power his opponent until Marvolo throws out a boot, STRAIGHT TO THE GROIN. That had to hurt, Kersh keeps the hands locked in but the pain is evident, he throws two head butt’s which also connect, Kersh is rocked but ever the professional will not release the tie-up.

That is until Marvolo throws another head butt, this one bursting The Enforcer’s nose. In one smooth motion, he over-powers the self proclaimed #1, pulls him in and belly to belly suplexs him almost half the length of the ring. The crowd roar behind one of the men they see as the saviour of OSW, and he is happy to appease them.

Stalking the dazed Marvolo, he spins him round and goes for a FISHERMAN SUPLEX



Instead of going for the pin, Marvolo taunts the crowd shouting “Hip-Toss to the FACE!!!”.

The crowd roar, Marvolo believing its for him and soaking it all in, he turns around and stops dead. Brent in front of him, unfazed. A SNAP SUPLEX and a cover, quickly reminds Marvolo where he is




Kick-out. Both men back standing, opposite sides of the ring. The crowd show who they are affiliated with, as Kersh chants boom out around the schoolyard.

Draining his opponent with precise left and right hands and finishing it with a running knee, he sends Marvolo to the canvass. Unable to get the pin though, as Marvolo rolls to the outside. Kersh face is covered in blood from the earlier nose injury. Eventually the referee is forced to begin his count. One… Two…. Three… Four….

Kersh approaches the apron and pleads with Marvolo to get back in the ring, Marvolo points to the tiniest of cuts above his right eye

Five….. Six… Seven… Eight…..

Marvolo has retreated up the ramp, he’s done.



Brent Kersh stands in the ring alone, as Raquel attends to Marvolo’s “injuries“. The Question or Jondo awaits him next round, but Brent didn’t want to qualify like this.

We cut backstage to find Ash Williams and Matthew Cories, Those 90’s Guys, talking with Fred Sanders; but not in an interview capacity.

“We just don’t know where to turn now that Slade’s been taken out by RAGE…” Cories complains to Sanders. “…who should we talk to about getting a shot at the Tag Team titles, Fred?”

Sanders doesn’t get a chance to respond before David Manson and Hate roll up into view. The two teams staring each other down as Fred Sanders slowly backs out of harms way.

“We knew exactly who talk to to…” David Manson grins. “…didn’t we, Hate?”

Hate laughs raucously, than dead pans it.

“Yeah!… and we got exactly what we wanted too!” Screams hate. “A shot at the OSW Tag Team Titles!”

Hate slaps an open hand against Manson’s back; David’s grin growing in size… Those 90’s guys, meanwhile, look pissed off beyond belief! Matthew’s chin damn near hits the floor and Ash can’t stop mumbling under his breath. It sounds like klaatu, verata… something or other… than he explodes, his face going red as he steps in nose to nose with David Manson.

“They gave you two knuckleheads number one contendership!?!” He snaps. “Oh, that’s rich…”

“Well…” David nonchalantly takes a step backwards as he responds. “…there is one catch…” He steps back in, turning the tables and making himself the aggressor. ”…we have to beat you two bozo’s at Ring King first.”


Jake Jeckel and Azrael, both RAGErs, enter the ring. Azrael charges at Jeckel, trying to get an early advantage, but Jeckel meets him with a DROP TOE HOLD. Azrael and Jeckel are both to their feet quickly. Jeckel hits Azrael with a series of chops and drives him back to the corner. Jeckel backs off, runs, and FAYGO SPLASH! Azrael reels but still doesn’t drop. Jeckel hits him with a THREE POINT STANCE CHARGE leveling the big man!



Jeckel is launched straight up and over the top rope out of the ring! He lands with a “thud” on the thin padding. Azrael rolls out of the ring and pulls the Juggalo up by his hair. He whips Jake STRAIGHT INTO THE THE STEEL STEPS!!! Jeckel is down! Azrael stomps over, picks Jeckel up in a cross body-like position and RUNS HIM INTO THE RING POST!!! and AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!! Jeckel is limp in Azrael’s arms. Azrael throws Jeckel’s lifeless body back into the ring between the middle and top rope. Azrael walks up the same steps he just used as a weapon and enters the ring.

He walks up towards where Jeckel is lying, begins to pull him up, and JUGGA-BLOW! Desperation low blow from Jake! Azrael drops to the mat! Both men are down! The ref starts a count.

1….2….3….Azrael grabs ahold of the middle rope….4….5…. he’s pulling himself up….6….Azrael is up but unsteady…7… Jeckel leaps to his feet and bounces off the ropes returning with a SPINNING HEEL KICK!!! Azrael is down and Jeckel goes for THE RIDDLE-BOX! He gets Azrael into the Elevated Boston Crab! Azrael is in pain, but he overpowers Jeckel, launching the Juggalo across the ring with just his legs!

Azrael gets up and throws Jeckel into the ropes. Jake returns to a huge BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! Azrael steps one foot onto Jeckel.


Jeckel gets his shoulder up.

Azrael stomps Jeckel three times, then pulls him up. The Reaper whips Jeckel into the corner and follows with a SPLASH IN THE TURNBUCKLE! The Juggalo falls to the ground. Azrael goes to pick him up and ANOTHER JUGGA-BL……NO! Azrael blocks it, pulls Jeckel up andETERNAL REST!!! The Last Ride Powerbomb almost put Jake through the mat!



Azrael wins and a RAGE member moves on in the Ring King tournament! Jeckel is coming to, and can’t believe he just lost!

The lights go out, and uncertainty fills the arena…

…the Titantron comes alive, first with a voiceover accompanied by text on the screen.

The following announcement is paid for by the American Nazi Party.

“For far too long the natural order of things has been allowed to slowly crumble. The walls between what is right and wrong are falling down and no one has stood up and said enough is enough.

It started with equal rights for the niggers. Martin Luther King Jr and Barack Obama are symbols of hope and change while the legacies of Adolph Hitler and Rudolph Hess are forever tarnished.

And now day by day the faggots are demanding more and more for themselves.

The Jews have been allowed to become leaders of business. Presidents and CEO’s.

The borders of this nation are all but gone. Wetbacks are allowed to come and go as they please.

Taking jobs from the more deserving while contributing nothing to the country’s economic institutions.

The American Nazi Party is not a gang is not engaged in any criminal activity. We are an advocacy group for proud white Americans that want to protect their way of life for their children and their children’s children. By 2025 America will no longer be a white nation, White America will be a minority in a nation that was once it’s birthright.

Enough is enough and it’s time for a change. “

The screen goes dark for a few seconds as the crowd looks on in stunned silence.

The darkness of the Titantron is then replaced by a head on view of OSW’s newest roster member Samuel Speer holding the American Nazi Party’s flag.

The camera zooms in on Speer’s face.

“Change is here!!!”

Fade to white.

The scene shoots to the backstage where we understand there’s some kind of ruckus.

When we arrive, Reichous Marx is being viciously attacked by members of RAGE!


Jake Jeckel, Robert Gordon, Solomon and Lee Crowley are all there. Marx is being dragged by Jeckel, thrown into every object he can find. He bounces him off a drinks dispenser, watching as he stumbles out into a vicious Superkick by Solomon!

“To the ring,” Bellator demands, stepping back to watch as they drag him in that direction. “It is time he saw the true light.”

Our cameras switch to ringside where RAGE step out from behind the curtain and throw Marx down the ramp way, rolling him to the ring with stomps. This is vicious, this is vile and no-body dare come out here to stop it.

Lux enters the ring as Jeckel rolls Marx under and pulls him in close, head under the legs.


He covers… and this all but academic now. The referee stood by is so afraid, he drops into the count..




Lux Bellator wins! Those utter bastards just stole this one.

But where is Scarecrow?

Where is Brent Kersh?

Where is this fight back they spoke of?

The camera goes to the backstage area, flicking to see that Freight Train Ferguson, Azrael, James Hunter and Pig are keeping Scarecrow and Brent Kersh occupied, beating the holy hell out of them.

Afterburn come to a close with the fans booing, Lux Bellator stood food across the chest of Reichous Marx whilst Jake Jeckel lingers with a smile in the background.

Will we ever see this end? Will it be our end?

What a night.