The grainy footage begins to roll abruptly, cutting into a bouncing forward motion as someone walks towards a table. They suddenly drop lower as if they’ve taken a seat, waiting patiently with the camera directed at the door. Just then and to our surprise, in walks Destiny, taking a seat across from our mystery camera-person.

“So what’s going on?” she abruptly says. There’s no pleasantries, not even a smile. She’s concerned and if you’ve been watching us recently, she has every reason to be. “The news I’ve had filtered through isn’t great.”

The person behind the camera – which must be attached to his tie or something, barely keeps her small frame in view.

“It’s not good,” his deepened voice, unrecognizable due to edits quietly mutters. “RAGE have taken over and the whole company is in a shambles. They took out Slade, so they’re basically making all the decisions. There’s no-one stopping them.

“What about Mike?” she answers unconvincingly.

He pauses for a moment. “Are you sure you want to know?” Her face tells you know but inside, her heart says yes. She nods in agreement. “He’s been manipulated – brainwashed almost by Red River Jack. Both he and Lux Bellator are fighting for his mind, it’s… awful.”

Destiny breaks down into tears, but doesn’t bellow, doesn’t cry aloud. She wipes them from her eyes and presses her palms down on the table.

“Stop them. Do you understand me? Stop them!” Destiny says with a raised voice. The man behind the camera stands up and says nothing, turning around and walking away as she screams. “STOP THEM!”

Cooter circles Paige trying avoid having to injure her. He has a foot height and 150 pound weight advantage. Paige hammers his chest with an elbow. Doesn’t phase him. She looks concerned, runs, bounces off the ropes and elbows him again. Nothing.

“Why doncher just stop!” Cooter says.

She responds with a hard slap to the face. His head snaps sideways; for the first time he’s angry. Paige responds with three swift kicks to the side of the knee. Slight flinches from Cooter, but that’s all. Paige is frustrated. She bounces of the ropes again and SPINNING HEEL KICK! This rocks Cooter to the ropes! Paige is to her feet and bolts towards Hayes, but he grabs her by the throat for a CHOKESLAM!

Bruce jumps to the apron, but Paige holds out a hand, yelling “No! I’m doing this!”
BVC drops to the ground, distraught.

Cooter seems to think better of chokeslamming Paige and lets her go. She grabs him by the wrist and tries to whip him into the corner. He doesn’t budge. Instead he whips her to the corner. He walks towards her and is met with a BOOT TO THE FACE! This reels him and she jumps to the top turnbuckle! LEAPING FLOAT-OVER NECKBREAKER! Cooter is down, and Paige covers




Kickout with force! Paige flies across the ring! She is back up quickly, and sprints at Cooter attempting a SUNSET FLIP! Not enough momentum to bring him down! Cooter instead sits on her chest!


She kicks, but he’s too heavy!



NO! Foot on the rope! The ref pulls Cooter up; Paige quickly to her feet.

Cooter says, “How ‘bout a truc….” ENZIGURI! Cooter is staggered! Paige to the top and MISSILE DROPKICK! Cooter is down!



Kickout! Paige is quicker, to her feet by the time Cooter is to one knee….SHINING WIZARD!




Kickout! Paige gets to her feet and tries to kick Cooter, who sweeps her leg. She’s down hard!

Cooter climbs to his feet, and he’s finished playing nice. He lifts Paige for the ALABAMA SLAM, but she counters into a FRANKENSTEINER! Cooter is down and Paige is to the top!

TURN THE PAIGE! Her finisher! A shooting star press with a full twist!




Paige has done it! She’s picked up the win here tonight!

The action in the ring concluded, Bruce Van Chan finds himself in the ring. On one side is BVC himself with Paige at his side. On the other is Cooter Hayes, who has a look of something like sadness on his face. Cooter walks towards Bruce as the tension mounts…

…and extends his hand?

Both Paige and Bruce look down at the hand with expression of incredulity. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife as Bruce gets up in Cooter’s face.


Bruce Van Chan knocks Cooter’s hand away with force, and the people are expecting an explosion, but none comes. Instead Paige grabs Bruce’s arm, and the couple decide to leave the ring. Cooter quickly ducks to the outside, grabbing a ringside microphone.

“Now wait just a cot’n pick’n minute!” Cooter says, trying to grab Bruce and Paige’s attention. “Ain’t no point in beatin’ a dead horse…’course, can’t hurt none either. I’M SORRY! WHAT’CHA WANT ME TO SAY?”

Bruce and Paige just keep on walking, while Cooter runs around the ring to stop at the apron nearest Bruce.

“Bruce!” He calls! “You mah dang partner!”

Bruce and Paige just keep walking, heading through the curtain, but Cooter still has hope.

“Now that’s ‘bout as useful as a trap door on’a canoe, Bruce.” He shouts through the microphone. “Get yer hind end back out’chere!”

There is no response from the backstage area, and Cooter just waits for a moment. The discomfort has spread to the crowd by this point. Cooter just drops his mic, a frown on his face.

The die has been cast in this case.

You know you’re an oddball when even The DEAD doesn’t quite know what to make of you: the calavera-painted man looks bemused at the sight of his heavyset, albino African-Japanese opponent, who teeters ever so slightly on the spot.

The bell rings, and Yuki immediately rushes the former vigilante with hurt-bomb body blows – at least, they’d hurt a normal man. The DEAD, however, is merely knocked back by Yuki’s surprising ferociousness. Pushed back into the ropes, the referee intervenes to break it up.

Coming out of the corner, DEAD tackles Yuki to the mat. He lets loose with his own right hands, but the strongwoman turns the tables, mounting DEAD and unloading with rapid-fire shots. DEAD throws her off, and they meet in a messy tie-up. Headlock by DEAD, Yuki shoves him into the ropes – SHOULDER TACKLE BY YUKI! The pint-sized brawler hits the ropes and BIG POP as she slams into DEAD with a CROSSBODY!



DEAD shoves The Bouncer off again.

Back to their feet, and a headbutt gives DEAD the advantage. Yuki slumps into the ropes, and DEAD sends her across the ring – DOUBLE-A SPINEBUSTER! Yuki flat-out on her back, and DEAD rails her with a STIFF FOREARM for good measure!

The CIP sufferer pulls Yuki to her feet. He kicks her in the gut and hooks her arms, looking to hit the GRAVE DANGER – Yuki spins out – she CLOBBERS DEAD with a spinning backhand! DEAD reeling on the spot, and Yuki leaps onto the nearby middle rope – SPRINGBOARD SUPERMAN PUNCH but DEAD BLOCKS IT! Avoiding Yuki’s patented Your Beer, Sir, DEAD pins her arms at her sides – HEADBUTT! Headbutt again! Another headbutt! He calls this the DEATH RATTLE!

After a succession of headbutts, DEAD releases Yuki, and she sways on the spot – not unlike the beginning of the match. Looking to cut her down, he hits the ropes, then leaps up for a FLYING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, BUT YUKI CATCHES HIM WITH A SAMOAN DROP – or, as she has christened it, THE DRUNKEN DROP!

Both competitors down and out as the referee starts a 10-count.

ONE! TWO! Both KO’d. THREE! FOUR! They stir on the mat. FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! DEAD on his knees… EIGHT! NI – Yuki pulls herself up in the corner!

Things get cramped as DEAD corners Yuki with an elbow that whips her head back. She’s looking up at the lights… LOW BLOW BY YUKI!? SHE KICKED DEAD BETWEEN THE LEGS right in front of the referee! But wait, she’s pleading, saying her sight was impaired – the referee checks on DEAD… WHO DOESN’T EVEN REALISE IT HAPPENED! He shrugs, and the bewildered referee says the match will continue!

Yuki scoops DEAD onto her shoulders out of nowhere – GO TO SLEEP! She calls that the Bar Fight Special!




“Breathless” hits, and Yuki is indeed exhausted. She takes a celebratory swig from her hip flask, enjoying her impressive debut here tonight. The DEAD heads to the back, not even limping after that inadvertent low blow.

In the backstage area, we catch up to Azrael as he walks through the halls. Suddenly the lights go off and we’re plunged into absolute darkness. A flash occurs and we see The Scarecrow, only for another and him to be gone.




But this time he remains. Azrael turns around, standing toe to toe with the monster.

“Do you find me challenging, Azrael? Scarecrow asks, his head tilted. “For I have no soul to take and you cannot reap me.”

The Soul Collector looks him up and down, smelling the air. “You have a life force Scarecrow, I can take that instead.

Their verbal jousting having begun, The Scarecrow tips his hat slightly.

“Then let that be tested. Many have tried, all have failed. I’ve chosen you as my next RAGE victim. First it was Robert Gordon and at Ring King, it will be you, if you feast your eyes upon where they dare not go.”

Suddenly Azrael strikes..

But within a flash, The Scarecrow has gone. He looks around the halls for him but to no avail. Then, from behind, Scarecrow stands, arms spread, whispering.

“Where your eyes don’t go, fear The Scarecrow.”

Azrael spins around immediately, only he’s gone once again. “I accept your challenge, ‘Crow. I will take your life force, I can feel your fear. Just give into your fright, beware the things that go bump in the night.”

The lights return and Azrael continues his walk, a date with The Scarecrow set for Ring King.

Our match begins with Brandon Garcia cautiously approaching this “monster” known as Malignus Lynch for a lockup. The size advantage Lynch possesses is obvious as Garcia is TOSSED to the canvas like a rag doll. The crowd responds hesitantly, not sure whether to cheer on “Necessary Evil” or cheer against “The Missouri Masterpiece”. Garcia is PISSED! He rolls under the ropes and AW MY GAWD! HE JUST FLIPPED OFF THE FANS SITTING BEHIND THE RINGSIDE BARRIER!! It doesn’t look like Lynch is impressed as “IT” is headed to the outside. Garcia is now jawing with a fan and he catches his stalker out of the corner of his eye.

Garcia high tails it around the ring and back inside. Lynch isn’t far behind, but “The Wrath o’ Richmond” heads to the ropes. On the return and SPINNING HEEL KICK from Garcia. That one caught Lynch by surprise AND HE GOES DOWN! Brandon Garcia moves in to make a cover.



AND THE MAN KNOWN AS “GOREGEOUS” KICKS OUT WITH POWER! Garcia will land on his feet and won’t stop there, BUT LOOK OUT! Throat punch from Malignus Lynch and he’s back on HIS feet. Belly to belly suplex?!? HE NAILED IT! Lynch with a cover of his own.



THAT was close as Garcia narrowly escapes pinfall. AND MALIGNUS LYNCH DOES NOT LOOK HAPPY!! He pulls his opponent to his feet and HOLY HELL! IT’S THE “SPINEGRINDER” and that T-Bone Suplex nearly put Garcia through the damn canvas!!! This could be it.



NO!!! “The Missouri Masterpiece” is once again able to kick out from a close fall and Malignus Lynch is losing his mind. Garcia once again brought to his feet and this time sent to the ropes with an irish whip AND IT’S A LOU THESZ PRESS FROM GARCIA!! OUT OF NOWHERE!! IT’S THE “WRATH O’ RICHMOND”! Headbutt, headbutt, elbow, palm strike, palm strike, PALM STRIKE! WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? Brandon makes a cover.


AGAIN Lynch is able to kick out with ease AND HE’S NOT STAYING DOWN! This has been an impressive back and forth between two newcomers here in Old School Wrestling. Garcia still dazed as Lynch moves in for the rebound. “HAIL MARY”!! “HAIL MARY” FROM BRANDON GARCIA AND MALIGNUS LYNCH TIMBERS TO THE MAT! Garcia moves in.





In the dark and dingy boiler room, a single solitary light is all we can see. It’s a candle, burning in the darkness. Shortly another light appears, carried by another man who meets the first, illuminating each other enough to reveal Mike Lane and Lux Bellator.

“I’m glad that you asked to meet, Michael. The light in the darkness is an apt analogy for us, isn’t it? Red River Jack has brainwashed you but the Lord can save your soul from his eternal damnation.”

Mike tilts his head. “I don’t think so, Lux.”

Suddenly the lights spring on and Lux Bellator is surrounded by The Awakening. He throws his candle towards Hate who sideswipes it, Manson, Jack and Lane following in from all corners to begin their assault.

Right and left hands reign down on Bellator, Jack stepping back, pulling Lane back too and watching as Manson and Hate continue their assault. Lux finally hits the floor, David bending down to pull his limp head up as Red approaches, picking up a candle from the floor.

“You thought you had it all sown up, didn’t ya man? You thought you could sway Mike’s allegiance with your fraudulent tales of a holy God to believe in. Well Lux, man, at Ring King, you’re going to quickly learn what everyone else has; only the truth will set you free. It’s time to wake up, man.”

He suddenly stabs that candle into his forehead, burning away at the mask and skin as Bellator screams in agony.

Before even the bell sounds, Royston Hawkes rushes across the ring and takes out Noboru! Meanwhile Axel hits a dropkick knocking Rex back a step or two. Royston stands above Noboru before grabbing him up by his hair and slapping him back down again. The referee comes over and warns Royston about his activity.

Royston laughs and does it again. The referee pulls him away from Noboru, but Royston is just gloating and beaming from his actions.

Axel charges Rex in the corner only for Rex to dodges his spear sending Axel through the ropes and into the metal ringpole. Axel’s momentum is halted as Rex pulls him out slowly, careful not to make a huge mess with his carcass as he hits a full nelson slam.

R3 gets to his feet and begins gyrating his hips and pointing at a woman on the front row. She gasps and leans on the barricade with her eyes full of adoration. R3 seems to be perplexed as he gazes from Axel to the woman. He decides to leave the ring and flirt further with the woman on the front row. Her friend takes out her phone and begins snapping pictures of the two together.

R3 turns the girl around and proceeds to lick her cheek slowly. The crowd looks in disgust as the girl seems to be in love with it. Back in the ring, Royston goes to lift up Noboru, but Tanaka rolls him up with a schoolboy!



…NO! Royston powers out.

He stands up in utter shock and now the anger has been stoked. He begins stomping and stomping on the chest of Noboru allowing no room for rest. Little does he know that behind him Axel is getting to his feet. He whips Hawkes around and kicks him in the gut to follow that up with a snap suplex! Royston hits the mat with an expression of pain across his face.

RRH gets back up quickly but is taken down by SUSHI KICK! The shining wizard hits and knocks him down.



…NO! Tanaka with the break-up!

Noboru Tanaka and Axel The Shark get up and stop. Their expressions are bizarre as Tanaka loos intense and Axel appears content. Axel says something but it’s inaudible.


Axel shakes his head and makes ‘come here’ motion with his finger. Tanaka’s face grows angry as he throws three haymakers catching Axel across the face! He rears back and nails a roundhouse disorienting him! Tanaka steps back seemingly bringing his hands to his mouth. Axel turns to come at him and… BLUE MIST!

The mist catches Axel in between the mask as it seeps through. Axel yawns and slumps back into the corner. Noboru turns around and sees R3 on the outside finally getting ready to enter the ring

Noboru runs off the ropes and rushes towards R3 before leaping through the middle ropes and connecting with a suicide dive! HANRAN! R3 dodges out of the way as Noboru hits the ground hard! R3 rolls into the ring and comes face-to-face with Royston!

Hawkes and Royston are trading blows!

Rights from Royston!

Rights from R3!

Both men are seemingly spent!

R3 hits a kick to the mid-section of Hawkes and pulls him in before dropping him on his head and neck with a piledriver! Poor Royston rolls to the outside and waves this off – he’s had enough! He starts walking towards the back whilst holding his neck, as Noboru Tanaka slides back into the ring and gets nailed with a Diving Clothesline.

R3 barely gets to his feet as he climbs up the turnbuckle. He looks down and leaps!

MILE HIGH CLUB! The 450 Splash connects and he hooks a leg!




Cayci Spires is walking alone backstage. Her expression shows concern as she searches.

“Neville! Neville, where are you?!” she yells.

She opens a door to a closet, finds nothing and turns away. She walks into a short, narrow hallway, opens another door, and sees nothing again. When she closes the door, standing behind it is The Question, no belt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he hisses.

“Get out of my way, unless you know where Neville is.”

“Haven’t seen him, but I know where you are.” He aggressively shoves Cayci against the wall, using his hundred-plus pound weight and nearly a foot height advantage to pin her there. “And you’re right where I want you.”

“Hey you!” says a voice from behind Hunter, “Get your damn hands off her!”

The Question turns and catches a fist to the face from Neville! The Champs both start pounding on Hunter and he drops to the ground. Then, Pig comes in and levels Sheldon with a double axe handle. Spires turns on Pig and the two start to brawl. Pig gets the advantage, but……His head is driven into the wall!

Marx and Kersh are on the scene! The four OSW members stomp the RAGErs into oblivion, their own trap sprung. When it seems like enough, they stop. Kersh looks at the tag champions, and nods his head one time. He and Marx walk away in one direction, Cayci and Neville in the other. The camera stays focused on the motionless bodies of Hunter and Pig, but we hear the Champs as they walk.

“I told you not to do the George McFly crap!” Cayci says.

“I know! But it was awesome right!?”

The three men circle, keeping their distance. EEL looks at Willie Manson, holding his hands in the air before pointing a finger towards the Iron Man. Manson nods and the pair move a step closer to Gordon. Long takes another but Manson has different plans. German suplex to Long sends him rolling out of the ring! Gordon locks his arms around the waist of Manson the moment he stands. German suplex! Quick cover!


Willie Mason powers out, getting back to his feet almost as quickly as Gordon. The pair lock up and Mason catches the Iron Man in a head lock. Unable to lift him off his feet, Gordon backs Willie to the ropes and throws him off. Too strong, Manson reverses and sends Gordon running. Knee to the small of the back from Edward Long! Gordon crumples to his knees while EEL turns around on the ring apron to face the women seated front row and gyrate his hips. An outraged Willie Nelson rushes toward Long but before he can get close enough to do anything, EEL hops back down to the floor.

Gordon sees an opening and easily takes Manson down with a single leg. Slick transition, Gordon going for a rolling leg lock but Manson answering with boots to the head. The camera turns away from the brutal, grinding exchange to show Edward Long sitting on the other side of the guardrail taking selfies with a group of scantily clad girls.

The two still in the ring have scrapped their way to their feet, mostly. The Iron Man refuses to relinquish the leg of Willie Manson who hops on his free one. Manson’s spun around, Gordon taking him by the head and running for a bulldog but Willie shoves him off. Spear! Spear from Manson just as Gordon turned around! Manson turns to check his back but is a step too slow. Edward Long picked his spot, sliding in behind Willie lying in wait until raking his eyes. Facebuster from Long and Manson is down. Cover!



Kick out! EEL slaps the mat in frustration before turning to his attention to Robert Gordon, who’s back on his feet but using the corner to stay that way. Gordon motions with a hand to invite Long to show him his best but no invitation was needed, EEL driving a fist square between his eyes. Long rears back for another but Gordon blocks and fires back with a forearm across Long’s face. Skeet kick! Gordon’s out and EEL’s got the pin!



A desperation dive from Manson suffices in breaking up the pin. Long keeps his cool and reloads. Skeet kick to Manson, ducked! Willie looks T-bone but Manson knees him in the guts. Famouser! Long gets to his knees and the Iron Man brings him the rest of the way up in a headlock. Slingshot suplex into a cutter! Gordon into the pin off Rough Justice!




Willie Manson looks on from his knees as the ref raises the hand of Robert Gordon.

Jeckel stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in one hand, the serpent staff in the other. The crowd boos him relentlessly, Jeckel waiting for them to quiet down before finally speaking.

“Last week, I was denied my right to be Ring King.”

The crowd cheers this, Jeckel sneering at the masses.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now, as I was saying, I was denied my right to be Ring King, by one of my fellow RAGERs no less. However, I am STILL a former Ring King, I am King Jeckel. And no loss in this tournament will take that away from me. And as far as I’m concerned-“

“Show me a smile on your silly face ‘Cause I’m getting tired of this human race, My darling.”

The crowd pops with cheers as Reichous Marx appears at the top of the entrance ramp. The unlikely face adjusts his title on his shoulder before talking.

“Jeckel, you have spread a web of lies, you have betrayed me, and you have betrayed the OSW! But most importantly, you have committed despicable acts against me and have stolen my serpent staff. But through all of this, you have never fought me alone, face to face. But look at you now, no RAGE roster members, and no crown. If you are truly as worthy as you say, you will meet me at Ring King in a stairway to the staff match. I’ll even put my title up against you, as unlike you, I am not a coward who hides behind his men.”

Jeckel glares up at the entrance ramp and leans into the ropes, looking towards Marx.

“You don’t deserve a match with me, Marx. If that’s what you want, I’ll happily hand you a beat down at Ring King. You’ve been downed by the clown before, I’ll happily do it again. And when it’s all said and done, I’ll walk out of Ring King with another title for RAGE.”

The crowd pops for the exchange of words, cheering for Marx as he heads to the backstage.

The One Man Army and The Freedom Fighter burn holes through each other. Marcus isn’t a good man, but the crowd seems to be going easier on him now he faces a neo-Nazi; the very type of person Marcus targets in his rants. On the outside, Eichorst glares at the Brotherhood.

The bell rings and both competitors unload with furious rights and lefts. The Aryan brute gets the upper hand, knocking Marcus down with a clothesline. X pops up, but eats a shoulder tackle. Back up again – another tackle. Marcus onto his belly as Speer leaps over… X with a hip toss on the rebound, but Speer scoops him up instead – FALL AWAY SLAM!


TW– kickout by Marcus as his brothers cheer him on.

Samuel whips the US Champion into the corner and follows with a BIG SHOULDER BLOCK! Marcus sinks down, but Speer picks him up again. Another shoulder to the gut… another – Marcus side-steps it – SPEER GOES SHOULDER-FIRST INTO THE POST! The big man stumbles back…

TIMES OF CHANGE! Marcus locks in his patented submission from behind, and for the first time the Monster looks to be in trouble. Eichorst yells at Speer angrily, pounding the apron with his fists. Speer drags Marcus near the ropes but goes down to one knee. He tries to power up to his feet, but collapses altogether.

Eichorst commands his client to keep fighting. Speer crawls closer to the ropes, Marcus putting as much torque on the hold as he can. Eichorst then points at the Brotherhood, screaming at the referee to look. He does, and EICHORST PULLS SPEER’S HAND INTO THE ROPES!

His attention back on the action, the official calls for a break. Outside, the Brotherhood advance on Eichorst, trash talking him and looking mighty pissed. Eichorst runs into the ring and hides behind the mountainous Speer, who is just about back on his feet. The Aryan stares down the Brotherhood, who don’t want to get Marcus disqualified and so they standoff.

MARCUS SPINS EICHORST ROUND – the hate-spewing manager CRAWLS BETWEEN HIS LEGS TO ESCAPE – Marcus grabs him by the foot and PULLS HIS SHOE OFF! Eichorst escapes to the floor, and the Brotherhood are ordered out as Marcus is left holding his polished loafer!

CONCENTRATION CHOKE! Marcus’ eyes bulge in their sockets as the monstrous Speer clamps down on his windpipe! Marcus flails desperately, but he’s stranded in the middle of the ring… his body goes limp… the referee checks the arm –



A BROTHERHOOD MEMBER JUMPS ON THE APRON – MARCUS CLOCKS SPEER IN THE FACE WITH THE SHOE! The official doesn’t see it! Speer releases the choke – BLACKOUT! Marcus drops him facefirst!




Gospel singers lead Marcus to Freedom Land as his brothers race into the ring to celebrate with their leader. Eichorst and Speer skulk to the back, looking back at the proud black men with hate in their eyes.

Close up. Marvolo’s face. Hello Kitty band-aid above his right eye. Expression of pain on the part of his face not covered in mask. The camera zooms out.

Raquel is standing next to the wrestling legend, ravishing as usual, except for the utter lack of emotion on her face. She is attempting to remove the bandage without causing pain to Marvolo.

“Careful, woman!” She begins to pull the band-aid away. ‘“Ow! OWW!” She pulled the bandage only about a quarter-inch away. “I think you got an eyelash!”

“Marvolo es numbehr wahn.”

“Just be careful, would you?!” Marvolo exclaims.

“Marvolo es….”

“Yes, yes!” He says flippantly. “Just get it off before my match.”

She continues to pull, and he flinches every few seconds. Suddenly, Jondo approaches them. Marvolo jumps up, ready to fight, but when he does he rips the band-aid off with a jerk because Raquel is still holding it.

“OWW! OWW!” he clutches his forehead, then looks up at Jondo with hatred pouring from his eyes.

Jondo chuckles, “You sure you’re feeling up to our match tonight, Marv? You look a little worse for the wear.”

“Get away from me! I’ll have no ruffian attack me before my match again. You caused me mental anguish before my Ring King match, then I was injured by that buffoon, Kersh. Because of the added stress from you, I could no longer continue!” Marvolo shrieks.

“Save it for the ring, bub. I’ve got no patience for the likes of you.”

Jondo turns his back, clearly not afraid of an attack, and walks away. Raquel reaches out to Marvolo to comfort her, but he just swipes her hand away and stares after Jondo.

Those 90’s Guys and Jondo deliberate for a moment before they cheerfully allow Jondo to fight first. Across the ring, Marvolo is standing in the ring with his chest puffed out as Manson and HAtE are on the apron.

The bell sounds and Jondo crosses the ring. Marvolo clues in to who it is and takes a few steps back and waggles his finger in front of him before extending his hand to allow HAtE to tag himself in.

HAtE enters the ring with a twisted smile upon his face. Jondo doesn’t seem disturbed by this at all. HAtE and Jondo lock up and try to fight for position. HAtE headbutts Jondo making him a little unsteady before grabbing him around the waist and hitting a big belly-to-belly!

HAtE quickly goes on the offense throwing Jondo into his corner and quickly tagging out to David Manson. Manson comes in and nails a lariat, but quickly pulls Jondo back up and nails another. Jondo is whipped off the ropes and Manson chases him for a crossbody! Manson pulls him in for a pin.



…NO! Jondo kicks out.

Manson lifts up Jondo and hits a jumping neckbreaker. He looks up and sees Marvolo desperate to get into the ring. Manson drags the carcass over to Marvolo and tags in the masked man. Marvolo leaps over the ropes, nearly tripping. He raises a single finger to the crowd before placing it on the chest of Jondo.


…NO! Jondo powers out at 2!

Marvolo looks shocked but drags Jondo to his feet and goes for the WHITE-

NO! Jondo powers out of the maneuver and rolls up Marvolo!



…TH-NO! Almost!

Marvolo kicks out in a panic and rushes to his partners and tags in HAtE. Due to this, Jondo is able to leap to his partners and IN COMES ASH!

Ash rushes towards the other turnbuckle, but HAtE retreats into his corner just daring Ash to pursue. Ash obliges by splashing him in the corner, but taking a sucker punch from Marvolo! Ash staggers backwards as Marvolo slaps the chest of HAtE to enter the match. Marvolo rushes towards Ash, but Ash is able to counter him with a running spinning heel kick!

Marvolo goes down!

Ash is to his feet and whips Marvolo to his corner and tags in his partner Matthew Cories. Ash pulls Marvolo to the center of the ring and whips him into the ropes. As Number One comes back, Ash lifts him up for a flapjack and comes down upon the knees of the ready Matthew Cories!

Marvolo is out of it! Cories goes for the pinfall.



…NO! Interrupted by The Awakening!

The Awakening rush into the ring and take out Those 90’s Guys with a series of punches and hard-hitting strikes. Manson lifts up Cories and whips him into the ropes. As he comes back, HAtE lifts him up for a gorilla press and drops him onto the knee of Manson!

Cories rolls onto the mat seemingly out cold from DELUSIONAL HATRED!

Ash is cleared out of the ring by an EVILUTION CLOTHESLINE taking both Manson and Ash out of the ring. Jondo enters the fray but is taken out by HAtE’s clothesline. HAtE grabs Marvolo and drags his limp body across the carcass of Matthew Cories!




A group of RAGErs are walking backstage, laughing about their most recent conquest. Robert Gordon breaks off from the pack, headed down a different hallway. All of a sudden, Nigel Royal comes around the corner and shoves him. Gordon is not pleased, but decides to choose words instead of fists.

“What’s your problem, boy?” Gordon asks Royal with a growl.

“My problem? MY problem?” Royal nearly screams. “What the hell is your problem?! You say you want to save wrestling, but here you are with RAGE contributing to it’s downfall!”

Gordon contemplates the question for a moment, then answers, “I may not be a huge fan of the way my RAGE colleagues are going about it, but they and I share the same dream of cleaning up this OSW mess. This place is a disgrace, and it’s my duty to save it. And that’s going to start at Ring King, when I wipe the mat with you and retain my Hardcore Championship.”

Nigel scoffs and says, “One can wish in one hand and take a crap in the other and see which one fills up first. At Ring King, that belt is coming back to me!”

With that said, Nigel punches Gordon in the face! Gordon is rocked, but stays on his feet. The two men begin to brawl. Neither seems to get the upper hand, but the encounter is kicking up quite a ruckus. The members of RAGE that were with Gordon earlier come running around the corner. Royal sees them, gives up the fight, and takes off running. Gordon reaches out and stops the RAGErs from following Nigel.

“His time is coming, boys.”

As Cayci Spires and Neville Sheldon are in the ring waiting for their opponents, the lights suddenly dim and begin to flicker as the tron comes on with nothing but static. The crowd is brought to a whisper as everyone in attendance is wondering if this is an A/V malfunction or something else entirely.

Suddenly the static begins to clear and soft voices are heard but are inaudible until on the screen comes a ghastly scene filled with fog in the ominous setting of a graveyard. The camera pans and the voices are becoming clearer and clearer as motion within the fog is seen and it begins to dissipate until we find three children playing jump rope, clad in tattered clothing and looking rather disheveled.

“One, two, they’re coming for you…”

It isn’t a malfunction. It’s a message. Cayci and Neville in the ring all look at one another inquisitively, uncertain of what’s happening or if the message is for them individually or in full.

“Three, four, can’t hide anymore.”

The children continue to play and sing, they scene sending chills up the spines of all those bearing witness.

“Five, six, crossed the river Styx.”

The children stop and turn toward the camera and point at whomever the message is for.

“Seven, eight from hell’s gate.”

The camera flickers and suddenly the children’s faces are directly in front of the camera and their eyes have been removed with blood draining from them as they smile and sing.

“Nine, ten we’ve risen again.”

The children begin to laugh in a creepy manner, as the crowd is in silence from the grisly look of the children and the ghastly tone they’ve brought forth into the arena. The tron flickers off and the lights come back on as Cayci Spires and Neville Sheldon look at one another wondering who the message was for. Was it for an individual, or both? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: someone or something is coming.

The bell rings and this one is started with Wes Warhammer squaring off against Neville Sheldon. With the Schoolyard fans behind Sheldon, he quickly takes the advantage before we know it the 240lbs Warhammer is horizontal in the air, suplex city! Sheldon makes the cover


Quick kick-out by The Cajun Crucifix. Sheldon grabs the right ankle and pulls Wes to the corner of Beauty & the Geek, tagging in Cayci.

Cayci stays on top of her opponent and keeps the momentum with her team by showing tremendous strength hitting Warhammer with two European uppercuts followed by a final which sends Warhammer crashing against the ropes, bouncing back toward Cayci


From nowhere by Wes Warhammer. The two competitors lay motionless. Ethan Bird is on the apron with his back turned to the action, having got into a shouting match with a fan. Warhammer is disorientated but he is clawing himself to his corner for the Hot Tag.


He gets nothing but air, Ethan Bird didn’t even know his partner was in trouble and needed the tag. Bird turns around to see Wes basically slumped into the ringpost and slaps Warhammer on the back, tagging himself in. Charging in the ring, he takes the standing Cayci out with a flying clothesline, continuing his run past her a dropkick also sends Sheldon from the Apron to the outside. With Sheldon to far away he covers Cayci



No! Chaos kicks out just in time to stop Rage picking up another victory. Bird whipping Cayci into his teams corner, she crashes against the turnbuckle hard and he walks up to her.


Warhammer has tagged himself in. With Cayci isolated in the corner Warhammer begins unleashing right and left hands onto Cayci


Bird has tagged himself back in. Bird now the one to lay left and rights into Cayci.


Warhammer the legal man now.


Now Bird….. This time though Bird makes sure to shove Warhammer from the apron to the floor. With Warhammer taken care off Ethan hooks Cayci’s leg





Neville Sheldon tried to make the save but was just slightly to late. These two men in Bird and Warhammer could not get on the same page at all tonight, still managing to pick up the win for Rage though.

After that match is over, the arguing between Wes Warhammer and Ethan Bird continues in the ring. Warhammer shoves him, complaining that he wasn’t anywhere near focused enough on the task at hand.

The fans “OHHHHHHH!” as Bird contemplates the next move and then proceeds to shove him back.

After everything OSW has been through, seeing these two potentially implode ahead of their match could be a huge deal for Old School Wrestling. Wes controls himself and tries to exit, only Bird yells at him.

“Don’t walk away from me!”..

That stops him in his tracks and he turns around, walking back towards Ethan and poking him in the chest, talking to him off microphone.

“You want to do this now?” he questions with the physicality. “Huh, you stupid son of a bitch?”

Ethan suddenly snaps.. KICK TO THE GUT!!


THE WORLD’S END!! FISHERMAN SUPLEX DDT TO HIS OWN PARTNER!! ETHAN BIRD JUST TOOK OUT WES WARHAMMER! These two guys face off at Ring King for an opportunity at RAGE’S unsanctioned RAGE Championship!

Ethan rolls out of the ring with a smirk, heading up the entrance ramp as Warhammer hurts on the canvas. These two had to find a way to get along tonight but next week, at Ring King, there’s going to be nothing stopping them from ripping each other apart.

“He’s gonna love this!”

Axel the Shark is holding up a large banner. It is bright green with white writing. It reads:

申し訳ありません! ( I am sorry!)

Axel rolls up the banner and sticks it in his tights. He then picks up twelve foot ladder and starts walking with it thrown over his shoulder.

“Oh yeah! This is gonna make his day. Noboru might even invite me out for sushi tonight! Nothing a shark loves more than raw fish!”

As he approaches Noboru Tanaka’s locker room, he looks around hoping that Tanaka doesn’t see him. He wants this to be a surprise! While turning his head, his mask adjusted wrong, blocking his vision for a moment.

“Well, darn it!” He says just as Tanaka walks out of his door. Axel, who can’t see, plows Noboru with the ladder. The Shark didn’t even notice! Tanaka fell back into his locker the room, the door closing automatically. He leans the ladder against the wall, and adjusts his mask.

“Ahh, much better!” He sets the ladder up and hangs the banner above Tanaka’s door.


He folds the ladder back up and sets it back on his shoulder just as Tanaka opens the door again. He steps out, dazed.

“Hey, Axel!” a young boy on an arena tour yells.

Axel turns, and when he does, the other end of the ladder levels Noboru again.

“Hi, little Sharkhead! I’ll be right there!” He sets down the down the ladder and walks off camera.

Noboru rolls on the floor silently in pain.

The bell sounds as Nigel stares across the ring at the menacing site of Pig who is slowly pacing back and forth while Luthor stands on the outside looking in.

They lock up in the center of the ring, but Pig quickly overpowers Nigel and throws him down to the mat! Nigel backs away on his elbows and looks in disarray. Pig just scowls as he pursues the Brit. He grabs him by the throat and lifts him back to his feet. With a quick change of pace, he drives Nigel back into the mat with a chokeslam!

Pig isn’t finished as his paw is still around the throat of Nigel. He lifts him up again, but Nigel has had enough. A stiff right hand connects to the jaw of Pig, but he’s undeterred. Another and another finally loosens the hold just enough for Nigel to wrap his legs around the arm and pull it through to an armbar!

Pig is struggling to keep his hands connected as Nigel begins to try and break the hold leading to the cross armbar! Pig gets to his feet with Nigel still locked on.

He liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifts!

The deadweight of Nigel comes up as Pig turns it into a powerbomb and drives him into the mat! Nigel is spread out on the mat as Pig staggers back for a step. Luther yells at him to go for the pinfall. Pig obliges.

…NO! Nigel kicks out.

Pig looks at Luther for counseling and Luther begins yelling strategies at him. Nigel Royal gets to his knees with a look of scorn on his face. He smashes the back of Pig’s head with an axe handle before turning him around for a front facelock into a piledriver! He leaps on the back of Pig and begins driving elbow after elbow into the ribs of Pig!

Nigel pulls Pig up only to wrap him around the waist and hit a belly-to-belly suplex! Followed a second, third, and FOURTH!


Nigel gets to his feet but his back seems to be killing him from lifting such an enormous weight. Pig slowly gets back to his feet as well. Nigel grits his teeth and comes charging for a flying knee which connects knocking Pig into the ropes! He rushes backwards and tries for a spinning heel kick, but Pig is able to dodge sending Nigel into the ropes.

Both men are down. Slowly they get up and Pig charges across the ring! He nails a headbutt spear to the gut forcing Nigel to bend over in agony.


Pig gets back to a standing position. He pulls Nigel in and lifts him up over his shoulders into the crucifix powerbomb position. Pig’s hold seems to be weakening due to the pain in his ribs.

Nigel slips out of the hold!

Nigel hits the ropes! His momentum is building as he bounces off the ropes. He charges at Pig when…

KNEE STRIKE to the face!

Pig hits the mat as Nigel climbs the turnbuckle. He brings a thumb across his throat to indicate the end!


The frog splash connects as Luther is going ballistic on the outside!





Willie Manson wanders the halls backstage in the School Yard, muttering to himself as he walks down the bricked hallway, his uneven gait causing a weird rhythmic pattern.

Manson comes to a stop in the midst of this hallway, and takes a deep breath as he looks upon the door in front of him. With a silent nod to himself, Willie opens the door.

“Hello Manson.” The Dead quickly says, greeting the man who has seen fit to grace him with his presence over the last few weeks. Dead is sitting on a bench, almost amused with the man who is coming to see him.


Dead is knocked off of his bench, sprawling to the floor while Willie quickly picks him up around the neck. With a staggering thud, Dead is slammed up against the wall by Manson, his knuckles bleeding. Dead’s head slams off the concrete, and he seems to be unconscious, not that Willie notices.

“You didn’t feel that, did you? I sure did!” Manson almost whimpers out. “Hurting you hurts ME, don’t you see that?”

Willie throws the Dead to the ground before kneeling beside him, almost cradling him.

“All my life I’ve wanted to BE YOU!”

He slaps Dead across the face.

“But I’m alive. You’re dead and I’m alive. I have to feel with every fiber of my being, and you get to run around oblivious to the power of pain.”

Willie leans up against the wall, still holding on to the Dead.

“I don’t want to hurt anymore, man.”

Guess this partnership is over before it even began?

The bell rings as Crowley circles Freight Train, Ferguson urging Smiley to bring it on as Crowley rushes forward, landing a few punches that seem to do barely anything to Ferguson before Crowley throws him across the ring, attempting a clothesline that sends Ferguson back a few feet. Lee backs up against the ropes and delivers a second one that staggers Ferguson back a few more. Lee rushes to the ropes a third time, bouncing off with a Crossbody but he’s dunked to the mat as Freight Train shakes his head, wagging his finger down at Crowley before pulling him up to his feet

Freight Train throws Crowley into the corner, working him over with rights and lefts, pounding him down to the floor before backing up and driving a knee into his skull. Crowley comes staggering out of the corner right into a huge uppercut before Ferguson pulls him up over his head, driving him down to the canvas with a massive Powerbomb. Crowley looks to be in a bad way as Freight Train drops down for the cover



THR..CROWLEY BARELY KICKS OUT! Lee slowly gets to his feet and is met with a massive headbutt which sends him staggering into the corner. Freight Train taunts the crowd for a moment as Lee reaches up, the headbutt having split him open as he wipes the blood away from his forehead, a sadistic smile creeping onto Smiley’s face. Freight Train rushes Crowley, trying for a clothesline but it’s ducked as Crowley leaps down, taking out Ferguson’s right knee with a vicious chop block. Freight Train goes down hard, as Crowley leaps on the injured knee, dropping an elbow right on the knee joint before locking in a leg lock, using every bit of his strength to inflict pain on the Phenom. Ferguson manages to punch Lee off him but the damage has been done as he limps up onto his feet

A weak right hand is ducked as Crowley begins laying in savage kicks to the injured right knee, each blow causing a cry of pain to come from Ferguson as Crowley rushes to the ropes, SHOCK THERAPY TO THE KNEE! Ferguson is down and out but Crowley isn’t done as he climbs up to the top rope, but whatever he was going for, we won’t know as somehow Ferguson manages to dive at the ropes, causing Lee to crotch himself

Freight Train slowly gets to his feet, shaking out his right knee before slowly climbing up to the top, SLAM DUNK! Ferguson somehow found the strength to deliver the Super Chokeslam but it takes a lot out of him as he crawls over to Crowley, flopping over him for the cover as the referee counts




‘Call 9-11’ begins to play as Freight Train slowly gets to his feet. Realizing he’s won, he gives the downed Crowley the double bird before rolling out of the ring, talking trash to the crowd as he celebrates getting to the Ring King semi-finals.

We cut backstage to find Royston Hawkes hesitantly approaching the Brotherhood’s locker room. After glancing left and right, as if checking to make sure the coast is clear, Royston gingerly knocks on the door. A moment later, Marcus X answers with a scowl.

“What do you want, Roy!?!”

Hawkes’ face goes red.

“The name’s Royston, ‘Mark’!”

It looks like Hawkes is about to explode… but he doesn’t. Instead, he somehow regains his composure.

“Just forget it! Listen… I wanted to talk to you about this Gold versus Gold match.”

Upon hearing this, Marcus’ scowl melts away.

“Yeah!?!” X gets excited. “I wanted to talk to you about it to.”

“So you agree?” Royston seems relieved. “Good. I mean, the US title… that makes sense, but we all know you don’t win Gold Medals in a wrestling ring.”

“Wait?” Marcus seems confused. “You want to pull your Gold Medal from our match… but you still want me to put my US Title on the line?”

“Well… the match has already been booked, for Ring King…”

“So!?!” Marcus blurts out, cutting Hawkes short.

Royston doesn’t seem to pick up one X’s queue, so eventually X speaks up.

“Well if my US title is still on the line than so is your Gold medal!” Marcus shouts, before slamming the door shut in Royston’s face.

“Well I never!”

Royston looks highly displeased as he sulks off down the hall, muttering under his breath.

The bell rings as Kersh rushes Hunter in a fury, tearing into him with a series of forearms, each blow damaging Hunter as he’s forced back into the turnbuckle. Brent doesn’t let up, slamming heavy rights into the forehead of the Question dropping him down to the floor before he begins to choke him out with his boot, the frustration of his battles against Rage these last few weeks beginning to get the better of Kersh as the referee begins his count. He gets to the count of four before pulling Kersh away, admonishing the Enforcer who just glares down the referee before turning back to Hunter

TRIP UP! Hunter grabs Bertie by the trunks, pulling him down face first into the turnbuckle pad. Hunter gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out before pulling Brent up to his feet, hooking him around the neck as he begins to punish him with knee strikes. At first they seem to barely faze Kersh but every strike hurts a little more until the last sends Brent down to one knee as Hunter backs up, before demolishing Kersh with a precision knee strike to the side of the head. the Enforcer goes down hard as Question drops down, hooking the leg for the cover



KICKOUT! Hunter doesn’t waste time, pulling Kersh up to his feet before hooking his waist from the back and delivering a German Suplex. James doesn’t let go, rolling through and delivering a second German to Kersh. The Question pulls Kersh back up, trying for the third to complete the Irony but Kersh begins to fight out with hard elbows to the side of the head as a particular stinger causes Hunter to drop the hold. Kersh tries to throw Hunter across the ring but Question reverses it, waiting as the Enforcer bounces off, HYPOCRITE SPINEBUSTER! The Question drives Kersh down to the mat as the crowd boos heavily. Hunter smiles sadistically as he turns from Kersh, beginning the up and down motions that signal for the Contradiction as Kersh gets to his feet, a scowl on his face as Hunter turns around

ENFORCER SPINEBUSTER! The Question gets driven into the mat as Kersh signals for the end, urging the Question to get to his feet and as he does, he gets met with a savage kick to the gut before Kersh picks him up onto his shoulder. Kersh parades him around the ring for a moment, dropping him down onto his knee with the shoulder breaker and as he pulls him back up, Kersh smiles for a moment before finishing off the Southern Discomfort. The Question is out cold as Kersh hooks the leg for the victory..




‘Chariots of Fire’ begins to play as the crowd erupts, Kersh slowly getting to his feet and raising his hand in victory to the adulation of the crowd. He looks down at Hunter and nods his head, putting up one finger before rolling out of the ring, celebrating his entrance into the Ring King semi-final as he heads to the back

News has filtered through to the backstage area that at Ring King, Brandon Garcia and Yuki Shiroi will face off with two other opponents in a Fatal Four Way Match. They both stand next to a monitor backstage, having been informed at the same time.

Garcia, takes his hat off and with a smile, wipes back his hair. “Well then, it looks like it’s me and you, la-,” he says interrupting himself. The frown of Yuki put him off and let it be known, Brandon Garcia is never one to mince words. “Lady? Angry midget? What are you anyway?”

Yuki pushes up closer to his face, the smell of alcohol enough to intoxicate him. What she says has been subtitled for our worldwide viewers. “You can call me the one to kick your ass.”

“What?” Brandon shrugs. “Did you understand that?” he asks of a nearby worker who shrugs. “Listen, I don’t know what the hell you said but I’m going to assume it wasn’t about my numbah sixty six with fly wice, eh? All you need to know, my angry little gremlin, is that next week, you’re going to meet Rosary and believe you me, she’s hardly effeminate either.”

Santelmo smirks and walks on down the corridor, shaking his head at the luck he has, getting drawn into a match with someone who doesn’t exactly speak his native tongue. With him having left, Yuki thrusts her hands to her hips.

“Asshole.” she says in perfect English.

Perhaps there’s more to her than meets the eye.

“I accept you as my father!” We hear a group of people chanting. “Only you can lead me on the path of righteousness!” We round the hallway to find out whom – three nobodies, dirty and covered in scrapes and mud, knelt down before David Mason. “Only you can show me the way!” They continue as Hate watches on from the sidelines. “I shall follow.”

“Are we interrupting something?” Ash Williams asks as he steps into view, accompanied by Matthew Cories.

“Yeah…” Matthew chimes in. “…’cause we can come back if you aren’t done Hazing your new pledges yet.”

“Child…” Manson doesn’t even look at Cories as he addresses him. “…this is not hazing…”

“Yeah it is! I’ve seen PCU!” Ash cuts Manson off and his new “Family” looks shocked.

“It’s alright, my family, these fools will get what’s coming to them at Ring King.”

As if he’d been ordered, Hate springs to his feet and charges at Those 90’s Guys… but Manson holds him back.

“In due time, Hate… in due time…”

“We’ll see about that, you primitive screw-heads!” Ash smirks. “Because you see this…” Williams holds up his hand… erm, nub. “…this, is my Boomstick! And at Ring King, it’s going to blow you primates apart.”

Those 90’s Guys and the Awakening stair each other down for a few moments before Ash and Matthew take their leave – David Manson looking angrier than even with the lack of respect.

This quarterfinal match begins with a tie up. Azrael uses his size to back Lane into a corner. He breaks the tie and goes for a CLOTHESLINE, but Lane ducks it and slips behind Azrael. Lane gives Azrael a SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE KNEE, tumbling the big man over backwards. Lane stomps Azrael’s knee quickly, repeatedly until the ref backs him off.

Azrael holds his knee, and the ref asks if he can continue. He can. Azrael gets to his feet, and Lane wastes no time getting back to the offensive. He runs at Azrael and DIVING ELBOW TO THE FACE! Azrael is down again, this time face down. Lane bends Azrael’s leg at the knee, puts his foot behind the knee, lifts, and STOMPS THE KNEE TO THE MAT! Azrael is rolling on the mat, holding his knee.

Lane to the top rope! FLYING LEG DROP! But the Reaper rolled out of the way! Lane crashes to the mat! Azrael climbs to his feet, favoring his left leg. He goes to Lane and gives him his own LEG DROP! But the move may have hurt Azrael as much as Lane, as the big man grabs his knee. He covers anyway



Lane kicks out. Both men climb to their feet. Lane is quicker however, and whips Azrael to the corner. He jumps on the middle turnbuckle and begins a BARRAGE OF ELBOWS! Azrael is rocky at first but suddenly snaps wide awake! He wraps his huge arms around Lane andHEADBUTTS HIM REPEATEDLY TO THE FACE! Azrael picks Lane up and BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX which throws Lane across the ring! Azrael limps over




Kickout by Lane, Azrael gets up and pulls Lane to his feet. He whips the Shadow into the turnbuckle and follows up with a HUGE SPLASH! Lane stumbles from the corner and Azrael drops him with a FOREARM TO THE SPINE! Azrael pulls Lane up again and grabs him for aCHOKESLAM, but Lane counters by kicking Azrael hard in the knee!

Azrael drops to one knee and lets go of Lane’s throat. Lane slips behind and locks Azrael into an ABDOMINAL STRETCH! Azrael is in pain, but won’t give up. He powers out, using his locked arm to flip Lane over his head!

Azrael grabs Lane, whips him to the ropes and LAST RITES! NO! Lane ducked the superkick and counters with his own…SHADOW KICK!




Lane wins and moves to the Final Four, and eliminates a RAGEr from the Ring King tournament!

We head to the backstage, where Brent Kersh is stood in front of a mesh backdrop, a microphone in his hand. His eyes have all the focus in the world, having already helped Beauty & The Geek tonight, he has a statement to make.

“Last week I called out the entire OSW roster and told them that we need to stand up and fight together. Tonight, myself and Marx proved that it’s possible to be on the same page.”

The fans cheer.

“And that’s what needs to happen. Old School Wrestling needs a leader that’ll bring everyone together to fight back,” Kersh says with a stern tone. “And if I have to be that man, I’ll be that man.”

The fans this time start chanting. “ENFORCER.. ENFORCER… ENFORCER!”

Brent smirks and turns around TO A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE! JESUS CHRIST! THAT ALMOST TOOK HIS DAMN HEAD OFF. The camera backs up to see Freight Train Ferguson stood there, a big old pearly white smile on his face.

He bends down and grabs Kersh, dragging him down the hall as he stumbles, trying to regain his footing. They head towards the stairs, Ferguson opening the door with Kersh’ head and THROWING HIM DOWN THE STAIRS!!


Every bump, every crack, crunch and slap of every single step can be heard and felt throughout the arena. The camera looks down to see poor Brent in a heap at the bottom, turning back to Ferguson.

“And all the Kings horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put humpty back together again.”

He laughs, walking off in the opposite direction, leaving The Enforcer led there.

It’s time for our Main Event!

There’s no confusion in the ring over who’ll start this one, as Lux Bellator and Reichous Marx stand opposite each other. You had better believe that Marx has a score to settle after last week’s infuriating Main Event. Meanwhile on the outside, Robert Gordon, Azrael and Lee Crowley look on – protecting the ring from the ramp way.

The bell sounds and they lock up, Marx taking Bellator in with a Side Headlock, squeezing tightly as Lux tries to find a way out. He finally gets ahead of steam and pushes Reichous off into the ropes, getting caught with a Shoulder Block on the return. The Luminary Sage immediately drops down, hammering away at Bellator with right hands until the referee starts counting at him to get off.

He pulls Bellator over to Jack and tags in the World Champion. Red starts stomping away at him, his legs, arms, fingers and head, making sure that his earlier attack doesn’t go unforgotten. He bends down into the Camel Clutch position, wrapping Lux’ arms around his legs and instead pushing his own palms into his burnt mask and forehead, causing maximum pain.

Jake doesn’t like that and quickly storms the ring, only Jack let’s go and ducks underneath the Clothesline attempt, SPARTAN KICK!! THAT SENDS JECKEL STRAIGHT THROUGH THE ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE! The World Champion turns around to see Bellator WITH A CRANE KICK! OUT OF NO-WHERE! The distraction paid dividends because Lux is into the cover..





KICK OUT! KICK OUT! Jeckel and Marx brawl on the outside and the referee has lost control of this one. Jack and Lux slowly get back to their feet, Lux sending him off into the ropes and ducking a Clothesline attempt. He keeps going, SPRINGBOARD OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE…. TILT-O-WHIRL HEADSCISSORS…. SINGLE ARM DDT!! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! THE ARM OF GOD!! THE ARM OF GOD IS LOCKED IN!!

Red has no-where to go! He’s gotta tap! He’s so close before Marx slams Jeckel into the steel steps and slides back into the ring. He goes for a stomp on Bellator but The Light Warrior rolls away, leaping back to his feet. The All-Star Champion runs at him and into the SPINNING BACKFIST!

Jake has by now made it back onto the apron and Lux makes the tag. Here comes The Juggalo, going straight after a getting up Jack and nailing him with a Russian Legsweep. He turns around to Marx, kicking him low and connecting with a DDT. The referee quickly ushers the fallen Sage to the outside, turning around just as Jake has Jack in the pin.



Kick Out!

The Juggalo gets back to his feet and drags The World Champion with him, only Red starts punching him in the gut with everything he has., forcing Jake to let go. Jack reaches up and scoops him up onto his shoulders, flipping him over and down onto BOTH KNEES!! JESUS!! THAT’S A BACKSTABBER AND A HALF FROM THE MAN WITH THE MOST UNORTHADOX OFFENCE!

Red gets back up and grabs Jeckel by the hair, whipping him into the corner. He rushes in, leaping into the air with a knee to the face! Only he isn’t done, jumping backwards with his head AND DRIVING IT STRAIGHT INTO HIS KNEE! A THOUSAND WORDS! The World Champion transitions immediately from that, into a Flatliner position, only he wrenches Jake back into a BACKBREAKER, THEN BACK UP INTO THE FLATLINER!! BONE BREAKER! WHAT AMAZING OFFENCE!

He quickly rolls over to Marx and tags him in, knowing that the Luminary Sage is desperate to get himself a piece of the action. He pulls Jake up and right hands him back into the corner, hitting him again and again before pulling him out and into a Snap Suplex. He goes to cover, only Bellator is in before he could, which brings in Jack and this thing is about to go to all out war!




He rolls away, grabbing Marx and putting him over Jeckel…





Red River Jack and Reichous Marx may be victorious here but they’re quickly set upon by RAGE like vultures!!

Lee Crowley, Robert Gordon and Azrael all slide into the ring, attacking both men with devastating right hands! Crowley and Gordon take down Jack and start pummelling away at him, leaving Azrael and Jeckel to do the same to poor Reichous Marx.

Enough. Come on, enough!

This beginning to look a whole lot like last week!

Then the lights go out.


Pitch Black.

The lights flash, revealing a figure swinging from the titantron.


Another flash, the swinging man having vanished.

But the darkness returns, the beat down continuing in the middle of the ring.

Then the voices of children with poetry.

“And we wondered whenever we had the time,

Who the criminal? What the crime?

The Hangman judged with the yellow twist

of knotted hemp in his busy fist.”




Stood in the middle of the ring with a rope dangling from his hands is the baddest fucking Hangman you’ve ever seen. Azrael turns and storms at him, Hangman jumping into action and USING HIS ROPE AS A FUCKING CLOTHESLINE!!

Jake Jeckel, Robert Gordon and Lux Bellator wisely exit the ring as Lee Crowley turns around. Oh Lee, you didn’t want to do that! The Hangman wraps his rope around his neck and SQUEEZES THE HOLY SHIT OUT OF HIM!! CROWLEY STRUGGLES DOWN TO ONE KNEE AS THE HANGMAN LOOMS OVER HIM! THE VOICES OF CHILDREN ONCE AGAIN ECHO THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING…

“Then a twinkle grew in his buckshot eye

and he gave a riddle instead of reply.

“He who serves me best,” said he

“Shall earn the rope on the gallows-tree.”

The Hangman with both ends of the rope held around Lee’s neck, lifts him up into the air and DOUBLE HANDED ROPE ASSISTED CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM!! CROWLEY THUDS OFF THE CANVAS LIKE A TON OF BRICKS!!


The crowd are on their feet as The Executioner himself stands over the fallen Lee Crowley, looking towards the entrance ramp where Jake Jeckel and Lux Bellator now stand. Old School Wrestling may have been light on numbers..

But my god, things might just be looking up!