In Promo by Wiz

Have you ever played a game that affected you so emotionally that it actually affected your reality?

Like, you saw the building blocks of that shit in real life and this virtual world – it lets you fuckin’ see the simulation of the future.

I played a game like this just recently – and this shit slowed me down, man. I was pressing down on my own kneecaps to keep my legs from wanting to get up, because I didn’t know what I was about to get into if I decided to move in this moment.

For as much as I wanted to roll my eyes to the idea of androids, a point at which they achieve growth and value, become servants to those that developed the technology that allows them to simulate an existence, and then rebel

Something made me realize that this wasn’t just some bullshit game – this was the revealing of a truth – a goddamn blaring alarm clock that is screaming for us to wake the fuck up.

Because this game is a reality, man – and that fuckin’ reality is staring at us right now – between our very two eyes.

We know them as SeeSaw – or, in breaking news, the Andy model.

It all starts so simple – the little boy Andy becomes an experiment – a golden child. The one that any frantically high-class couple would find to be the most convenient change to the lifestyle.

Before you know it, the motherfucker is a hit. There’s something huge here and people starting clinging onto them like it’s the Tickle Me Elmo craze again.

But it’s not – because, androids.

They’re adored – the kids are just eating the idea the fuck up and these big boy scientists in the dark rooms somewhere are just barely meeting quota at this point – but they’re hungry. They want more – so they keep on fuckin’ producing, and producing, and producing, until all of a sudden the concept of keeping record of that production doesn’t matter anymore.

And before too long, once all of our faces far enough up our own asses, they rebel.

Dontcha’ see it? Look, motherfucker, take a close look…

These Andys? They’re the goddamn beginning of the end. 

This is the game coming out of the motherfucking television screen like that bitch from the Grudge, right? And its crawling at us with just the right amount of pace for most of us to just keep tending to our gardens –

Well, fuck my garden. If I sit here and ignore that shit, you think my garden is going to exist? It isn’t just about overpopulating with these crazy little bastards – they have been built to be overpowering and they are not stopped.

I was born and raised to know that I have choices, ya’dig?

And there were choices at the end of this game. You could either be with the rebellion, or you could fight to defend what the rebellion will ultimately take.

Let me tell you something – I love my Earth.

And you ain’t taking it from us.

So, of course, I had already wired that bitch before the rebellion and then hit that switch, baby.

Think quick and smart, Andy bitch – and don’t try us.