“Always and Forever”

In Promo by James Hunter

Being the thing that plagued itself…is Man’s greatest downfall.

In our efforts to rise above what we perceive to be, the e-pit-o-me, of species on this planet, we should’ve found ourselves having been deserving of the seething judgement we place on people, places, and things other than that which is ours to seethingly judge.

But when was the last time that a ‘we’ was in the ‘right’?

People attach themselves to others to benefit from the mutually agreed upon value each party brings to the table. If the attachment is unable to fuse gracefully, the product of their failed efforts will be visible for all to SEE…

…for I am The Question, and one does not question…me.

However, Aid…ME in understanding how this world works…because it seems to James that the world needs a refresher.

The value of humankind, regardless of shade, is beyond what any of humankind is not only unwilling to, but are also unequipped to – understand.

I believe life shows us our worth and purpose before ‘we’ even understand what that means.

These men believe their worth is alive…that their value is in their size. They tote, prance, and prod as if they know their fate – needing not worry as if fate hasn’t knocked on their memories and shaken some webs loose – attaching the current scenario to another that so closely aligns with many others.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

And “fallen” against The Question…they all know something about, first hand.

Back to the ground, a sightline of blinding lights, rafters, pulleys, and The Question – James…Hunter’s…hand…raised in victory.

No other outcome even needs to be considered.

Currently, we have a stagehand playing a massive, bumbling giant-of-the-mindless; a former Greek god who was bested by my former OSW plaything; and yet another warmongering reject trying so desperately to regain “Daddy’s” favor.


I’ve said too much already. I’ve either sent Mr. KOTJ on a spiral, leading him towards a status matching that of America’s favorite ‘door holder’, or he’s become enlightened past that of Cat! Dog!

Perhaps I’ll just never understand. Wink. Wink. The constantly renewed will throw your weight around and destroy, destroy, destroy. Being King of the Jungle, or Herald of War, destroy, destroy, destroy.

Warmongering, while an insane concept itself, does serve a purpose – defending the right of freedom and the act of living freely. Any warmongering efforts beyond that are the efforts of greedy, lustful, never satisfied fools – wishing for a life of nothing nearing peace.

Piotor and Hades, respectfully – along with Thunk, are prime examples of being the plague I’m speaking of. Primed to violence due to being bred as weapons of mass destruction. Weapons of Mass…Destruction.

Size is the only thing preventing you all from becoming a statistic outside of the OSW.

Within the OSW, you’re all already statistics – you’re all part of that exclusive club of Old Schoolers who found out the hard way…


And her scars last forever.

Here’s to opening old wounds…

Always…and forever.